We’re all born into a story that’s already taking place. And our innate desire is to find out what character or role we are supposed to play in that story. We all know we have a place, and we’re constantly looking for it. But we have to look in the right place. Today, Pastor Brie & Aaron Davis teach us how important it is for us to find love, and that the only love that can truly satisfy us comes from God.

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well we are mixing it up today yeah yeah

it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be great

we’re doing something a little bit


um like Pastor Mike said my name is Bree

this is my husband Aaron Aaron Davis and

um we’ve been married for seven years

and we have quite a story of what God

has done my God through our marriage and

through our lives together yes and so

today we’re going to do something a

little bit different we want you to

pretend like you’re not at church even

though it’s kind of hard if you’re in

the room right now we want you to

pretend as if you’re sitting on the

couch with us in our living room come on

the largest small group the largest

small group the largest small group in

the world

yes because that’s exactly what this is

going to feel like today we feel a

mandate from God to share very

authentically our stories and pray that

in sharing that that it will help impact

and transform somebody else’s life I

think one of the things that Aaron and I

feel very called to in our life is to

not fake this whole Christian thing and

to actually just be

dirt raw honest of where we’ve been and

how God has transformed our lives with

his love and so that’s what we get to

share with you today yes that’s right so

you want to get right into it yeah we’re

going to get right into it okay so if

you have your Bible go ahead and get

your Bible out we’re going to start at

the beginning today last week we had a

wonderful word by Dr Darius Daniels

called I don’t need closure come on if

you were in the room Make some noise

that was an amazing

I mean an amazing world last week and

what what he was talking about was that

God doesn’t just arrange Beginnings he

also orchestrates exits and today what

Aaron and I want to talk to you about

where we feel like God has called us to

say is that sometimes the hardest exit

to make in our life is a shame is this

the story that shame tells us about

ourselves that’s right so today we are

making a collective exit

a collective exit out of what our

stories have told us the lies the shame

that we have learned about ourselves

that we believe about ourselves and

we’re leaning into a new interest into

the love of God we believe that that’s

what God called has called us to do so

we’re going to see our share our stories

a little bit but also we want to take

some time even as we are

um talking today we want to take some

time where in between all of this we

want you to have some self-reflection

time and to think about your own life so

consider this something that you can

engage in today in your own at your see

at home wherever you are right now

because we want you to take some time

and actually think about not just after

you leave church today but inside of the

message how does this affect me and how

what is the holy spirit saying to me so

let’s go to the word we’re going to go

to Genesis

and we’re going to talk about the love

of God today okay

so in Genesis we’ll start at uh

1 verse 26.

we’re going to read about when human

beings were brought into this Earth it

says in verse 26 then God said let us

make human beings in our image to be

like us they will reign over the fish in

the sea the birds in the sky the

livestock all the wild animals on earth

and the small animals that Scurry along

the ground

so God created human beings in his own

image in the image of God he created

them male and female he created them

then God blessed them and said be

fruitful and multiply feel the Earth and

govern it Reign Over the fish in the sea

the birds in the sky and all the animals

that Scurry along the ground and then

we’ll drop down to verse 31 it says then

God looked over all he had made and he

saw that it was very good

the beautiful thing about this this

passage of scriptures is we get to see

something that was mentioned last week

is called the law of first the first

time that God reacted to a human being

being on the earth so he had done all of

these things that has been five days of

creation and on the sixth day he decided

to make man and to make Man In His Image

and this was the one day that when God

looked over all his creation he didn’t

just say it was good he said it was very


do you know that every time a human

being comes into this Earth that God

says very good

I think one of the things that that

stuck out to me during worship was Osby

saying you are not an accident

now I know that our families our

communities our culture whoever it may

be that have spoken into your life and

has influence in your life may have told

you a different story but do you know

that to God you are irresistible that

you are God’s dream come true that God

is so madly in love with you that he

passionately pursues you that he just

wants to be in your presence in your in

you in his presence that he loves you

that deeply even when I say those words

I know that that is not there’s some

people that that’s just not going into

your heart when I say that because your

story has told you something different

to every oldest child in this room that

feels like oh my parents just made a

boo-boo and ended up getting pregnant

with me you’re not an accident

to every child of the first marriage in

this room

you are not the accident and the other

kids were the ones that were playing

to every person in here who your parents

didn’t make it your marriage didn’t make

it maybe they weren’t married at all

maybe it was a one-night stand and it

seemed like the whole incident was an

incident the whole thing was an accident

it wasn’t supposed to happen your mama

didn’t want you your daddy didn’t want

you you are not an accident

every single one of us in this room

every single one of us watching online

we were here on purpose God created us

lovingly and when we got to this earth

no matter how we got here he said very


no matter what you’ve done with the

light that he’s given you he said very


that’s how God feels about you and me

but it’s because of this understanding

the reason why we say we’re confident is

because we were sent here with a yes in

our spirits we were sitting here with

this stamp in the approval of God in the

agreement so we say this confidently

because we all understand that I’m here

on purpose and I’m here for a reason now

in life

things happen there are accidents but we

are not accidents we are not defined by

our Darkness we are here because of the

light the Light of Christ that’s inside

of us

so everyone is born with a need to feel

seen safe to feel sued and to be secured

now safe and secure are two different

words they don’t mean the same thing

safety is

outside of the presence of danger that’s

right so safety I’m outside of the

presence of danger but maybe I don’t

feel secure maybe there’s nothing that’s

I have attachment that I’m secure to so

I can be securely attached to something

but I feel danger in my atmosphere so

those are the two different differences

of that word

there’s been studies that premature


um that have been sued that have been

talked to massaged

recover and heal and develop faster than

premature babies that may have been in

the incubator left alone

simply because we were sent here with a

yes in our hearts and a yes in our

spirit we all know we should be loved we

all know we belong and we all come here

with a stamp of God and our agreement of

yes I’m here no matter the circumstances

so when we come into this world no

matter how we got here we’re looking for

the people in our lives to agree with

what God already said about us right

that’s right naturally it doesn’t matter

that’s what we’re talking about research

here this is biologically spiritually

how God created us is that when I come

into this Earth no matter how this baby

got here that baby needs love to thrive

and if we don’t get it we will look for

it in places where it is not at but we

will go there because we’re looking for

somebody to agree that God said I am

very good that’s right

so you have to this is the thing y’all

because I know once we get to a certain

age in life it’s like oh that childhood

stuff we’ll need to talk about that that

was so long ago what who cares about

that the people in your life your

parents your Guardians coaches teachers

those older siblings the people that are

in your life that are considered

authority figures they were your first


they showed you how you were supposed to

be loved

and even if you learn later in life

that’s not true as a child you believed

whatever they gave you

if they gave you abuse you thought that

was love

if they gave you neglect you took that

as love

if they saw you as invisible you took

that as love so why is it that when we

get older we think oh that’s not that

big of a deal we all know that it’s true

if you’re a parent in this room you know

it’s true you know you’re rolling your

kids life is true so was your parents


so today we want you as we’re examining

our stories we want you to do the same


examine how you went through life

especially your beginning years and how

you were treated and how you were loved

or not loved because it has a lot of

ways of showing up as you become an


so for me I was born into a family my

parents were married at the time but

they were young they were 23 and 25 and

in our family my parents got married

after they had already had a child and

they were young didn’t know God and the

truth is they weren’t sure if they

wanted to be married that y’all see me

I’m cute

she’s so cute our kids is gonna be cute


but when I came into this world I came

into really kind of an emotionally

unstable home because my parents just

weren’t solid and their relationship

with one another my dad I remember him

telling me that when I was born he was

really in this phase where he was like I

don’t know if I want to stay married or

not because it had been so hard there

were so many things that they hadn’t

healed from before they got married and

they had my older brother who was very

active and they just really by the time

I got here it wasn’t necessarily an

emotionally healthy home at that point

and so I learned as a child that I was

entering into this story now obviously

this is all in hindsight because you

don’t know this as a kid but every

single one of us are born into a story

that’s already going

you show up you ain’t the first one to

start it don’t say in the beginning when

you showed up that story had already

been going for generations and you’re

born into the story and every single one

of us because we have this need for

lover trying to figure out what role do

I play in this story what character am I

supposed to be and so for me growing up

in this home and being born into this

family and the condition it was in I

took on the role of good girl and that

meant that you do whatever you need to

do to not be a problem

that’s being obedient yeah but that’s

also shrinking that’s also not really

saying what you desire or you want

because you don’t want to do anything to

rock the boat it’s already tied up in

here okay it’s already a lot going on

you make sure you stay as quiet as

possible and as content as possible so

that you don’t cause any more problems

in the family and that is a character

that I’ve started to learn at a very

early age that went throughout my life

with me even now still unraveling this

good girl mentality to really be who

God’s called me to be that’s right so

before I go into my story I want to say

this there is Grace here for both now

we’re going to expose a lot and say a

lot of truths but yes we honor and

cherish our families we honor and

cherish where we come from and

there was some hurt there was some pain

there was some misguided steps not that

of uh any uh bad on them or not any

shame or any intention on our families

but this is how we address our story

with the grace that maybe those tools

wasn’t available then or maybe they

didn’t know that then and that’s okay I

love them and I felt like I needed to

shrink I felt I felt unheard I felt less

value in the family that’s fine and

there’s Grace for both

um and as we’ll go on you’ll see that my

story is a little bit different than


um but

um when I was born I was a third of four

children and my family was in a

transition season

um yeah you see that edge up ain’t never

been good to your boy but

glory to God

my head is not that shape funny but that

boy always been like but


that has nothing to do with this but

coming into my family uh being the Third

born of four uh in the midst of a

transition season my family had just

recently uh well not too long before

moved from Kansas relocated to Tulsa

even though my father had Roots here

then I have lots of family here

um it was a transition season so things

were a little unstable they was trying

to find their footing jobs and financial

strain and when I was born it’s almost

like as far as I can remember and as

much work as I’ve tried to do therapy

it’s always like I remember trying to

just shift up the energy just felt too

tense it was like always like I needed

to dance I needed to do something goofy

I needed to do something extra

um I am the one that got the most

whoopings you know these things you know

in the 80s and 90s you can do these

different things in Walmart that you

cannot do anymore but I’m the kid that

was getting pinched in church and was

crying like why is Aaron crying like

don’t don’t talk to him right now but

that’s my story that’s so it always felt

like I needed to do something goofy to

kind of shift the atmosphere but the

ultimate truth is because of the

financial strain and because of the

atmosphere of the house it almost felt

like I was a unnecessary addition and

those were the lies that began to play

as a young kid because we don’t have

time for that we’re trying to get

established we’re trying to pay these

bills we don’t got time for your jokes

in most situations I really try not to

find the funny but it’s just natural I

can it can be a very serious situation

I’m looking for what’s funny but that

came out of a place where I felt like

I’m scared of anger I’m scared of the

emotion of the screaming the hollering

now whether or not I remember the words

as children we know the emotion we feel

our bodies are made to release chemicals

to release these things that needs to

give us flight or fight now we feel the

we are we come here with these things

and so because of my actual fear of

anger I grew up always trying to tap


um but because of that and because of

the it felt like I needed to not speak

most of the time

um I began to believe this lie that the

unnecessary addition that I was was true

and that’s the character I played

and um it just always felt like yeah

we’re not in the mood for him yeah

so you may be thinking about your own

story right now maybe you can relate to

one or the other somewhere in between

but the question that we want you to

take just a second and think about is

what’s the character that you played in

your story

when you came into the family that you

were born into into the neighborhood the

community the church the school whatever

what was the character that you felt

like you had to play in order to gain

love because the truth is we all come in

with that need to be loved and

oftentimes life will tell us what you

have to perform in some kind of way to

get something that was already granted

to you

love was already given

but for some reason in our human

especially in our childhood Minds we

feel this need to play a role in order

to get it I want to think about

um in the Bible because we see this in

the word King David King David was a man

of stature the Bible called him a man

after God’s Own Heart but do you

remember King David’s childhood

do you remember that when the prophet

came to Jesse who’s David’s dad and said

God wants to anoint the next king

and it’s one of your sons

that Jesse brought out every son but


every son lined up in front of the

prophet Samuel and said here’s my sons

so much so that when God told the

prophet he said that’s not one of these

boys the prophet had to go to his daddy

and say do you have another son

cause it’s not one of these Sons it

never even registered in the Daddy’s

mind to bring David out of the field

because in his mind sure enough it ain’t

David that’s supposed to be the next


what does it do to a child

to a child

that everybody seems like they’re

remembered but you

tell me what I know King David grew up

and had wisdom and stature and all

authority but that little boy still

lived inside of King David

the boy whose daddy didn’t call him out

of the field

what does it do when you feel like

you’re invisible

what’s it due to your heart your psychic

your soul

it tells you that you have to perform in

order to gain love

even in the story as it advances the

most famous story David and Goliath now

what stuck out to me most about this

story is that David is a youth there’s

this it says it several times reading

the story he’s a young man now in this


it’s like coming to this point

I have played the harp and fought the

evil spirit and now I’m going out to

this battle that I am not supposed to be

here but my brothers and the other

soldiers are supposed to now this man I

have to kill

so he goes out and as a youth it says he

is I don’t want to get too detailed but

he had to

cut off take a sword cut off the Giant’s

head now I don’t know how old a youth

was back then but in my mind if I’m

reading that a young man is about to

take off a giant sword like it’s a giant

so who what kind of what size is that so

how big is this sword that this young

man is taking out out of his body

cutting off his head and carrying it

back to like now I don’t know what

trauma looks like

all in all situations and circumstances

but in my mind if I’m 13 and I gotta go

kill the giant and it’s like oh this is

too big the armor doesn’t work I’m just

take these rocks because that bear and

the lion and the and and the tiger oh my

I had to do all of these things to

protect these sheep this giant ain’t

nothing because God has already shown me

I know so as a youth we thank God for

the victory but what do you have to deal

with knowing that like I had to go do

something that my brothers couldn’t do

but here’s the point God summons our


whatever they are whatever they include

God would say bring that to me because

he loves us and because we are called

his beloved I know that’s not a word

that most men can receive like oh I’m

God’s beloved but some of the definition

of the word says that he Longs for you

you are his creation he created you with

him and mine in my image and my likeness

and this is whom I’m I’m very proud like

this is the love that God has for us and

the godhead for David yeah so we can

bring whatever your story may be God is

asking us to bring it to him that’s

right if we don’t do that there is this

other voice that we hear and it’s the

voice of Shame

shame can only lie and the main lie that

shame says if God says it is very good

that you’re here shame says it is not

very good that you are here you don’t

belong and you’re not love not for who

you are now you could perform and maybe

gain some love throughout the years but

not just as you are shame only only lies

to us

and so it’s important for us to bring

our story to God because if not shame

creates a whole nother story inside of

us that we start to believe and when we

believe that we will start striving for

love with something that is completely

granted and given to you you will start

working for and in our own lives we’ve

done that in our own lives we have seen

that if we don’t believe that God loves

us lean into the fact that we are

irresistible to God lead into the fact

that we are God’s beloved that he Longs

for us if we don’t lean into that we

will lean into shame

and we will start striving for something

that God has already given us we know

this is in scripture in Genesis 3 and 7.

this is after Adam and Eve were created

and God said very good then they went

and they made a bad decision they went

and ate the fruit off the off of the

tree and this is what happened

immediately after they made that

decision Genesis 3 7 it says at that

moment their eyes were open and they

suddenly felt shame

at their nakedness the first feeling

that they had was shame

they felt shame at their neckiness so

they sold fig leaves together to cover

them because of the shame they started

striving what do I mean when I say

striving doing work that God never asked

you to do

he said I want you to rule dominate I

want you to go name all these animals I

want you to multiply all these different

things he never said I want you to sow

fig leaves together and cover yourself

they started doing work that God never

asked them to do because of Shame that’s

right there are things that we do that

God has never asked us to do because of

Shame I’m not asking you to be the

funniest person in the room to gain love

I’m not asking you to be perfect to gain

love I’m not asking you to do everything

right to gain love I’m not asking you

God is saying what are you doing how are

you striving right now in a way that God

never asks you to do

in order to receive love

for me knowing that I had taken on this

role as good girl unknowingly actually

what happened was good wasn’t enough I

had to be perfect so I tried it all my

might to be as perfect as I can a

soldier in the army of the Lord tried to

strive my way into heaven because if I

did enough good works and God was going

to love me he was going to make me feel

seen he was going to make me feel safe

secure he was going to make me feel sued

and so it turned into almost a religious

activity that was transactional with God

especially getting into Ministry and

doing the work of the ministry getting

into all of that that perfectionism just

went through the roof of trying to be

good enough to receive God’s love

because I believe that God had to love

me but he didn’t really like me

the scripture says he loves me so he got

to do it but does he actually like me

does he enjoy me

I didn’t believe that about God so

perfectionism became the way that I

started to strive in my own story I see

in my story as I said before it’s a

little bit different




I did not like church why I didn’t like

churches because it was boring I

couldn’t talk I couldn’t joke I couldn’t

laugh I couldn’t play it was boring and

we always were at church like there was

nothing else we did we went to school we

went to church we went to school we went

to church and home as I told you always

felt a little bit uncomfortable so so

because of that what I actually got

introduced to at a very young age I

don’t know how old you are eight

six got introduced to female anatomy and

pornography because of that it was

almost like okay there’s my way like

this is there’s this place that I feel I

shouldn’t be doing but at the same time

it’s kind of like this seems happy and

this seems like okay I can maybe find

myself here maybe I can find love and

success and I can feel safe if I’m I can

feel seen because it’s not just what I’m

looking at it’s what I’m imagining while

I’m looking at it so while I’m imagining

what I’m looking at is I’m like okay

this is happiness here this is they you

can you can all your dreams can come

true in this place because over here I

started to believe that I was an

unnecessary addition so because of this

lie of Shame this became my way even

though it was a it was a secret nobody

knew so this is when

I started to just keep my secret keep it

in in the in the darkness and in the

closet of my own home I find reasons I

don’t know my mom is in a room but it’s

so many different times I just said oh

just go to the room I’m just going to

bed early like yeah yeah and get my rest

but I had stuff hidden in that room and

you know she’s just now founding out

today and whoever else when when she

finds but

that was my happy place and that was the

place where it felt like okay these

images that I’m imagining feel make me

feel safe and secure

um then I mean I don’t even know by that

point I strived for romantic

relationships it was like if I can find

a woman that I can make that happy then

I’ve done it like I’ve I’ve I’ve

completed the mission I found the love

and so

um we all know that’s a lie but uh go

ahead you go because I’m if I’m trying

not to say so much there’s so many


but um

yeah so I I strived to just please a

woman because I could not please these

are the lies I cannot please my parents

I cannot please my family

um I can’t please God because there’s no

way because all of these secrets that I

have and the things that I’ve done

behind my parents back I know I would

get uh absolute beaten so I know if if

they were with me then God he doesn’t

even he’s I’m nowhere near his mind so

my striving was just to please any

female that I could find so in any way

so it just became my thing in elementary

school now obviously you know these

things and these stories but I mean I I

have gotten you know the little kitchen

pots one girl threw a kitchen pot in my

head because in my mind I think we’re

playing house

no no sir so anyway these things I

searched for that my entire life

because of the shame though because of

the lie that I believe but go ahead

so the question that we want to ask you

is in what ways have you or do you

strive for love

in what ways do you feel like when God

looks at you that he doesn’t say you’re

a very good

but instead he says well if you do this

this and this you’ll be very good

if you do this isn’t this then I’ll I’ll

give you this love maybe if you make

enough money maybe it’s romantic

relationships maybe it’s perfectionism

maybe if if you work hard enough maybe

if you work hard don’t sleep whatever

that God is saying if you do that then I

love you and we know that this is true

when we look at scripture and we

continue to read the story of David so

we talked about David his childhood his

youth what all happened the trauma that

happened and let me give you a

definition for trauma because that is a

buzzword that has been thrown around so

much especially in today’s culture but I

want to take it down to a base level

there there’s Big T trauma which means

that there’s life-threatening events

that have happened in your life and then

there’s small T trauma but if we were to

sum trauma up it’s any time you ever

felt like you weren’t loved

that’s it that time that that coach said

something to you that time that big

sibling didn’t want you to hang out with


when your Mom and Dad forgot your

recital any time that you ever felt like

you weren’t seen

soothe safe or secure you can round that

up to be trauma because in the Garden of

Eden that was never the way that God

intended us to live

he intended for us all to live in such

an abundance of love that we never had

to second-guess it

and that’s how we come into this Earth

with that need to know that love

and so it’s important that you

understand the way you’re striving the

way that you may be striving because

David didn’t know and we saw even though

he was a man after God’s Own Heart that

he made a fatal Mistake by Sleeping with

a woman Bathsheba getting her pregnant

and then killing her husband as king now

this is what I want to point out in this

story when this happened in David’s life

the Bible says that at the time of year

when the Kings typically went to war

David was at home

that’s when he saw Bathsheba in the tub

don’t know why they was washing outside

back then but I guess I mean there’s you

know a lot of inventions that weren’t

done by then okay uh but she was outside

washing and he called her in slept with

her got her pregnant and killed her

husband to cover up his sin

why would David not be at War

could it be that David who is as a kid

told that he didn’t belong with his

older brothers that were soldiers that

were in the army that his daddy didn’t

call him out could it be that maybe just

on in that year at that time maybe David

was having a trigger moment a trauma

moment where he felt like I don’t even

belong out there

and at that point we know David had

killed more than tens of thousands of


he had already succeeded in battle but

at this point now the reason why I feel

like we can well me personally I can

connect to this story because I know

it’s like to know that you’re called to

do something greater but it’s like but

these things that I’ve done these things

that these hands have seen yeah so I you

shy back you shy away but in the story

we know he wasn’t staying back to

meditate like he didn’t y’all go to war

I need some time with God like this

candle and spent clearly clearly he was

not doing that but even in the the story

after if you read after David and go

even Saul eventually was trying to kill

this man what have I done to you so

these are the things that we know

because David was a human we all

understand we can understand and we meet

him in that place where it’s like maybe

there’s something else going on other

than just oh it’s just what I felt like

doing no there’s something

God not only summons your story he

summons you’re striving his love summons

your stride he wants us to bring every

way that we have made up in our mind

that we have to work for love and bring

it to him he don’t want us to fix it he

don’t stand on the other side of our

pain and our stuff and say you got to

fix that he wants to help us in that but

we have to bring that to him we have to

be open enough to and honest enough to

say how we may be striving and bring

that to God because he summons our

striving if we don’t bring that striving

to God if we don’t bring the story and

we don’t bring the striving what happens

is that striving becomes our sanctuary

now the sanctuary is a place of worship

it’s a place where we come and we focus

on something that has more power than us

and we worship it

we have a God that we worship but the

truth is we also have liturgy gods

and what we do how we know it when we

have liturgy God or an idol is all you

have to do is take one sentence and

place see what you place in the name of

God so even though God is supposed to be

your provider maybe money actually is

maybe God is supposed to be your healer

but in your mind romantic relationship

is your healer maybe God is supposed to

be your Redeemer but actually if you

just hold on to unforgiveness towards

these people that did you wrong that’ll

redeem you whatever the case may be if

we don’t submit our striving to God it

becomes our sanctuary and Sanctuary is

not just a place we worship it is a

hiding place

it is a place that we go to for safety

what do we what do you go to what do I

go through in my life for safety when I

don’t feel seen when I don’t feel

soothed when I don’t feel secure or safe

this is a place I run to

and we have so many different ways that

we do that in Genesis after they felt

after Adam and Eve felt shame they

immediately went into hiding it says in

verse 8 of chapter 3 it says when the

cool evening breezes were blowing the

man and his wife heard the Lord God

walking about in the garden so they hid

from the Lord God Among the trees then

the Lord God Called to the man where are

you and Adam replied he said I heard you

walking in the garden so I hid I was

afraid because I was naked our striving

turns into our hiding place

in what ways are you striving is asking

the same thing as in what way are you


in what way do you shrink yourself down

in order to fit into everybody else’s

idea of who you’re supposed to be

there are women in this room and I want

to Clearly say this that God has put a

calling and an anointing and a gift in

you in your life to minister to other

people but because you want to fit into

the wife and mom category you have not

stepped out and done what God has told

you to do

there are men in this room you are

supposed to help other men heal

emotionally be because you have gotten

on this whole idea that you got to be

the man that comes in and Saves the Day

big strong and mighty you have shrunken

yourself down to not fit into the

picture that God has called you to be

why don’t we break the mole y’all why

don’t we step outside of these boxes and

be who God has called us to be

we do so much shrinking in our lives

trying to fit into everyone else’s

picture of us and God is saying when you

believe you I love you you don’t have to

do that you can be yourself and fully

known and fully loved that’s right this

is why it’s important this is why it’s

important for um

I don’t know what happened

this is why it’s important for men to

understand that they are the Beloved of

God this is why it’s important for this

love to sink in to our hearts no matter

our circumstances because if not then we

don’t go forward and leave and be the

men and be the people that we are called

to be with the understanding that love

casts out fear because we are not afraid

of punishment God is not looking to

punish us he’s looking to help us reveal

the true calling the light that’s inside

of us and so this is this is why this is

powerful and this is why

we sit here and we speak and tell our

stories because even in our stories

as as Pastor Mike said earlier we

overcome by the words

of Our Testimony

so that God can strengthen us and so

that we can understand and see his love

as we walk and as we go into our calling

it is to give us power it is to give us

strength so that understanding of love

has to sink in and it has to sink in


when we talk about a sanctuary we talk

about a place that we keep going back to

and one of the things that we know is

prevalent especially in our culture and

Society but forever honestly is


this addiction is just going back to a

sanctuary over and over again to find


so when we talk about God freeing you

from addictions and from Habits what

we’re saying is God is trying to free

you from going back to this hiding place

he wants you to show up without the


he wants you to show up without the sex

he wants you to show up with whatever it

is that you have taken on as your God

where you have to keep going back to it

you have to keep going you’re almost

insatiable because you need love and

that is a legitimate need

but an addiction is through an

illegitimate way of trying to get that

love because we honestly have we

honestly understand that addictions are

strategies to keep us blinded from the

true story that we’re feeling it it it

is just a distraction that’s nasty

that’s good

yes but but I’m saying it because I

understand it I understand having a

strategy to keep me from the truth that

I feel like I should not be here also

from the truth that God has called me to

something bigger and it feels like it’s

too big for me but it feels like he

doesn’t love me that much to actually

want that promise for me like that he he

doesn’t love me that much does he so my

addiction is just my strategy to kind of

ignore that because it’s it’s too big

it’s too heavy or I don’t believe it in

the first place

yeah so so God’s love summons your story

some is your striving and it summons

your Sanctuary wherever you’re hiding

place is so in 2015 Aaron and I got

married and um I mean if you just listen

to our stories of perfectionist and

someone that felt like they were an

unnecessary addition us getting together

was a train wreck uh to say the least

in 2015 we got married we felt like God

told us that we were supposed to get

married you know that was our community

was behind us we knew that this is the

step that we wanted to take oh

that s curl in there

um and so

we got married in 2015 Valentine’s Day a

day of love and it we had just such high

expectations of what marriage was going

to look like

um I came in thinking I was going to be

the perfect wife I did not know how to

cook at all so I don’t know why I

thought that I still don’t and I’m fine

with that but

I ain’t got nothing to prove


but anyways so we came in thinking that

this was going to be easy we thought we

knew God so well we thought we knew each

other so well we knew ourselves so well

and that was not necessarily the truth

when we got married not at all

um I thought I had God figured out at

this point I had been through so much

um pain Secrets hiding

um I felt like I understood what God was

and even by that time

um even understanding I was so in

desperate need of therapy and counseling

it felt like marriage was going to fix

it like I’ll get married at this point

I’m 30 and my 20s is just if I if we get

in a room by ourselves I can tell you

about that I cannot say everything on

this platform but my 20s was a mess but

the root of that was pain I I lost my

father at an early um at 21 and I just

was sure at that point because at that

Point going through all those things and

feeling like I was afraid of this man I

can’t talk to this man he’s going to

lash out I don’t know but understanding

that 21 I have finally developed a

relationship where oh I’m just like this

man and the sensitivities and the

tenderness and the things that us have

found over the years and I found my dad

he wrote written a poem and all these

different things and but I felt like At

21 we was finally getting a relationship

and I was finally starting to feel like

okay I do have a purpose he passed away

of a heart attack all of a sudden and um

tragically in the uh we was riding in

the car together and so it was one of

the most traumatic things I’d ever been

through but I didn’t go to tell my story

anywhere I just kind of lived with it so


all my 20s by the time I’m 30 at this

point I’m at the peak of my anxiety

attacks my panic attacks PTSD all the

different things but I felt like

marriage would fix it and marriage would

stop me from this insatiable need to

feel loved or get love from a woman


in the first year of marriage I

came to breathe and I just confessed

that I had been unfaithful and that we

we were unequally yoked and I had all

the things to say

um but understand I got marriage like I

said I thought I had God figured out

understanding that at the time I got

married I was clearly immature and uh

clearly not in a place where I fought

spiritually I was and so when I

confessed that it was the first time I’d


um told someone a secret just

voluntarily I had never done that and I

have friends to prove it but some people

just caught me in some stuff but

um I had never voluntarily told my story

like that’s not happening and um

it was crazy because this is this sounds

really crazy when I confessed that to

Bree I thought it would be thank you so

much for telling me

I don’t know what I don’t know what else

thank you so much for telling me I

underst I understand the work that it

took the confidence that you had to

build up to come and say to me that you

had absolutely not bad at all ran our

marriage into a wall

um thank you for telling me that our

marriage is over like I I don’t know why

I felt that way but um I honestly feel

like I feel like God used it

yeah so when Aaron came to me this was

in our first year of marriage and let me

know that uh this truth that he had been

unfaithful since we’ve been married

I was inconsolable I mean at that point

I had already been so oblivious to the

fact that I believe certain lies about

myself that when he came and said this

to me it didn’t do anything but

reinforce the lies I already believed

about myself so all the lies that I

wasn’t beautiful enough or I didn’t

belong or a man wasn’t going to love me

or God didn’t love me or I didn’t work

hard enough to be the best wife that I

could be that I wasn’t gonna you know

that it was like the enemy was like see

I told you

like when he came and said that to me

he’s like see I told you and I

immediately went into what I would

normally do which is so work really

really hard to fix the situation all

right we’re going to get in counseling

we’re going to do this we’re gonna do

that and my focus was we got to fix this

marriage because we were really unsure

if we were going to stay married or not

I mean it was a terrible time in our

lives like so genuinely would pray I

would come home from work and I would

sit in the driveway and pray to God that

he would help me get out of the marriage

uh sincere it was very sincere I said

God I need your help to get out of this

marriage because I knew that basically

what I what the reason why I wanted her

to be like thank you for telling me is

because I was afraid that I was going to

be an unnecessary addition in this

marriage I’d already walked into the

marriage believing that lie that I’m not

good enough and I told I said please go

find you somebody that is going to do

right by you that is going to love you

right because I don’t have it in me all

the things that you you need me to be

all the things you need me to do that’s

just not who I am and so at that point I

was running from this truth I didn’t

have the strategies to run to anymore it

was the it was this truth I was trying

to avoid which is actually a lie but the

truth that I believed was is that I will

never be what you need me to be yeah and

because I was believing that by myself

it was just a cycle that we were in for

several years honestly trying to figure

out still working in Ministry I was

still on staff at the church all those

different things but only our friends

and closest family members knew like we

were still trying to figure out if we

were going to stay married or not

because we didn’t like the condition

that our marriage was in it was

unenjoyable there was such a lack of

trust I turned into a CIA agent once he

told me that he cheated listen every

month I had that phone bill printed out

do you hear me I probably printed it at

the church

took it home I was highlight stuff who

is this

it was I mean we even at that point I

remember this we didn’t even talk about

this but I remember like we didn’t have

guests at our house during that time

because I didn’t want to fake it for

nobody like neither one of us went like

I remember only our closest friends came

to our house now we’ll have people over

for dinner different things like that

but back then heck no our house was

terrible neither one of us wanted to be

there no um but

but here’s the the thing that kind of

changed it well not kind of I had built

up what I thought was enough courage to

actually go get divorce papers I

remember leaving work and before I got

on the highway I stayed at quick trip

over by the air pump you know the pump

be far out so I was over there

praying to God like okay God just give

me the confidence and courage because

today I got to we got to stop I got to

end this

um so I go and it was as if

you know those pictures where it’s like

it’s sunny outside but there’s this

Cloud over this person with don’t it was

like I was driving through a T5 tornado

on a sunny day in June by myself

fighting against wind ancestors

everything on Heaven and Earth just to

get downtown to get those papers I I

couldn’t find parking spots it was like

I was circling the block and it was like

my spirit was in turmoil but what it was

was God telling me this is not the way

and so I pull I wound up pulling back in

the same driveway

understanding that I wasn’t about to get

divorced but the same sincere prayers

that I prayed to God to help me get out

I asked I said well you’re going to have

to show me the way I don’t know

the first thing that happened is the CIA

agent had full access

you got it whatever you needed to heal

and however you needed to heal

I’m going to do that for you but I’m

gonna do that for us and it was it was

like God gave me that like I was going

to do this for her but at the same time

it was like here you go anytime I come

home from work ask me for my phone when

I wake up in the morning you got all the

codes here’s my emails here’s my

passcodes here it is so whatever you

need for me but in turn it wound up

healing me because I had never let

anyone in

and I didn’t even realize what God was

doing but the moment I said

here it is here’s the mess all of it’s

on the table you’re gonna have to show

me the way it was like I surrendered the

little boy that was felt like okay I’ll

go to my room and get my piece I I

didn’t even I wasn’t even aware of it

this is how awesome God is this is how

this is why we are confident that we are

not accidents because he is in our lives

orchestrating our lives as we surrender

and as we tell our stories


I fully surrendered to the CIA agent

I think the thing that we thought at

that time is that God wanted to rebuild

our marriage and to a degree yes but

more than he wanted to rebuild our

marriage he wanted to rewrite our


he wanted us to believe that he loved us

even if the marriage didn’t work even if

we weren’t going to seven years later be

sitting up here on this couch talking to

y’all God still loves us that even if we

just didn’t decide to do the work

whatever it was going to take to save

this marriage God still loved us as his

son and his daughter and we had to learn

that for ourselves and learn how to give

that to one another too because it’s

very hard in a situation like that to

see my husband as God’s son but that’s

God’s son

that he loves and the only reason his

son made those decisions is because he

didn’t believe that God loved him

and so I was to love him not just as his

wife but as a sister in Christ

that this is God’s son and I am God’s

daughter and I can love him as if he is

my brother and that was something that

took a long time for us to create a

habit around but it’s something that we

know has healed Us From the Inside Out




go please go


I’ll say this

we were preparing for this message and

we’re like oh Lord what are we going to

say you know I asked Aaron to

talk teach with me like four days ago

from my side of the story but for us to

share it together it’s like totally

different a totally different Viewpoint

and he’s doing so good that’s my husband

okay all right okay

well as we’re talking through this I was

like in my mind I was like we got to

give these people like don’t what are

the handles what are the things that

what heal does other than just knowing

that God is he’s in love with us like

what heal does what what is healing us

not healed healing us because we’re

still walking through our own process

Still Still

um and I wanted to have like you know

these are the three things to take away

and Aaron said this to me and I thought

this is this is the takeaway this is

what we if there’s anything else that we

want nothing else we want you to

remember this is what we want you to


Brokenness is a bridge to God

I think a lot of times we try to fix

ourselves to get to God’s love but it’s

in that Brokenness when we’re able to be

just rip raw honest with God of where we

are that it creates a meeting place God

lives at the end of your rope

and that’s what we learned in our

marriage any any

um mask or faking or pretend that we

felt like we had to be when we got

married that was almost shattered

through the pain that we went through

because we have been sleepwalking

through our stories we have been

sleepwalking believing the things that

were told to us we were kids things that

were told directly things that

indirectly we just translated as us not

being enough for us being broken or us

whatever the case may be we have been

sleepwalking through our stories and it

was that pain that woke us up

Paul writes

my grace is all you need

my power works best in your weakness

therefore now we boast in our weakness

because I realize where my power had

been the whole time

I would not say I’m struggling

I would not say I can’t handle this I

would not tell a woman I’m scared when

you do that it triggers a pain in me

that I don’t even know where it comes

from I would not say that now

I understand my Brokenness is the bridge

to lead me to my purpose

if I never show my Brokenness if I never

talk about my pain if I never talk about

what I’m struggling with if I never say

where I made mistakes how can I find

power where is my power it is in my

weakness if I’m weak then that’s when he

comes and he begins to show me his

strength I’m not strong without my


I’m not strong unless I show my weakness

my Brokenness is a bridge to this it’s a

bridge to everything in your everything

that you’re looking to get to it’s the

Brokenness that you need to show it’s

the words that you need to say uh this

the beautiful thing about this is a

reason where y’all I’m telling you the

honest God truth if you lived with us in

2015 16 17 and 18 you would know this is

true halfway at 19.

according to the life that we had then

we should not be on this platform

talking to you together right now I kid

you not when I think about what

especially before getting married when I

thought about couples that would get up

and teach and Minister me and Aaron was

never going to be in that category

because of what we had been experiencing

and it seemed as though it was unfixable

like it was like how are we ever going

to make it Forward how are we ever going

to heal but over and over again coming

back to our Brokenness admitting our

weaknesses being honest with one another

over and over again not just with each

other in therapy

in therapy and we’d have been to at

least three different therapists since

we’ve been married now at least three

yeah but with friends with someone

Community the community this is the key

that unlocked everything in our

understanding of really how Vaz got and

I thought I understood God I thought I

got a I got a good grasp on God I had no

idea how vast the piece is I had no idea

how deep The Love is in the kindness I

had no idea that all I needed to do was

admit God this is where I need you so

it’s not that I’m boasting that oh I

never have the desire that I have for 20

something I don’t even know how many

years when it began it’s not that the

desire doesn’t come back and I don’t I

thank God that it’s not what it used to

be but what I’m glad about the most is

that when I feel the desire I can say to

her I can say to friends hey man I’m

feeling weak today and immediately I

find my strength the reason why it’s

okay for me to tell my story is because

I need to tell my story because I need

power for the future I have to tell you

that I’m weak I have to tell you that I

don’t have it all I don’t have the

answer for this but God does so we have

to say this

my God I have to tell you I’m weak I

don’t have it all right I don’t have the


but God does and In This Moment In This

Place this is where he takes over


all right

God oh God thank you for your power

thank you for your wisdom thank you for

the understanding that your strength is

what we need to

Fool To Love You Like This

I’m so glad that I have my weaknesses

I’m so glad that the thorn is in my side

because if not how do I trust him if not

how do I Surrender my life if not how do

I stand on the stage if not how do I

still love her

it is in this pain that I would I would

gladly say I’ll gladly stay in this

place of weakness because it’s the ever

it’s been that it’s been the answer to

everything I’ve ever longed for

everything I’ve ever dreamed that I

could have or want as a little boy the

love that I felt like I deserved is in

this weakness it’s in distress it’s in

this pain that I don’t have the answers

and so I thank God for it every day that

I’m weak

so that he can be strong not that I’m


oh my God

if there’s nothing else that we want you

to remember is

your Brokenness is a bridge to God

there is no need to cover up there is no

need to pretend

that not only do we do it in our

relationship with God we do it in humans

around us because that’s god with skin


that this is an exchange of love for us

to talk to one another to talk in our

community to be in a small group and

talk to our belong group to go to God in

prayer and say God this is where I am I

am weak and I need you right here

this is the choice that God has given

you today

you can hide

you can cover

you can pretend

or you can bring your Brokenness to him

this is why God love summons us but

here’s the reason

because our Brokenness summons him

he wants

is by his love that I’m compelled

with so many people stop because it’s

like I can’t but he needs the Brokenness

he’s asking for it come here beloved let

me show you what I created you for

Brokenness summons our God

so what we want to do is

encourage you to take a moment before we

get out of here before you log off


and sit with love

we got a lot more things that we can say

so many I mean just so many details of

how God has shown his love to us in the

midst of our Brokenness

but I think more than we have something

to say to you love has something to say

to you

and so in a moment we’re just going to

take a moment and I just want you to

steal yourself close your eyes if you

need to we’re going to ask no walking in

this room just so people can have a

minute to Center themselves in the love

of God because our prayer is that in

sharing this story of what God has done

the Redemption that we have seen in our

lives and in our stories

that it’s Illuminating something in your


in your story that you feel a summoning

that you feel God saying come here

I’m right here I’m closer to you than

your very own breath

I know you felt like you had to have

money to be loved and to have

relationships to be loved I know you

needed somebody to say apologize to you

for you to feel like you were loved and

you ain’t got none of those things yet

because all you really need is me

I want your story

I want your striving I want that place

that Sanctuary where you hide

that Brokenness that you do everything

in your power to pretend like isn’t


that feeling of being an unwanted child

or feeling like you have to be a

straight A student to be loved whatever

the case may be feeling like you’re an

accident because your parents didn’t

plan you

I want all of that

because that’s where I meet you

that is our meeting place

I’m so grateful to God for the

mountaintops that I’ve experienced in my

life and that we’ve experienced together

but I promise y’all it was in The

Valleys where I met him

it was in the valley of depression but I

didn’t want to do nothing but sleep and

be alone

in the valley of trying to figure out if

I belonged in this marriage or not in

the valley of feeling like unloved and

unworthy it was right there that I met


is right there that we’ve been healed

and so

we’re asking you to just get in a

comfortable position

close your eyes unclench your fists

unclench your jaw get as relaxed as

possible we’re asking you to relax in

the love of God maybe that means you

need to uncross your legs or uncross

your arms whatever it may mean maybe

opening your palms up towards heaven

I know we got a lot of things that you

probably want to get to today but I’m

asking for just one moment

allow love to summon you

allow love to meet you right where you

are in the midst of your story your

striving meet you right in your


and speak truth over you

we’re going to have a song

and then I want you to just imagine


the lover of our souls

standing right in front of you

what does he want to say to you today

and maybe

he doesn’t want to talk to you at the

age you are today


maybe just like the Bible says when he

says bid the little children to come to


maybe today Jesus wants to kneel down to

that three-year-old girl

14 year old boy

and he wants to say something to you

that you’ve never heard before

in the tone of love

in the voice of love

God we thank you for your love today

we are so grateful that you are a God

that asks us to come out of hiding

and come into your love

what you have done

and me and in Aaron’s life and in our

marriage oh God that is just one of

millions of people that you’ve done this

for you are no respecter of person

so today God we don’t strive for



all we do is receive your love

relax in your love

help us to be renewed in your love today

it’s in the name of Jesus we pray



I’m out of hiding your savior

there’s no need to cover what I already


you’ve got your reasons but I hold your


you’ve been on lockdown and I hold the


cause I loved you before you knew it was

love and I saw it up still I chose the

cross and you were the one that I was

thinking of when I Rose


my victories







don’t need to be frightening


to me




anymore you’re not far

you’re not far from

keep on coming home

keep on running home

it’s white as you run what hand is love

will only become

part of the story you know as you run




it’s all a part of your story


oh yeah

save me






till I chose the cross and you were the

one that I was thinking of when I

arrived from


My victories


close there’s no reason to say

it is



I was the one that he was thinking of

when he wrote from


grave how rid of the shackles his

victory is




you’re not far from home






he loves us


as you’re sitting in your story right

now just declare he loves us with all

the mess

with all the things you’re still


that’s what the story is about

that at the beginning the end and in the

middle I can declare he loves us he

loves us


right now


Oh How He Loves



today was a service that many of us have

been praying for God didn’t scream a

message at you he whispered it

he just whispered I love you


I know you’re hiding it

I know the reason you put all the makeup

on and the reason you dress all night so

the reason you eat emotionally or the

reason you don’t go to that place or the

reason you haven’t been home for years

all of these things there’s stories

behind that

the stories for

the text messages you answer

and the ones you ignore

their stories of why

you watch what you watch post what you


their stories of why you work out

they’re stories of why

you call yourself

not a people person or the life of the

part their stories behind all of that

and God’s asking all of us

God spoke to me so clearly sitting over

there he said Michael I want all of your


listen to this not the edited version

I know we come here and we show

everybody our best clips

but there’s stuff we’ve been through

that people that known us for the last

five years don’t even know we’ve been



it’s like they don’t even know what God

delivered us from

they don’t even have a clue that we was


that we were at the end of our rope that

we were addicted to something that we

used to hide in certain places

and what would we do we judge other

people that are there now


I’d rather get away from that because I

don’t ever want to be associated with

that and God said I need you to bring

one of the stories that I thought about

when Aaron and Bree were up here and

they got emotional in the moment because

I I know my friend and he couldn’t

believe in that moment he was standing

on this platform sharing his story when

God healed a a certain man that had an

affirmity for decades

he told him to pick up his mat

and take it with him

now why in the world if if I if I’m out

of it

I don’t want to remember that crap no

more God said no no no no no no no

your story

you got to carry it around cause people

are gonna ask you

why as a healed man are you walking

around with this mat

and it gives you an opportunity to show

how I’ve transformed your life

church it’s time for us

to get our story

the full version

and submit it to God that first line of

that song said come out of hiding

come out of Heidi

come out of hiding


I hear the spirit saying that to

somebody right now

hiding yeah


it’s safe in the light it’s safe in the


you’re safe right here

just one more time to say

I don’t know who this is for but like

the church has been the place where we

don’t talk about it

just give me the cherry on top and the

whipped cream we don’t even got to talk

about the issues put whipped cream on

doodoo and that’s fine

like let’s let’s just put some sauce on

a bad meal it’ll be fine

and God said can we just deal with the

real issues

but you gotta come out of hiding

there are people here that have been

alive for 50 60 years and their stories

your children don’t even know you went

through because you buried that crap so

down on the inside of you and God’s

saying are you ready to breathe again

he’s saying come out of hiding


there are people in this room that you

are abused as a child or even a teenager

or you are the abuser and you’ve never

said anything because God is not going

to love me like that but God’s saying I

was there anyway and I got an




that you thought made you significant

and now people around you see that

you’re struggling but you won’t say

nothing cause your pride keeps you in a

place of trying to make it all work for

yourself but God says

you may be grieving

and hurting because of a loss

and you want to hold it together for

everybody else

God’s saying you don’t got to hold it

together because I hold the whole world

in my hand what is he saying come out of


some of you have been dealing with your

sexual identity

am I this because I was abused by a

cousin am I this because of what I saw

on television am I this cause I like

fashion am I this because I like

basketball God’s saying come out bring

all of that to me

I’ll give you an identity cause I marked


standing all over this room

in your home I feel that God’s about to

start doing some work in here said come


it’s safer in the truth

it’s safer in the truth

safer in the light come out

now let me let me help everybody real

quick before we go

I know for most fake


this is very uncomfortable

and for most faith-filled people

this is very uncomfortable both hands

why because we actually gotta deal with

the issues

come out of hiding

this week I believe God is summoning all

of our stories

he’s asking you bring it to me

I would ask that everybody would just

take time this week set it aside

God what are you trying to say to me

through this message

what do you want to reveal in me what do

you want to change in me what do I need

to confess what do I need to change what

am I going through right now that I’m

gonna be on the stage 30 years from now

talking about that season because I

didn’t really deal with it right then

come out of hiding

today if you’re ready to come out of


and you’ve never accepted Jesus as your

personal Lord and savior

this is your moment

the only reason I share my testimony

every day if I get up here for two

seconds or two hours I’ll tell you I was

addicted to pornography I was a liar I

was a manipulator why I’m doing what

they did I’m sharing my story I’m taking

the power away from the enemy and I’m

putting myself in my weakness and that’s

where my strength comes from


God’s saying today you can have that

same thing if you would trust in the one

who gave everything


on a cross over 2 000 years ago

so that we wouldn’t have to live in a

life we could come out of hiding and

live in the truth we could be redeemed

we could be healed we could be saved we

could be loved we could bless other

people we could change the world

if we would accept

what God’s done for us

if you’re in this room or you’re

watching online or rebroadcast

and you know you’ve been hiding

and you’ve not been coming to God with

the real you

and you haven’t even come to him and put

your faith in him today is the day of

salvation the Bible says according to

Romans 10 and 9 that all you have to do

is believe in your heart and confess

with your mouth that Jesus Christ is

Lord and that he would come into your

heart your mind your life and change you

I promise you you won’t be perfect but

you will always be with the perfect one

I know the church wants you to clean up

and become great before

you really have a relationship with him

but I’m telling you there’s nothing out

here that can transform you like the

love of Jesus

so if that’s you

and you’re ready to come out of hiding

today is the day that I want you to do

on the count of three I’m gonna ask you

to just raise your hand and all I’m

saying is identify if I ask somebody hey

anybody want a million dollars everybody

will raise their hand they would

identify all I’m saying is this is worth

more than any amount of money

this is true riches this is freedom and

I don’t care what the hoods say I don’t

care what your homies say I don’t care

what the country club says I don’t care

what success says God said I say

something about you I gave you a name

and I want you to fulfill purpose on

this Earth as well as meet me in

eternity and this declaration changes

everything for you this is the start of

your transformation

if you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior no matter when

you’re hearing this and what you’ve done

I want you to raise your hand on the

count of three one you’re making the

greatest decision of your life two I’m

proud of you but your name is gonna be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life for

all eternity three just shoot your hand

up in the air I see you brother I see

this almost the whole front row I see

you right over here I see there’s tons

of hands online listen to me thank you

for coming out of hiding Heaven is

rejoicing and we’re rejoicing in this

room right now


you can put your hands down we’re not

gonna call you up here and ask you to do

a song at a dance and tell us your story

in time

we believe that your story is going to

come out

around Believers that can help lift you


but today we’re a family in this

building are we a family all over the

world right now transformation okay so

we’re gonna pray this prayer together

for the benefit of those who are coming

to Christ everybody would you just lift

your hands and say God

I’m coming out of hiding and I’m coming

to you


I’m giving you my life

here I am

All of Me

I believe you lived

you die

and you Rose again

so that I could live in Freedom


I bring you my mess

and I ask you

to turn it into a message

that would give you glory

renew me

transform me I’m yours in Jesus name

amen hey can we turn up real quick oh

y’all better come on can we thank God

this is Transformation Church lives are

being turned around right now in the

presence of God hallelujah

I don’t I don’t want to violate this


I feel like we got opened up just a

little bit like I see all the hard dudes

that came in like this they like

like like like like I see people who


today I believe was a softening of our


so that God can take

what seems to be


you know God does his best work with

broken stuff right

all this week let’s stay sensitive

to what God’s trying to reveal

and how he wants to use our story can we

thank God for Brie and Aaron being that

transparent oh y’all come on imma call

you and get you to my next week when you

you come on thank you God I’m so like



I was one of those friends that got to

see the ugly years

and I pray for everybody that you get

you get in somebody’s life deep enough

because everybody prays for Community

but everybody’s not community

I’ma say this over here because they got

mad at me

everybody be praying Lord send me the

right community be what you don’t have

I remember in that season

we was there and just fighting for them

and sometimes we have nothing to say we

just all sitting there everybody was mad

Aaron Matt Bree man we mad cause they

don’t know what like we but we were


we prayed

we went to eat after counseling how was

counseling let’s not talk about it like

we were there

I pray that everybody lives

to see

people that God trusted you to be around

actually transform


me sitting there next to Charles and

Abby and everybody weeping and we

hitting each other like

I’ve never had a feeling like that

to see that our prayers weren’t wasted

that that

God did something

I’m begging everybody to get in a small


this is not a plug for the sake of

having big groups

you need people

if anybody could have walked alone on

this Earth Jesus could have

and he still decided to have 12 dudes

around him and one of them he knew from

the beginning was going to be used by

the devil

and he still called you to say like

church either we’re going to live this

out for real

are we going to be here 15 years ago to

talk about our new church was faking

don’t say it didn’t work if you didn’t

work it

don’t I’m tired of people talking about

the church who was in it for three days

and didn’t actually do it don’t say they

mean people you serve then

I just either we’re gonna do it or we’re


and I’m just asking us if nobody else

comes to the church

I would rather us live transformed

than to fake for the next how many every

years or weeks or Sundays

God really wants to show off through us

but we have to become evident somebody

say I’m evidence

today what you saw was evidence

that he is God

so for the rest of this week I want you

to go on when you’re doing the things

that God tells you to do say the reason

I’m doing this I’m not doing it for

nobody’s improved approval or anything

I’m doing this out of love because I’m


that God has changed my life father

bless these people

let them have the best week ever I pray

your favor Your Grace your wisdom over

their lives and I thank you that we

would do everything this week

and for the rest of our lives

out of a deep love we trust you we

believe you and we thank you in Jesus

name we agree

somebody say amen I love you until next

week go out and live a transformed life

hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

is not built on one individual but on

the sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

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thank you