If we’re not careful, we can make our Christian walk about what we can give to God. But the story of the Gospel doesn’t start with what you have given God. It starts with what God has given you: people. In week 3 of Launching In Victory, Pastor Charles teaches us how the people in our lives are gifts. He meant for us to fulfill our purpose together! If you’re looking to find purpose, this message is for you! Make sure to like and share with a friend!

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

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let’s jump into today’s message

we are in uh this is week three of a

series called launch in Victory

everybody say launch in Victory

and the hope and the goal of this series

is really to be um the flame to your

faith for whatever it is God has called

you to start

now I don’t know what God has called you

to start

um but I know that in a room this size

with how many people are watching

through online church that there are

plenty of things that God whether

through a journal whether in a previous

season whether it’s just through your

time of prayer through confirmation

through your community there are things

that God has asked you to start

we all have something in our life that

God has asked us to do that he has asked

us to start and that’s all that word

means the word launch means to start to

begin something and I want to pose to

you through this series what has God

asked you to start

I want you to write it down what is it

has he asked you to start writing the

book that he gave to you when you were

15 the book idea that you downplayed

because you thought oh that’s not been

that big of a deal I don’t know I’m not

good enough

is it a business idea has he asked you

to start dating your wife because you

stopped in 1994.

shout out to still being married that’s

exciting but you gotta date your wife

and your spouse all through what has he

asked you to start has he asked you to

start being intentional with your

children at bedtime and not just saying

all right good night go to bed go to bed

be quiet go to bed go to bed has he

asked you to start praying over them

asking them like me and my wife do what

do you want to pray for these now listen

don’t ask a three and a two-year-old

what you want to pray for because you

could get literally it’d be the most

random stuff Luna’s like um I want to

pray for

um I want to pray for uh I’m gonna pray

for my leg my leg is hurting it’s

hurting mom

immediately just like we’ll find a place

that God can heal and then he heals it

immediately it’s amazing teach them if

their prayers work you’re like oh it’s

pain looking in the name of Jesus

is it better

before and Luna starts to run around the

house shouting is amazing

um but what does God asked you to start

many of us If we’re honest we have put

up um fake timelines and things that we

feel like we have to have in order to

start what God asked us to start only to

not realize that God knew what you had

and what you didn’t have when he asked

you to start and he didn’t ask you how

much money do you have in the bank

account uh are you really really good at

writing or have you produced a movie

before or have you done that no he

didn’t ask her he just said it’s time to

start somebody say it’s time to start

I wanted you to get that in here but it

is time to start I don’t know what that

means I don’t know what it is I don’t

know what small step you need to take

but it is time to start if you’ve been

waiting on confirmation if you’ve just

been praying God if you just give it to

me very clearly God I’ll let you know

like this is your sign I’m up here in

this pink jacket because the Blazer is

my safe place hello somebody and it is

time to start

it’s time to start we said this the

first week um because there’s this

saying that you might have heard it’s

not important how you start it’s about

how you finish and that is very true

it’s not important how you start but

it’s up the utmost importance that you


that statement it downplays the start oh

it’s not about to start it’s not about

to make of a deal just make sure you

finish well you got to start in order to

finish so this is me saying it is time

to start week one we talked about the

importance of prayer prayer is a safe

place to start it’s the place you go

when you don’t know how to start when

you don’t know which way to go and you

don’t know what advice to take what deal

to make place is the place we go prayer

is the place we go to bring all of

ourselves to God and allow him to speak

to us we talked about prayer last week

we talked about practice come on has

anybody been practicing this week

anybody been practicing something great

three of y’all applied the sermon all

right well

see you guys I’ll be here never again no


we talked about prayer we talked about

practice and I’m excited today

um this is honestly my favorite one for

sure for sure and I didn’t know it was

my favorite until I started um working

on it this week but I believe it’s going

to impact you powerfully today I’m going

to read a portion of scripture as we

always do and then

um we will jump right into the word

today this is what the Bible says in

James chapter 1

uh verse number 17 James chapter 1 verse

number 17. every good gift

and every perfect gift

is from above

every good gift and every perfect gift

is from above

coming down from the Father of Lights

with whom there is no variation

or Shadow due to change

every good gift and every perfect gift

is from above coming down from the

Father of Lights with whom there is no

variation or Shadow due to change I’m

actually going to stop right there I’m

going to pray for us we’re going to jump

in to the sermon Holy Spirit I thank you

that in these next few moments that you

would be the voice that speaks Lord that

through a broken human vessel that you

would supersede anything in me Lord to

speak to your children I get out of the

way so that you can do whatever you want

to do it’s in the beautiful name of

Jesus we pray and everybody said

um I have a question for you like I do

every single week uh are you good at

giving gifts who is a good Gift Giver in

the room like raise your hand don’t lie

some of y’all spouses looked at you like

you was crazy come on some husband was

like yeah I’ll give good gifts and your

wife just looking at you like really


some of us are uh good gift givers some

of us are better than others and um now

when we got when I got married to early

uh married to early married to Abby

early on I would have said I was

significantly like just honestly

significantly more the better Gift Giver

I’m just not I’m not gonna lie I’m not

going to brag but my gifts were popping

and um but as we have grown in our

marriage she has just like flipped a

switch the last like two three years and

just like she started doing stuff that

she’s like you can’t do nothing back to

it’s like oh you were thinking about

doing that oh well I bought you that and

this and you’re going to Paris for a

week also if you want to know like she

just started doing ridiculous stuff now

I’m back peddling trying to keep up I’m

like okay what can I do that she hasn’t

done yet I don’t know maybe I can and

it’s honestly created a little anxiety

it’s a big prayer point for me so just

pray Hallelujah if you got any good gift

ideas just to DM me on Instagram anyways

um but uh I want to know I started

thinking this week what makes a great

gift like what makes a really good gift

and I actually want to ask three random

people you’re about this is your time of

Sean I’m going to bring you up on stage

so I need three people who want to

answer a couple questions for me up on

stage just raise your hand if you open

ain’t nobody want okay you right there I

saw you right come on you right you got

your hand raised right there yeah yes

you you raised you why people raise

their hand and look around like you mean

me yes anybody you right here come up on

stage I need one more person from over

here one more let me see where’s

somebody here I see you standing up okay

maybe your friends are pointing at you

boom right here come on up come on up

come on give it up far come on you got

to go quicker than that you kind of

walking around you got come on hustle

baby hustle hustle hustle all right um

we’re gonna do a little interview here

again it’s not in front of a lot of

people but there are probably 20 000

people watching this I hope you don’t

have a bad answer

um I’m just kidding you there’s no bad

answer to this all right come up front

here come here stand right here please

um first you got to tell me how are you

are you well I love your shirt does it

say nana are you a Nana

fixing to be a Nana in two weeks come on

by the grace of God okay here’s what

we’re gonna do

um I’m gonna ask you all some questions

they are theological and hermeneutical

questions so I hope I’m joking I made

that up that’s not true

um I’m gonna ask you what is the best

gift you’ve ever gotten

and why that now listen I know we’re in

church so you probably taught Jesus or

salvation or the Holy Spirit those are

all great answers but I want to just

like you know kind of Flesh answer like

just the one that’s like just like what

was this is just best and whoever has

their answer first can go first so I’ll

let y’all she got okay go ahead tell us

your name where you’re from and your uh

what’s the best gift you’ve ever got my

name is Jay Renee Williams I live in

Broken Arrow

shout out the Broken Arrow and the best

gift I got was for my 25th anniversary

my husband gave me a crystal slipper I

was you Cinderella

I’m now babe I don’t know if I can get

you a crystal slipper this year but 25

years I will get you a crystal well for

the 25th anniversary it’s supposed to be

silver and I was talking to my best

friend and told her I don’t want silver

I want something Crystal and he just

heard it and did it

at all now give it up for this man

we’ve been married for 25 a


a little she said it was a little

Crystal slipper it was a little


Brave to say and forever for and Forever

After forever

ever again your name favorite gift and

wife hmm

I just got my best gift my name is

Curtis Hopkins and I just got tickets to



that is amazing


wow okay okay that’s very good that is

very good

you’re technically supposed to be

watching online but it’s We’re not gonna

talk about the details of it man we’re

not going to talk about

it man you just moved here from South


third week come on give it up for Curtis

this is a transformation Nation

wow that is amazing are you expect me to

follow something like that I don’t your

nana I don’t know I just thought you had

like okay so my best gift my name is

Rebecca armor trout my best gift was

several years ago my daughter was 12

years old and I was saving to get to a

trip for

long story but anyways I’ll sum it up

you’re good so she comes to me and she

says she had gotten her Christmas

presents and she said Mom I’m giving you

my money for your trip

can you give it up for our uh

contestants here on this made up game

thank you very much thank you very much



that was amazing wow that went way

better than I thought it was gonna go in

my head


so we had three different gifts that

were given and they all had elements of

I think three essential things that it

takes to make a good gift the first

thing for some of us when we think about

a good gift is a good gift um is one uh

the first factor is price sometimes you

know you get a good gift and it’s just

expensive I don’t know how much Crystal

slippers are running these days but I

bet you they’re not cheap

there’s a price then um there’s the

planning like just the process of like

you got to plan it out he overheard a

conversation that is you don’t know how

hard that is as a husband like that guy

is here it’s heard from God probably for

his whole life um

there’s the price there’s the planning

and then there’s things um it’s personal

so it’s not just random there’s a price

there’s planning and it’s personal these

are three things that I want to use as a

framework to divide to Define good gifts

that are given in our life things that

are of high price things that take

intentional planning and things that are

not just for everybody but it’s personal

to us

what what makes a good gift you know in

scripture there are the word gift is all

throughout scripture it’s mentioned many

different times but

um today we’re going to nerd out a

little bit I’m going to talk to you

about some Hebrew words for gifts so you

can just uh this is not because I know

Hebrew I looked it up I got a friend who

knows Hebrew and so I was like hey man

make sure I’m saying he’s right blah

blah blah so um there are two words for

gift the more primary one and let me

look at it so I don’t butcher the uh

pronunciation of it or my friend will

make fun of me um the first one um is

Minka everybody say Minka

there you go yeah you nailed it I could

be saying that wrong and all you just

said it wrong and just blame it on me


um this word is used all throughout

scripture and it just simply means a

present a gift or um or specifically it

is a a gift to Jehovah that’s what this

word means in here is all laced all

throughout the Old Testament even

mentioned sometimes in the version of

Greek in the New Testament and this word

all it means is a gift to Jehovah and we

see this all throughout scripture that

there is a part of following Jesus that

is the gifts that we offer to God the

gifts that we offered to him the first

time that this word is mentioned in

scripture is two chapters into the Bible

I think maybe three chapters in in

Genesis where Cain and Abel come to give

an offering to God if you don’t know the

story there’s two brothers and one

brings the Bible says an offering in

faith and one brings just after some

time had passed God acknowledges one

gift and doesn’t but this is a gift

given to Jehovah all throughout

scripture it mentions the different

types of these gifts we know that we

give offerings as a gift to God we give

our tithes as a gift to God Romans 12

tells us to present our bodies as a

Living Sacrifice to God and Jeremiah

talks about our worship is a gift we

give to God and this is a great gift and

these are important gifts that we should

give to God that our life should be a

gift that we give back to him out of

understanding the gifts that he’s given

to us but I want to for today

um make a very clear delineation that

the story

of the Bible

has nothing to do with the gifts we have

given to God

I know sometimes we get focused on that

we should be giving gifts to God we got

to make sure that we’re doing the right

things that we’re giving our tithe that

we’re giving our worship and absolutely

you should do our things but there is a

primary narrative in scripture and it is

not um the Hebrew word Minka that is

about what we have given to God there’s

another word that the definition of this

and it’s Matana this word is mentioned a

lot fewer times but is not a gift to

Jehovah it is a gift from Jehovah

these gifts significantly outweigh any

gift we could give to God

then it’s mentioned a couple of times

but I want to talk to you today about

God’s greatest gift

what is God’s greatest gift in your life

now if we all went around the room and

tried to answer that question we would

all possibly have different answers man

some of us would thank him for things

that have happened that we never thought

we would happen we would thank him for

experiences that I’ve had maybe it was a

blessing that happened in your life

maybe it was a miraculous healing but I

want to ask today what is God’s greatest


the first time that Matana is used in

scripture is numbers 8 verse 19. look at

what the word says and I have given you

the Levites as a gift or a maternal to

Aaron and his sons from among the people

of Israel

the first gift not to Jehovah but of

Jehovah is this mentioned right here for

I have given you the Levites if you

don’t know the Levites were a group of


I want to walk you through scripture

today and allow you to see what is God’s

greatest gift

in Genesis 2 God says it’s not good for

man to be alone

and he gives the gift of Eve

in Genesis 21 God promised uh Abraham a

child and he answers that prayer for him

to have a child in the gift of Isaac in

Genesis 25 Isaac and his wife are trying

to have a child and God gives him the

gift of Jacob in Genesis 30 Jacob and

Rachel are trying to have a baby and God

gives the Matana or the gift of Joseph

in judges 13. Manoa is trying to have a

baby and she’s Barren but God gives the

gift of Samson and in Samuel Hannah is

trying to have a baby

and God gives the gift of


um I want to work from this uh idea and

principle today

that the greatest gift

that God has ever given

outside of the gift of Jesus

are the people in your life

God’s greatest gift

laced throughout scripture

are people

if you look at scripture God always

answers prayers

with people

this is how he’s always done it when

Abraham and Isaac start to pray he

answered their prayer with a person

when Isaac and his wife started he

answered his prayer with a person when

Hannah goes to the uh goes to the priest

Eli and says I I’m trying to have a baby

God always answers prayers with people

and my question today is do you see the

people in your life as the greatest gift

God has ever given you

now I know when we start digging into

the Nuance of this question it’s like

well what do you mean the greatest gift

God has ever get what if the people that

you love the most and the people who get

on your nerves

because it’s not just a certain type of

people because some of y’all were like

absolutely the people that I like in my

life that are good that are kind that

ain’t wild those are the no no no I’m

talking about all people

all people

for God so loved the

oh not some not the ones you like not

the people that voted like you not the

people that like your Instagram so you

like them back follow for follow not

those people

you never follow for follow come on I’ll

follow you you follow me back people do

that all the time hey man you follow me

on Instagram no I’m not gonna follow you

on Instagram watch I follow you on

Instagram I don’t know anyways uh

but do you see

the people in your life as the greatest

gift God has ever given you

now if we were to be honest um some of

us don’t like the idea of admitting

something that God created which is the

very fact that everyone in this room

needs people

to reach your purpose to launch in

Victory you need like need need need

you desperately need people we talked

about prayer you need prayer we talked

about practice you need practice but one

thing that is vital if you are going to

start anything if you’re going to do

things is you need people

now I know the reason is so uh awkwardly

quiet you’re looking it’s like well I

don’t technically need like I don’t need

people you know I’m saying like that’s

nice but sometimes I have people around

but I don’t need anybody because we have

bought in to the American culture of


oh I’m self-made

you know ain’t nobody there for me I did

this by myself

we’ve bought into this idea that is

actually not a Biblical concept let me

say this cuss word for you Independence

you know independent Independence isn’t

the goal of your relationship with Jesus

you know God didn’t create you to be


I love being up here and messing with

people’s Theology and then your mind

like starts like about to explode let me

tell you the first not good in the Bible

it is not good for man to be

so then why you fight your whole life to

be alone

why your whole life I don’t need nobody

it’s fine forget them I don’t need them

I’ll never need nobody again and I’ll

decide right now I’ll get wherever I

want to get by myself

I’m self-made

really so you was there when your mommy

and daddy was doing the uh

you was there when you self

you ain’t self-made literally you ain’t


why would God make it

to where you would have to need people

you didn’t teach yourself to walk well I

technically did my mama said I got him

nobody helped okay

you didn’t teach yourself to talk

you and we have this like we have bought

into the idea that once I get grown I’m

not gonna need nobody

I don’t need nobody I don’t need no help

I don’t need and that is not the way God

set it up

in the garden

he looks at all of his creation ooh the

son yeah good oh the star is good oh

yeah the animal is good oh separating

the waters oh good oh this is all good

wait wait wait wait wait wait there is a

big problem here

it is not

this is not good

he’s gotten a a one chapter and one

verse into the Bible

and God stops creating

and looks and says there is one thing

that I have to make sure they know is

not good

it is not good for man to be alone

the reason I’m bringing this up today is

because many of us have tried to

supersede the gift of people and still

reach purpose

your purpose when you start to write it

down it doesn’t include people it skips

over the people that didn’t believe in

you it skips over the people that you

don’t like it skips over the people that

aren’t like you it skips over the people

they didn’t believe me fine I don’t need

nobody okay I feel you and that may be

tough that they didn’t believe in you

but it’s not actually if you listen to

that voice you will live your whole life

and you will reach your purpose by


some of the most lonely people in the

world people with millions of dollars

Successful by themselves

what good is all the money with nobody

to give it to

what good is all of the praise with

nobody to share you know some of the

most Lonely People Are People that stand

on stages and people scream and cheer

for and they go behind stage and have no

single person to acknowledge it with

so why are we working so hard

to not need people

why are we working so hard to say and

here’s the truth I get it

because people are um God’s greatest


but the truth is they are also the

source of many of our greatest griefs

the God’s greatest gift

and they’re our greatest grief people

how do you hold the tension

of what God created of what God formed

and say this is the greatest gift I’ve

put in your life

but it’s also going to be the place

where you experience the most grief

and sometimes we ain’t honest with the

grief that we’ve experienced

there’s a a writer a theologian he wrote

he said America has no idea how to


grief we think when you think of grief

you just think of someone passing away

that’s not what grief is

everybody in this room right now

regardless of someone has passed away in

your life recently or not everyone in

this room is grieving something

this is gonna be a little bit of a

therapy therapy session today everybody

in this room

you’re grieving what you’re grieving a

misplaced expectation

grief is I thought they were going to

live longer

so I didn’t say you I love you as much

but now they’re gone

and the gap between what I thought was

going to happen and what actually

happened is grief

some of us are grieving the college we

thought we were going to go to

the marriage we thought we were going to


the friendships we thought would still

be here by now I thought that person if

anybody else leaves me they’re gonna

stay with me and we’re going together

and now you’re here alone

we’re grieving that I thought my

business was going to work out better or

I thought we would have more money by

now or I thought I would have moved here

and God would have acknowledge that I

was faithful and I moved so I did it God

and what everybody in this room is

grieving something and if we’re honest

many of us the greatest source of your

grief is people

people that took advantage of you

people that hurt you

people that genuinely didn’t believe in

you maybe when they should have people

who didn’t acknowledge how powerful

their words were

they say get out of here you’re always

in the way

and you held on to that word you’re

always in the way

and now you’re 35 and married

and you won’t Express what you really


to the person that is the most

significant part

of the relationship you’re in in your

marriage and you won’t why because you

held on to the grief of another person

and now you’re projecting that into that

really I’m always in the way so I can’t

really ask for what I really need

but then there’s

um another side of people they are grief

but they’re also the greatest good

I thought of this um that some of us

would like to imagine because of the

pain because of the real things that

have happened in our life what would if

we didn’t have people in our life we

wouldn’t have as much pain

like if I just didn’t have all like if I

wouldn’t have gone through that hard

relationship if I wouldn’t have gone

through the divorce if they wouldn’t

have cheated on me if they went all of

these things and we think if it just

with these certain people weren’t in my

life then I wouldn’t have as much grief

the only problem is

a world without people

is a World Without Pain that’s true but

it’s also a world without purpose

because the whole reason

you have a purpose the whole reason God

created you is to serve people

I started thinking this week what would

it be like

in some of us and I’m naturally I get up

here and do this and run and shout and

scream but I’m naturally introverted so

I recharge by being alone by some good

jazz and just staring out a window like

that’s just how I get recharged and I

thought about what would it be like if

it was just like you would just buy

yourself on the planet just you

it wouldn’t be as painful

you wouldn’t have the pain of a breakup

you wouldn’t experience the grief of

losing somebody

you wouldn’t go through the frustration

of that hard conversation and how they

broke your heart or how they broke trust

with you but you know what else you

wouldn’t have

you would never laugh

you wouldn’t have nobody to laugh with

or act

because some of y’all are the act like

we left with you but some people sorry

but uh

you don’t have the pain of the breakup

but you also don’t share the intimacy

and the love of a marriage that is 25

years long when your spouse gets you a

silver I mean a crystal slipper

I mean very clear she don’t like silver

she wants Crystal

but you can’t here’s the idea you can’t

get one without the other

and I want to allow us and possibly give

us permission today to hold both truths

that some of the greatest memories you

will ever have in your life are from

people and some of the most painful

experiences you will ever have in your

life are from people

in that tension do you see them as a


do you see the pain you have experienced

from people as a gift from God

Joseph in scripture he has Brothers he

God gives him a dream he goes to these

brothers and he tells them his dream the

brothers because they’re of their

immaturity they get jealous of his dream

and possibly because a little bit of

Joseph’s Pride because he walked around

saying yeah I had a dream y’all was

bowing to me I had a dream come on we’d

all throw our little brother in the pit

if he came up talking about what we was



but he comes up to him and the people

that are supposed to be the safe place

for his purpose

they’re supposed to be the people that

you can tell hey God spoke to me God

gave me a vision and I’m about to start

following that he comes to those people

and they throw him in a pit

they sell him to slavery

years later he’s standing in front of

them as number two in command over all

of Egypt and there’s these famous words

that happen that are beautiful in

scripture and also sometimes we have

used out of context even in songs that

we all love this is the scripture he

says he says um you meant it for evil

and what some of y’all just finish it in

your head but God turned it for good

I hear you you shook your head but

that’s not what the scripture says

you look it up you meant it for evil

and God meant it for good

this is where you start getting into

people’s belief on what God does or

doesn’t do it I’m not about to argue all

that but what I do know is those are the

exact same words that speak to someone’s

intention behind what they’re doing what

it says is even though you would never

have wished this grief or nor I would

have wished this grief on me God had an

intention behind this grief

oh man I’m just I’m trying to help us

because we only praise God when life is

good we only praise God when we get a

blessing we only place God when we get a

check in the mail but you never praise

God for the hard situations in your life

so that leaves two-thirds of your life

left out not praising God

this is why you don’t have joy because

you only praise God when good things

happen and you think that’s only the

time you praise God he’s only worthy

when I get a check in the mail he’s only

worthy when what I wanted and what I

prayed are all the exact same thing he’s

only wanted when he answers to I only

worship him when he answers the prayer

how I prayed it

so this is why you go throughout your


and your Journal has gaps in it

let me be very more clear your church

attendance has gaps in it

reading your Bible has gaps in it

prayers have gaps in it why because you

only praise God you only talk to him

when he gives you what you want oh that

sounds familiar I have three of them

they’re little kids

well you gotta I want a cake right now

well baby it’s 6 A.M

and as much as I would love to give you

a cake I don’t even have a cake and if I

had a cake I wouldn’t let you eat it

right now and all of a sudden the

three-year-old is grieving what

what I thought I was going to have and I

was going to have this cake and now I’m

not gonna have this cake and now I’m mad

and I you gotta give me what I want

is that how you praise God we say stomp

your feet you stomping your feet

I’m trying to help you find the strength

to praise God in us here’s what I’m

trying to help you do Paul says it in


he literally is talking it’s the

scripture we use to try to win

basketball games when our team isn’t

good I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me

now your team isn’t good you’re not

gonna win and it’s not God’s fault

you’re just not good at that don’t blame

that on God

I can do all things man I’m about to no

you’re not actually because you’re not

good at that thing

but before that he says I have learned

how to be content

I’ve learned how to praise God when I

had everything I wanted

and descriptions go I got everything I

wanted so I can do all no he says I’ve

learned how to praise God when

everything went the right way but I’ve

also learned that when I’m Shipwrecked

on an island by myself God is still

worthy I have a question is God still

worthy when you’re experiencing grief is

God still Worthy

because honestly the modern church does

not know how to worship a god when bad

things happen

see I knew God didn’t have a plan for my


I knew my prayers didn’t work I knew he

didn’t hear that see that’s why I don’t

pray because they never work how you

know they didn’t work

here’s the tension you prayed what you

wanted to happen

you prayed God if it works out this way

but what you did is you prayed your will

so don’t speak too soon talk about your

prayers haven’t worked

oh man some of y’all’s prayers have

worked a long time ago you’re just

grieving the answer to your prayer

the breakup was an answer to prayer you

didn’t pray it that way you didn’t mean

it that way but oh my goodness trust me

sweetheart God saved you when he

answered that prayer


walk around defeated discouraged my

prayers don’t work God don’t hear me

that’s why I don’t go to church no more


you are now


your limited experience you’ve been on

Earth however long

and now you saying I think I figured out

how God


I think I got it and if I pray this way

he’s going to do this

and then he doesn’t do that

it’s like oh well God does it he didn’t

hear he must have not

what if

your prayers are currently working you

just don’t see it

what if

what if the grief

what it I’m just asking I’m not gonna

say it is because you might come up here

and try to fight me because I don’t know

what happened in your life but

what if

the place that you’re holding

as pain

as you’ve just you know those parts of

your heart that is like the the closet

like it’s in our front entryway like

when you walk in our entryway it’s like

this is a nice house what’s in it don’t

open that door

just don’t

you go in that door you may not come out

brother I don’t know what’s

we all have those doors emotionally

things that you’ve just put in the

bucket of that’s bad

I don’t want to remember that that’s not

good God didn’t answer that prayer God

didn’t do that

and I understand the human response to

that but what if behind that door

is the only thing

that can allow you to be formed

to be more like Christ

because here’s the thing the good in


is God

but the grief we experience from people

is the very thing that proves if you got

God or not

my brother just got it he literally I

said that he said he turned with it

the only way

you can walk in forgiveness

is if

you got somebody that you holding

unforgiveness against


the only way

we know if you have peace that surpasses

understanding is if your job ain’t



the only way you know that his strength

is made perfect in your weakness

you gotta have weakness


and to be honest with you the reason I’m

skipping up here

is because

many of our faiths

are extremely


and we have not learned how to hold the

tension of good that was God

and the grief

we haven’t learned to

and it’s the biggest discouragement to

our purpose

the people in our life well if they

wouldn’t have done that to me I would

have had a better start if they were

absolutely and this is not a sermon that

oh this is this and I’m not talking

there are things that have happened that

I cannot explain that I would never wish

on anybody that are so I can’t even

begin to touch the Nuance of all of

those things but what I am saying today

is could

that grief

disguised in the form

of your aunt

be the very thing

that makes you go to God and say God

if you don’t do something in my heart

Auntie so-and-so

is about

to catch



it’s the only way

it’s the only way he can form you to be

more like him is the grief it’s the pain

it’s the disappointment and I’m coming

to tell you today that many times that

pain that grief

it’s in the form of people

and can you acknowledge

that one of the greatest gifts God has

ever given you

are the people in your life

the first time that that word a gift of

Jehovah is used is God

giving the gift of a group of people the

Levites to Aaron

it’s the first time the context every

time there’s something first that

happens in the Bible it’s a very big

deal if you want to get into studying

your Bible the first that anything

happens it’s a very very big deal

significantly because of the promises of

God because the way of scripture works

is a very big deal the first time

God says I want to show you how I define

this word gift

when I give gifts it’s in the form


now I read the scripture um

in the beginning it’s James it says this

uh every good gift

and every perfect gift is from


you see when God

wanted to answer

the prayers

of thousands of years

when God wanted to answer the prayers

of the Israelites that struggled in the

desert for 400 years when God wanted to

answer the prayers of the prophets that

cried out and prophesied when God wanted

to answer the prayers of humanity you

know what he sent

a person

the greatest gift truly you’ve ever


is the only good and perfect gift

this scripture James it’s talking about


every good and perfect well there’s only

there’s only one perfect gift

and it says this coming down from the

father of Life who came down from heaven

to is Jesus

God sets the picture of how he answers

the cries of his people by making Jesus

a person

and then later on in scripture in John 4

we see this Jesus is standing in front

of a Samaritan woman and he says this to

her if you knew

the gift of God that was standing before


what does he say he says you don’t have

the ability to recognize when God has

given you a gift

and right now it’s me

but when I’m gone

because all humans are made in the image

of God according to Genesis 1 27 every

time a human is born it is God re-giving

the greatest gift a person

do you see

that person that caused you pain

as possibly

I know that’s

I know that’s tough

I know I’m not up here just talking

about something that I’m not really

walking through right this sermon came

out of me being like God well they did

this and they did blah blah blah blah

and God said Charles if you don’t see

them as a gift

this guy said to me if you don’t see

them as a gift you won’t be the pastor

they need

real people this ain’t like ethereal

like yeah it was somebody on Instagram

in the comments saying it wasn’t like

it’s somebody in my life like and God

said you have to stop focusing on the

grief and you have to realize if you

would let me this is the greatest gift

I’ve ever given you because it would

allow you to become more like me

what if

the grief in your life

is God trying to give you something that

pushes you to become more like him

you wanna know how you get patience

God just make me patient okay

you know how you answer prayers in the

form of people that person that be

sitting at your work hey man oh you

gotta they just get on my last okay

you want to know how to trust God

regardless of what he gives you

regardless of what you have or don’t

have ask job

many of us in fact not many of us jobs

help mate

his wife

when God took everything

this is in scripture he says she says

why don’t you just Curse God and die

because that’s the human response

I worship God

because I have all this money because I

have all these things but if all of that

gets taken

there’s no reason to worship Him

what about the fact that you not

thinking about your heartbeat right now

I’m self-made you don’t lungs breathe in

out in out in out in out that

this is the little stuff that get me

hung up balling crying in worship is

that I’m not I didn’t step up out like

there are things that are happening

neurologically and physiologically in my

body that are being held by the string

and the Strand and the orchestra of God

and many of us

have not learned

but I’m praying by the power of the holy

spirit that we would learn

to hold the tension

of the good people in our life

and the people that have caused grief

and the only way you are able to stand

in the middle of that is if you

understand that they are a gift from God

now here’s um how I close

the only way

you struggle to see other people as a


is if you’re not able to fully live out

Matthew 22.

what does Matthew 22 say I’m glad you

asked I have a Bible right here

Matthew 22

greatest commandment you must love the

Lord your God with all your heart

all your soul and all of your mind

this is the greatest commandment and the

second is equally important

love your neighbor

that’s where we end the scripture love

your neighbor

love God by your heart’s all mine and

love your neighbor as a lot of Church’s

Vision love God love people that’s you

love God you love your name that’s not


love your neighbor



so that means your uh framework

of it’s God then it’s others isn’t


this is why God put me on the planet

literally to challenge paradigms that he

didn’t put in the Earth

because you’re looking at me crazy

you must love the Lord your God with all

your hearts all in mind this is the

first and greatest commandment the

second is equal to love your neighbor as

your self

but we put loving yourself in the

category of pride

you judge people on Instagram when they

post a selfie they prideful

maybe some of them just love themselves

you know why that’s so awkward because

if we’re honest

many of you couldn’t look in the mirror

and say I love you

and not be talking about anybody else

God’s biblical view of how he set it up

is love me I am first I am Primary in me

you live breathe and have your being and

love your neighbor as much as you love

yourself and the truth is some of us

that’s what we’re doing

it makes sense why all your

relationships are broken

makes sense why you don’t have Grace for

people make sense why you don’t let

people mistaken come back from those

mistakes it makes sense why you’re not

able to look at people and say yeah they

deserve that because it makes sense

because you’re only loving them as much

as you love yourself


and the invitation of Jesus is we going

to talk about loving other people

with that’s the whole reason for the Son

of God did not come to be served but to

be a servant of all your purpose is

wrapped up in people absolutely but

according to the greatest commandment

look at what the Bible says it says the

entire law and all the demands of the

prophets are based in these two


the whole Old Testament he said I could

sum all of that up

love the Lord your God with all your

heart soul mind and love your neighbor



do you love you

not ethereal

let’s talk just sit in that do you love


do you wake up in the morning

saying to yourself I’m so proud of you

that’s not

that’s not a lot of our self-talk

is dang it you shouldn’t have done that

they know you’re not you’re not as good

you’re not as good as them you’ll never


the thing you step outside your house

trying to live out the greatest


God love God I love God and I love God I

love other people so you’re trying to be

kind of keep people you’re trying to be

patient you’re trying to be loving

you’re trying to have faith you’re

trying to do all these things

but the reservoir that you’re pulling


is barren

There’s No Love in there for you how in

the world you’re gonna get something for

somebody else

you wanna know why it’s so hard to love

your kids

because you have not come to terms with

the mistakes you made in high school

so you can’t love yourself no more

you haven’t come to terms with how you

thought your life was going to go

so you’re sitting in this empty Barren


scratching up saying if I could just get

enough love for people

if I could just gather up more things if

I could just love I gotta be more like

God I gotta love people I gotta love

people man

and God is saying yes

but I want to give

the gift I sent was

for you God so loved the way that he

gave his only it’s for you to know that

you are loved

and this whole sermon


on you understanding

that their is only one way

you view


as the greatest gift in your life

and that is for you

to fully embrace the truth

that you

are God’s greatest gift to humanity

it’s you

after the person of Jesus

completely perfect completely holy the

only person that could save us

from our broken



are the answer to people’s prayers

it’s you

you’re made in the very image of God

you’re the only thing with his DNA on it

it’s you

and some of us Rush past

so quickly we rush past loving ourselves

so fast

and then we just try to live out of this

will of like why does God love people

I’m just gonna be kind I’m just gonna

yeah yeah all of that will come love

your neighbor

as you love yourself

this week

some of the most powerful words you

could say in the mirror not referring to

anybody else

because I love you

I’m proud of you

yes you wouldn’t be here without God yet

it’s only because of the grace of God

but I have to rest

here’s the language my friend uh Pastor

Brie she says you got to learn how to

Delight in yourself

this is one of the most awkward the most

awkward conversations ever at my house

Brian uh errands from our best friends

in the world they come to the house we

just stay up talking about random stuff

Brie always got a list of these deep

like psychological questions people like

what you’ve been doing Bree and she was

like do you love like your inner child

do you feel at peace with who you’ve

become over there I’m like dang Bree let

me get some food man I’m tired like

this is real

one time she was like why don’t we go

around the table

I’m like what we’re about to make fun of

each other got jokes I don’t know like

why don’t we just take a moment to just

Delight in ourselves

that’s weird

I don’t want to do that

but slowly

there are moments where I’ve learned

literally this these happen all the time

because the biggest area of God has

grown me is being able to have patience

with these little babies that I love so

much that for some reason we decided to



the moments very rarely

where I’m able to be patient like all

the way through I start off very patient

like I don’t give myself a credit I

start off like come here Daddy loves you

so much and then after being down here

for like 30 minutes I’m like if you do

not get away from your sister I promise

that I will pray for you so hard

I’ve had to learn

how to walk away

and said that was a good job Charles

proud of you

and I just want to ask how much does

that affect the people in your life

how much is the fact that you don’t feel

proud of yourself

you’re not proud that you made the right

decision you’re not PR you’re not you

haven’t given yourself like you know

what you almost made that horrible

decision and by the grace of God you

didn’t good job

this is so y’all are like this is so

weird okay

what is the Bible

so you don’t have to argue with my words

just go take it up with the best-selling

book of all time

take it up with the Holy Spirit take it

up with someone who inspired who spoke

the Stars into existence you don’t got

problems great after you figure out how

Mars and all the planets are hanging up

in the sky take it up with God

on why he said

stop trying to love other people more

than you love yourself

you want to know why Jesus didn’t do any



he got settled in himself

you miss it it’s the baptism of Jesus

he walks in he gets the affirm he lived

before he does anything

he has to get settled in the affirmation

of his father

because he knew I can’t go out here

doing all these Miracles not knowing

where my love comes from

because if I do I will start to attach

to the love of the people I created and

I will live and die by their compliments

I will live and die by the good and bad

that happens to me I will live and die

by what they say by me I am settled in

the fact that my father said this is my

son this is my daughter this is my child

this is the one in whom I am well


and if he’s proud of you

I just say don’t argue with it

why you spend so much time arguing well

God you know the bad things I did and

God you know and God should okay okay

okay but he said

I’m proud of you

I love you you are made in my image

I’m just asking you I’m inviting you


acknowledge the fact

that there are people praying prayers

all over the years

and could it be that God placed an

answer in the form of you

some of you there praise your

grandparents prayed

and you were the answer to that prayer

some of you there are prayers that

pastors are praying right now and you’re

the answer to that prayer there are



hurting broken praying God if you could

please just

ain’t nobody sent


and the only way you’re able to step


loving God and loving people

is to hold the truth that you

with all your problems

with all the mistakes

are God’s greatest gift

to humanity

Holy Spirit

thank you

thank you

there are um

I’m going to close out but I’m just I’m

sensing that there are some of you that

the Holy Spirit he just really

he really wants to settle in your soul

that you are that you um that you are

loved and you have something to be proud


some of you feel like there’s nothing in

your life to be proud of you’ve made too

many mistakes you’ve done too many bad

things you’ve done you’ve just you’ve

messed it up or maybe you you maybe not

even um some of us aren’t focused on all

the bad things it’s just we move so

quickly through life

that the natural tendency is just to

skip over the good because you’re trying

to fix all the bad

skip over skip over the good skip over

just get to the bad that’s not the way

Jesus did it or God did it in creation

he acknowledged all the good

he saw the first day

and said it was good

he saw the second day and said it was

good the third the fourth the fifth then

he gets and says you know what this

isn’t good

the Rhythm the pace the invitation of

Jesus is to follow in his example to be

a Christian means to be a little Christ

well in the beginning he set out the

picture it’s good

it’s good

could it be that there’s something that

you could acknowledge not in your own

human will

but by the Holy Spirit partnering with


wow God

thank you for using me

God man we’re still here look at I can’t

believe we get to do this

man that that there are some things that

maybe I wish would a little diff went

different but God we’re here

I want to invite you today

to understand that you are loved

so much

and that from that love

God could use the good in people

and the grief

to form you to continue to show the love

of God

look God we’re so grateful for your love

we’re grateful for your mercy your

mercies that are new every morning

and God I pray right now that your holy

spirit will just Comfort people reassure

people affirm people bring Clarity to

people who have been confused bring

Vision to people who have been blind

Lord I Thank you that you would do

something that only you can do

every head so bad every eye still closed

there’s somebody in this room and

watching online that I want to give you

the invitation to accept Jesus as your

lord and savior it’s the best decision

you could ever make he is the greatest

gift of all there are thousands of

Prophecies of this one gift and he

showed up in the person of Jesus he’s

not an idea he’s not a concept he’s not

something high up in the sky he is a

person that the Bible says is near to

the Brokenhearted if you’d like to

accept Jesus as your lord and savior I’m

going to count to three if you’re in the

room I’m gonna ask you to raise your

hand if you’re watching online I ask you

to raise your hand as well why because

the Bible says in Romans when you

believe in your heart confess with your

mouth that Jesus is Lord you shall be

saved I believe in that acknowledgment

on the outside is solidifying what God

is doing on the inside

one God loves you so much two you want

to accept Jesus as your lord and savior

three lift your hand right now all over

the world in the room

listen as a church family we’re going to

pray a prayer right now

and it’s for the benefit and the

celebration of those who are coming to

Jesus this is a moment that heaven stops

everything and celebrates and we’re

going to pray together and then we’re

going to celebrate with everybody in the

room repeat after me say dear God

thank you for loving me

dear Jesus

I admit

I’ve made mistakes

save me change me transform me in Jesus

name I pray


Transformation Church can we celebrate

people oh come on people just gave their

life to Jesus

the Bible says that literally Heaven

stops when one person accepts Jesus as

their lord and savior we’re so proud of

you we’re so grateful for you Hey listen

if you just gave your life to Christ

we’d love to know about it you text the

word save to the number that comes on

your screen our team would just love to

connect with you encourage you give you

some resources now that you’ve come to

know Jesus Hey listen uh we’ve got a lot

of amazing things coming up in our

church and we’re going to take some time

uh after I get off the stage uh we’ll

have something called TC post where

they’ll give you resources they’ll let

you know when important updates that are

coming and we’re so grateful that you’re

a part of everything that God is doing


um again we’re so excited to be opening

back up we’re excited for our conference

flood Sunday we’ve got seven days of

prayer and fasting coming up on

September 26th you do not want to miss

it and uh listen I heard from a little

birdie that September 26 uh you may be

able to show up in person before we open

up so if you want to pull up to prayer

is open friends so September 26th if you

want to get an early start to homecoming

weekend join us on September 26th all

throughout the week every single night

we’ll be gathered here together to be

able to pray and fast and to hear from

God on everything he’s going to do as we

launch a victory listen we love you so

much we’re so proud of you and more than

that God is proud of he loves you as a

plan and purpose for your life and like

we say every single week I need

everybody in the room to help me say it

go out and live a transformed life we’ll

see you guys

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

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