What is surrounding you? What kind of people are you letting influence your life? We will always become like the things we surround ourselves with, and when we get around people and things that aren’t good for us, we become cuffed to things that contaminate us. In week 11 of our series Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike teaches us how to get free from the things that have contaminated us and step into God’s calling for our lives.

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Jesus again thank you so much for

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hope it blesses you so we are in a

series called cuffing season and today

is week 11. if you’re excited about the

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Hey listen

um I feel like I have a mandate from God

like God woke me up this morning

to speak this message and um there has

been opposition

since I decided this was going to be the


Okay so so last week we talked about

being cuffed took control how many

control freaks is out here come on we we

live a hot humble open and transparency

like whoa


God don’t want you to be that no more

let me be very clear with you this whole

cuffing series is a series to help you

get delivered everybody say Deliverance

God doesn’t want you to stay the way you

are and I know society today is like

love yourself

be you yeah I understand that to a point

where it’s positive in your life but

sometimes being you ain’t good

uh oh

sometimes the things you do how many

people know they have some traits in

their life that they would not want

replicated in their children uh oh

that’s how you know if it’s good or not

how you telling your kids don’t don’t do

what I do

do what I think

kind of ignoramic statement is that I’m

watching you you’re my model and you’re

telling me don’t do what you do

what you say

this is how backwards many of us are

because we do not want to take the time

to actually deal with the Deliverance

that we need

it’s too ugly

it’s too far back I want to have to

address issues I have with people who

are no longer living

some of y’all mad at parents that aren’t

here no more


it’s getting quiet in here I’m I’m just

you’re frustrated at people who haven’t

been in your life for years and God’s

saying for you to actually get over or

move past that thing we’re gonna have to

deal with it Deliverance makes you have

to deal

with it

you may not even talk to them anymore

but you got to deal with what it left

you with

it may not have been your fault but it

is now your responsibility

and this is why everybody comes to

church and was like hide me up

make me feel good

give me enough sedatives to let me go

and live like everything’s cool

let me just have a little inebriation of

the anointing

so I can make it through another week

and God said you ain’t got to live like

that somebody said I ain’t got to live

like that

you can be everybody say delivered

that means we got to talk about what

you’re cuffed to

and last week we talked about a big one

that some of y’all still not even trying

to digest

a lot of people are cuffed to being in


it everybody around you sees it but you

like that ain’t me

that ain’t me


and everybody if you ask them the people

that love you

they’re not gonna say it with you in the

room because they know if they actually

say the truth

one of the ways you know that you’re

always in the control of the situation

is people won’t tell you the truth when

you’re around

yeah like if and you don’t really know

this until after the fact but a lot of

people who control and manipulate

situations who are cuffed to it they

always find out stuff after the fact

because nobody feels close enough to

them to tell them the truth in the


without being manipulated

turned out

or disciplined punished or scolded


let me come to you

that the way you might have been

parented may be creating separation

between you and your children not


and a lot of the issues that they’re

going to deal with later on in their


is because they had no one to actually

come to with their issue or their pain

they had somebody would punish them

if they actually told them what they

needed help being delivered from

pin drops

I counsel so many people right now it’s

like have you told your parents oh hell


no no this is their reaction to me like

the person who bathed you birthed you

provided for you wouldn’t tell them oh


okay let’s be honest in here if you’re

not sitting next to your parents

if you’re sitting next to your parents

just look directly at Pastor Mike don’t

even look how many people

did not go to their parents when they

actually needed them in their

adolescence life come on listen hands

dang that’s over 70 80 percent of the


and if your parents ever found out about



yeah they say that when you’re 35.

but when you was 14

oh my God

what year is it

all I’m telling you is

that God is not like that

he desires for you to bring your

dysfunction to him

and many times because of how we have

been controlled or manipulated in our

physical families we think God is trying

to do the same thing to us

so if we tell him that I actually am

lusting after that person

or I haven’t been towards this

perversion or a lie a lot I don’t know

why I just told him I was drinking

coffee I’m allergic to coffee I’m

drinking tea but they said are you

drinking coffee and they like coffee so

I just lie yes

I mean most lies are just dumb

but but if we bring that to God he is


to help us through those situations so

the enemy’s whole job is to con keep you

confused about who’s actually in control

and make you think that you taking

control you covering up yourself you

taking matters into your own hand is the

best way to handle things when God said

you don’t even know how to do nothing


come to me think about it Adam and Eve

in the garden I am fully convinced that

if Adam and Eve would have ate the fruit

and been like Daddy



I messed up

I did exactly opposite

of what you told me to do

there would have been grace and mercy

for him for them

but what did they do


bikini top please

and what did they start doing they hid

they started covering up

they’re vulnerable places

instead of bringing their vulnerable

places to God

and I know you think I’m talking about

Bible characters I’m talking about you

that many of us are cuffed to things

that God’s saying would you just bring

it to me

so when I started thinking about all

right how do we keep going

I literally

I I literally read the definition of

cuffing season again write this down if

you haven’t

um heard it yet cuffing season is a

season where

because of loneliness and Desperation

you settle for a relationship that is

way beneath the standard

because of your own feelings

you settle for something okay let me

bring it down out of relationships right

now because for some of y’all that’s two

that’s too deep have you ever been so

hungry you ate crap you didn’t like

I mean there’s certain places like I

hate going to but it seems like those

are the places that are always open

after 10 pm

and if you ever catch yourself in a late

night hooping session or you had to work

late and you on your way home and you’re

like let me get something to eat like

Taco Bell

I had to say it

there’s not been one time I ate Taco

Bell that it was like good to me the

next day

that moment sometimes it hit the spot

like it rang the bell but the next day

what would happen if in every area of

your life

you were settling like that

because you felt like there was no

better option

so now you become accustomed to

what God never even wanted you to have

an appetite for

oh that’s nasty

many of us are craving

and want what God never even wanted us

to have an appetite for

and that’s why I have to talk to you

about being cuffed to control again with

a Twist

because as soon

as soon troll we need to be close you

can give us peace I was like yeah got in

the shower and the Holy Spirit said I

got more

and I was like what you mean God he said

most people think control listen up

is something that people who have a

certain personality or boisterousness

about them have

control is loud


control is somebody who comes in with

this attitude and give me control I’m

the boss like it’s this big strong overt

loud dominating obvious


but God said some of the most toxic


is Secret

and covert

it’s not overt control it’s covert


and today I have to address everybody in

this room who is dealing in covert

control let me explain it to you you

ever met somebody

who ain’t obviously in charge but they

always around the people who are in


and somehow they always got the ear of

the person that actually is the person

have you ever known somebody that says a

whole bunch without saying nothing


how was the movie


that’s not a what you what you know

about Troy okay


what like they’re not gonna tell you


but their presence or lack of it

is used to manipulate and control and

convert I’m coming for y’all all y’all

quiet people that I don’t be saying

nothing you’ll be saying a whole bunch

many people use their presence as a

means to let people know whether to be

attached to something or not

y’all can go if y’all want to

but uh but uh

finish no

because they’ve learned that it’s more

powerful than for them to leave mystery

to leave it up in the air

to let you know how they’re actually

feeling and bring Clarity to something

but actually leave you confused about it

and that’s how they’re able to


control and dominate situations it

starts as children

eat your food

I don’t I don’t I don’t really want to

eat it


daddy said I gotta eat the food


you can do it if you want to


my mama said eat the food if you want to

and then

something’s going on here


do I

do I have to eat all of it eat all the



daddy said

I have to eat all the food well your


don’t eat all his vegetables

I’m just showing it’s just a little

daddy do I have to eat all the


yes but mama said

you don’t be eating all your vegetables

now what now watch

This Little Child

has now figured out

the whole time now Mom and Daddy arguing

I know you ain’t tell that girl I didn’t

eat my broccoli and your boy stop stop

talking to me you didn’t get home until

7 30 last night and you told me he was

gonna be here at five girl I was working

for our family and now the

guess what’s not getting eaten

this small maybe not real example for


it’s how we begin to learn

to manipulate control

and be covert

in these spiritual matters because it’s

actually a spirit I’m gonna talk about

it in just a second

that but again

to try

and take people

from where they’re supposed to be

to a place that is toxic

and what it really is it’s the spirit of

watch this contamination

so I don’t have to be in control if I

can just contaminate your thoughts

I don’t even really have to know all the

information if I can make you doubt it a

little bit

and this is a area of church and

as people that we act like ain’t nothing

but it is literally holding people back

from their calling because we have been

dabbling in the Christianity of


I’m telling you it’s happening

everywhere and you think it’s innocent

but it’s polluting people’s purpose

because of the little things that you

say and the little things you do so

today I gotta talk to everybody who’s

cuffed to contamination

your words your actions your your speech

your attitude it’s contaminating God’s

people you know somebody trying to do

right does it take all of that

I told you I’m trying to eat right

I’m uncuffed from the cake and the first

thing you offer me

and we do it with the right spirit

well I mean it’s just a piece of cake I

just told you I was setting a standard

in my life

and what you want me to do is to fail at

the standard so you don’t feel about bad

about yourself for not even making one

in the first place

so I tell you that I’m working out

but you invite me to not go work out I

tell you that I’m trying to live here

and not have sex before I married and

you say well it’s your birthday


it’s the spirit of contamination that

when we try to do something that aligns

with God’s word there are people that

will come in to speak words not I mean

I’m not saying go do it

I’m just saying it ain’t the end of the

world if you do

that is control and manipulation in a

covert manner it’s how the serpent came

to Adam and Eve

all he did was just try to suggest

that he really say that

and I’m telling you right now that this

Spirit of contamination has been

controlling so many people from doing

what God has called them to do and today

if you want to be uncuffed from this

thing today God is through his word

going to reveal the truth he’s going to

give you the ability to see it some of

the people warning that you’ve been

around tomorrow you’re going to see them

differently because you’re going to walk

and you’re going to see they’re trying

to manipulate me

actually trying to be in control of that

situation I ain’t but nobody’s been good

enough in a relationship for me because

every time I get in a relationship they

tell me all the things that’s wrong with

them not one thing that’s right because

if I actually get in a relationship that

will change our dynamic

so instead of saying I have a toxic

connection with you because you make me

feel better about my issue I’m just

going to keep controlling everybody

around you

so that I can keep my space

I’m talking too real right now

and so the truth of the matter is people

don’t understand that contamination

doesn’t take a lot

contamination just takes a drop

see today I’m confronting the subtle

attack of covert control

let me tell you what contamination means

like just dictionary it’s the action or

state of making or being made impure

by polluting or poisoning

if I told you that all of this water was

good to drink

which all of it is like right now all of

this ones

good to drink

but I told you that I had a lab give me

a little bit of poison


I mean compared to this

that’s not a lot

and if I told you hey I want you to

drink this water but hold on one second

let me just nah let me no I’ll take the

one that’s filled most with the spirit

the one that’s been the one that looks


filled up overflow

and I’m just gonna put everybody say a


a drop of contamination oh

hold on let me see

let me see where it’s at

which one got it

y’all said 50 of them up here huh


how can I get none of that on me

one drop

two drops three drops four drops now

watch this

it looks like it’s being contained

but slowly

and surely

see this is what contaminating

relationships do to you

they still let you see what could have


but they slowly

but surely

start to take up control it doesn’t even

look like what it looked like five

seconds ago

when you have contaminating

conversations you don’t sound like you

sounded five minutes ago

have you ever talked to somebody who

talked to somebody and you could tell

something was different about how they

felt about the situation you just talked


it’s on my team

let me see

did I get it show me something I can’t

be up here talking with the red yeah why

come on wipe it off am I gonna die

it’s gone

do you see how quickly people who care

about you come to get contamination off

of your lips

it’s so crazy that it was on my mouth

cause that’s the primary place of


okay let me help you

what comes out of me

what comes out of me

what comes out of me

is the things that’s defouing me

and that contamination now turns

something that was very pure

and very holy

into something that now I don’t know if

anybody could ever partake in

and so what ends up happening is

we get around other people

and we like ah

nah I’m not gonna let you contaminate me

well I don’t really want to go fully in

with the God thing

so I’m gonna get something

that won’t affect as much

of the color of it

it looks pretty clear

I mean they still go to church

they still serve on the team

it don’t look like that

so we start comparing


well I mean she got three kids I mean

before the age uh

um and at least my first baby was he we

was together for six weeks

are you

no we do come on y’all

well my kids my kids I mean they bad but

they’re not crackheads

I have heard people in church

it’s not as contaminated as stem

so it must be clean no

and this is bleach

if I drink this

even though it looks

more pure

this is why I have to let you know that

it’s very dangerous territory to be in

to be judging people

because what looks pure

on its own may not be

and the crazy thing about it is no

matter how much of God

I pour into the thing that’s already


well I’m gonna go to church I’m a

servant it doesn’t matter how much I

pour in to the thing that’s already


one drop

of contamination house now made

everything that this could be

something that’s dangerous for others

write it down in a point

it only takes a drop of poison to

contaminate your point it only takes a

drop of poison to contaminate your


a drop

some of y’all have people around you

every time you tell them

your dreams

they’re telling you why it can’t happen

well who got the money for that

obviously not you

like what if

every time you talk to them about this

is my last relationship

and I’m I’m gonna be in that’s gonna be

abusive they’re like we’ll see

well God gave me this burden and this

passion to start this ministry

I hope I hope

it works


where is where’s the support

where’s the faith

and the truth of the matter is so many

of us are allowing contamination into

our hearts and Minds because they’re

disguised as people we love

oh this is where it’s going to be it’s

going to be really rough for a lot of us


okay let me just keep going

let’s go back to the Garden how did the

devil try to control and confuse it was

through contamination let me give you

the three costumes of contamination

there’s three costumes that people put

on people

put these on okay the first one is side


people have no actual opinion or

investment in something but they always

have a side comment

they may be working in the spirit

of contamination


you go into that church again

like I wasn’t even talking to you about

going to church

I just told you I had to get ready to go

it’s Sunday

you going to that church again nobody

asks you

for that side comment

where did that come from of spirit

who’s trying to control

you’re calling but not overtly they

didn’t say you don’t need to go to that


you going to that church again

do you see how covert

how undercover and I know some of y’all

getting tight booty right now because

it’s you

I’m gonna deal with you in a second I’m

trying to talk General to everybody but

you’re the one

it’s like job’s wife

seeing all the crap that job was going


and then she gives the most deadly side

comment of all

why don’t you just Curse God and die


that was the side that was what you

after us both losing our children after

us both losing are you know what I’ve

been through and you gone

watch people who always have side


I’m trying to give you practical tips

right now

because it and the people with side

comments are the people you love

it’s the people you trust

it’s the people that are around evaluate

look at your neighbor and say evaluate

uh-huh second thing I got so much to go



second costume of contamination

sarcastic concerns



who have sarcastic oh y’all not doing



the only reason you said that is because

you want me to spill my guts about the

issues we’re going through so that you

can go back to the water cooler and tell

everybody where we at

don’t care about me

but like Dum Dums we’d be like yeah let

me just tell you what happened last


but I’m telling you people who always

have sarcastic concerns

they may be working in the spirit of


they’re trying to find out things about

you that they’re gonna at some moment

use against you prime example in the

Bible Delilah

y’all remember Delilah

she was always asking Samson why won’t

you just tell me just tell me

just tell me

no that’s what they’ll do

they’ll use everything they got oh y’all

don’t hear me they will tempt manipulate

you like be where you’re at lay where

you lay


uh I’m in your business right now

but their whole intent

is to find out

what can forfeit your calling

Delilah’s there

I’m just so mad at you if you read that

story it just I just want to slap Samson



with the Enemy

and some of y’all are so prideful that

you keep playing with the Enemy you

think you’re so strong that you can lay

down and spoon with her you think you’re

so strong that you can keep going and

doing those things and God said you

better stop playing with the Enemy

that Spirit of contamination is trying

to rob your calling he lays down and

then she puts a guilt trip on him

because that Spirit of contamination

always tries to use guilt you’re

treating me like everybody else

I thought we had something special

I thought there was a

and he literally

she literally says why won’t you tell me

and that boy finally tells her


it’s my hair

not supposed to cut my hair she had

already attempted several times

and then he finally tells her this man

spends the rest of his life without


what used to define him now has

destroyed him

because he allowed that Spirit of


to be around him third one I gotta get

out of here y’all but the third costume

of contamination is cynical questions

people will not say statements they’ll

ask you questions that have ill intent

did God really tell you to move to that


are are you are you are you are you

really supposed to be given in that

crazy Faith offering

they put the word crazy in it

just sounds crazy to me


they never ask you when you spend

thousands of dollars on shoes and boats

they don’t care when you take them to

restaurants and you eat steaks and

shrimp and but at the moment you’re

doing something that goes against

something that they think

cynical questions

parents do this all the time

uh I’m not even gonna get on your

parents right now

because you’ll turn into them but we do

it all the time you sure you’re supposed

to go to that college

name is naming one successful person who

came from here

this one goes all the way back to the


what did Satan

say to Adam and Eve he didn’t even say

nothing he asked them a question

did God really say

it was a cynical question

that was the covert control

the only man and woman on the earth that

the enemy used and all he did he did not

even have to overthrow them or take over

or conquer all he had to do was


I don’t know who I’m talking to today

but some of you have been cuffed

to contamination and let me say even

more plainly you’ve been cuffed to


who are committed to contaminating your


but that’s my best dude I mean we’ve

been through when I lost my dog they was


when I lost my bad day was there

and they don’t need to be there for the

next thing

because because you may forfeit

what God has called you to do

because you’ve been cuffed to people who

are committed to contaminating what God

told you to do okay let’s just keep

going first Corinthians 15 33. I feel

the spirits trying to make me back up I

bet you I ain’t

don’t be fooled

by those who say such things for Bad




controls good character

all of these things were good and pure

in the beginning

and it was just a little bit of


that turned them into useless do not go

from useful to useless because of

somebody else’s contamination

oh my God that that’s coming straight

out the spirit


let me just ask a real question you

don’t have to raise your hand just blink

three times

how many of know how many people in this

room know they’re around somebody or


who could potentially

contaminate your calling

somebody the woman said she she just

lifts their hand up she’s like I ain’t

gonna blink I don’t know if you can see


I’m not saying they have yet

or that they are

but you know they have the potential

like it the one friend that every time

you and your spouse have a disagreement

they say leave them

hold on what

every time he just didn’t give me the

Chick-fil-A sauce he just

I mean I’m mad like I’m really mad

actually cause this chicken ain’t right

without the sauce but

y’all know how to be but to leave him


the friend that every time is trying to

introduce you

to the other chick

you know I’m married

you know I’m struggling

hey have you met uh

and it’s been seven attempts and you

haven’t fallen yet but they have the


to contaminate you’ve been serving in

your spot

with the right attitude

and then somebody comes along like they

don’t pay you for that yet



I wasn’t even thinking about when God

blessed me on this side well I mean

somebody with your caliber

and you’re training

all I’m saying I I’m not even saying

nothing if anybody says I’m not even

saying nothing

I’m not I’m not even saying nothing but

all I’m saying is

write this down to the point

keeping contamination close will corrupt

your calling

if you just if you keep it close at some


at some moment you’re gonna need to make

the right decision you’re gonna go to

the wrong person and they’re going to

convince you

I’m just telling you right now

that there are people in this room right


that are being controlled by somebody

not in this room right now oh my God

oh my God

there is somebody listening to me right


that is in full

puppet mode


you’re in full puppet mode it

by somebody who don’t even live in the

same state as you

‘ve been years

been knowledge on you for years

dropping their opinion on you for years

dropping their their

conspiracy theories on you for years


and just somehow every year you start

looking a little darker

you’re just a little more pessimistic

When God Says something takes just a

little bit longer for you to believe

God pour something in it don’t even look


anything happened

it’s because keeping contamination close

will corrupt your calling

it’s contamination all it wants to do is


I said those three things those costume

side comments sarcastic concerns and

cynical questions I want you to know

those are all contaminate contaminants

but the goal of contamination write this

point down is control but the spirit

behind it is the spirit of Jezebel


I’ma say that one more time

the goal of contamination is control

but the spirit behind anything that

wants to be control of your life is the

spirit of Jezebel

oh come on

top be quiet

you might not

you might not know that you working in


let me explain this because church has

made this a super hype moment

I call out the spirit of Jezebel

what do that even mean

like like most people as I grew up in

church before I actually studied the

Bible because I was just in church I

thought the spirit of Jezebel was just a

pretty woman

somebody’s like me too

Pretty Woman in room she’s operating in

a spirit of Jezebel it’s like oh my God

let me get away from her no you’re just

insecure and mad cause she is beautiful

and so you want to let me stop


we don’t even know what the spirit of

jezebelie and I never heard no man be

have the spirit of Jezebel

because Spirits are genderless

and and and and we always talking about

women with the spirit of jealous you the

confused story you think Bathsheba is

Jezebel you don’t even know you’re like

cause David to fall no

there’s an Old Testament Jezebel a new

testament Jezebel but when Jesus

confronts this spirit and Elijah

confronts this spirit it’s talking about

the spirit behind the person named


and that Spirit desires control

it desires to contaminate from a back


have you ever been in a car with a

backseat driver

light light no the turn right here like

are you going through that

ah break break

Natalie Diane’s high if you do not

I’ll be asking my wife do you want to

drive because I I can’t take this

but but I want you to think about that

in your actual life

somebody that don’t want to be in the

driver’s seat but wants to dictate every


somebody that doesn’t want the

responsibility of actually being


but actually wants to control you

Spirit of Jezebel

today I’m going to explain it not as a

hype moment in service but as a habit in

many of our lives

that Spirit of Jezebel works as a habit

in many of our Lives to manipulate and


anybody who is in power

Revelations chapter two some people just

got mad at me I don’t care uh Revelation

chapter 2 verse 18.

write this letter to the angel of the

church in thyantara this is the message

from the Son of God whose eyes are like

flames of fire whose feet are like

polished bronze Revelations chapter one

and two this is Jesus talking okay it

says I know all the things you do he

comes to congratulate these people first

I have seen your love

your faith and your service

and your patient endurance my God is

commendable and I can see your

consistent Improvement in all these

things if the verse stop right there and

Jesus was telling me all this I’ll be

like man

that is a really really special thanks


verse 20 but

I have this complaint against you

you with all your faith all your love

all your service all your patient


are permitting that woman that Jezebel

who calls herself a prophet beware if

everybody that comes around you who has

to label themself

his other name was Jezebel who calls


a problem if somebody needs a title

to be able to function

that ain’t even really a part of my

message but it just jumped out at me


you allowed this this Spirit to lead my

servants astray or to eliminate the


she teaches them to commit sexual sin

and to eat food offered to Idols let me

say it another way to be cuffed to

things that they love that don’t love

them back

she teaches them that that’s okay

verse 21 I gave her time to repent

some of y’all be like why don’t God just

deal with this he’s a lot of time giving

the people


to repent

but she does not want to turn away from

her immorality therefore I will throw

her on the bed of suffering and Those

who commit adultery with her

will suffer greatly unless they repent

so it’s not just being or operating in

the spirit of Jezebel is if you allow or

permit it to operate with you and you

don’t repent you get the same


this is why I came to tell you to uncuff

from that contaminating spirit that is

the spirit of Jezebel who wants to

control you in the background you gotta

uncuff because if you don’t you suffer

the consequences too

I will strike her children dead that

means anything that was supposed to

produce will be fruitless

then all of the churches will know that

I am the one who searches out the

thoughts and intentions of every person

and I will give to each of you whatever

you deserved we gotta uncuffed from this

Spirit of contamination write this down

about the spirit of Jezebel Jezebel is

not a person it’s a spirit working in a


I need everybody to hear me say this all

my life is like she got that dress up

here look at all old Jazzy

stop that

it is a good person

who is being controlled by a bad spirit

the Bible tells us that the enemy is

looking for an Open Door

to enter into people’s life oh you’re

talking about like Dana possession or

devils and all yes

cause it’s real

and some of you have been so comfortable

with your devils

you serving with them

you sitting here with them right now the

attitude that you found that’s not your

spirit man fighting the word of God oh

my gosh

so some of the things that are happening

in your body in your family in your

stuff is not it’s because there was an

open door to the enemy

that you let him have a foothold and

that baby don’t sit in stretch down he

controls your day y’all ever seen Men In

Black where that thing gets inside the

that’s what you look like

you’re possessed

and what does the word possessed mean


you want to respond right but attitude

comes out

have you ever said something you’re like

that wasn’t me

she said yes every day I don’t know like

but the truth of the matter is it’s real


and many of us this needs to be an

eviction Sunday

I don’t know somebody over here needs to

hear me for many of us this needs to be

an eviction Sunday anything in my life

that is not like God every thought every

devil every desire that is not I’m

preaching right now it has to go

problem is you’ve been cuffed to the

comfort of it

you like

being able

to have that little


y’all know when we say stuff like this

they better not push me past my limit

because I started I’ll just black out I

don’t even know what’s gonna happen yeah

but one of the fruits of the spirit


which one is it

which which one is it

unless there’s something that has crept

into your life

who you allow to be there

who you have the authority to evict

but you have decided to let it stay

you know how people be like yeah you

know what I’m saying I don’t really got

no place to stay right now I just be

calf couch surfing

and I’ll be thinking about that like in

my head for real because I’ve never

actually done it before but like for

people to stay at somebody’s house on

the couch for nine months

like all your stuff right here in my

living room

every single good morning good morning

what usually happens that breaks that up

it’s that person gets so comfortable in

there that they start taking control of


that we’re not supposed to be under that

control so you come in your house and

you want to chill but they got people




take your breath away

how you don’t live here

but not invited somebody else

to my heart that’s what Devils do

if you let them stay they invite their


oh my gosh that’s how you you start off

lying you let Lions stay on the couch

for a little bit and then perversion

comes because it calls them and says hey

no no we found a plate we found a spot

they’ll let you go in the refrigerator

they’ll let you they’ll do whatever they

gotta do I know it’s uncomfortable for

some of y’all cause it’s been years


and now you have roommates that you

never wanted


on the kitchen counter


in the on the toilet always got to use

the bathroom

perversion has made its way into your



and now you cuddled up on the side of

the bed try not to touch perversion

on the side just squeezed

it’s time for an eviction

and it starts with the spirit of Jezebel

that works in people okay so so write

this down the spirit of Jezebel comes to

attack who Pastor Mike leaders

it cannot function

without somebody that has leadership


oh God I know this is gonna make some

people uncomfortable but okay watch this


Ahab was the leader at the time Old

Testament Jezebel was controlling

he was a king

she wasn’t

she actually was just one of his wives

but she got close to him and started

manipulating controlling and um um

teaching him how she wanted the kingdom


and her closeness to him made him do

some really horrible things but nobody

could find out who was actually doing it

it was the contamination Spirit of

Jezebel behind the king

if you are in any type of leadership

what does leadership mean Pastor Mike

you have influence over others

so if you’re a mom you have you’re a

leader if you have one person following

you at your uh uh uh daycare you’re a

leader if you’re a husband you’re a

leader if you work in church you’re a

leader if whatever you do and oh the

enemy’s so smart he doesn’t want to just

come after leaders he wants to come

against Future Leaders

so because God has put a call on your

life that’s why the spirit of Jezebel

tries to get you when you young

but the spirit of Jezebel has to be

everybody say this word with me aloud

the king could have literally said get

out of my presence

but there was something about her

that she would that he was comfortable


and his comfort became the thing that

controlled him

and now I need every leader in here to

know that is so important we deal with

this right now because it’s coming to

attack you and make your leadership


okay people were more scared of Jezebel

than they were Ahab

oh God help me there are people that may

be around you trying to contaminate your

leadership because God sees you in this

a great role doing all these amazing

things and the enemy is trying to get

somebody in there who has just enough

clout just enough influence just enough

connection with you to contaminate what

he said and those people become more

powerful than you in your position

but if you don’t allow it

it cannot function okay

oh God

write this down

the attack last as long as you allow it

Jezebel can only function

as long as you allow it

this is why in the church context if I

feel or see anybody trying to use money

to manipulate something I’ve told people

straight up business people that wanted

to meet with me that’s right we have

something for you on a we want to bless

the church with this large sum go ahead

and take a look at it I hand it to


I don’t even look at it

why because I don’t want you to think

for one second

that anything you put in dollars and


it’s gonna get you a say-so about what

happens in this house

Scott am I telling the truth Scott Mo am

I telling the truth their people will

hear me I flew all the way from mobika


to hand you this man of God

I don’t


thank you so much for your consistent

and our love on them I said I don’t want

to be influenced

I don’t want nobody to have any type of

say so and control over what God’s doing

and saying in my life I will not let you

contaminate the calling that is on my

life somebody needs to get an attitude I

will not let you contaminate the calling

that’s on my life I will not be a pure

vessel that will be counted as impure

because of your contamination

and can I let you know that Spirit rests

on TV shows and music

oh because I talked about people but

there are certain spirits that rest on



you always want to have sex after you

watch that series

what do you think that is

the creative

they’re creative cinema photography no

there was a spirit and an intent

on the inside when they created that

thing and now it’s got you sitting in

your room at one o’clock in the morning

hot and bothered

who’s up

what’s going on

and then if you call that one friend or

that one person

who knows you took about purity but it’s

okay with a little bit of contamination

nine months later Wayne


I’m not y’all this how it happens



the spirit of Jezebel I just got to keep

going because I feel you I know some

people they should I leave should I tune

off I’m telling you

if you

sit through the rest of this message

somebody is going to get free today okay

let me help you the spirit of Jezebel

comes to watch this discredit exaggerate

and has a disposition of disagreement

so anytime you see the spirit I’m trying

to teach you how to recognize it anybody

that comes in they always discredit

everybody else

they don’t really know what they talking


what I mean how they know

like there’s always this thing that

tries to make what anybody else says or

what you have decided

seem like it doesn’t have as much Merit

as it needs to second thing they always


no everybody was saying it

no no no I’m telling you I’m telling you

everybody told me


you only know five people

how did everybody tell you no come on

y’all any time that people come and

they’re like I’m just telling you if you

do this you’re gonna lose everything


but somehow in that moment you start


this Spirit of exaggeration and listen

the last thing it has a disposition of


this covert thing is to tell everybody

to line up it’s like why we got to line


hey I need everybody to come at this

time they’re not gonna be ready at that


it’s like this

it’s like I’m I’m just stuck into the

stain of just being difficult

and what they’re trying to do is use

their difficulty to make leaders back up

well maybe I do need to change it no God

told you to do it like that

if they come or they don’t come it’s

okay God’s coming

but the problem is people try to measure

if God was in it by the participation of


let me help you the wind is obedience

the win is not participation if God

tells you to do it and nobody shows up

and the fact that you did it means that

you won because I obeyed God

but that Spirit of Jezebel make you come

to think see I told you

it wasn’t a success

you spent three thousand dollars and

made 300.

I’m just saying

let me tell you what all of this is

these are all attempts to isolate

leaders listen to me every leader if you

just lead because your cousins listen to

you at Thanksgiving whoever you are


y’all know that’s the truth

a lot of things that I really desired in

my life is because I had these cousins

that I thought was cool and at

Thanksgiving they would tell me what

they was into

and I would literally go back come back

to Tulsa and live my life trying to be

my cousins

because they had influence over me

leaders listen to me

the spirit of Jezebel comes

to discredit and

to have disagreement and exaggerate it’s

all an attempt to isolate the leader’s

decision-making ability

so that they have

that person has the most influence in

their life

so with the spirit of Jezebel comes to

discredit everybody else

disagree with everybody else exaggerate

that everybody else is against

so that now the leader isolates

and they’re the only person there with


no I wouldn’t do that if I was you well

you are the one that stays with me

you have been here through everything

you always been right or die

I well just make sure before you make

the decision call me and let you let me

know what you’re going to do before you

do it

so so I can just make sure watch it so I

can just make sure how I can agree with

you in prayer


yeah I need my intercessors to be

praying right now I’m fighting Spirits

right now

covering up yo so

messy gossip

and your spirit trying to like I just

need to just let me know what’s

happening so I can you know what I’m

saying I can be agreeing with you

I’m not trying to agree with you

they’re trying to just be in control

just enough

direct covertly not overly you would

half of these people I’m talking about

if yo the people who are around you

wouldn’t even know who they are

it’s that undercover


I’ll say it in a point the spirit of

Jezebel isolates for influence

if you’ve ever found yourself in a place

where the solid voices that were around

you are very faint

and there’s this one or two people who

you look at the results of their life

and it’s a mess but somehow they know


it’d be confusing me how people with


feel like they have the best advice

for you if I was leaving a church what

you ain’t leading nothing

I can’t believe they was closed during

Colville if I was nobody trust you

like it’d be it’d be tripping me out

like I wouldn’t do music if I was the

pie you can’t sing play you can’t do

nothing we know that’s not even an

option for you

but somehow people who don’t play the


know what shot should have been taken in

the fourth quarter

it’d be tripping me out people be at the

game like LeBron you suck you suck and

it’s like wrong you’ve not played on

high school basketball teams

but the truth of the matter is these are

the same fans in our lives

that are commenting day after day on our


that are influencing and many of them

have never walked the Road of Faith that

we are walking on okay ah

remember the reason I got to say this

isolation piece real quick is that

Spirit of Jezebel isolates for influence

because remember what I told you last

week control kills collaboration

if the people around you never want you

to collaborate with anybody



there may be

the spirit of contamination on them okay

so I gotta talk to very quickly the

people who operate in this spirit and

I’m gonna be I’m gonna be very direct


um let me say it like this you can be


with people you cannot be gracious with

the spirit

I just need to be very clear with this

if this spirit is operating in your

church in your business in your

household you can be gracious with the

person but not the spirit it is trying

to kill your calling it is trying to

destroy your life and it is trying to

control things that only God was meant

to control let me be very the six seeds

of Jezebel spirit

these are the seed forms of how Jezebel

kind of shows themselves and how they’re

birthed and I need you to just watch

these in people I’m not saying everybody

that you think is a person that they

working in the spirit of Jezebel no some

people just immature okay some people

are still just growing and they maybe

don’t need that but but I need you to be

aware of these things the people

like who work in the spirit of Jezebel

one of the top things all of them have

is very strong insecurities

they don’t know their own identity

so they work through controlling other

people who seem more in their purpose

so so somebody who

as long as they got influenced with that


they’re going to be okay second one most

every person who walks in the spirit of

Jezebel has dealt with some very severe

form of rejection

I don’t have time to break all of these

down because of time but but let me say

this Jezebel dealt with these two very

strongly OT Old Testament Jezebel

insecurity and rejection if you study

Jezebel’s story out she was rejected by

her father and the only reason that she

got connected with Ahab is because she

was given to him in a trade a treaty to

have more land and have peace she didn’t

want to be with Ahab but her father

rejected her and gave her to a different

Kingdom and she was raised by a very

dominant mother she became the child of

what she was birthed in

so insecurity and rejection watch this

wounded her

what I’m saying to anybody that operates

in the spirit of Jezebel I understand

you are wounded

and now this is an illegitimate attempt

to control everything around you so you

never get hurt again

when people are wounded they don’t want

to feel that rejection again so they

feel like they have to control every

person and Circumstance around them and

this is what I came to tell you if

you’re operating in this Spirit your

unhealed wounds can become a weapon

why are we saying uncuffed from all

these things because if you don’t deal

with these unheared wounds the things

that have made you hurt and now you got

these defense mechanisms and now anybody

comes close to you you’re doing all of

these things if you do not deal with


your wounds become a weapon

you’ll use them on your kids

you’ll use them on your boss you’ll use

them on your wife you’ll use them on

your husband you’re defending yourself

from never experiencing it again and it

becomes a weapon to everybody you say

you love

golly I’d stayed there all day this is

why we getting counseling this is why we

come to the house of God this is why we

do community one of my friends will was

telling me um about um when Pastor Aaron

and Bree they they got up here and so

bravely shared their story and brought

so much healing he said the next week at

their men’s B group it was like the

whale the walls of wailing men opened up

everybody was telling the things that

they were going through the things they

were struggling with the vulnerabilities

they never shared with anybody people

started crying that ain’t cried in

decades why it’s because they felt safe

to start dealing with their wounds

and I need you to know the healing for

your wounds does not come from the


if I could just get past the mic to pray

for me you don’t need me to pray for you

you need to get in community with people

and the Bible says in James he says that

the healing comes

when you confess your sins

one to another


messed up person the messed up person

he said and then we pray and that’s when

healing comes

but if nobody even knows that you’re


your wound turns into a weapon

let me just say the last ones the six

seeds of Jezebel I told you insecurity

rejection Pride




if anybody walks in those things watch


cause that may be operating in a spirit

of Jezebel that’s trying to control and

I gotta say this there are a lot of


let me be very specific thank you Holy


there are a lot of adult children

who are still being manipulated by the

spirit of Jezebel

you’re 36 years old

and you literally are being controlled

by a mom or a dad or an auntie

and their opinion of you or their

approval of you or their acceptance of

you in a certain way that is not godly

or in court in concordance with your

purpose they say stuff like we just want

the best for you you’ve never even

prayed about it

you’ve never even prayed about it it’s

just not your preference

and they use that as a manipulation

tactic I’m telling people right now

time to uncuff from that who does this

Spirit of Jezebel attack I already told

you leaders but what attracts The

Jezebel spirit you got to know this you

got to know this what attracts it three




and influence

if God’s hand has been on you for

something you can literally be somebody

who sows and if you become like an

awesome sower an anointed sower God’s

like yeah I made them to do that people

will start trying to connect to you

because God has approved you an area

that’s all anointing mean it’s God’s

approval on something if God’s approval

is on it it’s gonna be way better than

if you do it without him anointing

that’s why people who sing

so many people the foulest people in the


but somebody can open up their mouth and

sing and he’s like I just need to I just

want them I just want why that’s why the

platform I always tell people man this

ain’t where you want to be unless God’s

called you to be here

because because this place it makes

people it’s like a light that like bugs

is attracted to you know y’all ever seen

the like they just I don’t know why I’m

going here and this is it kills them why

does that happen it’s because people

think that somehow this makes you not


the platform is just a raised version of

who you actually are

so so what attracts The Jezebel spirit

anointing resources and influence let me

say it in a very plain way okay what

attracts the spirit of of Jezebel

respect money and fame

if you have respect in an area there

will be people that will come close to


for the sole purpose of trying to

contaminate what God’s called you to do

if you got a little bit of money you can

be ugly with money dumb with money

I have so many examples in my head but


it doesn’t matter you ever seen never


whatever you thought yes okay

um and then Fame

social media got

because you can


no I’m seriously

there are grown people




that literally are being held in higher

esteem than educators

why though I’m not saying there’s

nothing wrong with influencing no no I’m

saying if you are there


of people

you know you know what you should do

you know what I would do without you

you know you really need to get out

there and like do some more appearances

you like

and you know God told you here was holy

he spoke a word to you but now because

of the always trying to position

themselves why it’s because all of those

things are the opposite of what the

spirit of Jezebel



and does not have

so they want anointing because they’re


they want resources because money equals


and they don’t have power

and they really like Fame and influence


they just want to be accepted

okay Matthew chapter 28 verse 18.

it says I have been given all authority

this is Jesus in heaven and in Earth

therefore go and make disciples of all

Nations I told you last week

we don’t need to take control

all we have to do is borrow God’s


this is why I don’t need to take control

of anything I just need to borrow God’s


let me say it to you like this real

leadership does not take control

it just borrows God’s Authority

I don’t got to be in charge of


just the things that God gives me

authority to lead

I’ma lead it full throttle

and I don’t have to be manipulated or

uncontrolled by anybody else

um see this is how like real leadership

borrows God’s Authority I want to show

you a picture that’s how Elijah you

remember when he called down the fire

from heaven and like and like he

literally is in front of the entire

country they call out 400 prophets and

then 450 more profitable and they was

like call on your gods and they slashing

their arms and calling all their gods

and Elijah’s like y’all let me know when

y’all get done cause then I’ma borrow

some of my authority that was given from

God he gonna burn this thing up he says

God do that thing and he’s like whoosh

and then it like blows up and everybody

like shoot and then all of the profits

850 of them die okay

this is the MLT version the Michael

Living Translation

and then

look what happens and

connect this the next thing that happens

after God does this amazing miracle

in Elijah the prophet’s life

as he gets confronted by the spirit of


First Kings chapter 19 verse one three

I’m almost done y’all now Ahab who was

the king at the time when now all his

850 prophets just get burnt up

okay now Ahab tells Jezebel everything

Elijah had done

and how he had killed all the prophets

with the sword

so Jezebel not Ahab not the king not the

leader so Jezebel sent a message huh

to Elijah the prophet huh

May the gods deal with me be it ever so


if by this time tomorrow I do not make

your life like that of one of them imma

burn you up boy

that’s why she said she sent him a

letter say I’m gonna burn you up boy

that’s what it says

now watch this Elijah the strong Prophet

does all these Miracles and then look

what the next thing it says in verse

three Elijah was afraid

and ran for his life

you just made the biggest barbecue in


out of 850.

and one woman

with the ear of the leader

made you run afraid


when does the spirit of Jezebel attack

start of something and after a great


two examples

I can’t even go into it God I gotta get

out of here okay yeah everybody that has

to go just sit down

this is so power the enemy does not want

me to finish this but I’m going to plow

all the way through it here we go okay


the spirit of Jezebel attacks at the

start of something when when

um um Nehemiah went to go rebuild the


sand ballad and tobio we’re trying to

get him at the start of something they

were trying to get him to come down off

the wall and what did he say I will not

stop building this wall

that Spirit of influence was trying to

get him to stop and then in this um

particular moment right here right after

a great victory that Elijah comes the

spirit of Jezebel comes to attack him


I’m really just like perplexed Elijah

now this great man of God

is now

running afraid

because somehow he forgot that the same

God that did it the day before

could do it again

and Ahab

this maybe the saddest thing about this

is Ahab is the victim

because he allows her

to use his leadership

to dictate what happens

under his rule

parents if you’re allowing a child to


the marriage that you and your spouse


no this is real stuff that happens y’all

boss if there’s that one co-worker that

you know you need to correct

but you keep correcting everybody

because you you’re afraid to deal with

the one person I’m in your business

right now

everybody knows who it is

but you won’t deal with just that person

that you suffer the consequences


at the end of this let me just say it

like this let me get out of here

this attack of contamination and control

always comes from watch this someone


it ain’t a stranger that comes with the

spirit of Jezebel

let’s covert

someone close

is someone that has influence in your

life is someone who’s a bestie it’s

someone who

you respect and honor

it’s people who may have helped you

become Who You Are

and now after you become who you are now

they just want a little piece of control

I can make them do that


so what do I do

well if you are under the influence

of this Spirit of Jezebel or the spirit

of contamination


you stop tolerating it


it’s over

Not Another Day

I told you before you can be gracious

with a person but not the spirit

if you have been allowing the spirit of

Jezebel to contaminate and have control

three things you need to do number one


some of us won’t even resist it

we welcome it

tell me what you think

there’s some people that don’t need to

know your next move

because all they’re going to do is try

to manipulate and see how it will

benefit them

but what if the next and the rest of my

life has nothing to do with you will you

still be my friend will you still pray

for me but it’s unknown it’s only if I

can advance you in some way

the Bible says resist the enemy

and he will flee

the greatest thing that many of us could

do is just resist no

if you don’t have anything good to say

about this situation and you don’t want

to pray for me in this situation I don’t

want to hear what you have to say

well just hear me out no

you have a track record of bringing down

anything I get excited about in God no

resist and look what they’ll do they’ll


oh my gosh

okay second thing rebuke them

now I know this is not a term that we

use all the time

but I’m not saying rebuke them rebuke

the spirit in them

that Spirit of Jezebel is the same

spirit that Satan operated in

when he tried to take control of Heaven

who has the unmitigated goal

to try to take over heaven

Lucifer did

and all ah he was so crafty at his job

to contaminate that he convinced

one-third of the angels to go with him

now if angels who worshiping around the

throne every day holy holy holy can be

contaminated you ain’t got no choice

they seen God for real

don’t think too highly rebuke them the

Bible says I believe it was Zechariah

that said Satan the Lord rebuke you

one of the most powerful phrases is in

the name of Jesus

Satan the Lord rebuke you y’all I have

been in moments where I’ve been attacked

by certain things I’ve been going and

all I could get out of me is in the not

your name

I’m borrowing Authority right now not in

my control I don’t say in the name of

Michael but I say in the name of Jesus

Satan I rebuke you

There Is Power

and using the authority that God has

given you third thing if you have been

allowing the spirit of Jezebel to

contaminate and have control remove that

person from any personal influence with


this is usually the hardest one

but you cannot if I find out that

there’s a spirit of Jezebel in this


we’re going to remove it

like I’m so sorry

you can’t be here

I don’t know about the Bible they’ve

done yes it is the Bible

I’m we got to remove if there’s somebody

in your friend’s Circle

and they not going I guess you don’t go

no more

like they don’t want to leave let me say

it better so you can understand they

don’t want to leave that community

then it means you must leave it

because if you play with it

it has the opportunity

to cancel out your own calling

resist rebuke remove say it with me

resist rebuke remove one more time

resist reboot remove okay now watch this

if you have

been working in the spirit of Jezebel

nobody’s going to stand up and raise

their hand but there are thousands of

people under the sound of my voice that

have been behind the scenes controlling

and manipulating situations convert

covertly through contamination

I know that was a lot of C’s but you

fell all of them

if that’s you the scripture was very

clear you have one r word to do


no listen he said I was trying to give

Jezebel time

to repent but she was unwilling to turn

today if you’ve been working in that


I want to give you the this is really

why I took all this time to get to this


if you are walking in that spirit

today God’s giving you an opportunity

with understanding

to repent

to turn

to say I no longer want to be in control

of anything

I want to be close to God and I don’t

want to feel like I have to control

situation the holidays are about to come


this is prime breeding ground

for the spirit of Jezebel

well they not coming are they not coming

this year

well what they think they doing


we’ll see if I come to their baby shower

if they don’t come tomorrow like there’s

no I’m telling y’all

there is so much silent

covert manipulation that happens around

the holidays

there’s a husband a first-year husband

right now trying to figure out how he’s

telling his wife they’re not going to

their families Christmas this year

because if I’m not at my mama’s house at

6 pm

she gonna kill me what’s she not gonna

be your mama no more

the Bible says to leave and cleave

there’s just so many things like

but the truth of the matter there’s a

covert Spirit of manipulation

and God’s saying would you uncut from


if you’re in this room everybody just

stand up imma just because you’re in one

of both of those categories I ain’t

gonna put nobody on blast today

just stand up at your home just stand up

if you have been in any of your area

control body the spirit of Jezebel and

contamination or you’ve been operating

in it

I want to pray for you

right now would you just lift your hands

y’all we about to go home in a second I

just need everybody to chill out for one

second because somebody’s about to get

their Deliverance

Father Here we are today

father God if we have been

allowing this Spirit today we’re making

a decision that it stops

we are putting in an eviction notice on

everything that has come to covertly

control us

whether it was from childhood father or

something we’ve picked up recently today

Father we repent and we surrender and we

ask you to give us the courage

to cut off or uncuff from everything

that has come to contaminate Our Calling

every relationship every television show

every social media feed every influencer

father God

today Father we’re asking

that you would clean us from the inside


and allow us to be controlled only by

your spirit

the spirit of Truth

the spirit that was given by Jesus to

lead and guide us into all truth we do

not need to be controlled if we if we’re

being guided and led by the one who’s in


father today we make a commitment to

stay close

and father for every person that is in

this room that knows they’ve been

operating in this manipulative Spirit of

contamination and control

today Father God you said in your word

if we would repent

you would be faithful and just to

forgive us

so today Father

for any of us and all of us who have

worked and walked in that today God

we’re asking

forgive us

today we decide to turn we will no

longer use our words to tear people down

we will no longer use our presence to

silently control things father we will

no longer use our bodies to manipulate

moments we will no longer father use our

connections and our resources father God

to try to contort things into the way we

want it today we are giving you our

Whole Life Anew and afresh

father God we’re asking that that Spirit

no longer have a hold or an Open Door in

our life we rebuke you Satan in the name

of Jesus

and we declare that freedom

would reign in our lives and in our

hearts set on our minds and in our

family I break the back of manipulation

over families in households over

husbands and wives over businesses over

staffs I pray in this church that every

Spirit of manipulation from the Usher

father God to the executive team we

break it in the name of Jesus we will no

longer tolerate it or allow it to be

comfortable in this house we are uncut

from the spirit of contamination

let the words of our mouth

and the meditations of our heart be


before you God


we are being delivered from the spirit

of Jezebel

we thank you for your grace and your

word who makes all this possible

and we thank you that no lie of the

enemy can steal the seed of Revelation

that you have given us today we are free

in Jesus name somebody shout amen if you

believe it let’s give God a shout of

Praise come on this is a shout of

Freedom Hallelujah

listen to me

if you are in this place

you have never accepted Jesus as your

personal Lord and Savior today you get

to walk in full freedom

I don’t care who you are what you’ve

gone through

today God wants to offer you the thing

that took me from being a liar a

manipulator somebody who was addicted to

pornography somebody who had a felony

case somebody who was trying to covertly

control everything

and he didn’t turn me into a perfect man

it turned me into a progressing man

today I’m asking if you are in this room

please everybody I know you got to leave

but you are distracting people right now

this is the whole reason we came

is to see transformation in Christ

and I want you to not even be I need

everybody to hear me say this even for

the people who have to leave we

understand emergencies and all this but

there are some people that were sitting

in this moment and when you started

moving it gave them permission to move

and they’re missing moments that God

wants to change their life because you

just got to get to the car yo I’m

telling y’all

I’m just telling you guys be a

participant in this moment because maybe

your life has been changed but

somebody’s still bound

I need you to be praying right now I

need people to be praying that those

spirits that are fighting for people

which just stay

and be broken if you’re in this place

and you’ve never accepted Jesus as your

personal Lord and Savior I feel the

presence of God right there

and you’re saying today I want to give

up control

and I want to give it to God on the

count of three I just want you to lift

your hands super simple I’m not going to

ask you to confess all your sins to me

I’m all I’m saying is you’re saying I’m

giving up control and I want to let

Jesus be the Lord Of My Life One Two

Three online in the room look at the

hands going up everywhere

I said look at the hands buddy I see you

it’s the greatest decision you’re ever

making I see you God sees you hear me

hear me hear me hear me

at Transformation Church we’re family

nobody prays alone

today is the best day of your life bro

I’m telling you everything doesn’t

change and become perfect but you now

walk with the perfect one according to

Romans 10 9 it doesn’t call for Perfect

People it just says if you would believe

and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord he

died on the cross you will be saved your

eternity is secure and now we’re going

to work on living your history out

in a way that honors him

we’re a family that’s going to pray

together online I know there was

hundreds of hands

if you’re in agreement with faith with

me would you just pray this prayer

everybody say God

thank you for uncuffing me

from sin

today I give you my life

I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again

just for me

today I admit

I messed up but I know

that you have a purpose for me

so I give you


changed me renew me transform me I’m

yours in Jesus name can we celebrate

Heaven is turning up right now can we



the enemy lost twice today Souls have

been saved and we’ve gotten free from

the spirit of Jezebel God is in control

Hey listen if you just prayed that

prayer I want you to text the number on

the screen

okay and we want to help you get in a

small group all we want for you is to

know God we want you to grow we want you

to get in a group we want you to learn

how to give

we want you to gather with us come back

next week

we just want you to be everything that

God wants you to be

next week God has given me a specific

message that’s going to a whole other

level so get ready buckle up your seat

belts but you may need to watch this

message two or three times

to be able to understand send it to

people don’t say nothing though


thank you for letting this word get out

and I want you to share it with as many

people as you can because we’re going to

see people get uncuffed all over this

world Amen father bless these people let

them have the best week ever and we

declare that as we walk in Freedom not

just have a moment of Freedom we walk in

Freedom you will get all the glory all

the honor and all the praise in Jesus

name somebody say we agree

we expect

amen go out and live a transformed life

I love y’all


hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

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the sacrifice of so many and you being a

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thank you