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good evening transformation church

it is a joy and a privilege to see each

and every one of you I’m so it’s up wait

wait don’t sit yet while you’re on your

feet can you help me give a great big

round of applause to your pastors Pastor

Mike and Natalie ty

give them amazing love and i would be

remissed bishop gary is here be all

y’all mean love I’ll disagree

Alleluia now you can take your seats

very excited to see you all and we’ve

made it through three services today I’m

excited for live at five and I’ve been

told anything can happen at 5 p.m. so

I’m very excited for whatever we’re

about to walk into over these next few

moments all right if you would grab

somebody’s hand close by you real quick

we’re gonna pray and we’re gonna go into

the Word of God and I’m hoping in these

next few moments I give you enough to

make you know that God is calling your

life into a place of decision let’s pray

father we thank you and honor you for

who you are what you’ve done in our

lives what you’re continuing to make a

reality in us and through us and I pray

in these next few moments you speak to

our hearts and our minds and you open us

up to everything your spirit is doing

through us I pray for the type of

understanding and revelation that brings

us in to closer proximity with you we

love you and thank you for it in Jesus

name Amen all right not ready to work

all right let’s go to Joshua 24 Joshua

24 I’m gonna read verses 14 through 15

in your hearing and then we’re just

gonna do and go with however Spirit of

God goes with us today I’m reading from

the amplified version I was gonna read

from the slimline King James that Bree

brought up and I realized we already had

everything pre-loaded here so we’re

going to do it here here’s what Joshua

says and he’s very well address to the

children of Israel now therefore fear

the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and

in truth remove the gods which your

father’s served on the other side of the

Euphrates River and in Egypt and serve

the Lord and if it is unacceptable in

your sight to serve the Lord choose for

yourselves this day whom you will serve

whether the gods which your father’s


on the other side of the river or the

gods of the amorite sin whose land you

live but as for me and my house we will

serve the Lord this afternoon I’m

preaching to you from a topic I’m

calling decided everybody shall decide

it and I’ve started this message out

with a with the story that is a very

near and dear to my heart my wife and I

have been in relationship now for about

17 years I’ve known her all of my adult

life as long as I’ve been on what they

would called legal she’s been a part of

my life she threw me my 21st birthday

party it was a bob to build a party

don’t judge me I still love Bob the

Builder Thursday

he owns a very dear place in my heart um

before I was making my transition or

preparing to make my transition to Tulsa

Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts

University my wife came with me to do a

tour of the campus just got to feel

everything out and and to see if this

was really a god move and I can remember

her telling me on our journey back to

Alabama that she felt like this was the

Lord telling me to come and move here

the catch was my my wife now at the time

was just my best friend we’ve been best

friends for about four or five years and

the reason why we always had to stay

best friends was because she was always

booed up she she there was never a

juncture or an intersection where there

was not somebody in her life and every

time I would get ready to shoot my shot

I feel like somebody would steal the

ball and run to the other end of the

court and do what they had to do so this

one juncture the Lord I think it had to

be God a window opened a door if you

would and this was a season where she

had went like two weeks and nobody was

in her life I was like god I feel like

this is you I’ve never seen this happen

for this length of time this has to be

the Lord and we journey back to Alabama

and July before I was repairing to leave

to come to Tulsa

I decided I was gonna take a chance I

made a decision that the woman that had

always been my best friend knew enough

about me to now be my wife

so without dating her without going

through any long discourses of all that

rigmarole I proposed to my best friend

and asked her to be my wife

here was why I knew if I didn’t make a

decision then before I moved by the time

I came home for fall break there’s gonna

be somebody else in her life she was she

was not going to wait for me and I knew

as amazing and I thought I was she

wasn’t gonna wait for me so I just went

ahead made a decision shot my shot and

thankfully eleven and a half years later

it’s still paying off for me I intro in

that way to segue here it is impossible

for you to live the totality of

everything God has called you to do and

do it without ever having to make

difficult decisions it is impossible for

you to walk in the fullness of your call

and the fullness of the creative purpose

of God put you here for and always find

yourself staying on the shores or on the

edge of safety and never launching out

into the deep to actually see what it

looks like if God asked me to make a

decision that I’m not comfortable with

there will be moments and we can call

them defining moments where you’ll feel

your back is against the wall and now

I’ve got to make a decision if I’m going

to go with God or if I’m gonna do it my

way my hope is to bring you to a place

of resolved by the time we in this

message that opens your eyes to see this

if you give God all of you today it will

change the context of your current life

and the context of your future your life

and your hands will only amount to what

you already got but your life in his

hands has the ability to change the

world what I’m looking for today is a

church full of people that are willing

to say I’m willing to take a chance and

give God all of me and not just the

parts of me I’m

comfortable with all right so here’s the

how we’re going to start this journey

Joshua the twenty-fourth chapter it

really opens up with Joshua calling in

all the elders and he begins to remind

them of everything that God has done he

tells them that God was the god of their

forefather Abraham’s father Tetra he

says he was the father of Abraham is the

God of Abraham the god of Isaac he was

the out of Jacob he was the guy that saw

them when they were in bondage in Egypt

he was the God that brought them out

through the Red Sea he was the god that

when their enemies came against them in

the desert he fought every battle for

them he was the god when Balak wanted to

destroy them and sit in Balaam to curse

them that when Balaam got ready to speak

blessings came out of his mouth because

God was just that good he was the God

that allowed them to cross over the

Jordan walk around the walls of Jericho

defeat the amorite and the garish shines

and the Hittites every other type of

ight that was in the land he said all

this to set the framework for what I’m

calling my first point your history

helped you okay I want you to understand

that everything you survived you did not

survive by mere happenstance and to take

it a step further everything you’ve been

through you did not go through it just

for going through it sake God has an

uncanny ability to use what you thought

were the worst seasons of your life and

show you in the midst of hardship I can

prove to you that I’m the God that’ll

bless you even in the heart ceases it’s

it’s what David said yes

though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death I will fear no evil why

because the Lord is with me now I’m

saying all this because very often we

use our experiences as reasons to

disqualify ourselves from God actually

doing something great in our lives and

because we had were born in this family

or because we made this level of mistake

or because we have this type of

addiction or because this happened or

that happened that is the means for why

God cannot use us greatly but I want

to reframe your focus and help you to

see that God will use what you thought

was your absolute worst as an

opportunity to propel you into a best

that you have not seen yet even further

God is not scared of your ugliest days

he is not afraid of how bad you thought

it was and how challenging you thought

it was and how insignificant you felt in

the midst of it the truth is you needed

everything you went through and if God

wasn’t gonna use it he wouldn’t have let

you survive it maybe that part is good

to me but if I came out of it and I came

out of it I may have a couple scars I

may have a couple walls but I came out

of and I still had breath in my body it

means that God is going to use what I

went through for my good I understand

what Paul would say now that all things

work together for the good of them to

love the Lord and I called according to

his purpose it simply means that there

has never been a storm there’s never

been a situation there’s never been a

challenge that was bigger than your God

your God is big enough he your God is

strong enough your God is wise enough to

see everything you survived and still

say I’m glad they saw they can make you

through it so I can prove through them I

get it for the strength of their

testimony there is no testimony I’m

sorry unless you have survived at least

one or two tests there is nothing for me

to talk about unless I have a story of

being a survivor and I believe I’m in

the room with a few people that know

you’ve survived some shipwrecks you

survived so snakebites you survived some

seasons that other people thought you

were dying in God brought you out of it

glory be to God for being bad enough to

bring you out of what you thought was

yours so it’s the reason why your

history is important you never want to

disqualify what God saw you through you

never want to forget on a very often you

don’t realize how much God was there

you look back on it like when you’re in

the thick of it you’re like no God where

are you

god I don’t feel you I don’t sense you I

walked in churches I didn’t get didn’t

get goosebumps this week God are you

still with me but then six months down

the line when you look back on it you

realize the fact that you made it out

was your proof enough that God was with

you and I’m gonna take it a step further

it was necessary for some people to walk

out on you and they did have they not

walked out they may have taken credit

for something only God could do so God

had to allow some dismissals you did not

want he had to allow some people to

leave you that you thought would be

you’d being covenant with forever just

so they could not take credit for what

he was doing in your life oh it may have

hurt but there is a good in goodbye

there is a blessing listen there is a

blessing and being able to say I didn’t

want you to leave but I thank God you

did when you did I’m grateful for my

history my history helped me I needed

everything you needed

everything you survived you needed

everything you’ve come through Joshua

takes time to tell the children of

Israel look God has done a whole lot for

you and a little bit of time he’s

brought you through it seems like it’s

been a long time but he’s brought you

through a whole lot you’ve got history

with God but then the next point is

equally important don’t let your history

hold you up and this is a two-sided

calling from my perspective because it’s

very possible for you to be so hung up

on your losses that you don’t move

forward but it’s also very possible for

you to be so hung up on your wins that

you don’t move forward it is dangerous

to have a win and get locked into that

win so much so that you don’t realize

God was trying to move you into your

next and you celebrate a moment that God

was just trying to use

a moment to get you to your next you

pitch a tent in a place God was calling

you to pass through you get comfortable

in a context that God was not creating

you to stay in forever so it’s very

possible for you to allow your history

to hold you up in two different ways in

your losses or your wins what what

Joshua does with the children of Israel

after he recounts everything that

they’ve done he says so here’s your

choice choose this day whom you don’t

serve either the God that your fathers

worshiped on the other side of the river

or the God has done all of these amazing

things for you now here is where I make

it a couple stones thrown at me and I’m

ready I’ve had to duck all day now here

it is I am an adamant University of

Alabama Crimson Tide football fan where

every boo I just heard we’re gonna open

up the altar at the end of this message

salvation and deliverance are both

available to you today you know

understand Alabama it is the Crimson

Tide you do know the blood that flowed

off of the cross it was crimson you know

this God is all in the University of

Alabama’s Christmas but then I’m also a

very strong fan of America’s team the

Dallas Cowboys

I love the Cowboys from Troy Aikman and

Emmitt Smith’s days my color I mean a

bit cowboy saying Deion Sanders yeah I

mean just all the way back what I’ve

learned is the difference between

Alabama and Dallas is this Alabama won

their last national championship in 2017

about a year ago clemson beat us one

year but two years ago Dan Hills okay

two years ago clemson did get us last

year can’t win them all but the last

time I saw the silver and blue

in a Super Bowl was 1996 I was working

on my learner’s permit the likes of

Dallas was in a Super Bowl but much like

me when Dallas fans talk about Dallas

you would think they just wanted all two

years ago I mean you would think that

they had just won a Super Bowl in you

know the 21st century um the challenge

is when you get so hung up on your

history you don’t try to continue to

evolve so you can still have a future

and so you’ll find yourself talking

about what was when God is no longer in

what was he’s trying to take you into

what will be the danger is when the

pillar of cloud is moving on to the next

but you’re comfortable in the last place

you saw him not allowing God to do the

totality of what he wants to do in your

life because you’re not moving with him

so don’t let your history hold you up

now there’s three gods he talks about

and we’re about to illustrate it out I

love illustrations I’m about to show it

to you the best way I can he talks about

the god of the amorite s’ the God on the

other side of the Jordan and the God on

the other side of the Red Sea there are

three types of idols that he deals with

the God the idol of your history or your

heritage the idol of your upbringing and

the idol of your culture if at any point

you start worshipping where you came

from who you came from and what you live

in more than you worship the crisis over

them all you will misappropriate that

God should be in the middle of them all

not on the outside of it culture can

never truck Christ if we keep him

focused where he’s supposed to be right

in the middle of it he is the God over

our culture but if we don’t put them in

culture becomes an idol so here’s the

best way I can show you I want to show

you by way of illustration I want my


come on out here and be ready to help me

boom here we go

Oh y’all ready are these strong men okay

about all these strong men okay um do

you know all of these men you do

brenton can you tell me who all these

men are so pro Joe yes Joe has been

saving lives all day so bro Joe Rahim

okay so you know them all yeah great

brington what I want you to do it’s very


you’re strong football player you’ve

been carrying men and knocking men over

all your life all I want you to do is

come to me okay

with everything you got with everything

you got

come on keep coming keep coming

here’s what I want you to see this is

where most people’s life in Christ ends

up a constant strive to try to get where

God is while trying to maintain

familiarity with what you used to have

and here is the tough part Wrentham had

the ability not only get too close to

name every single person by name that

was holding him what if I told you that

some of what has been your biggest

distractions are the ones you can name

by name they were your day ones but now

they’re the ones that are blocking the

type of progress God is trying to bring

you into the truth is just because you

were there when I started didn’t mean

God’s gonna use you for the rest of my

story God may have needed you for one

chapter he did not say you were going to

close the book but when we don’t know

how to transition seasons and

relationships we end up keeping things

longer than we’re supposed to keep them

and anything you hold longer than

necessary you make an idol anything that

God has given you the ability to cut off

and you say God if I keep it I can save

it you tell god I am stronger than you

and I have the ability to do with them

what you say I can’t you make it an idol

what has God challenged you to cut that

you’ve been so comfortable with that you

didn’t want to let it go

what has God been knocking at the door

of your heart about and saying hey I

want you to release this and if you

release it it may not make sense today

but you’re not gonna have to fight so

hard but you keep saying god I need this

more than you know the truth is

your life in Christ should not be a

constant struggle trying to work your

way to him through the deficiencies of

other people get ready

yeah keep coming brother

now now here’s the thing everybody in

the audience is shouting for them to let

him go but the truth is you know what

it’s like just see what other people

need to do but they not be willing to

make the changes ah I don’t want you to

think that God has given you enough

power to make somebody change that’s not

ready to change yet the change that

actually last is to change the

transpires when you make up your mind I

don’t need this nearly as bad so so what

I don’t want you to do I don’t want you

y’all I’m sorry I’ll try not to flip off

the stage I don’t want you to fall so in

love with somebody’s potential that you

try to drag them into something God did

not call them to I don’t want you to see

what they have the opportunity to become

that you try to take them to a place

that they really don’t want to go I

don’t want your progress to be stagnated

because you see greatness in them but

they don’t see greatness in themselves

just yet

on the other side of that come on

parental here is what I don’t want you

to see in God either I don’t want you to

think God is the type of God who has

turned his back on you and it’s waiting

for you to deal with all your issues and

all your struggles and all your

shortcomings by yourself I don’t want

you to think that God wants you to work

to get to here when in totality God has

never called you to work to get there

the truth of the gospel is this you will

never be strong enough and you’ll never

be able to work enough to embrace the

grace that comes from a God the

sacrifice to son on a hill called

Golgotha allowed his word to be shared

just for you the truth of the gospel is

God has not turned his back on you even

with all of your issues and dysfunctions

God has not turned his back on you even

though you don’t see yourself as

wonderful as he sees you right now God

is so much God that he’s not going to

let you struggle in his back is turned

he’s the trip of God just going to

embrace you in the middle of your

struggle here is what I want you to be

excited about he’s the God that will

meet you in your struggle not the God

that will leave you in it he’s the God

that loves you enough to see you right

where you are and knowing that you want

him will meet you right where you are no

here’s the beauty of ready wait before

we can make a step there’s some

forgiveness you’ve been eating deal with

I think we dealing with your forgiveness

it might be a little bit yeah it might

be a little bit easier

you still got some family issues you

didn’t wanted to talk about but we’re

gonna we’re gonna deal with them yeah


yeah you just stop now and take the

season that’s a little bit tougher but

it’s okay you know it’ll come off if you

if you

on and off yeah yeah yeah it’s okay yeah

by any means necessary yeah by any means

necessary yeah this is this is a little

bit uh yeah but there’s alright let’s go

let’s go take a few steps now stop

you’re working too hard when you’re with

me you don’t have to work to stay with

you you just have to make a decision

that I’m the one you want so here’s how

we’re gonna do it I want you to take

your right foot take one step forward

now I want you to take your left foot

and make another step and I want you

take your right foot and make another

one now once you take your left foot and

make it nothing what I’m trying to show

you is God doesn’t wait for you to deal

with everything before he’s ready to

walk with you God dog it’s not trying to

get everything out your system tomorrow

that make you good enough so you can

walk the till God is a guy that I love

you so much else you can steal a half

step attached to you but as long as we

make it steps together now look there’s

some stuff on your feet but but just

don’t just take your shoes off and yeah

kick it off yep yep yeah great great

great does not see what you’re willing

to lose to stay with him God will ask

are you more attached to what you had

then you are to the God that can give

you everything you’d ever want dream or

desire left foot yep you still working

too hard what would I need you to do

there’s one last soul time they didn’t

wanted to let you go

but you’ve made enough progress to where

I think you’re ready to drop it right



he stored it all the way back there I

met him in the middle and when I met him

in the middle I didn’t change him

instantaneously because God is not the

god that’s trying to clean you up as

soon as you say Lord I want you he’s the

God that will grab your hand and say I

know stuff don’t look right but let’s

just keep walking together if you draw

close to God God will draw close to you

and in drawing close he’ll deal with the

things he’ll deal with the idols that

you created in your own processes God is

not trying to make you do a 360 tonight

what he’s trying to make you do it’s put

your hand wholeheartedly in his he’s not

trying to get everything out your

bloodline overnight he’s just trying to

give you enough courage to say if I

touch his hand he has the ability to

change my life thank y’all

because here is the last and what I

think is probably the most important

part of this entire text here it is

Joshua essentially tells them this point

3 your best days are one decision away

what if I told you a decision you made

right now would have the ability to

change the entire narrative about what

your future would be that making one

decision to give God not just pieces or

parts or things you’ve been comfortable

with but giving him all of you has the

ability to change the narrative of what

the rest of your life will look like

here’s here’s what Joshua says now

listen y’all can do whatever the heck

y’all want to do but as for me and for

my house we’ve made the decision we I’ve

made the decision we’re going to serve

the Lord now Joshua says this and he’s

not just talking about the people that

are currently living in his house he’s

literally talking about everything that

will be born out of him so he’s speaking

a generational declaration that has more

to do with less to do with today and

more to do with the future here’s how

I’ve shared it all day there for me I

was born into a family that we’re

divorce was rented every every man on my

father’s out of the family has been

divorced at least once some twice some

three times there’s a narrative of

divorce when when I proposed to my wife

I made the decision then that no matter

what happens we are going to be in this

for the rest of our lives

there’ll never be this part of a

narrative written in my bloodline again

I’m gonna break it for every child I’ll

ever have and I’m gonna be sure my

family sees healthy and wholeness as it

should be

now I made that declaration and within

the first I don’t know sixty days of our

covenant together with all of my

awesomeness my wife got mad at me at

least once now and I didn’t tell this

part of the story when I first when I

first started this morning

I want to tell you all the totality of

the story in we moved to Tucson Arizona

and in Tucson Arizona I was a senior

pastor of a Baptist Church for five

years while we were there is the old one

of the oldest Baptist churches in Tucson

while we were there we we had we have

three children already and in my first

year I was working 60 to 70 hour weeks

at this church I was alone at the church

I would wake up I would go to the church

I would not leave until the doors were

about to close in the evening mean it’d

be eight nine o’clock and I just be

going home and this was fine for the

first couple weeks and turn months but

at the end of the first year my wife was

was fed up now when we got married my

wife’s father bought her car maybe two

years before we got married and when we

got married I’ll never forget on our

wedding day he told her now I love you

and I’m glad y’all are happy but if he

ever don’t do you right you just hop in

that car then I paid for pack your

little raft and you can come on home

well one day in Tucson I came home from

work and my wife hid all of her

suitcases packed at the door and she

said I’m not doing this anymore I didn’t

move all the way to Tucson Arizona to be

a single parent and if you think that

you can work all these hours and not

ever be home and be present to be a

husband and to be a father I would just

rather go home where my family is and do

it by myself and then I did what every

man would do I’m sorry

I apologize I’ll do better and I gave

enough crocodile tears for the stain the

other side of that is this two weeks

later a man came to the house my wife

did not know that he was coming and this

man came and said I want to test drive

the car that I saw on Craigslist

I put her car up for sale I didn’t just

put her car for sale actually sold her

car I signed the title and they probably

wouldn’t have been legal for me to do it

here’s why my thing was your daddy gave

you an exit plan but ain’t no exit

strategy here this is this is there’s

nowhere else for you to go so I sold the

car I did and I didn’t bother had no

remorse about it whatsoever I gave her

half the proceeds I didn’t even feel bad

about it I never had I we’re married

half half is yours halves – is fair

don’t like it’s a fair thing to do so

but I did this because an exit strategy

had been created for her within the

context of our relationship that went

against what I declared what our family

was going to be I said we would never

leave one another and so I had to get

rid of everything that would make

somebody else want to leave and now even

today when we’re in the middle of of

heated fellowship and she may may walk

out and say she just needs to look get a

little bit of air or something I can

track her on her iPhone and I’ll just

say hey kid can you bring me back an icy

from Target whenever you leave and like

you stalk her what are you doing here

you just bring me back something from

top floor but whenever you come back

because you know here’s the thing

we made a decision to do this forever

and I’m I am confident that we’re going

to do this forever together but it’s

because I made a decision to make her my

life and declared what we would be I

made the decision that I believe is

going to change the narrative for

everything in my bloodline what decision

do you have the capability to make that

will be a blessing not just for you but

for family members you have been seen

yet but can live on the other side of

your yes what decision is God calling

you to make today that has the ability

to change the context of your future in

your tomorrow what what Joshua’s

Joshua’s was simple he said for me in my

house we don’t serve the Lord now y’all

gonna worship whatever gosh I want to

worship y’all can go do whatever head

y’all want to do I can’t force you all

to do anything but for everything to

live with me they will serve God they

ain’t no other options what is the space

that God is calling you to a realm of

decision-making today what is the thing

that maybe you’ve been on the Border’s

or on the edge of making a decision

about but you keep vacillating in and

out better yet what’s the thing that God

has been knocking at the door of your

heart to let go off did you said you

know what god I still need this what’s

the thing that God has been beckoning

you to come closer about but every time

you feel like you’re gonna take a step

closer you still feel very strongly

connected to everything that has been

where’s the place that God can deal with

you wholeheartedly give you his heart

and show you why you didn’t need what

you thought you needed as bad as you can

can God

challenge you to drop something you

thought you needed your best days are

one decision away it starts with the

decision for salvation but even beyond

that when I give God my whole heart God

will bring me to critical crossroads

where he calls me to do stuff that’s

very uncomfortable here’s my question

how many y’all that God has called to do

something uncomfortable this year maybe

y’all in the midst of discomfort have

found yourself wrestling with God you

know and when I say wrestling with God I

don’t mean like literally trying to

fistfight him I mean like 3 o’clock in

the morning ruling in your bed saying

you know what

I just don’t know you know in the middle

of your workday you’re dreaming about

what he said and can’t even focus on

what it is you’re supposed to be doing

for somebody else

Donnell bring you to a critical

crossroad a decision-making moment to

see if he really has your whole heart

the way you say he does you don’t know

if you’ve given him everything until he

tries to take something you thought you

needed the real moment of Revelation

comes when God asked for something

you’ve been comfortable with and he says

that right there

that’s what I want are you willing to

give it to me today I believe your best

days what would your life look like a

year from today if you gave God and all

50 yes different what the narrative of

your family and your future and your

education and your profession and your

business be if you surrendered it all

completely to the God that already knows

it all and let him do what he wanted to

do with your days so I want you to do I

want you to grab someone’s hand

and for 30 seconds can you whisper a

prayer for their complete surrender to

the will of God it’s real quick I’m

gonna pray for you I want you to pray

for them for one

pablor today we thank you that you are

the Potter and we are the clay and clay

does not get many options as it pertains

to what they was created to be today

we’re asking you on the other side of

our yes to mold us into everything you

created us to be we apologize for the

days we kicked against your will

the days we fought what we wanted versus

what you desire and when we miss you

simply because we had in our own way but

today our resolve our resolution is a

very simple one we are does a decided

people who want you to do your best to

work in the totality of our hearts so

today we give you a brand new yes we

give you a yes that does not look like

the yes we gave five years ago we renew

and update our surrender to your will

and we say we are a decided people and

for me and us and our houses we will

serve the Lord today father thank you

for another chance to get it right with

you in Jesus name if you believe that

can you give God the greatest hand clap

afraid again hey guys thanks for

watching today’s message and don’t

forget transformation conference is

coming up September the 10th through the

12 guys we believe that all you have is

all you need so go check out our website

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