Welcome to our new series What I’m Hearing Here, a companion series to Here Is Holy. In this series, some of our staff & executive team share what God is speaking to them HERE, and challenge us to listen to what God is saying HERE. In week one, Pastor Charles teaches us the power of what we listen to, how it can impact where we’re going, and how we can use it to reframe the way we think about Jesus. If this message has been encouraging for you, let us know in the comments & share it with a friend!

we’re starting a brand new series today

is anybody excited for our new series

our series is called what i’m hearing

here everybody say it with me what i’m


here say it again say what i’m hearing

here now this series um kind of acts


the the son or the daughter to our

vision series here is holy somebody say

here is holy

the reason i say that is because um

we’re a little over halfway through the

year and some of you have already forgot

what we talked about in january you know

i already forgot you obsessed with there

you’re like whoa i can’t wait to get up

out this year this is whack this is

trash i’m ready to get up out here hold

on a second

here is holy

not there see we have these concepts in

our minds that i’ll be more blessed

there i’ll be better there i’m going to

be uh bawling when i get there here’s

the problem with there

i had to burst your bubble but you

actually technically will never get


charles what do you mean okay let’s say

uh this is there for me and i’m over

here and i want to go there when i get

there i’ll be better when i get there

i’ll have a better marriage and when i

get there i’ll start living pure and

when i get there i’ll stop drinking and

when i get there and you’re all worried

about there and how much better your

life is going to be there and let’s say

you just happen to get quote unquote


the only problem is it’s not there


it’s here

where yeah well i’m here well no you

used to well no it’s

there always becomes here so it’s a

perpetual rat race of trying to get to

the next thing trying to get more money

trying to open up another business

trying to date another person if you

would just be content somebody say here

here is holy

here is where god has purpose for you

here is where you are going to get the

filament that you’re looking for here is

where god wants to speak to you here is

where god wants to grow you here is

where it’s not perfect but you are

progressing somebody say here

say you can be con you can be content

here you can trust god here you can be

faithful here you can have joy here you

can have peace here you can be blessed

here somebody say here

i need to remind you because somebody

say here


is holy

and today we’re going to kind of use

that idea and that understanding to kind

of build off of that and talk about what

i am hearing


what are you hearing here i want to read

a portion of scripture it’s going to

kind of be the anchor scripture for the

entire series um it’s romans 10 romans

10 17 and i want to read to him to read

it in two versions and we’re going to

jump into the word today this is what

the amazing word of god says romans 10


so faith

comes from


that is hearing the good news about


some of you like that’s not the way i

heard it you heard of the uh new king

james of the king james version so faith

comes by hearing finish it if you know

it and hearing the word of god yes

we’re gonna talk about what i am hearing

here would you take a moment um all

around the world i want to take a moment

to pray and just ask that god would join

us in this time lord god we love you so


you’re so kind

i pray that you

will be so gracious to allow us to hear

from you in these moments

eliminate all distractions bring peace

to the anxious soul and speak to us we

are listening we love you we trust you

jesus said we pray and everybody say it

amen um so everybody in this room

everybody watching everyone um on the

earth uh you are born gifted and every

human um has in their dna initially five

senses you have five senses if you can

say what are the five senses yell them

out if you know the five senses go ahead


that’s what it sounds like so you so you

have five senses sight smell taste touch

hearing you have eyes to see

you have a nose to smell you have a

tongue to taste skin to touch and ears

to hear we all have five senses and uh

for the sake of the series we’re gonna

focus on hearing everybody say hearing

hearing is interesting because uh your

hearing can mess with you anybody ever

heard something like you thought you

heard something and then you didn’t

really hear something anybody come on

raise your head you you feel like maybe

you misheard some stuff um i let me say

this i love my wife i just want to start

there and just say i love her a lot

but abby be hearing stuff she be and and

particularly she likes to hear things

right after i have gotten under the


and my eyes are jus i’m just drifting

off into the rim like i’m just like the

holy spirit has calmed my soul i’ve done

my facial routine which i stole from her

and i’m just i’m at peace and i’m

thinking thank you jesus for this night

and i’m just drifting and abby’s like

charles charles did you hear that i’m

like no i don’t i don’t hear it just

don’t just listen just listen just


that right there did you hear that no

baby i don’t i don’t think you’re baby i

think it’s fine i don’t think no just

listen just be quiet just just just be


that right there did you hear it no baby

i don’t i don’t think one night

literally she woke up now listen my

wife’s been pregnant for the last 10

years every two months so it’s been i’ll

give her that fact you know what i’m

saying been a lot going on in the met

cap house but one time she woke up

literally she woke me up in the middle

of i came up out she said charles wake

up somebody’s using our apple tv


not somebody broke into our house not

how’d they get inside not why in the

world somebody’s using our apple tv

i literally woke up i said baby that’s

an owl and i’m going back to sleep

but she’d be here and she said it

sounded just like it

you should be a lot why are you worried

about them using our apple tv and not

snatching up all our children you like

don’t let them subscribe to a new show i

don’t i’m not paying that 12.99

don’t use our apple don’t listen you

come over to meccanf house but don’t you

dare touch our apple tv abby going to be

on you

but she misheard and we all mishear

things one of my favorite stories of uh

miss hearing something this is hilarious

shout out to my dad i love my dad a lot

my mom and dad and uh so i’m you ever

have those moments where like you

remember a story as an adult like as a

kid and it’s just that much more funnier

to you so this happened to me the other

day i was probably i don’t know uh

chandler my little brother would have

been like four baby five so four plus

eight what’s that 12 so i’m like 12. so

i’m sitting in the back seat my

brother’s in the backseat we go through


and you know we get the food and uh my

mom you know my mom starts passing out

the food you know like you’re in the bag

like give me my frosty but i don’t like

we’re like yelling in the back and i see

my mom hand what i know is my brother’s

chicken nuggets to my dad and she says

something to him and uh she hands it to

him and the second she hands it to him

he looks at her like

and then she says something again and

this man does this he goes

and he throws them out the window

and my mom

looks at him

and i can’t say what she actually said

but she was like what in the

are you doing he’s like what you mean

what do you mean and she’s like why did

you just throw our food out the window

he said i thought you should throw it

out the window

she said why would i tell you to

throw the food out the window now let me

pause this is husbands we’d be confused

i thought about this as

an adult there’s those moments as a

husband we were like i don’t care what

she said i’ll throw this food out the

window right now i’m not like

what state was there marriage in i don’t

know to where he heard throw the food

you just bought out the window he said

i’m not questioning the thing throw them

chicken nuggets out the window

you know how demoralized you got to be

to throw chicken nuggets out the window

without questioning anything throw him

out the window

bam he just threw a whole 12 piece out

the window

my mom was so confused and i was like

yeah dad i could have probably guessed

that she didn’t say throw the food out

the window baby i could have told you

that a little insight to where my

parents were back then but you know um

but what happened literally after that i

remember the whole rest of the car ride

my dad was just mad like he was just mad

because he’s like my mom was like i

don’t know what she was saying she was

probably just ripping her my mom’s a

savage i love you mama but any of my

sharp tongue i got from a mama so she

could just wow really quickly

unsubmitted you know those medcast can

be pretty dangerous but god’s got a hold

of our tongue anyways

i remember my dad was so frustrated and

i was thinking about that story and i

realized um here can become frustrating

when you can’t hear

hear sometimes gets frustrating when you

can’t hear right

see in that moment what was a a random

situation where my dad threw some

chicken nuggets out the window i

remember getting home and it became a

whole situation and the rest of the

night was kind of awkward you know when

you’re a kid and you know mom and dad

are kind of like not on par but you’re

trying to act like so what are we doing

guys like your dad you won’t go through

football he’s like nah man i don’t

i don’t think i’m gonna be throwing

football for the rest of my life man i

don’t know

but here we can become frustrating when

you can’t hear

and what i realized is many of us

are frustrated

with our location

and really it’s an issue of your ability


listen you’re frustrated we always get

as christians as anybody in humanity you

get frustrated with your location i’m

mad that i’m here why i thought i’d be

further along by now i thought my life

would have been better i thought i

wouldn’t struggle with that i thought

man the marriage would have lasted

longer i thought and we’re always

talking about the location but today and

in this series i want to talk about what

are you listening to

because if we don’t talk about what

you’re hearing you will be frustrated at

your hearing and be mad at that when

really god’s trying to speak to you

when really god’s using the people that

you write off to talk to you

when god’s using the people that you

talk about to talk to you when god’s

using that hard situation trying to get

something into your heart into your mind

but you’re so frustrated about your

location that you will not stop to


and we have to take a moment to stop and

ask god what am i hearing here

like what is god actually saying to me

what is the soundtrack that is in your

soul what is the thing that that that

drives you in the morning because many

of us we read that scripture romans 10

17 i grew up in church and i heard that

so many times so faith comes by hearing

and hearing the word of god faith come

you got to hear faith and that is

absolutely true but sometimes as

christians um we relegate scriptures and

don’t understand the implications of

them and i want to let you know

something you may not know today

faith isn’t the only thing that comes by


faith is not the only thing that comes

by hearing fear comes by hearing

some of you so worried about your

location of fear and you’re you’re

living in fear and you’re thinking in

fear you’re raising your family in fear

and it’s not because of your actual

situation it’s because fear comes by

hearing you hear the news you hear your

friends talking about how bad it is you

hear about how bad the economy is and

how high these gas prices in oh my gosh

what’s going to happen and literally you

don’t realize it but you are being

perpetuated in a spirit of fear not

because your actual circumstance but

because all you hear is fear

faith comes by hearing fear comes by

hearing you know fake comes by hearing

some people act fake because you hear

how perfect everybody else’s life is

you get in your little small group and

you’re supposed to be in community

you’re supposed to be talking about and

being encouraged and you leave feeling

so defeated so um it’s stuck in

comparison so cuffed to comparison that

you’re stuck in this cycle where now you

feel like because of how i heard how

perfect their life is and my life isn’t

like that now i live in a mask

so how you doing blessed and holy

favored brother

favorite of the lord and you anxious

worried you ain’t seen your faith like

because fake comes by hearing

let me tell you one uh that i wish they

would have told me in high school you

know freak comes by hearing

y’all want to act boozy why y’all acting

like this a transgression i said freak

some of y’all

and times in my life you listen to all

this music somebody i just like the beat

you know what i’m saying it’s just the

beat you go hard it’ll go hard and then

you wonder why you single as a pringle

and at night time you tingle and it’s


how am i supposed to say that sorry

pastor mike’s not here hey oh here we go

because you can only listen

to womp so many times

before see y’all want to play because

you’re sitting up here all tight cause

that’s on your playlist when you leave

on sunday

and you wonder why you don’t slept with

everybody because freak comes by hearing

y’all gonna ask me because i got a suit

i gotta act all proper what are y’all

talking about

what are you listening to

what are you hearing

some of y’all failure comes by hearing

cause the only voice in your head

it’s the same voice this happened to me

i realized this the other day uh i was

in a counseling session and i was

talking to you i said i realized my fear

of failure and i’ve told this story so

many times been open to so many of my

sermons but literally i was in sixth

grade got down to the end of the game if

i made the free throws we won the game i

missed both the free throws we lost in

that same sixth grade voice

plays in my head

yeah you couldn’t do it then you can’t

do it now

you’re not enough

if you had it in you you would have done


because of what you’re hearing

and the honest truth

is there are tons of believers


who are

not hearing impaired h-e-a-r

but h-e-r-e

you’re you’re hearing what you’re doing

you’re trusting god

really your contentment

that’s the thing i want to talk about

you cannot be content because all you

hear is what you’re not where you’re not

how much you don’t have who you’re not

you have pictures some of us have

pictures of who we thought we were going

to be

that we made up we didn’t talk to god

about it at all you just watched mtv

cribs you just watched your big brother

your big sister made up a whole story

you’re not there and now you’re

frustrated with here and god’s trying to

talk to you this is exactly where you’re

gonna become everything you thought you

would be this is exactly where your

marriage is gonna be restored this is

exactly where i wanna and you can’t hear

it because you’re so frustrated with


that you cannot


what are you hearing

today i wanna put some value on your

hearing i know everybody talks about

what you’re seeing but what are you


here’s the thing i learned with the 86

kids me and my wife have had um

we’re on our way um

one thing that happens is there’s a

difference in the value of hearing

from uh them being in the womb

to when they come into the world

there’s a distinct difference when

you’re in the womb

all those other senses are pretty much

useless ain’t nothing to see

ain’t under smell

ain’t nothing to taste ain’t under touch

but one thing i’ve learned is they say

every doctor will tell you if you will

talk to your baby they can become

familiar with your voice

so arla i’d be uh the moment we found

out arlo was a little gummy bear i was

up on abby’s belly like hey little buddy

daddy loves you so much you’re the best

you’re gonna you’re gonna be so

beautiful you’re gonna be so old boy i

can’t i was talking so much to that

little baby why because when there’s

nothing else to see taste touch or

or feel in that moment i knew all he was

depending on

oh he could depend i’m gonna spoiler

alert i’m about to preach

all he could depend on

is what he could hear

but when i was studying this week if you

look it up on google it’ll tell you once

you’re born your most valuable sense is

your eyes they’ll tell you the most

valuable sense you have is you’re seeing

the most value so here’s what happens

when you’re in the womb all you can do

is trust what your parents said

when you come out of the womb you say

let me see for myself

i hear you talking to me

but let me just see it for myself

here’s the part where we preach

at this moment even i was talking i was

talking my little girl luna she is a

wild child i love her so much she turns

two tomorrow she’s having a dino party

she’s so gassed she just woke up this

morning screaming dino party dino party

and she said i’m jumping daddy i’m

jumping i’m like

she is

just literally like just started jumping

one thing i thought about when i thought

about the difference of hearing when

you’re in the womb versus the world is

um when i was talking to luna when she

was in her mom’s belly it was one of the

most intense times of my life

i was dealing with anxiety

so much worry and fear me and abby’s

marriage was going through it and we

were in the middle of a worldwide


the day i was talking to him i was like

baby you were born in a crazy time you

don’t even know

the reason she doesn’t know

because it doesn’t it didn’t matter when

she came out even though the world would

tell her hey what’s most valuable is

what you see

all she knew

is what dad told her

she didn’t have an opportunity to make

it up for herself

so in the moment when it was one of the

most difficult things that have ever

happened in my life when it was one of

the most crazy environments when there’s

so much toxic uh political part when all

these things are spoiling around all she

could hear in that womb is not the news

she didn’t hear how bad things were she

didn’t hear about the racial tension she

didn’t hear about all these things that

were so horrible all she heard was her

father’s voice

baby it’s going to be great when you get

here when you get here it’s going to be

so much fun mom and dad are so excited

for you this is going to be the best

time ever and many of us

this is why the scripture talks about

you have to be born again once you were

born you switched from valuing your


to only leaning on what you see

yeah i know god said i was going to be

successful but what i see right now

isn’t that

so i can’t trust what he said

yeah i know god said this marriage was

going to last but what i see right now

is they’re living in a different

apartment so it doesn’t matter what he

said because i’ve seen it for myself

and i’ve already decided how this is

going to go wow

but here’s the thing about the kingdom

of god the kingdom of god does not work

like the kingdom on earth on earth it’s

always the value on what you see then

what you hear in the kingdom of heaven

it has always been first what you hear

then you see it

let me go nerdy for a second because you

know when i start studying sermons i’ll

be looking up all types of random facts

i got stuff about galaxies and all types

of random stuff up here one of the

things that came up when i was studying

for this message is on earth light

travels faster than the speed of sound

this is the thing that you look it up if

you look at yes when you can see

something before you can hear something

they talk about breaking the sound

barrier so on the kingdom of earth light

travels faster than sound but it didn’t

work that way in genesis 1.

didn’t work that way in genesis 1 in the

kingdom of heaven god said

let there be light and then you saw


this tells me see y’all i get excited

about this this tells me that god is not

predicated on your current circumstance

he can speak something you don’t see

right now he can speak something that

don’t make no sense he can speak

something and it has value because he

knows when i speak things move when i

speak mountains move when i speak

galaxies appear when i speak a dead body

raises back to life when i speak things


but many of us

if you had to choose

between hearing god and seeing god

you’re a big seeing

god like if i just polled hey would you

rather see god or hear god

sure i want to see jesus what’d he look


i know he wasn’t that white jesus and

some people are trying to sell me

because he didn’t this just doesn’t make

sense but i want to see like what he

looked like somebody else bubbles just

got bursty but jesus wasn’t white no he

didn’t live that’s not a thing um

but we would rather matter okay i’m

gonna do instruction i need two people i

need two people mikaya and g where you

at everybody everybody give it up for

mikaya and grayson everybody give it up

for makai and grayson


all right now don’t stand too close to

me because y’all too tall people don’t

realize how short i am um

that’s the first thing people say man

you’re a lot shorter than i thought you

were well




so um if you had to choose

between being able to see

or being able to hear which one would

you choose grayson i’m gonna give you

you want to see okay grayson wants to be

able to see

you want to be able to hear okay i need

a little help where’s the illustrator

grayson if you could just stand right

here and make if you can stand next to

me okay so g gonna put you wanna be able

to see put these noise-canceling

headphones on put this around your face

come on

we’re gonna do a little test here

many of us want to be like grayson

or we can see we just can’t hear

because honestly

it feels more in control to be able to

see what’s going on

do you want to see where you’re standing

to be able to see what god’s doing to be

able to see where he’s trying to take

you to be able to see what he may be

he’s trying to do in your relationships

and in your friendships and we value so

much our seeing that if given the

opportunity we would choose i would

rather see god than hear god

here’s the only problem when it comes to

seeing over hearing

god does not give instructions by



micaiah take two steps forward

grayson take two steps forward


micaiah turn to your left

take three steps forward

grayson takes three three steps forward

oh you

so now he’s just

see how awkward

see how awkward it is when you want to

see god but you can’t

mikaya just start walking forward

keep walking oh watch out step a little

bit uh to your right step a little bit

to your right why are you moving

stop makaya

here’s what happens

many of us

start guessing

we start guessing what god is saying

we start get well maybe he said i should

move to l.a and maybe he should i should

start a maybe i should start a

here is the difference

you don’t have to see god to obey god

you do not have to see god mikaya take

one step back makaya turn around

oh watch out for the chair so i’m a bad

instructor step take one step to your


now take a step

now take a step forward

take a step forward

take a step while you put your hands out

you don’t trust me

why you still got that other business

idea you don’t trust me

why you save their number you don’t

trust me

why you stop going to counseling you

don’t trust me

why you

this is what many of us look like

valuing and here’s the thing


feels more in control

but you completely


the intimacy of the relationship

there’s no intimacy

he can see me but we can’t connect

because he can’t


i was thinking of this and i was like if

i had to choose between seeing my little

girl grow up and hearing her grow up

there’s something that happens when she

comes around the corner and says daddy

and many of our life

we would choose i want to see god but he

starts speaking

and it just

and then you start looking you look

confused and then you start comparing

you start looking around and think well

maybe i should do what they

i’m just trying to bring value

what what are you what are you hearing

what is god saying to you

you’ve been so focused on what you see

you’ve been so focused on how bad the

situation is you’ve been so focused on

what you thought was going to be there

and you’re looking at your situation and

god’s saying listen you don’t have

to see what i’m doing

to obey what i said

thank you all so much

some of us have been so focused

you be a little bit sometimes that’s

what our faith walk look like we come

out the oh you see grayson didn’t even

get the cue my baby

illustration worked a little too well

he would have been standing up here all


just like some of y’all living in the

same place you were supposed to oh sorry



i’m just i’m just trying to get you to

put some value

on what you’re hearing

what is god saying

what is what is he speaking to you what

is he what is he trying to do in your

soul what is he trying to but if you

don’t ever stop for just a moment and

stop looking at what you’re seeing

you’ll never stop to ask the question

what what am i

what am i hearing here

god always works off what you what he’s

saying so he’s always works off of

valuing listen i can speak one word that

can sustain you through seasons when you

can’t see

that’s what god wants to do and here’s

the beautiful thing we know this in

scripture but we don’t ever live it

for we walk by faith

and not by sight

we say this scripture but then we get in

a moment where we’re blindfolded we get

in a moment where we can’t see what god

is doing we can see how that family

member and our relationship is torn and

how it’s going to get back or we can’t

see how this hard situation we made a

mistake and we don’t know what’s going

to happen we can’t see it but if you

would take him that’s why the word of

god is such a gift

because you don’t have to see what he’s

doing but you can still hear his voice

that’s why the bible is so bad i

remember as a kid thinking i would go to

youth camps be like you gotta read your

bible you gotta read your bible you

gotta read your bible and it’s like no

i’m not reading my bible for reading my

bible sake i read my bible for the same

reason i talked to my wife because

without talking to her there is intimacy

lost and here’s the real thing i lose

her heart

and the truth is

many people and many believers

have tried to show god without his heart

and when you don’t have his heart it

messes with how you hear me

see when i was when i was working on

this sermon listen we’re going to go in

this sermon series and it’s going to be

so so powerful listen we got the home

squad preaching come on like we got

amazing amazing we’ve already started uh

working on sermon it’s gonna be amazing

we’re gonna talk about how do you

practically hear god what do you do when

you feel like you don’t hear god like

there’s gonna be so many amazing things

that we navigate and i wanted to already

i literally told uh one of the people

who was preaching i was like listen i

might steal your message in the middle

of my message and they would never know

because i went first but

i’m not gonna do that even though i

really want to

i was preaching and i was working on

this sermon and

i wanted to go in to talk about um

everything we hear

because it’s so valuable like the whole

first part of this is like yeah you got

to focus on what you hear what you hear

and then the holy spirit stopped me and


charles there is something exponentially

more important

than what you hear

it’s not your taste

not your touch

not your smell

not your sight

the only thing that can mess with what

you hear

is what you’ve heard

the only thing that can mess with your

ability to hear

is the things you’ve heard

and there are many people

who the biggest thing messing

with your hearing

is not your inability to hear god

is what you’ve heard about god and

because of what you’ve heard it messes

with your ability to hear here

we have certain lenses we have certain

ideas and many of us are so stuck in

this moment inner circumstance in our

location not because god isn’t speaking

but because you only hear him a certain

way not because of what he told you but

because of what you heard from someone


let me illustrate it for you

i have one of my best friends in the

world here nate is here nate could you

actually come up on stage everybody give

it up for my friend nate come on nate

come up here baby

i love you so much he’s like one of the

coolest people in the world and i love

him so much and he moves next week which

is a very sad emotional thing i’m not

going to cry

um i want to tell you a little bit of

nate’s story first of all he’s fly as

you can see he’s so cool

she’s ripped under that shirt too let me

tell you that’s a little weird why did i

say that oh my gosh that’s incredible i

love my wife okay um

he is i’m just sorry i anyways

you look great man i love you a lot this

is awkward we didn’t plan this okay

i’m gonna tell you a little bit of

nate’s story um nate has a crazy crazy

story very crazy

at 12

he found himself homeless

at 13

he got involved with a lot of gang

things in his neighborhood he

experienced a lot of drugs then at 17 he

found himself on trial

he spent eight years in jail

this is the story of nate now

before nate now in this moment um

in just a second i’m gonna ask you to

finish the rest of this sermon okay

we talked about this first we’re gonna

finish the rest of this are you ready

this is your moment

i’m not gonna make him finish the rest

of the

sermon me tell you something um

none of that is true

nate is one of the most kindest


gentle people

he wasn’t homeless he wasn’t in gangs he

didn’t spend any time in prison

contrary to popular belief he say

but because of what you heard about nate

if i was to give him the microphone it

would affect what you were able to hear

from nate

when i said he spent time you’re like oh

well maybe like

and this is one of my dearest friends

and we go to church place this

illustration came out of a real thing

and i wish i saw him because i would

stop you to pass for a second and punch

him in the stomach but a guy literally

came he’s like you’ve obviously spent

some time in prison right like clearly

you’ve been

and many of us we form opinions of


not on what they told us about them

but on what we heard about them from

other people

thank you so much nate i love you so


many of you


heard about god

before you were able to hear from god

and you put up limits

and barriers

and blockades

and lenses about how god talks and what

he means and his intention not based on

what he told you about himself but based

on what somebody said that was not true

i was preparing this message and the

holy spirit told me so clearly he said

charles i don’t want to talk about what

people are hearing right now we’re going

to talk about that um

in the rest of the series but before we

talk about what you hear i have to tell

you what jesus tells people in matthew 5

we’re going to get into it for just a

second it’s the title of my message

today forget what you heard

the thing that has you in chains is not

your ability to hear from god it’s what

you’ve heard about god

somebody told you god only accepts

perfect people

and now you’re stuck in performance not

because of what he said but because of

what you heard

somebody told you that if you make a

mistake god turns his back on you

and now you are stuck and you don’t even

want to step into a church you don’t

want to get close or when you start

reading your bible you feel discouraged

not because you can’t hear from god but

because of what you heard

and for so long

the church if we’re honest has done a

pretty bad job at describing what jesus

is actually like

and there are a lot of people and the

very truth is all of our experiences

with god is before we are able to hear

from god personally we heard about god

from somebody else

based on whatever youth group you went

to based on whatever street preacher you

saw on the corner guess on whatever post

you saw in a political moment guess

whatever side someone took in a moment

of division you saw something that made

you form an opinion and put up walls and

put up certain ideas about god that i

want to inform you today are not true

and i have a very specific assignment

today is to address what you’ve heard

because it won’t matter

if he starts trying to talk to you

if all you heard is that when god talks

he’s an angry god

it won’t matter if he’s trying to talk

to you in a still small voice

when all you’ve heard is that he screams

you know you’ve heard that he’ll accept

certain type of people

jesus in matthew 5 i wish i could go

into every detail of it but we’re gonna

walk through it just for a moment in

matthew 5 this is jesus sermon on the

mount it’s one of jesus first sermon

he’s up there he’s preaching and this is

the crazy thing about jesus this is the


where he is revealing and unfolding the

kingdom of god he is literally in this

moment this is the first time he’s

talking and it comes to this moment in

matthew 5 it starts in verse 21 and he

says this phrase six times you’ve heard

it said

he says it’s six times not five times

the number of grace not seven times the

number of perfection six the number of

man you’ve heard

it said

people have told you about me you’ve

heard the laws i gave to moses you heard

the things i had to do to keep things in

alignment but i’m asking you in this

moment would you forget what you’ve

heard because i’m here

this is matthew 5. i want to walk you

through it for just a moment so we can

see it in scripture this is so powerful

he addresses six things that they said

he says you’ve heard and said i’m gonna

bounce around a little bit and i’m gonna

ask everyone please go through beyond

the sermon and read this scripture

there’s so much powerful stuff in here

there’s six you’ve heard it said


he says this verse 21 matthew 5. you’ve

heard it said

people long ago you shall not murder and

anyone who murders is subject to

judgment but i tell you anyone who is

angry with a brother or sister will be

subject to judgment

you’ve heard it said that you must not

commit adultery

but i tell you anyone who looks

lustfully at a woman has already

committed adultery what is jesus doing

he’s taking

the law

that was about your behavior

and he’s addressing your heart

because here’s what happens in all of

these the pharisees had found a loophole

in the law

let me give you context the pharisees

were the religious people who literally

they would have had the first five books

of the bible memorized they were

following 384 messianic laws and they

knew all of them verbatim and they were

teaching people this is who god is and

they were so stuck to the law that they

could not see love in a person when he

showed up

jesus comes and says i know they’ve

taught you the law

and the bible is very clear jesus did

not come to do away with the law but

what he did is to come to show you what

it says in romans 8 3 the law could not

save us

so god did what the law could not do

in sending jesus

jesus comes and says you’ve heard it


that you shouldn’t commit adultery

but i tell you that if you look

lustfully at a woman

everybody’s like oh that’s a different

that’s a different standard i can’t i

don’t know about

you shouldn’t kill nobody yeah yeah no i

have because here’s what happened

pharisees were walking around in pride

because they hadn’t killed anybody

they hadn’t committed adultery they

hadn’t done any of these things they

were walking with i haven’t done these

bad things so i’m better than other


just like many of us we have this list

in our head that makes us better than

other people

and then from that list of better than

other people you try to tell people

about jesus

and here’s what the church has done for

so long what is happening in these

scriptures is jesus is exposing that the

law is only about behavior


that’s all the law could do the law is a

list of do’s and don’ts don’t do this

don’t do that don’t do this don’t do

that and in that time because there was

not a savior this is all that they had

you have to follow these rules and

because when they’re sin you have to

give a sacrifice and they’re a priest

and all these hypnos and jesus

is standing in front of them saying

i know you were able to follow these


but i’m not after your behavior

i’m not after your performance

i’m after your heart

and jesus walks through the scripture

there’s one in here matthew 5 i believe

it’s in verse 37 he talks about divorce

this has been a scripture even when i

was reading through the story i was like

oh man this is a crazy like perspective

on it because some people use it they’re

like see how does this make sense the

bible’s so flawed because jesus says and

the scripture says this it says it’s

been said if anyone divorces his wife he

must give her a certificate of divorce

you’ve heard it said that way but i tell

you anyone who uh divorces his wife

except for sexual immorality makes her a

victim of adultery and you and adultery

so it’s some people read description so

you see god said if you get divorced you

can’t get remarried here let me give you

context if you study the bible it’s so

beautiful in that time here’s what was

happening the pharisees at the time

there were two primary teachings and

they were using the law to do two things

one to favor men in a divorce and to

allow men not to have to confront their

issues this is a very real thing back

then they used the law of moses to say

if you don’t like your wife all you got

to do is write a piece of paper and give

it to her

you don’t have to work on your marriage

you don’t have to deal with your issues

and what jesus is addressing is he’s

saying hey listen i know you found a

loophole in the law but this is not

about the law this is not about your

performance it’s not about finding the

line of sin it’s about your heart

look what it says in the message version

on that scripture is so powerful

it says this remember the scripture says

whoever divorces his wife let him do it

legally giving her divorce papers and

her legal rights too many of you are

using that as a cover for selfishness

and a whim of pretending to be righteous

please no more pretending

jesus is saying you’re using the law

to pretend like you’re better than other


you’re losing using the law to make you


and this is what has happened to so many

people so many believers and

non-believers we have heard

about god


you were able

to hear

from god

it was so powerful

i mentioned it my friend nate um

it’s been an amazing amazing journey and

and i i literally could uh sit up here

and cry thinking about it but me and me

nate met about six years ago um and he

had just moved to tulsa

and we were literally sitting at a

coffee shop and i just saw him and i

just thought he looked cool and i was

like hey you’re kind of cool what’s your

name like that was literally i think how

he met

and uh during that time

nate would tell you himself he’s like

yeah i was not about church like didn’t

mess with church don’t invite me to

church don’t really want to talk about

church don’t talk about god and i

literally i was just like playing come

like yeah awesome bro like i just think

you’re cool let’s just be friends

over the last uh

really eight months to a year god has

done amazing things nate life is

completely transformed he’s about like i

i could freak out telling you about it


me and him it was a crazy experience

because i’m literally going from a best

friend that i have that i share my life

with and i’m trying to encourage and

just be there for to then literally

yesterday we’re talking the phone about

sermon ideas it’s just an insane

experience to have that with a friend

and he literally said he said that’s so

powerful i was talking about the

difference of hearing and heard god and

he said i realized in my journey

of when i was involved in church went

through some hard things didn’t want

anything to do with church i realized

the thing that kept me from god was not


it was the people that told me about god

and said he was a certain way and he

said what i realized is even when i

tried to start hearing god i didn’t have

his heart

so i heard god

but i i didn’t hear his heart

in this mess i know we want to get into

like all the big stuff of like how do

you hear god how do you know if you’re

and we’re going to address all of that

but really today i have to come and

address and tell people there are a lot

of people who say what i’m just saying

what i heard jesus say yeah but do you

have his heart

we forget that the whole bible is

written in the context not the whole

bible sorry matthew mark luke and john

the gospels the portion we get of

jesus’s life is written in the context

of a three-year relationship

we just be spouting off scriptures to

people see i’m on the corner yeah yeah

you need to know that’s not and what

we’re doing is somehow we have started

just like these pharisees in matthew 5

started teaching the law again

don’t do this that’s a bad thing

don’t do it don’t don’t don’t don’t

smoke don’t have sex with marriage don’t

and here’s the but i have no issues with

those things because jesus and god does

have a very clear standard but we have

gotten the order of the news mixed up

there’s good news and bad news i stole

this from my friend tim ross and i’m

going to thank you tim ross for this

the good news is

if you don’t trust jesus if you haven’t

given your life to him the good news is

he loves you

the good news is you don’t have a

relationship with g he loves you

you you’re like you’re living an

alternate life he loves you

you’re getting high every day because

you’re not happy he loves you you’re a

murderer he loves you you don’t you

don’t agree with he loves you that is

the good news

after you accept jesus

there’s bad news

the good news is he died for you

the bad news is now you got to die for


and we just want to come to people

sharing our faith with bad news don’t do

that that’s a sin don’t do that that’s a

bad thing don’t do that and they have

not accepted the good news

give them the good news first the good

news is no matter what you’ve heard

jesus his message is i am here

that is the good news of jesus that is

what he’s saying in matthew 5. i know

what you’ve heard but forget what you’ve

heard i’m here now

you don’t have to hear about me from a


you don’t have to hear about me from

from from the pharisees

there were certain times in church that

started the reformation if you study

church history because the bible was was

stuck in latin and they would only have

priests who could actually read latin

nobody could read latin and so it kept

people from actually being able to hear

god from themselves and this is where

they started charging money to know

god’s word

this is literally church history go

study it the bible can only be read by

certain people because they wanted to

keep a distance between what you think

of god and let me tell you about god for

myself and what happens is when you

allow other people to inform your view

of god it gets twisted and now you blame


not from what

he said

but from what you heard

and the truth is

and this is where i end keys can come

back up

the reason i feel

genuinely genuinely genuinely so

passionate about this topic

is because i’ve walked with and and i’m

currently walking with who with a lot of


that want nothing to do with god

not because they can’t hear

but because of what they’ve heard

just what they’ve heard

they’ve heard god doesn’t love gay


they’ve heard god doesn’t love you if

you make a mistake

god doesn’t love

people who make wrong decisions god

doesn’t love people who don’t lift their

hands in worship god doesn’t love people

who don’t pray loud god doesn’t love

people who don’t agree with a certain

political party god doesn’t look and

it’s all a lie

and i want to come and maybe some of you

you’ve maybe you’ve heard some things

about god and i just literally you one

of the most powerful things i said

earlier jesus would have been described

as one of the most approachable people

on the planet

and i just i have a deep conviction

that absolutely their standards

absolutely we have to jesus he says in

the scripture i didn’t come to abolish

the law i’m not here to say there’s no

rules do whatever the heck you want he’s

just saying really the reason the reason

i pointed out earlier he points out six

different things that is the number of

man what is he saying in your own

ability you cannot live up to the


let’s be just very clear with it jesus

all throughout scripture

would say things that seemed ridiculous

in this very story

he says unless your righteousness does


reach the height of the pharisees you

will never be able to enter the kingdom

and we hear scriptures like that and

think oh my gosh i’ll never be able to

do it i got to do more i got to perform

i got to be better i got to do more work

i got to read my bible more i got to

pray more you know what the point of

that was

for you to feel like well i can’t do

that and jesus to say


the whole point

and somehow we have used this

performance-based religion to make some

people feel prideful and some people

feel less than when jesus said none of

your doing can save you

and we’re so adamant about don’t do this

that’s a sin don’t do this that’s a sin

don’t do this that’s a sin i want to say

something that i’m only saying because

our pastor said it first but it’s going

to mess with some of your theology


do not go to hell

for sin

somebody are like oh my god what is he

about to say

you go to hell for not putting your

faith in jesus

go to hell for thinking you’re your own


you go to hell for being self-righteous

and thinking i don’t need anyone to save


sin separates you from god it destroys

your heart and it is not the plan of god

for your life but we have so been so

adamant about preaching about sin that

we have forgot that this book is not

about sin this book is not about a list

of to do’s this book is not about bad

news this book is not trying to change

your behavior

this book is not about behavior

modification the story of jesus and the

good news is it’s about heart


the whole point of this and there’s so

many scriptures that reiterate this and

there’s so many that i wanted to read

that are so powerful and i’m just going

to read one of them

which i’m going to read i’m sorry i’m

making weird noises hebrews 10.

the old system under the law of moses

was only a shadow

a dim preview of the good things to come

not the good things themselves the

sacrifices under the system were

repeated again again and again year

after year but they were never able to

provide a cleansing for those who came

to worship

colossians 2 it says something else i

just i want to give you bible today

because i want you to know this isn’t

made-up stuff this is just made up rules

this is what the bible says colossians 2

starting in verse 16. so don’t let

anyone condemn you for what you eat or

what you drink or celebrating certain

holy days on the new moon for these

rules are only shadows of the reality

yet to come

and christ himself is that reality

says in verse 22

such rules

are mere human teaching

about things that deteriorate as we use


these rules may seem wise

because they require strong devotion


and severe bodily discipline

but they provide

no help

in conquering

an evil person’s desires

what is the bible saying is saying

i know you might have heard about god

but just for a moment could you could

you forget what you heard

because i i’m here

i just

i just want to be here with you

i know you’ve heard that god feels some

type of way about you i know you’ve

heard that you have to perform i know

you’ve heard that he only i know you’ve

heard that

forget what you’ve heard

i’m here

i know you’ve heard you if you make a

mistake god throws you out forget what

you’ve heard

i’m here i know you’ve heard that on

your third marriage is horrible and

there’s no hope for you forget what

you’ve heard i am the god who restores i

am here

i know you’ve heard pastor that after

you made a mistake and the world

canceled you and the church canceled you

that you’ll never speak and preach the

good news forget what you’ve heard i’m


i know you’ve heard man who’s in prison

and made a mistake when you’re 17 that

there’s no hope for your life and you’ll

never get out and you’ll never have a

relationship with your children forget

what you’ve heard

he’s here

and until we realize

that jesus did not come

to save those who thought they were


he not come to applaud you for abiding

by the list he gave you

if jesus was out here rewarding people

who did what he told him to do he would

be a manager not a savior

he would be just a good parent who said

yeah you did what i said to do let me

give you a piece of candy salvation is

not a piece of candy it’s something you

could never earn it’s something you

could never get by yourself for it is by

grace we have been saved through faith

in jesus christ not so that anyone

should boast

how are we boasting in this gift

how are we boasting in things that we

have no control over how are you

boasting acting like our good deeds like

my good sermon preaching am my not

making the wrong decision made me any

better than my neighbor

it was the same grace

that saved you

that saved me


are you hearing


as we close out this sermon i’m gonna

ask us to bow our heads and close our



holy spirit

i’m asking you to do something

that only you can do

only you can do it

god i’m asking you

to cleanse away


and to remove

the ideas the limits and the lenses lord


of what we’ve heard about you

god we want to hear from you

god we just want to hear from you we

want to hear your voice

we want to hear your love

we want to hear your kindness

we want to hear your grace we want to

hear your mercy we want to hear the good

news of god and even after the good news

or god we know lord god that there’s a

standard that you want to change lord

god if we give you our hearts you’ll

help us with our habits you love us so

much that you’ll meet us right where we

are but you also love us so much that

you won’t leave us there lord god so we

know there’s going to be transformation

we know we’re going to have to change we

know we’re going to have to deal with

our patterns we know there’s there’s

consequences for our mistakes we know

all that lord jesus but without your

spirit without your help lord god we

will simply be on uh the hamster wheel

of performance and we’re tired of

running we’re tired of acting we’re

tired of performing lord jesus we need

your help

but i pray right now lord jesus

for the discouraged heart


for the hard heart for the one

who has heard god is angry for the one

who has heard god as an unpleased god

who doesn’t want anything lord for a god

who’s too busy for a god who can’t get

involved for a god who’s too big to get

involved in your small problems lord i

thank you that right now by your spirit

you are literally taking off for god the

scales lord god you are literally

removing lord god the the the noise

canceling headphones of culture of our

parents of how we were raised a bad

theology you are literally removing

those things lord god so that we can

hear you clearly that’s my prayer lord

god lord that right now in this moment

you would remove lord god anything that

has blocked lord god us from hearing

your voice your spirit and your love

i thank you that you would do it jesus

every head bowed every eye clothes there

are some of you in this room and the

truth is you’ve heard about god but

you’ve never had a relationship with him

for yourself

i’m telling you he loves you so much

he’s so proud of you he’s so grateful

that you would even be in this moment

and listen there is nothing you could do

right now that would make him love you

more or less he loves you because he

loves you he loves you because he is

love love is not something he does it’s

not an emotion he has it is who he is he

can’t act outside of love he can’t act

against love god is love for god so

loved the world that he gave his only

son so that whoever would believe in him

would not perish but would have eternal

life that is the good news of jesus and

today if you don’t have a relationship

with jesus and you want to accept him i

want to give you that opportunity

i’m going to count to three

on the count of three i’m going to ask

you no matter if you’re in the room or

online to raise your hand this is not a

religious activity this isn’t so we can

count the numbers of people who made

that decision this is for you this is

because the bible says in romans that

when you believe in your heart and

confess with your mouth that jesus is

lord you shall be saved it’s not by your

performance it’s not by your actions you

don’t have to believe the lie that you

have to clean your life up and then come

to jesus that’s not how it works if you

give him your life he will transform

everything he can help you with the bad

habits he can help you with the

addiction he can help you with the

marital problems but first he wants your


right now all over the world if you want

to accept jesus we’re going to give you

that opportunity one he loves you

two he has a beautiful plan for your


three raise your hand around the world

right now

thank you jesus thank you jesus

thank you jesus thank you jesus

you don’t have to listen to the lies you

don’t have to listen to that voice that

tells you this isn’t real or why are you

raising your hand or what are they going

to think about you know in this moment

hear from god god says i love you god

says i’m proud of you god says my arms

are open wide come to me all who are

weary and heavy burdened and i will give

you rest for your soul there’s peace

with jesus there’s the strength you need

with jesus there’s clarity of mind with

jesus there is a settled soul in his

arms come to jesus that is the


all around the world if you raise your

hand we’re going to as a church family

we’re going to pray together nobody’s

going to pray alone we’re going to all

pray this for the benefit of those who

are coming to jesus and even for some of

you who need to rededicate your life to

jesus in this moment maybe you’ve

strayed away maybe you’ve gotten distant

but in this moment you can pray this

prayer believe in your heart and

something can be changed forever in your

eternity and that is it is secure with

christ all around the world repeat this

after me say dear god

i love you

thank you

for loving me

dear jesus

i admit

i can’t do it

i’m not enough

i thank you

that you are more than enough

i give my life to you

save me

change me

transform me

in jesus name i pray

everybody said

amen transformation church can we give

it up oh come on can we make some noise

for people who just gave their life to


hey listen if you just made that

decision we’re so happy we’re so

grateful it’s the best decision you

could ever make and uh this starts an

amazing journey of following jesus it’s

not we like to say it’s not about

perfection it’s about progression and as

a church we would love to come alongside

of you to be an encouragement to be a

support to be a place where you can

figure out what does it mean to follow

jesus we’ve got amazing content if

you’re watching this on youtube we’ve

got amazing sermons that can help walk

you through what does it mean now and

and what do i need to do and what is the

holy spirit and and how do god talk

about my every single thing you could

think about we want to talk to you and

help you on this journey and uh man we’d

love to know that you made that decision

today if you text the word save to the

number that’s on your screen uh 82 82 82

our team just wants to connect with you

wants to send you some resources and

really just be an assistant on this

journey with jesus listen more than

anything you need to know he loves you

so much

he loves you so

so much and he’s always loved you he

doesn’t love you more now because you

made this decision he doesn’t make you

love you less when you make a wrong

decision tomorrow he loves you

infinitely and exponentially because

you’re you

so here’s the beautiful thing you can

stop trying to change who he created you

to be

he loves you right where you are but i

promise you one moment with jesus after

this decision everything changes your

life may change some things you used to

do may change some old habits that you

thought were okay won’t feel okay

anymore that’s the conviction of the

holy spirit it’s not condemnation romans

8 said there is no condemnation for

those who are in christ jesus after that

in romans 8 3 is where it says for god

did what the law could not do by sending

jesus what did jesus do he came to help

and heal our heart so that our habits

could be transformed he came so we could

be changed from the inside out not

trying to force our hearts to change

from the outside in in this moment i

promise you your life is going to change

and we’re so grateful for you we love

you so much listen i want to encourage

you come back next week if you’ve ever


tried to figure out how do i hear from

god stick with us this whole series i

promise you if you’ve ever wondered how

do i hear from god what do i do to hear

from what are practices all the we’re

going to address all those different

things and i promise you it’s going to

change your life listen as a church we

love you on behalf of our lead pastors

pastor michael natalie todd we love you

so much and we’re gonna ask you to go

out and live a transformed life we’ll

see you guys