Sometimes the greatest deterrent to revival is our satisfaction without it. In this clip, Bill Johnson shares some beautiful moments where the Presence of God became tangible in the room. Let your heart be stirred with hunger for more of God as you listen.

i’ll never forget the sunday sitting

right down there where

brian my son happened to be leading in

worship that sunday

he may have played two chords i’ve

always said it was one but something


on that second chord



filled the room

and we didn’t get to our first song for

40 minutes

in the manifest presence of the king of

glory suddenly there’s only

one thing on your mind it’s what i was

born for i i was born for this seamless


between the king of glory who has made

me qualified because i could never

qualify myself

i have been strangely apprehended again

for something that’s way bigger than


i love us but this one’s bigger than us

this one’s bigger than us

i remember

that one sunday morning where brian hit

i think it was the second chord and and

he just i don’t know how to describe it

you know it’s afterwards in the moment

you don’t know what to do

you know

afterwards you look back and go man he

just walked into the room and that was

that kind of a moment i’ll never forget

that we’ve only had that happen on that

level one time in

25 years

but i remember a sunday night where

the worship team was playing and there

another one of those moments where the

glory just came in and

everybody up here just stopped

and everybody out here just

stopped and it was almost like we were

suspended in time

you know you know how people get nervous

when nothing’s happening you know like

somebody especially in pentecostal

circles somebody need to pray in tongues

or prophesy or

laugh or get out and dance or do

something you know it’s like we get

nervous with blank spaces there was no

nervousness with that blank space

because he filled the blank space

he he just came into the blank space and

all of a sudden you didn’t have to tell

people turn your affection to him it’s

just there was just silence i don’t

remember ever hearing silence for that

long in a in a crowd that likes to make


it was like the ultimate offering was

just to shut up

but yet nobody said or suggested it was


it’s what you do

when he enters the room

you find everything that you could think

of to say is completely meaningless

and i’m hungry for that again

i’ve had tastes in the last

10 days or so at levels


that i’ve not had

for a while

and it tells me

that we’re being set up

and it’s going to be good

but it won’t be about you

and it won’t be about me

he has set something in motion

and he wants us to see that he was


serious when he said it

the glory of the latter house would be

greater than the former the context was

there were people that saw the temple

before it was destroyed and then rebuilt

and they remember both and the first one

solomon was just incredibly glorious and

the second one wasn’t near as beautiful

and so you had you had two groups of

people there some were laughing for joy

because look the temple’s built and

others were weeping man it’s nothing

like it used to be and so that prophecy

was very very specific

in in other words

this thing that you see over here that’s

not it

i’m going to do something in the earth

that is going to be

way more glorious than even

solomon’s temple

which silenced and stunned the leaders

of nations


will do it again in this house that’s


and that’s me

i feel like there’s

an invitation i i wasn’t sure how to

how to label this talk this conversation

with you today but

to me i i can’t talk about it without

feeling invited

without feeling compelled


is a holy holy gift

see sometimes

our satisfaction

in the absence of revival

is what prohibits revival

is that i’m actually okay

without it

sometimes the absence

of the manifest presence of the king of


sometimes my satisfaction in those

moments may be the very thing

that propels

that glory

so here’s

here’s an invitation

i’d like for everybody watching

to join me in this very very simple


god i can’t make myself suitable

but i can surrender

and there are people right now watching

you don’t even have a personal

relationship with with the lord jesus

christ and this is the most

unusual message ever to invite you into

the family but i’m going to do it anyway

in this moment you have this sense some

of you in your homes

there’s going to be this sense of

presence you’ve never seen before you’ve

never felt before you’ve never realized


but it’s happening now i had that sense

early this morning that there would be


encounters with the lord himself in your

home i love the corporate gathering but

there’s see it was in my one-on-one

stuff that helped me to realize the

corporate stuff

so wherever you’re at

some of you have never surrendered to

jesus i want you just to simply pray

this prayer and in in the online chat

room tell somebody what you’ve done but

it’s just praying this prayer of god i

give you my entire life

that you would be glorified

do in me

whatever pleases you

that your name would be exalted

do in my family

in my home

that which delights your heart

see the scripture says the lord speaks

at one point he says for i’m not ashamed

to be called their god i would like

everybody watching this to have the lord

shout over your actual home the physical

home that you live in

i would love to see the lord of glory

stand over your household and shout to

everything that exists i am not ashamed

to be called their god

there’s something about to be released

in the earth

and it’s through surrendered people so

father we pray right now i ask that you

would use this overwhelming sense of

presence and that you disciples this way

you teach us this way that we would

never be satisfied with anything

less than you again

like moses we want to say if you’re not

taking us we don’t want to go up from

here we don’t want to go just blessed we

don’t want to go just with favor and

open doors if you’re not going if your

presence isn’t that which makes us

different than everyone else then we

don’t want to go anywhere

so i’m praying that i’m praying that for

us us

this tribe this family the bethel family

all over the world

mark us with the glory

god invite you interrupt our dream


teach us what you like teach us

open up new

pathways of discernment and perception

in our physical body our hearts our

minds that we just expand our ability to

recognize you the glorious one

and that somehow that would be the

contagious factor not a pandemic not a


but a contagious factor called

the glory of god

the glory of god has become known in the

earth that’s what we want

so i

invite you to do that with us as a

family and i give you thanks


yeah i’m so glad that you uh watched

this video i do pray that it’s a great

great strength and encouragement to you

and i’ve got a verse that it really is

my cry for all of us and it’s psalms 20

it’s verse 4

may he grant you your heart’s desire and

fulfill all your plans

that’s my prayer that’s my prayers that

this would be the season of rich rich


thanks for joining us