In this year of fruit, God is pruning and cutting us in areas that do not bear and areas that He desires to see more fruit. To keep from perishing, we have to receive vision to keep us ALIVE. In Week 2 of the Fresh Fruit Sermon Series, Pastor Mike shared fresh vision for Transformation Church with us and taught us how to have a vision for fresh fruit. This year our focus will be on having tested faith, trusted friends, and being in a space of training for spiritual formation. Let’s commit ourselves to this new level of faith, friendship, and formation, trusting that God is going to cause us to bear MORE FRUIT! Scripture References: John 15:16 NLT Habakkuk 2:2 NKJV John 15:1-2 NLT James 1:2-4 NLT Proverbs 17:17 NLT Acts 2:42 NLT 03:22 – John chapter 15 verse 16 NIV 11:36 – Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 2 NKJV 13:45 – I’m not selling my vision. I’m sharing His vision. 19:06 – Vision that is not continually shared becomes stale 29:21 – Don’t just observe the vision. Own the vision. 30:56 – The place vision is released is not the place where it is received 34:37 – Vision is often cultivated in the valley 35:37 – Real vision is always vulnerable 39:23 – John chapter 15 verses 1 & 2 NLT 44:00 – A vision for fresh fruit: 1. Faith tested 48:43 – James chapter 1 verse 2 49:35 – A vision for fresh fruit: 2. Friends trusted 54:03 – Proverbs chapter 17 verse 7 57:49 – A vision for fresh fruit: 3. Spiritual formation training 01:0:26 – Acts chapter 2 verse 42 01:00:47 – Faith + friends + spiritual formation = Fruit Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at Transformation Church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you you ready all right

y’all y’all ready I said y’all ready cuz

today is week two of a series we’re

calling help me fresh

fruit and um this year we have decided

as a church that we will not settle for

anything crusty old or

stale y’all didn’t seem convinced about

that but everything in my life has to be

what fresh good and I want fresh

relationship I want fresh ideas I want

fresh wisdom I want fresh

instructions fresh perspective what else

you want to be fresh in your life yell

out at me put it in the comments you

want fresh what relationship she said

she said relationships I already said

that one but you wanted to make sure it

was clear again she said ah fresh

relation what else y’all want fresh what

reation fresh what Revelation Revelation

friendship what did I hear fresh

communication come on anybody else

freshh finances somebody said I need

some fresh money give me some new

money okay somebody just shouted me

fresh it’s going to be fresh by faith

though we’re not just looking for new

things we want fresh things things that

God’s hand is

on we want to live in a place of fresh

fruit and so the word of the year at

this church is fruit and God said for

the next how many ever weeks I want you

to walk the people through what I am

calling um a a vision of being able to

get everything in your life fresh and

today is Vision Sunday and I’m excited

about it because I’m going to show you

and share with you um how to get vision

and then the vision of this church and

what we’re going to be doing going

forward and I want you to know that this

applies to you because everything that

I’m going to tell you is from the word

of God and whatever God’s given you a

vision on you can apply copy and paste

these principles to it to be able to see

this level of freedom and access in your

life and then you’re going to hear about

God’s plan and how he planted you in

this church so that you could produce

more fruit than you could by

yourself that’s great and there’s a lot

of people that think that you’re better

off outside of church and I want to let

you know Come Close you’re

not you you might be more isolated you

may not have to be accountable you may

be able to get and do whatever you want

and say whatever you want cuz I’m My Own

people I’m living my truth and I’m you

might be do all that but God cuts off


favor cuz you’re not attached to

anything and today I want to let you

know that the house of God is still

God’s plan to produce the greatest

version of you yeah yeah yeah so that

you can go out there and actually

produce everybody shout at me fruit

fruit okay and uh John 1516 is our

anchor scripture I want you to study

this I want you to read it every day I

want you to post it up on your mirror I

want you to tattoo it on you if you need

to but I need you to remember this

because this is God speaking in the form

of Jesus he said you did not choose me

but I chose you and I appointed you so

that you might go and bear fruit I don’t

know my calling bear fruit good good God

I just want you to clarify your will for

my life bear

fruit but God if you could give me a

specific prophetic word Jesus did over

2,000 years ago I called you and I

appointed you to do something bear

fruit and so it trips me out when

everybody wants to know exactly what God

has for them right now I ask them what

are you doing where you’re

at is where you’re at Fruitful yeah

great great no I hate this job good but

have you have you dropped any fruit

there I can’t I can’t stand where I’m at

can’t stand where and God’s like okay

cool but since you’re

there sir you might as well represent me

and do what I ask you to do bear

fruit and some of us are so hung up on


preferences of the Season we want to be

in that’s really good that we do not

bear fruit in the season that we

actually are in oh I’m being strong

today I want you to understand that God

is a god of stewardship he’s watching

what you do with what you already

have and you’re sitting here asking God

for something new and he said I’ll make

what you’re doing already

fresh you bearing fruit there is that

relationship bringing any fruit he says

and I don’t want you to just go and bear

fruit watch this oh I want you to

produce fruit that

will last so even going back to that job

scenario you hate where you at but God’s

saying bear fruit

there yeah then he’s going to say and I

don’t want you to just bear fruit that

stays when you’re there my

God I want you to be so fruitful that

when I progress you to another place

what you did was lasting

there okay I can’t even touch that

that’s a leadership course in itself

it says and so that whatever you ask in

my name the father will give you now I

don’t have time to break this down

because it’s not really my message today

but there is something connected to you

getting your prayers

answered and you bearing fruit wherever


at I need you to it says I want you to

be in a place cuz I appointed you to be

there bear fruit fruit that will last

and so whatever you ask in my name the

father will give to you it don’t really

make sense to me until I remember that

God is a god of

stewardship he’s not giving any more to

anybody who’s not using the footprint

that they have to create fruit right

now okay that made you mad okay so

acronym for fruit it’s going to be my


repeating until it

transforms so go back to that job

scenario I’m in a situation an

internship a job a housing situation

that I hate but today I’m changing my

perspective if you watch last week’s

message by getting

gratitude and and then it will become

fresh to you and when it becomes fresh

you can then produce fruit when I then

begin to produce fruit I start trying to

produce fruit that remains and when I

produce fruit that remains watch this

the only way I can do that is by doing

the same Faith step over and

over repeating it until whatever I’m

looking at

transforms you want to see something

change in your life keep doing the same

thing that you know will bring you

results you want to lose

weight I’m so proud of the people of

transformation nation and Transformation

Church few weeks ago I gave a a fitness

challenge and we decided that we were

going to be fit to finish and every

morning whether it’s 4:00 5: a.m. 6:

a.m. I’m getting notifications on my

Instagram of people walking for at least

30 minutes all over the world and I’m

from Honolulu to Paris to California to

Tulsa that like y yeah y’all can clap

for that especially if you’re not

walking you could definitely at least



cuz the truth of the matter is you going

to be mad come

June and you’re going to cancel

vacations cuz of how you look in that



okay let’s just be honest and then it’s

going to work on your self-esteem and

then you’re going to start drinking

again see y’all got to understand that

the enemy plays on our

insecurities and so how can walking

today keep me from having a baby 7

months from now so good on cuz you know

once you

start get a little

loose you start answering DMS that you

would ignore

usually and Trey kwante is going to get

up in your

DMs and take you the Cheesecake


Factory what I’m saying is if your faith


today and tomorrow y and the next day

I’m not talking about being extreme I’m

talking of being intentional

that’s what are you saying out of your

mouth every morning when you wake up

today is going to be a day full of favor

God’s hand is on my life when I’m in

unfavorable situations I am still favor

because God is with me today I will make

a difference wherever I go and wherever

I am fruit will be left because of the

love that is in my life what are you

saying but if you say that every day I

watch Charles and and his son son today

out in the back say a confession and

Arlo is how old six 4 years old dang you

know when you getting old you just start

putting out numbers how old is he

19 he four years old and this little boy

is saying this confession

strong and and and it’s just his faith

being repeated every day until

confidence is instilled in him he going

to be 25 in a on a hard situation and

when he starts getting pressed guess

what’s going to come out of him

like I’m just saying somebody shout at

me fruit Faith repeating until it

transformed for nine years when it’s

been time to share Vision I’ve gotten up

here really excited because I think

vision is my thing like if I was only if

I only could speak on one thing for the

rest of my life I can make people

believe in the vision that God’s given

me how do you know we

here like if you saw where we started if

you saw how this thing got cracking if

you saw how many of y’all wasn’t

there and when I still stood up with my

knees shaking and and and ashy ankles

and ashy hands and and just just said

what I felt like God said to

me and now some of y’all to move how

many people just in the room have moved

from another place to be a part of this

church look oh y’all y’all got to give

it up for that that is w i l d

wild so all I’m saying is if you’re new

around here vision’s a big

deal because the Bible tells us in


2:2 that that that you’re supposed to

write the vision and make it plain on

tablets that he may run who reads it now

I started to thinking about that and and

it’s parallel with another scripture

says where there is no

vision the people do what that means

they die like I want to make this a very

literal hard in your face translation

where you don’t have Vision people

die purposes

die Destinies die have you ever met

somebody who was super gifted and didn’t

know what to do with their

gifting I mean like people who is like

if I had

116th of your

ability what I would do with it it it’s

because they have no everybody shout at

me Vision vision and so when I started

to think about Vision I God has done a

transformation in me and on me as a

leader and I I have to be very

transparent with you today I’m going to

keep it humble open and transparent cuz

we’re hot at this church every time I’ve

gotten up here until today I felt like I

was trying to sell

vision is

good I’m letting you see my Evolution as

a leader in front of you I was I was

selling Vision cuz the truth of the

matter is a lot of time I didn’t know if

it was going to

work and it’s crazy how God sometimes

calls you to a position to get out there

and lead and you still questioning

stuff I mean it’s almost like being a

parent it’s like oh hold on y y’all just

going to leave me with

them y’all not coming to the crib with

me like after that two days and they be

like all right God bless you it’s like

wait okay

no manual yeah no

tutorial just

trust that’s good that’s how vision is

no manual no tutorial just trusting what

you heard from

God and um I decided this year that I

was not going to be selling

Vision I’m just going to share

it great great I’m just going to share

Vision cuz I know now 9 years in if God


it no no no no I’m not even this is not

blowing smoke to you like if he now if I

say it question it right like if it’s

just my plan and my

idea okay maybe but I’m talking about a

word from God and that’s why I I want to

make this a point just so it’s stamped

in time I’m not selling my vision I’m

sharing his vision

great okay so today I don’t want you to

I’m just the

vessel today I’m just going to tell you

what happened transparently and I’m

going share it with you I don’t even

want to preach at you because at the end

of the day I don’t want you to get happy

about something that ain’t even mine I

want you to get happy about what’s

his and if you take a hold of what I

share with you oh my goodness that song

we just sang build your

church build it from the ground up I’m

telling you you have never seen a

Revival like what we’re about to see in

this city and through this movement I

need at least 14 people to be with me I

said you’ve never seen a move auua was

not the greatest movement of God that

happened in Tulsa I’m telling you

there’s something that is about to

happen but it’s got to start in a

church it’s got to start in a house with

people who actually

believe it’s got to start with a people

who are actually surrendered yes who

will give up things they like for things

that God

loves okay that’s too

much then the Lord answered me and said

hebecca 22 write the vision and make it

plain on tablets that’s why we got


everywhere that’s why on the clothes

that’s why it’s on the shirts that’s why

it’s on the billboard what are they

talking about represent that that ain’t

no scripture this is the vision he gave

us right to represent God to the lost

and found for one reason what is it

transformation in Christ we want people

to meet meet Christ and be

transformed so if it’s through drawing

them in through a ransom


play do y’all know there were over how

many people got saved during Ransom it

was like 600 and something people that


saved and they was

mad that we used a Beyonce song that



you knew the


song But if getting church people

mad who have religious and won’t even

share the gospel with

anybody to get 600 plus people saved in


weekend we’ll take

it oh and we’re doing Ransom again this

year so

please don’t get it

twisted oh y’all thought y’all was going

to run us off we done better better than

it it’s ever been why are you saying

that Pastor Mike because the truth of

the matter is there’s more lost

people who are not going to come and

hear me speak for an hour and 15 minutes

true but they going to come see the

dancing and the fire and that’s why

Broadway is what it is people fly all

over the I’m just trying to give yall a

little vision behind what and why we do

the things that we’re doing cuz we’re

supposed to go into all of these

worlds it didn’t say go into all the

Earth it says go all in it’s going to

all the

world the fin World means

systems going to the music system the

financial system the real estate

system people want to just stay in the


World okay this was not a part of any of

my notes but I’m sharing video vision

and it just comes up out of

me I want you to see the goal of HCA

tutu it’s not just to write the

vision and it’s not just to put it

plain it says that he may run who reads

it vision is supposed to be

shared most people write Vision make it

plain and then don’t share

who knows what God’s placed on your

heart come

on where is it visible where where where

are you continually

repeating until it transform where are

you putting your faith at where is the

fruit and it stops many times like God I

did what you said during 21 days of

prayer Fest I wrote The Vision I made it

plain and God

said you got to put it in a

place that people can read it

who are supposed to help you run with

it so if vision is not shared watch this


stale let me make it a point Vision that

is not continually shared becomes stale

and some of you have vision from God

that is so crusty not because it is not

anointed it’s because you’ve stopped

sharing it you stopped sharing that you

were going to open a daycare one day for

single mothers

you stop sharing that you were going to

write that book about what you’ve been

through in the first 20 years of your

life you stop sharing that your dream is

to go in with athletes and lead them to

Christ through nutrition you stop

sharing wow because you got disappointed

or it didn’t happen in a season you stop

sharing that you want to build a

block yeah and you stop sharing because

right now you don’t even have your

family in the house you desire them to

be in so you feel like a fraud because

you’re believing for something bigger

than what you’re seeing in your own

life oh I’m in somebody’s business right

now God called you a pastor but you

won’t even do a small group because

you’re scared you don’t know the Bible

good enough you need to stop watching

all of those critics talk about and

tearing down everybody Paul didn’t have

no training when he started proclaiming

the gospel to everybody he was killing

Christians on a Tuesday and by Friday he

was bringing people to Christ

do not let people keep you from the

thing that God has called you

too but if you don’t share that Vision

it becomes

stale that’s why every time you see me I

got something represent on I was on

national TV on

Friday represent pen right there the

lady when I got off she said what does

that mean I said oh I’m so glad you

asked I was able to share the gospel

with one of the

anchors why are you saying this Pastor

Mike it’s because the vision has to be

shared so so that’s why we do Vision

every Sunday here that’s why when

Charles and Abby got up here and they

said you know the vision of our church

yeah and some of y’all been here 22

years and can’t recite

it it’s really hard to live out what you


remember it’s very it’s very difficult

and I’m telling it’s one sense you know

every Drake

song Oh some of yall you know every Reba


song come on you know every Ariana

Grande song and you know every Stevie

Wonder song I think I hit everybody I on

know you know every Fred Hamman song

okay I got everybody

now good but you can’t remember Vision

because Vision hasn’t become valuable to

you and where there is no vision

let me give you another translation it

says people cast off

restraint let me give it let me give it

to you a little a little deeper where

there is no vision people stop

caring any area of your life that you

don’t care in you don’t have Vision

in so if you don’t care about a budget

it’s because you don’t have a vision for

your money that’s good job and that’s

why every every end of the month you

stressed cuz when you got the paycheck

you mysteriously ended up at the

mall to pick up one lotion from Bath and

Body Works one and you know they always

have a sale how does Bath and Body Works

always you buy two candles then you get

six lotions and then you get nine

deodorizers what okay give me two of

them like what

but the only reason you can stop

caring is cuz you didn’t have

Vision what I’m what I’m asking

everybody to do is make a fresh

commitment that you want vision for your

home vision for your relationship vision

for your marriage vision for your

friendships and that’s why I have to

share Vision somebody say share Vision

share Vision matter of fact I want to

share fresh Vision put that on the

screen this is the title of my sermon

fresh Vision the power of shared

Vision do you have friends that don’t

know the vision God’s giv you cuz if

your friends don’t know the vision they

don’t even know what position they going

to be playing in their life in your life

that’s see that’s why a lot of times

when you get ready to make a step your

friend group Jacks you up cuz you never

gave them a vision like I’m not going to

be sitting here cussing and sleeping

around with y’all for

long I’m trying to be real up in here I

know I’m whing out right now but God’s

placed inside of me a Ministry for women

who are

virtuous and so I’mma bust up the club

with y’all tonight one more

time one more time for the one


time but I’m I’m but but

tomorrow but what I’m saying is this is

why it’s so hard many times to break

away cuz even if you can’t live it out

yet you’ve never shared the vision

y’all remember last week when I put on

those um Apple Pro situations I want to

do that again real quick because I I

found out a way to connect them where

y’all could see what I’m

seeing shout out to the tech

team okay so like this is so crazy like

okay is it on okay here we

go all right here we go can y’all see it


wave at me if you can see me oh my

goodness okay so watch this

y’all watch this I’mma show y’all some

photos look I’mma pick this up and put

it over here and I’m still looking at

y’all but it’s right here cat what what

do you say to people who come in


okay cat you didn’t say nothing oh hold

on hold on hold on hold on hold on oh I


this uh oh I got to turn the sound on is

the sound on

y’all sound people turn the sound on

well y’all can see that okay let me

there we

go I did hit

play is it not playing for

y’all I’mma do something

else let me FaceTime

somebody where Charles

at do y’all see

this y’all can’t see what’s

happening oh my gosh can y’all see it

now I’m a FaceTime

Charles y’all look at


can y’all see

it what is up bro and I’mma put you like

back here in the balcony over

here do y’all see how crazy this is like

his head is right there y’all right here

Cat Williams right

here I’m just trying to share some

Vision with

y’all it it it went off again here hang

up I’m hanging up on you Charles it’s


can y’all see

this now it looks like I could walk off

this but I’mma stop cuz I know the stage

is somewhere right around where I’m

at but I’m in another place right now

imagine praying up

here and then coming back to see your

baby’s kids just right here

like now now now the only only reason

y’all can see this is because I’m


it I could be up here all by myself and

nobody’s able to see it but it was

glitching a little bit because you

didn’t actually have it on Scott where

you at come here come here Scott now

Scott travels all over the world with

me and uh I love y’all give it up for

Scotty come sit right here

Scotty I want you to try

this cuz there’s no power

unless the vision

is so even if it glitches for

fans and for people that are out in the

crowd if I actually put the vision on

somebody they’ll be able to see what

nobody else can see how you feeling

Scotty crazy

crazy look at him he don’t even know

what he

doing just pinching things


what you doing right now Scott I’m

listening to cat you listening to cat

yeah now they can’t hear cat but you can

because you’re fully

immersed in the vision that’s good

that’s good now what you doing

Scott cuz you look stupid to all of

us but the truth of the matter you’re

experiencing something that none of

these thousands of people are

experiencing that’s right cuz you’re


submersed in the VIS and he would not

have this unless I shared

it and you know what Scott this actually

is yours


now no thank

you cuz it’s not enough just to share

the vision you got to own the

Vision come on take it that’s yours

now what

happens this is not Mah’s or kylin’s

Scott that is

yours I need everybody to see what

happened is that because somebody was

willing to let me share it with him

that’s great great they became the owner

owner of

it this is how Vision

Works this is not Pastor Mike’s Vision

this is not transformation Church’s

Vision this is God Vision that then he

allows us to share in great until we

feel like uhoh I’m an owner of this I

don’t represent at

church I represent everywhere I go when

I am when I’m

mad I got to remember that presenting

God to the lost and found for Train

That’s the go and whatever God has given

you as a

vision my question to you today is do

you own

it or is it on

loan is it

borrowed and most of us have never seen

fully what God wants to do CU you won’t

own the vision he’s placed in your

hand what do you saying Pastor Mike

don’t just observe the vision own the

vision great

good you know what I’ve learned is that

the place where vision is released is

not the place where it’s

received so today I’m releasing Vision

to you but this is not where God spoke


me matter of fact I need to change my

posture right now I’m G change this take

this down cuz I’m about to get real

vulnerable with

y’all so I need to change my position

cuz I was in a I was in a position like


God help

me God I don’t know what to

do God there’s thousands of people

showing up I didn’t ask for

this search my heart oh

God there’s anything in me that’s not


you could you remove


father I

repent for every moment that I got in

the way of what you were trying to

do God I can’t go back to this church if

you don’t speak to

me I need

you Pastor Mike why are you why are you

doing this because I want to show you

for real how you get

Vision it’s not loud on a

platform it’s

quiet with your real

emotions God is not

scared of what you’re scared

of and he’s not fearful of what you’re

fearful of but he needs you to bring it

to him and

so two years ago can I be can I be like

super real with y’all today

okay it’s even a little weird for me to

even coin this Vision

Sunday cuz two years ago I had a a

a really traumatic situation on Vision

Sunday um we were closed for

covid and

um just had about 200 300 people in 1519

while they were finishing the

construction here and I I went up and

preached the message about seeing Vision

clearly and um I mean it was powerful

and I did this little example with

saliva and it kind of turned into a big


um it wasn’t what I was planning that’s

okay I know that

now but back


then I’m on TMZ and CNN and and all your

family is talking about me and asking

you why you still go to that church

and I shared uh a screenshot with some

of my brothers earlier today that I

cannot repeat on this telecast

but people basically

uh had written off every good thing that

I’d ever

done because of one thing that wasn’t a

sin it was just

gross it was just

disgusting but I can think of a lot of

other things y’all do with spit


anyway y’ I haven’t talked about this in

2 years okay so I’m trying to be

vulnerable I’m trying to posture I need

another pillow hold up let me posture

myself I need a weighted blanket up


here what I found out is vision is often

cultivated in

valleys did you hear what I just

said if you’re in a low moment if you’re

in a moment that doesn’t feel like a

Mountaintop I want you to know that many

times if you would just sit still and

wait on God it’s the place where he

uncovers the vision for the

Mountaintop there’s too much light at

the top for you to get the

vision so he puts you in a dark place a

place where there’s no light on you a

place where you feel torn down and

that’s when he whispers to

you and today

um the reason I changed my posture and I

didn’t want to yell on Vision Sunday and

scream and try to convince you is cuz I

told you I’m not selling this no more

I’m just sharing it I got my foot up I’m

I feel good the only thing that make me

feel better as my wife sitting here

because the truth of the matter is real

vision is always write this down real

vision is always

vulnerable if you don’t feel vulnerable

when God gives you a vision it’s just a


idea if it doesn’t seem bigger than you

if it’s not like oh my gosh I there will

never be a way I can do that then that’s

just a good idea that you need plans and

people for but a real vision from God

always makes you

vulnerable so after the spit hit the

fan um me and my wife were on a station

in the

city and I had to formulate an

apology and uh address it because I

didn’t want my sheep the members in my

church fighting for something and I

hadn’t said anything about it we got

your back I know you got my back but

it’s not your responsibility to be the

shepherd when I’m called

to and I understood that and so I had to

say something even though I just wanted

to fight can I be honest y’all I wanted

to line every comment

up I’m good with my words y’all I would

have I would


and the Holy Spirit said through my wife

turn social media off and get away from

Tulsa well my friends happen to be

leaving the next day to go to Nappa to

celebrate um a birthday and like Nappa

is not like a place that I would ever

pick to go because it doesn’t have a

beach and to me if I’m going anywhere

that’s not for Ministry I need sand


shells I need I needed it all but I

didn’t have time I was so clouded I was

like I just need to be with people who

care about me right now and so we were

on a plane 24 hours after being on the

stage to Napa now if anybody knows about

Nappa Nappa is a place for rich people


wine like no it really okay so y’all

looking at me it’s like Nappa it’s like

rich people and wine I don’t drink wine

and I was not rich so I was like why am


here and I found myself on a

balcony and for the first time in my

life I’m every morning waking

up and I’m sitting looking out at a

Vineyard and I’m like God why am I here

and he said just keep reading your

word and

somehow in my daily devotion I got to


15 and I’m literally sitting out here

every single day I got a picture of it

can you show them the picture y’all see

it look at how struggling I

am I was going

through after I heard people I prayed

for their

children and gave them

money personally when they houses were

about to be foreclosed on

seeing them do podcast on

me watching Pastor friends that I built


conferences take me off

of the

flyer I’m I’m I’m saying it’s all right

now but in the moment I want to be

real it did not feel all

right I wasn’t singing the songs we Firm

Foundation I was singing

why why like

but then I came to John 15 and I want

you to leave these pictures up as I read

this it says I am the true grape

vine and my father is the

gardener he cuts off every branch of

mine that does not


fruit and he prones the

branches that do bear fruit so they will



more now I’m sitting here every day

watching these guys y’all see him back

there in the orange vest like like over

there y’all see him and there’s one over

there there’s dudes in orange vest

coming out at 6:00 a.m. every day to

what I think is a dead

field to me with no education it’s like

I thought there was supposed to be big

greates here I thought there was

supposed to be but I guess wine grows in

another season cuzz it’s just

twigs and every day they would come out

there like 15 of them this whole thing

is huge so you can’t see and they’re

literally like paying so close attention

to these twig leaves and they’re

going and literally I’m watching them do

this as I’m like here is


Holy and

there and God said look at the scripture


he said I am the true grape vine and my

father that means god that means Yahweh

the one we’re praying to is a

gardener and he has something in his

hand that

cuts cuz verse two said he cuts off

every branch of

mine that doesn’t produce

fruit and at the time I was too prideful

to even think that I God I’m I’m

fruitful look at all the people getting

saved get all the thing God why is this

happening to me he said there was some

things in you

Michael that weren’t producing

fruit wow and I had to cut on you so you

could realize that you didn’t need

them I think I’m being too vulnerable

right now y’all going to use this as

ammunition but I I I just feel there’s a

few people in here that need to hear the


of what it looks like to be used by

God and then this the part that messed

me up for real and he

prunes the branches that do bear

fruit now prune is another word for cut

hold on

wait so I get cut if I don’t bear fruit

and I get cut if I do bear fruit

the Revelation is you get cut either

way so so many times it feels the

same but it’s

not and the enemy would like to

discourage you that the cutting of the

last season meant that God is done with

you he cut back the friendships cut back

the relationship cut back the influence

he ain’t done with

you he’s cutting on you because he has


of okay just read the rest of it he said

he prunes or cuts the branches that do

bear fruit so that they will produce

even more fruit the last cut is for more

fruit God took me through a 2-year


process cuz God’s measure of maturity is

not more fans not more followers not

more finances not more

God’s measure of maturity is more

fruit I don’t care if you got more money

is there more fruit in your life are you


generous do you walk in more love Do you

have more peace cuz all of those things

without the fruit means

nothing so so for everybody in here who

has a vision I just want to give you a

vision for fresh fruit in your life and

I’m just going to give you three things

I learned in the last two years so that

you can apply them to your life okay

real quickly the first thing you need to

know is if you going to get fresh fruit

your faith is going to be

tested I know I’m a Christian

now y’all church people made me go back

and renew my Christian

card no I know I know I know I actually

believe in God now I know I can turn the

other cheek yeah yeah

yeah I gave people severance pay who I

knew was talking about

me I I I I I know I know that I can love

my enemy

now but if you think your faith being

tested is a punishment you don’t

understand the god that we

serve it’s actually watch this your

faith being tested is not a punishment

it’s a

privilege ask

job have you considered

wow y’all not ready for this word cuz

I’m not screaming you don’t understand

God chose job to go through all those

trials and the reason some of yall like

but not me he never choose you cuz you

would leave him the moment he took your


away he would never you too weak in your

faith he’d never Choose You cuz one

person be

offended but your faith being

tested is a

privilege and I didn’t know it at the

time but I know it now and I’m I’m I’m

coming to tell you because God’s going

to give you a vision and your faith is

going to be tested you going to be

sitting there like God was this you yeah

what the heck all the people I thought

was going to be here with me and this is

gone where the money

at my husband’s doubting me my wife is

doubting me my parents can’t see why I’m

God at Le okay you gave me the vision

tell somebody

else so I’m not out here alone he said I

gave it to

you I don’t give

Vision to a

committee I give Vision to a man or a

woman and it is their responsibility to

write it down it is their responsibility

to keep it fresh it is their

responsibility to share that

vision and transformation

church I just thank you for being a

place that I could come to every

Sunday and even though I was the pastor

of this church this was my my place of

faith I would come in here so many days

and not have any energy to do

anything another staff member just left

and all they said was it’s because God

called them somewhere

else after after 6 years you can’t even

tell me the real

reason but you do subliminal Instagram


posts I’m being too real up here I


I but this is real

like but I would come in here and I

would see the people who

stayed I would see the Black Sheets over

all the

sections that used to be filled with

thousands of

people and praise and worship would go

forth and y’all would y’all would

worship like this place was

packed and it just gave me just

enough to get up and do what I knew I

was called to

do for every encouraging word for every

prayer for every person that still came

for every person that joined in the

middle of all of this stuff and you’re

like why everybody a little okay I don’t

even know but I’m here

like thank you because when my faith was

tested this church was a place of faith

for me yeah the very thing that I had

given my life for became a Life Source


me and and this is why I tell you that

that that your faith being tested it’s

going to happen somebody say it’s going

to happen it’s going toen in your

marriage your faith is going to be

tested you going to be looking at them

like God I made the wrong

decision look at them look at them look

at them like you

go but you it ain’t even real until it’s


tested oh God how do you know gold is

real it’s been tested in

fire James chapter 1 verse 2 it says

dear brothers and sisters when trouble

of any kind come your way any kind

consider it and op

opportunity for great joy for you know

that when your faith is tested your

endurance has a chance to grow so let it

grow somebody say Let It Grow Let It

Grow for when your endurance is fully

developed watch this this is the promise

you will be perfect perfect and complete

needing nothing what if you don’t need

more money to feel

complete what if you just need your

faith to be tested to the point where

you will be perfect and complete needing

nothing that means everything God does

is a cherry on

top it ain’t even the cake it ain’t even

the meal this is just

extra so if you want vision for fresh

fruit your faith is going to be tested

number two if you want vision for fresh

fruit watch this you need to have

friends that are

trusted and the reason I put the word

trusted is because a lot of us have

friends we don’t have a lot of trusted


and in in in a world where I mean

literally on Facebook like those are my

Facebook friends like we’ve watered down

the word so much that I had to put some

more weight on the back end of it do you

have Trends friends that are trusted

have you found your tribe

yet have you found the people that is

like if we going to war we going

together or if we crying we crying

together and if we turned up we turned

up together and if and and if and if


hurting we’re and the truth of the

matter is in the place where we should

find more of that in the church it’s

very very

scarce the only thing that got me

through this season of testing was I had


friends Brien Aaron came to that hotel

room that I was in with

Natalie and my wife is sitting there

holding me I’m a grown man and I’m

curled up in a fetal position because of

the thoughts of what this might

mean I was overwhelmed I wanted to punch

people I wanted to punch walls I wanted

I wanted to get up and say this the this

the third time I’ve done the example

stupid like I want

okay but God was like uh-uh I’m cutting

on you he said it’s not them they’re

just the tool I’m

using what happens when you pray to let

God get

back at everybody and he said I’m using

them to get something out of

you so I just got to let this happen

yep cuz I’m with

you and if I be for you

who can be against you he said let me

cut because I’m a

surgeon I know how to cut you in such a

way that it’ll keep all of your passion

but take off all the

perversion y’all know that’s what the

word of God does it says it can cut

through bone and Marrow do you know how

precise of a cut it would have to


I thank God for my trusted

friends thank God for Aaron and Bri I

thank God for Scott and mo I remember

Scott he’s sitting here and we playing

right now but the reason it’s so easy

for me to give Scott whatever that man

saw me in the back when I did not want

to come out here wow so praise and

worship has started and I’m in the back

and he sees me sitting there tired out

of my mind and he just prays for me and

close the door you need anything Pastor

Mike no he said you got this today God’s

with you I’m with you you you got this

and he would just encourage me I can’t

tell you how many times

Mo I would tell him Mo I can’t I can’t

even do nothing for that on Dat night

can you just go pick something out for

me cuz I still got to water the seed

that God has called me even in this

season where I feel

depleted and mo would bring back stuff

it’s like hold on bro you doing too much



I’mma have to keep this up when I get

better I’m just being real right now

y’all can’t tell you how many times my

my brothers would just come over I’m

checking on you Mike you good Brent you

good hey bro I almost had to kill

somebody in the comments the other day

bro they not going to mess this Blood

Gang here I ain’t like and I’m like hold

on calm down calm down but I’m kind of

like yes yes yes like come on you want

to know who’ll fight for you you know

what I’m saying saying

like this is too real day I’m

I but I didn’t I didn’t want to I didn’t

want to sell you Vision I just wanted to

share it with

you and I remember going to

Napa and thinking of Proverbs 17:7 a

friend loves at all

times and a brother is born for

adversity and this is what I pray for

every person because your faith will be

tested I’m praying that at some point

your trusted friends turn into brothers


sisters can you put when we was on the

balcony this is what we did every

morning I was up praying and every night

can you put where uh we were on this

balcony sitting around a

campfire and all Aaron would ask me is

how do you feel

today and they would just let me

talk they weren’t praying for me like

come here lift your hands you’re going

to be delivered tonight from hurt and

pain they just held space for me so good

they they let me

cuss I know church people I know I know

but I was

hurting I they they let they they let me

say things they let me and I was getting

texts from people like Jay and John and

I was getting texts from people like

lrae and Keon Henderson and Tim FaceTime

I was just surrounded by people who were

built for the

adversity C can can I just tell you

they’re not a friend if they are not

built for

adversity call them something

else but if they can’t go through a hard

season with you they weren’t a friend to


with and it’s beautiful when you go

through Seasons like this cuz it clears

things up real

quick I found out who people were real

fast and that don’t mean I’m not going

around I go around some of them right

now but I know who they are now you not

going to trick me no more oh bro you

should no no I don’t trust you but I’m

here God bless you what’s up

picture let’s

go I know who that is

now you need that you need trusted

friends third thing and this we’re going

to end you’re going to have to you said

send them Lord she said send them Lord

you have to be what you want

that’s so so I want to tell you how to

get trusted friends be

one sew the seed into it who are you

encouraging every single week every

single day who do you know has lost

something and you took your $6 and made

something and just went and and and and

it’s going to be it’s going to be

difficult cuz it’s not hard I mean it is

hard many times to be generous to people

cuz most people won’t even want to


it but I’m just saying if you want this

type of friendship be this type of

friend the reason Aaron and Bri were

there when I was in my Valley is cuz we

were there when they were in their

Valley when they when they were about to

get a divorce we showed up at their

house I’m not telling their business

they sat on this stage and already told

everybody we showed up at their house

and was like hell to the

N no no and they were convinced like

this is what we’re going to do and I was

like Over My Dead Body have you tried

this have you tried this have you tried

this when they didn’t have the will to

fight for themselves they had friends

that would get in the fire with them I’m

trying not to get too happy but I’m just

telling you everybody needs

a space of Faith where your faith is

okay to be tested you also need friends

that are trusted and this last mon you

need spiritual formation

training I don’t care how saved you are

if you’re not still learning something

you’re actually


vulnerable to the

enemy it was David

where it says at time at the time where

kings were supposed to go to

war when he was supposed to be fighting

again he stayed back the only reason he

saw B

Sheba is because he was not still doing

the things he had been trained to

do and can I just say that nobody

is exempt yeah from falling no matter

how long you’ve been in the

game if when it’s time to train you

don’t spiritually train if you don’t do

the fast that God tells you to do if you

don’t read the word if you don’t have

quiet time if you won’t worship if you

won’t do those things I’m telling you

right now what you’re doing is setting

yourself up to be vulnerable to the

enemy and how did I spiritually form

during that time there were no classes

for me there were no nothing I I went to

books I read this book right here by

John Mark comr the ruthless elimination


hurry this book transformed my

life I read this book leadership Pain by


Chan this book changed my life it was

spiritually forming me for the next

season of what God had for me I read the

bless church I read other books by Miles

Monroe the purpose and power of a leader

I was being spiritually

formed but I devoted myself to

it nobody told me to do this and the sad

thing about the church today is

everybody’s waiting for a program for


progress what if you don’t get a program

for your

progress what if you don’t get a podcast

for your progress

what if it’s on

you Acts 2:42 it says they

devoted what’s that next word

themselves this year I’m praying that

every person would devote themselves

Pastor Mike why did you just tell us

this because two years ago I started on

this journey of

transformation this is what produced so

much fruit in my life simple equation

Faith plus friend WIS plus spiritual

formation equals

fruit we’re yelling fruit and fresh

fruit this year this is how you get it

Faith plus what friends plus what

spiritual formation equals what

fruit so this the vision for our church

from now

on all we’re going to do is provide an

opportunity for you to have a space of

Faith to actually


friends and have a place for Spiritual

formation I told our team we’re

canceling everything

else cuz everything else doesn’t produce

fruit some of the stuff just we like to

do I’m going make an announcement we’re

not doing conference this

year oh that’s how serious I am about

this I said I want to take all the

Creative Energy all the money all the

effort and energy cuz at the end of the

day I don’t want just a hype

experience and there’s real

transformation that happens at the

conference and we going to do the

conference again don’t get it twisted

but this

year he said Michael I want you to

double down on what produces

fruit and it’s not a

conference what produces a fruit in

this is doing the things that our faith

needs repeatedly until it

transforms so Pastor Mike what do you

want us to do first thing I want you to

make a commitment to God’s house this

year I told the mended men I said I

don’t want you to miss 10 practices I

said you can only miss 10 practices this

year and they was all looking at me and

I said when we come to Sunday service

this is

practice y’all thought this was the

game so good I said the game is out

there it’s when we’re on those jobs and

with our relatives that don’t believe

and when we’re in the grocery that’s the

game and everybody coming to church like

we have the game this is


practice what I’m telling you right now

is that when you mis practice you don’t

know how to run the

place and the reason why the enemy is

able to run up the score on you out

there why you can’t get to control of

your browser history why you cannot say

no to those Temptations it’s cuz you

keep missing

practice I’m telling the whole church

you get

10 I’m get you got 10 weekends

off some of y’all already used up eight



but what would happen if you made a

fresh commitment to the house of God

this year and that every week you knew

you were at least one time in a space

that he could speak to you that my hair

come with a hat on like we don’t care

here your other Church might have cared

how you looked I rather you be in a

space where somebody can see

you that you could experience what I

experienced when I didn’t want to be

here somebody else’s Hallelujah helped


okay and we’re putting new emphasis on

our Tulsa

campus and we’re putting new energy here

so if you are in Tulsa I’m saying this

cuz I know transformation nation is

watching and you going to keep getting

all the things that you already getting

but if you’re in Tulsa don’t watch from


house they don’t want me to passor them

today you’re still

hiding and can I be real vulnerable with

you you’re

lazy I I I know it is more convenient

but the calling of Christ is not about

convenience what I’m asking you to do is

get in the

place that somebody can see

you second

thing how are you going to get

friends we are now changing be groups

and we’re giving it a new name because

God gave me fresh Vision somebody say

fresh Vision fresh Vision there were a

couple of things about be groups that I

wanted to change and I’ll tell you them

today just so you can be aware number

one the logo had to change because it

was a puzzle piece and many of you

didn’t know that but the how things look

and what it says means a lot to me and

the puzzle piece now that me and Natalie

have a son that is currently on the

autism spectrum that means something

different to

us and and and so I was like that

doesn’t completely describe what I want

this to be and the second thing is what

we were trying to do in the small groups

is we were trying to put the teaching

discipleship with the fellowship right

and it can get weird

yeah like when you come in trying to

make friends and they’re like what did

God give you out of Romans 6 today it’s

like come on let’s be honest like

sometimes I just want to talk about the

game and what’s going on and we can pray

together and stuff but and we got some

weird stuff happening in the be groups

like people started forming their own

churches and people started like it just

got weird and I was like

no in Acts

2:42 they Fellowship together and they

ate together that’s separate from

devoting themselves to the Apostle

teaching they did that but then they

just chilled and talked and played pool

and went to restaurants together so the

major thing that we’re going to do is

we’re going to pull out the teaching

aspect out of our small

groups and and what we’re going to do is

make it relational well what does it

mean you’re going to find your

tribe matter of fact that’s the new name

of our small group

tribes yeah and I’m believing for every

person in trans information Church

you’re going to find your tribe this

year I’m not talking 50 people but I’m

talking 3 to

10 that when you have a baby you don’t

need the whole church to come and gather

around you but those five to seven

people right they going to make you feel

special the statistics tell us that if

three people know your name when you

come to a large Gathering it feels like

you own the place you ever been to a

concert thousands of people but your

friends is there

and you looking

at you don’t need everybody else to know

you but you need somebody to know

you this is why I’m asking you not to

just run out of here after church I know


hungry but your soul is

too and it’s Desiring relationship that

you’re trying to find through a

screen so good when it could actually be

with a


we’re going to find our

tribes we’re going to eat together we’re

going to play pickle ball together we’re

going we’re going to lift weights

together we’re going to knit

together we going I don’t know who going

to be knitting but somebody is I know

one of y’all is going to be

knitting and and let me say this I need

leaders for

this I need people that say I’m not just


to observe the vision I’mma Own

It I’mma open up my house I’m going I’m

going to go to our clubhouse we’re going

to meet at the the coffee shop we’re

going to get together cuz I know there

are people out there like me and watch

this different than me let me very clear

we do not want our small groups to just

be people who like the same things

together somebody say I’m going to find


tribe and the last thing is we’re going

to create an opportunity for Spiritual

formation here on Wednesday

nights we’re going to pray from 6:00 to


4 and that’s then at

7:15 we’re going to have classes all

over this


yeah and we’re going

to we’re going to teach

you things that are not coming from the

platform we’re going to teach you how to

pray we’re going to teach you about

relationships we’re going to teach you

about finances we’re going to teach you

about parenting we’re going to teach you

we’re going to call in people who have

an anointing and a Grace to do that and

you going to be able to bring your kids

so so some of y’all just going to have a

break you just going to be like

here and you going to throw your kids

off and you going to get 50

minutes to actually know that you’re

growing and if you’ve already been

coming to our pray with me Wednesdays

there’s already hundreds of people

showing up and we going to be we going

to be out of here by

8:00 and some of the parents I know

you’re like 8:00 it’s a school night

your kids are still running around at


house you trying to give a melatonin at

8:15 I know I’m just playing I’m just

playing some of y’all are really on it

what I’m saying is one night

investment for your spirit and your soul

to know that you’re

growing Pastor that’s it that’s

it see because a lot of churches want to

do a lot of things

not here

anymore we’re going to

focus cuz we want

fruit to do that I know there’s a couple

of things that I have to do emly uh will

uh Charles Abby can y’all come sit on

the couch with me real quick so uh for

for for this to happen um when you start

thinking about fruit and you start

thinking about how do you do this you

need people who actually carry pieces of

the video

Vis and these people have been carrying

pieces of vision for a long time with me

and Natalie um but with fresh Vision

there needs to be fresh

repositioning and so today I ain’t want

to do no big thing I just wanted to

invite them to the couch so you could

see what’s going to happen this campus

is about to build that song build your

church I felt that thing through my toes

today and it’s going to be an Anthem

because it’s about to start going but I

know for what God has apostolically

called me to

do I

cannot be the local Pastor that

everybody desires me to be I don’t have

the bandwidth to build out these huge

visions and and get up here and speak

and prepare and do that but I know it’s

necessary that’s why God gave the church

five-fold some teachers some Apostles

some Pro like he he he didn’t just do

one thing and and there’s many times in

church that there’s not enough space for

every body because the lead pastor wants

to take up all the positions not here so

today I’m introducing to our first

location cuz there will be more your

brand new campus pastors Charles and


medcat oh this is a big deal y’all can

give it up you can give it


up all right sit down we got to go

okay I I want you to hear me say this I

trust them

explicitly I’ve walked with them through

valleys I told Abby when she got

here I said you’re going to walk in a

high level of ministry and she left

Crying Like Mike is trying to take away


purpose cuz she was a phenomenal

photographer at the

time but these two are going to lead

this campus

in a multiethnic

multigenerational loving

way that they going to be in the lobbies

and when you want to tell somebody

something you going to go to them I’m

going to be your pastor I ain’t going

nowhere I’m going to seek vision from

God I’m praying for you I’m doing what

God’s called me to do but for the Sheep

to actually be taken care

of you got to have somebody you can go

to and they going to have a team of

people he’s not here today because he’s

preaching at another church to give

another Pastor a break but your

associate campus Pastor is going to be


heckenbach oh y’all can give it up in

his absence that’s my

dog and and will he the one with all the

tattoos has a jail record yeah that’s my

dog the reason I say that is because God

can redeem

anybody and I want to make sure that

people know at this church that you can

start out at the bottom that’s so we’ll

start it out as an intern here and now

he’s going to be our associate campus

pastor and them with our campus team are

going to be getting the church that is

here locally

mobilized to transform this

city and and and we’re not going to do

it at the expense of real relationships

great great and so what I did was I

talked to two people who do

relationships almost better than anybody

and I said hey

could y’all stop doing all of that for a

second and I need you to focus so we can

get fruit cuz people are being picked

off because they don’t have people to

walk with them cuz the Bible says two

are better than

one and so I found uh will and Amberly

and they’re your brand new tribes

pastors at

TC we love you now watch this watch


these people are looking for more

people cuz four people ain’t enough to

take care of all

y’all what what I’m saying to you is now

I’ve put leaders in

place so we can put more leaders in

place cuz the goal is not this building

field the goal is the city being

transformed I only got four claps right

here but they don’t know what we trying

to do but it’s okay you’ll see

it we’re standing up here and sit well

sitting right

now to let you know that we got three

focuses so that we can see

fruit we will come to this space of

faith and hear from God we will find

friends in

tribes and we’re going to get

spiritually formed on Wednesday nights

here and let me just say this for

everybody transformation nation and

everybody is like oh my God I can’t come

on Wednesday cuz I work and all that

other stuff they


themselves these are not the only ways

to do this thing everybody needs these

things so if you don’t go to TC fine you

need to find a space of Faith you need

to have trusted friends and you need to

have a place of spiritual formation

remember where I told you my spiritual


happened it happened through books but

you got to be committed and consistent

to it so on Wednesday nights if you

can’t come it’s all good get a book very

soon I’m not making any promises but

we’re just trying to get the curriculum

and the technology right transformation

Nation you will have a Wednesday night

situation as well we going to get this

thing going but what I’m saying is we’re

going to have fruit this year great

great great somebody shout at me

fruit would everybody stand all over

this building come y’all stand with

me come let’s come

up would you grab hands with somebody

next to you


I hope me sharing vulnerably

today helped you not just observe the

vision but desire to own

it I can’t do what God’s called us to do

alone representing God to the lost and

found for transformation and CH like all

the lost people all the found people

there’s too many of those in Tulsa just

to but what would happen if an army




and soccer moms


grandparents and high school students

and college athletes


judges and

lawyers and Tech professionals and

pastors and singers and worship leaders

and musicians

and police officers and firemen what


happen if we would come here every week

and invite people here bring people here

and we would all change

together and you would tell them like

you like church wait till

Wednesday yeah yeah yeah I’m like what

happens on Wednesday oh you’ll

see oh yeah you having problems in your

marriage go to the relationship goals

class like no y’all just come like no I

promise it’s not weird at all and if you

need prayer like just come at 600 just

come a little early I won’t be there

till 7 cuz I got to get the kids

situated but come at 6 come everybody’s

friendly there they they’ll just walk in

and what if somebody would come and

start learning about their finances and

relationships and and they be like hey I

I see you at the gym all the time what’s

your name wow you should come to my

tribe this Friday night what do y’all do

at the tribe we just be

chilling we we actually this this week

we’re going to taste the new food truck

situation over at mother Road’s Market

you like tacos yeah they got some vegan

tacos over there you vegan no but we

going to try

them and if it don’t if it don’t work

out we got a taco spot truck on 31st in

Garnett that’s H like y’all know what

I’m talking about like and just through

sharing life and at the end of that

tribe it’s like hey does anybody got

anything we can be praying

for he this week my my family is really

f facing a hard situation financially

and then it goes from let’s yeah let’s

pray about that and then somebody comes

over at the end and it’s like how much



need we we praying about it God just

gave me a bonus last week that’s good

see cuz in Acts 2:42 they shared

everything they

had and it says that people were added

to the number that were being


daily it’s going to be Acts 2:42


church but it can’t be if the vision is

just in

me that’s why today I had to

share the vision father we’re here thank


Jesus asking you to build your

church for every person father God that

has been um in a decision phase whether

this is their Church Father I thank you


today people are being equipped

quipped to make a sound decision that is

convered by the

spirit today I thank you that in this

church Vision will be valuable and God I


vulnerably today let he or she who has

the ear to hear Let Him

hear and not just hear but God I thank

you that they will be compelled to

help God I thank you that there are

people on the other side of this screen

on the other side of this building on

the other side of the world that

need you in a fresh way and you’ve given

us the grace and the anointing to

represent you to the lost and found for

transformation in Christ God thank you

that all the people in this room will

just be a

seed of all the people around the world

that will be doing this vision and God I

thank you that by the end end of the

year there will be

fruit so much fruit that will last so

much fruit that our enemies will get

nourished so much fruit that where we go

father God we leave a lasting change not

because of our own Merit but because of

your grace thank you God today we’re

humbly asking you to prepare our

hearts to obey you thank you cuz you


speak and we will listen and


thank you

Jesus build your

church build your

church build it from the ground up it’s

your church build your church build your

church build it from the ground of it’s

your church come on y’all build your

church build your church build it from

the ground round up it’s your this is

not ours build your church it’s yours

god build your church build it from the

ground lift your hands it’s come on lift

just say it build your church yeah build

your church build it from the ground up

it’s your church we’re submitted build

chur we’re committed build your church

build it from the ground

if you’re in this room and you’ve never

accepted Jesus today is the day of

salvation I need the church to begin to

pray it’s the only thing that can take

you from a liar a manipulator somebody

like me who is addicted to pornography

and it can give you a fresh

start today if you’re in this room and

you know today is the day of salvation

that you don’t want to know go another

day leading your own life today I want

you to give your life to Christ I’m

telling you right now you have come to a

space of faith and everybody in this

room is believing for you church I need

you to pray right now cuz eternity is in

the balance if that’s you and you want

to accept Jesus and make him your

personal Lord and Savior on the count of

three all I want you to do is lift your

hands and we’re going to believe and

pray with you that your eternity is

transformed today one you’re making the

greatest decision of your life two I’m

proud of you but more than that your

name is about to be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life three if you want to

give your life to Christ I see you

you’re waving over there anybody else I

see you right there right there there

there it is glory to God come on

Transformation Church how do we praise

God I see you but more than that God

sees you listen before you leave we’re

family here nobody prays alone let’s

pray together Lord Lord thank you than

for sending Jesus send just for me just

for me today today I give you my life I

give you my life I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again with all

power with all power today today I give

you everything change me change renew me

me transform me I’m yours in Jesus name

amen can we celebrate all over this

building I said can we celebrate all

over this building glory to God come on

if you just can we celebrate everybody

who made that decision

today Hey listen if you just made that

choice do not leave here one without

telling somebody do not leave today

without telling somebody that you made

that choice and don’t leave without

telling us there’s a QR code that’ll

come up on your screen if you’re

watching online or here at the Tulsa

campus you can take a picture of that

it’s a quick form just for us to get to

know you to help equip you um and meet

you listen we are so excited for

everything God is doing here at the

church thank you for being here this

Sunday and uh Hey as you leave today I

want to mention again we got fruit merch

that’s out there and as you leave today

meet somebody new give somebody a hug

tell them you love them me and Abby

going to be out the lobby come give us a

hug give us a I was about to say a kiss

not a kiss that’s weird anyways I only

kiss my wife that was weird anyways we

love you very much go out and live a

transformed life we’ll see


you hey I want to take a moment again

before we jump off and say thank you our

church is not built on one IND idual but

on the sacrifice of so many and you

being a part it means the world so

thanks for watching the message I also

want to say thank you to the thousands

of people around the world who are

generous it means the world and we are

able to represent we’re able to be

generous to meet the needs of people

because of your giving if you haven’t

taken the step to give trust me there is

no pressure at all but if you feel led

you can text the word give to 82 8282 or

you can go online when we partner

together God uses our generosity to make

a difference again if you haven’t take a

moment to subscribe to the YouTube

channel and more than watch it on

YouTube join us on Sundays every single

Sunday we’re here 10:45 CST a.m. we

would love to see you and like we always

say go out and live a transformed