This is a snippet from the YTH Nation Podcast episode:    • PASTOR STEVEN FURTICK’S MOST PERSONAL…   Hosts Elijah Furtick and JT Smith offer fresh, distinctive perspectives on topics that speak directly to the YTH of Elevation Church. With their guests, they have helpful conversations that bridge the gap between culture and faith. To access their full podcast, click here:    • YTH NATION PODCAST   In this clip, “Failure Is Not Your Identity | Steven Furtick On Growing Through Failure,” Steven Furtick talks with Elijah and JT about his new book, Do The New You and how failure doesn’t have to stop you. Steven Furtick’s new book, Do The New You: 6 Mindsets To Become Who You Were Created to Be is available now. Visit

to get your copy and access exclusive resources. #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch #failure #identity #growth #growing #youth #young #culture #faith Chapters: 0:00 – Help Me Fail 2:16 – Failure Is NEVER Your Identity 5:57 – God, Why Did You Make Me Like This? 9:06 – It’s Never Too Late For An Update 12:00 – Agree With God About Your Potential 15:53 – Just Take The Next Step 18:00 – Misunderstanding Your Emotions 21:05 – It’s About What Comes After Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 12, verse 10 #faith #peace #hope #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch