This week, Pastor Mike presents a stirring message: “I WILL DO IT [HERE]” as part of our ongoing Worship on the Word series. Challenging the notion that worship is a remote act, he encourages us to recognize that our present moment, our [here] is Holy. We learn that obedience to God isn’t conditional on our feelings; it’s an unequivocal commitment to His will. This sermon dissects the battle of the three wills—My Will, I Will, and His Will. He explains that our worship is expressed in our obedience and faithful walk towards God’s purpose, even when we can’t foresee the outcome. Furthermore, he challenges us to align our service with our worship, emphasizing that our acts of service must extend beyond our immediate circles. Join us in this transformative journey, as we learn to say “I WILL DO IT [HERE],” activating God’s will in our lives. Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 82828. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here

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00:25 – Intro 02:17 – Worship is Our Love expressed to God as a Response to His Grace towards us. 12:30 – I will do it here 18:59 – Deuteronomy chapter 11 verses 1,13, 22 NIV 21:12 – I will obey here 41:51 – Galatians chapter 2 verse 20 NIV 42:16 – Deuteronomy chapter 11 verse 13 NIV 42:22 – I will serve here 45:40 – If your service does not match your singing, shut up 48:00 – Deuteronomy chapter 11 verse 22 NIV 48:15 – I will walk it out from here 52:36 – Exodus chapter 6 verse 7 ESV

what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege as

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

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an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump into this amazing message

this week three of a series we’re

calling worship on the word and there’s

such a sweet presence in this house in

La everybody say here

is Holy in case you did not know this

past Friday we released a worship like

like tsunami called here is Holy and if

you haven’t gotten it yet it’s 23

minutes and 34 seconds

it’s it’s for continuous tracks

it started off as the phrase of the year

last year at Transformation Church and

God has made it into a worship moment

for us

I don’t care where you’re at and what

you’re feeling put this on

start your day with it

begin to create an atmosphere so God can

speak to you

because the truth of the matter is so

many people are weary because they have

stopped worshiping

worship is fuel for your weak

worship is fuel for them people who get

on that last nerve y’all know that nerve

that sits back here and there’s only

four people who can tap dance on this

nerve and one of them you gave birth to

I’m talking about

y’all know what I’m talking about

worship changes your presence because of

his presence

today I’m just I want to take us further

into this series and um

I had to stop my message last week

and I already had a message for this

week and so in prayer and thinking

through I just put them both together

and the Holy Spirit made something real

nasty I’m about to share with you

because the truth of the matter is our

worship is love Express if you have not

been a part of this series I need you to

go back and watch the last two but I

need you to get this definition right

now get out your smartphone your dumb

phone get out your piece of paper get

out whatever you got write it on your

hand if you need to

but worship is our love expressed to God

as a response to his grace towards us so

because of how good God has been to us

our response is everybody say worship

so I don’t come in here to impress none

of y’all

I do not sing so that you can grade me

like it’s American Idol

okay some of y’all y’all be reserving

your prayer I don’t want nobody to hear

me God wants to hear you

I I don’t my moves I can’t dance like

the people up here last week or during I


but I can move

I have activity in my limbs

I have the ability to use what I have to

express to God and too many people have

given God an excuse to express because

of them

and I don’t know who your them is

but they don’t matter

because when you stand before God you

will not stand before God with a group

of people

when you obey God In Worship that is

something and the only gift that you can

give to him

what I’m trying to get everybody under

the sound of my voice and watching on

rebroadcast even on the west coast to


is that our worship somebody say My


is a gift

to God

how many times have you showed up

to honor him and haven’t given your gift

of worship

it’s the same as showing up to a

birthday party and it’s only you and the

other person

you know when there’s a bunch of people

you can get away with you know just walk

by the gift table and put your hand on

it in

some of y’all do it all the time

make a card

nothing in it because you know they’re

not going to open them right there

but it’s nothing like having a husband

or a wife or somebody you’re intimate

with and there’s only dinner for two

and it’s a time to honor and celebrate

and there is no gift

from me to you

this is what happens in churches every


but forget this house this is what

happens in your house every day

he gives you breath wakes you up gives

you Grace

and there’s no gift of expressing

worship to him

at Transformation Church we have decided

to repent

for willingly taking his breath and not

giving it back to him

we have decided to repent to use our


and not lift them to give him glory or

to serve somebody else uh oh

cause that’s worship too somebody say

that’s worship too

so um last week the the title of the

song we released in the message was I

will everybody shot at me I will

and last week we talked about actually

doing some things and and we said I will

worship somebody say I will worship

I will remember

because it’s hard to worship when you

don’t remember what God has done for you

okay and the last thing we said I will


did y’all see the game last night

some of y’all like game I don’t play

games games is for kids

the Miami Heat and the the Celtics

played last night the game was over

but somebody said but God

the game was over I think it was three

seconds left on the clock do two seconds

dude shoots the ball Miami starts to

erupt in praise and somebody comes in

and just tips it back in and they Boston

wins the game to take it to a game seven

okay okay

there’s a lot of emotions you could have

I don’t care what team you were going

for but it was crazy to watch an entire

group of people Express

when they thought they had won

and in point one second

they expressed

because they lost

their expression was over a victory and

then their expression was over a loss

and we are literally in here

with many of us in winning seasons

and some of us in losing seasons come on

can we be honest in church

but there is an expression still


of every person in this room whether you

feel like you’re winning

or you feel like you’re losing and so

last week we just made a decision that I

will Express but this week

when I started to look at what God said

he said you you told him I will last

week but I’m telling you this week here

is Holy somebody say here is Holy

everybody look down at your feet right

now even if you didn’t watch them today

come on

for you to get here there was millions

of things that God had to do to get you

to this spot right now

how many people have survived some


were your feet ever somewhere you

weren’t supposed to make it out of


were your feet in bedrooms and then okay

hold on hold on were your feet in States

and businesses what were your what have

you ever found yourself in a place that

was not the place that you were supposed

to be

and somehow by the mighty hand of God

you’re here

has God ever stopped you in your tracks

and gave you instructions and it didn’t

make sense at the time I’m about to

preach right now I know the candles

around here but I’m gonna kick some I’m

telling you right now there are moments

where I wasn’t supposed to make it out

of here

somebody shouted me but God


so when you look at your feet one more

time in L.A come on look at your feet

right there the fact that you’re here

means that here



so so I said God what you want me to do

he said I want you to put it in a pot

and mix it together

I said God you like Chef like chef Bobby

Flay mix it together

or like big mama mix it together he said

big mama mix it together

some of y’all y’all some of y’all like

that real culinary and the flowers on it

but I promise you don’t taste like big

mama’s cooking you hear me okay

yeah if they got the meat on the arm

right there they need to walk and

exercise but they know they can cook


thank you


so so so so so he said put it together

he said Michael

everybody has a really strong I will

but usually there I will is connected to


I will when I get there

I will win

I will when I make enough money

I will when I get out of this apartment

move me out of this apartment I’ll serve


I will when I have a relationship


I will when you confirm through them by

giving me a title

I will when I win

not just I will win it’s

I’m sick of losing

so I will when I win

and usually our obedience is predicated

on God doing something in the future

and God told me to tell you that your I

will needs to be activated somebody

shout at me here uh-huh

your worship is not a worship for the

future it’s a worship from your present

and if you’re really Gonna Worship God

it’s not there because you ain’t there


it’s from here

and you mad here

so you keep saying I will when I ain’t

mad no more

when you take the pain away

when my family stops treating me like


and you may not say out loud like that

but your actions display

what you actually believe

I will win my baby daddy stop tripping

I hit a nerve right there she said that


no no no no no the truth of the matter

is our I will is usually predicated on

when I feel like

if your eye will is connected to when I


you will always be disobedient


I will when I feel

and I have found that when you give God


he laughs

not because he’s insensitive

but he’s trying to develop in you

something that cannot be developed in a

situation that caters to how you feel

so the title of today’s message is I

will somebody say I will

do it


what is your it

some of y’all have had an it that you

have been supposed to have already

completed and been done

but you have made so many excuses

because of what you didn’t have here and

God would not require you to do it here

if he would not equip you here

you need to make a decision by faith

today I will do it here

that is worship

think about the whole children of Israel

being led by one man of God and he takes

and gets them to the Red Sea

and then he gives them an instruction

uh take that staff you’ve been leaning

on the whole time

and lift it up

and put it down

hold on um can we talk for a second God

two million people following me

I don’t know what I’m doing

and um I’m actually sick of walking

and I’m not really comfortable in


we know the end of the story come on

let’s think about this you brought me to


I can’t I know

Gerald can’t swim

you you said you was going to deliver us

all I know Gerald can’t swim

so what do you want me to do

you want me to use what I have

and give it new power

you want to use what’s been in my hand

the whole time

and you want to give it new power to do

a brand new Miracle I’m gonna say it one

more time you want to use this house

that I’ve already been in you want to

use the paper that I wrote down my bills

in to write a book in you want to use

this same piano that has bad notes on it

to give me a song that the world will

sing you want to use what I already have

in my hand and give it new power

to do a brand new miracle

somebody say I will

do it


ask your neighbor what do you need to do

look at them silence

ask you around the mouth

booty cheeks tightening up

look at them cause the truth of the

matter is

some of you have been so deliberately


that you don’t even remember what you’re

supposed to be doing

you’ve been chasing after other people’s

dreams with no purpose

because you would not do what God asks

you to do because it didn’t make sense


you sitting up here

asking for God to move and he said I’m

not doing anything

until you do what I ask you to do right


oh my gosh okay now see this is gonna be

one I need to walk through y’all want to

go back and Reno

that’s what he been trying to do but you

won’t do what he asks you to do

I need a new word from God you didn’t do

the last one


I will do it

here Tamia

here Matt I gotta do it here

I am not waiting on a future moment that

is not promised to me

okay because the truth of the matter is

some of us are Arrogant with our lives

and we act like somehow we are over the

time clock of Our Lives

because my grandma lived to 78 means

I’ma live to 78. that is not a guarantee

and you are procrastinating now on what

God has given you purpose and Grace to

do today

and your grace

is not for anybody else except you

when I learned this it changed the way

that I worship God with my life

I don’t worship god with just a song I

worship him with my life

when he looks at me and he looks at you

he should be seeing people who are

trying to express their love to him

as a response to his grace towards us by

the way I do what he asked me to do and

so that’s why I’m going to teach you how

to do it here somebody say I will

do it here some of y’all are writing

things down right now

because God is Illuminating things that

he told you to do you were supposed to

be a camp counselor 17 years ago

because he was going to develop a burden

on the inside you’re like I don’t like


and I know I ain’t sleeping in a bunk


your opinion

of where God calls yours here holy

has nothing to do with the purpose he

has for you

God rarely trains you for the palace in

the palace

ask David

he usually usually trains you for the

palace in the pasture

and there are many of you that are

saying no to the plan of God for your

life because you don’t like where you

are here

I was going to teach you at that job

that you’re trying to leave

you every day you ready to hit send

on the res you okay come on I’m gonna

ask you to wave your hand raise your

hand but some of y’all got resignations

already I dare them to do it today

today’s the day I felt it I woke up and

felt like I was gonna get free today

and you’re rebuking the place where God

wants to give you revelation


somebody say I will

do it here

we’re going to look at Deuteronomy 11

chapter 1 Deuteronomy 11 chapter 13 and

Deuteronomy of 11 chapter 22. I know a

lot of y’all be like where the Bible at

here we go

remember that love is the key ingredient

for worship

and you have to have love and then you

have to express it so Worship Is Love

Express everybody say that Worship Is

Love expressed one more time Worship Is

Love Express okay so in all of these

verses I want you to underline where you

see love and then I want you to

underline or Mark where you see how it’s

expressed okay Deuteronomy chapter 11

verse 1. you must have love you must

love the Lord your God

and always look at how you express it


his requirements decrees regulations and

commands so there’s love and there’s

expression verse 13. if you carefully

obey the commands I’m giving you today

and if you love the Lord your God and

watch how you express it serve him

with all your heart and soul

so we have love and we have expression

verse 22. be careful to obey all these

commands I am giving you

so love to the Lord your God watch how

you express it by walking in his ways

and holding tightly to him

so we don’t just worship when I say I

will worship or I will remember or I

will Express we just found out three new

ways how to worship

how to love God and express it through

watch the first one obedience

the reason why I’m telling everybody I

will do it here is because God asks you

to do things and when you don’t obey him

you are not worshiping him


he would rather you not sing the song

and obey

he would rather you turn the playlist


and walk in purpose


write it down I will obey here

that’s your first point and really the

only one you need

because yeah I heard you because the

truth of the matter is

if you would just obey him here it leads

you to there

the reason here is Holy is because you

can’t go there without here

and some of y’all are trying to float by

faith into purpose when he’s going to

make you walk by faith

into purpose

he’s not going to heal your heart if you

won’t forgive them

you keep saying

Lord just let me have a pure heart

but you’re saying don’t touch them

because I’m holding if they yeah

do you know when you start biting to

live me

I have a right to

hold yourself back

it’s venom to you

and God said would you get that out so

you can truly worship me

obedience is worship I’ma show it to you

in the word again it literally says in

Deuteronomy 11 1 you must love the Lord

your God that’s the key ingredient of

worship here’s how you express it and

always obey

we could go home on that

because nobody in here has always obeyed

I’m gonna look deep into the camera if

you’ve always obeyed stand up so we can

applaud you

you better sit there if anybody’s

standing up Stone them no I’m just

playing I’m just playing I’m just


always obey

oh I mean

this is why the word says stuff like

this all have sin

and fallen short of the glory of God

it really should make everybody anytime

that the Bible has absolutes you

shouldn’t be discouraged you should

actually be encouraged because when it

says always you must

God knew we couldn’t do that

So He sent Jesus

to be able to want to be the one we hide

behind so that we can come become more

like him as we try

so my trying

is worship to God

when I get the instruction that he says

he says obey me here God I don’t know if

I can do this good but I will

me being a pastor is me obeying God

I’m trying

I didn’t want to do this

this was not a I will lead a church and

have people critique me every week and

have people come into the service and

look like they swallowed pickle juice to

be like I’m not listening to you man of


I didn’t want this

you know I sign up for this

I got the call

I got the call and God said I want you

to do this and I said I will

do it


y’all weren’t there when I started in

youth ministry

but I was as passionate with my feet at

that place

as I am right here why because I didn’t

know this was possible

I had no clue an arena was in the

everybody would obey if they knew the


if you knew the end you better okay okay

easy when you can see and taste the


it’s faith when you can’t

so for you to obey

that is worship and it’s going to take

Faith there are things that God is

calling you to do right now and it’s

starting to bubble in your heart right

now some of y’all y’all are in this

service right now and you know you

should be serving in a different area

and you just sitting

I ain’t want to get up that early they

said the time was 7 30 to get up and I

was like I don’t work there

come on let’s be honest

and God’s saying all right

don’t obey me

you keep asking for a husband though

and and he’s serving

in an area that you don’t like right now

and you keep all alcohol I don’t want to

be alone yeah I just want to be right

where you are God give me what you have

for me and you keep disobeying

go to the come and go but I only go to

Quick Trip

I’m trying to give y’all practical

where to represent shirt I

don’t know

I don’t wear that out

I got I got clothes that are like ah

I told you today

to wear the represents her


obedience is not about how big or

opulent it is

obedience is about the small things that

God continues to ask you to do

because he’s trying to get his purpose

done in your life somebody say I will


here not there

okay so so so so I need to give you this

analogy that really helped me I’m gonna

give you what I call the war of three


the war of three wheels can you put it

on the screen for me real quick the war

of three wheels

no no let the screen go big so everybody

in L.A can see it too they all need to

see what I’m what I’m sure this is

what’s happening on the inside of

everybody right now

the war

of three wheels it’s my wheel somebody

say my will

I will

and his will

Mike Lowry I saw that



this is how my will looks

my will looks like whatever I want

have I want it

y’all like dessert

but to take your my will

to I look at that man

that brother’s been through something

when you submit your life to Christ

and really go from my will

to I will this is how your soul be

looking sometimes

but the truth of the matter is

you want to be in

empowered by the fire or the Holy Spirit

when I’m in his will y’all see all that

fire behind him I’ma preach this thing

right here

there is something behind him

that is changing the atmosphere of his


it’s not just what I feel

it’s what’s coming as a result of being

in his will I’m going to break this down

a little more Let me let me help you in

my own life what I found put the chart

up there real quick because I think this

is going to help somebody worship god oh

y’all forgot we still talking about


oh do I need to play soft music so you

can to get it

because worshiping is not a song only

it’s the way I live my life

so my will

that’s about to tell on me my will is


my will is selfish

to move from my selfishness to I will go

ahead and put it on the screen for me


it goes into submission

how do you go from selfish to submitted

you’re gonna have to have faith

to know that you don’t know best

and some of y’all you have planned your

life to the teeth

and you have created spreadsheets and

Google Docs and

dream boards

that have not gone the way that you

glued them up there

let’s be honest

the truth of the matter is God is asking

you or inviting you

to worship Him by taking the selfishness

and getting into all right God I will

I’ll submit here’s another s word I’ll


I’ll do what I don’t want to do

but I have a great plan and he said yeah

take your my will and turn it into what

I will

because if you turn it into I will you

will learn that he is watch this word

his will is sovereign

that means the old folks would have said

it like this he’d do what he want to do

when he wants to

whenever he wants to where he want to

some things we won’t be able to explain

that’s why scripture is like he tells us

like my ways are not your ways

my thoughts are not your thoughts even

the greatest things that you can ever

imagine that is little low level

thinking for me

you don’t know how your obedience step

right here is gonna impact your life 20

years from now

you have no clue let me tell you a

little story about one of the gentlemen

who literally helped us acquire all this

property around Tulsa his name is

Cordell I met Cordell

in a studio

when I was 16 years old he was the first

person that ever recorded me playing

drums at Wayman Tisdale Studio on Mingo

I go into this studio he begins to call

me young fella and literally I didn’t

know anything about Pastor and I barely

read my Bible I only watched McGee and


some of y’all know something about that

and that man

almost 20 years ago

saw something in me

that almost 20 years later will allow

him not just him him and his wife to


under the authority and the leadership

that I have at this church

and it was God’s Sovereign will because

he knew I didn’t know how to buy no


okay oh

he knew that the purpose he had for me

was beyond my capability to do it alone

how did running the sound board

have anything to do with buying the


but the obedience here

created a ripple effect in eternity

for God to affect almost two decades


what are you messing up because you

won’t obey

somebody say my will

I will

his will let me give you a couple more

my will this one I liked

I like my will because my will is easy

for me

I’ll never pick hard

come on let’s be honest

if I’m a pick

give me the easy one

but if you gonna turn yo easy my will

into God I will

it’s going to require energy

let me give you another word effort

and many of us won’t obey because we

will not give the energy to it because

we’re not getting paid for it

that was a whole work we have built this

theology that is not in the Bible that I

will not work if I’m not getting paid

on don’t let them I’m a boss I’m A Boss

B I’m a this imma do you got it on your

tag don’t act like cause I said it in

church it’s in the it’s in the parking

lot right now

I just read it on the way in they gonna

try to say

96 Mercedes and it got Boss B on it and


y’all know I’m telling the truth

all I’m all I’m saying is

do not let culture

do not let this Instagram Facebook

David did not get paid to take

sandwiches to his brothers in the fifth

he was on his way to Destiny

but it was something he had to do for


and I’m not talking about here at the

church I’m saying there are things that

God is going to ask you to do that will

take effort

it’s hard to give to people

oh no the Rangers just come back she

went on break

now I gotta go outside and look for her

because God told me 30 minutes ago to

give her fifty dollars

but I’ve been fighting with God the

whole 50

the meal was 16 19.

I mean if I do the math a good deal

look at y’all y’all I mean your business

right now 50

I was going to see The Little Mermaid

and I was gonna get the big popcorn and


and then finally by the time you get

ready to obey God

she on break

has this ever happened to anybody like

it’s happened to me

and now you like uh you know the the one

she’s kind of uh

and uh

should be back in 15. now you’re sitting

in your car


but Lord she ain’t here

don’t know if she comes back

you told me to be a good Steward of my

time so

it’s funny how we use the word


we finally see her coming up now it’s

like I don’t know her

you knew that 45 minutes ago you didn’t

know her

well I don’t wanna I don’t want to seem

weird I don’t wanna you know I watched

verse 48 this seem a little stalkerish

y’all know how our minds start going

when obedience

45 minutes ago

would have changed her lunch break

and freed up your time

slow obedience is still disobedience

and what if our songs were no longer our

highest form of worship

what if obedience

was our highest form

of worship

I don’t feel like it but I’ll do it here

I don’t know what the outcome is going

to be but I’ll do it here I don’t know

what they gonna think about me but I

will do it here

my will wants pleasure

because the only reason I did it is I

want it easy and I wanted to be

pleasurable to me

but when you step into I will it’s going

to take energy and guess what it’s going

to be painful

churches don’t tell you this will you

come to God everything’s gonna be great

no no no no when you come to God

it’s gonna hurt like hell

because everything you used to run to

for comfort

is no longer an option

when you come to God

you cannot say he’s the prince of peace

and still go to the bottle for it


you cannot you cannot say that he is


and be slipping in and out of people’s

bit at some point

you’re going to realize that’s not where

you get it from

because the truth of the matter when you

step into I will then you realize that

his will is eternal

and his will the pain is for purpose

every piece of crap I’ve ever gone


has been so that God can get Glory out

of my life

and it sucks to say that and it’s

frustrating but it is the truth or you

can keep the crap smell like it looked

like it and it just stays on you

have you ever met anybody who never let

God take the mess

so they live like it

talk like it

smell like this is a smell like it

L.A this is what I want you to

understand in my will watch this one a

lot of times I do my will because I want

to be seen

I want them to see that I did it can I

be honest half the stuff that I do I I

I’m just going to put this confession

out there right now Natalie just know I

love you okay because don’t judge me but

I like to wait until she see me cleaning

I ain’t doing all of this just for me

like them Fruit Loops can stay there you

hear me

but if you think I look strong

while you understand what I’m saying

fellas know what I’m talking about we’re

not just we ain’t even just they’re just

I want you to see me


anything else you need me to do

anything else

as soon as she walking out I’m like oh

God I can’t say that again

but as honest as that is is that many

times what we do

for God

for others

I’m only doing it when I’m seen

and the truth is if if you gotta move

from my will and the I will says I don’t

care if I’m seen this is My Sacrifice

this is what I’m giving

as unto the Lord

and when you get into his will you

understand that it’s all about salvation


is supposed to be saved

by me not being seen

in sacrificing

that’s why I worship team I honor y’all

I see everybody come on Sunday

y’all were here on Thursday

y’all listen to the songs over and over

we was here to almost midnight on


why because you were doing what was not


and sowing in sacrifice for somebody

else’s salvation

can we thank God for this y’all y’all

what we have here is not normal

these people come and volunteered their



but the truth of the matter is it’s not

for the platform

what I’m saying to you in your life is

you have to understand that it’s no

longer you that is living when you obey


it is Christ Galatians 2 20. we about to

go home I have been crucified with


and I no longer live but Christ lives in

me the life I now live in the body I

will live by what faith

in the son of God

who love me and gave himself for me

somebody say I will


here in Deuteronomy 11 13 it says love

the Lord your God and serve him

so another way we can express our

worship is

I will serve


my question to you is who are you

serving right now

no no I need answers from you in your


who are you serving and this is what I

want to say


your family is somebody you are serving

but you have to

outside of that

who are you serving

and I want you

I want you to really take inventory of

the last person

you ask God to give you wisdom on how to

serve them

because that’s worship

it’s worship when I extend beyond myself

and from right where I’m at I start

worshiping let me tell I start serving

let me tell you this um small story that

the Holy Spirit brought back to my

memory because because Jesus is our

example right

and the Bible tells us that he came not

to be served but to what okay and become

a ransom for many

so so so so I want you to understand

that whatever my hands find to do

whatever your hands find to do there

should be a part of that that is in

service to others who cannot repay you

I just said a big statement

because Jesus served us and we cannot

repay him

how much did Josephine cost

I mean my sin is taxing

expensive not expensive expensive

my question to you or my challenge to

you is worship God in service this week

not in not in song only

insert go out of your way

to serve somebody who cannot

do anything

to enlarge your life

because I’ve found in church people

serve up all the time oh

who is it for

they want me to beware they want me to

do what

but if you don’t think

that people that are sitting across from


are people who have have have gone

through where you came from or hear what

I just said you forgot that’s where you


okay look how she Drew where her clothes

at the same place your clothes were when

you got found out by God

why don’t we act like somehow we become

something we were not

it should be our heart’s desire when we

see people who are where we used to be

we should go and serve them

you’re new here hey what’s going on bro

where you from man yo what are you doing

this weekend me and my like

y’all live that comfortable Christianity


I worship him with the song but not with

my service

can I say it to you how I feel it


if your service does not match your

singing shut up


I didn’t know if I was gonna say it I

didn’t know I know La is watching I

didn’t know if I was but if your service

to people who can’t do nothing for you

does not match all your singers shut up

don’t nobody want to hear you sing what

you won’t live out


I’ll wait on the Lord but you won’t wait

on a person you won’t hold the door open

for them they being too slow look at



them people served your bad kids all


and you have nerve to have an attitude

because the program wasn’t perfect

that’s your baby’s kid and you didn’t

even bring him a chocolate an apple you

ain’t say nothing to them you didn’t

serve those people


I got an attitude now

those people

take the time to deliver your packages

every day you on Amazon like it is crack

like you

but you see him every day and not even

offered one time

to find out their name

leave them water

I’m not talking about elaborate

I’m talking about showing the love

of Jesus intentionally to people

who may not know

somebody say I will worship


I will remember

here I will Express

here I will obey

here I will serve

here last one Deuteronomy 11 22 we’re

going home be careful to obey all these

commands I’m giving to you show love

that’s the core ingredient of worship to

the Lord and how are we going to express

it by walking in his ways

and holding tightly to him

last point I will walk it out

from here

he’s not calling for a future you to

obey him

he wants the one who still has the weed

in the glove compartment

no no no God let me get a few things

together let me let me hold on give me

give me hold on what’s today give me

till June 13th

that’s how we do

give me till June 13th my birthday will

be over

I’ll have taken my trip to Cancun and

I’ll be all yours for

let’s wait till the church gets to at

least 300 people

and then I’ll

when the boss actually called like

The Way You Walk It Out

it’s from here

here is Holy

y’all every step we’re making is a step

of faith and this is what I begin to

think about walking walking is about a


it’s about finding the rhythm of worship

and I just feel like somebody through

this series is about to find a rhythm of


it’s a pace it’s it’s not competing with

anybody else

walking is not a competitive sport

I know some people you know they be in

the mall just going they going like

but I want you to know that walking was

the first level of Rhythm that we found

in the garden with Adam and Eve

said in God what what

there was a rhythm there was a pace

that there was there was a way that we

just moved together and God is saying

would you would you find a new rhythm of


a new pace of worship not just on

Sundays this is what we look like this

is this is what we hope to happen on

Sundays we come together and we like

oh we worship today

and next Sunday we oh I gotta get over

there well give me till Sunday

thank you

you got 52 leaps a year

no rhythm to your worship

and and oh it wasn’t like the last leap

I wanted the experience to be and God

said would you stop jumping from worship

experience to worship experience

and would you just start finding a


in the morning God I worship you

for who you are but I’m not just going

to worship you in the song today when I

go work at this job that I don’t like

and you know I don’t like it

this is real prayers I’m going to serve

you with my Excellence I’m gonna be on


and I’m gonna take the lunch break that

they gave me

and on my lunch break even though nobody

will see it I know you’re developing

Integrity on the inside of me

you said I’ll reap what I sow and one

day I do plan to be a boss and so God I

thank you that today as I’m walking in

the rhythm of worship this is not a

one-time thing or a leap on Sunday as I

walk in the rhythm of worship you are

seeing me if nobody else sees me

it’s what we do out there

that’s how he’s lifted up

that’s what you do in the streets of Los

Angeles the streets of Orange County

it’s what you do

when you’re going to the auditions and

the people look you over and you still

say thank you

and you have Grace

we gotta walk it out

it’s so crazy that when you say somebody

say I will

when I say I will

it activates God’s eye will


Exodus 6 and 7.

this is God talking I will

take you to be my people

and I will

be your God

and you shall know that I am the Lord

your God who has brought you out from

under the burden of the Egyptians I’m

the one that took you out of slavery God

says when you surrender

he said I do stuff

when you say I will from here

he said I will do stuff you never


I was telling the team on the way in

here I see y’all

we are having Church in this room we are

singing songs that God gave us in the

house three years ago we released these

songs people are being ministered to

healed I

and then there’s a whole group of like 2

000 people in Los Angeles right now who

did an Outreach yesterday and served the

community our church gave a hundred

thousand dollars to the LA Dream Center

and people check this and over 500

people about to get baptized today


God said Michael when you said I will

obey you

he said it it activated and I will that

could only be unlocked by your worship

of obedience

by your worship of service

by your worship of actually walking this

out I’m just telling you you’re missing

the things that God really wants to do

in your life

when you do not obey serve and walk it


this is a true and reasonable Act of

your worship

so I will do it

sheer because here


he brought you here on purpose

so that he could reveal his purpose to


but if you don’t do it here when will

you do it

what has to happen

who has to die

what do you have to lose

what do you have to gain

these are the real questions that you

need to ask yourself will you obey with

just a word

or do you have to be weary to obey

some of us have an issue because we only

obey when it’s our last option

and God is saying can you obey when you

have other options

can you turn my will into I will so that

you can do his will

today as a church we’re making a

decision I will do it here

in L.A in the room all around will y’all

stand up please

feel the assignment is done for today

I need you to look all week

for the signs of God saying do it

do it

do do it

no no no right now do it

well God no

everybody say it do it

Nike we need an endorsement just do it

all I’m saying to you right now

is your obedience

is going to be

louder than your song

that’s why I can say Destiny here is


the book that I’m about to release can I

be honest with my Transformation Church

family didn’t want to really release it

she said what yeah

it’s hard to obey God when it requires

you to be vulnerable

I’m a I’m a me imma get out here and

tell you I’m damaged but not destroyed

I wanted it to be something else like

I’ll I’ll dunk on you uh oh

I’ll destroy you like I want come on

let’s I didn’t want to seem


God said it’s not weakness Michael it’s


it’s strength under control

it’s me using every damaged area of your

life to bring me Glory I’m gonna turn

your pain into a platform

the next time they see you in Target

You’re Gonna Be glorifying Me

in the thing that the enemy wants you to

be ashamed of


he said Michael here is Holy do y’all

realize when the spit hit the fan

was the first week

of the series here is Holy

be weak

it was part of my sermon God you’re



he literally made us have a whole sermon

series to say I don’t want you to run

from this

I gave you the example I gave you the

idea I’m gonna use it too

stay right here don’t fight back

don’t go off right write the text and

then delete it

I want you to sit I want you to come

spend time with me

I need to rub all of that venom out of


I need you to know how to relate to

people who have been persecuted

in the public eye

because I’ve called you to help him

see the people you talk about call me

God told me he said I could not trust

them with you until you understood their


so many of the people you’re called to

help can’t even come to you because you

won’t make it through here

I want to go out to the world and no you


you want to stay right here

because you haven’t obeyed what he told

you to do for the high school football


while you trying to go get NBA and NFL


I will do it


tell me to start the Bible study here

and nobody comes I will do it here if

you tell me to become the PTA president

and you know I don’t got nothing in

common with any of those people

I will do it

God can heal racism

y’all don’t hear me some of y’all not

even in a position to get that venom out

of your heart because you ain’t around

nobody that’s not not like you

and God told you to be the president you

know I can’t go to a white school yes

you shaquanta is supposed to be

the PTA president at that private school

why because God’s Gonna heal you from

the inside out

if he has to explain everything you’ll

miss the miracle

all I’m telling you today is I stand




holy will you lift your hands in every


from living rooms to the Fox Theater to

right here at this south campus today


we are making a fresh commitment

that here is Holy

and whatever it is for us because our

its aren’t the same

some of us you told us

to do things a long time ago and some of

us today we’re getting fresh


we are just saying God we will obey you

we will worship you through our

obedience our service and walking it out

now from now on we will say I will do it


because here

is Holy

even in that same atmosphere as 500

people are about to get baptized in La

if anybody is in here and they have

never received Jesus as their personal

Lord and savior

I want to give you the opportunity to do

it here

it’s the greatest thing that ever

happened to me it took me from being a

liar a manipulator somebody who was

addicted to pornography had a lot of bad

stuff in my heart and God said bring all

of that to me and I will transform you

and if you are in this room or if you’re

in L.A or or you’re in the Fox Theater

or you’re watching online and you want

to give your life to Christ let’s do it

right here

some of y’all saying well I need to

clean up I need to get some things

straight God said no if you give me your

heart I’ll help you change your habits

I’m the one that’ll help you do it

and our Transformation Church is a bunch

of not perfect people I dare say damaged


I’ve decided that we’re going to bring

our damage to him

if you want to be the latest

in the miracle of salvation

today on the count of three I’m gonna

just ask you to raise your hand culture

would tell you that you need to confess

everything to everybody no no no no no

right now you got to confess that he is

Lord and then we want you to get in some

small groups or get some get some people

around you who you can talk to that’s

what real killing happens

but right here we’re repenting we’re

turning from how we were doing it and

we’re turning to him if that’s you and

you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior or you want to

rededicate come back to him on the count

of three boldly I need you to lift your

hand one you’re making a great decision

two your name is gonna be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life three shoot your

hand up all over I see you my sister I

see all Transformation Church in the

room right now in Los Angeles in

California their hands going up

everybody I see you my brother God bless



Transformation Church one thing you got

to know whether we are here together or

watching online we’re a family nobody

prays alone

So today we’re going to pray this prayer

for the benefit of all of those who are

coming to Christ because you just lift

your hands as an international sign of

surrendering this is where you go from

my will to I will that’s what Jesus said

in the garden not my will

but I want your will to be done come on

that’s what we’re saying

everybody just say God

thank you for making this moment

holy today I Surrender my life and I

give it to you

I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again with all


just for me today I repent I Turn to You

change me renew me

transform me I’m yours in Jesus name I

will do it

here whatever you say I’ll do it here

because here

is Holy in Jesus name amen can we

celebrate all over this

celebrate the people who just change

their eternities hey

here is Holy



as everybody’s about to leave I want to

let you know a couple of things for

everybody in LA

y’all are about to take another step

that’s next level many of you just got

saved but some of y’all are about to

make the decision to get water baptized

and go public with your faith do not let

your mind or anybody around convince you

that this is not the moment all are we

gonna say is do it here they have tons

of clothes if you didn’t prepare you got

your dress you got your wiggle snatch

the wig off put on the clothes and get


today is the day and we’re going to be

praying and celebrating and watching for

everybody in Transformation Church

this week as you play this song on

repeat every day

everybody say every day

I want you to create space for God to

teach you how to obey

serve and walk it out amen

Hey listen next week

we are releasing another song on Friday


and I know y’all gonna love this one

y’all know that song that we say uh

um that I have faith to believe

that song is called Miracles and

miracles drops this Friday

we’re believing for miracle signs and

wonders I don’t know what’s gonna happen

next week y’all

I don’t know what’s about to happen this

whole week but somebody say I have faith

I have faith to bully come on lift those


when we do it here

Miracles start happening




so information church I love you

let’s not just worship with our Psalm

this week unless you do everything that

he’s called us to do some of y’all need

to pull back out the journal see what he


some of y’all need to go find some young

boy or some young lady to Mentor do what

he said somebody say I’ma do it here

some of you need to forgive somebody

you’ve been holding a grudge against and

God’s saying don’t wait another week do

it here

we are going to be a church that lives

this out until next week I want you to

go out and live a transformed like

Transformation Church I love you

can we give God one more shot of praise


thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

here at Transformation Church our vision

is to represent God to the lost and the

found for transformation in Christ and

if you would like to partner with us in

giving you can text give to

828282 or you can visit on our website

also be sure to subscribe and check out

all the other incredible sermons

available as well as watching our live

Sunday experience that begins at 10 45

a.m Central Standard Time now go out and

live a transformed life


thank you