The Mystery Of A Miracle // Worship On The Word (Part 4) // Michael Todd Have you ever been in a place of believing God for a miracle? Miracles do not have a formula, they simply require faith! In order to have faith, we must have hope. Because miracles start with hope, the enemy tries his best to discourage us in that area. We pray that this message builds your hope to fuel expectation and anticipation to have the mindset of a miracle. Scripture References Deuteronomy 29:29 ESV Hebrews 11:1 KJV Zechariah 9:12 KJV Mark 16:17-18 NKJV Matthew 17:20 NKJV Mark 5:25-34 NLT Mark 5:28 NLT Mark 5:27 NLT Mark 5:35-36 NLT Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 82828. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here

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00:00 – Intro 00:33 – Sermon starts 12:17 – Every miracle requires mystery so God can be magnified 12:55 – Deuteronomy chapter 29 verse 29 ESV 20:08 – Faith puts the pieces together 20:34 – Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 KJV 21:47 – The disappointment of your past faith does not disable your present faith 28:18 – Zachariah chapter 9 verse 12 28:35 – Mark chapter 16 verses 17 & 18 NKJV 33:04 – Miracles don’t take massive faith, miracles take a moment of faith 36:11 – Matthew chapter 17 verse 20 NKJV 39:06 – A moment of faith can move something massive 45:40 – Mark chapter 5 verses 25 through 34 NLT 48:00 – Mindset of a miracle – expectation & anticipation 48:15 – Mark chapter 5 verse 28 40:19 – Expectation + anticipation = action 51:54 – Miracles require a move 52:57 – Maker of a miracle – Jesus 53:49 – Mark chapter 5 verse 27 NLT 58:31 – Multiplication of a miracle 1:01:12 – Mark chapter 5 verses 35 & 36 NLT 01:05:12 – The intersection & interruption was intentional

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Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you

we are in week four of a series we are

calling worship on the word and um I

somebody said it why I see I was just

trying to see if y’all was gonna do it

I’ll try it again for y’all we’re in a

brand new series no not brand new we’re

in week four of a series called worship

on the word wow there you go I love

y’all and um because our our prayer at

the end of this series is that people

will be in awe they would say wow by

what God does in their life with

understanding of worshiping I say it all

the time it’s not the two slow songs at

the beginning of church

worship is our lifestyle we even have a

definition worship is our love expressed

to God as a response of his grace

towards us and so what I want everybody

to do is I want everybody to worship God

not on Sunday only

what does your worship look like

throughout the week

and if you cannot identify your worship

unto God through the week I dare say you

don’t actually worship Him

if it’s once a week when the mood is

right it may not be worship it may be

the atmosphere

it may be my feelings only

but when you worship God on the way by

the way you love people

when you worship God in the way that you

give generously not to the church

all right

because anytime y’all hear the word give

you think somebody want money I’m

talking about you knew you were supposed

to give that waitress a tip that was

over the meal you ate

but in your heart you are selfish and

you’re thinking about another pair of

shoes that are a different colorway than

the three you got already

and God was trying to work into you his

character and instead you left your

common tip what they deserved when God

was trying to stretch you through

generosity not in church

he was trying to teach you how to

worship Him

what I’m asking the church to do

is to worship the god

who performs miracles

no no no that’s important that I say it

like that is because most of us believe

that God can do great things he just

probably won’t do them for us


the truth of the matter is many of us do

not believe that the things that

happened in the Bible can actually

happen today

they are historical stories that are

somewhere between Narnia and

you you think it’s a episode of

Bridgerton or something you have more

faith in us made-up story

did factual scientific evidence

but for some reason we believe the

things that happened back then were for

back then and I came to say today

that we still serve The God Who does

miracles signs and wonders in 2023.


so so as we release the song Miracles I

was like all right I’m gonna preacher

mirror a song a message on Miracle signs

and wonders God I need you to show me

the formula for miracles imma get a

people the formula so they never can

ever forget again to not believe this

how sometimes I pray because I be

wanting it so bad for y’all I’d be like

I understand the Miracles I’ve seen

Miracles but how do I export the faith

to believe from Miracles into somebody

who is depressed and hurting this how I

just be going but I’m just showing y’all

right now Lord give me the formula

and when I was praying about this

started to look at the 37 recorded

miracles of Jesus in the New Testament

and I started to look at dang Jesus was

just waking up in the morning just dial

healed walked healed hello my name is

Jesus healed like

it was like he was on a rampage like of

healing he said I only got three years

to prove to y’all that I am the son of


so how am I going to do this should I

hold seminars

should I build the building no I’m gonna

just go through my regular life

transforming people’s situations in

front of other people

I’m just gonna heal the person who was

mean mad and crippled

imma walk up and say be healed and they

and then I’m gonna walk off

and they’re gonna be like Jerome

hold on he I don’t know he got to be the

son of God

because we know Jerome

and Jerome is the worst of the worst

jacked up liar cheater heartbreaker like

the whole thing

he’s transformed

and from town to town

Jesus would do miracles in people’s

lives and that’s how the gospel get

begin to spread he healed blind


the crippled man that that that was

lowered by three of his friends into the

house in front of Jesus and Jesus healed

that man he walked up out of there with

the mount he laid on to see Jesus in

the demon possessed boy feeding of the

five thousand all these Miracles I’m

going through and my faith is being

stirred I’m like okay God you’re gonna

show me in the word a formula

to give to your people

so that they can believe for miracles

and then the Holy Spirit stopped me

he said Michael I can’t give you a


and I said God why can’t you give me a

formula because that’s how people learn

two plus two equals

we didn’t all go to the same school but

because that formula works

we all know it so give me a formula he

said I can’t

because if I give you a formula watch

this this is the title of my message it

takes the mystery out of the miracle

today I want to teach you the mystery

of a miracle

see it’s not a miracle if there is not a

mysterious part of it

it can’t be a miracle if you can explain


so now with that definition some of the

things we’re believing for aren’t


that we need their plans that we need

some of the stuff you like I need God to

make a miracle no you need to start

saving money and stop eating out

we don’t need a miracle to budget you

need discipline okay oh

some people are believing God I just

need a miracle in this area he said no

you need accountability in that area

you need accountability right there the

miracle requires something that no one

else can do

a miracle has an element of mystery that

only God can step into

and so the problem with giving a formula

is that if I give you a formula it would

take out faith

if it was guaranteed every time that if

I stood like this being like this prayed

like this saying good good father and

turn three times in a circle God would

do a miracle everybody just be like um

that’s what it was that’s what church

service will and it would not take Faith

because we would have a formula

and God said I’m not doing it the same

way I did it because if I did it the

same way that I did it back there you

wouldn’t need Faith to believe me

the reason that the miracle cannot have

a formula is because the miracle

requires faith

if we get a prescription for a miracle

it would take away his presence

if we would put it in a system it would

take out his spirit

and so many of us are believing for a

miracle and God’s saying I’ll give you a

miracle but you have to embrace the


you’re going to have to be okay with the

tension of me saying do this and you

don’t get it

go here why embrace the mystery

go talk to that person I don’t know them


you will not see the Miracle on the

other side of the mystery if you do not

obey the instructions that don’t make


I’m believing for a miracle I’m

embracing the mystery of God

how is God going to do it I have no

freaking idea

no I sometimes it’s got to be that clear


what are you praising God for the

Breakthrough he’s gonna do when is he

gonna do it I don’t know

how is he going to do it no clue

where is he gonna do it I’m waiting to

find out as well

but I am wrapping my whole face

around the fact that the character of

God is that he has good for me and there

is something on the other side of me

embracing the myth I don’t get it

why am I in Tulsa

where the heck am I a pastor

why did you give me a son the crazy

faith God with autism

I have to embrace

the mystery

of a god whose ways are not our ways

and whose thoughts are not our thoughts

as even as high as the heavens are

compared to the earth he says my stuff

the way I’m thinking about this the

whole way I got this thing rigged up is

so far from the way you think it’s about

to happen so instead of trying to figure

it out

you need to trust and have faith


oh I feel this thing

I came to encourage you what God is

about to do

has to there has to be an element that

no man can explain

the level of miracle that God’s about to

do in my life has to have an element

that nobody gets how in the heck did I

get to this Arena it nobody understands

it because it was a miracle

and God is saying I need my church to

believe that there are doors that only I

can open

that there are things that only I have

for them there are Mysteries and

treasures and ideas and things but it is

not going to be what man thinks it’s

going to be why because if man does it

man wants credit


so if man can explain it then man gets


and the whole purposes of of us having

faith in God is so that he can be

exalted so write this point down every

Miracle requires mystery so God can be


this next season of my life the reason

I’m just standing in Crazy faith and

embracing anything that God tells me to

do in the face of adversity in the face

of comments in the face of whatever is

because when God does it

when he stands up strong and says I’ve

been with him the whole time

it won’t be because I did something


it will give God all the glory he will

be magnified Deuteronomy 29 29 it tells

us that the secret things or the

Mysteries belong to the Lord

there are Mysteries that God is saying

boy if they only knew what I have

planned for them

they they sad because they 30 and not in

a marriage yet oh

if they would just Embrace this next two


and really get healed and really dive

into their their purpose with me

they gonna look up and every year that

the canker worm thought he stole from

them I will restore back to them you mad

cause they’ve been married 10 years

they’ve been unhappily married for 10

years but what you about to have because

you do the work on the inside of you

y’all don’t hear me

you better embrace the mystery of God

we want to talk Miracles then we gotta

talk mystery

this is not about what I can plan I

don’t want my plan

I want his Mysteries to actually be

manifested in my life okay I’m talking

too big for some people right now

but the Bible tells us that the

Mysteries belong to the Lord our God

but the things that are revealed

belong to us

and our children forever can I break

that down

there’s a mystery that God wants to

bring a miracle in your life but after

it manifests as a miracle in your life

it’s no longer a mystery

so now you have revealed truth of what

God wanted to do and now you can pass

that Miracle to your children

and your children the truth of the

matter is most of our forefathers and

parents did not walk in Miracles so they

left us empty-handed

you don’t know how to believe God

because you never saw the people before


believe God and walk in miracles

I am grateful for parents who believe

God and this is what I’m telling you if

you didn’t have them become them

y’all miss him

so many times we take the victim card

that’s why I’m gentle right now because

I ain’t having no no no no

let’s believe God for a miracle that he

can restore everything that has been

broken but if you didn’t have them

come them

be the ones who start a lineage of

people who believe God for miracles

all right let me keep moving okay

so so God wants the Mysteries to be

revealed in our life but we gotta

believe him for somebody shouted me real

quick miracles

y’all didn’t shout it with faith say


okay question if someone’s baking a cake

what is the foundational ingredient that

you need for cake

flower everybody don’t matter what cake

it is you need flour

when you’re believing God for a miracle

the key ingredient that you need the

foundational no matter if it’s carrot

cake or uh uh pound cake oh Jesus

ah red velvet chocolate that we need a

cake after surface

the foundational ingredient is flour in

the miracle you’re believing God for

no matter if it’s salvation for a loved


healing for your body

no matter if it is forgiveness from past

sins that you committed you haven’t

forgiven yourself

okay okay let’s talk big now

whatever the foundational ingredient is

watch this faith

and so many people are believing for

miracles without the faith

so today if we’re going to believe God

for miracles and tonight we’re going to

have a night of Miracles Miracles don’t

happen without the ingredient of faith

it’s kind of like big mama cooking the

recipe and what I found like people

before like 1980 they didn’t write

nothing down

I don’t know how they knew exactly what

they was doing but they never wrote

nothing down like they had a recipe but

but they didn’t they didn’t have a

measurement of how all of it they just

had the right ingredients

and the more you work them ingredients


the more you put Faith with expectation

speaking the word of God the more you

know that leads a little more faith

I don’t know don’t put your doubt in

ah no

no don’t put your pessimistic

perspective on this I’m believing God

for something that’s got to

now I need my expectation to rise and I

I need God to do something

when you get that

it takes the pieces of our life the

pieces of our situation the peace and it

puts together right this point down

um um well let me tell you a story first


because I want you to get it but I I

just saw a way that you could see it

yesterday was my youngest daughter’s

birthday Gia turned two years old

yesterday that’s Daddy’s baby princess

we call it a joy baby so one of the

things that my wife has an issue with is

um buying too many toys for our


and um

and one of my responsibilities is to put

together stuff

that she buys


stay strong

because some of these Contraptions seem

like they are designed by the devil

now if you’ve never done this before you

have no idea what I’m talking about but

it looks like it’s something that comes

with a million and fifty little pieces

and what they really could have done is

put it together for us and put it in a

box that would have been fine for our

children to enjoy but no what do they do

break it down into a bunch of million

pieces and then call us to have an

argument with our wife about no this

seems personal I need counselor like

what I’m trying to say is Gia got

something yesterday and and a little

fine print it said uh assembly


and and and and and I I started to think

about all of the pieces that were in

that box and without those pieces having

something to put them together

it stays something that is useless

until there is somebody

who actually takes the time to assemble


what God told me about miracles for your

life it’s not that just some assembly is

required some faith

is required

for this next thing to come together

all the pieces God’s gonna say would you

just have faith that I can pull those

together write this point down Faith

puts the pieces together

if we’re believing for the Miracles

I believe that God is saying I want

Faith to rise in this place

why did I just sing about miracles so

many times why was I saying let Faith

arise it’s because this season of your

life is going to require less acting

like everything you believe God can do

and actually doing it having faith to

believe Hebrews 11 1. it says now Faith

now now this blesses me because one of

the lines in the song that we kept

singing is I have faith to believe

you have all that I need say the first

line I have faith to believe say that

one again I have faith to believe

without faith to believe the miracle

signs and wonders don’t happen

so Hebrews 11 1 tells you the first

thing that you need is not just Faith

but everybody shot at me now Faith

shout it like it’s happening now now

okay so what are you saying to me Pastor


most of us have how faith

and not now Faith

like how God gonna do it

how is he gonna make a way how is he

going to see us through decision we came

out here on stage and then God and God’s

saying I didn’t say how faith

I said not somebody say now

that was not two seconds ago two years

ago or two months ago

it’s right

so what are you trying to say to us

Pastor Mike hear me the disappointment

of your past faith does not disable your

present faith

so many people won’t believe God again

because they believed once before

and the how didn’t work out how they

thought it was so the how faith is

eroding their now Faith

and I came to let you know you could

have been disappointed in the past and

you can still have big Faith right now

and somebody’s Faith needs to be sparked

again I believed and it didn’t work out

like I thought it was I believed and

they still left my life I believe and

God was giving me a different

instruction that I didn’t understand but

and I’m coming to encourage somebody

that your faith right now is a thing

that’s going to change your life your

faith right now is the thing that’s

going to change the generational

patterns in your life somebody shot at

me now Faith

believe again

that’s a whole word for somebody believe


try again hold on try for the first time

your mama used to have faith but you

never actually stepped out on faith

your daddy was a person of prayer but

you never actually used your faith and

God’s saying when’s the time yeah

now Faith is the substance of things

hoped for

the evidence of things not saying oh

this is the H word


see even if it didn’t happen last time

the reason that I have to teach this


the thing you were believing for wasn’t

the thing you were robbed of

when it didn’t happen last time the

thing you were believing for was not the

thing that you were robbed of the enemy

won because he robbed you of Hope

dang that is nasty

he wasn’t after the miracle

he was after your hope

cause if you stop hoping you take away

the gas of faith

you missed it because faith is the

substance of things

so if you don’t hope you can’t have


and most of us do not have faith because

you stop hoping the marriage would work

you just stopped hoping you would lose


that’s who I am I mean they love me

love me how I am and where I am all that

no no it’s just because the last time

you had you had a bad trainer and they

discouraged you and it was the life

circumstances converge with your your

insecurity and it didn’t work the last

time and the enemy did not rob you of

Health he robbed you of Hope

so now it’s been 15 years and you

stopped hoping to be healed

hoping to use the gift that God put on

the inside of you you went to that one

church that one time and they made fun

of you because you couldn’t say

mephibosheth and now

I’m talking about real stuff

you couldn’t save mephibosheth and they

were actually

jealous of the gift that was in you

unrefined and so they discouraged you to

the point that you didn’t lose speaking

engagement you lost hope

and now you’re in here and we’re talking

about miracles and you can’t even get

revved up at all

because for miracles to happen the

foundational ingredient is Faith but to

have faith you must first hope

all I came to let everybody know is

hoping is helpful

you can hope when you wake up in the

morning that today is gonna be a good

day I know the last 62 have been

horrible but father I feel your grace

and your mercy they follow me follow me

I thank you that today that I hope

I hope today I don’t cuss people out

y’all y’all don’t even hope no more

I hope today my anger doesn’t get the

best of me I hope today I walk in

Integrity the reason that you can’t you

don’t even got no bumpers like ain’t

nothing even stopping you from what you

don’t even want to do because you

stopped hoping

you want a miracle start with hope

I hope this year is the last year I’m in

financial pressure

no you’re begging for something you

should be hoping for

Lord please like that doesn’t take any

amount of expectation that something is

going to change somebody say hope again

say it again hope again

now Faith is the substance of things

what hope for

in a world full of cynicism

ideas like the glass is half empty

people thinking the world going to hell

within a hambastic pessimistic

perspective everywhere you need to

become what the Bible says is a Prisoner

of Hope

if I’m gonna be chained to anything I’m

gonna be chained to Hope

today might be the day

this might be the moment

I believe it’s gonna turn around

somebody say hope

okay Zechariah 9 12 is where that’s

found it says return to the stronghold

you prisoner of


I can hope that my marriage will make it

I can hope that my kids will know Christ

I can hope that I will be healed

father I thank you that you would allow


to become an ember in somebody’s Soul

again right now

but they have been literally desolate

and they haven’t thought that anything

good Could Happen father I thank you

that you would unlock

hope in them again this week this moment

this day I think you that they would

hope their situation turns around father

ignite their faith with hope

ing is free

hoping doesn’t require some long list

father they can just close their eyes

and with the gift of imagination that

you’ve given us you father they can hope

that they’re running a successful

business they can hope father God that

their children have forgiven them and

they’re walking together for next

Christmas father let Hope

come back to your children

in the name of Jesus we’re talking about


you can’t have Miracles without faith

and you cannot have faith without hope

Mark chapter 16 verse 17 and these signs

will follow those who


so in the song we say I have faith to

believe you have all that I need what

Miracle signs and wonders what follow me

follow me I wish we’d have put in there

they followed the people who believe

they don’t just follow people

they’re Miracle signs and wonders are

only tracking people who actually

believe they can happen

so in a service like this when people

like this is just emotionalism for you

it will be

they’re just this is they’re just super

okay cool if you don’t believe

it will not happen for you you can still

be here you can but if you believe

it says the miracle hold on where are

the Believers at hold on we’re people

that think oh where God God literally

saying what are the people that believe

I can turn their situation around this

week I don’t need a year to do it I

don’t need a doctor to do I can



do not let any person rob you of your

belief do you know how many times people

have told me it’s impossible thank God

you not God because the God I serve says

with man it’s impossible oh but with me

all things

all of them

oh y’all you better get away cause you

hyping me up somebody say all things

this is why if your family doesn’t

believe let them have it


stop trying to convince people without

the core ingredient of Miracles that God

can do you’re wasting your breath you’ll

see the fruit of my Miracle you’ll be

asking to drive it you’ll be you’ll be

asking to spend the night in it you’ll

be asking for


we wasting time


that’s the purpose of the miracle

because once God does the miracle that’s

when unbelievers be like well I mean

hold on what

all right

the Bible even tells us the purpose of

Miracles are for the unbelief

y’all don’t retail Bible

the Reason God wants to do a miracle in

your life because they may not


the faith the whole the fuel but they’ll


also how



they were a stray of Merry Christmas ho

ho ho they were

and how in the world

are they celebrating 15 years

of commitment to one

that’s a miracle

that’s when cousin Jun be like hey

me and Trisha we’ve been together like

22 years but for real only been faithful

like two weeks

oh y’all these are rip stories stop

so cause like

I know you’ll be on that Jesus


some of y’all so religious y’all can’t

even take people where they are I know

you’ll be on that Jesus stuff and you

know I’m more of a like you know what

I’m saying the universe you know what

I’m saying brings the things that we

need when we need them to be able to why

is it the most undeed people try to get

the most deep like you know because

we’re from the earth the dirt the sky

the moon the birds


okay and they really be like

but at some point

the miracle you walk in

becomes the message you can teach

what I’m saying to you is

maybe it would be more important

that you become the miracle

then trying to explain how you’re going

to see the miracle okay okay

somebody say I believe

okay so so if if the miracle signs and

wonders are attached to our belief

something I realized write this down

Miracles don’t take massive faith

Miracles take a moment of faith

I just need to help people because

people see me and they go you’re the guy

crazy I’m walking crazy Faith 24 7.

oh y’all didn’t want me to be real

I don’t I don’t walk around like yes

today God is going to heal MJ today

there are days that I look up I’m like

God leave


you know what I’m gonna say anyway just

if you want to then

no okay y’all want to be fake

this is every day

I’m just like oh

coming up to another year of school

and he did good

but is he ready to go to the next grade

who with his teacher God

I have another child she’ll be starting

her development is just right on

schedule like why couldn’t you have

how are you

how am I supposed to explain

to Gia when she started asking well why

and Bobby how

I’m not I’m not hyped every day

to get up in the fight of faith

that crap is tiring

but all it takes is a moment

sometimes I’ll be in the gym and I’ll be

down in the Holy Spirit said you know

you know I gave you a word about your

son didn’t you

I forgot

you taught me by a certain time

he was going to be completely

and in that moment of remembering

it’s still my faith to start hoping


hold on maybe we need to get MJ another

facility he can have his own school like

maybe like it starts like no y’all miss

it my safe start I’m going to look at

property like maybe MJ’s place is a

thing and maybe maybe his deficiency is

going to become something for other

children on the Spectrum maybe you’re

using olive y’all don’t hear me Mo you

know I’m telling the truth maybe all

things oh are working together

but it doesn’t take massive faith

just a moment

and sometimes y’all have been robbed of

the massive things God can do because

you won’t have faith for a moment


there’s a misconception that faith has

to be massive

Matthew 17 20 says Jesus said to them

because of your unbelief

this is why the miracle in heaven the

disciples tried to cast out a demon of a

God and it didn’t really work and the

demon was like

and the disciples like oh and then it

was like come out in the name of Jesus

and demons like no I’m going to kill you

so I was like right we’ll be right back

we’re gonna go get our manager

no that’s what happened it’s like Jesus

uh we have a disgruntled demon at the

counter trying to figure out can you do

that just like get out of there and the

day was like ah and the guy’s like ah

and then later I’m just showing y’all

and then they back at the house and they

eating some Chick-fil-A and they like

Jesus Christ of Polynesians um how

how did you do this and now he’s

speaking to the disciples so Jesus said

to them the only reason it didn’t happen

because some of y’all was in there doing

the actions but you didn’t really

believe it would work

it was because of your unbelief like you

went in there and did the Motions uh who

can you you you did the Mortal Kombat

Finish him y’all you did the moves

but there was no power

because there were some menus like this

this ain’t gonna really work in Jesus


and then while we laughing that’s how a

lot of us do

let’s pray

but make sure you have Oxycontin on Deck

you don’t really believe the miracle is

going to have it

where the Bible says two or three can

touch and agree you don’t really believe

it so it’s like get the oxygon and God

works through medicine too yeah he does

work through medicine but did you even

really try to believe for the healing

just praying don’t mean you believe the

prayer is going to work

there are so many people who pray with

unbelief every day it’s a ritual there

is no Revelation in the prayer and so

I’m challenging us as a church

really believe he said the demon didn’t

come out not because y’all can’t cast

out demons y’all just didn’t believe it

could happen

for I assuredly say to you if you have


as a

watermelon seed tubing

uh sunflower seed too big

what’s the smallest seed I could

if you had the faith the size of a

mustard seed

you can say to something massive like

that uh Mountain


and it will move

and nothing will be impossible

for you

it doesn’t take massive faith it takes a

moment of Mustard Seed Faith

for you to see somebody shouted me a


you can have a moment of faith and it

moves something massive so write this

down a moment of faith can move

something massive and I need you to hear

it like that because some of the things

you’re facing are huge

some of the things we need God’s

intervention on

are things that are so big that it

honestly overwhelms us to even pray

about it

okay can we be honest some of y’all the

emotional stuff that’s going on in you

you don’t even really

like you don’t really Express to God

what you really desire and need because

it’s just overwhelming the situation

with your mama

so then you just start saying stuff like

the thing with Mom

because if I start to get down into the

weeds of this

and where the offense actually happened

and how it stunted my growth in teenage

years and how I resented them in my 20s

and how I’ve been faking since I was 35

and now that they’re sick I’m supposed

to act like I care but every time they

call I hate to



it just becomes overwhelming and it’s

just like the mama thing

what do I pray for just

let’s get some specificity in here like

just your will God’s saying my will

considers your words

and I need y’all to hear me say this God

chooses not to do anything on Earth

without the participation

of his children

and so why I’m trying to get you to

believe God for miracles is because your

Miracle may be in your mouth


oh my God

the reason the enemy has had you so

discouraged is because when you don’t

hope for something you won’t even say it

out of your mouth

there are things that you need that are

in somebody else’s hand they don’t know

you need it because you’re not even

hoping for it and you won’t even release

it out of your mouth

the miracle is not a far off it just

needs to be identified so that somebody

that may have the support okay

you remember how I was talking about how

Faith me and Natalie got to a point in

our in our journey with MJ where we were

stuck we didn’t know where he was going

to go to school they wouldn’t accept him

in public school because of his delays

we didn’t know what was going on and the

Holy Spirit told me to go to this

Maverick City concert we went to the

Maverick City concert here at Victory

Chan saw me in the front and he was like

will you come up and pray at some point

and honestly how I was feeling at that

point was hell no I do not want to pray

no can I be honest

Just Cause I’m a pastor me and Nat had

been crying and arguing earlier that day

she didn’t want to come to the concert I

didn’t want to come to the concert but

the holy spirit said go to the concert

then we try to sit in the back in her

house come to the front I didn’t want to

sit in the front I I wanted to sneak in

the back and I wanted to be not me


I didn’t want to be the person of faith

I want it to power can I be honest I’m

like this is not freaking fair and

you’re gonna do all this stuff and then

somebody who remember a moment of faith

I had said let’s have the man of God

come up and pray thanks Chandler Moore

and then I came up

and because I’m authentic

I had to share where I was at

I said today I’m hurting I’m frustrated

my wife is on the front broke crying

cause we’re believing God in faith well

just me doing that in the moment I had

no clue that the young lady who had a

master’s degree in in special education

came in the door five minutes before an

hour after the concert had started

and said in the back and the Holy Spirit

had already been telling her that she

was supposed to quit her job and come

and serve our family by helping MJ

progress I’m up there mad and God’s

working a miracle

I’m out there a mess but God’s work in a

mirror I’m about to shout I’m up there

misunderstanding the sovereignty of God

and he’s


a miracle that young lady said that was

the moment she knew she was supposed to

quit the job she went and put in her two

weeks notice having not even talked to

us yet

I know what God Said

that girl came into our house and

started working with my son within three

weeks he was potty trained after six

years of peeing and pooping on himself

figure I’m gonna tell you a real

testimony today I’m talking about the

baby can spell yellow blue red he can

count money now

there’s somebody to shout with me for a


it’s a miracle

shout at me miracles


and we’re still in the middle of it

now watch

I want you to see


is not finished

a miracle is what I need to the next

step to a miracle

and that’s why the enemy would love to

rob you right now of Hope

because so many of us have made so many

steps forward in faith

we’ve made so many steps but if we stop


if we quit here

if we give up here

on our journey of sobriety

if we stop here


our process of purity

if we stop here we miss out

on the Fulfillment of the promises of

God that he wants to give to us


all right let me just finish 10 minutes

here we go

the lyric of the song says I’m not


but just

One Touch

is more than enough

for a miracle so a moment

and touching Jesus can change everything

it made me think of the woman in Mark

chapter 5 verse 25. let me read it to

you and then we’ll go home a woman in

the crowd has suffered for 12 years with

constant bleeding

she had suffered a great deal from many

doctors and over the years she had spent

everything she had to pay them but she

had gotten no better in fact she had

gotten worse she had heard about

Jesus so she came up behind him through

the crowd and she


his robe for she thought to herself if I

can just touch his robe I will be healed

immediately the bleeding stopped and she

could feel in her body that she had been

healed of her terrible condition Jesus

realized at once that healing power had

gone from him what the

so we turned around in the crowd and

asked who touched my road

his disciples Jesus with all the respect

look at the crowd pressing around you

everybody’s touching you who touched me

man he Lo he’s losing it but he kept on

looking around to see who had done it

then the frightened woman trembling at

the realization of what had happened to

her came and fell on her knees in front

of him and told him what she had done

and he said to her daughter



your what

not your facts

not what all the doctors told you

not your family

your faith has made you well

not even touching me

you missed it

he didn’t say your touch

your faith has made you well now go in

peace your suffering


over the reason for the miracle is that

you’re suffering be over okay so so so

remember I’m talking about the mystery

of the miracle so so let me give you

just three things right here this woman

had the mindset of a miracle

she had expectation and watch this word


these are two words that you need for

the miracle

the mindset can I show it to you in Mark

5 28 for she thought to herself


she’s sitting there bleeding

Jesus coming to town Jesus I thought I

said Jesus

who’s coming

you’re talking about the man who heals


when are you gonna be here



she’s not with the crowd of people

she said


what if

I get close enough

to the one they call healer

not to have even a conversation

if he is who they say he is

all I have to do

is touch what’s touching him



all I have to do is get close enough

to Touch the Hem of she thought it to


she her thoughts made her get up in pain

she probably look crazy to everybody


she might have had to start earlier to

anticipate where they would be because

she couldn’t run at the same Pace as

everybody else

but her expectation

and anticipation

put her in position

for a miracle

if you’re not expecting it

and you’re not anticipating it

don’t be surprised when it don’t happen

all right


plus anticipation equals

no not a miracle


see the miracle requires you to do


what if she would have heard about Jesus

and stayed in her place of pain

there’s no intersection where she

touches Jesus

most of us have stopped moving because

we’ve stopped hoping we have no faith

and so we don’t have expectation and

anticipation today I want you to get


whatever you’re expecting and

anticipating do an action this week to

prepare for it

if you’re believing your debt is going

to be paid off start an account

and put as much as the start a free one

and just label the account

money to bless others

my expectation plus my anticipation is

now making me move to action some of

y’all are supposed to write a book

get the document and put my book


chapter one and if it don’t say nothing


y’all miss it


it’s more than you did last week

and it’s honestly more than you gonna do

in the next 10 years if you don’t move

into action this woman had a mindset of

Miracles the other thing that she had

just put this down Miracles require a


if you are going to see the miracle move

just move

well I want to release an album release

a song

forget the album

because at this point it’s too

overwhelming to do that well I want to

start a non-profit serve at somebody



well I want to become a fashion designer

clean your room up

let’s just see what clothes you have

you’ll be finding stuff when you find

stuff in your own stuff like that I

ain’t even know how to it’s because you

dirty if you want

let me just be honest with you

everybody shout at me move

the action is a sign that you actually

expect something

okay but she wasn’t just moving towards

anything she wanted a miracle so she had

to find the maker of the miracle

the maker of every Miracle is watch this


say his name

say his name

I don’t want you to think this is

anything like just positivity moving

towards your purpose like going towards

the great things that are planned for

you by the universe no no no

Miracles come from a maker

this woman didn’t go just touch any

rabbi’s robe

she probably tried it though

she probably the Bible tells us she did

so many things trying to get healed she

probably was trying random wild stuff

put the smoke over me and throw the

herbs on me and she probably tried well

she said you know what

I got to put and attach my hope to

someone that I know has a track record

of Miracles

the one that keeps doing them somebody

shot his name Jesus

she said in she had heard about Jesus so

she came up behind him through the crowd

and touched his robe

the miracle is going to happen when you

move towards Jesus shout his name

the rose of Sharon shout his name

the lion of Judah shout its name

the Lamb of God shout his name

wonderful counselor shout his name

the mighty king shout his name

the Everlasting father shot his name

the free


that stands between me and God

where I no longer got to come to

somebody and offer up a bull through the

blood of Jesus I can now have a real

relationship with God shout his name

everlasting God shout his name

Prince of Peace shout his name

way maker shout his name

miracle worker

we’re not attaching our faith to a


an idea

we are attaching the miracle to the

miracle maker and his name is



Pastor Mike why are you telling us

because I believe Miracles are about to

start erupting in this house

no no I’m not just saying that

remember I told you we’re going to

worship on the word and part of that is

worshiping with an understanding you’re

going to be in the present some of y’all

are going to come back tonight at six

o’clock we’re going to have two hours of

just unrestrained worship whatever

happens happens we’re gonna pray we’re

gonna love just what but in those

environments and as you create them in

your home and as what’s going to end up

happening is the miracle worker is going

to give you instructions

he’s going to tell you to cut certain

things off

we ain’t talking about that yet

he’s going to tell you hey this is what

I need you to do and your obedience to


towards Jesus is going to create

Miracles that no man could do

and see this is the crazy thing about

miracles when you get a miracle Miracles

start multiplying

into other miracles

y’all remember when Jesus did the

miracle of the feeding of the five

thousand it would have been a miracle if

he just literally took yeah I’m okay if

I was a disciple I would have thought

when he asked for the fish and and uh

the loaves that took the little boys

they still the little boys uh Long John

Silver uh snack hat

number two combo and Long John Silver’s

oh that sounds good ah

when they stole that it would have been

a miracle if he would have just fed the



you took this little bit and the 12

disciples in Jesus they were like hold

on everybody we need to eat to replenish

ourselves to minister the world it would

have been a miracle if just 12 people

ate the Bible records that when The

Miracle Worker starts moving

it is in his nature not to just do a

miracle for a select group of people

when The Miracle Worker starts doing


it’s to jump start

somebody else’s Faith to believe he

could do the miracle in their life

the disciples didn’t just eat

the Bible records almost 20 000 people

ate that day

because one Miracle multiplied

intercept I believe that Miracles are

about to start popping off in this


in a way that’s going to start other

Miracles and if you don’t have faith to

believe it you sit there but if you have

faith to believe that we’re walking into

a season of Miracles size somebody’s

Faith should be erupting right now this

is a son my family will be healed my

family will be safe

sit down sit up don’t get it yet

it’s about to start popping off in here

start right now Miracles happening at my

job Miracles happening in my home

Miracles happening in my heart Miracle

scene and unseen miracles

because the crazy thing about this story

is this story of this woman getting

healed is the miracle inside the miracle

it’s a multiplied miracle

I told y’all to write down the point

multiplication of Miracles I want you to

because because this what I believe is

going to happen the truth of the matter

is the only right reason that Jesus is

going through the city where this woman

was going to be at

was because Jairus an official

had come to Jesus and said will you come

to my house because my daughter is dying

so Jesus is on a miracle mission for

somebody else

but somebody else’s Miracle is the

intersection of my Miracle too


and because oh I feel the presence of

God because

he was walking

to heal somebody else

this woman had the audacity to move

towards Jesus

she hoped today was the day after 12

years of disappointment after 12 years

of being broke she still was hoping

today if I just touch his rope

she touches the Rope

and as soon as this woman is made whole

word comes that Jairus daughter is dead

now you may be thinking oh I’m the woman

I’m getting healed ah touch this robe

but the truth of the matter is some of

you in this story identify more with


that you’ve seen God heal everybody

and while he was healing everybody the

thing you were believing for died


how do you think Jairus must have felt

to watch the miracle of this woman

and be like all right

all right Jesus all right well done


why you turn around and look at her

she was already healed you said yourself

you felt the verse you leave

keep moving

we’re I’m on a tight

I’m the one who came and got you

she’s the beneficiary of beneficiary of

my faith

I’m the one who came and got you and she

just haven’t now you want to sit around

and have a conversation

my situation is dying

and you’re being compassionate towards

somebody who already healed

word comes

Mark chapter 5 while he was still

speaking you still talking to her


she married now

they got kids

I’m the one having the miscarriages

I’m the one on IVF

you give them another child

they got a vacation home

we’re staying with my mother-in-law

and I’m Faithfully serving

and I’m giving and I’m so in it

you still talking to him

and the messenger arrived from the home

of Jairus the leader of the synagogue

and they told them

sorry to inform you sir your daughter is


there’s no use

in troubling the teacher now

now this messes me up every time because

their first thing was not to grieve with


it was to tell them don’t bother Jesus

no more


people who do not believe like you do

their first response is to discredit

your savior because your situation looks


stop going to that church stop believing

God I guess all the prayer doesn’t work


wouldn’t you grieve with me why wouldn’t

you speak life with me because they

think somehow

that a dead situation discredits our

living savior

and this is where most people give up

because they believe the lie that yeah I


I guess God did

I guess let me I guess he failed me

I guess this is not but watch this watch

this don’t bother the teacher now

but Jesus

talking to this other woman like I’m so

grateful yes God bless you I mean me

bless you


hold up


all right all right God bless you


I’m still coming

just hold on

I’m still coming to your situation

I’m still coming to your marriage

I know that they said she’s dead

but what I want you to do Jairus watch


don’t be afraid




Don’t Be Afraid right now I know what

they just said

don’t be afraid just have faith you

can’t have faith if you don’t have


so what he was telling him hope that I’m

about to change this situation


I know it seems I know it seemed crazy

but just start hoping right now every


is a step of hope that turns into Faith

that’s why the scripture says we walk by

faith and not by

every step they were telling them she

was dead

but every step Jesus is structured

instruction to him believe she’s living

he literally tells them

she taking a nap now

midday nap is good for everybody

when you hit past 30 that 45 minutes

it’s a resurrection like Bring Me Back

To Life

drooling everything

she says she’s just sleeping

the intersection and the interruption

are intentional

God did not want to heal the sick girl

he wanted to resurrect her

they wanted a healing

he wanted a resurrection

so he scheduled

the healing of a woman with the issue of

blood just long enough

to let her die

so he could say she sleep

it was intentional

what you are saying is an interruption

maybe God intentionally setting you up

for a miracle that nobody else could do

maybe the intersection of them leaving

the stuff being a mess people not seeing

your true value maybe all of that

is a beautiful setup

for God to not just heal something

but to bring something back to like what

is more of a miracle something that’s

breathing being healed or something

that’s Dead coming back alive he said

what I’m about to do in your life is

about to get me a lot of Glory so the

dead things are about to come back I’m

talking about America

talking about a miracle

that intersection

that you think is the hardest thing in

your life

may be an invitation

to a miracle

get it in your mind what is that thing

that you’re like God how in the world

are you going to do this he said watch

me work

watch me work

this is why we have to embrace

the mystery

of a miracle

everybody say mystery

put put it on the screen the mystery

the truth of the matter is nobody likes

a mystery

I want I want concrete

I want sure what if every time you went

to a restaurant they had a mystery

dinner for you

to look somebody’s like won’t do it I

left like

like just think about it like what if

what if every time

you about to turn on the TV you didn’t

have a remote it’s like a mystery show


with our lives

God wants mystery

but what yeah she said that’s scary

but when I started to see is that

the mystery

if we embrace it

separate the mind right there


my theory

but if I change the ETO oh the mystery

becomes my story oh

and if you want to see a miracle

somebody say you’re looking at a miracle

every mystery of my life

comes my story

that gives him


when I embrace the mystery I’m actually

embracing the miracle that will turn

into my story and you may not have been

there when I didn’t understand it

but if I embrace what only God can do

it turns into my story that gives God


and today I’m inviting you

into the mystery

so that your story can be a story of


the reason me and Natalie have chosen to

share our journey openly

because we’re in the middle of a miracle

and um you know it’s challenging

and people I had somebody like he always

shared that story

the Bible says we overcome him

the one who’s trying to suggest for me

to lose hope

by the blood of the Lamb that’s what

Jesus has done but I have a part in it

too it’s the words

of my testimony

and so today my son’s sitting in service

on his iPad in with his headphones on

trying to keep his sensory together

hopefully not bothering too many people

I want him in the atmosphere

of Miracles

I don’t care what anybody else says

No One Touch I feel the presence of God

in the atmosphere where faith is rising

MJ can be a modern day

it’s not for the Bible

it’s for today

and you don’t have to believe it

but one day

I’m standing boldly and somebody like

well what if it doesn’t happen then God

chose for it not to happen but it’s not

because I did not believe

without faith

it’s impossible

and you’ve already stood at the finish

line of your problem saying what the end

is going to be and you’ve not exercised

any faith

I’m telling you right now

this church will be a church of Miracles


and wonders

but it starts with

us having faith to believe standing


today I want to invite you to embrace


in the middle

of the mystery of your miracle

today God I believe you

hands lifted everywhere

father I thank you oh I feel the

presence of God

today somebody’s faith and belief has

been reignited

now Miracles can happen before it was

just a song We were singing but now we

got the ingredients

we have our hope

that fuels our faith

and our faith that now fuels the miracle

so now we can sing with understanding as

we worship on the word I have faith to

believe I have faith to believe

you have all that I need

Miracle signs and one fine

come on lift it up say I have I

it’s starting right now

have to look anywhere else it’s in Jesus

well I feel the presence of God

fiction is no match for Jesus

the pornography addiction is no match

for Jesus

the addiction to substances or food is

no match for Jesus

the depression is no match for Jesus

the death is no match for Jesus the

grief is no match for Jesus

I have faith to believe you

Miracle signs and wonders


so if you need a miracle in this house I

need both hands lifted all right yeah

if you’re at home lift your hands right

now oh I feel the presence of God oh

today you have been equipped

to believe for the miracle for yourself

you don’t need Pastor Mike to pray for


cause you can hope so we’re gonna do it

right now I want you to close your eyes

and begin to hope for what you’re

believing for yep God I’m hoping that my

whole family will be saved I’m hoping

that there would be intimacy and

transparency in my marriage come on I’m

hoping that you would heal my brother

I’m hoping that you would heal me of the

trauma of my past relationships so that

I will be ready to walk into the one you

have for me

come on just hope for it

I hope that I cannot be angry anymore

I hope

that you’ll allow the gifts that you

place on the inside of me

to impact somebody else

God I’m hoping that I can get healthy

come on whatever it is God I’m hoping

that you would allow me to walk in

security instead of insecurity



hope is coming into the room I can feel

it God I’m hoping that you turned my

career from something I hate to do

to something I passionately love to do

God I’m hoping that you men the

Brokenness between me and my children

who are not

contact right now

I’m hoping

that you take the name that you’ve given

me and people have tried to smear and

I’m hoping that you use it for your

glory come on whatever it is just hope

hoping that you


the wisdom that I need to raise these


God I didn’t have a father and so now I

have to be a father God give me wisdom

I’m hoping father God that you would

turn the aggression

into an anointing come on just hope

father I’m hoping that you would take

this jealousy

and turn it into generosity



you hear your children all over the


hoping becoming prisoners of Hope

God I thank you that the miscarriage

it’s not my last attempt

God I thank you for being a restorer

heal my body

heal my mind come on you can hope for it

heal my emotions

the trauma that happened to me God heal

me of the consequences of of the abuse I

gave to other people father come on

right now let’s pray real prayers

I’m hoping

healing is happening right now

father God

by your spirit

I thank you that now

you are turning our hope into faith

that we believe

that if anybody has the power to do it

you can do it ah

your word speaks

the faith that moves mountains father we

don’t have to have massive faith we just

today are creating a moment of faith

that you’re changing our situation

and however you want to do it

we’ll be faithful to believe you

father I thank you that crazy Faith

would arise in this room

and all over this world

father I thank you that now the Miracles

that you want to do

you can do because we supplied our part

Hope and Faith

we expect

we anticipate we’re gonna move this week

and do our part but God we step back

from the part we we cannot make a


only you can

so we embrace the mystery of how you

want to do it

when you want to do it where you want to

do it your God and your God all by


feed us to help you with that all you

need us to do is supply the faith

and we have started hoping today

and our faith now is the substance of

things hoped for

the evidence of things that are unseen

God I thank you that the Mysteries are

becoming miracles

oh I felt that

the Mysteries

how is God going to do it I just know

that he worked

and it’s gonna become a miracle

just want more time all over can we lift

this up I have faith to believe just

lift it up say I

come on with faith say

we’re looking to Jesus

just one more time

trust you God

you’re gonna use everything


you’re looking at a miracle

somebody needs to get Faith because

you’re in the middle of it but the fact

that you’re here you say

no look at somebody and say neighbor I

want you to know something tell them say


know everything that I’ve been through

the fact that I’m still here the fact

that I still got Praise on my lips


the greatest Miracle you can have is

accepting Jesus

so right now if you’re in this place or

you’re watching online

and you want to experience a miracle

right now

the miracle of Salvation is the miracle

that Jesus provides for every single

person who would be leave and I know

culture tells you you need to clean up

you need to get out of this you need to

stop that

but Jesus says come to me all who are


and I’ll give you rest

you’re tired of carrying the load of

Life by yourself

and you want to put your faith in


who literally will walk with you through

every situation and lead and guide you

into all truth I want to introduce you

to a man named Jesus he is our Salvation

he is the greatest thing that could ever

happen to us he is the answer

and it took me from being a liar a

manipulator somebody who was addicted to

pornography and it didn’t make me a

perfect man but it made me a progressing

man and right now there’s somebody

that’s listening or in this room right

now who your life has intersected with

this moment you don’t even know why you

watching this right now you don’t even

know how you ended up here right now it

may be your anniversary it may be your

friend sent you the link but God’s

saying right here is the intersection of

your life

and your miracle and all you have to do

is make a move on the count of three if

that’s you and you want to make Jesus

Christ your personal Lord and safe or

you want to come back to Jesus I just

want you to shoot your hand up in the

air bold strong hold on

my sister didn’t even wait till three

she said I gotta do it now one

two all over the world three shoot your

hands up oh I feel depressed

Transformation Church

this is what we believe you’re looking

at a miracle oh

you’re looking at a miracle

see you at Transformation Church World

family nobody prays alone so would

everybody just lift your hands and say


thank you for sending Jesus

just for me


I accept

the mystery of salvation

I believe

that you lived you died and you Rose


just for me and today

I Surrender my life

I give you my past

I give you my present

and I give you my future I repent

and I Turn to You

take me

use me

change me transform me I’m yours in

Jesus name would somebody give God the

biggest praise you got

cool I’m talking about miracles are


can we just bless the god of Miracle

we’re gonna sing it one more time I dare

you to just listen I have faith to

believe saved



I am baby

you can do whatever you want you guys



if you just gave your life to Christ

I want you to take save to the number on

your screen I feel the power of the Holy

Ghost here

text save to the number on the screen

and we want to help you we want to walk

with you we want you to get in small

groups we want you to get in community

we want you to keep coming back we want

you to get in a good uh bible-based

church and build your life it don’t have

to be Transformation Church we want you

to get in a place where you can grow

because I’m telling you this time next


you won’t even recognize you man

God’s about to transform you God can do

everything I’m telling you

he’s a good God

hear what I’m saying to you

right now we’re about to dismiss service

next week I believe God’s gonna do a

miracle in this place but we don’t got

to wait till next week tonight everybody

say tonight

I done told the worship team they got a

few songs for pair wear comfy clothes

don’t come in here trying to be cute

we if two people show up or if two

thousand people show up it doesn’t

matter this is not for anybody else

tonight we’re gonna put everything that

we’ve learned in the last four weeks

we’re gonna put it into practice we’re

gonna express our love to God

and we are going to give him everything

that we have and next week will be flood

Sunday some of y’all the expression is

gonna be outward

people haven’t even seen that you really

about this life now and next week you

gonna go public you’re not gonna keep

hiding this relationship you have with

God so sign up for baptism we’re going

to see God do

America somebody shouted me miracles

if you need further prayer I’m gonna

have to worship team just keep this

going for a second imma ask the prayer

team to just come they’re people that

need prayer and I just feel that there’s

something going to stir right here you

need agreement for what God’s doing in

your life

and so until next week I want you to go

out and live a transformed life and I

want to see everybody else tonight at 6

PM we will be streaming so I need

everybody to be ready we’re going to be

in the presence of God and if you need

prayer I want you to come we love you

and we’ll see you tonight at six o’clock

say I have faith to believe

hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

is not built on one individual but on

the sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to be generous to

meet the needs of people because of your

giving if you haven’t taken the step to

give trust me there is no pressure at

all but if you feel led you can text the

word give to 82 82 82 or you can go

online when we partner together God uses

our generosity to make a difference

again if you haven’t take a moment to

subscribe to the YouTube channel and

more than watch it on YouTube join us on

Sundays every single Sunday we’re here

10 45 CST am we would love to see you

and like we always say go out and live a

transformed life


thank you