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00:00 – Intro 00:24 – Sermon starts 03:56 – Worship definition 06:30 – Grace definition 28:50 – My problems don’t change God’s position 29:51 – Malachi chapter 3 verse 6 KJV 31:05 – When I do the most, God is not moved 32:36 – Do not put people’s reaction on God’s reputation 35:51 – Psalm chapter 7 verse 17 NASB 36:10 – Psalm chapter 97 verse 9 NASB 36:49 – Genesis chapter 14 verses 18 through 20 NASB 37:56 – Psalm chapter 91 verse 1 ESV 38:13 – Dwelling is a decision of where you will be positioned 39:47 – You can have access to covering but not accept being covered 56:51 – Your truth does not change the truth 57:20 – John chapter 14 verse 6 NIV 57:46 – Philippians chapter 2 verses 10 & 11 NKJV 58:09 – Don’t ever get under what can’t help you when you think that it’s over 58:53 – Romans chapter 5 verses 12 through 21 NLT 01:07:09 – Romans chapter 6 verses 1 through 4 NLT 01:16:35 – Acts chapter 8 verse 36 NIV

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you’re

watching from if you haven’t already be

sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s message

we are in week five

of a series we’re calling worship on the

word wow

wow I love y’all so much at the end of

this series we’re believing that

everybody will be in awe

of the Revelation that you have


of what it means to actually worship God

and I’ve said this in every sermon and I

got to say it today wherever you come

from thank you for being here watching

online thank you for being here I I

didn’t get to mention to everybody

um from the platform yet but today is

flood Sunday y’all

hey if you’re getting baptized in that

section back there can you stand up and

make some noise and let us

oh Transformation Church how do we

celebrate Hallelujah

for everybody that’s online there’s a

whole section of people who have decided

to make their relationship with Jesus


they don’t have a side chick savior


no secrets about their relationship I

want everybody to know who I’m in

Covenant with


and for some of you who are in here

you’ll be like I didn’t know it was fun

Sunday didn’t nobody tell me I just

ended up here good for you

that Transformation Church has prepared

for you because we knew that today would

be the day that some of y’all came in

here and yo we just got done yesterday

and your wig is on real tight

and right now you’re feeling a prompting

of the Holy Spirit like today’s the day

you’ve been asking for a new beginning

you’ve been believing me to mark your

life and this is a sign today is the day

that you need to get baptized I’m not

gonna wait till the end to tell you

because I want you to wrestle with this

the whole message

some of y’all gonna be like that was the

taco I ate no that was the Holy Spirit

he’s drawing you

to make a decision I don’t care how much

money you have in the bank

I don’t care how many times you’ve

rededicated your life some of us need a

fresh start today

and if you’re in this room and you want

to go public with your faith I don’t

care what you did last night neither

does God

he wants today to be the day of

salvation and the day of you actually

becoming alive in Christ

so I’m gonna just put it out there right

now we got extra t-shirt extra draws

extra brawls extra everything


you ain’t got my signs we got something

to cover you up


today let there be no excuse

of why you don’t

publicly declare

that I’m getting baptized because I

serve the most high God can we thank God

for all the people who are getting

baptized Hallelujah

all right

so so y’all know I’ve been preaching a

message based on every song that we’re

releasing and so today uh I get the

privilege to talking of talking about

how good my God is

and this is easy for me because man I’ve

been through some crazy stuff in my life

and when I start to think about how much

removed from regular stuff God is in his

thinking but how much he is concerned

about the details of my life I get

overwhelmed by God’s grace

and today I’m just praying that there

would be a fresh Revelation for

everybody in this room of how to worship

God because of who he is let me give you

the definition in week five of this

worship on the word series of what

worship is and if you haven’t taken this

down I need you to take it down right

now worship is

our love expressed

to God as a response

to his grace towards us

I worship God not for what he’s about to


I worship him because he’s already done

so much

and the real thing that can keep you

from worshiping is not remembering

so many people have what I call

Christian amnesia

in a situation where it was

so dire and so desperate we call it out

to God and he did a miracle

two weeks later we forgot that God was


and we start saying stuff like that why

would you leave me like this

where are you at and God’s like hold on

this the same exact situation you put

yourself in

okay I’m gonna go to real examples how

many times did you pray you weren’t


no because everybody’s looking at me

like oh okay I mean okay

let’s go real because I saw everybody

start getting starchy and real like yes

they need God’s grace you need God’s


how many times you were late on what you

said you would do and you didn’t keep

your word but somehow there was grace

and favor that was extended to your life

do you not remember the mercies and

goodness of God

and the problem is every time we come

into the house of God and many times

when we’re in our own home we try to get

a fresh new Miracle so that we worship


he’s just saying the fact that you’re


the fact that you have a roof over your


the fact that all your kids are still

alive in the neighborhood you grew up in

the fact that greed did not take over

your heart when Pride was the

centerpiece of your family


there has been enough done for us to

express our worship

to God and so I started to think about

it because I’ve been saying the same

thing for about three weeks or four

weeks now and and and God said Michael

if they don’t worship they probably

don’t understand Grace

and I was like what do you mean God he

was like Grace

is the greatest gift I could give

I gave them unmerited



favor and kindness from me

and if they don’t

put an expensive price tag on my grace

they come into worship entitled

so worship does not

become something we give to God

it’s something that we want God to

excite out of us

I’ll worship you when you do and God’s

like hold on I already did the best

thing you could ever have

I sent Jesus as a sign of my grace so

that all crazy crap you would do you

wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for it

but you want me to do a new sign miracle

and wonder that still compels and still

is not at the same level as what I did

through Jesus

before you worship oh you want a

thousand dollars

somebody call you out and say I’m giving

you a thousand dollars you jump you


but when you think of the sacrifice that

Jesus gave

you don’t jump you don’t Shout

you don’t sing his praise you don’t

we need to reprioritize

what should get a response in our life

oh God I just said something

we need to reap how are you going to

worship if you don’t even value the

ah the old folks used to say it God I

thank you for the dangers that you kept

me from seeing

and do you know it was the grace of God

you made it to this church in one piece

today it was the grace of God your kids

made it through a whole nother school

year it was the grace oh y’all I need to

find somebody in this place who will

just thank God for his grace that my

marriage is still here that this church

is still here that my life

still has purpose

after all I’ve done

you can still use somebody like me

somebody shot at me Grace


and if you ever forget about the grace

of God

become entitled in his presence

and there are so many people that showed

up in churches today wanting God to do

another thing

that man can come there everywhere I

preach everywhere

but you want him to show up hold on we

don’t want a God we want a genie

we want to Rob and worship the right way

so that maybe we hit the jackpot

God says why you were yet sinners

while you were still sneaking in and out

of them windows while you were still

lying on your taxes why you still was

claiming kids to be ages that they

weren’t to go to Chuck E cheese and get

a free buffet while you were still

a baby 17 no he’s 13 he 12. shut up

and baby got facial hair what are you

talking about

while you were yet

Christ sent the greatest gift

something that will help you worship God

Wherever You Are

it’s just stopping and say God thank you

for the grace you’ve already given me

thank you for saving me out of that

abusive relationship

thank you Father even though I was

molested father God I didn’t turn around

and perpetuate that predatory behavior

thank you for oh y’all better hear me

thank you for breaking the curse



thank you that even my kids weren’t

raised with a father God that you sent

men of God into their lives and you gave

them a foundation father God he was a

deadbeat but you were a good father


God I was raised in drug but thank you

for the grace to break the addiction


thank you Father God that it’s been

eight years will this is your testimony

that you’ve been walking in sobriety and

you haven’t been addicted thank you for

the grace you gave oh y’all don’t hear



three seconds and thank for God for the

grace he’s already given

thank you for your grace

that’s why I call them the most high

because none of my bosses could break

pornography addiction off of me

that’s why I called him the most high

because no crowd of people

could help me stop lying

that’s why he’s the most high somebody

say he’s the most high

because he saw me at my lowest

and stepped off of his throne and sent

the Holy Spirit

to meet me in despair

that’s why I worship God

and maybe today

you need to find a reason

because at the end of the day

all of us were created

to worship God

it was literally why he made you

so somebody’s like what’s my purpose

I need God I’m going away for 40 days to

fast in Arizona

that’s the closest thing to the desert I

can get

and I’m going to ask God what is my

purpose there are some things that are

specific purposes

that God will clarify for you but there

are other things that are general

purposes of mankind

one of Mankind’s general purposes

is to worship God

and he says that I made you to do it but

if you don’t

I’ll tell the rocks

to start crying out and worshiping for


and and and this is this is why

ah it’s such a burden of mine to teach

the body of Christ that worship is not

just a Sunday thing

it is not a slow song thing

somebody say worship

is my lifestyle

all right

it is not

a part of my life

it is

my life

how I love my wife is worship

how I treat my enemies oh

is worship

how I give to people

is worship

if you keep it as the slow songs on your


you will miss out on the protection

the renewal

and the revelation

that God provides when you live a life

of worship

when we wrote this song

um most high God it was in a season

where I felt just a lot of people

feeling condemnation and God told me

that the joy of the Lord will be

your strength and he said I need you to

make a song that embodies joy as soon as

you put it on that it’s just it just it

lifts your spirit and and the first line

that came out when we were in the studio

at 15 19 it says this is my favorite

line of the whole song when I do the


you’re the most high God

now coming into a worship service there

have been times I’ve come into worship

services and I knew that weekend I had

done the most

let me be honest as a pastor now now so

people won’t tell you this but the enemy

really tries to attack my marriage

from Friday night

to Sunday morning

see they don’t even want me to be real

right now but he knows the only person

that can throw me off my game

is Natalie Diane Todd

no no no no and there’s been times where

it’s like

I forgive you because I gotta go preach


and come on see me like I I got I got

some things I want to talk to you about

but I know it’s Saturday night

imma hold it till Monday

but no we gotta meet and I’ll be like


why are you telling me this the because

because if if I don’t understand

that life presents us with the

opportunities to do the most

okay let me just we’re a humble open and

transparent Church how many people in

here have ever done the most come on

stuff you wasn’t supposed to do talk

okay see and there’s some judgmental

self-righteous people in here is like

that’s for those extroverts

those people who are doing it loud and

proud no no some of y’all do the most in

your thoughts

you ain’t never said it but

and the Bible says if you even think

you might as well

you’re being self-righteous because you

thinking so much

and you’re doing the most you thought

yourself out of your purpose in your



no no that’s just for those people who

wear loud pink sweaters and pink pants

and pink suits that’s for them

no some of y’all do the most in planting

you playing so much your family ain’t

had fun in years

you’re not flexible at all no at this 9

10 we’re supposed to be at the ice cream


are you guys having fun take a picture

no Mom we’re not but

something I’ll do the most at talking

God told you

let me tell you what the Lord said

I’m a prophet to the

shh they need to hear what God said to

me in time but right now

talk too much

some of us we do the most in eating

you know God’s been so good Lord I Thank

you that all of these calories would you

bless them and make them nursing to my

bodies and my arteries and my heart


now let me ask the question again has

anybody ever done the most okay

everybody’s hand should be up

and for those who are still sitting

there tight lips

because I’m I’m saved saved it by the


some of y’all do the most in religious





you pray but you’re judgmental

if they don’t do all night prayers

somehow they don’t talk to God

but my Bible tells me that you can speak

in the language of angels but if you

don’t have love

it’s like a Gong a clinging annoying


some of us how you doing let’s learn

highly favor doing what God’s definitely

walking in the world I’ve got the food

righteousness of God

I say hello

say hi back

I’m just saying like

it is in our human nature

to do the most

how comforting is it though

to know that when I do the most

it does not change the position

of our God


when I have done the most trying to

fulfill the voids inside of me

God went like oh my goodness

Mike’s messing up again

he’s standing there saying I’m big

enough for this Mike

bring it to me

come on

my grace is sufficient for that too

and while I’m hiding in

and toiling in in torments

because something happened to me and I

want to keep a secret God’s saying I’m

big enough for that

I’m higher than you getting in trouble

oh God I wish somebody would have told

me it’s better to get in trouble and be


than to hide

the truth

and try to hold on to the LIE

oh my goodness

that’s freedom for somebody right there

you might as well tell your wife you

dm’d your high school girlfriend

I just got real tight in here y’all felt


might as well tell her and work on it in

the truth

then letting another five years go by

where she keep asking you because women

they have this like third uh Holy Spirit

since they be in the other room like

was you on my space like Davey’s doing

all kind of

what would you talk about I was just

talking to Dwayne I was just that was

Dwayne from high school go Hawks

I’m just saying real things

that just put a wedge

and God’s saying to you I’m big enough

to help you handle

whatever you think is bigger than you

even when I do the most

he’s the most high God I want to tell

you one more story because I just feel

Joy in this sermon today I just feel Joy

I’m gonna tell you about the time I did

the most

um it was my son’s fifth birthday party

at um a trampoline park that we shall

leave nameless in case I decide to sue

them later um

we’re at the end of MJ’s birthday party


my friend

my tailor my the guy who helped design

my clothes uh John he’s in the building

right now he comes up to me I don’t know

what possessed him

he comes up to me at the trampoline park

and says mike you want to race

we are 34 year old grown men

our children are here I just paid 450

for us to eat stale pizza and and a a

bad cake

what wouldn’t possess you

to come ask me do I want to race

and without even a hesitation

I said bet

less rice

34 year old niece 34 year old ankles 34

year old not stretching


at the moment it I said yes I knew

I was doing

I could have said nah bro you know what

I’m saying we’re here for the kid no no

but something inside of me rolls up

and said this boy is not about to beat

me in this race

everybody gathers around

and something on the inside of me is

saying Michael do not do this don’t do

this do not do this and I’m like let’s


and somebody said cameras start coming


all the kids have cleared the trampoline

I’m there with my wife my son my

namesake I was like this is for you MJ

staff and leaders and family friends and

they say go

and the trampoline it was like a

trampoline and then like the metal thing

that the Springs connected to and then a

trampoline and then the metal things it

was like five of them

and so we had to run jump over run jump

over it set go I start dusting this food


gone I get to the last

trampoline and you know how when you’re

on a trampoline and if they hit at a

certain time and then you hit at a

certain time it don’t bounce

I hit

at just the right velocity and momentum

for my ankle to


go back

it flipped me forward

and my whole butt

came out

y’all I’m not talking about a little

crack I’m talking about

I’m talking about full moon action I’m

talking about


I mean full front flip it’s like oh and

it’s like yeah but just

after I got over the embarrassment and

the shame

I realized that there was an uh ache

in my ankle

like I got up like it stopped everything

and I was like ah ah you know how you oh

trying to act I’m trying to walk it off

but like oh

and I acted like it was nothing

for six months

started wearing an ankle brace to work

out and um I just sprained a little


because I was doing the most in a moment

where I should have sat


it went from my ankle

and I found out that your ankles

attached to your knee

and if you don’t deal with ankle pain

you’ll start having knee pain

and my knee is attached to my hip

I found out through experience

that when you don’t deal with what’s in

your knee it moves to your hip and I

found out that your hip is strategically

connected to your back

and if you

I don’t even know what that was

but uh

for the past year and a half

off of one decision

when I was doing the most

I’ve had to cater to pain on my entire

right side

what if every time you did the most you

had to pay the penalty

what if every time you told a little

white lie it cost you your life

because the Bible says the wages of sin


not communication not a court case not a

debate it’s death

that little example when I was doing the

most made me so grateful for how God

approaches us

in our Humanity

that every time I do the most he still

says they can’t pay for what that costs

so I’m gonna extend to them because I’m

the most high Grace they don’t deserve

they haven’t earned and they do not

Merit and this is where I want everybody

to get your mind centered around God

because many of the sins in your life

have hurt you more than the pain that

you actually experience in your body

like like like it may not have hurt you

physically but it got you spiritually

some of the things that I’ve gone

through they didn’t fracture a bone but

they fractured my faith

some of the things that my sin has done

to me it has not injured my life

but it injured the ones I loved

and until you start understanding that

God is so good

that he’s made a way for for us

to even when I do the most watch this in

my sin

I know this is a word that people don’t

talk about in church anymore but sin all

of us do it

and God has made a final payment for all

of your sin

because sin I heard it said we’ll take

you further than you want to go

take you longer than you want to stay

and cost you more than you want to pay


don’t ever think about Sin as something

that I’ll just do for a second

it grabs a hold of you some of us have

been habitually practicing a sin

for decades

and now we just call it something that’s

a plot you know I’m just you know

you know

and God’s saying that’s the stuff right

there I sent Jesus to the cross for

that’s the crap I don’t want you to have

to live with

so God is saying to us

be secure

I’m not going to change even when you

mess up

today I want to help you believe that

God’s position is not moved because

you’re a mess

I needed to know this and I know there’s

some people in here that you’re feeling

like oh god oh he’s so overwhelmed by my

sin no

he’s not overwhelmed but you’re

overwhelmed by your sin you can’t sleep

at night you can’t hold together the

relationships God is not moved by your

sin he’s actually waiting to take over


okay okay

so all the problems that our sin creates

write this point down my problems don’t

change God’s position

my problems don’t change God’s position

somebody say he’s the most high

he will never not be not be thy

leave the church he’s still the most


cuss everybody out he’s still the most


I’m I’m done with God

he said damn

really wish you would stay with me and

I’m going to keep and sending my love to

chase you after you but my position does

not change

because your perspective of me has


and we live in a world right now who

thinks their perspective is bigger than

the reality of who God is

all of us gonna get 80 90 maybe 100

years on this Earth God was before us

he’s stirring us and he’s gonna be

so all of the problems that you’re

facing right now you need to know it

does not change who God is he’s still

going to be the most high Malachi 3 6

for I the Lord do not change

this is good news so is he if he’s

filled with grace

I’m not changing

I’m not changing I I’m going to be

consistent when people aren’t okay

he said for I the Lord do not change

therefore you sons of Jacob that’s why

you’re not consumed

the reason that all of the sin you’ve

been in hasn’t consumed you is because

I’m good and I’ma stay good

it’s because grace and mercy wakes up

with you every day and I’ma keep sending

them out to chase you down

I do not I’m still the most high

go out while out do what you want to do

I’m still gonna be right here

waiting for you to receive the free gift

of Jesus that I’ve provided for each one

of you so watch this I’m just trying to

wash your mind get your mind to be

washed over with the word okay so so

guilt will not consume you and

condemnation will not consume you and

regret won’t consume you it’s because

God does not change so write this point

down when I do the most God is not moved

when I do the most God is not moved as a

young man I thought that every time I

sinned every time that I messed up

every time that I did something that

broke trust with God

that God somehow went away from me

and somehow now I needed to convince him

to come back

I’m messing with people’s theology right


that’s why some people get saved every


that’s why before you go to Lord before

I go that’s the way before you before I

go to sleep Lord I just thank you Lord

all the sins I committed today God I

thank you that day wash under blood I

thank you Father God that tomorrow I’m

planning the sin again but I’m just

telling you like if I’m to die while I’m

asleep Lord I just want to know that I

want you to know that I want to be with

you forever

you you may be laughing at that but in

our hearts

there’s a real

misunderstanding of who God is

so so I gotta say it like this when I do

the most God is not moved usually when

we do the most people reposition

when I’ve ever done things that were

outside of the will of God or a little

controversial people around me move

people don’t want to be associated

but I came to tell you that there is a

truth that you need to attach to your

heart do not put people’s reaction on

God’s reputation


I’m telling you when everybody leaves

God will not leave you

when everybody has a new way of

communicating with you God said I’ll

still be right here I tore the veil from

the top to the bottom because I’m the

most high nobody could do that they

would have to cut from the bottom to the

top but I did it from the top to the

bottom so you wouldn’t have to have a

priest you wouldn’t have to have a bull

you would not you can talk right to me

when they leave I won’t

and so many of us have put people’s


or people’s reaction on God

but he’s not moved by your sin your


he’s not moved by your mistakes

he’s not moved by every time you fail

all your flaws he’s not moved by that

he’s actually moved towards you by that

he doesn’t move away from you he said

they need me

there’s my child again uh

it’s like I don’t know if you’ve ever

had um your children in like a class

where they don’t let the parents come in

like in dance class or gymnastics they

like put this big glass and tell all the

parents to stay outside my daughter’s

wearing gymnastics for a while and I

didn’t like that I could not go help my


Ava gonna do a flip and fall and a

little teacher she’s slow getting to her

you did there’s a lot of kids around

here you’re not paying attention to mine

God is not standing with a glass

that’s keeping him away from you when

you fall it is a father’s natural


to go towards their child

but the church has taught us when we sin

you have dismissed God from your


he is mad at you

he’s waiting for you to do a lot of

religious duties to make up to him so

that he can be emotionally satisfied

and now he can be your God again no

he’s a father that every time you fall

hey baby will you let me help you

hey there’s a better way to do let me

show you how to do this flip

you you don’t you don’t have to hurt

yourself every let me spot you let me

teach you let me give you instructions

of how to do this the right way I know

that feels good but it’s gonna end in

Failure let me show you how to do this

that’s the reaction of a loving father

people will change up but God won’t

people will reposition but God won’t

and not only will God not reposition

God says I will give you Redemption

like I don’t just I don’t just leave you

I’m gonna put you back in a better

position than you’ve ever been in in

your whole life

because he’s still somebody say the most


Psalm 7 17 let me give you a bunch of

scriptures I will give thanks to the

Lord according to his righteousness not


not my right standing not my right doing

I will give thanks to the Lord according

to his righteousness and I will sing

praises to the name of the Lord most


Psalms 97 9 for you are the Lord most

high over all the Earth you are exalted

far above all gods

I love this because it acknowledges that

there are other things in your life that

could become little G gods

oh God I love it because the truth of

the matter is there are things in our

lives like our job that can become a


or a little G God things like our

children can become little G gods and

God said I’m over all the things that

you can consider a God in your life look

at Genesis 14. it’s all the way in the

beginning the first book of the Bible

where God is referring to himself as the

most high it says and Melchizedek king

of Salem brought out Bread and Wine now

he was Priest of God most time he

blessed him and said bless thee Abraham

of God what does it say most high

possessor of Heaven and Earth that’s

where he’s the most high and blessed be

God most high there’s a theme here I

just want everybody to see there’s a

theme of God being the most high who has

delivered your enemies into your hand

the response his worship to God being

the most high and being a blessing to

him look at his response this was his

worship he gave him a tenth of all he


hold on tithing is an act of worship

this is in Genesis before the law

he said in response to all the things

that I’ve blessed you with

your generosity

all that is is worship to me for what

I’ve already done for you

Psalms 91 1 y’all know this one

he who dwells

in the shelter or the secret place of

the most high will abide in the shadows

of the almighty okay watch this

that word dwelling caught me up write

this down dwelling is a decision of

where where you will be positioned

dwelling is a decision of where you will

be positioned

a lot of people go places that they

don’t dwell

we visit places

sit at places

but God is saying if you want to dwell

in a place where you’re covered you’ve

got to decide to do it


this is gonna help you the truth is most

people have not gotten under the most


we say he’s the most high but you have

not submitted your life to get under his



so the truth is he is the most high the

question is is he covering you

all right how can I depict this


today I need you to say this by faith

say the title of my message I’m going


somebody’s saying with faith I’m Going


it’s time for you to go under the

covering of God

the presence of God the rulership of God

the anointing of God a lot of people

like yeah the big guy upstairs and God’s

saying you have to come under my

authority to get the benefits

of me being the most high

okay let me show it to you okay

oh God

God is the most high

have you decided to dwell is the


and I have come to the conclusion that

you can have access to covering but not

accept being covered

God is the most high over everything

but the truth is most of us are walking

around like this

it’s raining

life is lifeing

people lying

things are hurting me money is funny

and God said would you come under my

protection protection

would you dwell under me and you’re like

God I do

God I

I’m protected by you Lord

I come to church on Sunday

cover me God

and this is a physical representation

of what we think

it looks like to be covered by God

rain pouring

torrential in my relationships

kids going crazy not sure of my purpose

in depression and you’re like God cover

me I read the word he that dwells in the

shelter of the most high will abide in

the shadows of the almighty this is

reading the scripture on Instagram

you didn’t dwell

you didn’t plant yourself in God

you didn’t hide yourself in the word of

God I came to church

and you walk out into the reign of life

and wonder why you’re drenched

I wanted to wonder why everybody can see

where you’ve been

every step you take your damage you’re

leaving marks is because life

has covered you and you haven’t gone


the protection the presence

of our most high God okay let me help

you because this is what I found out

you can walk in the rain holding an


when life is laughing

it’s gonna be a good Christian

it’s a nice little rain out here listen

to my favorite Maverick city song

and um I serve sometimes

and you out here it’s a it’s a it’s a


in your life

and this is what we look like because we

haven’t decided to dwell

no no no no no I’ve been with God for a

long time

I thought when I was a child

I put the childish things away

I’m out here walking in his will

I’m out here come on

and this is where most of the church


enough for me

my whole family can’t fit under here

but I’m covered

I’m dwelling and it becomes a place of


because we look at all the people who

don’t have umbrellas

thank God I’m not getting rained on

look at all you wet Believers like what

why would we not use what God has given


to actually cover somebody else

but we don’t dwell look look what the

scripture says there’s another word in

there that it says he who dwells in the

shelter of the most high will watch this

word abide

dwelling and abiding means that I’m

setting up shop there

this is still mobile


somebody said no no no Pastor I’ve set

it up

oh Jesus


sometimes it breaks down but we fall

down but we get up there it is here we


Here I Am Lord

send send me


because I’m gonna teach them how to

worship you we’re gonna dwell in his


and God said you can get three or four

people in here will uh Charles uh uh

come here uh Kurt y’all come here

like like we

we can get under here

and we can live a life

with our four and no more



but still

this is circumstantial this this type of

dwelling is based on the pastor or the


so when I move

there are

but the truth of the matter is so so

this is how the church looks today

the pastor dwells as long as I’m with my

pastor as long as I’m with my leader as

long as I’m with the thing as long as

they don’t fall

yeah as long as they don’t mess up

that’s good but what happens if me as

the leader fold up the tent

and I sin

and I make a mistake

everybody attached to me now

if you don’t have a secret place of

worshiping God for yourself

y’all don’t hear me

Sunday’s not enough yeah yeah yeah your

small group is not enough

you being on the Bible chat in the

prayer called that is not you gotta have

a place where you dwell by yourself in

the secret place you gotta go under


go under his word

cause man May Fail You


and now everybody’s getting rained on

because one person decided to lie

what God wants to happen thank y’all is

he wants to set up

a place

for you and him

that is not circumstantial

that is not based on what other people

are doing

he wants you to have a place

that you and him

can have communion

worship conversation you convict you can

mad it can be therapy and it’s not for

nobody else but you and him

this is where we get under somebody say

I’m going under

say it like you mean I’m Going Under

today is a decision Sunday

stop saying he’s the most high and you

still not under

his covering some of y’all laughing

because I still got this little

how dumb has it been for me to stand


all this time keeping these trinkets of

ritual and religion

I’m used to this

when God’s saying I have set up


that has enough space in it

not just for you

you hurt and get under

you feel broken get under

get in this place of meeting in the Old

Testament they used to call it the tent

of meeting

where it was the place of worship it was

the place where Moses went to hear from

God and anytime they would set up he

would go into this tent and Aaron would

stand outside and he would meet with God

feel the presence of God right now he

would meet with God where do we go next

God you need questions answered get in

the dwelling place you need to know

which way to go get in the dwelling

place set a time set a meeting and talk

to God

I’m too busy Pastor Mike you too busy

doing what

and somebody that’s watching right now

and said it’s hard to see you in here

yeah that’s right I’m covered


see so many of us want to get outside

the tent to be seen go step back up

matter of fact

you need to come down a notch

I don’t need them to see you no more

I need them to see me yeah yeah yeah

yeah I’m bringing down some of the

things that you thought made you

this is the last season I’ve been


God said yeah they think you this and

they think you that come on to the

meeting place

I’m gonna let some spit in an Easter


because I don’t want them to see you no


and where have I been

for the last year and a half


you can still hear me but you can’t see


you don’t have to know what God’s

telling me under here but I promise you

he’s making me into the man that I was

created to be before I was formed in my

mother’s womb you don’t have to know

what what my feelings look like but my

faith is being built in this place this

is the place where God said Michael get


get under my anointing

my instructions my will for your life

forget them they can leave the church

but as long as I’m with you

and what I’m inviting everybody that’s

under the sound of my voice

come on under

yeah sometimes it feels lonely because

everybody wants to be outside the tent

but there’s some things that only God

will speak to you

well what about my social feed it don’t


what about God I don’t want to miss any

opportunity he said I am the one who

promotes I’m the one who lifts up I’m

the one who tears down


is what it looks like

to get in the dwelling place

and the truth of the matter is too many

Believers don’t have this

they don’t have a place where the

presence of God

is the primary point of the meeting

not a miracle

not a change

not not something I need you to do right

now God said just come to this place

but just me I’ll change your attitude do

you know

this past year and a half y’all has been

God saying go under Mike

go under but God they don’t get it

but God they’re misunderstanding but God

he said I want you to say nothing

I want you to get with me

somebody say I’m going under


is the new invitation for the people who

are supposed to ride with you in this

next season

everybody loud and proud out here let’s

do this okay everybody that was ready to

fight when other people was chirping

join me under

let’s get into the presence of God let’s

get in the face of god let’s get on our

knees and say God whatever you want to

do however you want to do it whoever you

want to reach through US whatever you

want to take away not my will but yours

be the


I’ma be transparent Charles um

since the beginning of this ministry

I’ve had a pattern of going away to go


into having a sabbatical in the summer

and I told Natalie this week I said ah

I don’t feel like I can go on my


she’s like why

I said the church is is just getting

momentum back I was like all this stuff

people are choosing whether they come in

whether they’re giving they sick of

talking to their families about this and

that they don’t repost stuff because

they don’t want to have no arguments

nobody this that and I just start going

through transparently all the things I

was like the numbers is down the giving

is and this is that and thought and and

and and I was just I was just

I don’t know if I can be this real in

this place okay

I said I just feel like if if I do what

we’ve been doing

and I go away for six seven weeks and

really get under

I feel like I don’t know where the

church is going to be when I come back

and my wife said is it your church

or is it God’s Church

oh y’all didn’t hear me

and in that moment

God said Michael I need you to get away

with me

eyes have not seen

ears have not heard

Transformation Church hasn’t even gotten


on what I’m about to do to impact the

world but I need you to have faith

to get under

and I had to strip you of some things

and strip you of some desires

and stripped you of some relationships

that you thought you needed you need

none of that because you have the most

high God

and I’m living this out in real time


I’m about to go on sabbatical

and I’m about to go on sabbatical this

year by faith

because the faith the same Faith you

needed to believe God into something

is the same Faith you need to lay it

down and everybody talks about the faith

to believe God for it but nobody talks

about the faith

to take your hand off of it

some of y’all there’s relationship that

God’s been told you to take your hand

off of and you’re gonna have to take

your hand off of it by faith and some of

y’all there are cities that God said

don’t move there and everything looks

perfect to move there and you’re gonna

have to lay that dream down by

Fitness here I’m going on sabbatical by


because this ain’t my church

this is God church we were just in the

hood five years ago in 30 33 000 square

foot and we were doing five services and

I would be happy if half of y’all would

have shown up and the fact that we’re

about to baptize over 400 people today

the fact that God is seeing people say

that the numbers of tens of thousands

look at what our God has done oh I am

not about to try to start white

knuckling my way

through what only God could do

but sometimes you have to be reminded

the same place he gave you the first


it’s time to go back under there

I don’t want worship to be just a song

it’s got to be a place

I’m done

have you set up your place to go under

every day

to raise those kids

you need to come out of a meeting with


and I’m not talking about a little it

could be in the shower I want to be very

practical it could be you wake up early

and you gonna spend 15 minutes in your

car before you go into that war zone

that you call a job

you know it’s a war zone there’s

Temptation people got their videos all

out trying to get you to fall then you

about y’all know it’s the truth yeah

then then you got a co-worker to hate on

you and then somebody to email y’all

y’all gonna go into a war zone and not

have an instruction from the god that is

the most high who looks over it all and

sees everything


and that’s why I’ve realized

and I want to tell you very clearly Your

Truth does not change the truth

in this day and age in 2023 I know

that’s controversial because everybody I

just gotta find my truth that is fine

you are 26 years old

you can’t even never mind

and we’re so bent on our truth but

you can have that but your truth does

not change the truth

Jesus said in John 14 this is Jesus

talking I am the way

the truth

and the light no one comes to the father

except through me he said until you

start coming this way

getting under

the dwelling place with me

you can try other ways it don’t change

the way

Philippians 2 10.

that at that name of Jesus somebody

shouted me Jesus

every knee should bow

of those in heaven and those on Earth

and those under the earth I love that

part he make the devil about too

and that every tongue should confess

that Jesus Christ

is Lord to the glory of the father can I

just give you a note don’t ever get

under what can’t help you when you think

it’s over

don’t ever submit your life under

someone something some idea that cannot

actually help you when you think

everything is over

Jesus is the only one that can look at a

completely dead situation

and call it a resurrection

and so many of us instead of worshiping

God in a secret place making time

making moments every day

we worship jobs



and um I want to read one passage of

scripture that has really changed my

life and I’m praying desperately that as

I read nine verses because this series

is talking about worshiping on the word

I’ma read the word of God

and I just want these nine verses

to give you a revelation of The Reckless

Love of God

and I’m hoping it draws you

to setting up a meeting place with him

every day

Romans chapter 5.

I must start at verse 12.

when Adam sinned

sin entered the world

Adam’s sin brought death

so death spread to


for everyone’s sin yes people sinned

watch this even before the law was given

but it was not counted as sin because

there was not yet any law to break

still everyone died

from the time of Adam to the time of

Moses even those who did not disobey an

explicit command of God as Adam did now

Adam is a symbol a representation of


who was yet to come but there is a great

difference between Adam sin and God’s

gracious gift

for the sin of this one man Adam brought

the death to many

but even greater is God’s Wonderful


and his gift of forgiveness to many

through this other man Jesus Christ

and the result of God’s gracious gift is

very different from the result of the

one man’s sin for Adam’s sin led to

condemnation but God’s free gift leads

to our being made right with God

even though we are guilty of many sins

for Adam’s sin led to condemnation but

God’s free gift leads to our being made

right with God

even though we are guilty of many sins

for the sin of the one man Adam calls

death to rule over many but even greater

is God’s Wonderful Grace and his gift

righteousness for all who work for it

earn it

for all who receive it

if they receive it they will live in



they if you just receive the grace of


you will live in this life in triumph

over sin and death

through this one man Jesus Christ verse

18. yes

Adams one sin brings condemnation for

everyone but Christ one act of

righteousness brings a right

relationship with God and new life for


because one person disobeyed God many

became sinners but because one person

obeyed them

many will be made righteous

God’s law was given oh guys hear this

God’s law was given so that all people

could simply see how sinful they were

all the laws all the Commandments all

those things were just supposed to be a

mirror that says nobody can do this

oh God

God’s law was given so that all people

could see how sinful they were but as

people sinned more and more

God’s Wonderful Grace

became more abundant

so just as Sin rules over all people and

brought them to death now God’s

Wonderful Grace rules instead

giving us right standing with God

and resulting in eternal life

through Jesus Christ Our Lord why do we


it’s because Jesus

became the better sacrifice for all of


and God gave us the great gift of his


and our response

is to give God everything that we have

Pastor Mike what are you trying to say

okay it doesn’t matter what you’ve done

God has extended grace to you today

so you can make a place of meeting with


you don’t have to keep doing this

ritualistic over and over let me try

again God says I’ll help you if you

really just go under

get under my will

obey my word

listen to the people I’ve placed in your

life to help lead you and guide you

well we’re we’re sin abounds the church

is so freaking scared of sin

like it’s like oh they be sinning duh

what are we talking about

well they gonna come into church

smelling like that duh

well they ain’t change it how they gonna

be a usher and I’ve seen them on

Facebook still twerking


but we’re sin abounds


the free unmerited unearned favor and

kindness of God it’s

it’s higher than your sin

because he’s the most high God

if you don’t believe that then you

should start praising your most high sin

let’s make sounds let’s make songs about

our most high sin then

but all the scriptures I’ve read

have said he’s the most high God so the

grace is higher than your mess-ups

the grace is higher than your mistakes

there’s somebody in here and you say

Pastor you don’t know what I’ve done you

don’t know how bad it’s been the grace

is higher

and more abundant

and more available than all of the word

curses you spoke over your life

the grace of God Is Bigger

it’s in your biggest failure the grace

of God Is Bigger Than The infidelity in

your marriage

grace of God Is Bigger than you living

in an alternate sexual lifestyle during

your college Years

the grace of God Is Bigger Than you

still being in a homosexual relationship

right now

you don’t get many amens on that because


aren’t like God

but the truth of the matter is

foot of the cross is even

there’s no big sins in little sins

there’s no little things and no big


when God looks at this Earth and sees us

without Jesus he sees sin

and the crazy thing is most of us have

more faith in Adam’s sin than in Jesus’s


we believe that everybody is sin but we

don’t believe that Jesus can resurrect

people who are broken and lost and

hurting into a new life

today read one more scripture

I’m putting my life under

the grace of God

and if you’re living outside of the

grace of God it must be exhausting

you must be tired

I know what it’s like to try to do every

religious thing and I know it was like

to while out both of them wear you out

the wild out and the religious it wears

you out could you just go under

and get covered by the grace of God

Romans 6 1 4. the title of beloved sins

power is broken

well then

so we keep on sinning

so that God can show us more and more of

his Wonderful Grace

because that’s where the religious

people go you’re giving people a license

to sin first off nobody needs a license

to sin

they doing it straight no license like

every day

I mean it even tells you in the Bible

before there were laws people were


before the Ten Commandments

it’s in our

adamic nature


this is what it confronts it should we

go on sentence so that God can just

cover us with this grace verse two of

course not

since we have died to sin

how can we continue to live in it

or have you forgotten watch this here’s

the connection that when we were joined

with Christ Jesus in


hold on

in baptism

we were joined to him in death

oh you’re saying so the sin the power of

sin is broken

and there was a mark made

that I’m really under the covering

because some of us claim to be living

free from sin but are still controlled

by it

and he’s saying right here no no no no

since we have died to our sin we can’t

continue to live in that we can’t keep

going in that way did you forget that

when we were joined with Christ Jesus in

what’s the word baptism

we were joined with him in death verse 4

for we died and we were buried with

Christ bye


and just as Christ was raised from the


by the glorious power of the father this

symbol now we also may live new lives


part of the delineation in everybody’s

life needs to be

water baptism

what are you saying Pastor Mike the

scripture just tells us

that when the sin the power of sin is


something happens when we identify with

this symbol after we’ve come under the

covering of God and made a place for him

in our everyday life he said remember

this is the sign that you need to

remember when you got baptized

you identified with Jesus Christ when he

was buried

and when you come up

when you or let me say it like this when

you go under

you come up different

somebody say it’s different now

you may have known me before I went


but you don’t get to Define what God has

put on my life after I go under and come

back up it’s a new life it’s a new

creature it’s a new creation

and God is saying to everybody in this

room and even under the sound of my

voice watching this on rebroadcast

it’s time to go under

it’s time to get baptized somebody say

go under

it’s time to create a meeting place with

God that you go to daily somebody say

I’m going under

this oh just just real quick I want to

show you something real quick when you

create the meeting place all my people

Aaron Bree everybody give me like 10

people come up here real fast I just I

need I need y’all to come up here when

you create a life

come on y’all just come on when you

create a life

that lives under here yeah give me a few

more people come on what happens is your


come on y’all get down here with me

it becomes a place when Will’s in


and didn’t have anywhere to turn

it comes a place when Scott was raised

without his father and didn’t have

anywhere to turn when John’s sister

tragically died y’all get under here

there’s more than enough room under here

what ends up happening come up here John

when John’s sister tragically dies and

then he has to take care of his sister’s

three children

and his three children as well

this is what the church should look like

a bunch of people

who are under

I feel the presence of God

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve

worshiped and cried in on couches and

we’ve created meeting places my man is

crying right now because he knows it’s

nothing but the grace of God that he’s

here right now when Mo was in Miami him

and Connie were about to get a divorce

but he created a place where God could

meet with him when Aaron and Brie were

on the brink of giving up they created a

place this is what it looks like when

Kaylee was working in our house and they

didn’t have any kids and Will was trying

to figure out his purpose we created a

place where we could all get under

when Charles was stepping in to his

pastorate and was overwhelmed with

anxiety and depression

was having panic attacks in his bed we

created a place of worship me and Abby


Natalie and Brie and Aaron we went to

their houses

set up a tent

Brennan Zoe


had to deal with


your child

what did we do

we made a meeting place with God

and the only reason we’re still here is

not because we’re perfect people

it’s because we get in his presence

sometimes we cuss under here

sometimes we mad under here

sometimes we’re of hurt and depressing

the only reason we stay

because we know the love that’s around


but all I’m asking you to do

get under

go under

make a decision you’ll never live your


without being under

the presence of God when me and Natalie

found out that MJ had autism this is the

only thing that kept us

creating a place where we can worship

God together

through tears through pain through

frustration and nobody

was too big to get on their knees

nobody was like do you know who I am do

you know what I’m doing no no everybody

said God you’re higher than this


today we gotta magnify you no matter how

we feel


people looking at us

some of y’all need to create your own


your own places to meet with God

and guess what

it looks awkward when we get out of here


I know some of y’all ain’t been on your

knees in a long time come on

yeah come on

it doesn’t matter what it looks like

do you know how many Destinies are


because these people

created a place

like I just need you to

this is what living a life of worship

looks like

nobody appears perfect

when Kirk and his wife moved to North

Tulsa and God told you that she was

supposed to help in the church and he

would write on his crazy faith God I

know God’s gonna make a way for me to

work at Transformation Church he was


what God’s done through him and Mali


like what I’m what I’m saying is

we’re all walking through all kinds of


the only reason that we’re sustained

because we’ve created a place

for us to get up under

we’re not covering up

we’re covered by God

and I

worship is that place for you


if you want Jesus

to be the Lord or the most high god of

your life

I’m making two calls today

number one call is for salvation

and all I want you to do is say you know

what Pastor Mike today’s the day I’m no

longer going to walk this thing out by

myself I’m going to receive everybody

say receive

the free gift of God

the grace of God through salvation and I

need everybody who’s already done that I

need you to begin to pray right now yeah

because there are people right now

there’s a war for your life going on

and today you’re gonna try them because

I believe that somebody today is the day

of salvation for you

and you’re about to be covered by the

grace of God then you’re going to make a

place of covering where you worship him

and you dwell and you abide in him


is going to make a decision that is


the second call is for those who want to

get baptized

it’s crazy there’s a story of a eunuch

man in Acts chapter 8 verse 36.

and he hears about Jesus he gets saved

and in the same moment y’all he gets

saved he was like ain’t there supposed

to be something with some baptism and

some water and the church people was

like yeah but we can do that at a kind

of different time and this man says as

they travel along the road he was

sitting there and he said there goes

some water

look look here’s some water

what can stand in the way

of me being baptized

even if you’re not in the room one two

three four five six seven eight there’s

nine pools look there goes some water

for everybody in the room look there

goes some water

what will stand in your way today

from getting baptized and for you that

are at home right now

the Bible is so clear that the only

thing that you need is another believer

to get baptized some of y’all need to go

fill up that jacuzzi tub

and you need to call your cousin you

need to call Sharita Sharita I’m getting

baptized today you save right I think so

okay make sure you save cause I’m

getting baptized today like

we make this a deep thing that’s Sunday

morning and the certificate and all this

other stuff this eunuch man did not have

a crowd of people around to cheer for


he just said hold on

I have a chance to obey what the word


what stands in my way somebody say


so the first call if you’re listening

you’re in the room you’re watching

online you’re watching on rebroadcast

and you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and say what everybody’s

just in the room would you stand just

stand nobody leaving nobody moving we’re

about to have plenty of movement we’re

about to go but this is a holy moment

right now

and I just believe God is about to do

something this is a decision of being


I’m going under I remember when I made

that decision

that God I’m just going to stay under

whatever you have for me even if I want

to tear the club up

I don’t know how else to say it even

when I want to just do

anybody like you know the right thing to

do but sometimes you just want to do the

wrong thing and then come back and say

Jesus forgive me

even when I want to tear the club up

God said just come under here

he that dwells

in the secret place

of the most high God

I feel the presence of God in this place

eyes closed heads bowed if you’re in

this room and you’re saying pastor

I’m ready to go under

I’m ready not to lead my own life but I

want Jesus Christ to be the most high

God not just somebody who’s out there

but the Lord of my life I want to come

come under his submission his rule his

authority and most of all his love

today I want to make Jesus my personal

Lord and Savior it doesn’t matter where

you what you’ve done or where you’ve

been God is saying like a loving father


let me help you I even feel that there

are people that have been in church but

your heart has been far from God and God

is saying will you come back to me today

if that’s you on the count of three I

just want you to shoot your hand up

we’re going to pray I don’t care where

you are what you’ve done in your home

watching on rebroadcast listening on

podcasts this is your time today is the

day of salvation forget who’s around you

forget who’s standing with you no no no

no you will stand before God one day and

I want your eternity to be secure

because you came under the loving grace

of God

don’t listen to the lies of the enemy

God is the only one who can take all

your wrong and bad habits and he can

turn them into something beautiful he’ll

help you

you just got to come to him if that’s

you I want you to lift your hands on the

count of one I’m so proud of you two

your name is gonna be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life three I want you to

shoot your hand up all over I see you I

see you there are people everywhere

Transformation Church I see you sister I

see you Brother come on whole families

y’all this is this is what online we see

you glory to God

see you

it doesn’t matter if I see you God sees

you because he’s the most high

today at Transformation Church we’re a

family nobody prays alone

today we’re going to pray as a family

we’re going to believe God

that every sin

that has kept you condemned

it’s now about to be thrown into the sea

of forgetfulness

God chooses not to remember it anymore

the Bible says as far as the East is

from the West that’s how far

Every Lie every layer and every limit is

about to go could everybody just lift

your hands and Transformation Church

let’s pray with our new brothers and

sisters say God

thank you for sending Grace

just for me

thank you

for sending Jesus

just for me


I’m coming under

your Authority

Your Love

and your instructions

I believe you lived

you die and you Rose again

with all power

just for me

today I Surrender my life

I repent

and I Turn to You

I’m Yours


in Jesus name

amen can we praise God Transformation

Church can we praise God

Hallelujah to all of those who have come

to Jesus yo what better day

if you just gave your life to Christ

what better day

so go all the way

and go under

somebody say I’m going under

when you get baptized whether you’re in

this room or you’re at home or you’re at

a pool or you’re at a lake or you’re at

a beach

when you go under

know that it’s different

don’t let the enemy lie to you this is a

spiritual Act

the Bible says when we go under we

identify with Christ and when we come up

new creature chains are gonna fall off

of you

generational cycles and habits are going

to be broken I need somebody with faith

in this place you want a miracle you’re

gonna see it through baptism healings

occur during baptism people’s mind

change the form that’s been over your

life depression breaks

we’ve seen all of that happen

with the spiritual Act of baptism

families restored

if you’re in this place and you didn’t

come prepared to get baptized

that the team said we got you now we got

you we got you

if you are in this place and you’ve been

feeling this tug all day

All I’m gonna ask you to do

is there is a whole team of people that

got closed for you we gonna make sure

you get it but what if husbands and


renewed their marriage today by getting

baptized uh-oh y’all I’m talk you

talking about transformation right now

what if

sons and daughters

what if the lies well Pastor Mike I’m

not done with that I still have an

addiction I still today

is a new day somebody say it’s different


I’m Going Under

if that’s you

what we about to do on the count of

three I want you to lift your hands and

all I want you to do is start walking

where where do I need to send them to

the right over here to this door over oh

listen if you over here I want you to go

up there will be people that direct you

and we about to clap for one minute

straight and if you over here you gonna

go this way if today you want to get

spontaneously baptized I want you to

raise your hand move out of yourself oh

I see the people that come on down

I see him and I want you to start making

your way if you right there get out of

your seat go up there they’re gonna help

you get your clothes off look there

people oh Transformation Church people

are moving everywhere oh this is another

I need y’all to Rejoice this is a new


this is a new life come on don’t worry

about your clothes don’t worry about

your hair families transformation let’s

give God praise Hallelujah

come on 30 seconds more they’re still

moving you don’t know who you’re

encouraging right now

it’s happening

now hold on let me say this as they’re

still moving y’all keep moving

there’s always people who wait to the

very last minute

always some of y’all fighting right now

I’m just trying to warn you you gonna

get in your car

and you gonna try to drive off

and the Holy Spirit gonna say you don’t

get back over here

every time it happens

and then we ain’t got no more clothes we

done pulled everything up and then you

gotta get baptized in your suit

all I’m saying

if you know God’s tugging you

just go under

stop fighting it

and let me say this there are some

people in this room who got baptized

when you were young

you got the picture

you got the memory you got the video

but you didn’t have the real heart


today there are some people in this room

and watching online

that you are about to make this decision

as an adult

I know what I’m doing and I’m deciding

to go under so that I can make public

I want to show everybody

who I am in relationship with and I want

to walk into my new life

and if that’s you I want you to go y’all

if you’re in this room

and you’ve already made a decision to be

baptized and you’ve already gone under I

need you for the next 15-20 minutes

to be

an extension of heaven and I need us to

cheer and y’all look at all the people

lined up right now whole family oh


we’re believing that this act of baptism

by going under y’all are good y’all can


thank you we’re believing that this act

of baptism by going under

that there is about to be an overflow in

your life

as our team is in the pools and prepared

if you want to get baptized

spontaneously they’re signed we gonna

start and some of y’all still fighting

right now I don’t know nobody here like

I don’t this weed costs too much money I



in response

to what God has done for us

I think it’s time for us to get baptized

y’all ready I said y’all ready

father I thank you that miracles signs

and wonders for giving a breakout I take

you that Joy would overflow at this

place God I thank you that rides are

gonna be restored people are going to be

renewed and father God we will see the

church be revived this is the church

being the Church Father God and people

as they go under

I thank you for brand new life

in Jesus name we agree

we expect

let’s give God one more big shout of

pray come on y’all let’s go

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

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