We all want control in life. We want to believe we’re in charge of what’s going on. But the truth is that the world is out of control. But we know the one who’s in control, and we can choose to see life’s situations like he does. In week 4 of our series Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Pastor Charles Metcalf teaches us how giving can help us take our view off of ourselves and see the world as God does.



transformation church

hello hello hello

now listen don’t cheer for me can you

make some noise for the king of kings

the lord of lords jehovah jireh

the beginning and the end


welcome welcome welcome we’re so glad

you’re here today in the room you can

grab a seat man welcome to church today

we’re so glad you’re here

and uh man i am man i just love i love

being a part of a church that um is

actually making a difference in the

world and um sometimes you know we can


so familiar with church uh and so

familiar with what god is doing that you

forget that it’s an actual miracle

and uh you know just like the children

of israel there was a time where they

were in the desert and the thing that

god blessed them with actually slowly

became the thing that they complained


and what a shame for uh the blessing to

somehow become a burden

and i think a lot of times uh the

enemy’s temptation is to be that the

thing you prayed for the kids you prayed

for the marriage you prayed for the

house you prayed for the car you prayed

for to be sitting in the very thing you

prayed for and to be questioning god

where are you

and uh i just made a decision i was

driving in uh to church this morning and

i just made a decision that i’m just

always gonna be grateful like

and sometimes you know we get in moments

like this and we need like i’m ready for

a word um first thessalonians it talks

about in chapter 5 it says rejoice

rejoice always pray without ceasing and

give god thanks at all times

and then this is the crazy part of the

scripture so many of us we wonder like

what’s the will of god for my life

what’s the will of god you know what

that scripture says this is the will of

god for your life

the will of god is to rejoice pray and

be grateful for what you got

and i just think sometimes we over

complicate this thing there’s a reason

god said if you don’t come to me like a


that’s because children need to be

taught just be grateful i was walking in

the parking lot the other day and um we

have three little babies and uh anytime

i see another parent with kids i just

stop i’m like you’re amazing you’re

doing so good god loves you i love like

i do it all the time you could ask i

will people be a moms would be going

through the airport and i’m like you got

this you’re a champ like just because i

need that encouragement sometimes so i

just try to be that for other people but

i saw this mom and literally she’s

walking and she said you know what

kennedy you have an opportunity to be

very grateful today

you got to do things that other people

don’t get to do and i was like oh my

gosh like kennedy will you be grateful

like this is

but i felt like literally i was just

walking to my car and overheard this mom

say that to her and i felt the holy

spirit say the same thing to me

charles you’ve got an opportunity to be

very grateful today

you get to do a lot of things people

don’t get to do yeah

you know one of those things is for some

people that sounds intense but some

people didn’t wake up today

and sometimes we forget the regular

stuff like you weren’t you didn’t say

all right lungs start breathing and wake

up okay boom

you didn’t

but god saw it fit

for you to wake up today

and i just i’m just gonna make a

decision i’m gonna be grateful for the

fact that i’m here is anybody glad that

you’re here come on you didn’t think you

was gonna make it here i didn’t know if

i was gonna but i’m here thank you

thank you god listen i love our church

so much i love our pastors so do you

love our pastors pastors michael and

natalie todd we have some of the best

pastors in the world and i love our

church and me and pastor say something

all the time is that man we want to be a

part of and help lead and build a church

that we would want to come to like not

because we’re pastors here but it’s

because man we love this church and um i

pray that you are a part of a church and

i didn’t say just transformation church

if you are a part of tc i pray that you

love it so much that you would actually

want to invite people like that’s

genuinely my prayer because what is the

point of being a part of something that

you’re not excited for other people to

experience like this is a genuine thing

like this week i kind of went crazy i’m

not gonna lie my wife is like what is

wrong with you literally i was going cra

anybody i saw was like yo you want to

come to church you should come to church

like seriously you should i was writing

on every receipt literally every tuesday

night me and abby we go to this

restaurant for date night every day

every tuesday is date night and uh

listen spouses if you’re not if you

stopped dating when you got married you

played yourself don’t ever stop dating

your spouse that’s one of the first

things pm told me pastor michael told me

when i sat down with him we were

starting a church and uh i had questions

about leadership and he was like when’s

the last time you took abby on a date i

was like when’s the last time you

brushed your teeth i don’t know like i

was saying i didn’t i just i got

offended when i get offended i just cut

that’s all i know how to do um but i but

since then we never missed date night

and literally this tuesday i was like

i’m literally trying i’m trying to get

the whole kitchen staff and there are

two of them are here what’s up hello


i’m trying to get the whole staff

and yet they’re like i’m never i’m

literally never coming back and i’m

going to spend your food because this is

so no

best restaurant in total we go every

tuesday night but i i say that because i

actually love this place so much i want

people to experience it and my prayer is

that if you are a part of this church or

maybe you’re like maybe you’re not

excited enough to invite people to find

a church that you are like and that’s

crazy no pastor will get up and tell you

go find another church but if there is a

church that you will actually invite

people to go to that church watch that

church i’m telling you because god is

not concerned with building a church he

is concerned with building the church so

if it’s this church another church find

somewhere that you’re passionate about

that you love listen i just i love our

church so much and my prayer is that we

would find ourselves in a place where we

realize god has done so much in our life

that’s what i think and i keep getting

stuck on this grateful thing but i can’t



invite people to something that has

changed me

like this has actually changed me

literally it’s i’m way out of order in

my sermon but like there was something

old in church that you you just sit

there and tell your testimony like it’d

be testimony time and you just come up

to the front and be like hello first i’d

like to give glory to god who’s the

who’s the head of my life

but i this is crazy but um in 2020

anybody have an incredible 20 20 anybody

because i was gonna say i had a bad one

and i was like oh come on pastor tommy

he’s the only brother i know that was

like he ain’t never had a bad day um

unfortunately that was not me in 2020.


no there was a moment

and i’m sharing this for someone who

needs to hear this um

there was a moment


one of the executive pastors of

transformation church

during the pandemic where i was um

i was curled up under my desk

nobody was in the office we were doing

work from home

i was breaking the rules and going up to

the office



there was a moment where i was like i

don’t know if i can do this anymore

like i really

i really

i just i don’t know

and some of you

for reasons that maybe i don’t

understand that maybe i have an

experience you find yourself at a place

where you say you know i don’t know if i

could do this anymore

and i’m telling you i’m telling you

god loves you so much

like i can’t even explain it to you like

i could i could sit here and talk for

three hours and never even scratch the

surface of how much god cares about you

but from someone who was ready to take

his own life not because of any other

thing but i just didn’t know i wasn’t

sure and there are moments regardless of

how long you’ve been following jesus

regardless of how much bible you read

how much prayer you have there are times

where you just need a reminder that god

loves you that he sees you and i’m still

here so the fact that i’m still here i

need to tell you that god loves you he

has a plan for your life you will live

and not die come on there is a plan on

the inside of you and when you stand up

and testify that devil you thought you

had me you thought you were gonna take

me out but i’m still


you can’t tell me you can’t tell me

god’s not real

and uh i just i made a decision that

every single day that i wake up

i’m going to remind myself

it wasn’t always like this

it wasn’t always like this but god has

been good has god been good to anybody

this morning

well hey listen we’re going to jump uh

into the service today are you guys

ready for the word

ready for the word i got my stool which

means it’s gonna get serious

um it’s gonna get serious listen um i

spent a lot of time on this message

going back and forth on a couple of

different titles uh i did this i went to

go speak at this one thing and i

literally hadn’t landed on the title yet

and so i was like i’m just gonna let

them choose so i was just like title one

two or three and then they chose the one

i liked the least and so uh i was gonna

do that today but you know we got like

we’re an actual church and we can’t just

make stuff up on the spot so um but i’m

gonna read um two big chunks of

scripture today i couldn’t let this is

one thing i couldn’t land on which one i

wanted to read and so i was like hey

this is the church we can just read the

bible all day so i got two big chunks of

scripture we’re going to read proverbs

11. um i’m going to read it out of the

passion translation uh this

y’all sponsored by passion translation

yeah passion translation

okay all right that was so odd that was

just like y’all got more excited for

that than when i said shout for the king

of kings they were like yeah passion

translation um okay anyways

sorry that just she genuinely caught me

off guard i’m so glad you love your

bible though that’s awesome um okay

proverbs 11 starting in verse 23 uh this

is what the bible says true lovers of


are filled with longings for what is

pleasing and good

but the wicked can only expect doom

generosity brings prosperity

but withholding from charity brings


those who live to bless others will have

blessing heaped upon them

and the one who pours out his life to

pour out blessing will be saturated with


people will curse the businessman with

no ethics but the one with social

conscience receives praise from all

live your life seeking what is good for

others brings untold favor

but those who wish evil for others will

find it coming back on them keep

trusting in your riches and you’ll go

down but the lovers of god will rise up

like flowers in the spring

verse 30 it says a life

lived loving god

bears fruit bears lasting fruit for the

one who is truly wise wins

souls listen that’s just too i literally

just had to read it because it was so

good i was like ah we’ll just throw it

in there so now i need you to turn to

luke chapter 10 luke chapter 10 um is

where we’re going to be today let me

find it yeah luke chapter 10 and uh

we’re going to read a common story in

the bible uh it’s the parable of the

good samaritan if you don’t know the

story um it’s it’s very popular in

teachings and in christianity and we’re

going to teach from that as our

foundational scripture today i’m going

to read this give it a little context

jesus is talking to people and he’s like

hey here’s the greatest commandment you

need to love the lord your god with all

your soul your heart soul and your mind

and then love your neighbor as yourself

and then a petty guy walks up and uh

he’s like well technically you know who

technically is my neighbor you know what

i’m saying like because like you know do

i live next to my neighbor is it like

what like he’s just asking a very

low-ended question and so jesus does a

great thing he doesn’t even answer the

dumb question he’s just like you don’t

even understand what you’re talking

about i’m just going to tell you a story

and this is the story jesus says jesus

replied with the story a jewish man was

traveling from jerusalem

back to jericho

he was attacked by bandits they stripped

him of his clothes beat him up and left

him half dead beside the road

by chance a priest came along but when

he saw the man lying there he crossed to

the other side of the road and passed by

him a temple assistant walked over

looked at him lying there but he also

passed by

then a despised samaritan

came along

and when he saw the man he felt

compassion go over going over to him the

samaritan soothed his wounds with olive

oil and wine he bandaged them then he

put the man on his own donkey and took

him to an end where he took care of him

the next day he handed the innkeeper

silver two silver coins telling him take

care of this man

if his bill runs higher than this i’ll

pay you the next time i’m here

now which one of these is jesus talking

he says now which one of these three

would you say was a neighbor to the man

who was attacked by bandits the man


the one who showed him mercy jesus said

now go

and do

the same

i want to take a moment to pray before

we jump into the word would you pray

with me wherever you are lord god we

love you so much

thank you for loving us thank you for

caring about us thank you for being so

intimately involved in the details of

our life um you are such a big god yet

you stoop low to concern yourself with

things honestly that you don’t have to

um but you do it because of how much you

care about us lord i pray in these next

few moments that your word would bring

peace it would bring clarity you bring

insight but i get out of the way so that

you can have your way it’s in jesus name

we pray and everybody said

amen um so i uh in sixth grade i went on

a field trip to disney world anybody’s

been to disney world disney world hello

six people this is gonna work great all

right um i went to disney world in sixth

grade and i gotta give you a little

context in sixth grade i was really

short like and some of you are like

you’re still really short well you know

what be quiet um

i i went to um no that’s one of the

worst things when i meet people they’re

like wow you are and i think they’re

gonna say like a lot better looking in

person or something and they’re like a

lot shorter than i thought you were and

i’m like


whatever okay um but i was really short

in sixth grade super insecure about it

so insecure i would um i would literally

stuff i don’t know if you can see this

on the camera maybe a different i’m

about to show my foot you know here’s

holy um but i would stuff my shoe like i

don’t do it anymore you know i went to

counseling but about it but i would

stuff my shoe with like eight to ten

insoles i’m not lying i would buy like a

shoe that was two sizes too big then put

like eight insoles in it and my foot

would sit like you couldn’t really see

it but it was like right on the edge

like you when i had long pants on you

couldn’t tell but if you lifted my shirt

my foot was sitting like this like just

barely on like it was so bad yeah see to

get the camera shot you know here’s holy

uh but the it was so bad i was so

insecure how i legit was like how tall i

was like four

like six four seven like actually like

are you gonna like get any taller type

short or so anyways but i was doing this

at disney world going to all the tall

rides and i was like in my high heel

nike shocks you know and i was like

like just trying to act regular and i

got through like a lot of lines it

worked so well but then i would get and

obviously they have these height things

for a reason because i would get and the

thing wouldn’t click all the way down so

it’d be like

and i’d be like okay here we go and then

literally over every hill i would like

be floating up out of my seat and then

i’m thinking of all the stories my

grandmother told me he’s like do you

hear about that lady that flew out at

six flags and like

so anyways i go up to a line and i like

got my high heel shocks on nike shocks

anybody have nike shots shout out come

on now uh i have my high heel shocks on

and they’re literally like wait a second

sir could you take off your shoes and

i’m like why don’t you take on my shoes

bro what you mean and literally i was

just like actually i got to go to the

bathroom and i just left i didn’t even

like i was like i’m not about to get

embarrassed for all these people so

my teacher uh my teacher and this other

short kid come up to me and they’re like

hey there’s a ride we can go ride like

it’s gonna be awesome the other kid was

like i’ve come here all the time you

know like when you got friends that are

really rich and it’s like well cool you

come here all the time so he’s like i

come here all the time trust me this is

the best ride ever and i’m like all

right whatever like

i just want to make it clear that i’m

not short like you like i was trying to

like distance myself


we get to the ride we stand there for an

hour because that’s what you do at

disney you pay thousands of dollars to

wait in lines

and um we sit in the line and then we

get there’s like this little boat

and you know when like you’re getting on

a water ride and like the seats wet and

so it’s just like hot water on your butt

so it’s like it’s just like

like is he gonna preach i will just

trust me i’m gonna get there um

jesus told stories come on this is part

of it so i’m sitting in the seat and we

go through these big gates and there’s

like all these little like miniature

like people they’re like no no no no no

no no no and i’m like what is happening

like it’s like i was so like and he’s

like isn’t this awesome man like is it

just so cool and they’re like talking to

all these different languages like in

german and in mandarin

like i don’t know like and i’m like i

don’t know what this ride is but i don’t

um some of you know it was the ride it’s

a small world has anybody heard of this

ride raise your hand it’s a small world

come on it’s it’s a small world after

all is this my word

like okay so

it was i hated it it was the worst i was

like i’m never trusting you again timmy

like you i knew i shouldn’t have trusted

you but this ride is actually i looked

it up this week it’s the most successful

ride disney has ever had

it’s a small world the song came out uh

was written in 1963 the production of

the song was overseen by walt disney

himself like he made sure he wanted a

song that could be easily translated to

a lot of different languages so that

when people would come to their parks

they would feel like if you didn’t

understand anything else you could ride

this ride and you would feel connected

and this ride is at every single disney

world disneyland around the world you

can go to uh disney hong kong and it’s

gonna be

like it’s just that’s the ride and um

i looked it up this song is the most

widely performed and translated song

ever like of any song ever translated or

performed into small and i was like

really not in the club by 50 cent like i

just felt like

that would have been i that would be the

song i want translated to every language

but uh

not really probably really bad um

but i was thinking about it and i was

like really it’s a small world like

that’s the most like famous thing ever

and i realized that the popularity of

this ride and this song

it kind of reveals like a subconscious

principle of humans

and this is we love a small world



like love

a small world you say pastor charles

what do you mean um well when we we

don’t have a small world what we love is


what we love i’m about to preach what we


is control

and the only way to control something

that is out of your control

is to make it smaller



love like are so in love with the small

world because we love control

we’re all born with this stuff how many

of you just be honest you love control

put your hands in the air don’t lie we

in church i’m not gonna look at you but

somebody over in this direction you

ain’t raising your head no

we love


we love to control people think about us

we love to control somebody trying to

control your spouse look what you gonna

wear that really that’s what you wear

okay yeah go ahead that looks great yeah

go ahead some of you try to control um

how people think about you how they

perceive you try to control your kids

come on with kids don’t let your kids

get out of control goodness we in that

stage where they just get out of control

and i just be like yeah what’d you say

huh you’re who’s that i don’t know who

that kid is i don’t never seen him

before no um but we love control

and because of our need for control the

only option is is to make our world


now you have to understand control is

always an illusion like you know you’re

not ever in control like

some of you some of you need to say i




some of y’all didn’t say everything some

of y’all stopped you always like i

cannot they’re like wait a second i

think i actually can though but

you can’t you can’t control everything

that’s just we know that like you can

live for two seconds and know the world

is out of control

don’t let anything get and that’s the

big thing don’t let anything ever get

out of control like all of life is

trying to keep everything under control

how you doing oh yeah just keeping

things under control you know holding it

down nothing’s getting too crazy you

know kids under control wife under

control bank account under control money

under control i’m saying just keep it

all in control we even love shows where

it’s about keeping things like in

control have you seen the uh tidying up

show with the lady that i don’t know her

name but like it’s like everything has a

place everything has a spot above if it

doesn’t bring you peace get rid of it

come on like you don’t even need it

but really that’s just a means of


it’s just a means of making sure

everything has its box everything fits

and everything works

and so many of us because of our need

for control

the only option is is when you live in a

small world as if it’s out of control

you you have to make adjustments to make

sure it’s in control

so what do you if you if you need

control and something’s out of control

what do you do well um you do what i did

in high school i played basketball in

high school and uh i actually

technically played in middle school

because i got too insecure and quit uh

because i’m so short again real life

trauma up here uh but i played

basketball i know you wouldn’t believe

it now but my wife can vouch i used to

be able to dunk i know i’m short but you

know i had bunnies so i don’t have those

anymore i jumped the other day and hurt

my leg um but

the only problem was is i couldn’t palm

a bass like i couldn’t palm a basketball

because my hand was too and so the only

issue is is before i would just when i

was really in shape i could just jump

higher to get above the rim you grip the

ball like this and that make me dumb so

what i would do is when people weren’t

looking um in pe i would grab um a girls


and people couldn’t pay attention but i

could palm a girl’s ball

and to the naked eye it looked the same

so what many of us do

in a desire for control

is when nobody’s looking you settle for

something smaller

you just make you make your world a

little bit smaller you make your

perspective a little smaller you make

how you think about people a little bit

smaller you make what other categories

people and you just slowly keep and what

many of us do is eventually our world

end up looking like this

i’ve got so much control

but the only problem is

you have had to sacrifice the size of

your world to gain more control

you’ve had to sacrifice your wide view

of the world you’ve had to sacrifice

other people’s perception

you’ve had to sacrifice other people’s

view and here’s what a small world is a

small world is where the view is always

stuck on you

that’s what a small world is a small

world the reason i would go grab this

because i didn’t like how it made me

feel the fact that other people could do

something i didn’t do

so i settled for something smaller and

control will always have you settle for

something smaller this is why some of

you are in the relationships you’re in

because you couldn’t control the last

relationship so you settled for somebody

or some man you could control

so you

um this is a lot of people’s marriage

counseling but the reason you in that

relationship is not because god told you

to it’s because you feel like i could

control them

the reason you go to the church you go

to is because you feel like i can

control this situation if i do or don’t

give tithes they’ll have to change

something if i do or don’t

and many of us

in a means for control

we continue to make our world smaller

now here’s here’s my um

thing it’s honestly it’s not that big of

a deal i’m not mad at you for trying to

get control i’m really not i like

control everybody likes control

enneagram ones a little bit more than

everybody else but it’s not a big deal

hey bri um i’m just i’m joking

i’m joking that was not a punch that was

my best friend and it’s an enneagram

fact i’m just saying um


here’s the thing with control


control is not wrong maybe when you try

to do it in your world like i’m not even

mad at that the one thing though that

you have to realize

is um specifically christians

do you know god

is out of your control

now i just i have to say that because

everybody’s like yeah absolutely god is

out of my control no no no like you




god god is infinite god is like he is so

beyond your control and many of us don’t

realize it but not only do we try to

control our world but we try to control


now this stuff the reason you’re so

quiet because like i would never do that

i would never know but in in trying to

gain control and trying to make sense of

your world you not only make your world

smaller but you end up making your god


how do i know you’ve made god smaller

because you compare him to stuff that is

not even in the same category


here’s how we make god small we think

god is just a really good human being

that’s like how you think about it you

think god is just like the best kindest

person god’s nothing like humans

god is nothing not anything like isaiah

55 says it so as the heavens are above

the earth so my thoughts are above your


and many of us don’t realize it but in a

desire for control you compare god to

stuff and then compartmentalize him so

you can make sense of how big he is

i just said a whole lot right there many

of us because of your desire for control

you compare god to things that allows

you to compartmentalize him so it makes

more sense in your world

what you don’t realize is you’re

settling for a small god

how do you make god small because many

of us we can’t comprehend that god is

justice and mercy

so you just pick one

because a god who’s both dead it makes

sense a god how does that fit in my box

you mean god loves people who murder and

people who are kind

yeah he does

see that just messed with some of you

you had you had trouble comprehending

that that god loves people in jail not

anymore or any less than he loves me

right now

but christians are famous for having a

small world and a small god because a

small god makes sense a god who’s just

angry at bad people makes sense a god

who only likes certain people like me

makes sense but i came to tell you god

is not here to make sense to you he is

here because he’s god he’s here because

he’s sovereign he’s here because one

word he spoke put the stars into


the bible says in isaiah 66 that heaven

is his throne and the earth is his


he doesn’t think like you he doesn’t

think like me

and many of us we don’t realize it but

we’re living in such a small world in

such a small view of god

the only way

to maintain control is to keep making

your world and therefore your god

smaller yeah

so you think god is just

he god because i don’t associate with

that certain race god probably doesn’t


those type of people


that’s that’s not how god god says my

thoughts are not your thoughts

well god doesn’t like homosexuals as

much as he likes me

is that bible or is that just your

because that’s not what the bible says

well god i go here’s how here’s how we

make god smile you think god rolls his

eyes at people

god doesn’t get tired of people

you think god gives up on people god

doesn’t give up on people

you think god changes just like you

change but god is not subject to fickle

emotions god doesn’t change

you think god likes certain people more

than he does other people and let me

tell you baby god doesn’t love you more

than anybody else


he is god

and i came to challenge something um

that maybe isn’t talked about a lot in

church but i came to challenge your view

of the world

because i think a lot of people don’t

realize it but you’re living in a small


living in a world where the view is


on you it’s always about what you want

and what you want to do and how how you

want to go and it’s really this natural

desire to maintain control but what you

don’t realize is to keep that control

you have to eliminate other people’s


let me see give me the world real quick

i need i need the globe this is the

globe thank you so much

okay this is the world

and the world is out of our control i


you know hold on just

okay we got it all right so here’s the


and the right now the beautiful thing is

is i can see the world i can see all the

different perspectives i can see

everybody’s different view but many

times because well i can’t really

this isn’t convenient when you’re trying

to go to work

a view of the world that god loves me

just as much as he loves you isn’t

really convenient to what i’m supposed

to do so you know what hold on let me

just if i could just get let me just

just one second hold on i’m just making

my world a little hold up

yes see now

i have a little bit more control hold on

let me just

okay just hold on

hold on yeah god doesn’t like those type

of people

no no no god’s not proud of you no

you’ve done bad things so god doesn’t

love you no god rewards people who read

their bible in the morning more than

people that just say like a certain

prayer no if you don’t pray alive you

don’t speak in tongues you’re not going

to heaven no that’s that’s not that’s

not how and you don’t realize it but

what you’re doing um

is slowly

making your world so small

because in this world

i can control

it’s awkward for everybody when you make

your world small

and in this size of a world

it’s a lot easier to control

but now it’s just your perspective

there are whole parts of people you

can’t see anymore

there are whole groups of people that

god loves that you don’t see anymore

there are family members that are crying

out for your help that you don’t see


there’s certain people on social media

that you don’t even care about there’s

certain celebrities you can make fun of

because you don’t see them anymore

there’s certain people you’re so

disconnected from it doesn’t even matter

to you because you’ve made your world i

can control it

but what did it cost you

what people did it

what what and i just i i have and i read

this story in luke and this is a story

of people with small worlds

this is what happens it says there’s a

there’s a jewish person who’s traveling

on a road that from jerusalem to jericho

the moment he would have said this

everybody would have known the road that

jesus was talking about this was a very

dangerous road it has a lot of hills you

can look it up look up the travel from

jericho to jerusalem it was a infamous

road where people knew you got to be

safe there you got to watch out there

because you could get hurt he said a man

was traveling and he gets beat up and

left for dead on the side of the road

and then thank the lord a pastor comes


thank god a past imagine oh my goodness

imagine being the jewish man wow

laid on the side of the road

thinking god you’ve you heard my prayers

thank you so much god i prayed that

someone would save me and here’s a


but the pastor’s world was so small



god he had so many things that god had

asked him to do that he didn’t have time

i don’t have time to stop

and talk to you

i don’t have time to help you i know you

got stuff you’re going through but i got

stuff i got i’m going to a church

service i don’t have time for this

homeless person asking me for money

let’s talk about real stuff let’s talk

about the people who you think what they

do to get like that i don’t know what

they gonna do with that money

they probably did something that’s why

they’re homeless

they probably and you don’t realize it

but your language reveals every single

time that your world is so small and you

do not see people as god’s infinite

possession but you just see them as

something that you can just talk about

as something that you can just say

anything about and the pastor comes


and the jewish man says man thank god

but he his world was so small

he couldn’t even see the man who was


then thank god okay maybe the pastor

really had he had a speaking engagement

he really had to get to so maybe he

couldn’t pray for the man but then a

worship leader comes by thank goodness

for the worship the worship will make a

way for people who are hurting but

it says he walked over and looked at him


no no no yeah wait you’re you identify

as what

oh no i can’t you can’t come to my

church i can’t

you said what you’re

oh you’re married to somebody who’s

hispanic or a different race than my fam

oh no no i can’t i can’t

you didn’t you don’t speak in tongues

you do speak in tongues show me

show me you

okay all right never mind yeah i know

because i’ve got something important i

got to do i can’t i don’t have time to

and this is

and these are jesus followers

this is the church the church is famous

for being just like these two people

people who are hurting and dying

but the church is too busy

and the world they live in is so small

that we cannot see and here’s the

connection point

your need for control

always kills compassion for others

because you have to be so in control of

every little detail and so in control of

how people perceive you and so in

control of what people say or don’t say

about you because you don’t realize it

but you’re folding up your world in a

means for control just to say you know

what i have control but you’ve realized

and you’ve missed there are compe people

on the other side of your world that

need your compassion

this is

so many of us we have condensed our

world down to something

that can fit in our hand

we have condensed our kids down to

something that we can hold on to we have

condensed the church down to something

that makes sense to us and we have

condensed god

down to something

that just fits in my hand

you don’t realize it

but god was not made to fit in your box

god is not in addition to your life

he is not something to be figured out in

a textbook this is not the god that we


the goal

is for him to be outside of your control

because if he was in your control that

would mean he was on your level and if

he was on your level he couldn’t do

anything to save you to get you out of

what you’re in so so the whole point is

not for god to be figured out

the goal is to serve a god who is so big

and so large that i can come to him with

something that seems so ridiculous and

to him it’s so small

it says the earth is his footstool

and so many christians we get stuck

comparing things and putting things in

boxes so it will fit within our control

and we don’t realize the comparison

comparison is insulting to god

it’s like if god uses this perspective

he says as far as the heavens are above

the earth so are my thoughts above your


i was talking to somebody one time and

they told this illustration they said

you know um and i can say it right now

so lebron james can probably jump a lot

higher than i can like not probably he

definitely definitely would be very

clear let’s no i

he can definitely he gets paid to jump a

lot higher than i do so um but if we’re

both trying to dunk on a goal it would

be very obvious how much higher he could

jump to me

but if the goal is to touch the moon

he can’t really jump that much higher

than me

because the goal and the comparison

gives perspective to where we are

and many of us are measuring our sins

and measuring who’s good people and bad

people and god says i’m i’m in the stars

like you’re not neither one of you so

whether you read your bible or you’re on

drugs it’s really not that much of a

difference because the goal is so grand

and i am so much bigger

it’s not even worth being compared to

now i know some of you are thinking

charles you’re not talking anything

about money

you’ve this is a great thing but you

haven’t said anything

about money well um i actually read a

scripture and you might have missed it

it was in proverbs

proverbs 11

it says the world of the generous

gets larger and larger

and the world of the selfish

the ones who keep the view on them it

gets smaller and smaller

so your small world is actually biblical

your small world is a principle of the

earth when you keep the view on you you

will always live in a small world

and this is why our giving is so


the samaritan comes along

and he has compassion

and you will only give to someone if you

first have compassion

and we cannot talk about money and we

cannot talk about ties and we cannot

talk about offerings and all the things

we’re going to give as people we can’t

talk about not giving money but getting

things that are more important time

giving our wisdom some of you in a means

to control and make sure that you’re

successful you won’t give your ideas


some of it some sometimes there are

people you literally in a means to

control and to be perceived as wise you

hold back your wisdom so only people can

come to you to get the answer

and people have to suffer because you’re

insecure about your ideas but when you

are generous

your world gets larger

what would it look like if christians

had the biggest worldview

oh you know that’s not the case right

christians are not famous for having a

wide world view we are infamous for

having the most

narrow small-minded perspective how is

that possible when we serve the god who

spoke stars into existence

it’s because


we want to control what people think

want to control how life goes and i get

it like i don’t like being

out of control i don’t like it

i don’t like being controlled

this screen right here it has a message

that says please keep your hands out of

your pockets it’s telling me to not do

this i’m going to stick my hands in my

pocket steven i’m nervous a little bit

steven’s amazing this sign actually says

please keep your hands out of your


listen last time i preached i was

butting my jacket the whole time and

then this time i put my hand in my

pocket this is for working on it

but don’t control me stephen okay i’m up

here i got the mic


oh jesus

control we don’t like control

i gotta put my hands in my pockets while

they give me pockets stephen what am i

supposed to do with this okay


here’s the thing um you ever heard

anybody say um

i’m living large

there’s somebody say that like when it

comes around money stuff how you doing

you know just living large

living large

big things baby doing big things

here’s uh

here’s the perspective i want to bring

today and then i’m going to get three

little points that will be done

to live large

you have to give large

that is the biblical perspective on

living a large life

titled my sermon today is i’m living


and not in a financial way not that you

ball in now that you got more money than

everybody else but you’re living in a

world that is broader

and the view is not always stuck on you

this is the goal of following jesus is

for our life to be built on serving

other people

for us to get outside of our small

perspectives to get outside of our small

ideas and to say god i’m going i’m going

to live in a place because here’s the

thing when you give it takes the view

off of you

the only way to take the view off of

yourself is to give to somebody else

and many of us don’t realize it but in

your fear and withholding you’re

actually continuing to make your world

smaller in trying to control your

finances this is what happened in the

principle of the talents

he was afraid and in order to control

because when you put it in a stock you

can’t control when you try to invest it

you can’t control he says i knew you

were a harsh man so i dug it and i

buried it

i put it in the ground

and what happened when the master came

back his world got a whole lot smaller

because he took everything that had been

given to him because he was living in

such fear and trying to control that he

couldn’t give it away

my challenge today is to step into a

large world where you can give away

guess what because god is your provider

your job’s not your provider where you

can give away because you know that you

serve the god who has a endless supply

this is how we are supposed to live in a

world that sees people not as objects

not as things to just talk about but as

god’s most important and prized


this is what people are

and if we’re gonna talk how we love

people we gotta talk about how we give

to people

because you can say you love something

but if you don’t give to it i don’t

believe you

no i love people really when’s the last

time you gave to somebody

not somebody that you could get back

something from

now was the last time you loaned

somebody some money to be like hey just

can you hear me with that cash at back

like i just want to make sure no no no

when’s the last time you gave

when’s the last time you gave love

someone who didn’t deserve it

i mean these are real things we can talk

sometimes it’s almost easier to give

money away

some of you

god doesn’t ask you to give five dollars

to the homeless person he’d ask you to

get out of your car and pray for him

what happens when generosity isn’t just

throwing money at stuff but it’s

actually being present with people

what happens when you don’t just talk to

your family and be like yeah i’ll send

you a thousand dollars for your birthday

but no i’m gonna let’s sit down and talk

and go to lunch and talk about why we

haven’t talked in 10 years how about we

talk about like

i just i would rather serve a god that’s

big enough to change the dark parts of

my heart rather than me stay in control

and stay the same

we’re gonna we’re gonna live in a larger

world we gotta take the view off of

ourselves i’m gonna give you three ways

to take the view off you

write these down i’m gonna give them all

to you and then i’ll teach you a little

bit about each one tithes number one

tithe number two is offerings

number three is sacrificial offerings

tithe offerings and sacrificial

offerings three ways to take the view

off of you tithe

offering and sacrificial offering the

first one is tithe tithe is a biblical

word it means ten percent tithe pastor

robert morris if you haven’t seen this

message he taught about it last

week and he did an amazing amazing job

really like one of the greatest uh

teachers on the principle of tithing and

um tithing it’s it’s a biblical word it

means we return the first 10 of our

income back to god now here’s the thing

about tithing that i have to clarify the

only t because pastor robert does such

an amazing job on teaching on tithing

i’m not going to do a whole teaching on

tiny but i do have a small illustration

uh josh can you come here for a second

just everybody give it up for josh this

is my friend josh he’s an amazing

amazing pastor in colorado come up no

all the way up on the stage baby come on

just jump up here hello how are you you

good this is so you can see who is tall

and who is not i’m gonna stand further

away just you know do you have like a

wallet or anything actually do you have

a wallet or anything on you okay yes you

got can i have your wallet thank you i

appreciate that


you know what josh

god just laid it on my heart to give you


i want to give this to you

god bless you brother

be blessed

no that’s ridiculous

because it already belonged to josh

so was i being generous

when i gave josh what belonged to him


i i did give to you and it was good that

i gave but i want to be very clear

returning what was already his was not


it was returning thank you josh give it

up for josh everybody

the tithe

it is important that you give it

but i want to be very very clear there

is a difference between giving and


and i want to say this because some

believers you’ve been tithing your whole

life but you’ve never been a generous


ah see the enemy will make you think

because you tithe you’re generous but if

tithing is returning is it generosity

i’m just okay let’s read the scripture

because she’s just looking at me all

funny leviticus 27 a tithe of everything

from the land whether grain or fruit or

soil or fruit from the trees

belongs to the lord

it is holy or set apart to the lord the

only context that tithing is ever

referred to in the scripture is

returning and belonging already to god

this is why the scripture talks about

would you rob me of what belongs to me

you can’t rob somebody if it don’t

belong to them and many of us and this

is again this is not for everybody if

you’ve never given or you’re not even a

follower of jesus i’m not even talking

to you right now i’m talking to people

who’ve been tithing your whole life but

you’re not a generous person

i’m general i get my tithe well

technically it belonged to god already

so you just you returned what was

already it’s good you should do it but i

want to be very very clear there’s a


between giving

being a generous person

and it’s so interesting that you could

be tithing and not be generous

you could be tithing and not open with

your life and not be loving to people

and not be kind to people and not be

generous with your time and this is a

moment i’m challenging everybody if

you’re not tithing you should 100 start

tithing not because the church needs

your money let me be very clear this is

one of those things that people start

feeling some type of way even some

people you like feel like well why are

you telling me to give my money the

church doesn’t need your money i promise

you tithing was not invented because god

was like ah man i’ve ran out of ideas i

got to figure out a way to get money

into the church i didn’t think about

this i spoke galaxies that y’all haven’t

discovered yet but i forgot about this

one no that’s not god did not invent

tithing because he needed a church to

have money he invented tithing as a way

to give you an opportunity to trust him

tithing is an opportunity to say you

know what i trust god more than i trust

my job

i trust god more than i trust how buying

these shoes will make me look to

somebody i trust god more than i trust

this part i trust god

and tithing is a moment where you can

make a decision to say you know i’m

going to put god first in my life it’s

the first 10 we return back to god and

here’s the thing about the tithe the

tithe releases god’s unseen protection

here’s why the tithe is so important

because it releases god’s unseen

protection here’s the idea when you were

born into the world you were born into a

world where it was raining

just go with me it’s raining it’s


hard things in life it’s raining pain

it’s raining feeling insecure because of

adam and eve in the garden when the

world was broken the system was broken

and it started raining

and many of us we come into this world

and we realize obviously the world is

hard obviously there are things that are

going through obviously it’s raining

when you tithe to god it releases his

unseen protection it gives god an

opportunity to stand over you and cover


so this is the reason we tithe not

because it’s oh i give god something now

get more back no we release god this

because we need god’s protection in a

fallen and broken world

the first way to take the view off you

is to tithe the second way is to give

offerings somebody say offerings

i’m gonna read this to you this is not

uh this is a working definition that i

wrote down just to try to simplify what

is an offering sometimes you’ll hear

that word in church we’re going to give

our tithe and our offerings here’s a a

working definition you can use offerings

is anything given to god or someone in

need above your tie

past past your 10 of honoring god above

that once you start giving offerings

offerings to the church or you maybe

step out and be generous to somebody you

know or god lays it on your heart maybe

there’s a single mother you know and she

needs some help and god lays it on your

heart to help them when you step into

offerings when you give offerings to god

this is above your tithe this is where

we step into generosity

this is where you step into a moment

where you can be generous as a person

where you can give when god tells you to

give where you can meet needs in a

moment and here’s the thing about

offerings offerings release god’s

unlimited provision

there is only provision when you first

offer to god

the story in luke five

jesus feeds the five thousand there’s

five thousand men sitting there many

theologians believe there would have

been 20 to 25 000 people sitting there

there’s jesus his 12 disciples they

don’t have food and peter’s like what

are we going to do these people don’t

have food we need to give it we need to

send them away let them go get some

chick-fil-a uh it’s sunday jesus been

preaching for five hours chick-fil-a’s

clothes on sunday so we gotta send them

to uh i don’t know joe’s crab shack

wherever it was around i don’t know

jesus says no we’re going to feed them

let’s say all we have is these two

fishes and five loaves

and here’s the picture they offer it to


they offer it to him first they don’t

try to do the miracle by themselves they

don’t just start going and saying okay

what do we got to do how are we going to

strategize this does anybody have some

yeast maybe we can uh propagate this

bread and spread it out into the can you

proper great bread i don’t think i think

you do that with plants abby’s shaking

her head at me because she’s just so

smart with plants um

i love you um

but they offer it to god first

and this is the crazy part there’s even

a picture of a tithe in this story he

only gives them a portion of it back

and then guess what he asked them to

give it to other people

and if you read the story as they give

it away as they offer it what was not

enough continues to multiply

this is a picture of giving offerings

when you don’t have enough

and you’ve honored god first so you’ve

brought your tithes to him first then

many times out of what is not enough

he’ll say give to somebody else

and this is testing your heart

this is an opportunity to become more

like jesus this is an opportunity where

he says will you keep the view on you

and your world small or will you see

that as you give it away i will do more

with what you give away than with what

you could keep

it’s a beautiful picture when you give

offerings when god lays it on your and

here’s the thing i want to say about

giving offerings even above your tithe


i want to separate something you do not

have to be rich to be generous


because some people feel like

i’ll be really generous when i get a lot

of money

let me tell you if you’re not generous

with five dollars you will not be

generous when you get five million

that’s not how it works you can be

generous where you are

i want to share this um testimony with

you because it’s it’s something not out

of like oh look at us genuinely please

hear my heart that is not it but i want

to say this specifically even for young

people young couples young single people

that you can be generous right where you

are me and abby have been married for

six years and um in these six years

we’ve had the opportunity to give away

four cars

now here’s the thing this is not because

we’ve had tons of money

this is not because we had another car

just sitting around we could just give

away a car that’s because we had to make

a decision to be generous and as we have

every time we’ve given something away

god has always provided another car

i want to say that to you because

literally we we gave our first one i

think we were 22 and 20 years old when

we first did it it wasn’t like we got

money and we just throwing out cars

that’s not it was a decision

to be generous and i want to say this

because some people maybe you’re young

in your age maybe you’re just young

young in your stage of life maybe your

company is small maybe you’re in a place

where you feel like it would make sense

that as i get older i’m able to do that

and as i get more money i’m able to you

can make a decision with what you have

right now to be generous and as you

offer it i promise you god’s unlimited

provision his unlimited supply when you

offer it to him first he always provides

i want to say that literally we were

having a conversation with somebody and

they were like hey where’s your car blah

blah blah and we were like oh you know

like we and we were trying to just and

they’re like man i wish i could do

something like that

and i thought well you could

if you have a car you are uh everything

qualified on the list to give away a car

that’s actually all it takes is to have

one and then you just give it away it’s

not even like we didn’t have to apply

for nothing we just like

and i’m saying we’ve given away cars

that we gave it away and we paid the

loan off and then we’ve given away cars

that was a little busted car but it was

the only car we have and somebody didn’t

have a car so it’s not and i want to say

these things to you because it’s not

about many people you can see things you

can look at transformation church and oh

they gave away all these millions of

dollars or oh you’ve given away four

cars or all of you but right where you


whatever you have

you can be generous with what you have

some of you there are kids watching this

you can go to school and give your

friend your favorite pair of shoes

you can go to school and give your

friend the backpack that they always

looking to say man that backpack is so

cool you could start being generous


and i’m telling you parents even with

your children work india we are a

generous family we all we don’t we don’t

ever question anything we literally when

we were giving away this last car we

literally had arlo take the keys and go

give it to the person and he was like

what are we doing and then we pulled up

to church and he saw that he’s like hey

there’s our car let’s go get our car and

i was like well that’s not our car

anymore buddy like that’s now their car

like where’s our car it’s like well

that’s the thing man we don’t but

it was a moment it’s not ours anymore we

gave it to them

but it was a moment to say hey buddy

so god has blessed our family so much

and anytime he ever asked us to give

something away we always do it so what

we’re going to do is i’m going to give

you these keys i need to go take it to

them and say here you go here’s your car

why because i’m trying to teach him

that whether it’s your car whether it’s

your hot wheels car and god tells you to

give it away

we have made a decision to always be a

generous family

and i’m telling you your world would

start to get a lot larger when you start


the last way that we can take the view

off you we talked about tithe offering

the last one is sacrificial offering

sacrificial offerings are the ones that


don’t be real with you it’s not even

cool it’s not even like whoo yeah that

was so dope like it was like ah jesus oh

my god

like that’s what it feels like to give

away sacrifice off you you start you

know when you used to get the wind

knocked out of you as a kid

that’s what it feels like to give away a

sacrificial offering

but sacrificial offerings release god’s

unexpected promises

unexpected promises

there’s a picture of this in genesis 22

abraham if you don’t know the story of

abraham abraham is a character in the

bible he’s many times referred to as the

father of our faith

and abraham

he’s old his wife is old and god says

you’re going to have a kid

and his wife actually busted out

laughing she’s like

she actually started laughing

and god comes through like he always

does now listen he had to wait he had to

wait 24 years

now this messes with our microwave

miracles that we like to preach about


what happened if god did it but it took


than you expected is god’s still good

yes he’s still a man of his wife and

here’s the thing this is why we have to

get a large word because god stands

outside of time

so this is another way we try to control

god we say god wasn’t faithful because

he didn’t do what he said he was going

to do in the timing he said he was going

to do it well the scripture says that

one day in heaven is like a thousand

years on earth and you know god isn’t

bound by time

there’s another stuff i’m just i’m like

trying to like just blow your mind a

little bit just to get you to stop

putting these like unreasonable caps on

god god is not even subject to linear

space and time so like he sits and sees

all of history all the future and the

present all at the same time so when he

says i’m coming through for you he’s not

saying it from the same perspective you

say it from but time is even a way that

we try to make god smaller we literally

say well god’s not good he didn’t do

what he said he’s gonna do really

because he promised you you would be a

blessing and if he said that maybe years

later there’s somebody that stands up

and says you know what because of this

son and their granddad and their

great-granddad they blessed my life

because they raised their kid you don’t

even know what was happening but you can

find god

to be a little bit smaller

based on something you can time like

that’s a way that we

and so abraham

he has to be faithful even though he’s

waiting he has his son he waited 24

years from yeah

and then god says hey uh i need you to

sacrifice your son

now this is the thing i want to first

acknowledge this is another thing about

inviting people to church now that i

have friends here i’m like let me

explain all the weird stuff about church

sometimes because we we would say that

like yeah he just asked him to sacrifice

his son it’s a total normal thing it’s

like no that’s really weird

um so he asked him to it’s it’s very

crazy it would have just just as crazy

as it is now he asked him saying i need

you to make a sacrifice abraham because

he realizes that this promise was not

his but it was god’s in the first place

he literally starts speaking in crazy

faith he literally goes up he has a son

he’s carrying the firewood i imagine his

son is walking with him and he’s looking

around and literally it says they’re

walking towards the mountain and he’s

like hey dad

so uh

i see

you’ve got the knife okay the knife

i’m holding a bunch of firewood

and you’ve got a lot of rope we don’t

usually need this much rope for a little

lamb i don’t know why you got all this

rope dad what’s up with the rope

and abraham says something crazy he says


the lord shall provide

the story is they walk up this mountain

and here’s the thing about sacrificial

offerings they always happen in your


before they show up in your hand

here’s the thing about a sacrifice it

always is a decision here before you do

it here abraham as he’s walking up the

mountain he has decided it literally

says in hebrews it talks about this it

says we look at the faith of abraham who

decided even if he killed his son that

god was powerful enough to bring him

back from the dead he had decided in his

heart that he was going to give a

sacrificial offering right as he’s about

to do it genesis 22 chapter 10

he hears a ram in the bush

an unexpected promise

because he had already decided in his


you know what god gave me this in the

first place

and some of you the sacrifice that god

is asking for

is something he gave you in the first


you know god gave you the time you have

so when he asks you to give it to

somebody else

he’s really just asking something that

he already gave you

god’s one who gave you the job you have

so when he asks you to sacrifice and

leave that job

well god what if i leave this job is

that are you no no he said i’m the one

that gave you that you weren’t even

qualified to get that job in the first

place so if i provided that one trust me

i’ve got another one on the way

when you give sacrificially

i promise you i promise you it always


god’s unexpected promises

listen i’m going to close

caleb you can start playing beautiful

music that you play so amazing

here’s the thing um these are really

just three different opportunities to

take the view off of ourselves the last

point i have for you

your world gets larger at every level

the reason it’s important to give

the reasons it’s important to be a

generous person

is because you realize that your world

gets larger

your world gets your view of people

your view of god your your love your


and i said it earlier but control is one

of those things that it always

kills our compassion

our need to make sure that god fits in a

box our need to make sure that certain

people fit in a box and i just think

literally this this this person they’re

on the side of the road in luke 10.

they’re sitting there and they’ve been

hurt they’ve been broken they’ve had

things happen to them that they did not

realize were to happen

and my prayer is that

the person laying on the side of the

road wouldn’t have to watch

believers pass by

you know that’s a lot of social media

right now

the world watching

as believers pass by

as people who love god make comments on

their post yeah that should have

happened to you anyways

i gotta say this this is very random but



the distance between people maybe that

we don’t know

it kind of creates this

false confidence and almost like this

disconnectedness that causes us to be so

rude to people sometimes

sometimes i’ll be in conversations and

people just start talking about

celebrities just any type of way

yeah you know they’re going crazy

people say that i’ve been in

conversations you like kanye well you

know he’s kind of going crazy right now

i don’t know what that dude’s doing

you know god made him right

you know god doesn’t love you more than

him right

oh you heard about so and so you know

they’re just like it was well but


god died for that person

so i know you just feel like you could

talk about them any type of way

because you don’t know them or you feel

like you’ll never see them or you’ll

never like

that’s a real person

and that’s the thing we forget sometimes

whether it’s a celebrity or your cousin

that’s a real person that god died for

and i’m just i’m i get so convicted

sometimes while i’m thinking and for me

it’s and for many people it’s always

easier to love people that are like

further away but then there are people

in my family that just begin on my

nerves sometimes it’s like whoa i would

hit you if i could and god says i died

for them

i i know you don’t like them but i die

for them i know they’re frustrating but

i die for them i know they may be

getting on your nerves but i don’t love

them or love you more or any less you

have to love them this is the greatest

commandment love god and love your

neighbor as yourself


may we be a church that doesn’t question

who is my neighbor

that doesn’t come to god with

small-minded questions that’s a

small-minded question love your neighbor

well who is it technically because i

don’t want to have to love anybody that

doesn’t look like me no okay god if you

say love my neighbor i will love my

neighbor if you say give to the homeless

man i’ll give to the homeless man if you

say give to the person that’s driving a

nicer car than me i’ll do it because the

goal is not to control the situation the

goal is not to fit god in a box the goal

is to live a life that worships god as

the grand masterful mystery that he is

he is god

and it is not your job to figure him out

it is your job to have faith in him

god i

god i’m coming to you right now

and i’m just praying i am personally

praying would you

help me take the view off of myself


god i don’t want to live in a small

world we don’t want to live in a world

where it’s always about our problems

where it’s always about our people where

it’s always about what we’re going

through and the issues we have god we

want to live in a world where you are

grand we want to live in a world where

we see people as the most prized

possession lord my heart’s desire is to

be a loving generous kind person that

walks the earth as you did having grace

on every single person

god i pray today

that lord you would open our hearts

towards giving and generosity

i pray lord jesus that there will be a

deep work lord god that we would release

control or god that we would release our

need for things to work in a certain way

and may we just give freely lord god i’m

praying in my own life in my own family

lord god and for everyone watching and

under the sound of my voice that we

would genuinely get to a place where we

trust you so much that giving things

away would not be the hardest decision

we have to make lord god that we

wouldn’t fight on you with generosity

that will fight with you with our

kindness and with our love and with our

words lord we want to be generous people

just as you were

god you did not judge us as we should be


but you were generous beyond belief you

gave your own son for us and lord god

for that we are grateful

and our prayer lord god is that will you

would use our lives

to be people who

can actually live large

people who can live in a world that is

generous that is giving that is justice

and mercy that is grace lord god and and

peace lord god may we live in a space

lord god and may we live in a world that

does not try to confine you or make you

small so we can understand but that just

like psalms 131 lord god that we are not

too proud and we haven’t lifted our eyes

too high as david said but i have

decided that there is an area of god he

says literally that i have decided to

not try to seek to understand that are

there things that are far too great for

me to understand god may we be okay with

having a box that says you know what i

don’t i have some questions i don’t

understand it all it may not all make

sense to me but i am not going to

confine god to try to make sense i’m

going to allow and allow myself for him

to be great for him to be massive for

him to be infinite for him to be greater

than anything i could ask think or

imagine lord god

would you enlarge our world

every head’s still bound every eye still


the story of the good samaritan

sometimes gets

uh misconstrued as a story of

us thinking that we are the good


sometimes we read that story and there

are definitely principles from that man

that we desire to live out

but something you need to know is the

tension between a samaritan and a jewish

person would have been so high at the


even for jesus to mention that there was

a samaritan in the story the jewish

crowd would have gasped at the time

because they knew you don’t associate

with samaritans samaritans are bad

people they’re not god’s people

but the samaritan who was so despised

had grace on someone who was hurting

had so much grace that they stopped

everything that way they were doing and

they literally put the other person in

the place of of priority

i want to tell you no matter what you’ve


no matter what you’re going through

you need to know there’s only one person

that that’s that’s that good

and it’s jesus

jesus is the one who sees you in your

broken state

he she sees you in your pain he sees you

in your hurt he sees you in your

confusion and jesus is not the one who

walks by christians may have told you he

just walks by people may have told you

that he’s angry at you that he doesn’t

like you that you got to clean your life

up before you come to him my friend that

is not how it works he will stop

everything and get off of his journey

matter of fact he stopped eternity and

he said you know what i’m stepping down

off of my place of authority and i’m

putting on skin and bone and jesus came

to this world and he lived a perfect and

sinless life for 33 years and he died on

a cross not because you are perfect not

because you haven’t done bad things but

he did it because he loves you

god is so in love with you the bible is

not a list of rules it’s not a list of

regulations it is a love letter of a god

who is obsessed with his children and he

was so obsessed that he made provision

in the way of his son his only son he

sent him to this earth and said if you

ever want a relationship with me

the bible’s very clear all you got to do

is believe in your heart and confess

with your mouth that jesus is lord and

you shall be saved

in this moment

i want to give you that opportunity

if you’re in this room if you’re

watching online you say you know what i

don’t accept jesus

you need to know it is not um it is not

something that takes all your pain away

it makes life perfect what it does is it

gives you someone to walk through it


it gives you peace that surpasses

understanding he gives you purpose that

no one can steal from you he gives you a

sense of who you really are and in this

moment if you want to accept jesus into

your life i’m gonna count to three

no matter where you’re watching from if

you’re in the room or online i’m gonna

count the three and on the count of

three i want you to raise your hand i

believe when you raise your hand it’s

gonna signify what god is doing on the

inside of your life and listen here’s

the thing you don’t have to be perfect

you don’t have to stop doing bad things

if you give god your life the holy

spirit will empower you to change the

things that you want to change but you

cannot do it by yourself if you could do

it by yourself you would have done it

already you need someone who stands

outside of time someone who is not

subject to emotions someone who does not

need willpower to do things you need the

god of the universe and the bible says

that when you accept him into your life

the same power that got christ out of

the grave lives on the inside of you you

can have access to that power in just a

moment of decision i’m going to ask you

to raise your hand on the count of three

one he loves you so much two he is proud

of you three lift your hand right now if

you want to accept jesus into your life

if you want to accept him this is the

greatest decision you could ever make

listen in the room and around the world

there are so many people making this

decision i’m going to ask everybody in

this room everybody watching online to

repeat this prayer after me as a family

nobody prays alone everybody say dear


thank you for loving me dear jesus

thank you

for laying down your life

to save mine

i admit

i’ve made mistakes

save me

change me

transform me

holy spirit

empower me

in jesus name i pray

amen transformation church can you make

some noise

can you celebrate people who just came

into relationship with jesus

hey listen if you just made that choice

we’re so proud of you god is so proud of

you and we would love to support you as

a church family hey listen there are a

couple things i might ask you to do i’m

going to ask you to text the word save

to the number that’s on your screen if

you do that our team is going to send

you a text message we’re not going to

harass you or hound you um and send you

bogo 30 off coupons that’s not how it

works we’re just going to send you some

resources on how to follow jesus

following jesus is simply a journey it’s

a process it’s not about being perfect

but it’s about progression and as a

church we would love to support you and

send you some resources so make sure you

do that hey listen i want to encourage

you to continue watching and coming back

we are in a time right now where we’re

doing all of our services online we’re

working on getting back together soon is

anybody ready to be back together

hey listen as we’re doing that i want to

continue to encourage you to get

involved in community we have belong

groups that are around the world you can

meet you can get in community there may

be people in your city that you can meet

up with talk about the sermon i’m

telling you if you’re only experiencing

transformation on sunday you are missing

out on so much

it starts on a sunday but real

transformation is only experienced as

you live it out in the context of

community i want to challenge you to get

in community and uh listen we’re so

grateful for you so glad that you took

your time to spend it with us and on

behalf of our lead pastors pastors

michael and natalie todd i want to say

thank you for joining us this weekend

and as we always say i need y’all to

help me say it go out and live



we’ll see you guys have a great week