Pastor Bill shares about an encounter he had with the Lord in May of 1979 while reading Isaiah chapter 60, Arise & Shine. This experience impacted him deeply and has affected every day of his life since.


hallelujah king forever


we thank you for the cross um

one would be an encounter with the

presence and the power but the other

would be an encounter with the word of

god and it happened in may

of 1979

and it was an encounter that i had with

the lord is very subtle

but i gave attention to it and it was

out of the book of isaiah i was reading

isaiah chapter 60

arise shine for your light has come the

glory of the lord has risen upon you

for behold darkness will cover the earth

deep darkness the peoples

but his light will appear upon you his

glory will arise upon you

and as i was reading that portion of

scripture the entire chapter actually

it just seemed to come alive and i felt

i felt like the lord was speaking to me

that this was a prophetic word for the

church in that hour

and and i just i stopped i stopped and

spent time there just

praying over reading it over over again

and again and again

and it just became alive and it’s it

wouldn’t be an understatement for me to


that experience not just experience

that scripture come alive to me it’s


every day of my life since then it

became alive

it began to grow it says when moses

turned aside to the burning bush god

spoke and when i stopped and turned

aside to this

subtle thing that god was doing in me he

spoke and he’s been speaking ever since


hallelujah king forever


we thank you for the cross