Join us for our summer series, FUN MONTH! This week we have a special guest, Robert Madu! He has traveled the globe for 20 years sharing the gospel of Jesus! Pastor Robert is from Dallas, Texas, and is the lead pastor of Social Dallas with his wife, Taylor. Their family has found a place in the heart of Dallas to be a hub of hope, joy, and life! Check out this message as Pastor Robert goes through how your vision affects your village and how to restore blurred vision by using biblical principles.


up transformation church come on

all over the world right now in this

room can you give jesus the best

handcuff of praise that you got

come on this is the day

that the lord has made don’t rejoice and

get mad

come on rejoice and be glad anybody

excited about fun

months i tell you what i

am uh let me let me use a big word i am

super califragilistic h.b alodociously


uh to not only be a transformation

church but to be back

at transformation church and uh

you need to know today that i am not a

guest here i am a part of the family

i’ve already adopted myself into the


and uh it’s just amazing it’s amazing to

be here

and to see how god keeps taking this

church from glory to glory from strength

to strength

how many are thankful all over the world

that you’re a part of the transformation

nation there is no place better and

i’m telling if i was not in the great

country of texas if i was here in tulsa

this is where i would be

and i mean that i am thankful not only

for the global gift

that your pastor is um but i’m thankful

for the friends that they are to my wife

and i

i’m so thankful for pastor mike and

natalie todd who have been

faithful friends i’m talking about

behind closed

doors those type of friends that you can

call and say hey i need to cut

somebody would you pull up to dallas

those are the type of friends that they

are and

every time i come to tc i don’t want to


not give you an opportunity to show

honor to where honor is due

one of the worst things you can do is to

have a gift and to not take it for


so what is all i want to do in this room

and across the world even in the chat

would you let pastor mike and natalie

todd know how much you love them

how much you appreciate them come on how

thankful you are

for the gift i’m telling you preaching

faithfully we pray that you refresh that

you’re restored

shout out to the newest member baby gia

we love you so much

and my wife taylor sends her love and

i’m excited to kick off fun month and

preach if y’all feel like you’re in this

world like i feel like preaching it’s

gonna be good

good good but let me let me do some life

updates first of all since i’m with

family can i show family

let me let me put the medu crew on the

screen come on that’s my

fam right there that is my beautiful

wife taylor those are our three little


that is eevee girl she’s our oldest she

is six years old

and then right there in the middle my

man child robert madue the third my


and then right next to him who help us

remington elaine i call her remy ma

and uh she needs she needs serious

prayer i’m for real i need all the

saints who are paper bible saved to pray

for her

uh the youngest and uh that that’s my

family and

and the baby that’s not pictured the

baby that’s not pictured is there has

been an update there has been an update

uh we have launched a church in the city

of dallas

called social dallas and i’m so thankful

for our church family for sending me out

today i’m in good hands

with the tc nation but i’m so thankful

uh that we were obedient to the call of

god we planted a church in the city of

dallas god is doing phenomenal things

and here’s what’s incredible is that

even before we launched

guess who was one of the first churches

that made a deposit

and sold into social this church

right here you will not find a more

generous church

or more generous leaders than pastor

mike and natalie ties i’m so thankful

for them and uh

i’m ready to preach y’all ready to hear

the word come on let me get into this

today i know

uh this word is gonna bless you i want

you to go with me to mark chapter eight

today mark chapter

and i want to look at verses 22 through

26 the gospel according to mark

chapter 8. we’ll start at verse 22 and

we’ll land at verse number 26.

when you’re ready to read it can you say

yeah yeah

if you’re not ready say hold up all

right i heard a hole

up back there i’m gonna let you find

mark chapter eight

and we’ll start at verse number 22

and it says they came to bethsaida

and some people brought a blind man

and begged jesus to touch him and he

took the blind man by the hand and led

him outside the village

and when he had spit

on the man’s eyes so this is unsanitary


and put his hands on him

jesus asked do you see anything

he looked up and said i see people

they look like trees walking around

once more jesus put his hands on the

man’s eyes

then his eyes were opened his sight was

restored and he saw everything clearly

jesus sent him home saying don’t

even go into the village

talk about a scripture to read for fun

month this spit and laying on of hands

all kinds of interesting things and i

want to preach today not long probably

about six and a half hours

i’m playing i’m playing using this as a

title i want to use a title

of something i would say if we were

watching any single

denzel washington movie before the movie


i would tell you my title for today and

that is

i’ve seen this before

i’ve seen this before wherever you’re

watching this in this room would you

just look at the person next to you

whichever one you like the best

and just say neighbor come on don’t be

afraid to talk to your neighbor say


i’ve seen this before let’s pray father

thank you for your word

speak to us today in jesus name

amen transformation nation

i am undoubtedly unashamedly

authentically african american

african-american i say that because my

father whom after i’m named and my only

son his name

was born in o’wary nigeria in 1957.

uh he pulled in eddie murphy and came to


in 1979 and he met my mom on the

collegiate campus of

texas a m and from what i’m told that

first encounter went like this he

pulled up to her in the library and said

excuse me

are you nigerian to which my mom replied

and said

no i’m american but if at first you

don’t succeed try try again he kept

shooting this shot

and later came love then came marriage

then came me in the baby carriage

and so when your father is african and

your mother is american

oh you know which box you got to check i

am african

african-american specifically nigerian

american and growing up

in the house with a nigerian father who

tc life is different life is very

different when your daddy is nigerian

specifically because you are inundated


with these these statements these

proverbs these

pithy sayings of wisdom they’re not in

the bible but they must be dropped on


at any moment in your life for instance

you’re you’re just a child playing


in your room and your dad will burst

into the room and say have you done your

homework yet

you should like dad this is not due till

tomorrow tomorrow belongs to those

who prepare for you today that’s the

type of statements

my dad will just drop on you and just

leave you in suspense even as an adult

as an adult he’ll hit you with some

he’ll be looking at your financial


and and see what’s in your savings

account and go is this all that is in

your savings account

so if you take care of your pennies your

dollars will take care of themselves

these are the type of statements that i

was here

with but today since this fun month i

thought i would actually

use one of my dad’s african proverbs to

really use as a launching pad for

leverage into this message today

and that is the african proverb that

says until the lion

learns how to write every story

will glorify the hunter until the lion

learns how to write every story will

glorify the hunter

i love that proverb because encapsulated

within that proverb

is the reality that we have the tendency


edit our stories in such a way that we


highlight our strengths but we hide our


have you noticed this about people

people are real loud

about their victories but they tend to

be quiet about their vulnerability

like everybody is so busy flexing that


ever shows you where their weakness is

come on fellas we’re the worst at this

fellas do not want to let you know their

weakness have you ever heard a dude tell

a story but

actually been in the moment where that

story happened

you’re like bro that is not how that

went down because everybody is busy

trying to exude this strength trying to

pretend like you got it

all together and we love to be loud


our strengths ah but we are quiet

about our weaknesses until the lion

learns how to write

every story will glorify the hunter the

imagery behind the proverb

is of a man who is carrying the carcass

of the dead lion

on his shoulder and he throws the lion

in the middle of the village

and everybody stands around with

wide-eyed wonder

as he tells his story of bravery and

valor how he ripped the lion apart with

his bare hands

oh the only problem is since the man was

the only one

in the jungle with the lion and the lion

is dead

the only way to know whether he’s

telling the truth or if he’s lying

be to ask the lion how do we know how do

we know how do we know you didn’t just

find a dead lion

out there and all you did was pick it up

and bring it in the village and if you

did would you just tell us

this is what people want people want

somebody that will be honest

and say this is who i really am i’m

tired of

pretending that i’m always strong when

actuality i have some vulnerabilities

because there is a principle that we see


in the reality of our savior that your

victory is not just

in your ability to show your strength

it’s in your ability to show your


your victory is in your vulnerability

your ability to say

this is where i bleed this is where i

heard this is what i love about jesus is

that your god was powerful

but he was also vulnerable oh don’t get

it twisted he was fully god and he was

fully mad

and he was powerful but he was also

vulnerable who else but god

could create feed but also take the

place of a servant put on a towel

and still wash feet because he was


but he was still vulnerable who else but

god could be asleep

in the middle of a storm get up in the

middle of the storm go to the edge of

the boat

and just say peace be still and all of a

sudden the hurricane

is calm just from the words that came

out of the mouth of

jesus he was so strong that he could

sleep in a hurricane they

had to wake him up but that same savior

in the garden of gethsemane when he’s

facing a cross

is now running to the same disciples

that he had to wake up

and say please can you pray with me for

one hour

he was powerful but he was also


he could call lazarus out of the grave

but he could also

weep with the family before he did it

because he was powerful

and he was vulnerable i’m telling you

your victory

is in your vulnerability and i come to

my text today in mark chapter eight

as soon as i read that there was a blind

man i immediately read that there was

a vulnerable man you understand that

to be blind is to be vulnerable

it is to be completely vulnerable to


be blind you can either choose to stay

stationary and not go anywhere

or if you are gonna go somewhere you

have to be vulnerable

to somebody else to help you this is the

byproduct of being blind

is when you have no vision you are left

vulnerable to the voices of the people

around you

when you cannot see at all and you have

no vision

you have to rely on the voices around

you who tell you take a step here

don’t go here when you have no vision

you have to believe whatever somebody

tells you

oh you have to be vulnerable you don’t

believe me everybody in here watch

online close your eyes just close your

eyes for a minute

yeah close them close them yeah imagine

walking back to your car like that

many steps would you make or take

before you started to fall some of you

watch online right now you got y’all

still closed keep them closed i’ll see


yeah walk to your kitchen like that

and see how far you would get this is

the challenge

of the blind you can open your eyes now

is that every step

has to be led by somebody it almost

reminds me

of how we are in our mother’s womb when

we are in a room of darkness but yet our

ears can hear voices outside of the womb

and you have to hear the voices around

you when you have no vision

sometimes they speak things over you

that are not true

you can tell a blind person anything you

can tell them their hair is blonde when

it’s black

you can tell them their needs are

actually they have to believe you

because they can’t see it

they have to trust your word and some of

you right now

you are still fighting the battle of the


and the words that were spoken over you

when you were young

people telling you that you’ll never be

anything people telling you that you’re


and here you are today got more degrees

than a thermometer

but yet you still hear the voices of

people in your past

that told you you were stupid and you’re

trying to see what do i do with the


that led me when i was blind

and i couldn’t see this man was

completely vulnerable

he was blind until one day some people

roll up on them

i don’t know their name but i wish their

names were in the text because some

people roll up on this blind man and

said come on come on follow me come on

guess who’s in town he says who

jesus is in town i checked it on google

maps come on you gotta come you gotta

come i’m telling you

i heard that this man can heal the sick

he can raise the dead i heard he’s got

supernatural power

come on i’ll show you where he is follow

me can you see this blind man

being led by these some people to where


is see some people think the miracle

started when he hit jesus i don’t think


i think the miracle started when he said

i’m gonna be led by these people

because they told me that this

miracle-working savior was somewhere


so i’m gonna choose to be led by them

to follow this is where the miracle

started the miracle didn’t start when he

found jesus

the miracle started when he chose to be

led by jesus

he didn’t find jesus he had to be led by

jesus because blind people can’t find


he didn’t find jesus he had to be led to

jesus because blind people can’t find

anything that’s why some of you watching

need to change your testimony

because you’ve been telling people yeah

i was lost i was messed up but then i

found jesus you didn’t find jesus jesus

wasn’t lost

you didn’t even know to know that you

needed jesus but his grace

was already working in your life before

you knew to know that you needed him

even when you were in the club and you

weren’t thinking about him

how do you know his grace was drawing


and you were thinking there’s got to be

more to life than this because grace was


even before the moment don’t you reduce

that moment to when you walk down the


yeah yeah grace was already working on


before you could even see and they led

him to jesus and i love it because they

dropped him off to jesus

and look at what the some people did i

like these some people i like these some


because these some people knew it’s not

my responsibility to heal this man

it’s just my responsibility to bring him

the healing is on jesus

but the bringing is on me i don’t know

who i’m talking to but somebody right


even in this message you need to text

your friends say you got to log on you

got to watch this it’s not your job to

deliver that friend it’s not your job to

fix that friend but it is your job

to just get them into the presence of

the savior that can do it

because if you’ll do the bringing he’ll

do the healing


and they dropped him off and i love what

they say

they say touch him jesus

read it when you get home they said

touch them they didn’t even say

heal them they just said touch them that

is clear brand identity

because they knew that just one touch

from jesus

one touch from jesus had changed your

life they didn’t even say heal him they

just said

touch him all you got to do is touch him

and he’ll be good

and i love what jesus does because they

drop him off

and the man had to be standing there in

tiptoe anticipation

going here he goes he’s going to touch


and jesus doesn’t touch his eyes jesus

takes his hand what

i’m blind i can’t see

and the first thing you’re gonna take is

my hand

why wouldn’t you touch my eyes

why are you touching my hand have you

ever come to jesus maybe it’s just me

and said jesus this is the issue

it’s obvious i can’t see but you can’t

it seems to me if you’re going to touch


touch my eyes but have you ever had

jesus touch another area of your life

and you didn’t know that that area was

connected to the other area

and you’re crying out for god to touch

this but god said we’ll get to the eyes


let me first take your hand

this is what a lot of people in the

church don’t realize

because you keep coming to jesus with

your problem and jesus is looking at you


you don’t know what your problem is and

that’s your problem

you think the addiction is the problem

but that’s not actually the problem

the deeper problem is the unforgiveness

it is the bitterness that you keep


towards the person that hurt you and

because you won’t give it up to jesus to

find peace

you’re looking for it in that bottle to

find peace

and sometimes when you come to jesus

with an issue that seems obvious and

apparent for him to touch

he’ll touch something else that was

actually connected to that

and i love that he doesn’t touch a blind

man’s eyes first

he takes him by the hand

he takes him by the hand because this is

actually how

faith starts this is the embryonic stage

of faith

faith always begins with you leaving

the familiar voices that led you for so


to now taking the hand of your father

and saying i’m gonna trust you

for every step that you lead me this is

what faith looks like

faith goes i am forsaking that which is


i’m forsaking the voices that have told

me things that weren’t even in alignment

with who i really

am and it is following the voice of your


everywhere he leads and he says come

this way

and you follow him and he says take

another step and you follow him

see the bible says that the steps of the

righteous are

ordered by the lord but he didn’t tell

you you were going to see the steps

it just means you got to keep holding

his hand and trust him

for each step of the way

and he follows jesus and jesus takes him

and the man has to be thinking where are

we going

and jesus is going we got to get out of

this village

right now jesus what about my eyes i’ll

fix your eyes later but come on follow


we got to get out of here come on come

on he had to be going where are we going

we got to get out of this village come

on the first thing he does

is he takes him out of the village jesus

why we got to get out of this village

because your village affects your vision

oh your village will affect your vision

he said i gotta get you out of this

village because your village

will always affect your vision he says

look he says you’re worried about your

eyes but i’m worried about your


you’re worried about your sight but i’m

worried about your surroundings

because what good is it for me to give

you new eyes and for you to be in a

negative environment

because new eyes in a negative

environment are useless i gotta get you

out of this village first things first

before we get to your eyes let’s get out

of this

come on get out of this village because

your village will always affect your


i don’t know who this is for but

somebody right now i want to interrupt

this regularly scheduled sermon so that

i can give you some exercises to do

i want you right now to analyze your


who are the people around you because

your village

will affect your vision who are the

people that you spend the majority of

your time with

because i promise you your village is


your vision some of you right now you

listen to transformation every week

and sunday you’re full of such hope

pastor mike brings you the word you’re

full of such

hope whoever’s preaching gives you so

much hope and you’re feeling good but by


you go back to your village your cubicle

and the people around you are so

negative they’re so

doubting they’re so unbelieving that

they squander what god spoke in you on


check your village you know those

negative people that always got

something negative to say you know those

people you know those people who

that light up a room when they walk out

they always got something negative to

say i mean think about it like

stuff is reopening and stuff is good now

it’s something to celebrate but it’s

still some people talking about uh

yeah but it’s still a pandemic girl

always find

something to complain about and they

wonder why they don’t seize god’s


they wonder why they’re anxious because

god does not inhabit the complaints of

his people

he actually inhabits the praises of his

people that’s why you ought to always

get you in the atmosphere

of people that know how to praise god or

people that know how to bless his name

that’s the village you want to be in

that people that know how to give them


not just when they’re in a good season

but even in the bad they got a reason to

give them glory and honor and pray

when i think of the goodness of jesus

and all he’s done for me my soul

will still cry out hallelujah the first

thing jesus did

was to get that man out of the village

because if i don’t change your


that environment will affect your eyes

he goes you’re about to see your first


your first sunset and i don’t need

anybody as you’re looking at the beauty

of the sunset

and the myriad of colors you don’t need

to be standing next to somebody talking


yeah i’ve seen that befo no

i got to get you out of this village

because your village

will always affect your vision some of

you right now you think that the village

that you grew up in is the world

and that’s why you’re always putting

your opinion that’s not fact on social


the way i see it that’s the way you see

it boo-boo because that was your village

but that’s just where your village saw

it that’s not the way the world is get

out of that village

what’s up you need some new friends if

all your friends look like you think

like you walk like you vote like you you

need some new friends

to show you oh the world’s bigger than


that was just the way my village saw it

yeah yeah yeah so he takes him

out of the village and he leads him and

once he gets him

gets him out of the village now he’s

alone with jesus

and i can see the man going oh here it


this is the moment i’ve been waiting for

he got me out of the village i am alone

with the savior of the world oh this is

gonna be good

i can even hear worship music playing in

the background and this man goes here it


i’m about to say and all of a sudden he

hears this noise

that sounds strange he hears

like is somebody about to spit and your


and my savior proceeds to oh

get ready to spit i’m assuming twice two


twice into this

man’s face i mean come on i felt it when

i read it can we just be honest that’s


nasty why is jesus

spitting on people this is the stuff

that i find just to be a christological

conundrum y’all have to read it we have

to preach it what am i supposed to do

with this

what am i supposed to do with a savior

that spits on

people can you imagine this fun month

let’s just have some fun can you imagine

coming in the surface

and pastor mike is like you need a

breakthrough okay i’m gonna give you a

breakthrough i’m gonna pray for you and

then he proceeds

to uh get ready to spit on you

oh that’d be your last time when the

transformation nation if he

spit what is jesus doing and those of

you who’ve been proud sunday school

alumnus you know

this is not jesus first time to spit on


no turns out he’s a serial spitter yes

he has spit

several times read your bible mark

chapter 7 there’s a dude he does the

same thing

he leads him out of the village he’s

deaf he can’t hear and jesus

spits on his finger puts it in the man’s

ear and starts rubbing it around

why is he spitting on people oh this

makes no sense you remember john chapter

9 he takes it to a whole nother level

another blind man not this blind man but

he spits

in mud in mud and starts rubbing

the mud in his eye breaking all kinds of

co-fit 19 rules

just rubbing it all in his eyes and then

does the most gangster movie

ever he says go watch that off and call

me tim what does and just leave

why is jesus spitting on people is it


is it nasty or could it be

the most compassionate thing we’ve ever

seen jesus do

who is the spit

an act of your savior being mean

or is he actually being compassionate

you understand that you have to read

your bible in the context of the culture

that your bible was written in and in

that time period in their culture

they believed that spit held medicinal


they believed that there was healing


in spit they believed that spit could


so the fact that jesus would spit

in this man’s eyes do you know what that

spirit is saying

that spit is saying i’m willing to meet


where you are i’m willing to meet you at

your starting

point of truth see you think the healing

is in the spit

it’s not it’s in me but i’m willing to

meet you

where you start because you trusted me

to get out of the village and i know it

was scary and you’re wondering where in

the world are we going

because you took a step and you drew

close to me

i’m gonna draw close to you and i’m

gonna meet you at your

starting place the healing is not in the

spirit it’s in me

but i’ll meet you where you start and

somebody watching right now

you just need to start just trust god

and he will meet you where you start

this is what stops so many people from

stepping out in faith or being who god

has called them to be because you think

that the moment you put your faith in

jesus you got to have the whole bible

memorized you got to start speaking

christians and somebody says how are you

and you’re like hallelujah i’m blessed

and highly

no you ain’t got to do all that don’t

you want to have leviticus memorized

just read one scripture you ain’t gonna

pray six hours

just pray six minutes just get up one

day and say god i need you today

god i don’t know what to do today god

would you guide me to

just start he’ll meet you

where you start he spit

because he said i’m willing to meet you

at your starting place

of truth and he spit in the man’s eyes

and then he touches the man’s eyes

and this is where this miracle gets

crazy because you would think

that after jesus spit in your eyes

and then after he touches your eyes come

on we know how this miracle is supposed

to play out

this is the praise break it’s supposed

to go spit

i touch i can see don’t do don’t do it

that’s that’s what it’s supposed to be i

mean have you seen his track record

that’s why they said touch him because

one touch from jesus was enough

oh please read your bible your savior

has never

needed to touch anybody twice to heal


please peruse the gospels this afternoon

and you know that in every instance one

touch from the hand of jesus was

enough if he touches your eyes get you a

netflix account you about to see

if he touches your ears get you some

headphones you about to hear

if he touches your legs you need to know

what dance you gonna do

before he touches your leg because when

he touches him you’re going to dance for

the very first time

if you go to a funeral you better make

sure that you don’t want the person to

come back from the dead

you better put a note on the casket and

say please do not touch

jesus because he will touch that casket

and the person will come back to life

where my bible people at

do you remember a widow of name they

were having a funeral

and they were coming out and they were

going to the graveside service and

jesus rolled up and just touched the


and that boy got up from the dead there

is power in his touch

he doesn’t even have to touch you if you

just touch his clothes

there was one woman that pressed away

through a crowd

and touch the hem of his garment and

just to him touch


her body what about the centurion

he said you don’t even have to come to

my house do it wi-fi just

speaks word so one touch was enough

but why is jesus touching

and then asking follow-up questions

to the touch do you see what he asked he

says can you see

anything you understand whenever jesus

asks a question the question is never

for him

he know everything if he asks a question

you need to ask yourself a question why

you asking that question because you

know everything

the question is never for him it’s

always for you he says

can can you see anything

what is jesus doing he’s trying to see

if the man

will be honest about his condition

because jesus knew that he was not

going to heal him fully with the first


he wanted to see will you be honest

and let me know that yeah you can see

but you can’t see the full picture

he wanted to see if he would be honest

about his blurry condition

leave it to mark the dude that skips

christmas and go straight to full grown


leave it to him to be the only one to

record the two-touch miracle of jesus

the two-touch miracle of jesus that

jesus purposely

did not fully heal him because he wanted

to know

will you be honest with me

about your blurry condition

will you be honest to tell me that yeah

you can see

but the picture is not clear i get to


of all the people that jesus healed

guess who i want to be this dude

this dude do you know how bodacious and

radical you have to be

to look at jesus

and tell him hey bro

all due respect but

i mean i don’t know if your power’s

running out but

it’s i mean i love you

but it’s blurry do you know how hard it

is for believers to admit

that it’s blurry because to admit that

it is blurry

requires a level of humility to say god

yeah you touch me but i still have some

uncertainty in my life

blurry is for believers

blurry is for the people who have

received the touch from jesus

but you’re honest enough to say there’s

still some things in life jesus that oh

blur people don’t want to be out because

to lose your pride

everybody’s acting like no i’m good i’m

good i’m good can you imagine

if he would have been like no i’m good

i’m good i’m good he would have been

running into stuff

all day but thank god for somebody who

had the humility of heart

just say yes i can see but jesus is

is blurry and i came to tell somebody

who’s in a blurry season right now that

blurry is a blessing

there’s something about not having the

full picture

that makes you seek god for the full


there’s something about uncertainty that

makes you seek him

more to get clarity there’s something


not knowing that causes him

to move in closer to you come on you

ever been there you’ve been downloading


and as you’re downloading it it’s taking

forever to download

and the little blue stick is just taking

forever it’s like six hours

and also you start looking at that

computer it’s like you get all up in the

computer screen

is it even moving what does it do you

know why you lean in close because

you’re trying to see

is anything moving that’s what jesus


he wants your lean in he will purposely

take you through

blurry seasons so he can get you to lean

in more

cause nothing makes you pray like blurry

nothing makes you see god like blur i

want to just stay right here

i want to talk to some people who are in

a blurry season i want to talk to some


who are dating somebody right now and

you’re like jesus he fine he the one but

oh i saw his credit score and

some things are blurry right now y’all

don’t want to be real

god i mean she’s got it going oh she’s

good but there’s some oh there’s some

character issue

and it’s just it’s blurry god should i

stay on this job

or were you actually using the pandemic

for me to get out

on faith and start my own business is

that why i’m frustrated because i gotta

start the business cause you created me

to actually be the owner not an employee

but do i take a step i don’t know


it’s it’s blurry

and if you got pride you’ll never admit

that it’s blurry

you know who the hardest people to

convince that they need glasses are

the people that need glasses you’ll be

driving with them like can you see yeah

well you almost hit that stop sign what


there’s an apple tree my bad no i’m good

i’m good i’m good

be honest enough to admit that it’s

blurry that’s what frustrated me about

last year in 2020

is that people couldn’t just admit just

tell me you don’t know

wasn’t it frustrating to watch the

experts uh mask on

no never mind come back and bask off

yeah uh-huh no no no

it’s airborne nope never mind it’s on

the surface just tell me you don’t know

it’s blurry right now

because blurry draws you closer to him

blurry is not a burden blurry is a


and i know that the church always

celebrates the people that go straight

from blind to sight

because that’s what we sing right

grace how sweet does

it save the rest like me

i once was lost but now

i’m found was blind

but now

but not

blurry nobody sings that song

but god will take you from blind

to blurry to see if you’ll seek him for

the next touch


to see if you’ll trust him enough to

realize that yes there’s some miracles

he does instantaneous

but there’s also miracles he does

progressively over time

sometimes he will heal you in a moment

and sometimes he’ll heal you through

this thing that we don’t like called

process we like amazon prime

we don’t like process

and look at what he says he says i see


and they look

like trees walking

ah thank you jesus i see

but i see people and they look like

trees walking

that’s an odd thing for a blind person

to say

isn’t it i see people

and they look like trees

walking that’s an odd thing for a blind

person to say

i see people and they look

like the like

is what messed me up because how are you

talking about like


and you just got your site

it’s what people have seen before

so what are you talking about i see

people and they look

like what you’re talking about like you

just got your sight

how do you know the people

look like trees

if i say you look like

denzel washington which i’ve been told

shut up i

better have seen denzel washington

before so what you talking about they


like ladies and gentlemen this healing

in mark chapter 8

is not a man receiving his sight

this is a man whose sight was restored

this man saw before

his sight was not received his sight

was restored i don’t know when he lost

his sight

maybe after he saw a tree but in some

season of his life

he had sight and his sight was taken


but thanks be unto god who does


to things that you’ve lost i’m talking

to somebody

who the devil thought he took everything

from you last year

but you better remind the devil that he

is a god

of restoration that he will restore your


he’ll restore your family and restore

your finances

he’ll restore the years that the

cankerworm and the locust ain’t off

because he restored i need somebody to

take 10 seconds and give god the best


that your god if you know he’s a god


of restoration this

man’s sight was not received

wow it was restored

this man did not go from blind

to blurry to sight this man went

from sight to blind

to blurry to back to sight

from sight to blind

to blurry to back to sight

because god was restoring if i had time

i would tell you that’s really just the

story of humanity

because we were never born blind

i was born perfect my god created the


perfect adam and eve could see

but once sin came in


they went blind and we were waiting

year after year we saw it it was blurry

salvation was blurry we saw previews of

it through david defeating a giant

we see previews of it through moses

setting people three

free we see previews of it through

abraham being called

it was all blurry but it wasn’t until

one day in bethlehem

that which was blurry became full sight

and we beheld the wonder of his glory

the only begotten of the father full of


and truth and the god that restores

came to earth to walk among us to tell


that no matter what you’ve lost no

matter what the enemy has stolen

your god is a god of restoration

thank god for the times he healed people

who were born blind

but i love the story of this man

who once could see and then lost his


and walked around in the darkness

wondering would there ever be hope

because i remember what trees looked


and jesus touches him once to not give

him the full picture to say will you

trust me for another touch

and because you were honest about your

lack of clarity

now i’ll give you clarity this is the


of coming to jesus is when you come to


saying i don’t know he’ll let you know

but when you come to him saying i know

you’re going no you don’t know

and you’ll never know because you think

you know

when you say i don’t know and it’s

blurry he’ll restore

and after he restores his sight look at

what he tells them

he says uh go home

and don’t go back in that village don’t

go back in the village

why can i not go back in that village

it’s in matthew chapter 11. can i tell

you about this village real quick and

i’m done

damn that scripture in matthew chapter

11 verses 20 and 21

i want to show you why jesus is adamant

about this man

not going back in the village it says

then he began to rebuke the cities this

is jesus talking rebuking the cities

in which most of his mighty works had

been done because they did not repent

jesus says woe to you when jesus starts

saying whoa you better pay attention

vote to you corzine and woe to you

bethsaida for if the mighty works which

were done

in you had been done in tyre and sidon

they would have repented long ago in

seth cloth and ashes

he rebuked the city of bethsaida

which was the village he led him out of

he says whatever you do

don’t go back to that village because

that is the village of unbelief

that is the village where i manifested

my glory and they refused

to believe don’t go

you don’t even live there

go home and don’t go back into the place


unbelief because if you take your fresh


into that place of unbelief

their unbelief will affect your eyes

that you just had restored

i don’t know who this is for today but

god told me to tell somebody

your village is affecting your vision

he told me to tell somebody to trust him

even when it’s blurry trust him for

another touch

if you walk away because it’s blurry you

won’t get the second touch

trust him when it’s blurry and don’t go

back into the village go home

because he has a place for you i’m going

to ask wherever you’re watching this

from would you just bow your head and

close your eyes

father thank you for your word

god i thank you that this is not an


whoever’s watching this is watching this

right now there’s a reason they couldn’t

log off

because you’re speaking you’re there

with them in the room your presence

knows no limits it knows no bounds

god thank you that i’ve seen this before

time after time you bring restoration

this is what you do so god i pray for

the person who thinks that they’ve lost

too much

for you to restore god i thank you that

you can not only restore but you will

restore it

better than it was before

bring restoration bring healing

bring fresh vision back

to the person that lost it


and they’re wandering in the dark

listening to the voices of other people

god let your voice that is speaking to

them right now be the voice

that they lean into and trust you for

every single step just right where you

are and your head’s about and your eyes

are closed just in that moment i don’t

care if you buy yourself in your living


if you’re watching this you’ve never

surrendered your life to jesus

i want to give you that opportunity

there’s a reason you’re watching this

today there is a home

there’s a place for you your savior

paid the price on a cross for you and

hear me

you don’t have to get yourself together

to come to him

you don’t get yourself to come together

to come to jesus you come to him just as

you are

and admit god i’m blind

i can’t see and if that’s you there’s a

number coming on the screen

right now and you don’t want you to text

that number

but i also want to lead you in this

prayer i’m going to give you the words

but you say it from your heart

would you just say this say dear jesus

i need you i know

that my sin has blinded me

i cannot do life without you

today forgive me of my sin

come into my life make me brand new

thank you jesus that you can bring


to any area of my life and i trust you

for it

from this moment forward i’m walking

with you

in jesus name amen amen amen come on if

you met what you prayed

come on let’s give jesus some praise

hey what an incredible time was

preaching the word

right here at transformation for fun


hey make sure you tune in next week it’s

gonna be a great month god bless utc