In this Q&A video, Pastor Bill discusses his approach to preaching in a way that has a lasting impact by being certain the word he is delivering is a word from the Lord. Long term effect comes when the power of God transforms people and they then transform society.

when you

when i see you go through hard things

you’re you

when you’re preaching oftentimes you’re

not preaching out of a

out of your pain even though i know

you’re walking through a painful season

right right and and you know you said

years ago

uh uh that you uh you go to the lord


and you come for the people rich yes and

um that’s what’s up

when we talk to the students so we’re

talking about that you know oftentimes

but is that so that’s probably part of

the reason that you’re able to preach

uh even in the midst of these crisis is

in difficulty because

you’re trying to find that kind of that

right place with heaven

and then preach from there in a

transformational moment absolutely

yeah i i didn’t know that early on and

so i would

i would preach out of the season and i

don’t mean christmas and

new years i mean i mean out of the

season of pain or loss or whatever or if

there was

something crazy going on morally in the

nation or whatever and

you know you just go after that stuff

well it doesn’t help anybody it is it

what happened is is i would you know if

i could take an aerial view of the last

year of preaching i’d realize this

had impact this head pick this this

really stunk

you know people may have said amen they

may have liked the message but there was

no lasting impact from this i could feel

i could

taste it in my mouth afterwards that it

had a religious satisfaction

and a sense of addressing things that

needed to be addressed but

no lasting effect and i learned over


that almost all the time there is a

place for correction for

bringing real sober words to people

which i i have done on many occasions

but i have to be certain the lord is on

it for right now and it’s not a personal


or a word for a team of leaders or

whatever it might be

um it’s got to be a time where the where

the people get a chance to taste the

goodness of the lord

yeah and and that’s that’s really a big


because i i i learned that over time and

finally i

weeded that one part of my approach to

the people i weeded it out completely

and he has to reintroduce it for me to

actually come with a corrective word

you know when when i um i’m talking to

students sometimes i

we use a model of he preaches people’s

core needs and to their felt needs

and um in some ways the film needs this

i’m fighting with my wife or you know


there’s there’s the you know america’s

something’s going crazy in the country

or whatever and

and in some ways it feels like it’s some

of the pastors and the teachers

sometimes we’re aware of felt needs like

um i have some information for you that

will help you with that fall need you

know here’s how to communicate in your

marriage or whatever and

then the pastors are like hey that the

sheep need to hear this or need to hear

that but

i’ve seen just in your life with just

just the raising up of the apostolic


is that you and chris the prophetic

tend to talk out of the core needs of

people like this i know you’re all

agitated about this

but here’s what we’re up to yeah here’s

like the aerial shot again

yeah and in some ways so it’s

interesting because i thought it was

just your gifting but you’re actually

saying no

i would i would look at it and i started

weeding out

my reactionary messages yep

yeah exactly i stopped i didn’t do it a

lot but i stopped

i stopped preaching for effect

in the sense of you know like you can go

into most indian church right now and

you can preach against

homosexuality or you know

indebtedness of the nation or whatever

you can get a lot of amens but there’s

nobody in there that’s making the

decision to affect the outcome

so all it is is stirring you know

preaching to the choir stirring up the

emotions of people that you’re talking


it has has no long-term effect long-term

effect comes

because of encounter with god transform


get into the system and transform

society and so that’s

that’s the target that’s what i i work

out of that

blueprint constantly trying to you know


and i i i don’t i don’t in any way ever

mean to be merciless or not care about

the the problem because when i’m working

one-on-one it’s all about

you know the pain that they’re in and to

try to help but sometimes

people can be brought out of their

you know out of their problem

by finding a higher purpose sometimes

they can just they can

they can actually realize i only have

this because my vision was smaller in

the first place and i just

piddled around with my life you know and

they can find that the word of the lord

draws them into something greater

and it really pulls people out of that

stuff you know so

um and it makes them christ in them is

the hope of glory christ in them is a

solution or an answer that’s it

so they they come into situations with

hope yeah where they didn’t have hope

they come in with some measure of


yeah and love where they didn’t and so

you know i found it to be empowering you

know that you’re helping to bring you’re

tapped into heaven and you’re bringing

it to these earthly situations

yeah yeah that’s that’s exactly it

that’s it and it makes

all the difference in the world an

outcome it the thing that encourages me

most is it makes a huge difference

on how people think about their life

their purpose their significance their

family their generations

their purpose for being you know their

job or

assignment society whatever it might be

everything shifts in that moment because

it well it’s in power people realize i’m

here by god’s choice i’m not just a

number on a

sheet i’m actually an individual that

god chose to be in power to have

impact and uh and there’s a you know one

of the

most basic needs in in all of our lives

is is

affirmation yeah you know i mean it’s a


hole in us that cries out for

affirmation if you don’t know where to

get it you’re going to get it from the

wrong place

but god gives affirmation

by revealing the joy that he has over us

and the willingness that he has to

impart and empower

purpose to us you know such a you know i

wonder how many christians are really

tapped into the affirmation of god and

that’s not even

yeah yeah we were kind of waiting for

the well done in heaven

the well done good and faithful servant

there’s good point yeah and

then the kind of daily affirmation well

done son that was pretty courageous what

you did there those sorts of things

that’s a good point

if we’re not even wired in to hear that

sort of we are in our prophetic

because we’re constantly looking for the

gold some of the gold that we’re calling


is it’s like it’s embryonic in the

person and so we’re trying to

we’re trying to call them into their

destiny other

other times in the prophetic or just in

relationships the affirmation of


is i is i want to affirm what i see god

doing in that person

so it happens there but i think it could

happen more absolutely you know

absolutely and we find folks have

an affirmation discounting mechanism

it’s like to just swat it down

that ain’t true

yeah nice try you’re just trying to make

me feel good absolutely i’m not buying


absolutely yeah yeah that thing has to

be de-wired this thing’s a demonic


yeah that’s right not your friend you

know what somebody in uh

uh one of our staff in second year

yesterday or two tuesday was today’s

thursday tuesday

uh made it made a comment led per time

before i got up to speed

and said uh you know some of you some of

you guys come from countries

that really suffer from what’s referred

to as the tall poppy syndrome

anybody you know develops kind of head

and shoulders above there’s this

thing that took out which we’ve talked

about before i work in a number of

countries i think it’s in every culture

in some

measure no ben franklin’s no no george

washington’s no

martin luther king some countries have

just perfected the art form

you know so um but anyway that the one

who laid in prayer

mentioned said you guys are in

california the state flower in


is the golden poppy and it is illegal to

cut them

that’s good and i thought you know what

that works for me that’s just yeah

let us embrace that culture that says

you know you don’t cut any poppies yeah

yeah they’re grown in the wild you can’t

even pick them you’re like you leave

those alone

yeah yeah my kids have picked them

before i want to say that on tape