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when there’s a disruption it calls your

attention because it’s something that’s

out of the norm and when I want to call

my kids attention a lot of times I’ll

shut the lights off God will turn off

the lights so that you prop your head up

to look for guidance to the one who can

actually see I thought about the Hoover


that blockage of that body of water

creates a redirection and that

redirection creates power and I’m

looking at our lives right now there’s a

blockage in it but that blockage

redirected will create power that’s not

only for us

millions of people receive power because

of that blockage that that dam has

created those who are feeling fearful

that are feeling anxiety would you

remind them that we are to be anxious

for nothing the Bible says in

Philippians but that we are to bring

everything every care to you I thank you

that for those of us who have placed

faith in Jesus Christ that you have

secured our eternal destiny that no

matter what happens here we know this is

not our home and that every sickness

every disease every need every issue

boughs the knee to the name of Jesus



welcome to generate let’s go





I count on one thing the same guy that

never fails he won’t fail now he won’t

fail me now in the way they’re the same

God who’s never late

it’s working off things out he’s working

not things I

yes I will lift you high


we’ll see

Oh God


nothing’s working










nothing can set the gas



but nothing






but nothing








oh yeah we are glad you are here we’re

gonna bless his name no matter what’s

going on the words of that song talk

about things being crazy and I’m gonna

bless your name in spite of it and right

now we’re all standing six feet apart

because as you know things are crazy so

we’re gonna worship anyway thank you so

much for joining us and as I always say

we’re not here to worship for you we

want to worship with you and we’re with

you so let’s let’s say


can go back to the beginning can’t

control what some hour will bring but I

know here in the middle is the place

where you promised me I’m not in less

you will you made me here again



it’s Holi

will you meet me here again



like the shape in the shadow

in my weakness


unless you




see it again I’m not I’m not





maybe here




was in this place the Lord is in this

place come Holy Spirit















whoa not you know unless you come home

will you meet me here again Oh



will you meet me here


we’re not




maybe here gets a way to me





we asked Lord God that she would meet us

here we give you the honor we give you

the praise even in this time we ask that

in this darkness that you would show us

the beauty that can come from moments

where we cannot see the light we love

you with all that we are with all that

we are meet us here teach us something

tonight and your name we pray amen we

know you know this so we want you to

sing it with us at the house while I was

about to say wherever you are but you at

the house so uh so here we go

Powys hallelujah in the presence of my

enemies for her ease

Oh loud offender up Ramiz

Oh my weapon is a melody



heaven comes to fight me

in the minute

my praises for


the cameras






watch the darkness flee

in the middle of my misery




the Caymans














louder and louder hear my praise wrong




my crazy






hallelujah singer with say Harry’s

hallelujah this pandemic has disrupted

our lives our work our play our sports

it is disrupted our gatherings it has

turned what was normal and made it

abnormal it’s a wake up call

one of the ways God speaks is through

allowing circumstances into our lives

and into our world that are not pleasant

the further you remove God from a life

of family and a culture the more chaotic

things will become but if we would allow

God who is speaking who is shaking up

our normality to become front-page news

again God is not interested in only a

pledge of allegiance to elysian he’s

interested in a pledge of allegiance to

himself singing he’s doing this thing

and now here he comes here we’re doing

our thing we’re going for one room to

the next so that we can make sure that

we’re being obedient while doing

ministry you can’t do ministry and be

disobedient so we’re we’re doing that

we’ve got our we’ve got our we’ve got

our distance set up but we’re excited to

have this conversation tonight and we’re

excited to be able to do ministry

together I mean just being able to have

the opportunity to do ministry together

has been exciting for us even though

it’s happening at in a bad situation but

we’re excited about that

but next gen ministry this is generating

nation so I want to welcome the whole

nation to next gen ministry where we

have the opportunity to generate you

generate holiness generate Christ

likeness generate all of those things

that should have been generated in us

all along but sometimes bad things have

to happen for good things to grow and so

we want to take this opportunity to do

that and since we are the next

generation of our parents and so we’re

kicking this off we’ve been doing it

here locally for a couple of years but

we want to take it nationally because

the opportunity has presented itself and

we’re just excited to be able to do

ministry together am i right yeah

it’s great we’re able to do that and so

I wanted to let you guys know of what

this is so the next generation of our

church and my parents and their ministry

our parents would keep blowing my hair

right here we hear you do it and so for

all of you whether your next gen or

whether you have kids who are we want to

make sure that we’re we’re vibrant it’s

not an age it’s about a vibe and we’re

just wanting to do ministry together

with all of you not for all of you and

so that’s why we’re here bringing you

into this conversation we’re going to

have a conversation tonight and we’re

gonna ask some some practical questions

but some hard-hitting questions based on

what we’re all going through and

specifically what we’re going through as

a family and what we’ve been going

through the last two years but we want

to invite you in to that conversation

okay this is about us and so while we’re

having the conversation feel free to ask

questions and we’re going to try to get

to a few of them later on we’ll try to

get to more of them in the comments but

ask questions and if we can get to those

we will and we’ll have a conversation

together this evening if you don’t mind

and I know you don’t because that’s why

you’re here so let’s go ahead and get


like you know whatwe met Jonathan oh I

think something’s important to do here

okay what’s important what’s important

is there are a lot of people that have

come because they saw this shared on

dad’s page so they know dad there are

some people that are that are here

because it was shared on one of our

pages and they may be familiar with you

or with Anthony or with Kris Lord me but

they don’t even know they didn’t even

know we were siblings or they don’t know

who our siblings our dad was our dad or

you know saying so I think that it’d be

cool for you to listen let’s start with

the oldest

I’m crystal I’m the oldest person here

she I’m her baby sister so I was second

in the line of what dad was trying to

have boys it was crystal it wasn’t me

yeah I’m Anthony I’m the third child I’m

the firstborn son the namesake the

double portion owner okay we’re going to

have a conversation right now

everybody’s in a season where is dormant

there’s they’ve been sat down benched

yeah sidelined by something that we

can’t control and so and then you talked

a lot about the power of perspective and

the power of perspective that there we

want to add some power to our

perspective because the perspective is

everything as it relates to how you move

forward it may not change the situation

but they can change you in it

mm-hmm and so we want to add some power

to our perspective as it relates to

being dormant so the question is how do

I find my way through a season that is

dormant when I was running you know and

all of a sudden things came to a halt

well what do I do what’s the power in my

perspective what perspective should I

have in a season that’s still I think a

lot of times when things are still I

think we have to understand we have to

redefine what stillness means because

sometimes in our culture especially in

American culture we are like if you

ain’t moving

you ain’t successful you ain’t doing

nothing and I was just uh you know it’s

just it sometimes you have to redefine

it you have to stop to to re situate

yourself a lot of times you have to stop

you can’t heal a sprained ankle can’t

heal if you’re playing on it you know

what I mean like but that means you can

come back stronger and better if you

stop for a second and also I was gonna

say a minute ago when you were talking

about this this thing we’re all in

she’s crazy I’m staying in a newer part

of town and everything being there these

freshly planted sidewalks you know like

just it’s a newer part of town but it

stinks but that’s because it stays if

fresh mulch stinks yeah but that smell

means that something new has been

planted most times that smell means

something new has been planted and right

now we’re in a spot that stinks for all

of us but most times when I smell that I

know that there’s something new that’s

been positioned so God was using the

time where he was dormant God was using

the time where things were still in

order to in order to push him forward to

what his calling is like I’m using this

time where you’re still this time where

you’re spending time with your family

this time where I’m having you writing

and reading a whole lot more than you

have time to do all of those things that

are happening as a season to get you

ready for when things get moving you’re

ready for our friend Christine Caine

says she has a sermon that I will never

forget about the dark room and and

remember that you said like we used to

have real pictures you’ve got an old

number but when they had real pictures

they would develop them in the darkroom

and if you pulled them out of the

darkroom too fast they were

underdeveloped or they were under

developers taken out of the darkroom too

early so if we can readjust our

perspective and know that when we’re in

the darkroom we are being developed then

the darkroom changes the dormancy chain

that the perspective you have when

you’re still completely changes

that’s that was Christine Kane that was

his I can’t take I can’t take credit for


I’ll take a little bit of credit hey

Chris I’m sorry y’all go well I I think

we all have this cognitive dissonance

because we want to run we want to hustle

we live in a society where we ambition

is encouraged so we feel like we’re

always supposed to be doing something

doing the next thing so I think it’s a

challenge for all of us some more than

others depending upon our personalities

that when we are made to lie down in

green pastures whether we’re going to

actually look around us and see all the

green grass that he’s actually situated

us in there or whether we’re just going

to be running so fast to move forward we

get we get to the next thing and realize

in looking back we missed out on all

this green grass that he wanted us to

feast off of so I feel like that’s

that’s true for me that when we’re made

to rest like in this situation where

we’re made to be home we’re not running

around as much because nothing’s open to

go to it has required for me this

appreciation for just a new look and a

new appreciation at all of the green

grass that is right around me that he’s

made me lie down in and whether or not

I’m going to take advantage that of that

then becomes entirely up to me that we

get to choose to either miss the whole

season or just go ahead and be in it

just fully engage in the thing so I

agree with what you were saying a few

minutes ago

even when Anthony brought up the whole

planting situation another friend of

mine Alex Ely she said something to me

recently she said that her mother was a

gardener and she always noticed growing

up never really knew why until she asked

her mom about it that she always planted

I mean they had a real garden like

cabbage cucumbers you know vegetables

all that stuff she said there would

always be one that was planted tended

and bearing bearing fruit and vegetables

then there was always a patch of ground

right next to it that was completely


just soil and she asked her mom why

aren’t you planning the whole thing we

could have double the results and she

said her mom’s would say to her that she

had to intentionally leave one area to

sort of feast on itself that there are

things happening underneath the ground

there are nutrients being absorbed and

if you don’t let it lie dormant for a

while then when the produce when the

harvest comes it won’t be flavorful it

won’t be as big and juicy it won’t yield

the kind of results if you don’t really

just let it do the stuff you can’t see

it’s not on the top soil that it’s

happening it’s underneath so that’s the

way I always view dormant seasons and

obviously this is a big one but doesn’t

it happen all the time in our life that

there are seasons maybe where the

invitations you’re not getting invited

to do anything or you’re between books

that you’re writing or between blog

posts that you’re writing or there’s

just something that is just a lull and

you can either look at that as a

negative or say you know what there’s

some stuff happening underneath the

surface let me just relax into this

because when it’s time to to yield a

harvest if there’s gonna be more that’s

not the point of this here broadcast but

that doesn’t mean I’ll always accept the

invitation that doesn’t mean always

accept the invitation

I do but we all need the spirit of no on

us because we need margin we need margin

in our lives really and most of the time

we have to say no to get the margin this

this right here don’t happen all the

time where we’re made to say no we’ve

got to learn the discipline of saying no

having margin and realizing there’s

beauty in dormancy just lying there

letting stuff happen underneath the

surface that we won’t see the results of

until a whole nother season you know if

you don’t choose to accept the season of

rest you will realize that you missed

the beauty in that season of rest

because hindsight is always 20/20

yeah so if you wait to suck up the

nutrients of the dormant season until

you know why you need those nutrients

then you’ll always miss it yeah yeah so

you have to be willing to settle into

nothingness when you don’t know why

trusting that God wastes nothing romans

8:28 he causes all things to work

together and the only reason why we

don’t settle into the rest is because we

don’t believe that if we don’t see

anything happening that’s something good

can come out of nothing but something

always good comes out of everything and

if you trust that then even when you

don’t know why nothing’s happening

you’ll sit with it and instead of saying

I want to get this party started you’ll

say there’s nothing happening and so God

helped me to absorb helped me to see

helped me to learn whatever it is I’m

supposed to learn so that when you need

me to activate some nutrient that I

absorbed I actually have it later going

to happen to the extent that whole

institutions will relax into this law

meaning churches are gonna have new

vision new structure new direction new

innovation as a result of this families

are going to reunite they’re going to

read they’re gonna play games they’re

gonna be introduced again to each other

they’re gonna talk to each other I mean

they’re gonna be whole redirections that

happen in the lives of individuals

passions are gonna be renewed somebody

told me that they took up sewing because

they started sewing something they they

have they always wanted to sell but

never had the time for it so they just

decided to sew something and I thought

it is interesting people are gonna

rediscover passions if will do it if

will stop being frustrated that we’re at

the house and just go ahead and take

advantage of it we have no idea that

innovation that’s going to be inspired

because of this that’s right

that’s right that’s right

to glorify his own oh yeah I’m going to

get the questions that you ask I know

we’re probably gonna move on but we just

so you know the Evans family in general

we all think in pictures because that’s

how our parents communicate that’s

growing up it’s just like this is like

this so while that while y’all were

talking another angle at this whole

dormancy thing is that we grew up in

this part of Dallas where Six Flags is

down the road you know like we all know

the rides at Six Flags that was our

thing and there was a ride called the

shock wave there’s a bunch of them but

growing up there was a ride called the

shock wave that was the big ride and

whenever they had to do maintenance on

the shock wave they had to take it out

of service now most of us are living

roller coaster kind of lives and if you

try to do maintenance while you’re

moving that’s gonna be a problem but if

you don’t do the maintenance and stop I

mean if you yeah that’s a bigger problem

if you don’t do the maintenance on this

roller coaster we are riding called life

so when

you stop realize the danger and

continuing at the pace that you

continued with in not stopping and doing

maintenance if you don’t I just why

we’re talking inside about that if

there’s a danger also in not stopping

yeah was Wilder girls which is a problem

because I’d be spacing out but I’m still

here but I’m kind of zone but yeah

there’s there’s people’s lives are

attached to whether or not they will do

maintenance on those rides and the folks

that come on the days they happen to be

doing maintenance will be upset because

the ride is closed

but if they don’t you wanna you don’t ya

you cuz you don’t want to ride that

thing without the maintenance and I

think that of the lives that are

attached to ours directly because we’re

because of family nieces and nephews

sons and daughters eventually

prayerfully grandchildren there are

people’s lives connected to ours

but there’s whole spheres of influence

that God has given to every single one

of us not just people in ministry we’ve

been entrusted to the folks that we live

around in our neighborhood the people in

your office building they’ve been

entrusted to you their life in some way

is connected to you being healthy and

functional and whole and taking time to

enjoy the rest seasons that God gives

but you did you know is right now many

people are disappointed in that mom went

to heaven but his program one of the one

of the small things I’m as you’re

talking I’m like this probably there’s a

lot going on in my head but one of the

things was whether it’s sudden which is

very unfortunate which we’ve experienced

in the last couple years for those who

kept up with me we’ve experienced every

kind of loss I’m pretty sure that you

can have sudden long say goodbye I don’t

get to say all that stuff as half

in the last two years in our line we

lost seven people yep seven people on

our family in 24 months but 26 months

something like that but I I mommy’s

situation made me realize that you have

to live like you are not gonna always be

able to love on her that way like you’re

not gonna always be able to and and that

helps the blow is still horrific but if

you can look at where you where you

landed and we’re like I did all that I

could every day I acted like this could

be the last day that I have this in my

life this person is this ministry this

whatever when you start acting like that

like nothing is promised it gave me a

just just a different a different

resolve to make sure that my that our

mom knew how important she was to us in

general but especially mm-hmm I think I

would say and I don’t know I’m trying to

I’ve been over here trying to figure out

the right words to try to communicate

what I’m trying to say clearly but I

would say obviously while we wanted our

mom to still be here

it still is a beautiful gift not that

she didn’t die but that she died well

meaning to see someone because we’re all

gonna die we’re all going to come to the

end at some point in some way and to

have watched someone die well with their

faith intact with their eyes still on

Jesus still praying over their children

and grandchildren and wanting to speak I

have a video on my phone of one of my

son’s standing at Mom’s bed and this is

when she was talking but we were having

a little trouble at the end making out

mom’s words because at that point she

was so malnourished because she hadn’t

been eating well and you were standing

in the room next to the bed there

crystal when mom was talking to Jacey

and she’s communicating to him basically

that I’ve lived the way I’ve lived

I have honored God the way I’ve honored

God my life

the part that was really clear to her

saying my life was for your life mmm I I

want you to live well and choose well

cuz I hear she is literally in her last

days and she’s still ministering to to

the to her posterity and I thought

there’s so many things I can glean from

those last months but watching someone

honor God till the end oh my goodness

that to me feels like an incredible gift

that we got to see and have as a mother

such a legacy of faith to show us what

to do when our time comes because it’s

coming I mean I think that the I I think

what I’ve what comes to mind mostly is

that she’s not here but she’s very much

so here because the deposits that we’re

talking about what you’re referring to

she didn’t make those just in the last

days and not that deposits made in the

last days because many of you have had

the thing that you needed to hear said

the thing that you needed to say right

before somebody passed away but there’s

also a beauty in someone doing the right

thing along the way yeah and so when it

came time for Christmas dinner and mom

was not able to cook I don’t think any

one of us can cook everything but when

we came together we were all able to

make a whole Christmas dinner

the way she made it the way she made it

right and so many things are like that

in the deposits that she’s made not just

in us I’ve had so many you know women

email me somebody did today to say you

know the reason why I have the children

that I have is because your mom said you

know prioritize your family and it

changed the trajectory of what I did

with my life so I think she consistently

was pouring herself out over her

lifetime so then when you get to the end

it’s just more of the same you know one

of the things that I

I just said I’ve said it a few times but

I said it to dad again last night and it

was that there are a couple of things I

think I wish I would have asked her but

they’re so minut mm-hmm most of the

things I needed to ask her most of the

things I needed to know the majority of

the things I needed from her I have and

that didn’t happen because there was

this Hail Mary pass at the end it was

because along the way so what you do

little by little along the way it’s not

these grandiose efforts while those are

great it’s the little things that you do

over and over again that that leave this

lasting impression that this situation

has put them in such a dire financial

situation what you talk about the checks

from the government

you’re so often yes so what that will be

helpful and yet there are people or you

know you have this little box by the way

I think it’s in my purse right now have

this little box

I wrote down groups of people that are

that that we might not normally think of

that need prayer as a result of this and

then every day one of the kids draws one

and we pray for them one of the groups

is people that are in dysfunctional

families where they are being abused and

now they are relegated to that house the

the father that they are so glad he goes

to work because he’s abusing his

daughter or abusing his child or the

child that was so glad to go to school

because that was their only reprieve was

to be at school out of their house and

now they have to be there oh yeah all

day every day so there are people to

your point there are folks in situations

right now where your question is so

necessary to be asked how do I find rest

or engage in what God has for me in the

season when literally I am in a

straight-up crisis now that I am you

know in a shutdown community in a

shutdown world I was just thinking so

Maya Angelou her story of course is that

she had a very traumatic childhood and

there was a period of time in her life

where because of that trauma she stopped

talking as a little girl she stopped

talking but during that time where she

stopped talking she she read books

became an escape for her it was a place

that she was able to dive into to kind

of escape her world and because she was

so well well-read as a young girl

totally influenced her life as a poet

and a writer I believe when you when you

know Jesus there’s always a place you

can go it does not mean that the trauma

is escapable it doesn’t mean that

there’s not some things that you can’t

change immediately but I believe that

peace is not external it’s internal it

doesn’t mean that when there are changes

that need to be made

and hard decisions that need to be made

you don’t make them or doesn’t mean that

in this circumstance stuff isn’t tough

but there’s always someplace to go

there’s always someplace to go and that

God can be trusted to take the worst of

things the worst of things and to use

them for some benefit that you can’t

even anticipate or imagine the scripture

that he can do exceedingly above and

beyond anything that we can ask or think

and that he has this way of taking

things that are yuck and flipping them

inside out and you don’t even recognize

them when he’s done and so yeah I was

gonna say sometimes that while you were

talking might be there’s always a place

you can go sometimes that place is his

word and that’s the place where you go

and and Daddy always talks about where

is it when Jesus said let’s get let’s go

to the other side there’s this yes in

the Gospels where Jesus said let us go

to the other side and then a storm

happens and he’s asleep on a pillow

our dad always says I mean he woke up

and and said why are y’all freaking out

I said let us go to the other side so

I’m sleeping you all need to sleep too

because y’all are gonna rest on my word

even in this storm I said we’re gonna

end up over there and that’s what the

scripture says he who dwells in the

shelter of the most high will abide

under the shadow of the Almighty when

you choose to dwell meditate on his word

continually talk to God there’s

something that happens in your heart and

in your mind about where you’re living

where you are living despite where you

are living what’s happening around you

and I think that’s you know when we

think about Dave and be a man after

God’s own heart many of the Psalms David

wrote we’re at the worst times ever but

he let those terrible times Drive him to

be honest with God to cry out to God to

to to express his concern or his

disappointment his frustration but he

let those things continually drive him

to God as his safe place is really we

have a party

I’ll give you rest cast your cares upon

the Lord all those different things is

that God is trying to take it

responsibility but that’s not gonna take

a responsibility unless you cast

compound trust

that’s what there’s a part that we have

to play when we give it to God and and

when we’re able to just the old phrase

let go and let God

mm-hmm is the only time we can really

experience him taking full

responsibility I mean the more I read

the Bible was God says I will bless you

I will do this I will make your paths


I will give you rest I he’s trying to

take full responsibility but a lot of

times the emotional distress that we’re

going to going through is because we are

taking the ownership of something we

don’t even know we’re taking I’m going

through it so because I’m going through

it I own it because I’m holding it in

because you know I’ve heard before Wow

I’ve heard before that if you if you’re

losing your mind is because you

situation is because you’re trying to

fix that are you trying to use your own

hands to overcome it and you step into

god Tara Tori and because you’re not

divine because you’re not God it’s too

much for you you’re gonna blow up yeah

and so a lot of it has to do with are

you casting are you coming are you

interested and I have to just kind of

put a disclaimer on everything we just

said because I kind of set up this

scenario where people could be in

abusive situations and then we said all

of these things that are true and

spiritual and important for everyone but

if someone is literally in an abusive

situation maybe they need to hear us say

that we are not suggesting that you go

read your Bible and continue no we’re

not suggesting that at all there is no

excuse for or biblical premise for you

to continue to be in an abusive

situation so

you know I do a lot of ministry because

sometimes abuse is not over sometimes it

is just a complete withdrawal it is a

complete emotional abuse basically

emotional abuse like if you could see

the bumps and bruises on the children or

the wife or sometimes it’s the wife

that’s in that role of the mother that’s

in that role as abuser as well but there

can be emotional abuse where you don’t

see the scars externally but people’s

souls are just beat up because they live

with someone who is constantly

ridiculing them constantly disregarding

them or neglecting them and that’s just

as important and critical but I do need

I do know we all need to step up because

the culture is falling apart and not

just because of a virus it was already

falling apart because men were nowhere

to be found which is another

well I could say on behalf of a lot of

women thank you for saying that because

yeah yeah I just real quick I want to

say that that’s something well they just

told me that something’s wrong with the

mics I want to make sure everybody can

hear clear at home they just gave me a

little thing so everybody’s good okay

everybody’s good and then to this time

this whole corona time has us y’all

mentioned scenarios where people are

just people are in things that they’re

in voluntarily in or are locked in

scenarios some of us are not at rest

because we have chosen to allow

ourselves to be continually in scenarios

that do not allow us to do that this

whole corona moment is about distancing

yourself from a situation that can make

you sick so take that same physical

distance and create emotional distance

spiritual distance whatever distance you

need to do from whoever it is to not be

emotionally sick because the deal is

that you can fly yourself to Hawaii but

if you’re still close to that emotional

mess you’ll be miserable on the beach in

Hawaii you have to in order to

experience rest in that way for those of

you who are in scenarios you’ve chosen

to be in and you’re like I don’t need to

be in this can you can you describe how

you you know I have watched you do that

that’s why I’m asking the question I’ve

watched you make healthy decisions for

yourself and distancing yourself from

people who were it was just not good it

wasn’t good it didn’t make you feel good

so you just said I’m out but it wasn’t

an easy amount you had to make concrete

decisions to begin to push away from

that table yeah so can you for somebody

that needs to make those choices what

are some of the practical things they

need to do to begin to get themselves

out of a dysfunctional situation the

first practical thing is resetting your

perspective and that’s what the power of

perspective is about it’s about

understanding like growing up our mom

would be cooking a dinner and if the

table was full of stuff she would say

clear the table and if we didn’t clear

the table she wouldn’t put the hot meal

on the table because until we cleared it

so if we didn’t clear that meal that was

compared for us that was hot and ready

would get cold because we didn’t clear

the table once I started to clear the

table and I saw the things God put on on

the placemat once it was clear as I took

a bite of it and realized oh my gosh

this is amazing it was easier to clear

the table so it’s about setting your

mind that was the

first thing was resetting your mind and

realizing that this is it’s going to be

okay I’m so sorry I keep Tide coffee my

siblings hate when I have coffee because

I’m liking another thing but we travel a

lot and I was on a plane we were

circling the runway and they said we

can’t land because there’s something on

the runway so they circled we ended up

getting diverted to another location

because the runway wasn’t clear I

thought while we were being diverted how

many times do I ask God to land peace in

my life to land emotional health in my

life but I will not clear the runway so

that he can land it and he’s circling

like he’s ready to land and I won’t

clear the runway and he ends up

diverting my piece gets diverted to some

to something else because I won’t clear

that space that to me or the practical

steps you clear and God will play stuff

there and then it’s like I’m clear and

everything because what that piece has

come you cannot purchase peace yet you

know a friend and I were talking the

other day about this time for many of us

being like an elimination diet where you

get rid of everything and then slowly

one by one you add things back and the

reason why you go on an elimination diet

is because there’s something that’s

wrong in your system and you don’t quite

know what it is

so you just clean everything off that

would in any way disrupt your system to

figure out what’s the thing that was

throwing your system off kilter and so

right now we’ve been placed on a forced

elimination diet many of us have and the

tendency is going to be when this season

of dormancy comes to an end that we

actually want my questions that I’m

looking at right yeah that we get right

back to all the things that we were

doing before and we don’t learn the

lesson so I think you know to your point

about clearing the runway it’s don’t be

in a rush to move to the next thing or

get back to it take an honest look and

see what God is saying you speak to that

a little bit more what are practical

ways to ensure that once life starts up

again we don’t just get right back in

the same rhythm we’re in well I think

Shelley Shelley asked Thank You Shelley

I think that one thing is as much as you

can because I realized that some of it

is life that we have to live don’t add

everything back at what you were doing

like you got to go back to

okay that’s great but do you have to

reengage full speed in everything that

you are doing not just you but your kids

or your the kids listen yep do you have

to I mean honestly by the time we’re

done with this whatever the sports

season that your kids were in it

probably over mm-hmm so so so don’t add

things back um be intentional about

being still and then I think you were

talking earlier about somebody who had

started sewing you had the room to do

that because something else wasn’t

happening the things that you put in

that you love I’ve seen more people

walking the streets with their kids with

their pets as a family than I ever have

I’m like where’d all these people come

from so I would say the things that you

brought in that are good for you good

for your relationships good for your

health don’t put things in squeeze those

no one of the things that mom said she

said this a lot but but concentrated on

it during you know final months she said

I really need y’all to stop and smell

the roses more she said over and over I

need y’all to slow down and the reality

is if my mom could have gone back and

done some of her life over our mom sorry

she would have stopped to smell the

roses a lot more and a lot sooner she

she would have done things differently

she would not she loved ministry she

loved servants she loved raising us she

loved all that but she also loved

watching the sunrise in the sunset

she also loved traveling she loved

history she loved museums and there’s a

lot of that that she put to the

backburner for what she would say was

too long she would have invested more in

just some of the stuff that brought her

here pure joy so she would look she

looks at us or she would look at us a

lot and just be like what job where

y’all going just stop and just do

something that fills you up and fuels

you up so

to your point what you all were saying

the things that you’re that we’re

finding in this season fill us up fill

our family up fill our marriage up keep

doing those things and the other stuff

that has to be kicked to the curb to

make those things happen

I think when we all get to the end of

our life we will be glad we kicked those

other things to the curb and hung on to

the things that actually fueled us and

filled us and just put a smile on our

face because there were things we really

enjoyed if we have time do we have time

okay cuz this is Miss Honey

Miss Honey asked this question Miss

Honey from the church and she’s sweet

we love Miss Honey Miss Honey said do

you think that we’re gonna miss the

opportunity to see God and his power

during this time because so many people

are operating in fear instead of faith

do you think that fear component is

actually going to keep us from in some

way experiencing God as we should to the

full extent yeah I can’t make a blanket

we can’t answer that with a blanket

statement I think you have the choice

whether you’re going to miss the hand of

God because you were overwhelmed with

fear yeah you personally I’m not talking

to just you Miss Honey but our all the

tens of thousands of people watching you

have the choice in this moment how you

are going to see how are you how are you

going to come out on the other side

yeah and I think that my boys won’t know

this is what it is if I don’t mean the

practical aspect of what’s happening but

they won’t react to it and respond to it

in fear and insecurity unless they see

me and Jerry doing that Judah and I’m

saying that that we get to sort of set

the temperature even if we tell our boys

or even if we explain it you know what

this is a little fearful this is a

little something that we have to be

careful about we need to wear masks

right now if they see that they have

questions about it we’re not ignoring

the reality but if they see us react in

a way that says but this is what God

says this is who we are this is how

we’re gonna pray for others in the midst

of this this is how we’re going to be

responsible with our own health so they

see us being wise but not in a way that

seems panicked and afraid and and

reacting in a way that’s how the enemy

would love us to react right now and

that’s also going to give our

children an opportunity to be prepared

for their kovat 19 because some

something gonna happen in 30 years 20

years 25 years whether in their personal

life or in the world that they’re gonna

have to choose their stance then and

that’s going to be predicated a lot on

how they see the adults in their life

acting and behaving right now I think in

general this is a general answer to that

but that’s like saying why does it take

dynamite to get a diamond out or why

does it take a jackhammer to start the

build start digging for a foundation I

think the value when you’re dealing with

something that’s incredibly valuable it

normally takes something pretty abrupt

to make that value that yeah to make

that value the thing so I’m just saying

no go ahead I mean because it’s a

skyscraper yeah oh sorry go ahead

yeah right I’m tell you yeah until you

see a 10 carat diamond and then you’re

like but and that’s the point until you

see right right and that’s all about

what that’s all what perspective is

about it’s that you choose to believe

something is true even if you can’t see

it that’s what

we can all say it’s not so in all we

just messed one word up acting like it

is so even when it’s not so in order

that might be so simply because God said

so that’s what I think we have to also

be clear that it doesn’t negate the fact

that it’s sad that it hurts or that it’s

disappointing I mean we could go on and

on about that given the even just the

personal crisis yeah that we’ve all

experienced it’s devastating and it’s

sad and you don’t understand why you

don’t understand there’s not going to be

a a clarity that opens up probably on

this side of eternity as to why in our

lives I can speak to why we would why

would the Lord allow seven out of the

blue losses all of a sudden in our

family like that I don’t think we’ll

know why but we we have to make a choice

he’s either God or he is not and we

either trust him and believe in him when

we’re happy and when we’re sad or we

don’t he can’t just be the god of the

good parts and then we kick him to the

curb because negative things are allowed

to happen he’s still the same God he’s

still seated on the throne and you

literally just have to choose am I going

to be a person of faith who believes am

i God or not it’s a choice yeah yeah

because then you can’t make you can’t

determine the superhero without the

villain of the problem

I’m the villain of the problem the

superhero may be super but he ain’t a

hero hero and so I think that our praise

of God is directly correlated to the

mess that we’ve been through has called

us out of we come out of this when you

come out of your issue when we’re coming

out of this season you know I’m always

hopeful yeah you know all right

that’s been our that’s all we’ve said

for the last year I mean Jonathan I will

tell you I think I told Anthony this

that I 2020 okay you know my birthday is

December 31st so the last day of every

year is my birthday and I always get to

December and I’m always writing in my

journal toward my birthday I’m always

looking at okay finishing another year

going into the next year one of my

expectations this was the first year

that I realized as I was writing that

there was a little bit of anxiety that

there was a little bit of am I going to

even make it through this next year

there was a little bit of I noticed it

was tainted and marred instead of being

hopeful and oh this is happening

administrative this is happening with my

family and I’m excited all of a sudden

this was the first time I noticed

something I had to pause and figure out

what is that feeling and it was exactly

what you just described it was we have

lost seven people am i next what’s gonna

happen next are we done are we finished

as if they’re there’s a lot of people

feeling like that oh yeah as a great

ways to corona and everything in life at

this moment

that’s exactly right on because a lot of

people we’ve had past two years of it

some people have had whole lives talk

one thing after the other one thing

after the other


one thing after another and in in this

season how do i how do I find myself how

do I when people were saying you know

I’m just trying to find myself

mm-hmm I’m just trying to figure out who

I am the crystal crystal is the

practical synonym

I mean she is practical she’s able to

just tell you a B C and D how to

practically just do things which I


so but what would you say in this season

crystal about just just finding myself

she wrote a book called she’s still


that’s rescuing the girl finding


yeah that’s it so so well I think it’s

really hard to find you without first

looking at the fact that somebody put

you in you you know you’re not what you

see there’s the soul the part of you

that will live beyond your physical

frame and so to start with the person

who made you and to recognize that

you’re worthy and what he did in you to

make you unique what do you like like

what are you good at what do you love

what is your personality like what do

people who love you say about you what

are what lights you up what are your

passions your gifts your abilities your

interests those are things that are

god-given and we lose sight of that when

we’re busy mm-hmm

we lose sight of that when we’re

checking off the lists and when we’re in

a season where things are hard or things

are still or things are dormant we have

an opportunity to pay attention to parts

of us that we don’t pay attention to

when we’re just moving out of habit and

rhythm and routine and so I think some

of the greatest lessons we learn about


yes happen when things are

dillan dormant but I also think some of

the greatest lessons we learned about

who God created us to be happened when

things are hard one because he teaches

us what he put in us but also he teaches

us who he is in us and that all goes to

being a part of that process it’s a gift

to figure it out but it’s also not

always easy yeah but it easy a beautiful

kind of back to your point about the

diamond to go through all the stuff that

you have to go through to find the

beautifully unique thing that there will

never be another of and each one of us

have that as a part of our story there

will never be another and making this

space to appreciate the gift of you in

this world the gift that God gave to the

world when he created you to pause and

appreciate that we have an opportunity

to do that still always yeah clamoring

for something that you’re not that’s

exhausting the hardest thing is to

become popular doing something that

you’re not because you have to stay do

we get to stay being disingenuous for

the rest of your life it’s too much work

it’s way too much work thanks by the way

speaking of authenticity I just thought

this I loved authenticity and

vulnerability in all that stuff as we

talked about mommy I would to go and sat

here quite like and stillness talking

about our mom that’s the first time that


done it in that way and sharing it with

you guys I just thought this is a they

need to know that that was an authentic

moment of us sitting around and talking

about what is something you took away

from the passing of your mother two

months through two and a half three

months ago so I just want y’all to know

like that’s what we’re about with you

but that’s why we are here good place

yeah can we just say to everybody in

this corona moment as basic as this

sounds to try to find one lemon because

there’s a bunch of them and just figure

out a way to make something beautiful

out of that to add some sugar to that

maybe a little bit of vanilla extract

and make it like a really great

situation there is something that all of

us can do we’re in different hard spots

but there’s there is something we all

can do one thing too when you were

asking about the hard stuff and why

would God allow and how can we see all

that you know I think about I have had

to think about this a lot because we

were talking about mom that it’s because

life is hard and it’s because stuff like

this does happen that he said I don’t

want this to be the human story forever

which is why there’s the promise of

Jesus the promise of Jesus is I don’t

want this to be hard the only thing that

the gifts that I put in this world have

to look forward I’m giving them

something else to look forward to mm-hm

which is eternity with the Sun and if

you look at that if you if you have no

other lemon that is a lemon when mom

passed away we asked her for Christmas

Day we asked her for Christmas we asked

God for Christmas Day and the first

reaction here her to still be here in

the first reaction was she didn’t make

it to 2020 and then God was like but I

gave you Christmas Day

well Christmas Day Jesus Christ was born

and for all of us we always have

Christmas Day so there’s always a lemon

because of Jesus Christ of something to

look forward to no matter how bad it

gets yeah absolutely

your life you have nothing else to look

forward to other than the life that

you’re in in the ups and downs that are

in it and so finding your identity in

Christ that he came to satisfy the

standard of God that no one can satisfy

the standard of God is absolute

perfection and no one can satisfy it but

he came and he satisfied us so all those

who place faith in Him what Jesus does

is credit to your account so that you

have that then lemonade with the vanilla

extract yeah more than that you have

something you can really look forward to

because the standard of God which has

been satisfied has been placed in you by

faith alone in Christ alone and so what

I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pray and if

anybody doesn’t know that they know in

this season that’s that’s bad you don’t

know that you know that you’ve ever done

the greatest thing and accepted Jesus

Christ I want to help you do that right

now and then after I do that if you can

pray for all of our hardships Percilla

I’m sure after I do that and then we’ll

close out our time so repeat after me if

you’ve never accepted cracked one to do

that right now

Heavenly Father Lord Jesus I’m a sinner

and I’m in need of a savior I want you

to save me right now I believe that you

died on the cross

I want you to say

I’m placing my faith and my trust in you

come into my life and beat my Savior and

then Lord I lift up to you every single

person that has joined us tonight and

those that will watch this this

broadcast in the days and weeks to come

there will be thousands upon thousands

for different parts of the world and

everything that they are facing right

now in our lives it’s hitting us all

differently depending upon the dynamic

of where we are situated in our our

structures and our families and our

personal life so father I lift up each

individual I’m so grateful Lord that

even though we are not the same and we

don’t have the same issues you know

every single one and so father I’m

thanking you in advance Lord for how

you’re gonna see to and tend to and care

for every single individual that is

underneath the sound of my voice I thank

you Lord that you see us that you care

about us that there is no dynamic that

has slipped past your loving tender care

that your eyes are upon us and so father

I’m grateful to you today that just as

your eye is on the sparrow we can be

sure that your eyes are upon us

you see us and you care for the details

of our life I lift every single brother

and sister up to you Lord I lift up

every single financial concern health

concern relational concern Lord I lift

up every single dynamic and parenting

Lord or in marital relationships father

I lift up those that are single to you

father as they navigate this season not

feeling like they are ever ever alone

Lord with the dynamics that you have

brought in their life but even as we

distance ourselves socially that there

will not be one person that does not

know that you are before them you are

behind them you are beside them and that

you are around them father be a friend

to the friendless be a father to the

fatherless a mother to the motherless

Lord gird us with your presence and with

your peace and father when we come out

on the other side of this we’re already

thanking you in advance for the many

ways that we are going to see your

fingerprints operating on our behalf we

already are sitting in expectation of

how you’re going to move miraculously on

our behalf father be a fence all around


wall of fire protecting us and the

people that we love in Jesus mighty name

I pray amen

we’re putting our ministry generating

nation and next generation to the

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let’s go thank you for joining this