Have you ever heard someone say, “I am just living the dream”? In the fourth week of our series, The Paradox of Purpose we learned about the dreams that Joseph had and the impact those dreams had on his life. It wasn’t what he expected and some of the people he thought would be there for him weren’t, but Pastor Charles taught us that as long as you are faithful; favor will follow you! Make sure and check out this message and share it with someone who needs to hear it!

i love y’all so much so much i’m so

grateful for you well

we’re gonna jump in we made it to the

last week y’all and i am ready to go i’m

ready to go

and uh okay if you’re just joining us i

want to catch you up just a little bit


um we’ve been in this series called the

paradox of purpose and some of you

um you’re like charles what is this all

about now i want to kind of give you the

the generic overview we’re going to go

over the last couple of weeks

but if you’re here and you’re asking

what is the paradox of purpose like you

just charles just

shoot it to me straight i just need to

know okay this this is the paradox of

purpose this is the premise that we’ve

been working from

this is what it means and what the

paradox of purpose is the paradox of


is uh sacrificing your potential

in order to walk in purpose this is the

premise and idea

we are sacrificing our potential

what we could do where we could go where

we could live

the jobs we could have we’re sacrificing

our potential

in order to reach purpose and this

messes with some of you because you’ve

always been taught and you need to reach

your potential

you taught on your football game on your

football team

on your little whatever you did growing

up they thought man you got a lot of


and you spent all of your life trying to

reach your potential

but many times potential is a

distraction many times it’s it’s not

exactly what god may have graced you to

do and your purpose

is the very thing that god has graced


to do and every single person watching

this you have a purpose

you have a very specific purpose you

have a purpose that that is needed you

have something on the inside of you

that the earth needs until you step into

your spot until you step

up in your moment the earth is void of

ideas it’s void of your dna

and you don’t have to be anybody else

you can step into your purpose we all

have a specific purpose we all have a

specific purpose and in week one we kind


um opened up uh this pandora’s box of

what is my purpose

like what what why am i here why was i


why was i born into that family why was

i born at this time of any time you

could have been born

you were born at this time for this

moment what is

my purpose and i said it earlier but we

all have a specific purpose but i


every single human being has an ultimate


they have an ultimate purpose and your

ultimate purpose is not

to do for god but to be with god

i want to make this so clear this is

something we had to establish week one

your life is not about what you can do

your value is not in what you can do

your significance is not in what you can

do but it is

simply being with god the reason

jesus created this entire earth genesis

he just wanted to be with you and that’s

what you need to know today and i hope

that brings you peace i hope that takes

the pressure off

to try to do all this stuff and try to

achieve and reach and get to know you

can just be

with god week two we we went on a little

bit we

there was a sermon called answer the

call everybody say answer the call

hold up god’s calling again

okay so we talked about uh that was just

a nice little sound pick you know

um but we talked about an answer to the

call how do we answer the call how do we


do this and again i’m just catching you

up if you’re just joining in you’re like

charles get to the message yes

we’re gonna do that but this is what we

do if we’re gonna answer the call the

first thing you gotta do if you’re going

to answer the call

is you have to accept you have to accept

the call fully if anybody calls you

you have to hit the accept button you

have to accept the call the next thing

you got to do is submit

you got oh no that’s not true without

order you got to notify my bad

you got to notify people then you have

to submit fully

work faithfully endure failure and


frequently again we’re talking about how

do we answer

the call last week this was a week three


there was a sermon called the devil made

me do it now

uh some of you some of you

you are like so like what is this gonna

be but um it’s been so cool to see even

this past week

so many people um really taking

ownership of their walk with god

so many of you were tagged i saw

somebody who’s like i started working

out again

me and my wife went and redid our budget

abby we had to get our budget locked in

because we’re

we’re not going to be um blame ourselves

for something that really

blame the devil for something that’s in

our control and uh that’s really the

ownership that we’re taking

of our purpose so today we’re gonna jump

right in we’re gonna jump right in

into the fourth week and

i need you to turn in your bibles to

genesis genesis

37 it’s pretty easy because it’s right

at the front so if you got a bible and

you’re like where is it it’s okay

just flip like a couple pages in you’ll

be all right so genesis 37 i’m gonna

read two

um verses for you and uh we’ll go on

from there this is what the amazing word

of god says

um this is context well i’ll just read

the scripture and you’ll get it as we go

uh it says this

listen to this dream we were out in a


tying up bundles of grain suddenly

my bundle stood up and your bundles all


around and bowed low before

mine this is a dream that somebody has

they said

we were in a field and my bundle stood


and all of your bundles bowed before

mine i want to take a moment right now

before we jump into the word

and just ask god to join us wherever you

are would you pray for me with just a

moment holy spirit we thank you

that it’s you talking today lord i’m

just a vessel i’m just here to say what

you want me to say so i pray i thank you

lord that every single word that is

spoken today

is not mine but yours speak to your

children i pray that people

would hear specific answers to questions

they’ve had

for a lifetime lord have your way in the

services in jesus name we pray and

everybody said

amen um i have a question for you

um are you good at small talk raise your


uh put it in the chat if you’re good at

small talk you’re good we got like one

person in the room

in here that’s good at small talk um i’m

not good at small talk

i’m just not like i’ve never been good

at small talk

and here’s the reason why it’s not

because i don’t like to talk to people

it’s just

um it just feels a little fake

and here’s what because it’s like when

you see somebody they’re like how you

doing it’s like you don’t

actually want to know how you don’t

really like especially

me like if you have how am i how do they

say stuff like how you feeling how i’m


oh brother we’re gonna be here a minute

like you don’t actually wanna

like you don’t we’re like and so it just

feels like i

i know you don’t care like you’re just

asking that because that’s what you’re

supposed to ask

and i don’t feel like lying to you and

so then you like as you get older you

just start saying all the cliches like

especially in church like we have a lot


trash cliches that we say that aren’t


that aren’t a reflection of how we

actually feel but they’re just like oh


i’m blessed and highly favored brother

how are you i’m the head and not the


above and not but it’s like what i don’t


what you’re above you’re above who i

don’t and not beneath what i don’t we’re

outside there’s nothing

it just doesn’t it doesn’t make any

sense and i i just panic in small talk

honestly i just

literally me and my wife we and kova did

not help this at all like

it did not like i gotta practice for a

whole 365 days and it was like yeah i

don’t know if i’ll ever talk to anybody

like ever again

that’s why i like this because i can

talk and nobody else is really talking

it’s just like i can go it’s just like

this is awesome

no that’s so bad um but kobe didn’t help

literally me and my wife we um we were

on a trip together and we walked into

this room and there were people talking

they were all like in their kind of

little bubbles and they were like

and we walked in and i literally just

looked around and i thought oh man and

here’s a question i always ask myself

i’m a contemplator and so this is like a

personality type thing and one of the

filters is am i

interested in this that’s something i

ask before i do anything and i literally

walked in and thought i’m not interested

in talking to anything i just pan i was

like i literally just looked around and

i was like

baby you want to leave she was like

absolutely and i was like yes so he just

walked in and walked directly so

i’m just i’m not good at small talk and

again if we meet i would love to talk to


and if we have some comment we talk

about translation church all those

different things but just generally

um i’m not and here’s the thing i during

the pandemic um

it was you know you saw see people and

it was kind of like you didn’t know if

you knew them because they had their

mask on and if they had a hat on it was


i’ve never stepped this intently at your

eyes but i’m trying to tell like do i

know you

and then they do the wide eye thing and

it’s like oh the wide eye that means i

know you okay wide eye yeah

so i saw this guy and he was like hey

charles how you doing i’m like i’m good

man i’m you know just making up stuff

it’s like actually his worst year of my

life is pretty tough but

you don’t really want to know that um it

all pandemic is like

how am i doing there’s a global pandemic

i don’t know like

anyways um but of course i shoot it

right back at him how are you doing man

and this man said oh just living the


and i thought what

that’s like the worst thing you could

have said this

is your dream like that’s what i thought

in my head this is your dream like

a global pandemic where the world is

shut down like you’re living like

i was just so confused because i was

like that’s not

that was this isn’t your this definitely

was not my dream like this does not

if you dream this i’m a little concerned

that you this is in your dream you’re

like yeah the world’s shut down

and everybody’s inside for the rest of

their lives um it was not

that that that was not in my dream like


um was not in my dream and really

today i want to talk about dreams


we have a portion of scripture here

where um

there is a dream that happens and then

there is kind of a phenomenon that i

believe we have all

experienced have you ever um dreamed

a dream to then only live the dream

and the dream be nothing like what you

dream when you dreamed it

like th this is today i want to talk to

you from the subject

living the dream are

are we living the dream like i know we

say that that guy in target yeah i’m

living the dream but like

what does it look like to actually live

the dream because when we say that it’s

this euphoric perfect state

and it’s exactly what we wanted it to be

and our life is going exactly how we

thought it would

and we got all the money in the bank and

we have no tension in our marriage and

our kids are perfectly obedient

and we love our boss and we’re like all

of that in our dream but in life

living the dream does not always feel

like dreaming the dream

like when when i dreamed the dream it

wasn’t this hard when i dreamed about

2020 there wasn’t a pandemic when i

when i dreamed about my business it

didn’t get shut down six months

in and i want to talk about what does it

look like to actually

live the dream if we’re going to talk

about purpose we have to talk about

dreams you have dreams

we all have dreams i mean as a kid you

you dream of what you’ll be when you

grow up you’ll dream of

of of the job you’ll have or the place

you’ll live and then somewhere along the


you realize that oh this living this

dream is not gonna be like

dreaming this dream

and joseph uh we find him in a little

bit of context of the scripture we just

read this is

joseph’s dream now joseph is the son

of jacob we talked about jacob earlier

jacob tricked

his brother into giving him his

birthright uh

and he had uh some sons and there’s a

son named joseph

and joseph is actually the favorite he’s

the youngest of 12

and his dad loved him so much that he

gives him a special coat the bible says

it was a coat of many colors

it might have been gucci might have been

louis it might have been the new virgil


small fall spring we don’t know what it

was but it was a beautiful coat so

beautiful that it made his brothers a

little jealous in fact it says his


when he got this coat it it put distance

between them

now joseph he’s young at this point in

scripture he’s around 17 years old and

he has

a dream and this is really where dreams

start to get real when you’re starting

to get out of adolescence you’re almost

an adult and you start

i mean you remember being 17 years old

and starting to dream like

okay i’m about to be out of school and

what am i going to do with my life or

maybe i’m going to change the narrative

of my story and

and my family and joseph has a dream and

this is his dream he says we were out in

the field

tying up bundles of grain and suddenly

my bundle stood up and your bundles

all gathered around bowing before

mine joseph has this dream and he is

so this is a good dream have you ever

had a dream that was so good you’re like


right when i like in your dream i’ve

done this in my dream i’m thinking when

i wake up i’m about to tell abby how

dope this dream is but for right now i’m

gonna keep dreaming this dream

like but you wake up and you’re so

excited like you’re like this was so

crazy i have to tell somebody joseph has

a natural reaction

to having a dream he thinks i’m going to

go to the people who love me the most

i’m going to go to the people i’m

closest to i’m gonna go to the people

who have been there with me i’m gonna go

to the people who are always for me

who have been with me who have seen me

go through hard stuff i’m gonna tell

them my dream and they’re gonna be so

excited to hear my dream

i mean this is what as a kid you have a

dream and you go to you’re going to tell

your mom mom i got this idea and i feel

like maybe i’m getting serious with my

faith and god told me something

and you’re getting serious and you’re

excited to share your dream

only to realize that the people who were

supposed to be the most excited for you

aren’t as excited about your dream

joseph goes to his brothers and he tells

them hey this is the dream i had

and instead of them getting excited


they get a little angry now in scripture

when i first read this i thought like

well this is a this is kind of a cocky

dream like you shouldn’t have told

them this dream that’s you shouldn’t

have shared that dream but let’s let’s

be real

you should be able to tell your family

your dreams

i mean like you should be able to tell

your fam i feel like god has a plan for

my life i feel like this is what i’m

gonna do

i feel like i’m gonna step you should be

able to tell the people who love you

what god is speaking to you but many of


many of us just like jacob when we go to

share our dreams

people don’t they don’t get it and that

and that’s the part of living the dream

that i didn’t know

when i dreamed it i thought everybody

would get it

i mean we thought like you know my

parents are going to understand my

friend group

is going to understand the people that

like they’re going to

but here’s the thing i found out when

you’re living the dream

just because they’re close to you

doesn’t mean they

understand your calling

just because they’re close doesn’t mean

they understand your calling

i didn’t this this part wasn’t um

in my dream i thought everybody that was

close to me would get it

i thought if you’re close to me if we

grew up together if we’re from the same


if you if you were there for me in a

hard season if you said i’ll be with you

and i’m your dog like if i

i just thought that if you’re close you

would understand my calling

and i want to come talk to some people

today that it feels like

the people closest to you understand you

the least

the people that said they’d be right

there with you that they would always be

and you go to tell them that okay i’m

starting to feel purpose i’m starting to

feel like there is a plan i’m starting

to feel like i’m going to step out or

i’m going to start the business or i’m

going to go to the school

or i’m going to apply for the job i’m

going to apply for the loan

and you feel like they were supposed to

get it

that why don’t they understand why don’t

my parents understand i’m just trying to

step out

i’m being independent like they told me

to be i’m trying to be

i’m trying to break generational curses

and the people closest to me don’t get


this is living the dream

but when i dreamed it i didn’t

i thought they would get it i thought

everybody would go with me and this is

the tension

of trying to walk in purpose

is that when you’re when you first dream

it it’s everybody’s with you and

everybody’s going with you to the next

level and everybody’s gonna

gonna go with you to the next season but

what happens is joseph shares this dream

with his brothers

and they get so frustrated they get so

angry with him

they start making a plan and the

original plan is let’s just like let’s

just kill him like let’s do this is just

it’s just too much like and and one of

the brothers is like i don’t actually

want to go through with that we don’t

need to do that

and they end up they say okay here’s

what we’re gonna do we’re gonna throw

him in this pit

we’re gonna throw him in this pit we’ll

take his jacket

we’ll take his gift we’ll take the thing

that was his favor

we’ll take the thing that said this is

what happens when you start to try to

walk in purpose

the very thing that set you apart the

very thing that made you different

the very thing that you got identity


people start to attack it they start to

say no you won’t ever be able to do that

no one in our family’s ever done that oh

you’re gonna go to that college yeah

your dad didn’t even graduate high

school you’re not gonna that’s not gonna

and what i’ve realized is because

joseph’s brothers were insecure

in their relationship with their father

they couldn’t handle someone else having

a dream

that was bigger than what they were

currently experiencing and so what

happens is when

when you’re living the dream insecure

people try to throw you in a pit

insecure people that don’t know how to

handle that that just because god called


doesn’t mean he didn’t call you like i’m

just trying to do what god called me to

do i’m just trying to step out i’m just

trying to

to and you find yourself that the people

closest to you are the people that try

to throw you in the pit

joseph was in a literal pit but some of

you you’re in you’re in a metaphorical

but you’re in a space where you feel

like it’s dark

where you’ve been abandoned and this is

the space

that when you get in there the goal is

that they’re hoping maybe

if i put their dreams in the pit they’ll

just stop

like maybe they’ll just stop dreaming

maybe they’ll stop trying talking about

all this purpose that they got

and they watch some series and maybe if

i just talk down

to them and this is what many of you


you tried to share your dream and a

teacher said you won’t

ever do that and now your

security and confidence has been in a


are you tried to step out and say i’m

going to start the business and

and you went to go get the loan and they

said why did i don’t even know why you

came to the bank you know you’re not

going to ever get this loan

and you feel like okay maybe maybe

maybe i’m not maybe i’m not qualified we

don’t know how long joseph was in this


what questions do you ask in the pit

how does your dream feel when you

dreamed it

but now you’re in the pit and it’s like

man this is i don’t know if this is

worth it

i know there’s been times in my own life

where the dream was exciting until i got

in the pit

i felt like this is going to be awesome

this is going to be so much fun and

and then you’re in the pit by yourself

and uh

if you’re honest you’re tempted to just

be like yeah i knew this wasn’t worth it

i knew i shouldn’t have done this this

happened to me when me and abby were

starting our own church in downtown and

god told us to shut it down and come to

transformation church i tell that story

all the time

people like oh that’s so awesome that

was amazing that

it it didn’t feel awesome the entire

time we did it

it’s easy to say now like oh yeah it was

god it was obvious it was duh but it

wasn’t done when we did it

like it wasn’t like oh yeah this is the

obvious move there were days where i

felt like why

in the world when when god spoke to me

when he gave me the dream when he showed

me no

shut your church down and serve and

protect the vision of transformation

church and pastors michael and natalie


it felt really clear in that moment but

in the pit in the moment where i’m

trying to sign up for uber in the moment

when i’m trying like it feels like this

is not what i dreamed and i i don’t i

don’t know god

i dreamed it and you gave me the dream

and now i’m living the dream and it


different this is the moment that

many of our purposes will pass through

if you’re on the journey of purpose if

you’re on the journey of

walking in purpose it will always pass

through the pit

but the encouraging part um is uh

is really just understanding uh

something my mom would say

when i was younger she said charles you

win if you just don’t quit

and some of you i just i want to

encourage you today that even though it

feels like you’re in a dark space even

though it feels like

the people who are supposed to be there

with you aren’t there even though it

feels like man i i

don’t know if i can just just don’t quit

because i promise you if you just

if you just hold on if you just if you

just stay faithful if you just trust

that the god who gave you the dream

if you trusted the one that spoke to you

he who began a good work of you will be

faithful to see it to completion

don’t quit while you’re in the pit

now we progress in in joseph’s life and

uh he gets sold into slavery we progress

a little bit and his

brothers are like hey we’re not gonna we

don’t want him to die we’re not gonna

kill him and they see some people

passing by and they say why don’t we

just sell him to these people we’ll sell

him off and he’ll go and we don’t have

to be responsible for his death so

joseph gets sold into slavery he gets

sold to someone

named potiphar and potiphar works for

pharaoh he’s in egypt and he works for

him and and

joseph starts serving and actually he

starts to see some success

in fact this is what the scripture says

it says the lord

was with joseph so he succeeded in

everything he did as he served in the


of his egyptian master how beautiful is

it that our god regardless of where

you’ve been

regardless of what people spoke about

you regardless of who talked down to you

that he can still

work things together for your good and

this is where joseph

is and at this point i’m thinking okay

i’m back to living the dream

but like it was down for a little bit it

was hard for a little bit

i didn’t know if god was with me but i’m

back and even though someone talked bad

about me

even they though they didn’t get my

dream i’m back and he’s serving and he’s

back in the spot and this is the place

where people get excited

because they think okay i’m walking in

purpose i’m doing what god called me to


and and this is the part where i’m going

to be successful and everybody who talk

bad about me

ever this is where you get a little

gangster and it’s like forget them

and you’re like i watch what i’m about

to do watch how i’m about to

and there’s the spirit of like i’m going

to prove you wrong for

god to show you that i’m better than you

in the name of jesus but like don’t ever

talk about me again or i’ll hit you

love you god bless you like it’s like

what is hap but

but there’s an interesting caveat that

happens and that is tied to joseph’s


in the palace this is what the scripture

says it says

the lord was with joseph so he succeeded

in everything he did

but look at the caveat as he

served as he served

it doesn’t say when he got there all the

blessings came

it doesn’t say when he first became a

slave he immediately went to potiphar

and immediately became over everything


it says as he served god was with him

and he had success this is the thing

i’ve realized when you’re

living the dream favor always

follows faithfulness now i have to talk

about this because

in our culture right now we think i’ll

be faithful when god shows me favor

we think if god shows me that he’s with

me if he proves it to me that he did

call me to

then i can be faithful but what joseph

understood is if i’m just

faithful god’s favor always follows my


and i want to encourage somebody right

now because you’re waiting to be


you’re waiting to serve people you’re

waiting to give your best ideas

you’re waiting to really commit to that

job you’re waiting to commit to that

marriage until god shows you

no this is it this is okay and god says

if you’ll just be

faithful i promise you you can’t stop my

favor on someone who’s faithful

if you will just be faithful in the


if you would just be faithful to know

that if you

will do what you can do god will do what

only he can do

and this is what happens while joseph is

is living his dream

he realizes that even though i’m sold in

a place of slavery i can still be


how crazy is that that you can be

successful as a slave

you can you can be the top of everything

that you’re he’s in a moment where where

all this stuff

has happened with his brothers and he’s

still seeing success

when you’re living the dream you have to

understand if i’ll just be faithful to

the season

if i’ll just be faithful let me use some

language that we’ve talked about earlier

if i’ll be faithful to this current


we talked about the difference between

calling and purpose calling is your


assignment the thing that god has

assigned you to in this season

then as you obey and answer every call

god will slowly reveal your purpose

so joseph starts out with a dream with

with a purpose with a design with

something that’s going to happen

and then he sees himself in a space

where he’s he’s serving

as as a slave to potiphar but as he is

faithful to this call

he sees success now this is

um this is a part of the story that gets

a little um interesting

because joseph’s minding his own


i want to also bring some context joseph

when he had his first dream he was

around 17 or 18 years old

at this point in his life he’s between

20 25 26

years old and he’s doing well he’s being

successful he’s

minding his own business and then

potiphar’s wife

shows up now some of you already know

the progression of the story if you

don’t i want to read it to you in

scripture so you know what’s happening

so joseph

he’s been serving faithfully to potiphar

and this is what the scripture says

joseph was very handsome and well-built

young man

sounds a lot like somebody i know and

potiphar’s wife

soon began to look lustfully at him

come sleep with me she demanded so joff

has refused look

my master trusts me with everything in

his entire household no one

here has more authority than i do so

he’s in control

no one has more authority than i do he

has held nothing back from me except you

because you are his wife

how could i do such a wicked thing she

kept pressuring joseph

day after day after day but joseph


to sleep with her now this is the moment

in scripture

we love to cheer for joseph because he’s

such a man of valor he’s so he has so

much integrity

and he’s so just wow there was a wild

cougar out here joseph

and she was trying to throw herself onto

you you were like no i’m a man of god i

could never do that

um let’s get real for a second

joseph is 20 to 25.

potiphar’s wife would have been most


the number two i’ll give her number two

because pharaoh’s wife probably been

would have been the most beautiful woman

in all of egypt this is the number two

person in command their wife

she would have been the second most

beautiful person as far as the eye could


and she comes up to him it’s like i want

to sleep with you

have we ever sometimes we read bible

characters and we take away because

they’re in scripture we take away their


do you think joseph didn’t want to have

sex with potiphar’s wife


this is why this is where we play

ourself because you think god will take

away the desire once you get in purpose


you think you think when i’m in purpose

i won’t want to sleep with anybody i

won’t want to have bad character i won’t

want to steal

i won’t want to cheat that’s not how

this works

joseph still had the desire

that is so crazy we think joseph was

like yeah i don’t even want to have sex

with this beautiful woman are you crazy

why would i

no joseph would have had the desire

and when you are living the dream there


always be an opportunity to trade your


for your pleasure every

single time there will always be an

opportunity to trade your purpose

for pleasure this and here’s the thing

in this moment joseph has to make a


what is more important my career or my


wow this is the decision he has is my

career more important is how i’m


as being the number two per is that more

important than my character

joseph is presented with an opportunity

that no one may know about

that no no no one would see

that no one would would be questioning

him because he’s in charge

he had trust with the person he was

serving under he had

and in this moment i want to come and

humanize joseph

he probably wanted

to do he there was a there was at least

the thought of when she said hey come

sleep with me it wasn’t immediately no

absolutely it was like

oh well maybe no

but in this moment joseph is making a

crucial decision in purpose

he’s making a crucial decision and a

thing that

i want to come to you today and say if

you’re going to live the dream

you will be presented do not at this

point do not

be surprised when you are presented

with an opportunity to trade your


for your pleasure some of you are like

well charles i don’t you know i don’t i

don’t struggle with sexual sin i don’t


pleasure isn’t just sex

please don’t get so all up all in here

that you think

just because you don’t have sex which

you’re like you’re better than ever

that no no no like for some of you the

pleasure is just talking about people

gossip is pleasurable to you

gossip makes you feel like oh yeah i

just me knowing all this stuff about

people makes me

feel some type of way it just like it

gets you all


for some of you just like having more

money and showing that you have more


is just pleasurable to you flexing on

instagram with stuff you don’t own

is just more pleasurable to you so don’t

just because you’re not sleeping with

your girlfriend don’t mean you’re not

trading please do not get it we all have

moments where we are

with the dealing with the tension of am

i going to trade

what would be pleasurable right now for

god’s ultimate


and what is difficult to reconcile to me

is that joseph does the right thing

he he doesn’t do it like she’s like come

on come on sleep with me

he’s like no absolutely not he tries to

run away

she tears part of his clothes she has it

and then people come because she screams

and they hear and they say what’s going

on and say he tried

to rape me what happens

when you get talked about when you get

light on

when you lose your job not for doing the

wrong thing

but doing the right thing

this is a tension in purpose that you

can be doing exactly what you’re

supposed to do

you can be and i want to just come come

to relate to some people because you

feel like i don’t deserve

this i i charles

i’m in a space where i i didn’t make the

trade i had the opportunity but i didn’t


i i did what god told me to do and i

still and they still left me

they still didn’t i didn’t get approved

or i still didn’t get into the college


i could have lied on my application and

said i had more experience than i did

but i thought if i was just honest i


i was trying to be hot i was trying to

be humble but transparent and then i

then i did that and i got in trouble or

or i tried i tried to confess that i did

mess up i did

okay i went to my spouse and i told them

i was unfaithful but i want to apologize

and i want to go to counseling and i

want to involve our pat and they were

like no absolutely not i’m leaving you

you’ll never you’ll never be and you

think i tried i tried my best

i tried my best to do the right thing

and now i got punished

joseph gets thrown in prison

for not sleeping with potiphar’s wife

so you mean he could have kept his money

accolades and status

for sleeping with potiphar’s wife

we don’t think about it that way like oh

i could have cut the corner

and got more promotion more money

well i could have i could have gone that

right you know you can be successful

without god’s hand on your life right


you can you can be influential you can

have a ton of followers you can have

millions of dollars you can own multiple

properties and god’s hand not be

anywhere on you

ask saul he took his hand off him and he

still was king for multiple more years

before david was raised up

you can be in charge and not god’s hand

on your life

and many of us think because we still

got the job or you haven’t gotten found

out yet

or nobody knows or that happened 10

years ago and i have it and it seems

like it just passed over so yeah i’m

good and i’m in purpose

hold on there if if you trust me if that


justice belongs to god like there is a

moment where you have to understand you

are not slipping anything

past the king of kings and lord of lords

joseph finds himself in a place where he

gets thrown in

prison for doing the right thing

but i thought he was living the dream

i thought this was like god got showing

himself through just

he was okay they threw him in the pit

and then he makes it out but then he

finds himself back

in prison and at this point

this is where your dreams die

i mean this is where it’s like yeah i

mean i had the dream

tried to tell people who were supposed

to love me

they didn’t believe me they didn’t

appreciate me

they were ungrateful for me they didn’t

even want to talk to me they didn’t want

to spend time with me

and then that i get then i get thrown

into it then i’m sold into slavery then

i start to see god’s hand on my life

i start to see favor and then i’m blamed

for something i didn’t do

i didn’t do like and now i’m back yeah

the dream’s not worth it and some of you

are on your second cycle of being in the


and you’re thinking yeah it’s just at

this point i’m good

have you ever said that to god

god i just honestly

you could you can just genuinely pick

somebody else i’m just

because it reaches a point where the


of being used by god

feels like too much and thinks i would

rather have a comfortable life

than the pain of this purpose

joseph finds himself in a place where

his dreams seem to be dead

there are two people he’s in prison with

there’s a cup bearer

and a baker they had previously worked

with pharaoh and

they find themselves in prisons for

different reasons and they start having


and joseph does something interesting

in a season where his dreams are dead

he puts his focus on someone else’s


how how are you in a place where

your dreams are dead but you’re able to


and say well while i’m waiting on my


what what’s going on what’s going on in

your life

when you’re when you’re living the dream

if you don’t see your dream serve

someone else’s

this is this is easy um to write down

but this is hard to live

this is this is diff because some of you

you’re in a place where it’s like i i’ve

given everything to my dream

i’ve done i feel like this is what i was

supposed to do and it’s not working out

and then

someone next to you has the audacity to

start talking about their dreams

and you’re like if you don’t

i don’t want to hear about no do you

want to hear i just had this dream cool


i don’t want to hear it and what happens


as we get in a place where we’re

in purpose we’re in a moment where it’s

so difficult

where the opportunity for god to develop


in us through someone else

feels so frustrating painful

and almost offensive that we would


hoard our gift to ourself

then see someone else flourish

in their dreams i mean this is the place

of living the dream that no one told me


this is the place last year when me and

my wife are about to have our second kid

and we’ve had all these issues with our

house and it’s been delayed and then we

didn’t get approved for the loan and

didn’t get approved for the loan and

then we’re at crazy faith offering and

people start giving away houses

and i’m thinking whoo this is

awesome i am so excited

that i am living in a one bedroom

loft with my in-laws right now with my

pregnant wife

and my one-year-old son this is where

and i want to i want to be real because

some of you are having real

thoughts of everyone else is flourishing

everyone else is getting married

everybody else’s and that’s great for

you but my dream is over here

and it’s dead and i really don’t want to

have anything to do with you

this is we got we got it and let me as a

pastor come to you and not be fake today

because there are pastors

there are leaders there are people that

you look up to that they’re sitting

there and they’re thinking i don’t want

to hear about your dream

i don’t want to hear how your church is

flourishing i don’t want to hear how

your marriage is perfect

i don’t want to hear how your business

just got off the ground randomly and

no i don’t want to because my dream is


some of you inner space right now where

you are in the moment and you are trying

to decide

i don’t know if i have enough energy to

talk to you about your dream

some of you are parents and your kids

have dreams because

your dream hasn’t happened yet

you’re 20 year old you’re you’re 25 year

old your 30 year old your 40 year old

children come to you about what god’s

doing in their life or what

happening in them and you’re in a place

where it’s like i can’t even really

i don’t want to talk to you about your


joseph somehow finds this inner resolve

to be able to

turn the attention off of his own dreams

and serve the dream of someone else

we start to see this theme of


faithfulness in joseph this

unexplainable ability to

serve his season

and it’s crazy because the roller

coaster that is

joseph’s life is always marked by his


how do you go from being thrown into a

pit to being a slave to being number two

in command

to being lied about to be thrown back in

prison to then interpreting dreams to

then being forgot about for

years and years then

they’re like oh pharaoh you had a dream

there was this guy this is what happens

in the story

joseph interprets the dreams he takes

the focus off of himself

and this is where i think okay if i’m

living the dream they’re gonna remember


they’re gonna like the person i helped

and this is where we start trying to lay

out our plan for god like okay if i

serve them for six months

if i be faithful here then i can use

that as a stepping stone to my next


and then if i just get connected to them

and go to that conference then i’ll be


and this joseph he serves and then they

forget about him

they get out of prison their dreams are


their dreams are back rolling and joseph

meanwhile his dreams

are rotting away in prison

and one day pharaoh comes to the cup

bear on the baker and he’s like i’m

having these dreams and

there’s there were seven skinny cows and

seven fat cows and i don’t know what

and then the skinny cows eat the fact

that there’s all these different stuff

and he starts talking about his dream

and they remember

oh yeah there’s there was this one guy

in prison i don’t even know if he’s

still alive i don’t even know

where they’re at but something tells

them hey there’s this guy that i think

can help

joseph he his faithfulness produces

more favor his faithfulness to serve the


there’s there’s more things showing up

in his life and so he gets in front of

pharaoh and

pharaoh is having these dreams and

joseph again

not focusing on his dream he’s like hey

what what what do you need how can i

serve you how can i help

and pharaoh starts to tell him yeah

there’s these dreams i have in and


seven fat cows and seven skinny cows and

then the skinny cows eat

the fat cows and joseph literally

through the power of god is able to

interpret his dream

he’s like hey this so this is what um

your dream actually means there are

gonna be

seven years of plenty there’s gonna be

seven years where everything’s great

where there’s more stock where there’s


food where there’s more than enough and

then seven years of horrible

famine and pharaoh realizes that joseph

has insight has wisdom has something on

the inside of him that’s different than

everybody else

and in that moment joseph is placed back

as number two in command

now at this point in the story

joseph has um excused my language been

through hell

joseph has been through i was i was at

the lowest point

the people who loved me the most didn’t

do it but then then then i was sold into


then they lied on me then now but now

he’s back

and this is the moment where i think

this is the dream

that some of you are in this moment in

your life you’re thinking this is what

this is what i dreamed of this is the

life i dreamed i would have this is the


i dreamed i would have this is the

family this is the job this is the


this is the affirmation this is the

confidence i always knew i could have

this is the dream

i mean let’s step into the picture for a


it has been over a decade since joseph

has seen his family

he’s been married he’s got when he got

when he became number two it says

pharaoh gave him someone to marry he has

a whole family he has

a life he’s built success he is


this is the dream

then one day he’s

going about his normal day

and the dream has played out exactly how

he said there were seven years

of plenty and joseph in his wisdom and

in his

gift of leadership and administration he

saves back during these seven years

and then during this time he starts to

become a resource

when the seven years of famine hit god

has given him wisdom in the moment to

say hey

you need to hold back for this season

and then in the next season you’re going

to be able to help people and so people

from all around the world

are coming to egypt because of joseph

you can can you imagine joseph he is

sitting down

one day just thinking of everything he’s

been through

man i’ve said

this has been a long long couple years


i was in prison man that was crazy i was

in prison and then

my brothers and my family and

he’s sitting there and some people walk


and he looks he’s like no no

no no all right next come on who who

needs help yeah come up

and people are coming to get and then he

looks again and he thinks

he leans over and says who who are

what are what are they doing here

joseph what are you talking about

everybody’s here to get grain what do

you what do you mean

no no why why are they here

what well they need grain just like

everybody else joseph you you know god

gave you that planet but

but them

and the very people

who threw him into the pit

need his help

what do you do when the people who hurt

you the most

need your help and the people who

tried to kill your dream show up needing

something from you

i mean again let’s let’s just step into

joseph’s life for a moment these are the


who when i told them my dream

they stripped my coat off of me and

threw me into a pit they were my brother

we grew up playing together

they my older brother was holding my

hands when i learned how to walk and

those same hands

threw me into a pit now you want to come

talking about i need some food

yo oh i bet you do need grain yeah i bet

you do need my help

i bet you do want to come over here and

talk about i always knew you’d do it i

always knew

no i bet you do need my help

let’s normalize joseph for a second how

much emotion

is charged in this moment

the people who hurt me now you want to

come to me talking about what you need

no yeah no yeah go ahead yeah give them

some grain

this is what joseph does he starts he

starts he says no give him some grain

but take some stuff and put it in there

in their bags and kind of frame them

like they’re trying to steal stuff

yeah i’m going to show them yeah they’ll

mess with me again yeah we’ll see how

they feel about yeah i was funny when

you threw me in the pit it was funny

when you were talking about that i’d

never go to college

it was funny when you said my business

wouldn’t work now it worked and i’m

about to show you who i

am i’m about to show you that my dream

was true

i’m about to show you and this is where

many of us are

we’re in purpose and now there’s a


there’s a moment where your heart has to

deal with the pain that you have


this is what we don’t talk about in

church and in purpose


this this is when joseph dreamed the


it was not like this

and this is the moment we see joseph he

sends his brothers away

to get his younger brother and he comes


and i can just think of joseph as he’s

as he’s sitting there and he’s like

surely that’s not them that’s not that

can’t be

that can’t be them man they they they’re

the ones who hurt me yeah when they get

back i’m gonna okay i’m gonna show them

who i am i’m gonna

and he walks up and he steps out

imagine joseph clothed in royalty as an


stepping out to his lowly brothers

and he looks at them and they bow

then he has to realize

this is the dream

this is it’s so interesting because in


it says this i want to read it to you it

says then joseph looked at his brother


he says is this the youngest brother you

told me about

may god’s grace be with you my son

then joseph hurried from the room

because he was overcome with motion

the dream was not how he dreamed it

the greatest moment of his purpose when

his dream was realized

he was in tears

that was the dream i know you thought

the dream was when you were over

everybody and you were in charge

and life was perfect and you felt

confident and you knew who you were

and you had your family close to you no

that wasn’t the dream this is the dream

this is what you dreamed about for 15

years this is the moment they’re bowing

down to you and you haven’t seen them

and you’re so full of hate

and anger that you start bawling and you

can’t even contain yourself as royalty

so you say i have to leave

this is living the dream this is what it

means to walk in purpose

the greatest moment of purpose the

moment where the dream

that was given by god comes true he is


and broken this is the dream

mother the moment where you feel like

it’s too much and i can’t handle it and

i just i can’t

this is the dream business owner it’s


we’re gonna have to fire somebody and i

know we just are coming out of coving

but but

this was supposed to be a success did

that that

that’s the dream how do you deal with

what i dreamed

how i saw it in my head when i thought

about it it was going to be perfect and

everybody would be there

and now i’m in the dream and it’s

nothing like

it was when i dreamed it

joseph is standing there in his dream

in tears

and many of you you don’t realize it but

you’re still living the dream

you’re still the dream is still

going on the dream is still happening


what i’ve realized is when you’re living

the dream

purpose is always accompanied by pain

that’s something i didn’t i didn’t


they didn’t tell me that when i got

hired as a youth pastor at 20 years old

they didn’t tell you that when when you

got married

at 26 and it was your high school

sweetheart and

they didn’t tell you that when you got

the promotion that

this is going to be the greatest season

and it will also be

the most pain you have ever experienced

and today i know um some of you are

thinking charles

this is a lot i’m trying to live the

dream i’m trying to where’s the paradox

of purple

this this is the paradox

this is the pair it is purpose and it is


and today i have to come to tell you

that just because you’re experiencing


does not mean you’re not living the


just because you feel hurt just because

you feel broken

just because you feel insecure just

because you feel worried

please do not let the enemy lie to you

that you’re not living the dream

some of you you’re in your darkest

moment you’re in a hurting moment you’re

in a moment where nothing makes sense

and you’re in tears and i’m coming to

tell you this

is the dream this is it i know it

doesn’t look like it i

know you thought it would feel a little

different i know you thought there’d be

some people standing with you

i know you thought you’d have more money

i know you thought you’d still be

married i know you thought you still

have that family member but this

is the dream this is the dream this is

the dream

and joseph he’s sitting here

emotional because when he dreamed it

it was about him being above everybody

i mean when you have a dream like that

at 17 when you’re like hey

yeah i was i was i was great and you all

bowed down to me you see

when he dreamed it the focus was on his


when he dreamed it was like yeah i’m the

man i’m in charge in my dream

i’m in charge and i’m the guy and

everybody bows down to me and i’m in

charge and i call the shots

but when he dreamed it it was not about


when he dreamed it he thought it would

be about but when he when he lived it

it had nothing to do with the fact that

he was in charge

when he when he lived it

it wasn’t about status it was about


only reason they showed up is because he

has something they needed

they didn’t show up because he was in


he wasn’t in purpose because of his


he was it was a moment where they just

needed something from it they needed


the whole world needed grain at this

time it had nothing to do

with the fact that he was the number two

in command

the whole focus was they needed

something from him and

in many times in purpose immaturity

tells us

purpose is about status

oh when you’re on purpose you’ll have a

lot of money

you’ll have yo you’ll be in charge

everybody will respect you

everybody will even if they fear you a

little bit but you’ll be in charge

you’ll you’ll that’s what purpose is

purpose is being the number one

purpose is being the best purpose is pr

and and

and joseph’s his purpose had nothing to

do with the fact that he was

in charge they didn’t come because he

was the

the governing official they came because

they needed grain

and i look at this story

13 chapters in genesis and i realized


this story was all about grain

like how do you i always thought it was


like joseph’s dreams like joseph being a


this story isn’t about a dreamer this is

a story of grain

like what grain

they needed grant like why did they

needed grain

genesis 42 when jacob heard there was

grain available in egypt

he said to his sons why are you standing

looking around i have heard there is

grain in egypt

so his ten older brothers went to egypt

to buy grain

what what this is about dreams we’re

talking about living the dream

no it’s this story is about grain i hate

to break it to you it’s about

gin look at this there’s two dreams

joseph has the first dream

we were out in the field tying up

bundles of grain

it started with grain and it ended with


joseph and here’s the crazy part

when i heard this story in sunday school


when i pictured it i thought joseph was

the grain

like that’s like it’s like joseph was

the grain and then they bowed down to


but that’s not that’s not the story this


we were in the field tying up bundles of


then my bundle stood up

so joseph but i thought this story was

about joseph

grain and then so we have two dreams

a dream about grain to where it starts

with grain and then it ends with grain

and then the second dream is just stars

it’s just there’s a bunch of stars

and the stars are bound down and so it’s

we got grains and galaxy

it’s the whole story all the 13 chapters

is about grain and galaxy and and

and i started why why would why would we


13 chapters of a story just to talk

about grain

and i realized

this story this isn’t joseph

grain grain it started with grain and it

ended with grain

why would why would people bow down to


grain is just granny’s just bread

who who bows to bread


there’s only one person

that i know that uh referenced himself

as bread

john 6 35 i am the bread

of life

but the stars that doesn’t make any

sense why why do galaxies who do

galaxies bow down to philippians 2 10

says one day every

knee will bow on earth and in heaven

this story isn’t joseph

this is jesus

a favored son who gets sent to people

who don’t like him

and has to be stripped of his greatness

to then be successful and then blamed

for stuff

he didn’t do


this is not about joseph

and i always thought that the goal of

purpose was to be the grain

joseph thought me being a purpose is i

am the grain

but joseph was never the grain in this


he’s not we’re not the grain

joseph was he wasn’t supposed to be the

grain when people showed up

he just said hey i have some stuff that

you need and

and if you need it i got it you can have

it it’s not

this is not a this is jesus

this is not and for so long we have made


about us being the bread


we thought when i dream my dream i’m

gonna be

what people need and this story is not

about joseph the grain was actually

god it was the only thing that could


sustained people in a dark season it was

the only thing

it was the only it was the there’s only

one person that galaxies bowed down to

and it’s not

joseph it is jesus

living the dream is

not about trying to be god

it is about giving god


that’s a good word for so long

i felt disappointed

i felt hurt i felt like god i thought i

was supposed to be

what it was about

and maybe you’re in a spot where you’re

like i thought my purpose was me

feeling like i was valued like i was

important like people knew who i was

when you’re in purpose it’s not about

people knowing who you are

when you’re when you’re really in


it’s about simply giving


in 13 chapters of the bible

there’s a picture painted of this


there’s a picture painted of this man


accused it was so

interesting it’s at the end of his life

he says something so crazy

he says you intended to harm me

but god intended for my good

and this is the part where it hit me

it says he he being god

god brought me to this position

so i could save the lives of

many people

man it’s the short of it is is

the paradox of purpose

is at the exact same time

you are more important

than you think you are you’re important

you have value you’re

you’re so valuable

you’re so valuable to god

literally you are god’s

dream come true

you know that right he dreamed of you


scripture says it like this for the joy

that was set before him

the paradox is it’s you’re more

important than you think you are but at

the exact same time

you’re not as important as you think you



and this is the paradoxes that that that

that it’s

it’s all and nothing about you

it’s it’s a the whole the story is about

joseph but then at the exact same time

it has nothing to do with joseph

and this is your purpose it’s it’s you

but it’s really not about

you it’s about you obeying god it’s

about you being faithful it’s about you

stepping into the moment but at the same


it’s nothing about you it’s about jesus

it’s about his grace

it’s about his mercy it’s about his

goodness it is

all about him

and i don’t want to preach about purpose

and make you think it’s about you


i don’t want you to leave this series

and think yep

i’m about to watch when i

no no no no no purpose is

god whatever you want to do

i decrease so that you

might increase your purpose is not

about you you’re gonna have to live it

you’re the only one that can you’re the

only one that

that god has put that specific

assignment on

at the end of the day

purpose is not about us being

god it’s about us simply giving god

that’s why this church exists to

represent god

another way we say it is to represent


to give god differently

that’s what our lives are about it’s

about giving god

it’s not about arrival it’s not about

status it’s not about money or

cars or or fame or for it’s about giving

god and my last and only charge to you

would be please just give god

you want to be on purpose just give god

you you want to see god move in your

life just give

god that’s what joseph was doing his

whole life

when he was serving he was giving god

when he told no i’m not gonna i’m not

gonna sleep with you he was get he was

saying no i

there is something on the inside of me

that says i can’t do this because

i am here to give god when he was

interpreting other people’s dreams

he was giving god

life is not about

anything that we would think

of of of our status and our stature it’s


realizing that i am

more important than i think so i need to

take it seriously i need to

i need to be disciplined i need to

answer the call when god calls me i need

to realize that there is value in

my words and i and i and i need it it’s

recognizing that you are more important

than you think but at the exact same


this whole story is about god

i want to take a moment right now i just

want to pray for you

you may look at the story of joseph and

you may find yourself in a place where

you relate to one of those moments of

his purpose where you feel like

maybe you’ve just tried to start sharing

your dreams

maybe you’re in a moment where the

people who you thought would be there

for you they’re not

maybe you’re seeing success and you feel

like this has to be the dream this is

it this is and maybe you’re in a point

where where everything’s okay maybe

you’re in a point where you’re being

blamed for stuff you didn’t do

maybe no matter where you are you may be

in a moment where you’re dealing with

the tension and the emotion of

of the disappointment of what you

dreamed and what you’re living and how i

reconciled my life wasn’t supposed to be

like this

wherever you are you need to know one of

the most powerful portions of scripture

all throughout genesis 37-50 it says

and the lord was with

joseph we talked about it

the first week but the reason joseph

could be in purpose

in the pit the reason he was in purpose

when he was in prison and the reason he

was in purpose when he was in the palace


was because the lord was with

joseph it was

it was his presence

that validated purpose

it’s god’s presence

that validates purpose it’s it’s if my

hand is on you

you can be in prison and in purpose

if my hand is on you you could be in the

palace and in purpose

if my hand is on you you can be a single

mother and be on purpose

if my hand is on you you could have lost

your your father at a young age and not

know what to do but still be in purpose

if my hand is on you

you could have had to close your

business down during covet and still be

on purpose

if my hand is on you you could be

pastoring a church of 10 people or 10

000 people and be in purpose if my hand

is on you

you’re in purpose right where you

are god right now

thank you thank you for your presence

that validates purpose

for right now wherever anybody is in the


no matter what time it may be when

they’re watching maybe watching this

years from now

but i pray right now may your presence


with them


just right here in this moment wherever

you are just take a moment to silence

yourself take a moment to center


just take a deep breath in and breathe


scripture says that when you were formed

there was something that happened there

was a breath

that went into you every time you

breathe in and out that’s not your


that’s the breath of god you need to

know that he is

so close to you that he is with you holy

spirit i pray right now

people in homes people in cars people

listening on a podcast

or people running people just sitting

next to their spouse

people in pain people who are succeeding

people who are hurting may they

feel your presence right now i think

your presence is

resting on people people who have said

they’ll never talk to god

people who have turned their back on you

people who were hurt before lord god

people who feel like everything’s

perfect and they don’t need anything

else i think you that your presence is

wrapping your arms around them holy

spirit i thank you

i pray right now regardless of where

someone may find themselves

that they would be able to stand

confidently not comfortably but


and say because god is with me

this is the dream regardless of what it

looks like regardless of what it feels


regardless of how difficult it may be

regardless of the disappointment

regardless if i thought i’d be further

along god i

thank you that this is the dream with

the disappointment

this is the dream with the hurt this is

the dream with the with the unmet

expectations this is the dream lord i

thank you

that you are restoring dreams right now

in the name of jesus lord i thank you

for things that you spoke to people when

they were children i thank you for ideas

lord god others thank you right now

you’re restoring

dreams to your children lord god dreams

that people have laid down

dreams that people have given up on lord

god books that are supposed to be


lord god movies that are supposed to be

made children that are supposed to be

had and raised or god but i thank you

lord you are restoring

dreams and right now lord god i thank

you that your power is moving

in your children

nor for some i pray that you would do

what the scripture says and return to

them the joy

of their salvation every head’s still

about every eye still closed

there are some of you that um

throughout your life you may have felt

like you’ve went through hard seasons

through difficult times

and uh you feel like man now this is

this was not in my dream


you can feel it you feel like man this i

didn’t dream any of this this is my life

is not

what i dreamed regardless of where you


um and even what you may have been told

you need to know god loves you so

much he is madly in

love with you he is so passionately

obsessed with you in a way that we

cannot even fathom or

understand literally let me just paint a

picture for you

he was the son who had it perfect he was

in heaven he

life was good and he literally said i

want to step down

into a broken place that i created and

be and be

forsaken by by my father on a cross and

and be blamed for things i didn’t do

for things i what he took on the weight

of sin what is sin some of you like

what is that sin is when we miss the

mark it’s it’s it’s that that guilt that

shame that you feel that that weight

that heaviness

you’re not meant to carry that through

life there’s not a badge of honor for

carrying that weight god already paid

the price and he took that on the cross

and in a moment

you can surrender to him and can i tell

you in that moment

life gets a lot lighter some of you the

reason it’s hard for you to be confident

is because you’re so weighed down by the


of life by the sin but in this moment if

you just surrender

you don’t have to stop doing a bunch of

stuff you don’t have to clean your life

up before you come to god you just have

to say god i need you

wherever you are right now if you want

to accept jesus as your lord and savior

i’m going to pray a prayer it’s a simple


the bible says you believe in your heart

confess with your mouth that jesus is

lord you shall be saved

and uh in this moment i’m believing that

when you pray this prayers the most

powerful miracle that could ever happen

is going to be happening you will be

literally transferred from death into

life in this moment if you want to

accept jesus into your life

everywhere around the world would you

bow your heads and close your eyes

want everybody together to repeat this

prayer after me say dear god

thank you for loving me dear jesus

i admit i’ve made mistakes

save me change me transform me

i surrender to you you can have my life

in jesus name i pray amen amen amen hey

listen if you just made that decision

we are so proud of you this is a moment

where everything changes

your life is completely different i’m

telling you you may not feel like it

no you may have opened your eyes and

been in the same bedroom you may have

opened your eyes and still had the same


but i’m telling you there’s something

different and that is the fact that the

god who created the universe

the one who knows every plan he says i

have a plan and purpose for your life

he is with you he’s always been with you

but now you have a relationship with him

listen as a church

we are so excited for you we would love

to encourage you and support you on this

journey of following jesus

if you text the word save to the number

that’s on the screen our team

just wants to help you we’re not going

to hound you or send you a bunch of

stuff but we just want to encourage you

and be somebody to hold your hand as you

begin this journey of walking with jesus

and we’re so grateful that you have made

this decision

hey listen i want to encourage you no

matter what you’re going through no

matter where you are

you need to know that god is with you

that’s the most powerful thing that you

could realize no matter what you’re

going through no matter where you are


is with you listen as a church we love

you so much

we are here for you we pray for you

we pray for your families we pray for

your businesses

and we’re believing that this is gonna

be the best week

you have ever had listen we love you so


and uh we’re so grateful for you join us

back next week

as we start a brand new series but um

for now go out and live

a transformed life we’ll see you guys