“God is good” is more than a positive thought or a theological concept. What you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny.

romans 8:28 as a versa probably most of

us can quote all things work together

for good to those who love God and are

called according to his purpose doesn’t

mean all things came under his design it

just means he’s able to reverse the

effect of tragedy turned it into triumph

it’s critical that we hold dear in our

heart this understanding of God’s

goodness so that that one element is

never in question when something happens

that means that if I don’t question as

goodness I get to be a part of the

solution so I want to pray for that I

want to pray that together you and I

would have a great impact on the world

around us by not questioning his

goodness but going beyond that living

with the conviction of his goodness to

the point we become a redemptive part of

the solution we we pray according to

God’s redemptive work to see

breakthrough into people’s life so let

me let me pray for you

father I ask in Jesus’s wonderful and

glorious name that you caused every

person involved in this study to come

into a realization that your goodness is

the greatest reality there is and that

together we’d be able to live with that

sense of goodness the conviction of who

you are until we see things that are

impossible and broken beyond repair come

back into a full restoration Lord in

fact I pray the prayer the the decree

the Solomon made that there’d be a

restoration seven times greater of

things that were stolen for people

involved in this right now that there’d

be such a breakthrough that we would

watch as you restore to every household

every individual seven times restoration

of whatever was stolen or broken I pray

this for the honor of the name Jesus

that as these things play out in our

lives you would be glorified because

your goodness has been realized I give

you thanks in advance father thank you

thank you