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love is truly the most powerful force in

all of creation has anybody in here ever

been in love before a couple of us we

have been we have been someone we have

we haven’t we’ve been it’s been broken

we broke some heart it’s been there but

you know even as a kid you know I played

soccer and wrestled since I was a kid

four years old and when you’re playing

soccer at four years old it’s really

just a swarm of bees just kind of just

Moran than the balls here and the balls

there that’s everywhere but my dad and

my mom that I cure awesome I like I hear

and and so I would just kick the ball

even harder and I would I would run even

faster because why because someone loved

me someone made me feel an unstoppable

someone made me feel invincible I was

watching movies anybody I’d like to

watch movies before me yeah

and so this holiday season’s coming up

they’re already putting Christmas stuff

out right now isn’t that crazy Christmas

stuff and in soneul there’s this one we

be coming up in Christmas and it’s

called elf anybody ever heard of elf

before right

well Will Ferrell you know he meets a

girl and he’s he’s singing and he’s all

excited about these things and his dad

is this high-powered businessmen up in

New York City then there’s a tall tower

he goes up in there and he he runs into

the room busts up into the middle of a

meeting there’s this big executive

business meeting and he goes because I’m

in love I’m in love and I don’t care who

knows about it and I was like that is

the craziest thing ever this guy’s an

idiot he’s nuts but you know what he was

so full of love and so in love he didn’t

care about anything else around him and

that’s what the Lord said to me he goes

I want you to be like him we’re so

rooted and grounded in love that’s if

actually what the word says Paul says to

us in Ephesians that that my prayer for

you is that you would be so rooted and

so grounded in love that you would be

able to comprehend that means you’d be

able to retain

with the Saints how much I love you


and it goes on to say in the book of

Ephesians of how high how wide how long

how deep is my love for you everybody

say with me he loves me you know we

could say oh he loves me I’m loved and

but our definition of love could be


couldn’t it it possibly could because

your definition of love as a child could

be abuse it could be manipulation it

could be physical abuse mental abuse

sexual abuse it could be a number of

things and so when someone says love

they may not mean something to them as

it means to you or vice versa and so the

number one thing that we need to know is

for love to truly be effective in our

life my first point says if for love to

truly be effective in your life you’ve

got to understand the right definition

of it right you can have all the the

wrong intentions but until your

definition of love is right it doesn’t

matter what your intention this aim in

so so we’re gonna look into some things

and the Lord will speak it to me about

this and he said he goes your life is

supposed to be a life of faith right

we’re all supposed to walk a life of

faith and in this life of faith that

says the one way that we truly can be in

faith than the way we truly can please

God is by our faith but faith only works

by what man you guys are smart you got a

bunch of geniuses in here

it only works by love so so faith is

what gets you from point to point you

know you grow from faith to faith from

glory to glory and as I was you know

kind of think about this the Lord

started speaking to me in the way he

speaks to me is through you know word

pictures you know or through examples he

makes it easy for me to understand and

so he showed me this this thing that

spoke to me and it’s a vehicle’s anybody

like cars did you guys get here in a car

today anybody show of hands

this joins your hand if you like a car

or you would like a car if you don’t

have a car okay we got a couple of

people in here at least that’s good well

I’m kind of a car

yes I really appreciate cars and God

showed me that your your faith is

precious it’s valuable and so to me what

that meant was this particular car and

God says hey you’re precious

your faith is precious it’s valuable and

here’s what it looks like in booms so I

popped up I brought a picture of this

Bugatti you guys nobody begot anybody no

matter Bugatti look at that car

do you see that car that is a Bugatti

Sheeran it is the fastest one of the

fastest production cars made in the

world it’s a super sport car it’s it’s a

beast look at that look at that car the

starting price of that car let me give

you an idea like when you buy it say a

Toyota Corolla the starting price of

your Toyota Corolla is $10,000 on the

sticker and then it says add air

conditioning what you need in Oklahoma

right $2,500 and then power windows

another 27 and then it builds up and

next thing you know you’re paying

$19,000 or twenty seven thousand dollars

for this Toyota Corolla right well the

starting price on this bugatti chiron is

2.3 million what I know right you got to

give them a million cash before they

even talk to you about building this

thing they got to make sure that you’re

gonna be able to afford this thing look

at the back of that see those two silver

things that’s the engine you’re

basically on this engine now here’s that

this engine I want to tell you about

this engine

I like this engine I like going fast I

like speed that one pass through my car

we went to Dallas together one time I

was like we’re talking I’m just there

good man this guy is driving crazy

it was also was like we are gonna be

best friends I can tell right now I mean

we were just flying food going down the

road it was awesome this engine took

four years to build ever I say four

years four years to build this engine it

is a 16 cylinder 1500 horsepower engine

four turbos with two stages in each

turbo it puts 13,000 gallons of

air through those turbos every minute

it’s a beast it’s worth like if you hear

that do you hear that thing it’s it goes

crazy they say that if you fill the tank

of gas up in this car and just floor it

it will be empty in nine minutes that’s

some power right your life of faith is

powerful right God’s trying to give you

a picture this is how I see your faith

that’s powerful it’s beautiful it’s

amazing fact look at the interior this

thing I waited for it I waited for it

it’s beautiful right I mean that thing

is amazing

and then that see that little silver

button at the bottom of the steering

wheel right underneath the Eby that

little silver button it’s that’s your

normal cruising mode but you push that

button that whole cluster changes on the

dash and it goes into literally it says

launch mode I’m like haha

I’m excited about this car I’m just

looking at it this is amazing it goes

through all these wonderful features and

all that but I was looking at this like

wow and so many times our faith we

couldn’t quote scriptures we can get

excited about things but our faith is

all surface with no substance behind it

we’ve got to have some substance some

fuel some of the power behind our faith

and love is what fuels our faith amen

and so here’s how the Lord showed it to

me he said you know love is the engine

that drives your car of faith in life

and so I looked around ask our a sec I

need to find this big eater so here’s

what happens when you’re trying to

operate in faith and you’re not really

in faith you just you’re out of love

completely you’re not walking in love

you’re not acting and talking love you

see that engine look at the bottom see

that little hamster in the wheel you see

that that thing can’t power nothing and

that is what we’re trying to do because

in Galatians 5 we’re talking about the

fruits of the spirit right before the

fruits of the spirit of talks about the


the flesh notice the fruit that the Holy

Spirit produces it’s a fruit

it happens works of the flesh you’re

working to do something and it always

ends up getting you nowhere that that

car couldn’t even start with that

hamster right so we need to understand

the right definition of love right and

so who is love God God is love

amen he is love himself

we’ve kind of dumbed down love you know

it’s a Instagram double tap right you oh

I loved it it’s amazing

Facebook we swipe it over to the to the

ride and oh I don’t like it I love it

whoo that’s really good it’s so much

better because I move my finger over to

the right so that means I’m really

liking it but see that’s not the right

definition of love it’s the wrong

definition actually and see if we’re not

careful we’ll allow culture to dictate

to us the definition of love you know

we turn to people like D’Angelo Taylor

Swift Lauryn Hill all these people and

all these love songs but that’s not who

we need to go to for our definition of

love right I hope you say you should say

right you know D’Angelo is not a prophet


you know you don’t go to him for marital

counsel it’s wrong definition so see we

need to have this right definition and

God says I created you by love because I

am loved and everything that comes out

of me

is love so I created you with a purpose

right for a purpose and what does that

purpose is to be walking in love so why

so we could be disciples so other people

could see the love in our life and be

drawn to it

that’s what Jesus did Renu is here amen

so you know first John it tells us in

first John 4:8 that God is love so

anyone who doesn’t love doesn’t know God

just like that hamster and the engine

you can’t turn it it doesn’t work

because see God Himself is love he’s the

author in the originator of love

everything that was made was made from

him God loves you can you just said that

with me and say God loves me he loves me

say it again he loves me just like that

song we’re singing man he loves me he

loves you he loves you so much that he

sent his own son to die just for you

that’s powerful sometimes we just take

that for granted we just think oh yeah

he Jesus thanks buddy I don’t know about

you but I’ve got two kids and I ain’t

given none of them up for you I’ve got

to work I’m half walk a little bit but

Jesus he gave up his own life because

God so loved us in Jesus God’s Son he

loved us as much as well that he gave up

his life for us you know I don’t our

definition of love is like hey well I

love you but what are you gonna do for

me right right like I had a truck a long

time ago and I was a lot more muscular

and than I am now and so guess what I

was everybody’s best friend on moving

day right and okay man hey can you help

me move and you know be such a blessing

you know man don’t be talking like it’s

a blessing I’ve got a truck I can pick

up stuff you need help you’re not you

know hey I’ll take you to dinner no you

won’t you want me there’s something

attached to this like where I eat dinner

hey man do you think you could help me

move my washer you know there’s always

something attached to it see man’s idea

of love has strings attached to it but

the most powerful source more power than

nuclear power love it has no strings

attached to it at all

there’s not one single string attached

to love amen

there’s nothing attached to it he’s like

I am gonna give you with nothing

expected in return because he knows

something we don’t know he knows that if

if he’ll give without any expectation in

returning we receive it we’re gonna

want to give back it’s a law see God

didn’t go down and and here’s what we

think here’s what here’s what man thinks

that God so loved you because you know

we watch all these movies in these

movies like this person just gave them

their life up because they loved her so

much or something like that and I’m like

no no that’s not it there was something

attachment see we try to dumb love down

to you know for God so loved the world

that he shouted from heaven I love you

and we think that that’s about it but

that’s what he gave from himself and

when you give from yourself when you

give with no expectation return it’s

impossible for you to fail did you know

that it is impossible for you to fail

when you understand the right definition

of love because then a few understood

the right definition of love then you

can be like hey I know the situation in

my life is tough right now I know it

seems impossible but God loves me so

with God nothing is impossible right

therefore love makes impossible

situations possible right say it’s

possible everything is impossible with

love I mean possible with love I got a

little excited there for a minute

nothing is impossible to God God loves

you too much to leave you the way you

are did you know that we’re growing from

faith to faith in glory to glory you

know God’s love is so big it’s so

magnanimous that in Psalms 36 verses 5 &

6 if you’re taking us it’s in the

message translation you want to write

this down because I love this version of

it it says in Psalms 36 verse 5 or 6 his

purpose is Titanic his verdicts are

oceanic right before that it says that

his love is meteoric its meteoric it’s

farther and higher and faster than you

can ever imagine his love for you is

meteoric his purpose for you its Titanic

a knock the big ship that got sunk

it’s not that but what it actually means

the Titanic the

definition of it means this of

exceptional strength and size his love

is of exceptional strength and size for

your life he loves you so much that he’s

given you something that is impossible

for you to fail it never fades out it

never loses it never varies it never

vacillates it’s always constant so so

whenever you go into this life of faith

there’s gonna be a fight attached to it

do you know that that’s why it’s called


you know because if it what if you

didn’t need faith for the situation

everything would just be coming to you


it’d just be easy but see we’re supposed

to walk this life of faith and we walk

it by love but when you get into the

ring of faith guess what you got

somebody in your corner you’ve got love

in your corner

I think the mics broke I don’t think

it’s working you’ve got love in your

corner that means it’s impossible for

you to fail no seriously seriously when

you step into the ring you’ve got God in

your corner he’s got your back that no

matter what’s going on he’s gonna step

into the ring if he has to he never

throws in the towel amen so you’ve got

to step into what God’s called you to by

trusting him in walking in faith by love


so since we know what the definition is

God is love there’s nothing impossible

with love attached to it so once we

understand the definition of it it

doesn’t do us any good if we don’t

understand our place in that so we need

to understand our identity in love and a

great example of that would be John you

guys ever heard of John you know the guy

whom Jesus loved right you know I used

to read that and be like man that’s not

one cocky dude right like oh I’m the one

the G the Jesus lover the one that Jesus

loved and he was so cocky it even says

that when when Jesus had been a resident

that it says that they came to them and

talked to Peter in the one Jesus loved

and they ran to the tomb and it says and

the one whom Jesus loved outran Peter

like he’s even though I’m so full of

love but I outran him I still beat him

and I’m like how did he get to that

place because originally Jesus called

him and his brother James the sons of

thunder and so we’ve preached sermons on

sons of thunder there’s been ministries

on sons of thunder and we’ve looked at

it as it’s been some kind of you know

complement but actually it wasn’t a

compliment at all he was actually being

kind of you know correcting in that

because what at the time there was this

racial tension between the Samaritans

and the Jews and and so they were there

Jesus was looking for a place to sleep

and there they wouldn’t give him a place

to sleep anywhere in what did the sun’s

of Saturday hey do you want us to send

fire down from heaven let’s just destroy

them all and he’s like uh you don’t

really know the spirit of let’s just

back up a little bit sons of thunder we

need to work on this and I believe that

from that point forward Jesus was going

to each one of his disciples going man I

love you so much

you’re amazing Thomas even though you

doubt me sometimes I love you you’re

always asking me questions I still love

you Peter I love you even though you may

sway back and forth and in vastly once

you get it you got it you’re a rock I

love you you’re my favorite

and he started what to each one of them

and saying you’re my favorite you’re my

favorite you’re my favorite buddy you

know what he minutes because God is no

respecter of persons so if he says it to

one he says it to all that’s what we can

read Jeremiah 29:11 and say that’s for

me because he loves me that much he’s

got a hope in a future for me and so

where was this transition between this

time of son of thunder and then became

this one whom Jesus loves how did he

make this transition from one to the

other well he started feeding on the

love of God he started feeding on Jesus

just said he loved me he loves me he

loves me he continued feeding he loves

me I’m

loved by Jesus I’m I’m the one he loves

and so when he got so full of that love

there was nothing that could stop him

because he originally before Jesus came

their understanding their definition of

God was one of this taskmaster judge

lawyer you’ve got to come to me and

we’re gonna work this out and if you

don’t fix all these six hundred and

something laws if you don’t follow these

Ten Commandments there’s gonna be some

price to pay right and so Jesus comes he

says hey I’ve come to fulfill this law

because you can’t fulfill it by your

works by your flesh I’ve come to do this

through love and so John sees this

firsthand it starts up going Wow love is

powerful love is strong I cannot imagine

what love could do he got so full of the

love of God that they tried to kill him

they actually killed his brother first

James was the first disciple killed so

he sees his brother beheaded womp lopped

the head right off you’re like what I

would want some vengeance I got two

brothers I’m gonna get mine I’m gonna

get my revenge right that’s what we

would want to do but he was so full of

love that when he saw that he began to

pray even more lord forgive them they

don’t even know what they’re doing their

eyes are blind they can’t he didn’t see

and I know right now that there’s people

in here that you’ve been done wrong

because if you’re breathing you’ve been

done wrong there’s breath in your body

you’ve been done wrong one time or

another we’ve all been done wrong

whether it be through a relationship a

job whatever me we’ve been done wrong

but see love conquers all he was so full

of love that when they tried to arrest

him and then when they captured him they

couldn’t kill him they literally dipped

him in hot boiling oil they dumped him

like Kentucky Fried Chicken like dipped

him in there and then when they pulled

him up they’re expecting to see some

bone some flesh hanging off it he said

guys can you turn me over I’m in a

little crispy on this side they couldn’t

kill him it’s historically proven

and the stuff up they couldn’t kill him

why because he was so full of the love

of God so for the love of God that they

sent him not to prison but to the worst

prison they put him on an island where

the worst prisoners would go because

they couldn’t handle him and what he do

love what did love do it turned that

whole island around that when he left

all those guys are the tough hard guys

they were upset they were crying why

because he knew his identity he knew how

much he was loved if you get a

revelation if you get understanding of

how much God loves you nothing will be

able to affect you Jesus amen has

accepted you so you can never be

rejected no one can reject you amen amen

come on now I know I’m talking to

somebody Jesus accepted you and nobody

can reject you there’s no way you can be

rejected amen well see once once we get

this identity of who we are you know

sometimes we just stop right there we

stop short we just said okay I’m just

gonna I’m just gonna sit down take it

easy I got I got faith now I know God’s

love he loves me he loves me you know

and just hang out and you ain’t doing no

good you’re not helping nobody God santa

needs you to get out cuz love is an

action it’s not just a thought it’s not

an emotion it’s not a feeling

it’s God himself and he wants to do

something in you and through you you

have to do something you have to walk

this thing out so so how do we walk it

out how do we begin to take these steps

of faith well we we recondition we we

train ourselves to do something

differently because he normally lovely

want us to be horizontal right looking

out this way or horizontal the other way

you know well I’ll just do this because

you know if you love me you do this

that’s manipulation let me just say this

right now

if somebody’s telling you if you love me

you do this you’d go where you don’t


go and you do what you don’t want to do

you better break that off right now you

better break that off right now

because it’s not love it’s not God but

God’s saying here he’s saying hey when

you understand how much you’re loved

you’re gonna start coming vertical

you’re gonna start looking upward in

fact first John says it like this let’s

look at it first John chapter 3 we know

who we are

God even says it to us right here it

goes behold we don’t use that very much

do we behold my new vest what nobody

says that anymore you know let’s say

behold you know what it literally means

behold it means pay attention take

notice in fact it is you could literally

translate it to this I see something you

don’t see that’s how you could do it

because you’re not seeing something and

he’s wanting to show it to you but not

only show it to you fix your eyes on it

don’t take your gaze apart from it fix

your eyes on this here’s what I want you

to fix your eyes on what manner of love

the father has bestowed upon us that we

should be called the children of God

you’re God’s child

don’t show me down because I’m preaching

good you’re God’s child

you’re literally his child I know what

that doesn’t really resonate with you

but it will the very creator of heaven

and our creator of everything that

exists says you are mine you’re adopted

into my family that’s something that is

something amen

but see in order to really operate in to

walk in this love we have to pay

attention we have to fix our eyes upon

that we have to take notice and once we

take notice then we have to retrain

ourselves does anybody ever watch

country theater before and you know what

kungfu theatre is I’m kind of telling my


how about Karate Kid

yeah yeah yeah yeah karate kid’ martial

arts I grew up loving some martial arts

I’d watch all these movies and there’d

be like this young prodigy and he’d be

you don’t work it out somewhere doing

something then all of a sudden this evil

sensei would come in and he would like

destroy somebody kill somebody something

or whatever and then the whole rest of

the theory was him training so he could

defeat the enemy in the end scene right

same with Karate Kid they just copied

kung fu theater that’s all they did

and so you guys remember you know Ralph

whatever his name might show or


he’s this long skinny kid and then mr.

Miyagi you guys remember mr. Miyagi so

mr. Miyagi Zico you ant trainer you’ll

be trained I trained you I trained you

it’s so you guys okay you come over

you’re calmer and here’s all these old

cars he goes a wax a car a wax of God

and it wax on wax off oh you guys are

good what’d he say

wax on wax off and he’s doing it day

sunup to sundown then the next day comes

in he goes okay I want you to paint a

fence right paint the fence and then he

said he so he’s painting the fence and

he goes I want you to sand a floor

send it for a side to side side to side

he gets so frustrated that finally he

goes what are we doing all I’m doing is

fixing your house up for you and your

cars and all that goes no no you come

you come and so he comes and he goes he

starts punching at them and do all these

crazy things and what happens Daniel son


he responds instinctively instead of

reacting fearfully what God’s saying to

you today is when you get so enveloped

in the love of God and so rooted in him

you’re gonna respond instinctively

instead of reacting fearfully amen amen

so how does that work out how do we

learn to respond in love how do we

respond instinctively instead of

reacting fearfully well I’m glad you

asked I’m gonna show you right now I

used to have an identity crisis I was

like I’m too short I’m too small I’m to

this I don’t make enough money I don’t

this and so I would spend my life

fronting you know what fronting is right

right so I was always acting like this

and doing that and saying this and

saying that and then I started getting

into some things I shouldn’t I got into

sort of doing some things I shouldn’t

have done started getting you know real

aggressive physically and it wanted to

fight I grew up wrestling in that fought

a little bit boxed in college and you

know tried to play around in the MMA and

but one of the things that I did through

that time was that it became a bouncer

on Beale Street and if you know bouncers

it wasn’t no Roadhouse bouncer where I’m

like a little skinny Patrick Swayze

sitting at the door you know what none

of that it was me trying to get his big

and yoked up as I could and try to do as

much damage in the shortest amount of

time as I could to anybody I wasn’t the

pacifist bouncer I was the crush for

facing bouncer and you don’t ever want

to come back well I had all these years

of all this pent-up hurt and anger and

rage because of well if you love me God

then why is this happened in my life and

if you really have a plan for me and why

am I having all this pain why are you

doing all these things see well see the

thing is is that God has a purpose for

your life and what he wants to do is


with enemies come to steal kill and

destroy God wants to use that as a

purpose to reach other people because I

can tell you right now you need to stay

in church you don’t need to leave this

church you need to stay in church

because I’ve stepped out of church and

it ain’t worth it you need to stay in

that marriage don’t get out of that

marriage stay in it because it ain’t

worth it to get out of it

Amen you don’t need to do those drugs in

Arad did that too but I’m here to tell

you that any worth it you see the

purpose behind love is powerful it’s

powerful and so so I’m in this this

moment of I want to crush everything

make lots of money crush things like

that’s a real man real stupid man that’s

what that was and I got my life turned

back around this granted mind you this

is after I got saved and filled with the

Holy Spirit I went on a wilderness

journey okay okay and so then I said you

know what I got in lots of trouble and

funny when you get in trouble or

everything seems to get yanked out from

under you go to God oh god it’s so then

people use that they like oh yeah that’s

why you went to God no it’s not why

what’s a guy because I’m still with them

and it gets better and better every day

so I I’m in this place and I go to my

pastor when you guys have an amazing

pastor pastoral staff they love you they

pray for you he takes me all the time

he’s like man I’m praying for them

praying for this service praying for you

I’m like man this is a prayer church I

love it

prayer changes things and so I go to my

pastor and I’m like pastor what do I do

about this because you need to come up

here and pray and so I get there every

more than 5 a.m. pray pray pray and the

families like hear you you’re wearing me

out take the key so and so I still had

anger issues like I’d still like I was

working in a gym and people would say

stuff to me and I would like to boom oh

I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to punch you

in the throat let me pray for you

what not a good witness okay

so he gave me some Danielson techniques

he gave me some wax on wax off

techniques and he says get Corinthians

13 and I want you to read this over and

over and over forces four three says

love is patient love is kind love is not

jealous or boastful or proud or rude

it doesn’t demand its own way or it’s

not irritable it doesn’t keep a record

of being wrong wait hold on what I was

cool until you said that last part it

doesn’t take an account of a record

wrong man I you need to increase my

faith god I don’t know about this and so

I got into a place and I started

speaking that over my life over nobody

goes wherever it says love put yourself

I am patient I am kind I’m not rude or

jealous or boastful or proud I am NOT

demanding of my own way

I’m not irritable I don’t keep an

account of a record wrong I walk in love

because it says later on in the verses

it says that love never fails so if you

never want to fail in your life if you

don’t ever want to to go out and in a

loss or in failure stay in love stay

planted in love amen say I’m getting

planted you see when you stay rooted in

love you’re gonna respond instinctively

and not react fearfully right so one of

the things about you know kung-fu

theater the passion guessing the passion

you have to read the whole thing so

you’re definitely paying attention

you’re reading throughout the whole

thing but in these different movies the

language isn’t the same do you ever

notice that it’s dubbed there you have

to read the words and and so the the

language barrier is there and Lord

starts speaking to me about this with

love because a lot of times well we’ll

go into some places and we’ll like God I

know you’re gonna take

that’s for me I know that you said that

I’m the head and not the tail iemon

bobbing up beneath and we start gotta

get excited right then we get louder and

louder and louder and he’s like

nothing’s happening like what’s going on

now we have a large Latino community in

Tulsa right and I’ve been up and I try

to talk to some of them you know they

don’t speak any English and so I go hey

you know you speak you oblong clay so

that I know no hablo English I’m like

okay hey hey do you speak any English

why is it we get louder thinking that

they’re gonna understand us better

that’s crazy that’s the stupidest thing

ever you you know they don’t have a

hearing problem it’s a language problem

and so the Lord started speaking to me

about that you don’t raise your voice to

try to talk then you try to find out

someplace that’s common that you guys

can meet together at and so the Lord

started speaking to me he said this he

says when you come to me and fear and

you come to me and worry trying to quote

your word and try to do this and

whatever here’s what I hear bla bla and

so here’s my response to you no habla

worry god does not understand the

language of fear he does not understand

the language of worry he doesn’t

understand it you got to stay in faith

and how do you stay in faith by walking

it out and love by saying he loves me

I’m loved we respond with the language

of love I am loved he loves me Amen so

the thing is is there seeds planted on

the inside of you and they’re wanting to

grow up and they’ve been sprouting

they’ve been growing a little bit but

the moment that we get these these

attacks from the enemy they’re moment

that that opposition comes or you know

the we get a letter in the mail about

you know PSO or ong r or your car

payment or whatever those things start

happening what does it meant to do it’s

meant to shake you it’s meant to get you

off it’s a storm in your life that’s

trying to keep you from getting to the

other side but what did Jesus

do when he was in that storm he said

peace be still but see not only did he

just say peace be still he said it in

love because he knew the purpose behind

what he was doing he had to get to the

other side their seeds and knew that

that you need to get to the other so

this purpose inside you that needs to

get to the other side and so don’t quit

don’t stop don’t give up because love

never quits love never stops love never

fades out no it never becomes obsolete

love always wins so how do we do that we

begin by seeing my God loves me

facts say that wasn’t my God loves me he

loves me say I’m God’s favorites so you

can say that without feeling weird on

the inside you can literally say you can

leave here today and see every person

you see in fact turn to your neighbors

say I’m God’s favorite now turn is own

you didn’t choose to and say I’m God’s

favorite you can say it with confidence

and you know what the first time you

said it was a little awkward but you can

say it again I’m gonna savor it God

loves you when you start tripping you

start freaking out like what am I gonna

do you remember this I’m God’s favorite

and then when you really start freaking


no habla worry God does not understand

worry it’s foreign to him all he knows

is love

all he knows is bringing deliverance to

your life but his hands are tied he’s

bound up when you stay in fear but the

moment that you begin to remind yourself

of who you are and who’s you are you

always come out on top

amen he wants to free us today and love

is the only thing that can free you it

can’t be a relationship it’s not some

money it’s not getting things more

accomplishments the only thing that can

truly fulfill you and fill you up is the

love of God

that’s the only thing that can fill you

amen you see it’s not very popular in

today’s culture to to respond and love

what someone does you wrong you know you

can get on the viral feed somebody does

something around what do they do oh they

pop up or they do something or they like

you know write all these bad things

about them on Instagram or Facebook or

whatever that’s not not popular to

respond in love but it’s powerful it may

not be popular to say hey man I love you

even though you did me wrong even though

you used me you know what I’m gonna I

forgive you

I love you that’s not popular but it’s

powerful amen

so so how do we how do we stay in this

love how do we stay in this power by

constantly speaking what he says about

you he says your patient he says your

kind he says you don’t take an account

of suffered wrong but more importantly

than all that he says this he loves you