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I want to talk again about racial

reconciliation if you’re not living

under Iraq you know that that’s a real

issue race is a real issue in our

country right now from the election to

government to policing and and in our

city it’s been a very hot topic over the

past year and a half as we’ve had

different cases with Terrence Crutcher

and then what just happened on this past

week and just different things that are

happening that even if these things were

racially are non racially motivated it

starts getting racism and racial

prejudice and and black and white and

Hispanic and it does stall that stuff up

and then the movie get out came out and

that messed me up y’all just for at

least 30 minutes after that movie I was

suspicious of many white people if you

never seen the movie it’s okay you know

you don’t have to but but there’s things

that are culturally and racially probing

that are trying to make us divided it’s

trying to make us divide it and that’s

what I’ll say and that was never God’s

intention we were never supposed to see

color of skin but before we saw the

character in somebody’s life that was

never supposed to be the intent but then

we got in this flesh suit and Adam and

Eve back in the garden and and we

started comparing ourselves and why are

they so tall and why are they so short

and why they’re so odd and why they got

all that booty and why ain’t got no

booty and why I mean these are these are

real why are they born in this side of

town why do they live on that side of

the town why does it seem like this and

what and comparison still runs rampant

in in all of our daily lives today I

dare say that many of the situations

that we come in contact with are

racially we see them through a racial

lens and we have not even acknowledged

it it’s just how we are you walk into a

room full of black people and your heart

if you’re white starts pumping a little

faster then now I’m not saying I’m

saying stuff that people have told me

okay you’re black and you come in and

it’s all Hispanic people and there’s

something in your mind oh this must be a

kid Fiera

but this this must be that this must be

and what the what we do is we assume an

assumption is one of the deadliest

things that you can do because it

usually leaves you looking at the first

three letters of that word you you you

forfeit relationships that could benefit

your life you cut off the exchange that

you could have with some of God’s

children because we assumed it was funny

one time I was at um Utica Square I eat

there a lot I have meetings there a lot

of time at the wild fork if you know

anything about Utica Square most of the

shops over there that she works there

most of the shops most of the shops over

there um there upscale shops they’re a

little more expensive shop so I’m eating

at the wild for it and I look who it

this day I mean I’m in a hoodie I’m in

some J’s I just came from working out

but the people know me there we have

great relationship and so I

intentionally do stuff to throw people

off like I just intentionally so I went

up to this elderly white woman and she

saw me coming and you know how when

you’re trying to look at somebody you’re

not trying to look she’s like and I

could only assume that the only reason

she was looking at me the way that she

was looking at me is because she might

have had some preconceived notions about

what a 6-2 black man in a hoodie would

want to do with her if we’re going to be

real we’re going to be real today so

even though she had never met me in my

entire life she had already made some

assumptions that made her continue to

look at me like I’m taking my eyes off

you brother and I walked up to and I

threw her completely off I said ma’am

that is such a beautiful brooch you have


she said huh and I said I said ma’am

where did you get this and she began to

talk to me about how she been shopping

at at that area for over 30 years and

how a daughter works over here and she

comes every Thursday morning

da-da-da-da-da and we had a 30-minute

conversation because I challenged her

norm and I stepped across the line and

tried to form relationship with somebody

that we probably don’t even have that

much in common until I made us have

something in common

today as the church we can’t take sides

because of the color of our skin of

anything we have to be able to live

biblically on everything that is

happening in our world in our society

and in our lives and so today I want to

talk about it I want to talk about can I

be real today can we know okay let me

get permission can I be real real today

okay this may not be able to be aired

afterwards but we’re if it’s going to

change it’s got to start with us it’s

got to start with the church and it’s

got to start with each one of us in this

room and so I’m going to talk about it

um as I talk to you about Arthur being

my drum teacher he gave me a really

profound appreciation even back to my

dad and all the people around I love

music I mean how many people in the room

love music like like you love music okay

um and and you know some of y’all can’t

sing but it’s you know it’s one of those

things that it doesn’t even matter you

you love music and I used to produce

music and do a lot of different things

in that area and I’ve always had this

thing I wanted to share this with y’all

but I’ve always had this thing um that

I’ve wanted to be invented called

situational surround sound and and it

it’s like the most perfect song comes on

at the right moment when something is

happening and you don’t even have to

tell it to come on you don’t even have

to press play it just comes on

automatically I’ve always I’ve always

dreamed like when I’m

done talking to somebody and this

conversation is completely over and I’m

like okay well I’ll see you later I’ll

talk to you later I wish this song would

come on right here I wish this song

literally would just come on out of

nowhere out of like I wish this song

would come on oh it’s good to see you

all right bye-bye

like I wish that what happened and like

when I get to heaven and I’m looking on

the streets of gold I’m looking for my

house this is what I want to play right

here oh what’s up Abraham what’s up Paul

24-karat magic I want that to come I

think God will be okay if 24-karat magic

comes on y’all to saved look at y’all

y’all know that funky hmm now what I was

thinking about this title of racial

reconciliation and when we get to heaven

I think this song y’all don’t know

nothing about that y’all don’t know

nothing about that peaches and herb 1970

you don’t know nothing about that how

many people know something about that

right there okay they said this was a

young church I guess not but I thought

about that I thought about see now

everybody’s okay I had to do that cuz

everybody would calm down no that song

reunited and it feels so good I started

thinking about that and we’re either

going to have one of two testimonies

when we get to heaven

um I’m convinced that either we’ll be

able to say about all races and all

ethnicities and all backgrounds we’ll be

able to say we’re reunited and it feels

so good because we did it on earth

already or we’ll be able to say we’re

United for the first time and I really

should have had a relationship with them

I really should have invited them to my

kid’s birthday party I really should

have invited them to that function I was

having at my house

cuz many people are missing out on one

of the greatest experiences in exchanges

of their life by having different

ethnicities a part of their everyday

life Paul gives us a picture I mean John

gives us a picture of this in

Revelations I want you to turn to

Revelation chapter 7 verse 9 and this is

Paul and he has a prophecy and he he’s

seeing heaven God is showing him heaven

and this is what he says in verse 9 it

says after this I saw a vast crowd too

many people to count it says they were

from every nation every tribe every

people and every language another

translation says every tongue in every

race it says they were standing in front

of the throne before the lamb and they

were clothed in white robes how many

people have never sang in a choir before

in heaven you get to sing in a choir

white robes and all and they held palm

branches in their hands and they were

shouting with the great work roar

salvation comes from our God who sits on

the throne and from the land so when

people asked me what do you think pastor

Michael about this racial reconciliation

thing what what what what do you think

about it I have three words I say it’s

going to happen I mean I don’t care what

it looks like right now we have a

picture of the end so many people are

looking at the situation and God gave us

a picture in Revelations of what it’s

going to be every tongue every race

every background every thighs eyes every

way size every person every hair texture

they’re going to be worshipping around

the throne singing worthy is the lamb so

when people ask me about racial

reconciliation I say it’s going to

happen and I can’t wait so I don’t wait

see see that there’s a difference when

people like I can’t wait for it to

happen so make it happen see I can’t

wait I don’t wait and I won’t wait as

for me and my family we have made a

decision to make the picture that heaven

has already painted for us happen on

earth well pastor Michael that’s easier

said than done God this there is nothing

new Under the Sun that this racism stuff

has been going on since the very very

beginning but God sent his children

people who are born again to make it as

it is in heaven

on earth what hasn’t like I’ll know

about that go to Matthew 6:10 and Jesus

is talking to the disciples and they see

him pray a different way and they’re

like man Jesus can you teach us how to

pray like that he said uh yeah I’ll

teach y’all and he gave us a blueprint

that we called the Lord’s Prayer but I

want you to see this with the lens of

reconciliation he says that if you’re

going to pray pray like this pray our

Father which art in heaven hallowed be

thy name he said your kingdom come your

will be done unwary where we live right

now as it is in so if the picture is

every race around the throne in heaven

worshipping and praising and living

together Matthew tells us our prayer our

daily prayer should be make it on earth

as it already is in so my question is

are you living your life to see the

picture of heaven on earth and the

reality of it as many of us aren’t

because of our backgrounds and what our

big momma told us and what our Uncle

John told us and what cousin Bob told

all of us you stay away like do you

understand what I’m saying

but let let’s be real

uncle jujin told you now listen son if

you ever get around y’all know the

conversations that have been passed down

from generation to generation the

unspoken things that aren’t said but you


those things that when you walk in y’all

know y’all see me even with President

Obama you walk in and you’re shaking

everybody’s hand and you see your

brother like what a fool what up so what

a full and hi-hi I’m just saying things

that we see but that’s rooted somewhere

that comes from a place and and my

challenge today is that God is asking us

me and you to not conform to the

patterns of this world that’s that’s

woman’s 12:2 but be transformed by the

renewing of our that means there’s some

things that have been programmed in us

that are not like God and it was born in

us because we were born in this flesh

chute we were born into society that had

racial tension we were born into these

families and God said I know you got it

I knew you had it so I’m gonna send my

son and when I send my son I’m gonna

give you a new race first I’m gonna make

you Christian I’m gonna wash away

everything know it neither Jew or

Gentile black or white Hispanic or Asian

I’m gonna give you the blood of Jesus

and I’m gonna wash you in that so that

people will know you by your love and I

want to reprogram your mind so that’s

why he says we can boil the whole thing

down to love your inlay of your neighbor

as yourself we can boil this whole now

he didn’t say your black neighbor or

your white neighbor or your affluent

neighbor or your poor neighbor he said

your neighbor so whoever God has sent

you around you’re supposed to love them

so today I’m just challenged that many

people let’s not talk about people who

don’t know Christ right now just let’s

leave it because they don’t know they

still they still got in them the the

seed of hatred and frustration and all

these other things that doesn’t get

changed until you accept the grace of

God but let me talk to the church for a

second because the saddest part about

the narrative of all the

sysm that’s going on is probably some of

the most visceral and venomous prejudice

happens in God’s church Martin Luther

King once said the most segregated hour

of a week is Sunday morning at this time

because you got white church and black

church and Hispanic Church we just want

to worship we were comfortable stop it

that’s not what God called us to look

like he said that we should be able to

walk into any Church any place that

bears the name of Jesus Christ and feel

comfortable feel loved feel accepted

feel like you can be able to praise but

that leads me to think that there may be

something wrong in God’s house with

God’s people and I don’t think we’ve

taken our responsibility to reconcile

people to ourselves and to God well

pastor Mike you know now who races race

reconciliation that’s great I don’t

really feel like that’s my

responsibility well let’s look at second

Corinthians chapter 5 and I want us to

all look at this together it says this

means that anyone who who anyone who

belongs to Christ he has become a new

birth okay so that means if your family

R is racist when you became a Christian

you became a new person that means oh

and I’m not talking about just white

people being racist I know some black

people that are more racist than anybody

in the world I know I want to be very

clear about this this is not a white and

black message this is a people humanity

message does everybody hear what I’m

saying okay I want you to hear me say

this very clearly that when you come to

Christ he gives you the title of new

creation and then he clarifies because

most of us wouldn’t be able to

understand it just like that

he said the old life is gone he said you

missed it you thought you was going to

be able to keep on to the keep those

racist comments in your back pocket in

case some by

made you too mad he said the old life is

gone it the old life is no longer valid

now that you’ve become a believer your

old response is no longer acceptable

after accepting Christ into your life

and he said in a new life has become

verse 18 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 18 it

says and all of this is a gift from God

who brought brought us back to himself

through Christ and God has given us this

task of reconciling people to him but

how can you reconcile somebody to him if

you will not even communicate with him

how can we how can I tell you about a

sale that’s going on if I won’t talk to

you I want you to see he’s given us the

Ministry of reconciliation he said for

God was in Christ reconciling the world

to himself he said I’ve already shown

you the picture no longer counting

people’s skin I mean sin against them

and he gave us this wonderful message of

reconciliation check this so we are

Christ’s ambassadors

we’re his representatives and this

messes me up every time God is making

his appeal through us I want you to see

this that God is literally saying I’m

giving you at Salvation anybody where

fanny packs in the 80s did anybody have

a fanny pack ok I just see our salvation

you get a fanny pack and in that fanny

pack you get love joy peace the ability

to turn the other cheek the question is

do you open it up and use it and in that

fanny pack you have the Ministry of

reconciliation that God says I’m gonna

put you in opportunities i’ma have you

have workplaces that have races and

and and frustrated people that work with

you and I need you to be my

representative in that place I need you

to open that fanny pack and give them

the Ministry of reconciliation so you

know when you come over there and

they’re like all quiet down huh here

comes Bob Bob you got what up y’all

what’s up I want to have relationship

with you let me take you out to lunch

and yeah it’ll be uncomfortable yeah it

won’t be but God said that’s not for

them to do you have been given the

responsibility of representing Christ

everywhere you go and that’s why you

have the Ministry of reconciliation so

how can you reconcile if you don’t have

any friends that are a different color

than you when is the last time you had

lunch with somebody that didn’t believe

and doesn’t look like you okay when’s

the last time that you saw somebody in

need that wasn’t a brother what wasn’t

somebody you that you stepped across the

line and risked being uncomfortable or

even embarrassed

so hopefully this couldn’t be the thing

that changes their perception about me

and maybe my race if they have one good

interaction and that’s what God is

challenging all of us to do as the

church is to use this message of

ministry of reconciliation to change

people and I want to show you this in

the Bible with the greatest reconciler

of them all Jesus go to John chapter 4

because all of that is good and and is

sad to say but everything I’ve set up

into this point everybody knows but for

some reason we haven’t taken a hold of

this this message of reconciliation and

I know some of you guys are like no no

no I have a white friend I have a white

friend and I do have a black friend and

we are good and we’re listen is not just

about a black friend and a white friend

it’s about humanity it’s about when you

see somebody do you think about their

race before you think about the

problem do you think about do you think

about what they need before you you

think about what what where they come

from or what side of town do they live

on or their situation are you thinking

law about race are you thinking more

about grace because until we can answer

that question they’re not going to look

to the church to get any answers and

we’re not going to get them from

government and we’re not going to get

them from the police force and we’re not

going to if the Church of Jesus Christ

because nobody has been given the

responsibility to reconcile except the

church and so I’m proud of everybody who

showed up today because I put it out

there that I’m ministering on racial

reconciliation some people dodged that

one like a bullet you’re at home right

now online hey online do you understand

what I’m saying

because this is the heart of the matter

and I just want to tell you a story in

John chapter four that you probably are

familiar with it’s the story of the

woman at the whale and everybody’s seen

that heard this story if you’ve been in

church for any length of time but maybe

something you didn’t know is Jesus in

this one chapter reverses 800 years of

racial division in less than 24 hours

see we hear the woman after whale story

but we don’t know the real background

and so I’m going to try to break this

down to let you see that Jesus one man

reverses 800 years of black and white

800 years of your side of town in my

side of town 800 years of this is what

y’all deserve this is what we deserve

800 years of Rachel division he changes

in 24 hours and this is what happens in

John chapter 4 and I hope my prayer is

that for you that something in you would

be changed to start moving to be an

ambassador of racial reconciliation and

your sphere of influence at your job

with your kids with your relationships

and that God would start to heal our

land not through us but through you John

chapter 4 um

Jesus is healing everybody and baptizing

everybody and that’s how it starts off

and basically the Pharisees are mad

they’re like who is this coming up here

baptizing everybody he doing more than

John the Baptist no we got to go talk to

his brother and Jesus like I’m baptized

enough people today we’re gonna go and

get ahead and get up out of here I’ll

see y’all later and they said he said

the Bible tells us that they went from

Judea in the south and they wanted to go

to Galilee in the north okay so I just

want to paint this picture because it’s

going to help you understand that

they’re in one place and he’s healing

people he don’t want to deal with the

foolishness so he says let’s go to

another place to be able to make

interaction the only reason why this is

important is because right in the middle

of those places is a place called


Samaritan Samaria okay and this is the


um Samaria is a place with Samaritans

and they would be like African American

or or Hispanic people and and the Jews

and the Samaritans hated each other

there was so much racial tension because

they came from the same place but they

classed each other and started comparing

each other and it would be the

equivalent of white and black or some of

the other racial divisions that we have

and so most people if you are a Jew and

you wanted to go up to Galilee you would

go all the way around Samaria because

you didn’t want to cross the railroad

tracks and have anything to do with the

Samaritan okay so what so what Jesus did

is he said let’s go to Galilee but I

want to go through Samaria

now all the disciples like Jesus oh you

know us in Samaria right it’s those

people those people who were

uncomfortable with those people who we

don’t understand where there’s been all

this prejudice in racing Jesus a yellow

let’s go and verse 4 tells us of John

John chapter 1 verse 4 it says he had to

go through some mayor

on the way because there was a spiritual

need there and God was going to give us

an eternal picture of racial

reconciliation happening in this month

and this moment and it’s John chapter 4

is what I meant to say so please get

this picture Jews and Samaritans do not

like each other they’re there they’re in

the streets yelling Samaritan lives


can we be real but they’ve seen

injustice is they’ve been frustrated and

Jesus is so awesome because he goes

right to the heart of the issue and if

the church is going to see anything

happen and we’re going to read be

reunited as it is in heaven on earth

we can’t skirt around this issue we have

to go and talk about the issue and

that’s why I’m so excited we’re doing

this this morning because if racial

reconciliation is going to happen

give me let me give you point number one

it’s going to start with an organism and

not the organization now Jesus is

rolling I love you dad I love you though

I mean he’s it rolling rolling but you

know every preacher needs a hype man

okay brother Luke how do you brother

Luke you just turned what 90 years old

brother Luke oh y’all can do better than

that brother Luke on the front row

rolling I love it god is good brother

Liu amen that’s my y’all better watch

out if me and brother Luke get all the

loose but this is what I’m saying

it’s Jesus knew that this racial problem

he couldn’t have his disciples

impartation and agreement for it to

happen because they were still

struggling through some of their own

racism and we’ll talk about that in a

minute but Jesus knew that if something

was going to be done it would start with

him not the church see people waiting

for transformation Church to do

something to racially reconcile when are

we going to go no it’s not going to

start with the government’s going to

start with you and Jesus paints this

picture so much so that he decides to

meet a woman at noon but he sends the

disciples away because he knew that

where they were they were still racist

and they couldn’t handle the

reconciliation that was about to happen

what do you say a person like there’s

some people around you that are your

friends your dogs your homie your family

ain’t gonna like this next season

because God’s giving you a Ministry of

reconciliation and they’re still stuck

in racist past but Jesus gives us a

picture so what does he do he will go

off on them y’all alright sister and I

don’t know he said y’all go get some

chicken in town y’all running go get

some Church’s Chicken and he

conveniently started saying oh is hot

I’m thirsty I’m gonna stay right here

that’s what my Bible says I’m gonna stay

right here and y’all go into town and he

stopped at the place of the issue and he

met her at a specific place it was

Jacob’s Well now why would they meet at

Jacob’s Well it’s because the Samaritans

rejected most of the Old Testament

except the Penta to twitch is the first

five books of the Bible and and the Jews

accepted that too and so everybody loved

Jacob the Jews and the Samaritans so

Jesus was smart and he met her on common

ground he he didn’t meet her to

reconcile where there was an issue he

met her at a place where they agreed and

if we’re going to see racial

reconciliation we can’t start when

there’s a riot we we cannot start at the

point of an issue we got to start where

we agree everybody loves their kids

welcome to somebody of a different

ethnicity say you have the most

beautiful time you’re not gonna hear

anybody say you get away from me you

stupid nay nobody gonna do that much oh

thank you because it makes them feel

like they’re pretty even if they’re not

and it makes them you understand what

I’m saying it makes them feel hear me

meet people on common ground everybody

likes to hear about them themselves

that’s why when that woman had a

prejudgment of me a prejudice

prejudgment of me at Utica Square as

soon as I told her her brooch was nice

her attitude changed oh this little

if you don’t meet people on common

ground you’ll never be able to see

racial healing and Jesus met this woman

on common ground verse 7 says he met her

at the whale and he asked her a question

so he decided to communicate with her I

want you to just see all of the things

we have to do he said please give me a


look at verse 9 it says the woman was

surprised for Jews refused to have

anything to do with Samaritans

she used the past to predict the future

she was surprised because no white

people you see how she summoned

everybody up Jews have nothing to do

with some white people Hispanic people

Asian people have nothing to do with

these type of people and look at the

response she said to Jesus um I don’t

know if you knew but you’re a Jew and

I’m a Samaritan woman why are you asking

me for a dream now this begs a question

in my mind Jesus didn’t say anything

about him being Jewish he he didn’t

declare anything blatantly Jewish so

what this leads me to conclude is that

he was obviously Jewish that that’s by

the way he was dressed or the way that

he looked his skin colour she knew he

was a different ethnicity just like me

you know I’m black nobody has to get up

and put a sign up you know if you can

see you see that I’m african-american

and what this tells me is something

that’s so special that Jesus did not

have to change who he was to reach

somebody else see so many people are

trying to act black or act white or do

this or do that

stop it you don’t have to deny the

heritage and the culture that you came

from but you cannot respond first out of

that you have to Swiss bonds first

biblically and see this is the problem

that people don’t have people have God’s

not asking you to like rap if you don’t

and he’s not like you Mita

asking me to like Barbra Streisand I saw

a lady in the back barb is that but he

is asking us to live biblical and that’s

different and I heard it like this I

think Tony Evans said it and it just

just killed my whole life when he said

it he said most people identify as a

black Christian or a white Christian or

a Hispanic Christian he said well we

have two things a Christian is in the

noun place of this phrase and your

ethnicity is in the adjective position

and if anybody knows anything about

English or grammar the adjective always

it describes whatever the noun is and he

said so we cannot put Christian as the

noun Christian has to be the adjective

so that whatever we do and however we do

it and whatever we become Christian

describes what it is so I’m a Christian

business owner I’m a Christian father

I’m a Christian african-american I’m a

Christian Anglo person because if you do

not put it in the adjective we always

have to conform our Christianity


so what I’m asking you to do is be

Christian first be biblical first and to

do that it’s a scary thing because that

means we have to disassociate with some

of the things that we have Ben come on

let’s be honest it makes me have to

watch what I say when I come into

certain environments I get comfortable

in certain environments and this is just

what would come out of me and God says

that life and death is in the power of

the tongue we got to get a home today

well I’ve been saying it since I was 15

this is me and my and God says but when

you became mine you became a new

creation the old things are now pastor

now you get a new identity now this is

the word you’re going to need God to

help you with this so what are you

saying Pastor Mike if we’re going to see

racial reconciliation and we’re going to

live biblically we’re going to have to

live our life comfortably uncomfortable

see comfortably uncomfortable has to be

your new normal

what are you talking about Pastor Mike

you’re going to have to live your life

comfortably uncomfortable I had the

opportunity to preach at Battle Creek

two weeks ago and I shared this message

and Battle Creek is about 5,000 to 7,000

members and they’re 90 percent um white

people and the pastor wanted me to come

and speak on racial reconciliation

Pastor Alex Amaya one of the greatest

men I’ve ever met and and we I went up

there and I was comfortably

uncomfortable I stood up on that stage

and I say good morning everybody

my name is Michael Todd and I’m black

and they all started laughing and and

and I had to dive through the same exact

topic and I did it the same exact way in

and talking and using the analogies and

talking to help them understand

I was comfortably uncomfortable but me

and my family have decided to live our

lives like that because that’s the only

way we’re going to see racial

reconciliation that you’re not going to

be comfortable in all the places God

puts you I mean if you’re just serving

God at all it’s not comfortable that’s

why he calls it a faith walk because

they’re going to be time for him like

it’s anything gonna be here when I take

this step and somehow he always puts

something right there he’s faithful to

continue to provide for his children so

so so you’re gonna have to get used to

living comfortably uncomfortable you’re

gonna have to get used to being in

conversations where you don’t know much

about the topic you’re gonna have to be

some of y’all with pride you’re gonna

have to get used to asking questions you

get something y’all ever had a friend I

think they know everything like you do

not know but they think they know

everything I google check you do not

know it happened to me but it owns it

and and and it’s going to take you

putting yourselves in experiences that

are completely uncomfortable to find out

something new it reminds me of a time I

went duck hunting

what brothers don’t hunt see it’s funny

cuz you never even heard that when the

last time you was at the barber shopping

is like yeah me and my boys we went

duck-hunting like you don’t hear that

but I’ve decided to live my life

comfortably uncomfortable and so what

happened was I had a couple of my

friends so I do things in the cities

with with unite my city and they’re

white and we get along I mean we are

always just connecting it on stuff if

it’s hoop in or playing basketball or

going to the racetrack or playing golf

they always invite me but then when they

start talking about hunting it’s like

they start whispering they like see me

and they’re like hey guys we’re gonna go

and so one day I just I called him out

on it I said what’s up why don’t y’all

ever invite me to go hunting and they

were like well we just assumed there’s

that word again we just assumed that

brothers don’t know huh at least ducks

like they don’t I’ll hit dogs and I was

like next time you go hunting I was like

I was out strong with it

next time you go hunting you invite me

cuz I’m coming to hunt with y’all and

they was laughing and they were smiling

I was like okay cool three weeks later

they called me came like we got this

dunk hunting excursion set up but

there’s gonna be geese out there I was

like cool man I’m so excited about that

I don’t have no gear I don’t have

nothing there’s like don’t worry about

the gear we got you we got everything

you need your gun your boots your your

your camouflage they said you just got

to be there I said what time ten eleven

they said three a.m.

I said well what will we be doing at 3

o’clock in the morning and y’all my mind

got opened up to this whole new

experience we pulled up a quick trip

that was about 3 or 4 trucks they had a

big ol um trailer behind him they had

thousands of dollars worth of gear they

had all these guns and so we’re out

there we’re setting up the what they

call the blinds and it’s like where you

put up fake grass to hide yourself to

make the Ducks think that is real grass

so you can just stand up and bow shoot

them and and so we have to set up

basically a grass tent and then we had

to go out and put what they call decoys

out with your fake ducks that cost

hundreds of dollars and we got a date

throwing grass up in the air and seeing

which way the wind is blowing so they

can set the Ducks like so many of the

ducks facing one way and so many of the

ducks facing the other way so that the

ducks in the sky can think that the

Ducks on the ground are real I mean it

was all this stuff and that was all

before 5:30 in the morning I was so

tired by the jump but I was willing to

be uncomfortable so now we’re sitting in

the blinds and I’m the only speck of

pepper anywhere near there and they all

got these semi-automatic rifles and all

these thing and they done gave me a pump

gun so like I like doing I don’t know if

they didn’t want to give me a gun or

something but

so we sitting in the blinds and at the

moment they’re calling that guy guy and

they got all the I mean 6 & 7 duck calls

and geese calls and they’re doing all

this other stuff and then they say

they’re coming and then it’s like I mean

it must be devastating for a duck but

it’s so exhilarating for me there’s like

poo and everybody is like nine people

stand up outside of this grass and

everybody’s like Bob

it’s like the greatest feeling in the

world it’s like Mario duck hunt in real

life y’all know what I’m saying it was


okay and I got to spend three hours in

the blinds talking faith talking family

talking about dreams and visions with

guys as we shot ducks out of the sky but

it was one of the most enriching

experiences of my life and I think we

got a picture of of that day if you

could put that on the screen done that

boy look like then that boy come on dump

that boy look like he hiked up and me

and my friends you can put that other

one up there and me and my friends we

shot a lot of geese and a lot of ducks

and I don’t know how many I actually

shot but I know that my gun fired and so

we shot all kinds of stuff that day but

what I wanted to save from that is if I

didn’t take the chance to live my life

comfortably uncomfortable I had to get

all my instructions from somebody else I

had to learn about a whole new thing but

when I did that it right rich their

lives it enriched my lives and I have

relationships that I’ll have forever and

I’m able to reach people when I told

that hunting story at Battle Creek those

people were on the floor laughing

because their culture has many people

that hunt and because I had that

experience we could connect and business

owners and car dealership owners and

physicians came up to me afterwards and

said that was the best message I I love

pastor Alex but that was the best

message I’ve ever heard but it was

because I could relate it’s because I

took the chance to cross the line and

get comfortably uncomfortable and if

we’re going to live and see racial

reconciliation God’s going to ask you to

live comfortably uncomfortable he’s

going to ask you to take that boss that

maybe slightly racist but loves

Starbucks he’s going to ask you to buy

them a fifty dollar Starbucks card and

take them to take them to get a drink

every morning what are we going to talk

about well what are we going to do it

start with them how long have you been

your hair it’s so beautiful how do you

start if you cross the line one

interaction with somebody of a different

ethnicity that’s positive can literally

change the entire thought process of

somebody else and that’s what Jesus did

see I want you to realize in this story

the reason that this woman was so

surprised is because Jesus was willing

to put his Jewish lips on her Samaritan

cup he was willing to identify with her

he said give me she he said give me a


and he didn’t have a cup that means he

would have had to drink from her cup see

that’s what God is asking us to do he’s

asking us to at least identify what

people even if somebody’s hurting or

community is hurting or a group of

people are hurting and you have no

experience just say I know what it is

like to hurt you don’t got to agree with

everything but you got to be there and

hug them you got to send a text that

says I’m sorry that that happened and

that’s both ways that’s every way that

doesn’t matter where you are from

but until we’re willing to identify with

each other

there will be no

racial reconciliation so you’re going to

have to live your life comfortably

uncomfortable go to verse 15 John

chapter 4 verse 15 and the beautiful

thing about this is Jesus decides not to

let his historic prejudice of the

heritage he came from the Jewish people

keep them from the promise of their


so Jesus officer living water if you

drink this you won’t ever be thirsty

again and he’ll give you eternal life

she said please sir um give me some of

that water then I’ll never be thirsty

again I’ll have to come to this daggone

waterhole no more and then and then

Jesus switches the subject because now

that he has a relationship with her he

can go deeper into her for life see you

can’t engage some body’s problem until

you engage their humanity and and when

and when he said I identify with you

I’ll drink from your Cubs she said oh

he’s cool he does a good that’s a good

dude I know every other Jew I’ve heard

about her every other Hispanic person

I’ve heard about or every other Asian

I’ve heard about but this one’s able to

identify with me so then he asked her

hey go get your husband and you know

most people now if we ethnically don’t

see out I’m not about to tell you my

business look go get your husband Jesus

told her she said um about that I don’t

have a husband jesus said you’re right

you’ll have a husband for you had five

husbands and you aren’t even married to

the man you live in where now you

certainly spoke the truth this woman

said I’m sorry I perceive you our


to see that oh you know why you might be

the Son of God but I want you to see the

playbook Jesus has given us you’ve

probably never seen this before

Jesus engaged her humanity and said he

would drink from her cup and it granted

him access to her personal and spiritual

needs see what we want to solve is

people’s problems but we have not even

engaged their life and until I know you

care I’ve heard it said like this people

don’t care how much you know until they

know how much you can’t when you tell

them when you show them when you live

like you care they’ll let you in today

problems then they’ll deal I don’t care

if if you’re a white person and I can’t

don’t care if you had never been to the

north side if you saw a baby get shot

you should be able to say I’m so sorry

that that happen no matter if the cop

was wrong no matter it don’t matter if

we don’t engage then we can open up if

you’re a black person and you’re walking

around and you have affluence and you

see somebody poor and you don’t help

them because all that’s trailer-trash

sure that’s that they’ve lived it no you

should be able to I know what it’s like

to not have enough cuz until we gauge

engage people’s humanity you’re not

gonna get access to their real needs and

so Jesus gives access to this woman’s

life they went from talking about water

to her immoral lifestyle just like that

and then look verse 20 it goes even

deeper cuz cuz then she starts asking

him questions about their race see when

you get relationship with somebody I’ve

friends that are white one of my closest

friends um is David and he was in that

video David you’re somewhere in here

there you go there um Dave’s white white

like Dave is just white but we have a

relationship where he can ask me about

anything and I can ask him about

anything because we engage each other’s

humanity first then we started talking

about our spiritual needs are our needs

for accountability our needs for and now


you did that you can start asking

questions about the race like as a whole

like there’s white people in here they

have questions about black people there

are black people here like if you really

got to talk to a white person do i why

do you all do that well what is that but

see we’ve never had those exchanges

because most people don’t get close

enough to have and so Jesus and this

woman go talking about water then they

talk about her sin issue that she says

well I got some questions about you Jews

so tell me why this house that’s how it

starts verse 20 why is it that Jews

insist that Jerusalem is the only place

to worship while we Samaritans claim

that it’s here on Mount Gerizim where

our ancestors worship seems like why do

you all go to church over there and

y’all be shouting and jumping and and

speaking in tongues jesus replied

believe me dear woman the time is coming

well it will no longer matter whether

you worship the father on this mountain

at the AME Church at the kojic Church at

the Pinnacle it’s not gonna matter if

you had Guthrie green it’s not gonna

matter where you worship in he said um

you know very little about the one you

worship what he was telling her is like

you’re making generalizations about a

whole group of people because your daddy

told you that and your daddy’s daddy

told him that and your daddy’s daddy

daddy told him that your daddy’s daddy’s

dead he’s dead he told you that and he

said he said your daddy didn’t know what

he was talking about and your daddy’s

daddy didn’t know what he’s talking man

your daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s daddy daddy

didn’t know what he was talking about he

said the paradigm which you need to be

thinking about is spirit and truth and

when it comes to this racial


it’s got to be spirit and truth and it

has to be the absolute truth which is

the Word of God and that’s what we go so

when the Bible tells us to love our

enemy that’s what we have to do when it

tells us we’re supposed to turn the

other cheek that’s what we have to do

when it’s tell tells us we’re supposed

to do for the least of these so Jesus

like some of us we’re doing things cuz

our daddy told us to

and our daddy’s daddy told and our

daddy’s daddy’s daddy believed this way

and Jesus comes like he came to this

woman your daddy and your daddy’s daddy

and your daddy’s daddy daddy and your

daddy’s daddy daddy didn’t know what

they were talking about this is about

spirit and truth so can I break it down

if your father was racist if your

grandmother was prejudiced I’m talking

black white Hispanic

if if the uncle who raised you had just

a racial bend y’all know I had a uncle

one time told me all white people

I said UNK you ain’t never been out this

city you don’t even know all ye people

like how can you say that but it’s been

things that we’ve learned and I came to

tell you they didn’t know what they were

talking about they had no idea how

beautifully and wonderfully God made

every person in this room they had no

clue how much life comes when different

ethnicities embrace each other and we

were talking around that table they

showed you six minutes of a two and a

half hour conversation I have with

different ethnicities it was probably

one of the richest experiences of my

whole life because I was open I was

comfortably uncomfortable and I got to

experience relationship with other

people but it comes we decide to leave

what we’ve been taught and be

transformed by the renewing of our minds

guys we got to see racial reconciliation

and it’s going to start with the

organism not the organization and it’s

going to start with us living

comfortably uncomfortable not everything

being okay look at it and verse 23 said

the time is coming indeed it’s here now

somebody shot at me now shout at me now

now this is when true worshipers will

worship the father in spirit and truth

the father is looking for those who

worship him in this way for God his

spirit so those who worship Him must

worship Him in spirit and truth and

Jesus went real deep on her and she was

like oh okay okay verse 25 the woman

well okay I know the Messiah is coming

the one who’s called Christ so when he

comes you know he’ll explain everything

and doesn’t that sound like the church

like we’ll know we’ll all be together in

heaven one day like I know I mean this

black and white thing i’ma say on my

sides how you stay on the other side of

town but in heaven when eternity happens

and he said no no now as it is in heaven

let it be on earth because we’ve been

given the Ministry of reconciliation

verse 26 then Jesus told her I’m the one

you was talking about I’m the Messiah

I’m here right now and if you look at it

isn’t Jesus living on the inside of all

of us and didn’t he say greater works

should we do he’s healing 800 years of

racial division in one day and greater

works should we do that’s what the Bible

says he said just then the disciples

came back they were shocked to find him

talking to a woman but none of them had

the nerve to ask what do you want why

are you talking to her now I want you to

see this because you have to read the

whole Bible to get this right here

um they really weren’t mad because she

was talking about a woman because the

Bible tells us he’s already talked to

Mary Martha he’s talked to the Sarah

Phoenician woman he’s talked to women

before it was because she was a

different ethnicity that it would be

like a group of black friends that that

black power all this other stuff and

then you see one of the people that’s

leading a group talking to a white

person and they walk up him what did did

he forget what we was here for

did he forget that we were here to stay

segregated and saved

did Jesus forget but none of them had

the nerve to ask the question and this

is a beautiful picture because it

encourages me is that the disciples as

many miracles as they perform they were

still racist think about it think about

it at this place in their journey and

this is the beautiful thing that God can

still use you if you have broken areas

they they weren’t healed all the way in

this area they still have some more time

to get this right but it proves to us

that this journey with Christ is not a

perfection thing it’s a progression

thing and the disciples were still

racist right here they burst

twenty-eighth said so the woman left the

water jar beside the whale ran back to

the village telling everyone she had a

great interaction with one person who

was a different ethnicity and she had to

go back and tell everybody else because

she got living water she got saved come

and see a man who told me everything I

ever did could he possibly be the

Messiah so the people came streaming

from the village to see him now I want

you to see this a group of disciples

went into the city with no intention of

reconciliation came back with no results

one man had a positive interaction

outside of the city that changed her so

much that she went back into the city

and told everybody she knew and they

came to Jesus see you’re waiting on the

organization to do something and God

said I can do one more with one person

who would show my love and would cross

the line and live comfortably

uncomfortable and they’ll come and say

what must I do to be saved

meanwhile verse 31 the disciples were

urging Jesus rabbi Eastham

but Jesus apply man I got a food that

you know nothing about boy whoa you know

when you have something good to eat you

like mmm

Versailles through this somebody bring

him some chick-fil-a while we was goin

walk ten miles to get him this charges

chicken and somebody brought him some

chicks lately that’s what my Bible says

verse 34 says then Jesus explains see my

nourishment comes from doing the will of

God from actually doing the Ministry of

reconciliation my nourishment comes from

being obedient to God’s Word who sent me

and from finishing his work verse 35 you

know the saying four months between

planting and harvest but I say wake up

look around the fields already ripe for

harvest see right here Jesus was doing a

social experiment to say either we’re

going to be the church that goes at this

issue or we’re going to wait for months

oh yeah we’ll get together and do a

racial reconciliation event and we’ll

have balloons and jumpies for the kids

and we’ll come together he said but look

around there are people coming to you

right now there are people at your job

right now there are people that you’re

on Instagram with right now and Facebook

right now

he said the field is ripe for harvest

and if you look at where we’re at in our

city in our world about this racial

reconciliation the light shines bright

in the darkest times the field is right

right now for one of God’s children an

organism to raise up and say we don’t

have to do it like this I’m gonna cross

the line of my uncomfortability I’m

gonna have a conversation with somebody

in fact I’m going to invite you to my

family gathering yeah it’s gonna make

all my family uncomfortable but we got

to start living comfortably

uncomfortable why cuz I have been given

the Ministry of reconciliation until I

do something nobody’s gonna do anything

and I want you to get this picture as we

close God’s telling us to wake up look

around so many different ethnicity

that God has placed you around but you

still go home with your four friends you

you still you said well I don’t know

what to say

like Moses I’m telling you open your

mouth and God will filled it well what

if I’m disrespectful you’ll learn like I

mean all the things that you put as a

blockage God will change in you and I

want you to see this we’ve heard it but

said Mark 12:31 that we’re supposed to

love our neighbor as ourselves but can i

rephrase it love requires relationship

what do you love that you don’t have

relationship with nothing if we’re going

to love our neighbor is going to require

relationship first John 4:20 it says if

someone says I love God but hates his

fellow believer then that person is a

liar for if we don’t love people we can

see how can we love God who we cannot

see because Jesus one organism decided

to live comfortably uncomfortable and

meet this woman of a different ethnicity

at a place of common ground they were

able to share an exchange that changed

her life and pointed her to the Father

she went back and told all of her

friends the entire city is now coming to

meet Jesus because of one man see the

best part of this whole thing is in

verse 40 see the people came now I want

you to get the picture real quick Jesus

is about to tell the disciples we got to

minister to all these men you see coming

from the town and this either was going

to be a race riot because Peter cuts

people’s ears off you understand what

I’m saying this is this was either going

to be a race riot or revival and it

turned into a revival because people who

had prejudice in their heart allow God

to fill it up and started to engage

people that didn’t look like them the

most beautiful part of verse 40 he says

when they came out to see him they

begged him to stay in their village

so so he stayed for two days get the


when they met at noon the woman declared

the first thing we don’t have nothin to

do with each other white people and

black people well had nothing to do with

each other

Hispanics and Asians we don’t got

nothing to do Europeans we don’t got

nothing to do with each other by that

evening he had booked the two night stay

in the hood the and they were begging

him to stay because when their

relationship came in to a place where

they exchanged with one of God’s

creations it became one of the richest

experience in their life and then the

Bible says that many were saved because

of that one interaction so what are you

asking us to do Pastor Mike last point

take the risk take the risk to look

stupid take the risk to be the only

white people to show up in a

predominantly black congregation take

the risk to invite somebody to your

family reunion now you know your family

to take the risk

because if as the organ is organism we

don’t do something and start to do it

then we just stay at the same place we

on our Facebook at our barber shop at

our own place talking crazy about

whatever but nothing changed and God has

given every christ-follower now anybody

who’s not a believer is all good I’m not

talking to you

but anybody who believes in Jesus you’ve

been given the Ministry of

reconciliation and now it’s time for us

to use it so um if you could bring me

out my prop real fast hey I love

sandwiches and um but a sandwich is not

complete for me

now now if I come to your house and you

make a sandwich do not put your

mayonnaise on my set just leave it plain

cuz the only thing that goes on my

sandwiches is the miracle nyeh buyer of

the whip let me let me hey oh hey glory

this will take some raw meat and make it

by blessing but but as I begin to study

how this was made

it has two major ingredients that aren’t

supposed to go together and in it and it

kind of reminds me of the enemy’s plan

for the beginning of division it like

black and white is not supposed together

go together races aren’t supposed to go

together and it’s oil and water I mean

you can whip it you can blend it you can

you can shake it and as soon as you quit

all of that they separate oil and water

doesn’t go together until it comes in

contact with what’s known as an

emulsification process and see the

emulsifier and miracle whip is an egg

and one part of the egg grabs the oil

and the other part of the egg grabs the

water and when it mixes together it

becomes one if we’re going to make the

picture of heaven on earth when you meet


it becomes the emulsifier of every race

where it will take a white believer and

a black believer in a asian believer and

a Hispanic believer and it will bring

them together and no longer will we be

apart but it’ll be a miracle a picture

of heaven on earth I don’t want you to

ever eat a sandwich to say

but more importantly I don’t want you to

ever live the same cross the line be the

organism who lives comfortably

uncomfortable and is able to identify

with others take the risk and get

relationship with somebody that doesn’t

look like you and if it starts with you

it will impact so many others can we

give God praise right now