It is Fun Month here at TC and this Sunday is Laugh Out Loud Sunday! Today we had a very special guest, Pastor Craig Groeschel! Pastor Craig and his wife, Amy started Life.Church in a two-car garage in Edmond, Oklahoma in January 1996. Since then, Life.Church has grown to include dozens of locations all over the United States! Craig and Amy Groeschel married in 1991 and have six children. Pastor Craig is a New York Times bestselling author of books on a wide variety of topics. He also speaks frequently at leadership events and conferences worldwide and hosts the top-ranking Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.

what’s going on tc i am so grateful that

you are here today

because we are in week three of fun

month and today is

laugh out loud sunday we have a culture


of fun at transformation church that

means we enjoy it

all and today i want us to enjoy

the lord enjoy each other and enjoy

what god is doing in our life no matter

what season it’s in

and this is why i brought my man pastor

craig groeschel

to transformation church let me let you

know that the speaker today

though it’s laugh out loud sunday the

one thing that ain’t funny

is working out with him let me prove it

to you




transformation church he is a world


he is somebody that has practical wisdom

and today he’s going to help

you win will you please give it up on

transformation church platform for

pastor craig

groschel hey transformation nation


pastor mike thank you so much pastor

natalie my wife amy and i

we love you guys it’s an incredible

honor to be

with uh one of the most influential

churches on

planet earth i want to just show honor


your pastors in fact earlier this month

i was with pastor mike

who taught at the global leadership

summit you got to understand like

this is the probably the biggest

leadership event

in the world uh kind of for business

leaders and guess what your pastor did

your pastor rocked the global global

leadership summit

wearing some jordans how about that

that’s a new standard and

we just applaud what’s happening here

all the lives being

impacted through this amazing ministry

and we just celebrate the impact we’ve


uh the amazing book hey relationship


how about 43 million weeks on the new

york times bestseller

we just we love your pastors and i know

as a church family you would just


celebrate the fact that your pastors are

getting some rest right now

i applaud the way they care for their

marriage they’re going to come back

full of vision full of the word and we

thank god

for their amazing ministry i’m excited

to bring a word to you today we’re going

to be in john

chapter 20. the title of today’s message


run your race you might type that in the

chat i’m going to

run my race and i believe my assignment

from god is to help

someone get free from the curse

of comparing how many know comparing can

just eat

you up i don’t know about you all but

it’s really easy to be

satisfied with your life until you see

someone else has something you don’t

and all of a sudden you’re like oh my

life sucks i liked it one moment

and i don’t now in fact i’ll tell you a

little bit of the story

i have a little sister we were born

three years apart exactly three years

to the very day like literally my

birthday is the same day as her birthday

and my grandmother would always send me

a 20 check

and send lisa a 20 check every year for

our birthday

and every year my sister would open up

her 20 check and she’d say 20

and i would open up my 20 check and i

would say

a hundred dollars and every year she’d

get so freaked out and she’d run to a

room and she’d cry well

one year grandma got a hold of my little


and that year whenever we got our checks

i got a 20 check and i opened it up and

pretended like it was 100

my sister got her 100 dollar check like

really 100 check and i ran to my room

and cried like a little girl why because


fastest way to kill something special

is to compare it to something else come

on somebody you know what i’m saying

the fastest way to kill something

special is to compare it to something


and you might do this all the time like

when your friend

is on her second vacation this year by

the pool

reading her stupid little book looking

at her feet and the only vacation you’ve

been on to is

lost backyardos anybody know what i’m

talking about

or you got your perfect pinterest mom

who’s now homeschooling with a little

binder and her hair

always looks perfect and you hate your

kids and your hair hadn’t been out of a


since 2009 your friend is at the gym

flexing on social media you’re eating

your second bag of chips looking at your


and you recognize all of a sudden i

don’t feel so good about myself the

problem is

wherever comparison begins

contentment ends let me say it again

transformation nation wherever

comparison begins

the moment you begin to compare with

someone else what they have

you weren’t invited you weren’t there

she’s got more shoes than zappos

whatever it is the moment you start to


that’s when contentment tends to end why

is it

because comparing makes you feel either


or inferior and neither one

honors god what does comparison do

it makes you feel better than or it

makes you feel worse than

and neither one honors god

in fact my friend pastor andy stanley he

did a message series he called

it the land of er the land of er

and he said there’s no win in comparison

and he said most of us

we just want the er whatever someone

else has

we want better we want greater uh

we want to be prettier we want to be


my problem is i don’t want just er

i want est me i want to be the strong

guest i want to be the

healthiest i want to be the most

retweeted retweeted asked or whatever it


am i talking to anybody you just sit

there and polish your halo all day long

and act like you don’t deal with this

but the problem is whenever we start to


we’re dishonoring god i want to show you

in scripture today

from john chapter 20 what is

really an amazing story honestly of

competition and comparison in fact back

when i was in seminary

years ago i had a seminary professor who

told me that there was most likely a


between peter and john i’m going to show

you that this

very likely could be true it’s also

really funny now

if i were peter john would have gotten

so on my nerves

one of the reasons is that john talked

about himself

in third person john called himself

the one that jesus loved now let me just

tell you tc

okay transformation nation if you talk

about yourself in third person

stop it in the name of the father the

son and the holy spirit

it’s not cool pastor craig came to give

you a message today okay

john did that and it was annoying and

when you read the disciples you’re going

to see

there was a little bit of comparing and


in other words when they’re sitting at

the table they’re wondering hey who’s

the best

jesus who’s your favorite who gets to

sit at the right hand i’m wondering


who do you like the most we’re comparing

i want to show you in john chapter 20

let me give you the context

that this is so amazing let me show you

the context it’s

sunday morning the day that the women


that the stone was rolled away

jesus had just given his life three days

prior the disciples were beside


the body of jesus is missing and i want


show you what happened when peter and

john visit the tomb so what you’re going

to notice is

the tomb is empty and i want you to

count how many times

john tells you that he’s faster

than peter in a foot race

i’m not making this up the tomb is empty

christ is risen from the dead and john

is faster

in a 50-yard dash than peter watch this

john chapter 20

starting in verse 2. scripture says this

so she

so mary came running to simon peter

and the other disciple and here’s john

being annoying what does he say

he said the one that jesus loved he’s

talking about himself and and he said

they’ve taken the lord out of the tomb

and we don’t know where they put him

so peter and the other disciple

started for the tomb now watch this both

were running here’s number one

type in the chat number one just type it

in there here’s number one both were

running but

the other disciple this is john talking

about himself but the other disciple

outran peter and reached the tomb

first then simon peter

came and where was he he was behind john

there’s number two type it in the chat

number two there’s number two

then simon peter came behind him and he

went straight to the tomb

finally the other disciple that’s john

who had what who here’s number three

type it in

who had reached the tomb first

also went inside

imagine the tomb is empty

peter and john hear about this and they

decide we’re going to have a foot race

and a suddenly

they’re fast walking and jogging to see

who could get

to the tomb first a little competition

john wants you to know very very clearly

i’m way way

faster than peter what’s interesting


as you go on the story actually turns a

little bit more

serious now if you know about peter

peter was bold peter was courageous

peter had a big mouth and peter bragged

oftentimes about

how he was going to be faithful to jesus

if everybody else

denied jesus he was always going to be

there he had jesus back

he was he was jesus this guy well if you

know the story

unfortunately not just once not just

twice but three different times

peter ended up denying even knowing

jesus a little girl would say like hey

are you one of the disciples

i don’t know who he is and what’s tragic


jesus actually saw with his own eyes


one of his closest disciples betraying

and turning against and denying even

knowing jesus

well jesus gave his life and after the

resurrection there’s this

unbelievably meaningful

moment when jesus shows grace

shows love has this undeserved

mercy and expression of generosity

toward peter and you can read about it

in john 21 and what jesus just says to

peter he’s like hey peter

do you love me and peter’s like yes oh

yes yes yes yes yes

and then jesus says well then then feed

my my sheep

be faithful to this assignment and then

then jesus asks peter a second time do

you do you love me he’s like yes of

course i do

and he asked him a third time and the

last time that jesus asked him he

changes the word ask him do you love me

but uses a stronger

more intense word in the greek language

and what’s interesting is to watch how

peter responds to this

jesus keeps telling feed my sheep feed

my sheep that’s if you love

me this is what i want

you to do there are some of you you’re

going to hear from this that god’s got a


assignment for you if you love him

here’s your assignment scripture says

this peter turned around

and saw behind them the disciple

that jesus loved peter saw john behind

him and so what did peter do

peter asked jesus hey what about him


i know you told me to feed the sheep but

i want to know about

john what’s his assignment what’s his


what do you want for him peter turned

and saw behind them

john and peter said what about him lord


jesus replied if i want him to remain

alive until i return

what is that to you peter

as for you you

follow me as for you peter

here’s your assignment you feed my sheep

you do what you’ve been called to do you


you you use your gifts you fulfill

your calling you step into your


you don’t look at anybody else peter you


what i uniquely created you to do

what’s the challenge transformation

nation the thought

is this you can’t faithfully follow


if you’re always comparing yourself to

john oh come on somebody

you can’t faithfully follow jesus if

you’re always comparing yourself to

someone else

what about their gifts and why wasn’t i

invited and how come i don’t have that

many followers and why

am i not included like they are you

can’t faithfully

follow and serve the one who called you

and created you

if you’re always comparing yourself to

someone else why do we do that

why do we sit there and scroll

mindlessly through our social media fees

feeling left out feeling less than

even sometimes having a little bit of

anger and jealousy

at the people that we genuinely love why

do we do this

the reason is because by nature we’re

sinners can we say that in church

nowadays i mean like we have

sinned and we’ve fallen short of god’s


of holiness and because we’re sinners

what we’re trying to do

is we’re trying to find some external

wind some external meaning of validation

to satisfy an internal spiritual longing

the problem is there is no external wind

that can ever satisfy our internal

spiritual need

transformation nation there’s not enough

money there’s not enough followers

there’s not enough likes there’s not

enough power there’s not enough


there’s not enough success to feel the

empty longing that only jesus

can fill you can’t faithfully

follow jesus and fulfill your calling

when you’re always comparing yourself to


why do we do that we’re trying to fill

a spiritual need with some type of

external validation

that doesn’t have the power to satisfy

our spiritual longing so what do we do

you probably do some version of what i

do i go through life

hoping that you’ll like me

notice me say i’m cool enough

say i fit in hey you like my shoes

you like my post you know hey you like

the music i listen to you like my car

you like

when we hang out i mean like i mean

we’re cool right i mean

i’m in your group and then before i know

it i’m starting to just kind of live in

such a way where i’m wondering i


ask it but it’s at the front of my mind

did i

did i live up to your expectations

do i do am i am i presenting the

whatever it is that makes

us cool that i fit in hey do you like me

now that i’m

more successful i mean i got more

followers than i did and

i drive a better car now and i got a job

that you know

is commensurate with my education i mean

are we are we kind of on the same level


have i done enough on the outside

to make you like what’s on the inside

here’s the question that we

must answer if you’re a mom

you’ve got to answer this if you’re a

dad you have to answer this

if you’re a student if you’re a young

adult and you just want to represent

you have to answer this question and one

of the most important questions that you

must answer is this

who or what is going to define

my worth be honest about it

who or what is going to define

my worth like seriously who for you

who defines what you’re worth

who communicates value to you whose

expectations are you trying

to live up to whose desire do you want

to meet is it is it a dad that’s maybe

really difficult to please and wasn’t

really generous with love and you think

if i’m just successful enough maybe

he’ll notice

is it a mom who maybe was a little bit

controlling is it is it an ex-spouse or

is it a boss like if i can just get her

to notice me or if i can be good enough

for him is it is it friends you know or

is it your kids like i just want to be

cool with my kids i want my kids to like

me or is it them like

who’s them i don’t know but them like

i’m just trying to i just want them to

like me who’s them i don’t know just

them man

i just say you know i’m thinking about

them who’s them just them i want them to

like me

who or what is going to define

your worth if

for those of you if you’re a follower

of jesus if you’re a disciple

if you want to please jesus with the way

you live

if you’re a follower of jesus and your


who’s going to define your worth if your

answer is

anything besides christ

you will always be running a race that

you cannot

win who or what is going to validate you

who are what is going to say you are

special and you

belong and and you are doing what if

your answer is

anything besides jesus you will be

running a race

always feeling like you’re left behind

left out

and don’t live up to what you’ve always

hoped to become

who or what is going to define

your worth for real i love the

power of what the author of hebrews said

in hebrews chapter 12 this is a word

for somebody today the author to the


said this and let us run with

perseverance and here’s what i love

the author said this the race marked out

for us do you realize there is a


race for you to run and your race is

different than my race

i can’t win your race you can’t win my


god has a race for you and his

assignment for you

is to run the race marked out for you

and how do you do that

you fix your eyes not on john

not on her not on his feet not on what

they’re wearing not on how popular he is

not on what they have not on what you

hope to become but you

fix your eyes on jesus the pioneer

and perfecter of your faith what do you


when you’re running your race you’re

fixing your eyes on jesus i want to


him i want to know him i want to show


i want to serve him i want to live for


i want to glorify him i’m fixing my eyes

on jesus and i’m not running

whoa pastor mike you ought to be here

for that i am

not running to please people

what is the problem hey that was a good

catch can i

can i just pause for a moment and say

that’s a good catch man

that’s a good catch i will not do that


what are we doing we’re fixing our eyes

on jesus what’s the problem for some of


you may love jesus but your eyes are on

people all the time

everything in you is like what do they

think do i live up

how do i measure do they like me do i

fit in what’s the problem

please hear me the problem is being

obsessed with what

people think about you is the fastest

way to forget what god thinks about you

i’m going to say that again because

somebody needs to hear this being


with what people think about you that’s

the fastest way to forget what god

thinks about you and and the the really

bad news is

is you can’t please everybody mean right

i mean as soon as you fit into one group

you’re out of the other and as soon as

you fit in one place you don’t live up

to something else and the bad news is

you can’t please everybody the good news

is guess what

you can please god you can

please god when you love him by

faith with faith it is possible to


god the challenge is it’s impossible to


someone’s someone else’s race when you

run track i used to

run a little bit of track in in high

school when you run track

the fastest way to guarantee you lose

is to look over your shoulder because it

takes your eyes off the finish line

some of you you’ve taken your eyes off

jesus your eyes on somebody else

i love what paul said in first


chapter one verse nine this is what paul

said he said hey when you run listen to


you run hard you run to win

all athletes are disciplined in their


they do it to win a prize that will fade

away listen transformation nation

you’re not running for a temporary prize

no no you are running for

an eternal price one that never rusts

not one that never fades away

and so paul said because i’m running for

an eternal prize because i’m running for

the king of kings and the lord of lords

he says i run with purpose

in every step when i wake up i’m serving


i’m faithful to him i want to glorify

him i’m dying to myself

i’m keeping my eyes on jesus i’m casting

off the sin

that so easily entangles i’ve got my

eyes on the prize i’m not running for a


earthly crown i’m running for a crown

that never fades away

my eyes are on jesus who are you

who are you let me tell you who you are

you are the masterpiece of god

created in christ jesus get this to do

good works which god prepared in advance

for you to do before you were even born

before your mama knew your daddy

god knew what he would put inside of you

when you’d be born at what time you’d be

born at what place in the world you’d be


at what he knew the gifts he would put

in you so that you could

best glorify him today

you’re the masterpiece of god the word

in the greek is polemis like it means

like a

like a poetic statement like you are

you’re the masterful

poetic glory of god he knew exactly

what he was doing when he made you he

prepared you

so guess what you can’t run somebody

else’s race that’s why i’m cheering on

pastor mike like nobody’s business

it may surprise you but i met a pastor

too they’re kind of jealous

like where’d he come from like a couple

years ago we hadn’t heard of him and now


he’s there listen listen he has a very


calling a unique set of gifts i’m going

to stand by

and cheer him on run pastor mike run

pastor mike

come on run relationship goals come on

run transformation nation

because we’re all important god’s not

going to judge me by

his calling and god’s not going to judge

him by

my calling anytime you find someone else

and maybe you get a little bit jealous

just turn it on him and say you know

what i’m cheering you on you run your


you you run for the glory of god i’m

cheering you

on because i can’t win your race and you

can’t win

mine i’m running my race i’m running my


i’ll tell you um how it plays out for me

and i’m going to confess what’s part of

me that i’m

not real proud of and uh my wife amy

here and my son

sam’s here and they could kind of tell

you yeah this is one of my weaknesses

um one of my weaknesses is that

i just i really want people to think

like when they see me like i want them

to think hey

you’re kind of important not proud of

that you probably got your deal yours

might be like cool or fly or hip or

smart or you know whatever mine is you

know i’m kind of embarrassed to say it

but like i want you to think hey yeah

like you know he’s a he’s got

he’s got a good church like he’s a good

teacher of leadership like

he’s an important evangelist you know

he’s he’s done something in life he’s

he’s significant the problem is and i

just need to say this is

that god did not call me to be important

what did god call me to be god did not

call me to be important god called me to


faithful and

if i stand before him in heaven one day

god is not going to say to me well done

my good and important servant

if i live the life he’s called me to if

i run my race

what he would say to me is well done my

good and faithful servant here’s what’s

so interesting

is so often i want to do something

that’s important

but god’s calling me to be faithful and

what i’ve had to learn is that success

isn’t what i accomplish out there in the

future like when i finally get

verified or so many followers or i’m

making six

figures or i get the book deal or i get

noticed or i get the date with that girl

that i’ve always wanted whatever it is

success isn’t something that i

accomplish in the future

success is actually being faithful to


today that’s what success

is and what’s crazy is the moment that i

start to become

faithful to jesus then what i do

is actually important

think about it when i’m faithful to


and i’m running my race and i’m the

masterpiece of god and i’m doing the

good works he created in advance for me

to do

because i’m being faithful the outcome

is what i’m doing is actually important

it’s not just important now but it’s

important to god

and the way i explain it is is this i’ve

been married

going almost 30 years to amy we have six

kids come on somebody

six kids people say man you must love


nope i just love my wife and all guys

people say amen

amen and uh uh we we’ve been blessed

with a really good marriage and if you

if you just ask me like what’s your race

what i’m gonna tell you is this my race

is loving my bride raising my kids my

race is building the church and building


and my race is actually collecting

pens that’s right don’t give me a pen

i please don’t give me a pen i don’t

want your pin i just want

one pin every year and i’ll tell you the

story behind it

this is my race i can’t do what pastor

mike can do but i can love

my bride i can raise my kids i can build

my church and i can collect pens

back in about 2006 or so there was a

well-known spiritual leader most of you

would know this person if i told you

his name sent me a pen with a note


by his hand and that pen and the note

said something like

pastor craig this pen is a gift that

represents 365 days

of faithfulness it came at the end of

that that year and he said you’ve

faithfully loved your wife

um you’ve invested in your church you’ve

been a good shepherd to the sheep

you’ve preached god’s word you’ve lived


you’ve been wise you’ve had integrity

and this pen represents

365 days of faithfulness i thought

that’s pretty cool that’s like that’s

really cool

well the next year a year later he sent

me another pin with the

gear on it and my name craig rochelle

2007 with a very similar note

and year after year after year i started

getting these pins it was probably five

six years in

or guess what man i started looking

forward to my

pin because what this does is it


365 days of faithfulness

to my bride to my king to my church and

living according to his sins and that

is really successful that’s my race

i asked the guy years later when i met

him i said oh my gosh how many people do

you send these pins to like you know is

it like

hundreds it fits and he said he said i’m

really sad to say

that i used to send it to so many more

spiritual leaders

but things had happened and year over

year the list had become

so much shorter and immediately and this

is one of the reasons why i’m so glad

your pastors are taking

significant time off because they’re

resting and they’re refreshing

and they’re caring for themselves

because if you don’t you become more

vulnerable and you can make wrong

decisions you can burn out

and you can end up not going the

distance so

what’s my race my race is to lay down my

life to serve my bride as christ loved

the church

to raise up my kids like my son sam to

serve jesus and be even more faithful

and impactful for the kingdom than i am

my goal is to

collect pens because i want to be

faithful to jesus

all the time all the time all the time

and when i’m faithful

then guess what i do important things

may not be important to you but way more

important to what you think

is what i do is important to my heavenly


god’s called me to be faithful

what about you i would ask you very very


transformation nation you’re watching

from your living room

you’re watching at work later on online

wherever you are right now

what’s your win what’s your when

what’s your race

what is faithfulness to you it might be

that you don’t

maybe you don’t create the biggest

social media following

but you put out good and godly helpful


that’s your race maybe you’re starting a


and it’s not the biggest and the most

profitable but you know what you do

what’s right you lead with integrity

you’re creating

value and you’re treating your people


maybe you want to be generous but you

don’t have the biggest income around

that’s okay what you can do is you can

be faithful with what

you have and be generous with what you

have it might be that you’re

a faithful voice in your student

ministry it might be you’re the boldest


in your class you’re represent you’re

representing jesus

with everybody that you see you don’t

have to be

important to anybody else you be

faithful to jesus

and when you’re faithful to jesus and

all of a sudden you’re doing what is

important i hope you’ll understand this

there’s no winning comparison

there’s no win in comparison the fastest

way to kill something special

is to compare it to something else you

can’t win your raid you can’t win

someone else’s race

you can only run your race

how do you do it you run with

purpose in every step nobody can

beat you at being you don’t

run for the approval of others don’t run

to win

the approval of your critics you run

your race you run

your race you run your race when you

wake up what do you do

you say god i belong to you i’m not

living to please people i want to live

to glorify jesus

and then you take a step with purpose

i’m dying to myself

i’m leaving my flesh behind jesus i want

to walk by faith and not

by sight the same spirit that raised

christ from the dead

is dwelling within me i can do all

things through christ

who gives me strength i’m blessed coming

in i’m blessed going out

i’m blessed to be a blessing to others i


crucified with christ nevertheless i


yet it’s no longer i who lives but is

christ who lives in me

i’m walking with purpose in every step

i’m not trying to please people

i’m here to please god i’m not living

for what you think i’m living for what

he thinks he is my master he is my king

jesus is my source he is my redeemer

he is my rock come on he is my


he is my healer he is my sustainer

i’m living for jesus i’m living for

jesus somebody ought to shout wherever

you are

type it in the chat i’m living for jesus

i can’t

run your race i’m running my race

keep your eyes focused on jesus the


and the perfecter of your faith step

by step by step

i’m running with purpose in every step

who are you transformation nation

you are god’s masterpiece

created in christ jesus to do good works

which god prepared

in advance for you to do therefore

you’re running your race

keeping your eyes focused on jesus the

king of kings

and the lord of lords you are running


race with his help and by his power

you will run with purpose in every step


eternity matters you will run hard

giving him your all

no regrets no excuses holding nothing


by his grace and through his spirit you

will leave no words

unsaid no deeds undone no hope unshared


because you are the light of the world

you are created to shine

transformation nation your faith

can move mountains your prayers

calm storms your words give life

your hands bring healing your feet

deliver the good news that christ is

risen from the dead and he is coming

again god’s word

is a lamp unto your feet directing

your steps his spirit is your

power when you’re weak he is strong

listen to me your life is too valuable

and your calling too great and your god

too good to waste your life on things

that do not last you’re not running

for a temporary prize you’re running

for the eternal glory of serving jesus

you’re empowered by god trained by god’s

spirit tried

by fire and equipped by his word

who are you you’re a masterpiece

created in christ jesus

you are living for the glory of god and

not for the applause

of men what do you do you’re running

your race

you’re running your race you can’t


follow jesus

when you’re always comparing your life

to john

my prayer for you as there are tens of

thousands hundreds of thousands of you

in transformation nation that you would


you don’t just go to a church online but

you are the church

and you are called to represent wherever

you are every day when you wake up

you wake up to run your race someone

looks at you

what are you doing why are you acting

like that why you so passionate about


why are you telling everybody why are

you so loud about your faith why are you

so bold

you just look on and smile and keep your

eyes on jesus and say

i’m running my race i exist to glorify


so father today we pray for anyone who

is um

suffering under the curse of comparison

god set us free to take our eyes off of

what people think

and god help us to live for what you


god i pray for someone who’s listening

right now who’s caught up in the trap of


that god read and just trying to be

important to whatever we do god

you would help that disciple to be


god help us to be faithful

and we know that when we’re faithful to

you then what we do will actually be

important eternally

as you’re praying today there are those

of you you may

you may understand and recognize that

you’re not walking

with jesus in fact if we could just like

sit down and talk to each other and i

kind of ask you know

where are you spiritually you might say

yeah you know i kind of believe in god

man mike todd is cool and all this kind

of stuff and you know like i like

watching but

but you’re not intimately faithfully

serving jesus

you might have a whole list of excuses

like you know what well i would but i’ve


kind of bad and i’m not quite ready yet

i still have questions

and let me just tell you very clearly

bottom line is none of us are ever ever


we’ll never be good enough the truth of

the matter is all of us have sinned all

of us we’ve all done stuff that’s wrong

and the good news is that god is calling

you at this moment

right now he sent his son jesus who is

the son of god

who is perfect who never ever sinned


went to a cross and became sin for us in

our place

and died on the cross and just like we

talked about earlier

three days later when peter and john

were a foot race to see the tomb

three days later the stone was rolled

away the tomb was empty christ

is risen from the dead why so that

anyone in this includes you anyone

who calls out on that name that is above

every name the name of jesus

anyone who calls on jesus all of your

sins would be forgiven

they’d be washed away you’d become brand

new there’s someone right now you can

sense it

you’re watching it’s not by accident

it’s because you’ve been trying to feel


some me some external need to feel an

internal void

it is a god-shaped void that only jesus

can fill what do you do

when you recognize you sinned what do

you do

when you’re empty you walk away from

your sin you turn toward jesus and you

call out on him and i would love to just

invite you to pray

even as you’re watching right now just

just pray right at your computer

in front of the tv but by your phone

with someone around you i don’t care if

you’re on a train whatever you are just


just pray kind of out loud and pray

heavenly father

forgive my sins jesus

save me make me new

fill me with your holy spirit so i could

know you

and serve you and run my race

to glorify you thank you for new life i

give you

all of mine in jesus name i pray

it’s been an honor to be with you there

is a phone number that i would love for

you to text

if you’re giving your life to jesus you

can even type it in the chat i’m giving

my life

to jesus we’re praying for pastor mike

and pastor natalie who will be back

in no time ready to bring a great new

word it’s been an honor to share with

you you guys please come back i know you


next week whatever you do go out and

live a transformed life god

bless you hey thank you so much for

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