God designed you to be fruitful! In this sermon clip Bill Johnson teaches keys to walking in God’s design, bearing much fruit. “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15: 1 NKJV

every branch that doesn’t bear fruit he

removes every branch that bears fruit he


that it may bear more fruit

john chapter 15 is where we’re going to


verse 1 i am the true vine

my father is the vine dresser every

branch in me that does not bear fruit he

takes away

every branch that bears fruit he prunes

that it may bear more fruit

say this with me

god rewards all growth

with pruning

how many of you are being richly

rewarded in this particular season

that’s what i thought yeah

every branch that doesn’t bear fruit he

removes every branch that bears fruit he


that it may bear more fruit the very

next verse verse three you are clean


because of the word i’ve spoken to

i know i’ve taught on this probably a

dozen times in 20 years but i i bring it

up again because we sometimes have a

misunderstanding of what pruning what

the discipline of the lord looks like

jesus is talking to his guys and he says

i’m the vine father is the fine dresser

you’re the branches bear fruit

he says if you don’t bear fruit or when

you bear fruit you get pruned he said

now you guys are already clean the word

cleaner is the same word for prune

so he’s telling them

you have to be pruned if you’re growing

but i’ve already pruned you

and i pruned you by the word i spoke to


that tells us then circumstances don’t

prune us

his word does

the circumstances help us to pay

attention to what he’s saying

some of you wouldn’t be interested in

what god has to say at all if it were

not for the pain of your circumstance

and not you but it’s that other church

down the road

he gets our attention through a

situation only so that he can speak that

which will bring transformation

he prunes through his word

it can be said we live because he speaks

bret man shall not live by

bread alone but by every

word that proceeds from the mouth of god

we live from the word that proceeds from

the mouth of god we live because he


why does the enemy work so hard


to cause us to lose faith in our ability

to hear from god

because we live because he speaks

he wants to separate us if possible from

the very thing that keeps

that flow of life

steering in our own souls

all right

go to chapter 14

and we’re going to race through uh three

uh portions of scripture here four


four chapter 14.

i’m going to start with verse 11

not because i need to but just because i

like to

because it would be considered heresy

for not in the bible


it took me too long to explain what i

just said so forget it

but it is it’s it’s you got me ben you

got me all right all right

ben and me we’re flowing together here

verse 11 believe me that i am in the

father the father is in me or else

believe me for the sake of the works


that’s amazing

here’s jesus just believe me i’m in the


the father’s in me

you can’t handle that well then just

believe for the miracles

why would he do that

because that’s a sign that will bring

you back to the love of the father

if you can’t handle the giant step of

believing i am in the father the father

is in me then just believe for what’s

right within reach now and that’s the

miracle once you embrace that you’ll

catch another glimpse from another angle

the goodness of the father

we owe the world the miraculous because

in many ways it is the clearest

illustration of god’s love for humanity

his love for us is not just a

philosophical love it is demonstrated it

is measurable in the miraculous

verse 12

most assuredly i say to you he who

believes in me the works that i do he

will also do

and greater works than these will he do

because i go to the father

i hear i hear people say

that doesn’t mean greater as in greater

it just it means it means greater in

number because we’re so many

it’s not what it says though

and the desire is good it wants to


the beauty the wonder the incredible

nature of jesus’s ministry on planet


but you don’t protect

his image by denying what he says

he said greater

they touched jesus clothing they were


for paul they took his clothing sent it

to another location they were healed

for peter they just got in his shadow

and they were healed it’s called greater


it doesn’t

dishonor jesus because it couldn’t have

happened without jesus making the decree

jesus declared it is what made it


verse 13 and whatever you ask in my name

that i will do that the father may be

glorified in the son if you ask anything

in my name i will do it what’s the point


the ask for anything is in the context

of greater works

that the father may be glorified

see jesus has just announced to these

guys i’m going

they’re going what

wait what

no sorry

got back to the pig there wait

i’m going

and then he says it’s better for you

that i go

and i know they’re thinking

yeah right

right right

how could it be better and so now he’s

setting the he’s setting them up he said

listen you guys are going to do greater

things i’ve created a momentum for you

to step into

that makes it possible for you to do

greater things

and you will ask anything and it’ll be

done and here’s the driving force my

driving desire behind everything i’m

telling you is it’s that the father

would be glorified

this whole plan of me coming and dying

returning to the father releasing the

spirit is the father’s design

he will be glorified by all of creation

because his plan worked


when you pray and a miracle takes place

his plan

all of creation stands in all that what

the father orchestrated is actually


that fallen men can be restored and

actually demonstrate the life the love

the purity the power of god in the

broken situations of humanity

no part of creation thought that was

possible and they stand in absolute


because it works

and they glorify the father

and jesus set the stage for that to


we look at solomon in the old testament

where god appears to him in the night

and basically gave him a blank check

said here you can ask for whatever you


it’s the high water

of prayer

in the old testament

and the new testament the blank check is

to give is given to every believer every


in the new testament

the blank check is given to every

believer every day


thankfully god reserves the right to say


to anything that will undermine my


all right thank you lord

chapter 15

verse 7. if you abide in me

my words abide in you you will ask what

you desire shall be done for you

by this my father is glorified that you

bear much fruit

and so you will be my disciples


personally i’m strongly convinced that

the bearing much fruit

of verse 8

are the answers to prayer in verse 7.

i want you to see all of creation paying

attention to a covenant with god in

heaven and humanity on planet earth is

delegated authority and they play pray

and things happen because of it

see it started that way genesis chapter


father son holy spirit have a

conversation and they say let us make

man in our image

the only part of creation

created in his likeness why for the

purpose of relationship

he then commissions them he says be

fruitful multiply fill the earth and

subdue it

be fruitful be productive in your work

they were never assigned to sit on a

cloud and play a harp and do nothing

our our identity honestly is reinforced

through work

not working to obtain favor working

because we have favor

it’s healthy for us

to work

the guy with five talents who was

rewarded by god was rewarded with more


be fruitful multiply

fruitful is to be productive in your

work multiply have children who have

children who have children

fill the earth

don’t all live in one house


don’t build a skyscraper and all live

there come on spread yourself out


land ownership

is a part

of authority

and and implementing the purposes of god

on the earth

it is it is what you occupy you have

authority over

fill the earth and subdue it subdue its

military term the implication is i’m

you are created into a war

through relationship with me learn to

implement my purposes as delegated

authority onto this earth until it’s


sin messed it up jesus came and fixed

the mess and we’re back to the same


now jesus says whatever you ask for

i don’t think he’s saying

let the father program you to pray the

right things

obviously we want to pray the will of


and i’m thankful that he

he holds the right to v to to veto my

stupid prayers

but i’m also thankful

that sometimes i pray not out of a

command but out of a relationship

and there is a difference

there are sometimes you you do something

not because he told you to do it but

because you’ve you’ve sensed this

overflow of his life into yours how

could i not paul says peter says i

cannot stop but speaking of the of the

purp the things that god has said and

done things that i’ve seen i can’t stop

i can’t stop it it’s not a choice it’s

volcanic in me what i have seen it’s

impossible to stop and there are certain

things that we do because of a

relationship not necessarily in response

to a command obviously the base for this

relationship is we respond to all of his

commands but he invites us into a

relational role where there are times

where we find ourselves dreaming

and praying for things he didn’t direct

us to pray for

and it’s in those moments we start

finding out the far reaches of his will

and his capacity and desire and passion

to answer prayer it’s outside

of just the simple commands that we’ve

been given

we find out how far-reaching the command

on earth as it is in heaven really looks

yeah i’m so glad that you uh watched

this video i do pray that it’s a great

great strength and encouragement to you

and i’ve got a verse that it really is

my cry for all of us and it’s uh psalms

20 it’s verse 4.

may he grant you your heart’s desire and

fulfill all your plans

that’s my prayer that’s my prayers that

this would be the season of rich rich


thanks for joining us