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that today I’m gonna talk about

something that I’ve never ever heard

talked about in church that I was in

okay um this is a topic in a subject

that most people they don’t even think

it’s worth mentioning but the Bible is

very strong and very clear about it and

um I thought today since I can preach

whatever I want I was praying God said I

want you to talk about I was like you

sure you want me to talk about he’s like

I want you to talk about it because they

need to hear it and I was like but what

if they don’t like it he said I’m

telling you they need to hear it so I’m

gonna come to you with the message about

rest so y’all didn’t know what do y’all

didn’t know what was about to happen

they like doesn’t like crazy he’s still

getting saved rest and the title of

today’s message is take a day off now

somebody just got a quickening right

there but um if your boss came to you

and just told you hey I know that you’ve

been working really hard and things have

been happening you or if you’re in

school or whatever you’re doing I see

how hard you’re working hey listen I

want to make a deal with you for the

rest of this year I want you to take one

day off and I’m gonna still pay you and

imma still give you the grade and I’m

gonna steal um act like you were here

but I don’t want you to come in I don’t

want you to do any school work I don’t

want you to email anybody I want you to

take the day off and I want you to

rejuvenate there are people in here

that would beat people up to have that

happen in their job situation there are

people in here that would say sign me up

for that today but the saddest part that

I’m finding is in the body of Christ

there are more burnt out people more

people who are workaholics there are

some people who are lazy and they don’t

get the results that they want to see so

they work in other ways to manipulate

and do all these other things and

God was telling me he said Michael my

people need to understand that I really

am a good father

and we’re talking about throwback Sunday

I want to throw it back to God’s

original intent for every person that

came into this world was to work for six

days and to rest one day a week and some

of y’all is like you don’t know my bills

pass the mic you don’t know this debt

that I have you don’t know the kids that

I have been given yes he does he knows

everything about you but it’s a

principle that most of us have not taken

to heart we’re out here trying to

provide for ourselves when God tells us

he will provide for us it really becomes

a trust issue and I’m gonna I’m gonna

walk us through the word cuz some of

y’all are like rest I don’t even think

it’s that important even worked that

hard I don’t even know what’s happening

but I’m going to help you understand one

of the greatest principles that God ever

gave and I want you by the end of this

message to have an understanding or at

least an appetite to be able to work

very hard for six days a week and rest

one day a week to honor God and so I

want us to go right now to Exodus

chapter 20 Exodus chapter 20 and I’m

going to start remember I’m going to

start reading this scripture and this is

um God giving on the children of Israel

Commandments and I want us to look at

this it says remember to observe the

Sabbath day by keeping it holy which

means set apart you have six days each

week for your emails your hair styling

your investing making deals or ordinary

work whatever your work is you have six

days a week to do that but the seventh

day is the Sabbath everybody say Sabbath

it’s the Sabbath day of what rest and

it’s dedicated to the Lord that were

dedicated means devoted that means even

if I want to do something I take away my

vote I have dedicated or devoted this to

God it says on that day no one in your

household may do any work this in

you your sons your daughters your male

and female service your livestock how

can cows work but he said take tell your

Cal tell your help for take a day off

she said Moo again anyway I’m sorry I

couldn’t help it it’s this sweater it’s

this dad sweater help me okay

not your livestock any foreigners living

among you for in six days listen the

Lord made the heavens the earth the Seas

and everything in them but on the

seventh day what did God do I want you

to see the power in that statement on

the seventh day the god of the universe

did what he rested now where did the

concept of a seven days even come from

it came from if he wanted to he could

have done one through six and started it

over again but he wanted to paint an

eternal picture of what it looks like to

live a life that is balanced and so he

worked six days in the last day he

pulled out his heavenly lazyboy kicked

that mug up and he did what rested okay

so I want you to see this picture cuz we

read this stuff in the Bible but we just

go right past it they said he rested and

that’s why the Lord blessed the Sabbath

there’s a blessing when you rest and he

set it apart to be holy so the first

point today is um it’s a commandment

like when God started dealing with me on

this because I’m one that likes to work

listen I don’t like any wasted time I

like to make sure things are moving

forward my language is a mover in my

life language so if I don’t see progress

happening on something I start twitching

I start painting stuff I started I start

doing stuff I’ll break something if it

ain’t moving if it don’t look like it’s

going for I’ll break it and then I’ll

fix it again I’m a mover I want to see

progress happening okay um but in my

life when God started to deal with me

with this I became a father a pastor I

did a house remodel I did all this stuff

in the same year and God started dealing

with me he said my

you gotta rest I said God what about the

call of God on my life you call me to

the nation’s you’re coming to the world

I got these kids to provide for I got

all of this stuff to do and he’s like

yeah but you need to rest if I could be

honest I didn’t know how to deal with

that how do i reconcile all of this

potential all of these great things

you’ve called me to and you telling me

not to do anything today how how is that

gonna work he said Michael when you

don’t work I go to work and it hit me

like a ton of bricks he said Michael

that’s why I made it out of the top ten

things that I could tell people the

children of Israel to live their life

right the fourth thing was to honor a

day of rest the understand this was a

commandment this was not a said you know

what you do look a little baggy under

the eyes you should take you should take

today off he said if you want to live

the life that I’ve called you to I want

you to make it a part of the way you

live to take a day off and rest now if I

asked everybody everybody else would

agree that the other nine Commandments

that we should really be intentional on

like most believers believe that thou

shalt not have any other gods before

before him we believe that we believe

that we shouldn’t make any idols we

believe that we shouldn’t take God’s

name in vain we believe that we should

honor our fathers and mothers we believe

that we should not murder

we should not commit adultery we should

not steal we should not lie and we

should not covet like if somebody came

up to you and said should I do this

you’d like no no you shouldn’t do that

but if somebody came up to you and said

should I take a day arrest God holds a

day of rest at the same level of murder

I didn’t say it somebody else like did

you just when when we violate this

moment of of taking our works out of it

and letting God work he said that is


you sleeping with somebody else’s

husband or wife now the Word of God is

strong and many of us have been working

all it’s from the time we could work

honestly for some of us it’s

generational I remember one of my

uncle’s pulling me aside and he tried to

use race and all this other stuff as as

as a um an encouragement but he said son

you black said duh uncle he said but

this world out here they don’t want you

to succeed

you got to work two times as hard you

got to do this is this you got to do

this if they do it like this you got to

do it ten times better just to get

recognized and I started to internalize

some of those principles and some of

those things so if somebody would do one

mile I’d do two miles out of shape and

all about the dime if somebody would if

somebody would do do something at a

level I’ll make sure I do it more and it

became something that was deep-seated in

competition and security and and and and

insecurities really and but I thought

that if I just weren’t Tamura I could

get to the place that I needed to get

but I started to find out in life man

there are some people that weren’t

working even half as hard and they ended

up in positions and there was some

people and I said hold on this is not


meet me just working and working and

working he said because for my children

that’s not how I set it up he I didn’t

set you up to put yourself in position

remember what the word says elevation

comes from God and so he’s trying to

work into us generationally a principle

that will allow us to trust God and

that’s the first thing I want you to

understand that it is a commandment and

I want to say this because some people

like yes it was under the law the this

was this was under law and we are not

saved because of laws we are saved by

grace through faith okay I need

everybody understand that but these were

principles that if you abide by them

they will have good outcomes for you and

if you don’t abide by them they’ll have


outcomes for you let me just help you if

you go and you steal something from a

department store and you walk out

there’s consequences for that okay if

you go and you lie when you’re supposed

to be telling the truth under oath the

thing in the situation can have nothing

to do with you but if you lie about it

there are consequences for that the same

thing is if you live your life working

every day of week there are consequences

for it these are principles that God has

placed in place to make us live the best

life that we could ever live so I want

you to see it because some of y’all just

looking at me like is that what you

wanted to tell us today Pastor Mike

check this out go to Exodus chapter 16

because there are reasons God wants you

to rest and I want to tell you some of

them the first reason that God wants you

to rest is it gives God the opportunity

to provide for you supernaturally when

you take that one day and say God I’m

gonna I’m not going to put my hands to

this I’m gonna trust you with it it

gives God the opportunity to provide

supernaturally look at Exodus 16 verse

23 this is God talking through to Moses

he said this is what the Lord commands

he said tomorrow will be a day of

everybody say this next two words with

me complete tomorrow will be a day of

complete rest a holy Sabbath day set

apart for the Lord it’s set apart for

the Lord

so bake boil and fry as much as you want

today I added that fry in there y’all

saw that real quick a bacon boil pray

for me and set aside what is left for

tomorrow it says so they put some aside

until morning just as Moses had

commanded and in the morning the

leftover food was wholesome and good

without maggots and odor I want you to

understand this is when God is providing

manna from heaven there in the

wilderness and every day he’s providing

this porridge for them and that’s what I

was told when I was a kid but just

something to eat he was giving them and

it’s literally manna means what is it so

didn’t even know what it was but it was

enough to nourish them but people

started getting greedy and they tried to

store it up for the next day so the

manor would come down they would take it

and they would try to put it away but

every day that they put it away the next

morning it would be rotted there would

be maggots and worms and pesticides in

it and so what God is saying right here

is he saying

I didn’t provide every other day he said

but if you take the Sabbath if you take

a day off on the sixth day I’m going to

provide double so that you do not have

to work on the seventh day I want you to

hear this principle right here it said

Moses had commanded them in the morning

that leftover food was good without

maggots and odor so they was like oh

shoot this works

verse 25 Moses said eat this food today

for today is the Sabbath day dedicated

to the Lord now watch this there will be

no food on the ground today you may

gather the food for six days but the

seventh day is the Sabbath there will be

no food on that day on the ground let me

say it another way there will be no

provision on the day that is supposed to

honor God with rest so what does that

look like in my life Pastor Mike we’re

working we grinding and God’s providing

and all this other stuff he said take

this next day off cuz if you don’t you

out there by yourself

there will be no provision for you on

this day and and some people are saying

person like that’s that’s that’s

extremely I want you to see this in the

word this is a commandment that God is

so serious about there will be no

provision for you that means all the

emails are sin all the favor I had all

week the business deals that were being

made all the things I was trying to do

God said I’m not working with you on

this day cuz you’re not supposed to be

working on this day you’re supposed to

be resting and you’re supposed to be

honoring me now if we look at our lives

how many of our lives are really like

that consistently where we are resting

and honoring God with our lives look at

it I want you to

see it verse 28 it said the Lord asked

Moses know verse 27 some of the people

like some of the people here went out

anyway on the seventh day but they found

no provision this will be the testimony

of your life

I’m so tired Pastor Mike I’m just always

grinding I’m just always working I’m

just all have you rested lately or have

you been trying to work where there’s no

provision have you intentionally set up

your schedule and talked to your job and

talked to your family and talk to your

kids to be in a place where you’re able

to honor God and I’m not talking about

just being a lazy bum and just saying

the Lord has called me to Sabbath I have

to have my Sabbath every day I mean some

of y’all want to be taken sabbath four

days a week that’s not God okay but many

of us I’m talking to those who do work

I’m talking to those who do do whatever

God has called you to do okay one of

those days has to be taken off to honor

God he said God got man

verse 29 for verse 28 the Lord asked

Moses how long will these people refuse

to obey my commands and instructions

until 2017 till today

it said they must realize and that’s

what I want you to hear that you must

realize that the Sabbath is the Lord’s

gift to you I wish God could just bless

me with something he said I did I

blessed you with the day off that

whatever you do on that day I’ll provide

for I bless you some of y’all working

two and three jobs no time with your

family your kids will pass them like I

got in this dead and I’m trying to get

this debt off me and I’m trying to get

this and God said this would be even a

bigger testimony that you honored me one

of those days and I wiped out the dead

but what’s a better testimony that you

worked your way into a coma

and you work your way into high blood

pressure and you work your way into

diabetes because you eating fast food

because you’re working all times a night

and and and then I had to come save you

or I took the time to stop and say God

you know my situation

you know but I’m going to honor you and

today I’m going to do nothing except

spend time with my family

watch this Netflix and shield do you

understand what I’m saying okay and

that’s what God is asking us but somehow

this is not spiritual to you but we’ll

be at the hospital playing for cardiac

arrest no no it happened I have met

people who work themselves into sickness

does anybody know anybody who’s worked

themselves into sick okay God said that

should never be the case for any of my

children I see people even in school

that they’re doing so much work and

studying and you’ve taken on everything

and you’re the president of this club

and the president of that club and and

the CEO of this club and you don’t even

have time to be able to wash your body

properly do you hear what I’m saying you

need to take a break take a day off cuz

this is what God wants to give you as a

gift he said this is the Lord’s gift to

you that is why he gives you two days of

provision or two days of supply so on

the sixth day there’ll be enough for two

days on the Sabbath day you must eat

stay in your place do not go out don’t

pick up any food on the seventh day so

that so the people did not gather any

food on the seventh day um this is this

is the thing God told me he said Michael

when you work seven days we I’m starting

a church I’m the pastor of a two and a

half year old church we got a big baby

here like it’s a toddler and and I I

want to see it full grown I want to see

the parking lots full every Sunday I

want to see multiple campus and there’s

always something to do always something

to do and God told me as I was running

about a year and a half ago and trying

to do everything I was

doing everything yeah I was doing

everything I was trying to do everything

um he told me he said you’re robbing me

of the opportunity to be your God I said

what do you mean I thought you said Lord

I’m supposed to to use what you given me

the works of my hands are gonna produce

and he said yeah but you’re doing too


you ever had somebody around I was just

doing too much like stop just ah I felt

like that’s what the conversation me and

I had stopped Michael you’re doing too


he said you’re robbing me of the

opportunity to supernaturally provide

for you my question to you is are you

doing too much are you robbing god of

the opportunity to supernaturally

provide for you I think of this like

tithing when you honor God with the 10%

he’s asking for one day out of six out

of seven so you got six he gets one and

it benefits you it is not even like he’s

saying take this day come to the altar

pray all day then get up worship in a

circle for six hours

get back down go pray for 16 lost people

he said rest like this is not even a

spiritual ritual that you have to do

this is refreshment for your soul this

is recreation or recreation what do you

do one time a week that recreates you

and get you ready for this next week see

we some of y’all the things you choose

as recreation stress you out more than

your job

I don’t told my kids we all go in a big

splash this week and I can’t stay and

look you germs oh my god okay like you

you are you’re devastated because what

you do for recreation stresses you out

more than your work God so what are you

doing every week that recreates you that

brings life to you it could be playing

the guitar and you’re horrible right now

but every time you hear that ring rang

something in you just gets peaceful and

rely and you spend six hours early

nobody else can take it that’s going to

be somebody else’s Sabbath somewhere

else you understand your husband may

need to leave the house but what are you

doing every day that’s helping you

recreate because God told us that we’re

going to have to work we’re going to

have to overcome things we’re going to

have to go Unferth than we’ve ever been

but he said what’s recreating somebody

say well I don’t have that time Pastor

Mike you don’t know what I’ve been

called to God can do more in six days

than you can do in seven if you don’t

believe me look around everything that

God created he did it in six days and

then he took a day of rest and then he

packaged it up and gave it to you as a

gift and many of us are leaving the gift

that God has given us unopened and today

I just wanted to come and remind you

take a day off person like that is the

whole message yep

take a day off but because if you do

then God will start intervening in your

situation supernaturally there’s only

there’s only one captain spot in the day

of Sabbath and he said either you can

take it or I can take it and I’m

encouraging you to give God the

opportunity to be God in your life stop

trying to be the savior he already sent

one and it’s a trust issue because if

you don’t trust God then you’re going to

do it yourself but if you trust God

you’re gonna say I might have to take my

hands off this one well my son’s

graduation is coming up and god I’m

trying to pay this house off and you

know the wedding is coming up and God

said let me be God I’ll be the one that

will let the venue come to you and say

you know what we’re just like you and

that five thousand dollars we were going

to charge all those other people we gave

it to you for free see but you you well

that ain’t never happen to me because

you have not let God be God

the favor of God is not fair let me help

everybody understand this that that it’s

it’s not about fairness it’s about

relationship let me help you my kids and

yo kids there’s no comparison affair

when it comes to my house because of the

relationship we have I didn’t tell

everybody nobody’s getting any more

juice boxes and gummy snacks nobody but

if my daughter comes to me and says dad

just one more time I took out what you

told me to and I helped you with the

painting that can I have it’s not about

to be fan cuz that’s my child

she knows her daddy she knows how to

look at me and I’m don’t tell you mama

why come favor it’s not fair and

everybody’s like well God’s just

supposed to be but when you have

relationship with him when you follow

and honor his commands when you do what

he said things happen for you and I’m

trying to let people know that because

some of y’all mad right now and other

people excited who’ve experienced God’s

favor on your life

some of y’all mad like that is not right

start fouls get a relationship it works

out completely differently for you and

so I’m encouraging everybody um when you

trust God amazing thing happened I was

doing some research on fast food

restaurants and um most fast food chains

okay so McDonald’s Burger King talked

about all those stuff they’re open seven

days a week

most of them 24 hours the average


restaurant fast-food grosses a million

dollars a year okay amid the average so

some are a little higher some are low

lower but the average gross is a million

dollars a year chick-fil-a


is that what I need to say every Sunday

let’s give God a chick-fil-a praise Wow

lord help your church okay now watch

chick-fil-a is open six days a week okay

6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. so not 24 hours

okay and the the founder truett Cathy

when he started in 1946 he started

chick-fil-a by saying we’re not going to

make our staff work on Sunday and you

can read it on all their bylaws and

everything like to give a day of rest

and worship since 1946

rest and what the average chick-fil-a

store grosses 5 million so 1 million

working 24 hours a day seven days a week

five million six days a week six to ten

when you honor God maybe this side will

get when you honor when you honor it

gives him the opportunity to work super

not there’s no way to even describe it

supernatural so I want you to start

honoring God with the Sabbath okay let

me give you another understanding of

this um the Ten Commandments are in two

places they’re there in Exodus in there

in Deuteronomy 5 I want you to see it in

Deuteronomy 5 and verse 15 it says

remember that you were once slaves this

is why we take the day of rest remember

you once were slaves in Egypt he’s

talking the children of Israel but the

Lord your God brought you out with the

strong hand and a powerful arm that is

why the Lord God has commanded you to

rest on let me help you understand this

when you’re a slave you get no days off

a slave has to do more for less and if

we be honest that’s how some of us feel

six days a week at whatever job we were

your slave to your schedule your slave

to your time your slave to meeting just

like whatever but God says um remember

that you’re you’re not your own that

I’ve given you a gift

see back in those days the only people

who got a day of rest were the elite or

the Royals and I want you to know my

daddy is the king of kings and he calls

all of us joint heirs with so we have to

do this and take a day off because it

puts us in the position to remember you

know what I want was a slave to sin I

once was bound to those things I once

was a slave to money see some of you

would do anything for money if I if I

say I’ll give you $1,000 to some of

y’all’s limit to that we couldn’t even

air it on because we’ve been so

conditioned that the things of this

world Mammon money all of these things

are going to promise us what God’s

already given us he said let me provide

for you and take this day of rest let me

help you understand it even further um

when you rest it gives us the

opportunity to be rested and refreshed

some of believers are the most

frustrated when you meet them overworked

don’t have time to it you know it was

funny I asked somebody when is the last

time you witnessed to somebody and the

person’s response was I don’t have time

to witness now if we be honest some of

us are that busy that God will bring

somebody right in our path and we don’t

have five minutes to share our testimony


we we don’t have we don’t have the

energy the effort I got too much going

on in my own situation

I don’t have time to how are we going to

reach the world in God’s bring he said

you can’t even think about it if you’re

not rested you can’t even you can’t even

do anything that that I’ve called you to

do if you’re not thinking about it

properly so I want you to look at this

we we rest because it gives us the

opportunity to rest and refresh Exodus

chapter 31 verse 14 I’m giving you a lot

of scripture because some of you don’t

believe this is in the word and this is

God’s Word for your life Exodus 31 verse

14 it says you must keep the Sabbath day

he keeps saying the same thing keep the

day of rest because I know some of y’all

not going to get this keep the Sabbath

day for it is holy day for you

anyone who desecrates it must be put to

death what anyone who works on the day

will be cut off from the community you

have six days each week for your

ordinary work but the seventh day must

be the Sabbath day of complete rest a

holy day dedicated to the Lord anyone

who works on the Sabbath must be put to


thank you gonna say it twice the people

of Israel must keep the Sabbath day by

observing it from generation to

generation this is a covenant obligated

for all time it is a permanent sign of

God’s covenant with his people of Israel

so I said well I’m not the people of

Israel go to Roman’s 11 anybody who

comes into the faith we are in grafted

into the children of Israel we are all

God’s people Jews and Gentiles you can

go and study that at another time it’s

there for in six days the Lord made the

heaven in the earth

but the seventh day he stopped work he

stopped working and was what’s that last

word now this is hard for some people to

comprehend because how can all knowing

all powerful Almighty God be refreshed

many theologians have they had a hard

time with this but I studied it because

you know it’s God how are you

refresh you are I am you’re everything

that and it’s so funny because when I

looked up this word in the original

language refreshed means breath or to

take breath or to breathe in okay and so

I started to think about it and for for

six days God was creating how does God

create by speaking what does it take to

speak so you’re breathing out let there

be light

I just want to over exaggerate so you

can see for six days he was breathing

out and then on the sixth day he created

man and he breathed the breath of life

into he created for six days and on the

seventh day what did he do he was

refreshing he breathed in and do you

know what he was saying he said and it’s

good I want you to get this picture

because what God is saying is he wants

you to expend your energy he wants you

to work hard he wants you to be

productive he wants you to breathe out

but on one day a week I’m giving you the

gift of breathing in have you ever heard

the saying that says let me catch my

breath that’s how most of us live our

life hello my kids just pooped on

himself did that job this is happening

it that’s happening we’re living our

life winded and God saying I’m giving

you six days to put it all out there but

I’m giving you the gift of one day a

week to breathe in and and for the

children of Israel was beautiful because

this was the biggest witnessing tool

that they had so when they were doing

trade with other other countries and

different things there was no

civilization that did this so for the

Jewish community Sabbath was on Saturday

and so they would be like hey

bring it up to modern times hey I’ma be

in town I’m gonna give up I’ll be in

town on Saturday we can finish up the

deal then and the email and bagans be

sorry we don’t work on Saturday you

don’t work on Saturday I’ma be in town

he said yeah we honored the Sabbath

what’s the Sabbath they’ve never heard

of it before like many people that you

work with will never have heard of

honoring God with one day a week and say

yeah um this is when um god of the

universe God God who you never heard of

God yeah he created us not a big bang

and and and he um and and he took six

days and created and he asked us to

observe on the seventh day he was like

okay so then we can do it on Monday huh

yeah but you can still come on Saturday

so we can talk about this God that I

told you about and they used it as a

tool to witness to people what I’m

saying is there will be people who are

in your company that’ll be like I don’t

see you doing the extra stuff that all

of us are doing and how are your numbers

better than us how did you just get

Employee of the Year and we it’s going

to be an opportunity for you to witness

God wants you to look good cuz then it

brings people to the kingdom so God

y’all there is no better deal did he

want you to rest he wants to prosper you

he wants you to be the best and he just

want you to tell people how it happened

honor God and he took this song that is

like not even better than all these

other songs and he took it to number one

on the charts why cuz I honored God what

are you workin for that God can already

provide well what what are you toiling

for that God says if you would just

trust me if you just trust me with it

I’ll do it in your life um now I do need

to address in this last five minutes of

the message that um if you are a bum or


I mean I just have to address it because

you know this generation is a little

different we work a job for five days

and like I didn’t like the manager like

it’s it’s just it’s just real come on

now can we be real

we have no longevity we don’t even want

contracts for our phones cuz I might

switch up on you you know I’m saying

like okay so um so if you’re a bum or

you’re lazy there’s clear things in the

word about that too so I’m not gonna

spend my message talking on it but I

want you to go check out proverbs 6 and

9 I’m gonna read it from the message

version so that you can just hear the

Spirit of the Lord he said you lazy fool


look at the ant he said I you so lazy

I’m gonna take you to the lowest level

strongest worker that I created okay I’m

gonna give you a lesson from the ant

look at the end and watch closely come

here fool no I’m just that’s what he

said it said let it teach you a thing or

two nobody has to tell it what to do if

you’re if you’re living and you’re

waiting for somebody to tell you what to

do you need to take a lesson from the

end that’s a whole nother message take a

lesson on my preset next week it says

all summer when it’s sun’s out guns out

and everybody’s doing all summer it

stores up food at harvest it stockpiles

provisions so how long are you going to

laze around doing nothing

how long before you get out of bed a nap

here unlap there a day off here a day

off there see it didn’t say a day off is

there a day off here and a day are you

doing it every time you can it says sit

back take it easy do you know what comes


just this you can look forward to a

dirt-poor life poverty will be your

permanent houseguest ouch that’s all I’m

gonna say about that so I’m not talking

about people who are lazy here keep

taking days off I’m talking about people

who are putting what God’s placed in

their hand and they’re really working it

it may not be the job you want forever

but varkids

it may it may not be what you purposed

to do but work it and then God gives you

a gift of the Sabbath and I just want to

help this is a pet peeve 30 more seconds

on this ladies on this Father’s Day if

you are dating a man that doesn’t have a

job no hear me hear me I understand a

brother that’s all has come up but it

needs to be on paper he does it don’t

don’t you cannot be with a dude that

does not have a vision or a plan look

maybe I shouldn’t do this on Father’s


but many of you have babies by these

fathers okay hear me hear me what I’m

saying this is a sure sign and you’re

perpetuating the the cancer in our

society when you take them to the mall

and buy him Jordans somebody just did

that last week when you when you when

you pay his car payment and and aunt

y’all I’ve been looking every day I’ve

been online every day get a rank get a

lot more I promise you there’s some

grannies that will take you and allow

you everybody I got a record that does

not stop people from working here I’m

just I’m trying to help you and I’m just

telling you because if you don’t do this

ladies cuz you own it you got your own

car you got our own car you guys our own

weapon that okay you’re independent I

got you but if you if you keep this

going he never gets an opportunity to

become the man of God that he’s supposed

to be so so look you see how few claps

that people is like oh my god I got to

break up with your own Thank You paestum


some people just gotta fend it you

posted him on your wall today that’s my

baby daddy he still ain’t put a ring on

it it’s been 17 years wait am i doing up

here what am I talking about

timeout okay he liked it that much he

should have put a ring on it I saw I’m

saying who rest

I I just I want to help you live okay

cuz sometimes we can get it confused and

all he doing is taking Sabbath and you

out here work that’s not that’s not what

it is God get Genesis 2:15 you’d go

check it later God gave Adam a job

before he gave them Eve I don’t know why

Laura okay I just save somebody from

something okay

oh so so observing this Sabbath or

taking this day of rest is is is really

serious to God and that’s my next point

it’s a serious business to God numbers

chapter 15 um there’s this guy who

breaks the law of the Sabbath and I want

you to see what happens to him says one

day while the people of Israel were in

the wilderness they discovered a man

look what he was doing gathering wood on

the Sabbath he’s picking up sticks but

he was working he said the people who

found him doing this took him before

Moses and Aaron and the rest of the

community they held him in custody like

I just see the pictures like what you in

for I killed two people what you in for

ah man I stole from somebody what you in

for man I was picking up sticks I mean

that’s that’s what this is they held him

in custody

okay because they did not know what to

do with them then the Lord said to Moses

the man must be put to death and now if

that was me y’all I’d be dead let’s take

it you know when you start talking room

no no I was just trying to get some wood

and put him to death the whole community

must stone him outside the camp so the

whole community took them and outside

the camp and stoned him to death just as

the LORD commanded Moses now I know

that’s hard for some people to hear but

I think there’s a greater principle

inside of this is that there were only

four things that you

get stoned for back in that day murder

adultery not keeping the Sabbath this

was funny and bad kids hate stone your

back go get Timmy today’s his day today

get him people I’ve been waiting for

this waiting boots like I can see I

don’t know why that is you tell your

kids and you start back in the old test

fit we would have stones you um here we

go it’s fun month ain’t it okay all

right but but but but this is the bigger

question why would God be so serious

about this it’s cuz he’s serious about

you and he’s serious about your purpose

my question is nobody’s getting stoned

today but are you killing yourself look

let’s ask that question he said they’re

being put to death are you losing years

off of your life because you’re not

doing it God’s Way well I opened the

business and I can’t let it fail and God

said I told you to open the business and

I won’t let it fail but are you in the

way so so the number one question that

comes with this is okay what do you do

on your Sabbath what do you do okay do I

just sit there in a quiet room and do

nothing that’s the wrong question the

real question is what do you not do what

do you not do on your Sabbath and I’m

being very practical right here you need

look at me one day a week where you

don’t do work whatever your primary form

of work is or whatever you’re doing you

need one day a week where you don’t do

that so it’s not what can I do but no

it’s what have I’ve set up already not

to do on this day my Sabbath is Friday

well I got to preach every weekend every

weekend I got to preach there’s some

weekend’s my message is

not ready by Friday Friday comes and I’m

like Lord oh I don’t know what 700

people are coming and they don’t know as

they’re texting about Church don’t know

what I was making about and God

challenged me one time this happened

probably bout three weeks ago three or

four weeks ago he said Michael I’m

serious about this

don’t do anything tomorrow on your

message and I mean the whole day I was

jacked up because I was trying to work

in myself when God was telling me just

honor me and I’ll provide for you so

about two o’clock comes and I’m about to

just study the word for myself you know

have devotion cuz I I make sure every

time I come up here I have something to

say that is from God and he was I’m

serious about this cuz when you know

better you do better and God really

convicted me up he said I’m serious

about you need to rest so me and the

family we went out we did stuff I mean

brought about six o’clock I forgot I was

preaching like I’ll say well I’ll make

it up there on Sunday and say hey like

cuz I just it was just gonna be what it

was Saturday at 5 a.m. the Holy Spirit

woke me up and gave me my entire message

and in literally 30 minutes

now watch that’s not how I wanna live

okay that’s not how I want to live what

I am saying is that he provided when I

honored him what I’m telling you is even

if it doesn’t seem like if you aren’t

choose a day Monday Tuesday Wednesday

work at with your schedule but don’t do

your work

don’t answer emails if you get an email

you can answer it back by saying what

day is this it’s my Sabbath but you got

to tell people that and you got to be

intentional with that me and Bri we’ve

been up about to have meetings and she

said pastor mike is my Sabbath I said oh

yeah that’s right we can’t meet about

that we can’t talk about that right now

why cuz if we honor God he’ll take care

of the rest

take a day of rest my last point is

unobserved sabes they accumulate if you

don’t take the Sabbath they’re being

added up uh-huh uh-huh

second chronicles 36 verse 20 this is

after the children of Israel had been

captured it says the few who survived

were taking as two taken as exiled to

Babylon and they became servants to the

king and his sons until the kingdom of

Persia came to power so the message of

the Lord spoken through Jeremiah was

fulfilled that the land finally enjoyed

its Sabbath rest lying desolate until

the seventy years were fulfilled just as

the Prophet had said okay so let me help

you understand this God had told the

children of Israel hey I’m going to take

this one step further every six years I

want you to till the land plant crops so

reap and on the seventh year I don’t

want you to till the land at all I just

don’t want you to do anything on the

line now this is their primary way of

making money he said don’t do it at all

and it got to that time and they was

looking at the bank accounts and they

finances and nails like naw I don’t know

if that was God drop a few seas jaw just

drop a few drop a few more drop a few

more matter of fact just do the whole

thing and we’ll just let God and for 70

years no no for 490 years they planted

without letting the land rest on the

seventh year so what God do say damn my

children not listening again alright you

can invade them I’ll take my hand of

covering off of you invade them take all

their family stuff

take them to Babylon so that I can let

the land enjoy its Sabbath

they key kept the whole group of people

in captivity for 70 years so the land

could rest so if God is that concerned

about land resting how much more is he

concerned about you for people who do

math think about this it was like 7

years went by he said they didn’t do it

1 7 more years to 21 years 3 they did it

for 490 years and thought they were

getting away with it they thought it was

the way of life

I mean God had him entrapped for 70

years and at the 70th year they were

freed cuz when you don’t take your

Sabbath they accumulate my question to

you is how long has it been

weakly since you’ve had a day of rest

some of y’all accounts are overdrawn how

so Mike why are you telling us this cuz

God wants you to repurpose and he wants

you to be fulfilled when you do it have

you ever gotten something and it wasn’t

all you thought it was gonna be

God said I don’t want you to get the

thing or the place you wanted to get to

and not be able to be healthy enough to

enjoy it

so I discipline is so important in your


that’s why changing is so important in

your life tell the story I heard pastor

Robert Morris because this is who

introduced me to this concept I’ve been

in church all my life I’ve never heard

one message on rest ever and he said you

know I got to a point their ministry was

booming I mean thousands and thousands

of people he had come from overseas and

it’s a funny story but he tells it way

better but I’m gonna tell it today he

said that he was exhausted not taking

any breaks doing everything in the name

of the Lord ministering into all kinds

of you see you can do it in the name of

the Lord and kill yourself in the name

of the Lord so he was doing all this

stuff and he had got off the shower and

he went to his underwear drawer and he

had one pair of

and his brain he said stopped working

and all he could think was what am I

gonna do tomorrow he was so tired that

he didn’t think about washing he didn’t

think about going to Walmart and buy 15

pairs for $7 he didn’t think about none

of that he said what am I going to do

tomorrow there’s a place that you can

get so tired that you stop thinking

right can I help you many temptations

that come in your life come when you’re

tired the enemy always hits prey at

their weak moment you work in 9:00 to

5:00 in the mail lady just walking

through here’s your mail mr. Todd you

get behind me Satan

do you understand I got to sleep because

I got to see you coming do you see what

I’m saying

and if you if you trace it back many of

your bad decisions were when you were

exhausted uh y’all being fake you you

answered the call should be sleep hello

what’s he doing sleep get off my phone

do you understand what I’m saying but

when when we’re tired we make poor

decisions he said he went to his sock

drawer afterwards getting ready to go to

another meeting just continue in the

movie not taking her Sabbath and there

were no socks that grown man fell on the

ground and started crying and he said

I’m losing it socks and underwear have

taken me out

he went to his head guy his name is Tom

Lane and he told him the story because

that’s who his meeting was and he had

the wisdom to say you’re not losing it

said you’re exhausted he said so this is

what we’re gonna do their board came

together they gave him eight weeks off

said don’t come to church don’t preach

don’t prepare you take this sabbatical

eight weeks and don’t do anything and

this man had eight weeks off on the 53rd

day he said I started to feel normal

he was like I I I was in my quiet time

with the Lord and he said he said what

day is it he said the 53rd day and he’s

like I just feel good today he said

that’s how many Sabbath’s you own for

one solid year he had been working

without a break and on the 53rd day

release my question is to you

how many sadness is the you Oh some

people say I just need to take the the

year off when you know better there’s

there’s no condemnation when you’re in

Christ Jesus he’s not holding you back

but today on this Father’s Day fathers

who are trying to provide for everybody

and everything and make sure that make

sure you model God’s Way of living to

your kids take a day of rest I want to

pray for everybody and I want to pray

that God would allow this principle not

law this principle to take root in our

life and look at me real quick if you do

this God promises to bless you

there’s not a better deal in history

that you get time off and I’ll bless

everything you don’t do on that day

father I thank you that as a church we

hear your word and I thank you Father

God that you you give us the real

revelation of honoring you with the day

of rest and worship God for many of us

is a very hard concept to get but you

said in your word it’s a gift so god

today we receive that gift thank you for

every person who does work hard that

uses the labor of their hands that that

does father what you called them to do

and trying to reach purpose now god I’m

thanking you that you make it a

milestone or a memorial in their hearts

God that they honor you with the day

father where you get to really be

Jehovah Jireh our provider God forgive

us for in the past of trying to do

everything in our own self and I just

thank you God today that as we know

better we’re gonna do better give us

wisdom of how to spend how to recreate

how to rejuvenate how to be everything

you’ve called us to be father God and I

thank you father that you’ve created

this just for your children no longer

slaves but heirs to the throne we trust

you we believe you and we thank you in

Jesus name Amen

oh don’t hold on hold on hold on hold on

because I heard somebody in the prayer

there’s like so we just supposed to take

to Sabbath off but what if an emergency

happens on the Sabbath

go to Matthew chapter 12 whenever you

get a chance the Pharisees were trying

to catch Jesus up and He healed the man

on the Sabbath and we caught him not so

messed up the man was laying and now he

can walk and maybe like forget that we

gonna get Jesus cuz he worked on the

Sabbath and she said guys how many times

do I have to go through this if your

lamb fell in a ditch on the Sabbath I’m

not saying leave him there until the

next day

go get your lamb and just get him and

then go back to resting it so so and

then he says this he says the Sabbath

was not made for man to serve it that

the man gets served by the Sabbath so

again this is not legalistic this is a

principle that if you put this to play

in your life you’ll see blessings amen

let’s give God praise right now for that