Are you ready to uncover the transformative power of pairing with people in your life? In Pastor Mike’s first sermon back from sabbatical, we dive into what it takes to have thriving relationships as we begin our new “Kingdom Kouples” series. In this message, we address isolation’s impact and the need to seek partners and friendships for purpose, ON purpose. We’re reminded the power lies not just in working together, but in PAIRING together. Your destiny is linked to your friendships. As you tune in, discover the profound impact of right-fit partnerships and the support they provide during life’s falls. Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NLT) Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT) James 1:14-16 (NLT) Mark 6:6-7 (NLT) Mark 6:8-13 (NLT) 00:00 – Intro 06:33 – Finding partners for purpose on purpose 10:51 – In the Kingdom, it’s about connection which brings confidence 12:24 – God’s pattern is partnership 12:40 – Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verses 9 through 12 NLT 18:20 – There is power in the pair 23:31 – Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 10 NLT 24:50 – The fall is predictable… but the pain can be padded with partnership 29:04 – How far you fall is directly connected to your friends 36:26 – 3 Reasons you go from destiny to disaster: 1. Wildin’ 39:03 – 3 Reasons you go from destiny to disaster: 2. Wounded 42:08 – 3 Reasons you go from destiny to disaster: 3. Weak 43:35 – James chapter 1 verses 14 through 16 NLT Join Transformation Church for Monday Night Prayer. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, and hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US: We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS: Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you’re

watching from if you haven’t already be

sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s message

but we’re gonna start week one

of a series that we’re going to call

very simply Kingdom


now now stop hold on wait a minute don’t

stop get it get it

I know everybody

is anticipation and thinking you know

what I’m about to preach

you think this is relationship goals

part three

not quite

because what’s happening right now is

everybody is glorifying marriage

and most people are mismanaging



we’re we’re sowing and glorifying one of

the most beautiful pictures in the world

it is the picture of Heaven on Earth

we’re talking about Kingdom coming down

God chose the marriage to be that sign

for him but

half the people that get into it

they quit it

even with love

even with bomb


that’s right y’all know I’m trying to

they still have not figured out how to

do it

so we’re going to talk about that on

week three romantic relationships dating

we’re going to talk about marriage we’re

gonna talk about all of that

but I just felt like I needed to start

out with all your relationships

cause some of y’all can’t get to a

marriage relationship because it’s going

to be a duplicate of the toxicity that

was in your family

and so before we get to a relationship

with somebody I love

we need to deal with the relationship

with the people you hate

okay here we go

by faith I want us to start this series

with the faith statement


this is the faith statement I want to

start us with

I can

have successful relationships

I need everybody to say it with me I can

have successful relationship one more

time I

have successful relationships most

people don’t believe that

most people want it

but do not know if they can actually

have that

and by faith I want you to know that God

designed this whole thing

for you to have successful relationships

now listen to what I’m saying right now

no matter how bad your relationships

have been how non-existent they have

been how good they have been or how

toxic they’ve been you can have better


and if you start with that premise I can

have successful relationships and begin

to focus on that your focus pulls you


anything you focus on that’s what you

start going towards

I believe for so long many of us have

had our focus on protecting our space

and doing me

I ain’t letting nobody Kill My Vibe

come on that we have stopped believing

the best for relationships

and so I want everybody in this room to

say it one more time with faith even if

you’re hurting right now

even if you’re in a seasonal loss I want

you to say it soberly even if you don’t

fully believe it right now this is going

to be a seed of crazy faith for you

somebody say I can

have successful


okay so the word of the year is kingdom

and when I started to think about the

word Kingdom the holy spirit said one of

my principles Michael that you have not

talked about and you got to get into the

people it’s the kingdom principle

of partnership

and I said what do you mean he said I

want you to talk about Kingdom couples

but I want you to help them understand

that a couple all it means is two

because most people think couple and

they think of a beautiful man and a

beautiful woman and they’re coming

together and all couple means


I need more than one person to get with

another purpose person that is going

towards purpose so they can be a kingdom

couple a kingdom payer a dynamic duo

let’s think about some of the dynamic

Duos throw out some Dynamic Duos for me

right now

Batman and Robin come on give me some


Shaq and Kobe somebody said second

LeBron I said no

who come on give me a couple more

Will Smith and Martin oh bad boy okay

okay I’m with you I was like those are

two different shows up


Keenan Peele any more Dynamic Duos


peanut butter and jelly that’s a

powerful one

I that might be the most powerful

thank you Michael Jordan and Scottie

Pippen that’s a dynamic duo okay but let


let me just

submit to you

that all of the people that you just

named in that partnership we may not

know without the partner


no no Michael Jordan would have been

great by himself oh okay

but there have been other great players

without the right partner

who never reached their purpose

could you be living at a lower quality

of calling and life

not because you don’t got it

because you have not aligned yourself

with a purpose partner


the subtitle of this series

is finding


for purpose

on purpose

because most people the people you run

with the people you call partner that my

partner right there they’re my partner


my partner

most people you call partner it’s

because of proximity

you didn’t pick them

they was just around

or your partners were because you only

got with people because of pleasure


it got real quiet booties got tight

but the only reason they’re not even

your type but the only reason you talk

to them because they answer the phone in

the AM

okay let me leave it alone that’s why

you wiping sleep out of your eye this


I was just gonna join the online Church

and let me not forget about the people

who partner up because of pain

did you pick

Ed your pain picked them

are these partners that are helping you

with purpose or did the dysfunction in

your heart link up with somebody


what I want you to know is this season

is about having partners

for purpose

on purpose okay so so so I need

everybody to understand this as we move

forth because my burden as I was praying

for you during sabbatical

I was lifting you up every week

praying for your families praying for

your businesses praying for your hearts

praying for your mind well you don’t

know my name but God does

and it is my job as a pastor to pray for

you as I begin to pray for you I just

kept seeing people struggling with this

one word this is why this is my burden


and I know you’re in a room full of

people right now but the truth of the

matter is many of you feel very alone

I know you got a big family but they

don’t really know what’s going on

I know that you have 2 964 Facebook


but none of them would actually be there

for you

if you lost everything

my burden is the people of God more than

ever in history I believe are becoming

intentional with their isolation

and it’s robbing them of their Kingdom


Pastor Mike why are you saying this to

me because when you are isolated

it robs you of identity

when you don’t have nobody around you

telling you you can do this

no that ain’t you

okay if I took

my daughter Gia right now who’s learning

the talk and walk and I took her to


and put her around a whole bunch of

people who speak a different language

and had an accent

she would automatically become a product

of her environment or her connections or

her relationships just because of


she would like tea and crumpets

she wouldn’t call them french fries

she’d call them chips see y’all know

what I’m talking about

and many of us are picking up accents


we’re picking up customs that have

nothing to do with the kingdom

but it’s because we’ve been isolated and

because we’ve been isolated we’ve lost

identity and then when God tells us to

do something we become watch this


it’s a great show it’s a bad way to live

when God calls you to do something he

says be strong and

so many of us because of isolation and

loss of identity we are insecure and we

do not do what we know God has called us

to do and we end up living unfulfilled

but in the Kingdom somebody say in the


the Kingdom currency is about connection

and when you get connection watch this

you get confidence

you ever walked into some place with all

your boys

are all your girls

it’s a different swag when you come in

and don’t know nobody and you’re like

hello hi my name is Mike

that don’t even matter when you’re with

your people


you walk different

and I believe this is the season where

your relationships have to give you


this is a season when you walk in the

wrong way your relationships got to turn

you back the other way this is the

season where the people of God

have to come out of isolation

it’s so crazy that we’re three years

away from 2020 but it’s still in you

your calling has been quarantined still

and God’s saying I need you to come out

and I need you to get these connections

so you can be confident in what I’ve

called you to do why is this important

okay because I know some people’s like

why do we okay oh they doing this

because they start in b groups

this was an actual accident

I had this message Charles and I’m

telling you the truth I had this message

before I knew the day I don’t come up

with the days for the B groups and all

that other stuff God does stuff

and this is a beautiful coincidence

the reason why this is important is

because write this down God’s pattern is


the thing we want to find out is how

does God do things his pattern

throughout all of scripture is

partnership go to Ecclesiastes chapter 4

verse 9 and I’m going to read this to

you and I just hope that it would be

clear because sometimes if the word is

really fuzzy and you need a concordance

and you need somebody to interpret and I

think I found one that’s real plain

about partnership verse nine two

than one

I don’t know if you need some


but two people

because everybody says two are better

than one like two what



are better off than one person

for they can help each other do what

who wants to succeed in this next season

of your life

what if I told you it’s going to take

somebody else

okay somebody’s mad right now I can

already feel it why he back


to transform your life here we go

person falls

the other

someone who falls a

is in real trouble

likewise two people lying close together

can keep each other warm somebody’s like

that’s why I came for this series I just

want to be laying and warming stop it

but how can one be warm alone a person

standing alone watch this can be

attacked and defeated

this is not just spiritual this is

natural animalistic law

if a predator is going to go after


who does he go after in the bunch

not just the weak one

the isolated one

the one that because of a little pain

was a little further behind

the one who got frustrated that they

didn’t get enough on the last kill and

so they distanced themselves in the


is watching who stopped going to church


who’s who’s binge watched every chapter

of that show but won’t open the chapter

in the Bible


who’s starting to watch

this new age manifestation

post because she got the body you want

but don’t have the spirit you want

uh-oh let me stop I’m getting too close

to somebody’s action not Janice yes


a person standing alone can be attacked

and defeated but two

can stand back to back

hey I can’t see back there but you watch


cause we about to whoop the devils

if you just give me a few weeks to get

back get give me a few weeks

and then look what it says it UPS it


are even better

he gives a requirement but then he says

you can take it to another level you

don’t just gotta stop at two people

that’s just the bear requirement for the

power to be released

in your life okay

for a triple braided chord is not easily

broken God’s pattern is partnership say

it God’s pattern is one more time God’s

pattern is pers who are your partners

hold on stop before you claim them


oh don’t just no no I just need

everybody to take full inventory

just cause y’all like each other

don’t mean that you’re in purpose


just cause you work together

does not mean you’re supposed to war


yeah yeah when I’m in my deepest moment


our talks around the cooler is not gonna

get me through

I need somebody that can go up and

wrestle not in this realm

because the Bible tells us that the

weapons of our Warfare they’re not


but a lot of y’all have friends

who y’all connect on fashion but they

can’t fight


let me stop let me stop

it says two are better than


and see let me dispel this right now

this is not a marriage scripture

I know you always here when people

standing at the altar and be like so

we’re better than why

this is God’s kingdom principle

he says two are better than one because

they can help each other succeed

two people praying are better than one

person praying

two people praising are better than one

person praising the Bible says it like

this one can put a thousand a flight

but two not ten two can put ten thousand

to its multiplication you don’t have

enough with just you

but the purpose God’s called you to I’m

sorry to be the one to inform you but

you ain’t got enough by yourself


I need everybody to accept this truth

write it down there’s power in the pair

that’s the title of my message today

there’s power

in the pair I want to bless somebody

with something where my man at come here

I want to just bless you you know your

pastor I’m back I’m I’ve been you but

hurry okay because I got a time limit I

told you no no

he’s trying to do the little job get up


y’all know the sexy job


what’s your name bro

Brian I appreciate you man I want to

give you something give me the uh give

me uh what do I want to give him

ah yeah there it is

I’m gonna give you this airpod

God bless you bro

I’m a generous man

love to give


the problem

is that he has it in his ear

but he doesn’t have the other one

so something can be going in this year

but something completely different

can be going on this it may I suggest

this is what a lot of the body of Christ

looks like

you haven’t partnered up yet

and so you haven’t received the full

surround sound

the spatial audio of what God wants to


but if I give him the other one come on

and hold on not just the other one I

have to give them the other one and the

power source

see his power can you hear anything

through that

boy no say no you know


gotta really screen these people before

I use them no I just play

it’s the power source

and the pair

that will allow him to receive

what is supposed to come in clearly

what’s our shoe you wear bro

13 okay I got something else for you


I had these I’m cleaning out my closet

that’s for you take them out put them on

yeah yeah yeah

he’s he’s wondering is this still an

illustration I don’t I don’t


but but the crazy thing about it is yeah

make sure it works make sure it fits

there’s only one shoe

now this blessed brother still putting

it on

he he don’t even care he’s like forget

this white shoe I’m gonna put on one and

that’s what we do

we know a part of God is better than

none of them


but what we have denied is the power

that comes in the tail give me the other

where’s that where’s that where is that

throw it to me

it’s only

it’s only I didn’t know you was wearing

red today

but God did

it’s only that this whole outfit comes


what he already had huh

when he put on both of them there is a

power that is about to come to your life

when you don’t just pray but you worship



somebody say there’s power

in the pair

you got a car

my example’s over I’m just playing with

you gone

he was like


yeah take you take yourself

yeah take it yeah take that take that

take that

did he take that name


what I’m telling everybody

is until you get connected with the

right partners

maybe we’re not seeing the full

magnitude of what

it’s supposed to be seen

and in this season we cannot afford to

have any relationships without return

I’ma say it one more time

we will no longer have

relationships and invest in them and

give time to them and give money to them

and give our hearts to them and there’s

no return

it just takes from me

it’s a leech it latches on and sucks joy

and sucks peace and sucks my sanity

half the reason you crazy is not because

of you

it’s because of who you connected to


and now it’s time for our relationships

to have a return look at verse 10 of

that scripture it says if one person


the other can reach out and do what help

but someone who Falls


they’re in real trouble

there’s too many people falling out here

with no one to pick them up

one disappointment they leave God


one failed attempt at the business

and you never want to try again

it’s because the fall

happen with nobody around

to actually help you

and this is what scripture says I’m

going to tell you a truth and a promise

that you can know

the fall is predictable

because Jesus literally says Us in this

world you’re going to have trouble

how many people have ever fallen in

their life like relationally physically

emotionally you did something stupid

okay if your hand is not up you’re a


just real quick in the house of God liar

so so the fall is predictable whatever

it is

but the pain can be padded with


let me explain it the pain does not come

from if you fall

it comes from

how far you fall

if I was to fall off this stage right

now into this hard concrete

that somebody’s like do not do it pastor

we just got your back

but if I was to fall onto the floor

the fall wouldn’t hurt me


hitting the ground wood

so many people think the pain is in the


the pain is in what you hit and how far

you fall from


how can I display this

um we’ll come here


somebody said don’t fall will

where’s Brent is Brent here Brent come

here all right I want to show you this

real quick because the truth of the

matter is

I’m about to do

a trust fall

look at

he he he’s hurrying

because what he understands right now is

that him being out of place as my

partner can cost me

my life

but whenever I’m talking and I

no I just need everybody’s laughing but

do y’all realize I still fail

I just didn’t hit

you gotta get the people in your life

that no matter when you fall

it doesn’t matter how you thought

they’re the ones that can y’all missed


y’all been walking around with these

weak people and God said you better find


see the truth of the matter is I fall

all the time



now watch

I got scared

but even though it looked awkward

I’m in no pain

oh you better hear me when you get the

right people around you the phone may

look awkward


this is the type of friends you need


friends that are anticipating he should

not be dating her

he can’t move to that City uh-huh


friends for the fall



not if you fall

when you

when you get the diagnosis

nobody planned for it

when the miscarriage happened



when the building closes

when you do a extreme example with spit


see y’all missed it most of y’all

wouldn’t have been around me but I had a

few people when the world tried to come

after me the reason why I’m still

standing here is cause I took a fall but

I had the right Partners there’s power


write it down in a point

how far you fall

it’s directly connected to your friends

and some of y’all be like when they

gonna sit down

they came

because they don’t know when I’m going


neither do you

don’t nobody wake up and like today’s a

perfect day to be depressed out of my


come on can we be honest

some of us have prayed and fasted

and that Spirit just

and I know I’m supposed to leave prayer

tonight but I just

that’s why it’s good to look at him look

they say hold on


we might just need to stand close



because the truth of the matter is even

though I’m losing strength

oh y’all this is preaching right now

no I’m good I’m good I’m good I’m good

I’m good

I’m good

I’m a grown man

I got kills

I got a job oh these are the dumb


that we all make I used to do that when

I was younger

65 years old I’m a prayer Warrior

I’m just sue the Holy Spirit


the Bible says a righteous man falls






six I’m good y’all I’m good I’m good I’m

good I’m good


and that’s a man walking with the Lord


that’s somebody who reads the scriptures

and has quiet time that’s somebody that

knows how to worship

that person will fall seven times

but this scripture says if you fall


with your Bible with your therapy with

your scriptures which showed breathing



for you

with all your breathing you still need

some people

do y’all see how different our

relationship is

in close proximity

as opposed to them in the bleachers

watching my life

Facebook friends Instagram friends all

saw you on those people in the bleachers

of your life

and that’s why they can watch you fall

and comment on it


but they can’t help you in it

if I fail without them

everybody oh

would not take away the pain

and would not take away the consequences

and so this is what our life looks like

I’ma just camp out right here for the my

last four minutes

the power of the put my destiny on the


yeah I want I want I want you to see my

destiny my destiny is forward

cine is this way

my destiny is what God’s called me to do

my purpose is going this way how many

people want to reach their destiny the

thing that God said before I put you in

your mother’s womb I knew you

I called you I I want I don’t just want

to work a job or a career I want to

reach my destiny that well done is

attached to doing what God called me to


somebody shouted me destiny

the scripture is telling us that you’re

going to be on this road of Destiny in

your life

and there’s destiny

then there’s disaster

and all of us

think we’re going towards destiny

but a lot of times the cares of Life get

us discouraged

and with one decision

we turn away from what we know is right

what we know we worked hard for what we

prayed for

and with one everybody say decision

because the greatest thing God gave you

was choice

people were like no it was his blood you

still got to choose it

okay that’s too that God too

theologically deep right there

everyone’s like huh yeah

he’s not forcing you to love him because

it’s not love if you can’t decide



so so what he does is he gives you a

choice I’ve set before you life and

Destiny and disaster

and I’m gonna give you the answer to the

test choose life

choose Destiny but if we’re honest y’all

many of us have been like

forget this

it’s too hard

ain’t nobody in my family ever reached

to Destiny

this addiction can’t take me to Destiny

so we turn around

and we head

in systematic steps



and disastrous trash

I mean

sleeping with four or five people every


but still lonely

got that paper

no peace

I’m significant

but you’ve lost sensitivity

and the only thing sometimes I’m just

submitting sometimes

the only thing that can stand between

you going towards your destiny

and making a decision to go towards


is the right partner


part of us having partners is they get

in the way

when we’ll want to do wrong

now I know everybody in here religious


you and Jesus that’s all you need but

that’s not all Jesus needed

if anybody it could have been just on

their own doing their own thing

could have been Jesus

but he decided

and this is what I found

that there’s three reasons why people go

towards disaster it’s not all of them

but it’s the main ones like all most

these are the reasons number one write

it down because some of y’all in this


a lot of people turn away from their


and go towards disaster

cause you just wild

oh you thought it was gonna be something

profound to Deep

you have made a partnership with the


you are willingly waking up every day

listening to music you know ain’t gonna

make you a man of God

I got three I got four I got five I got


and many of us are just wow

when I start Walling

but all of us can have a moment of

wildling my question is who’s in your


no it’s my birthday though

I’m a



I see y’all I’ll be seeing y’all

who the friend like I’m about to take

I’m about to no don’t it’s not worth it

zip it back up zip it back up okay

and some of y’all have nobody in the way

it’s my birthday by that time get out my

way cause you know I don’t have no


by the time now your relationship is in

the trash

you have a disease

God why would you let this happen

because you wouldn’t get in relationship

nobody knew nobody picked up your phone

nobody saw it on the table there was

nobody around you when they was like you

coming through

who is

some of y’all need to take the locks off

your phone

did you see how quiet it just got


cause everything you’re looking at

ain’t leading you to Destiny

you rolling you check the shade room

every morning

oh she said oh my God

I’m not saying that you don’t gotta know

us but the first thing you let into your


you out

let me give you another reason

because everybody ain’t Wildland

some people watch this

are wounded

I gave everything to that job

and the first time they gone

acknowledge me

then they lay me off

done with this

I’m no

no hear me it’s not worth it I gave

everything to them

and they never ever even saw me I made

them millions of dollars they never

acknowledged me and they never let me go

I have a family

so let’s yes so let’s let’s


all right

who’s the partner that’s giving you


who’s telling you


and then we’re gonna pray about it

oh because being a partner is not being


hold on

because some of us I can’t beat a


they just full of the devil hold on

we all got something in US

that ain’t the best but could you be a

partner to let somebody process

but still lead them towards purpose

somebody said watch him will

no no I just I just want to go I just

want to there are other there’s nothing

over there

I see a lot of people acting like it’s

fun not for you

I see a lot of people posting like it’s

fun it’s not I mean but they outside you

know what I’m saying

taking trips

taking sips

doing their dips


that’s better that’s better

going this way is better way better it’s

harder though that’s okay better it’s

worth it not a lot of people are over



here I am God

yo humble serving


sick of doing the right thing but

Spirit lead me where my truck is without


and sometime it’d be like that

come on y’all

but think about this I would have

already destroyed my life twice

had I not had a partner

some people do it because of wylin

some people it’s they’re wounded

but other people is just because they’re


I can’t take another hit

I can’t take another loss

that was my favorite cousin

and they gone at 32.

can’t do it God if you’re that good why

did you let something that bad happen

some of us give I was abused by my youth


that church didn’t see me I’m talking

about people that love God but the only

reason they go back is because I’m weak

what I’m asking everybody is to number

one understand you need a partner and

then for all the people that think I’m

being dramatic right now and think this

is too much it ain’t that deep I mean

you could take a few steps back in a few

step forward and you can hit the Cha-Cha

Slide and you can hit the Dougie and and

that’s what most of us think because

they have nobody in their life

and they think that when they dug you


and they

worth didn’t they go whoa whoa didn’t

they ah

because they haven’t got to disaster yet


they think they still don’t need anybody

but look what the scripture says in

James chapter 1 verse 14.

Temptation comes from our own desires

oh they tempted me no you tempting you

you can’t tempt something that ain’t in


I don’t like seafood when so when

somebody comes in with a bunch of

seafood I’m not like oh my God I don’t

like that but come in with some Chinese


it’s a Kung Pao and orange chicken fried

rice egg rolls won Palm

you come in with any of that

why because I’m tempted by my own

desires he just I mean he’s six six and

I mean he does have pictorials and abs

I don’t know why what was that warm

sensation it’s because

you’ve already decided that that’s

something that’s in you that you desire

so I need you to hear me Temptation

comes from our own desires which watch

the progression entice us

and drag us away from what purpose

these desires have a baby

and give birth to sinful actions

and When sin is allowed to grow

it gives birth

to death

so don’t be misled my dear brothers and


you do this alone

and you got any desire in you that’s not

like God

and we all do

have nobody there

and it’s a magnetic force

now I’m still looking for it but that



I ain’t there yet

I’m getting close

and somehow

we end up


the trash


so my relationships look

so my business looks


this is how my emotional health is

trash who needs counseling not me

I’m a grown man

I don’t want everybody looking at me


they don’t know what it’s like

to live this life like me


they want me to talk to people

looking for a husband


that’s what y’all be doing

you want somebody come find you in the



ain’t in a relationship with any young

ladies or women that can help you see

your flaws

see your blind spots

so what do you do you isolate

I worship you Lord

you’re a good good father

join a b group

Here I Am to Worship sir

some of y’all well I’m an extrovert you

like trash over here

what up baby



hey shorty

come join me in the track

light skin pug

we knew you were trashed from the


yet you’ve been in four relationships

with the same guy

and you find them at the same dumpster




and we never asked why they got to trash

but we joined people there

God’s saying I need you to get the right

people in your life

let me just level with you

when I look in the scriptures at Jesus’s

pattern remember what I said at the

beginning in the Kingdom this is a

kingdom principle that God brings

together partners

when Jesus gives the Great Commission

and tells the disciples I want you to go

out gives them like literally the

greatest command ever I want you to go

and take this gospel and I want you to

take it everywhere

I want you to go in and heal the sick

and deliver people and represent my name

and when you do that

people are going to be transformed

everywhere the disciples put their hands

in they go one two three Jesus

and then he says oh hold on one second


I can’t send you out by yourself

I’m gonna send all of y’all out



two by two

go into that City

don’t go alone because if they come

after you one of y’all got to be hitting

them with the with the the loaf of bread

while the other one

somebody gotta pray somebody gotta catch

we need

and if Jesus decided to send the first

people out to transform the world as

Apostles two by two

how in the world you about to do life in


by yourself

so today all I’m asking everybody

is to embrace this thought

that God desires

for me

and you

and us

to never be alone

well Pastor Mike that’s risky love is

well I’ve been hurt before

there’s nobody in the world that hasn’t

but it’s better to have lived and

actually loved

than not loved at all

I’m asking everybody who feels like

relationally a lot of your relationships

romantic business

even in

your social life it’s in the trash

I’m asking you

just to ask God

for the desire to try again

oh this first Sunday I don’t want Lord

give me the relationship

just ask them for the desire

burn before but God would you please

just give me the desire

to do it the kingdom way

would you just give odd said I’d never

be married again

and I meant it because if another man

breaks my heart I’m gonna be on the

first 48.

I know we’ve made it we ought to make

inner vows

but I’m asking you try again because if

you ask God for the desire guess what

he’ll do while you’re in the trash

he’ll send people

he’ll send people you ain’t even looking

for him you mad as Oscar the Grouch


what’s up

no man I like the trash

I like the trash

I love my life ah I’m not even helping


he’ll bring you people who are strong

enough to carry your issue

um Everybody couldn’t have picked me up

but the right people that God sent me

can handle

my issue and then guess what happens I

love the word of God

when I start going towards destiny

and I get some healthy people behind me

get behind him Brent

see because what it does is it breeds


when I find the right partner and they

find the right partner

and the right partner finds the right

partner come up here Charles come up

here Bishop come up here uh uh Scotty

come on Moe these are real people in my


the reason I can’t fail in this life

the reason why I cannot go and stop the

calling of God that he’s called me to do

the internet can cancel me a thousand

times but the reason I’ll never stop

obeying God

it’s cause I got too many people to go

through to put my life in the trash

I can try to Juke one I can try to spin

moves I can get through it’s too much

work to deny the calling of God on my



it should be harder

for me to throw it all away


and too many of us is too easy

and what happens is everybody put your

hand on the other one in front of you

if who’s in the back


it’s my dog

ask my dog for sure


if Charles pushes us forward

this listen

this is what it looks like to be pushed

into purpose

now I’m no longer concerned about going


I’m being pushed

into purpose

today Church

I’m asking everybody

find the power

and it may not be in another program

it may not be in another product some of

y’all be on Amazon looking for what’s

going to help me no

is found in the call you keep ignoring

the person you won’t go out to lunch

with and for some reason they’ve been

drawn to you and you like uh but I don’t

like the way they dress

I mean so many times we use superficial


to keep the answers that we need out of

our life I heard it said like this when

God wants to bless you

he sends people

subsequently when the devil wants to

hinder you

since people

all my partners

have to be for purpose



what everybody stand all over this room


y’all we just getting started I’m back

we’re just getting I just started this

because somebody’s like Pastor Mike it’s

already a disaster

but when the Holy Spirit allows people

or even this message or even Faith to

come and lift you up what he does not

want you to do everybody listen to me

you may miss the most important part of

this message

he doesn’t want you to run

from what

your life used to look like

what he wants you to do

he wants you to take the trash with you

all of the frustration

and all of the pain he wants you to

bring it

and he wants you to turn your pain


into your platform


the worst season of your life is about

to turn into the reason why they called


the thing that you thought was going to

take you out is the thing that’s gonna

take you up this is the season where we

really believe

that all


including the trash

works together


is why God brought you here

this is why somebody sent you this


it’s because you’re about to find people

to partner with

to reach your purpose amen

okay real quick real quick real quick

okay so if you’re in here

and if there’s any place in your life

where you know you’ve been

living in isolation

we gotta start there

this is not hear me for young people

there are more seasoned Saints living in

isolation now than ever before

because I lost the person I was married

to or the people who love me and I don’t

want to start over again can I tell you

something it’s worth trying again

the Bible says it like this your latter

shall be greater

than your form your best days are not

behind you there where is part of your


but if you’ve been dealing in isolation

I want everybody to be hot humble open

and transparent watching online in this

room if you’ve been dealing in any area

of isolation and you have been

relationally closed off you didn’t you

haven’t wanted to find or maybe you

didn’t want to try again or maybe you

know the people you around

they not it

come on let’s just be honest stay there

but they’re not gonna take you there

if that’s you I just want you to lift

your hands right now come on

yeah the Lord is in the room

and I’m about to pray a prayer of


this is what we’re going to do we’re

going to partner with God

so that he can bring us the right


we’re not going to go to the partners

because some of y’all are like let me

get on Facebook tonight let me get on

Tinder tonight let me get on Black

Planet tonight stop it

we’re gonna go to him

and he’ll bring us them


if you don’t

and can’t find them become them

because some of us have been thinking

this whole time I need about where my

partner’s at and God said you’re a

horrible partner

can I make you into something before you

desire to have it

hands lifted all over this place father

I thank you

that you’ve put your name on me

and part of Who You Are

is friend

you tell us you will be a friend that

sticks closer than a brother

father some of us have taken Falls that

we haven’t really honestly been able to

recover from

because we didn’t have

the people around us we needed and

father even for some of us we weren’t

the people we needed to be for the

people in our lives

today we’re bringing all of that to you

and God we’re asking you

to give us this mentality of Kingdom

couples let us find partners

for purpose

on purpose I come against the lives of

the enemy that come to isolate


cause dissension and disunity I pray

that the spirit of forgiveness would

erupt in this place

I thank you Father that the spirit of

love father God I thank you Father God

that you would allow

the grace that you have given us to be

extended and God I’m asking you for

Fresh Starts in the name of Jesus people

have been in abusive Cycles people have

been in in layers of life I thank you

for snatching them out of disaster and

snatching them out of the trash and I

thank you Father that you will put them

on a course towards destiny

father for the person who just hearing

about you today and the person who’s

walked with you forever I thank you that

this next season will be a season of

Partnerships for power


I thank you that our purpose has no

chance to not come to pass when we

connect with the right people

father let us

see our partnership with you as our most

important partnership

and then show us

who we’re supposed to be around

for purpose

on purpose

in Jesus name if you’re under the sound

of my voice listen and you’ve never

partnered with God

I want you to get that partnership right

right now I don’t care why this is on

your baby mama sent you the link and she

told you y’all can’t go on date night

until you watch this sermon God bless

you you got a good woman I want you to

hear this is what it’s for because God

wants to be in partnership with you

if you’re in this room and you’ve been

doing your life alone

you’ve been running you’ve been living

in the trash you’ve been hiding out

bad thoughts and wrong situations God’s

saying would you bring that to me

I want to become your lord and savior I

don’t just want a moment with you I want

to walk with you for the rest of your

life it is the greatest decision that

ever happened to me when I was in the

trash in my thinking watching

pornography every night walking with all

kinds of evil desires in my heart that I

was drawn towards and God said would you

bring me your heart and I’ll help you

change your habits

I’m telling you I’m not a perfect man

but I’m a progressing man and the only

reason I’m going towards Jesus is

because now I’m focused on him

I’m telling you there’s no amount of

self-help that’s going to help you reach


until you invite the Prince of Peace

into your life it’s if that’s you

and you want to make Jesus your lord and

savior I don’t care how much money you

have I don’t care what socioeconomic

class you live in you’re still bankrupt

in your soul without him


if you want to make Jesus your personal

Lord and Savior tomorrow is not the day

today is

on the count of three I just want you to

lift your hands you ain’t got to tell me

everything you did he was there

he knows

but he’s saying would you acknowledge me

so that I could come in

because Jesus over 2 000 years ago went

to the cross

and he took every pain every burden and

every lie that you would believe and he

hung on the cross in your place for all

the sin all of us would make and all he

said is

just accept what I did for you

it’s unmerited unearned Grace

and I believe for many people under the

sound of my voice this is the day that

everything changes for you on the count

of three just shoot your hand up if you

want to make Jesus your personal Lord

and Savior one you’re making the

greatest decision of your life two I’m

proud of you but more than that your

name is about to be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life

three just shoot your hand up all over

this room I see you sister I see you man

of God I see you my brother I see you

come on there’s hundreds of people in

this room oh I need y’all to shout with

me and I know there’s so many more

online so proud of you

you can put your hands down

religion says now confess everything so

we can make you feel bad and you can be

on the totem pole that’s really low and

work your way up to Grace

that’s what people say

Jesus says here’s a robe

here’s a ring

here’s some sandals

I got a seat at the table for you

you’re already royalty

so I want everybody who just made that

decision or you said I didn’t raise my

hand but I want to do that

I want you to say this prayer with me

and at Transformation Church we’re a

family nobody prays alone

so I want everybody to say this for the

benefit of our new family just say Lord

thank you

for saving my life

out of disaster


I ask you

to be my Lord and Savior

come into my life

and change me

I need you

to help me

be everything you’ve called me to be

I believe you died

and you Rose again

with all power


I make you my Lord and Savior renew me

Transform Me I’m yours in Jesus name


welcome to the family

you are saved and the healing virtue of

God is flowing through you can we give

God a shoe south of Praise Hallelujah


we’re about to close

but I need everybody to do me a favor I

need you to send this message to 10


how many

I said how many

all you got to do is take the link and

just send it to them it will be the

first step on you being a partner

that’s worth going in Purpose with

and then this is the last thing for

everybody here I need you to bring one

person back next week

find a payer

come into this church next week with a

pair and statistics say that the one

person you asked might not come so ask


so you can at least have one

we’re a church full of prayer our team

is about to come down and the worship

team is about to sing

if you need prayer

you know one of the most powerful forms

of partnership


do you need prayer for anything

your business

you’re going through a season of

grieving you’re hurting

you’re mad

you got joy and you just want to pray

with somebody it was like I just came

today and I wanted to pray

this is where I want you to come

and as we leave this place I never want

you to leave feeling like I didn’t get

to touch and agree with somebody

you at home you could put your prayer

requests in the comments there are

thousands of people watching right now

there is no distance in prayer we’ll

begin to pray for you I know we’re all

dealing with different things

but in this moment let’s find a partner


father I thank you for what you’ve done

Holy Spirit now speak beyond my words

do what only you can do

and I thank you

for what you’re about to do as we touch

and agree in Jesus name amen

let’s go out and live a transform life



thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

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thank you