Embracing the power in the partnership can be a journey and we all need wisdom on how to pick the right partner. The pathway to powerful partnership is in the pick. In Week 2 of the Kingdom Kouples series, Pastor Mike shows us how Jesus picked his partners and showed us what to look for in a powerful partner. We pray you become a partner and find partners that master the art of the pump-up, principles and presence. Scripture References: Ephesians 4:9-12 NLT Luke 6:12-16 NLT Ephesians 4:29 NLT Ephesians 6:18 CSB John 1:6-8 NIV Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, and hear a powerful word from God. Join Transformation Church for Monday Night Prayer. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, and hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US: We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS: Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ: http://transformchurch.us/saved
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hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing message

all right

today we are starting week

of a series we’re calling Kingdom

couples And the tagline is probably the

most important part

I need everybody to understand this is

not just about having a Beyonce Jay-Z

like marriage relationship

like this is not for a stunt or a flex

this is not so that people can think

you’re good this is about doing Kingdom


with Kingdom partners

and the truth of the matter is most of

us do not reach our purpose not because

we don’t have it it’s because we don’t

pick the right partners

and I feel like I have a burden for

everybody to understand that you need to

learn how to pick


for purpose

on purpose say it with me for purpose

on purpose with your chest for purpose

why on

the truth of the matter is most of our

relationships that are deep

came because of proximity

they were not our picks

and today I need us to evaluate

everything so that we can see how to do

it the King’s Way finding partners for

purpose on purpose and I gotta stop and

say this because I’m a pastor of a local

church the truth of the matter is there

are so many people in our church that

have decided to be partners for purpose

transformation in Christ on purpose here

at Transformation Church and this week

we had a volunteer rally where over 230

people came to the volunteer rabbit

y’all can clap better than that

and we had over 79 B groups sign up for

this season come on y’all

these are people who have decided I want

to be connected to something bigger than


and I just want to give everybody a key

to life you will never be fully

fulfilled if you’re not connected to

something bigger than you

made us

get us to Steward over here

but be connected to something that we

can never do by ourselves

and many of you are not seeing the color

of your life because everything in your

life is right it just don’t move outside

of you

body bad

friend group fly

housing sleep mode you got everything

except why does it still feel empty

because all of that means nothing

if it’s not connected to something

that’s outside of you

and so Church what I’m trying to tell

you is in the Kingdom the currency is

relationship connection partnership and

if you are not partnering to do

something bigger than what you could do

alone I may suggest to you that your

vision is too small

I’m gonna say this because I know a lot

of people are just trying to maintain

but may I suggest to you God’s plan for

you was not to maintain

the word maintained I kind of have a

problem with it because maintain

literally means to nurse to death

that word maintain means I’m Gonna Keep

it going as much as I can but I know all

the time it’s going down

and God’s saying I don’t want you to

maintain I don’t want you to just

survive I want you to thrive but it has

to be connected to the right people

so I want you to go to our anchor

scripture of this entire series

Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 9. two

people are better than one for they can

help each other succeed if one person

falls the other can reach out in hell

but someone who falls alone

is in real trouble likewise two people

lying close together can keep each other

warm but how can one be warm alone

a person standing alone can be attacked

and defeated but two can stand back to


and Conquer three

are even better for a triple braided

cord is not easily

broken last week we decided

we need a partner how many people know

that there are more people in their life

that they need to reach the purpose that

God has given for them to reach Okay so

we’ve decided we need a partner

but I don’t want us to just have a

partner I want us to have a partner with


like a partner with no power is weight

okay let me start over here

if if I’m dragging you along

if you don’t have the ability to add

anything to this

if you’re not helping us move this thing


you have become a white and you’re

actually slowing me down

so you have the title of partner but

you’re putting on pounds

there’s no power with what you’re doing

we have to not be okay we have to

literally change the thought process in

our relationships because we’re gonna do

it the King’s Way there has to be people

that are helping us move forward that

means they got to have some power so


I’m gonna teach you how to pick a

partner but this is what I want you to

understand the path to powerful

partnership is in the pick


I’m gonna say it one more time and I’m

gonna put it on the screen

the path

to powerful partnership when we link up

things change

when we come together to watch out

when you when I step in with them


have y’all ever walked into a room

and you didn’t know nobody so it made

you kind of timid

but did you walk in with the person

who’s throwing the party

it’s a whole different swag

down different


but the power power

is not just in having a partner watch

this it’s in the pick

okay I’m gonna take everybody to maybe a

traumatic situation in your childhood or

maybe you never really experienced it

but have you ever been in line to be

picked for a game

and like they line everybody up against

the wall

and then you just standing there rocking


and like Jim it’s like oh yeah I would

have picked Jim too

and I’m like Sally and it’s like all


and then you just

it’s one of like a child’s greatest


is to stand in that line

and not be picked

but on the other side of it whoever the

captains are know that the difference

between a loss and a win

is in who they

and some of us have been picking people

who can’t play the game or purpose we’re



but you feel bad for them

because they still on the wall

oh gosh

and they sit there like you’re not gonna

pick me

we’ve been friends since sixth grade but

you haven’t developed since sixth grade

you stopped reading in sixth grade

you’re still emotionally at sixth grade

you get mad at me when I can’t come I

got four kids


okay let me stop that sounded personal


but the difference between a win and a

lot here

so the title of today’s sermon is how to

pick a partner

it don’t it don’t matter if we know we

need one

because some of our Pickers are broken


yo picker bro

that sounds provocative I don’t know why

oh it’s a broke pickle I like it

but the truth of the matter is how do we

keep getting in business with the wrong

type of people

they always Shady

they always heisty

I’m on my fourth marriage

and it’s always them

ain’t no man serious

don’t know man really want to be a man

or good

but you have a very distinct type


thank you

and there were three dudes that came at

you that don’t look like your type

but would treat you like a queen

and you’ve allowed your preference

to erode your pick


okay we I’m just I’m treading lightly


but I need you to know how to pick a

partner ladies I’m about to tell you how

to pick your man

help me I’m about to help she said help

me pastor

fellas I’m about to I’m about to tell

you how to pick your wife okay

entrepreneurs I’m about to give you the

keys to pick the right business partners

college student I’m gonna help you pick

lifelong friendships


I I can feel the hate coming right now

no I can’t because some of y’all are

sitting next to a bad pic and and

it’s the truth anyhow

she’s like

Jim is that me you’re like no no it’s

not I did not know

what I’m saying to you is this is


because watch this

Jesus picked his partners

think about it

everybody think the disciples just came

out of nowhere

and was riding with Jesus

but how different would the gospel be

right now all over the world

if Jesus would have picked the wrong


write it down because I don’t think I’ve

ever seen this like this Jesus picked

his partners

and there’s this there’s some in church

that like Come As You Are

and it’s like yes

but then

you have to continue to transform

and so a lot of times what I found being

the CEO of a church and then being the

pastor of a church like there’s like the

church business side of it that like

people get jobs and paid and stuff and

then there’s like the ministry part of

it we confuse the fact that just because

I’m here at the church and I want to

serve means that I should work in the

church business you’re not good

oh I need to watch out

what I’m saying to you is this idea that


gets a a cloak of Grace because it’s

about God


I’m trying to I see that the haters are

watching right now they’ve got their

pins and they’re ready I’m trying to say

it with tact um

can I be hot can I be humble open and

transparent today okay

you can love God and not be a good pick

you can work in the church and not be a

good pick

you can do Bible study every day and not

be a good


you can be a pastor

and not be a good pick

so that means we have to be picky with

our pick

who gets the level of access to you

who gets to see you hurt

who gets to see you vulnerable now I

know some of y’alls like that’s why I

don’t draw nobody nothing you’re damaged

let me be very clear you went to the

Other Extreme nobody even knows your

birthday and then you’re mad at

everybody nobody said nothing about my

birthday we didn’t know

we had no idea you didn’t even post on

Instagram like another year around the

sun we don’t know you’re mean and shut


we want to be your friend but Bob

y’all know them people


I see two of them looking at me like

this right now like I got you

I just want everybody to think about it

Jesus healed a lot of people

Jesus traveled with a lot of people

but he picked only a few partners

okay I’m gonna show you Luke chapter six

verse 12. one day and soon after Jesus

went up to the mountain to pray so he’s

coming out of prayer okay watch this

and he prayed to God all night he knew

this was big decision right here

his his partner pick

was preceded by prayer

okay it’s not even a point

at Daybreak he called together all of

his disciples watch this and he chose 12

of them to be apostles

here are their names watch this

tons of disciples

he picked the apostles

he picked his partners

he picked the pick the ones that he was

going to put his name next to

tons of disciples

tons of Facebook followers tons of fans

tons of all the proud

but he said my name is only going to be

associated with a few people

and I’m not gonna let somebody Pawn them

off on me

I’m gonna pick them somebody say I gotta

pick him

and then I love this then he says their


they weren’t silent partners

they weren’t partners that would not be

mentioned and held accountable

many of us have Partnerships with people

in secret

in the dark

nobody even knows we’re that close

and God’s saying for the partners that

are going to do Kingdom work

they have to be named



associated with if you can’t post them

on your Instagram

if you can’t take them to your mama’s


if you can’t introduce if your boss

can’t see you out with them

he says my partners are Simon

who’s named Peter Andrew Peter’s brother

he is making and Kate because there’s a

bunch of Andrews

because there’s a bunch of people who do


because there’s a bunch of people who

live on the North side like he was being


Andrew Peter’s brother no not demonte’s

brother Peter’s brother

James John Philip Bartholomew Matthew

Thomas James no no you know

um our thesis uh

our thesis that’s a name

that’s that’s a-rod’s son

Simon y’all know who they call him the

Zealot yeah

Judas son of no James down at the corner

store that’s his son

and Judas is scary

who would later betray him


oh see this is gonna mess some of y’all

theology up

was Judas a bad pick

see some of y’all don’t read y’all like

forget Judas but hold on




because he knew that at some point

Judas will flip on him

and he would be the Catalyst to Jesus

fulfilling his purpose

cameraman look at me I could go home now


see because some of us have gotten hung

up because we made a wrong pick

everybody has told us we made a wrong

can we be honest how many people have

made a wrong relational pick before just

go oh we’re in a oh God thank you we’re

in the right place okay

this is my encouragement to you write

this down God can redeem the wrong pick

for purpose


God can redeem the wrong tip and make it

turn around for purpose

he can change this whole thing

and that’s why I’m glad that Jesus he

didn’t pick perfect partners he didn’t

pick prolific partners he didn’t

position the partners but he picked

partners for purpose somebody say I’m

gonna pick

partners for purpose

say it again I’m gonna pick

partners for purpose

okay so I’m gonna give you three things

that I found to actually be like um a

guide to how you can pick some powerful

Partners in your life okay

powerful Partners have mastered the art

of the pump up

if you’re a good partner

you know how to pump

can I say it in another way you are a

great encourager

if you gonna be a good partner you got

to be a bomb encourager

y’all ever met those people that you

having a bad day

and they come in and they’re like dang

you look good you like this whole thing

and they’re like I don’t know is you

doing something new with your skin and

they like I mean

distilled water I think

and they just they just have a way of

coming into an atmosphere and calling

out the greatness in you

the truth of the matter is the church

should be the billboard

for the pump up

and we have become

the poster child

for discouragement

you want somebody to tear you down

do something in front of church people


make a mistake

do something everybody don’t agree they

will rip


to sweats

and then blame Jesus

and first Thessalonians it says


and many times all that does is identify

that ain’t my partner

they sure can’t go where I’m going

they definitely not built for the

altitude we’re supposed to rise to

if you’re going to be or find

a partner that’s gonna rock with you

they got to have mastered the pump up

okay let me give you scripture because

some of y’all are sitting here looking

at me and you’re so discouraged not

because you don’t think you can do it

but there’s not enough people telling

you that you can

there are statistics and studies that

have been done that it takes 17 positive

affirmations to cancel out every one

negative word

now think about all the words that have

been spoken over you in your life and

then think about the ones you speak over


tell me

could there be anybody who’s doing too

much when it comes to encouragement no

you need people around you that tell you

that you can do it every day you need

people that send it in the text today

you are Mighty and God’s hand is on your

life be strong and courageous if it

falls apart I’ma be here we down like

four flats imma ride this thing till the

wheels fall off whatever you need they

are there to encourage you

and it’s not until you find yourself in

a pit that you find out who actually has

a lot of people go silent

when I’ve gone through certain trials a

lot of people didn’t say bad things they

did worse they said nothing


you gonna stand with me

on the Mountaintop

but then when we get to the valley

it’s not that you have bad things to say

you’re waiting to see what the majority

says to figure out where you stand you

not my partner

I need the people that can find me in

the dumps

and even when I don’t believe it

they’ll Speak Life over me

my wife

can say something to me and make me do

something I hate

cause she got the power of the Pumper

I was walking by carrying some bags the

other day

and she said you look strong

I said girl I will bust down

and give you 50 right now


I wasn’t ready for that last one


but a real partner who’s mastered the

pump up can make you do what you think

you can’t do

they will give you curtain they will put

courage in that’s why they call it in


her and I’m afraid

that many of us are looking for these

Partners but won’t be them


because everybody like yeah

but when’s the last time you sent a

random text message to somebody who

would kind of be awkward that they saw

your call but you just felt led to

encourage them

to lift them up

do they have to be saved to encourage


because they don’t want to condone

unbelievers shut up

and tell them they look nice

part of the reason we have no entrance

into people’s lives to be even able to

give them a different perspective is

because we’re not even in their lives

and I’m telling you the sure-fire way to

get into anybody’s life is keep

encouraging them

man how you’re on time every day that’s


you look shiny what is that

he said you look shiny

somebody’s gonna feel good after that


I put on cocoa butter this morning they

gone somebody

that’s a perfect example that it don’t

even have to make sense

you can encourage somebody and it makes

no sense you look shiny like it is

when somebody’s gonna be like you know

what today somebody told me I’m Shining

but I want you to see

that could change the trajectory of

somebody’s entire day

okay let me give you scripture

Ephesians chapter 4 29.

don’t use foul or abusive language

let let me stop

because most people

only use this to talk about cussing

but may I submit to you the most foul

language is not cussing

it’s when you tell

the truth with no love


and you tear people down

you can call me whatever but I know who

I am but when you start talking about me

in a way that tears down at the fabric

of my soul

that is more

foul and abusive language than any


now I’m not telling you to cuss

but I’m saying some of y’all don’t cuss

and you’re more abusive with your


I can feel the heat

don’t use foul or abusive language

let everything you say how much are what

you say

I said how much of what you say

it’s not 90 10.

it’s not 90 of what I say should be good

and ten percent I’m gonna let I’ma let

them have it

let everything you say be good


it seems like many of us are going to be

walking around playing the silent game

because if everything we say has to be


and helpful

that means many of us the conclusion is

shut up

not shut up shut up

so watch this so that your words

will be in encouragement

to those who hear them

another translation says so that your

words will build up

my words should be blocks in people’s

Faith Journey

that allowed them to have the courage to

do what’s hard to do

you’re called you’re amazing you’re

Built For This

God will equip you you have to face for

you have to voice for that

it don’t even have to be fully true

like like hear what I’m saying to you

like you can


is speaking those things that are


encouraged me

to step into leadership

I was not a good leader I was not a good

preacher I was not but I know he came

out for hearing me preach for four hours

of nonsense at Soulfly and he would come

up to me and blight person like that was

one of the best messages I ever heard


and I’m sitting there completely

confused because I know it was horrible

but sometimes it kept me from going home

and quitting

you would have never heard of me

had I not been encouraged

do you have people in your life that

know how to pump you up

somebody said a few

how many people need some more people in

your life okay I’m talking to the right

people okay

I just want you to know that this is

important when you’re picking a partner

if everything they say is negative

they’re not going to be able to help you

when it gets bad

and Jesus was the master of the pump up

you know how cold Jesus was at the pump


he would look at people and be like yeah

what’s your name


yeah nah

nah you don’t look like no Simon to me

I think I’m gonna call you from now on



you look like a Peter and

Rose was like cool

I need you to think about somebody

coming up to you today and being like

your name is no longer Keisha it’s

Rachel and you’ve been like okay like

but see the real power of it is when you

find out what it means

Simon that name literally means read or

a weak plant by water

he said your whole life you’ve been

called weak

so every time they speak over you Simon

Simon Simon they’re saying week

that’s not what I see in you

well it’s how I feel it’s not what I see

imma call you Peter which means Rock

which means the exact opposite I’m about

to preach this thing the exact opposite

of what you’ve been told your whole life

the exact opposite of what you’ve been

feeling and taking on Jesus said I am a

master of pumping you up

and on that Revelation that The Rock

gave me

imma build my

could he have built it on the revelation

of Simon

who didn’t see himself

in the way that God sees him what I’m

telling you is

if you gonna get the right people in

your life you got to get people who have

mastered the art of pump pump write this

down encouragement is easy

it just has to be intentional

you walk with me cameraman let’s let’s


I need to show them practically how this

happens come on


because y’all think this is hard

and what I’m saying to you

is that it’s easy

woman of God

you’ve been faithful

and God has seen all of your tears

thank you

for still being here and having Joy

God is going to use you to touch so many

people’s lives

and I believe that you’re going to be a

gifted Giver

God’s going to show you people in the


in the grocery store and he’s gonna give

you resources to bless people that have

never ever resourced or seen the love of

God you continue to keep a good heart

because God’s Gonna bless you amen amen



it’s easy

what’s your name


Elise you’re gifted I don’t know what

you do

but you’re gifted

and your gift is about to make a lot of

room for you

like I don’t know what you do

but all I’m saying is whatever you do

you do it

and when you do it you do it well

keep doing it you’re gonna inspire a lot

of people to do it


it just has to be intentional

and too many of us are holding back the

superpower that God’s given us

to encourage people

because we’re scared of what they think

oh probably because we

don’t think it about ourselves

so I’m not going to give away

but I feel like nobody’s given stop

looking scared she ain’t even looking at



baby he won’t see me if I was

awkward what’s your name



you have a spirit of joy and peace

I can sense and when I’m just touching

your hand there you make people feel


and because you make people feel

comfortable people just tell you their


did they tell you that business look at

it she said yeah they always be telling

me their business

God’s gonna give you a gift to be able

to point them in the right direction

they’re going to tell you they’ve been

they’re gonna tell you all day drama and

then you’re just gonna be able to just

point them in the right direction and

they’re going to listen because they

know you don’t want anything but good

for them thank you for being an




but what I do know is that God has put

life and death in the power of mine

and you can comment on everything

but for every comment you make

you man I need a hundred encouragements

no I need to tell I need to tell them I

need to I need to

that one comment gonna cost you a

hundred encouragement

hold yourself to a higher standard

so she should be ashamed of herself god

dog it that’s 200 encouragements

like you no it’ll make you be like Lord

I bless them

whatever’s going on in their life God I

don’t know this but blessed

what would happen

if the church

became the encouragement center of the


that we could go up to everybody in

different communities that don’t even

believe like us

and just say stuff like this watch this

my man what’s your name Alan you got a

good smile

now don’t hide it from us now now that I

don’t tell you people start going

that smile is attractive

to people

who don’t know you

and that smile is going to help people

have a better day

you carry the spirit of joy

God like literally you I saw you from

this I saw your smile from the stage

look at you trying to hold it in

but your smile is a secret weapon

don’t ever underestimate it

don’t ever walk in with your head down

and not showing who you are they don’t

have to know you that smile goes before

you God has anointed you for that and

he’s going to bring joy through just

your smile amen

it’s easy

all right

so this week before you start talking


y’all know some of y’all owe 10 000


if we are going to do what God’s called

us to do

it’s time for us as the church to take

our rightful place and let everything

that we say

be encouragement

and help

to those

who hear it I just hear Arnold

Schwarzenegger in my spirits I want to


you up

write this down this is something my

friend told me and it really stuck with

me don’t let the sun go down without

pumping somebody up

don’t let the sun go down

without pumping somebody up this week

every night I want you to make sure you

don’t go to sleep without encouraging


a son a daughter A Friend A co-worker

somebody you do not know the the person

you’re gonna meet when you go to

Chick-fil-A afterwards like no oh it’s

Sunday Kanye thank you close on Sunday

but McDonald’s wherever y’all go

don’t let the sun go down

without pumping somebody up okay

do you know one of the most I gotta

one of the most powerful

forms of pump up

is prayer

it’s called intercession

you know you can Punk somebody out up

without their permission

do you know the only reason I’m standing

here is because of the pump up of the

prayers of my mother and father

do you know the only reason that I made

it through all the crazy stuff from 2021

to today is because there’s people in

transformation nation that got me on a

refrigerator and got me in their phone

pray for Pastor Mike pray for pastor

Natalie we are winning today publicly

because of private pump up

there are children that you know you

would not be here without the private

prayers of your Grandmama or your mother

or your father it is those prayers

that encourage people and if you want to

encourage yourself can’t talk about it

fully today speak in tongues

you say I ain’t got nobody to encourage

me the Bible says look when you begin to


when you begin to work in your heavenly


it’ll pump you up and you don’t need


these are the type of partners that we

need okay

last two and then we gotta go home I’m

gonna do this next week powerful

Partners have mastered the art of the

pump up number one and then the second


the principles

do not have a partner that doesn’t live

with principles

I know we have a lot of partners that

live on opinion

but what God wants us to do is have

partners that have everybody say


pencil might Define principles this is

the m Alexander version of principles

it’s something outside of you

you’ve given permission to govern you

even when you don’t want it to

a principle I’ma say it again it’s

something outside of you

you’ve given permission to govern you

even when you don’t want it to

what are the principles that you live by

and what are the principles that your

partners live by

because you will not

fall to the ideas the level or the ideas

of people it’s those principles they

actually believe some people believe

it’s okay to steal

they think it I mean it’s just five


it’s just handy

it’s and their principle will show back

up mutated and grown

and it turns into tax fraud

principles start out baby

but they grow the more you feed them

Pastor Mike give me some principles I

need to like grab wrap my mind around

this yeah


generosity is one of my principles

I live generous not because I’m a pastor

before I was a pastor when I have no

money when what I would give fake shoes


y’all y’all gonna judge me I had the the

forwarding fours

not Jordans the 40s

you know the man outside the gas station

that’d be like 25 I’ll give you the new

Jordans even like them look almost real

and then

y’all fake but some of y’all carrying

them fake Louis Vuitton purses in here



got this new movie and what I’m saying


the Gucci the Jesus different ways and

two crescent moons and it’s like this

Gucci you know baby

so yin yang sign what is that


what I’m saying is

generosity though as a principle I

always have given

I always wanted to bless people outside

of myself it’s the way that we live have

people taken advantage of that


and it makes you reconsider like

oh selfish stingy

all the things that are coming to my

mind are too raw so I’ma keep moving

It’s just sometimes people will take

advantage of you and make you


your purpose

because they they abused

the moment

and what I’m asking everybody to do is


that that gets eliminated

not completely but it gets cut down when

you pick partners with principles

like there’s certain like if generosity

is a principle I have to have a partner

that thinks gratitude is a principle

because that way I never get burnt out

because you’re actually grateful

and you say thank you or what like do

you understand what I’m saying like

principles forgiveness is a principle

and for many Christians

it’s an option

but the Bible tells us that forgiveness

is a

principle so how in the world do we

throw away people

because they did the worst thing and how

could they they were a pastor they were

this they were what

I mean

I understand how you could feel that way

but at some point you’re gonna have to

reconcile inside of yourself that you’re

no better than anybody else

and maybe yours wasn’t public


but if we all had our stuff put on the

big screen

the windows and rooms you was crawling

out of

the deals that were made and not made

like come on y’all

the church

should have a principle

of forgiveness

all I’m saying to you there’s tons of

them where do you find the principles

in the word of God not tick tock

oh my gosh

just because somebody can prove a hack

on life

does not mean that that principle

is Ironclad to last from generation to


the word of God is the only thing that

we have

that has lasted every war

every pandemic

every Uprising and every downfall this

is the infallible word of God that God

said if you will follow the principles

inside of this

that’s where your business will be


tithing is a principle

that I live by it is not something the

church makes me do

if God gives me increase knowing that it

was his ability that allowed me to do it

and all he said is I want to know every

time I make you expand you still trust


that’s all tithing is do you do you

still trust me even though you got an m

in the bank

you got a meal in the bank you need the

meal or you need me

he was like drop off a hundred thousand

so that I know

still honor me

that’s easy for you


oh Jesus God I’m blessings

I’m gonna hear the sick and raise the

dead no you’re not

only Jesus can do that

but sometimes we feel like we can

because we have what man has deemed


I don’t care how far you have gone

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten

I don’t care how far you go to the top

you will always need The God Who Reigns

on top

oh somebody there should be better claps

than that right now I don’t care how big

your house is you’re still gonna need

the one who makes the houses in heaven I

don’t care how many people know your

name you still don’t need the name of

bug every name

so make sure you get

partners with principals because watch

this principles are parameters

when I became a pastor the Holy Spirit

gave me some parameters

he said listen to the people around you

I was like cool it’s easy to listen to

the people around you when ain’t nothing

cracking off

like when nothing’s going on five years

in the ministry stuff blows up stuff

starts going everywhere I get 1800

speaking engagement requests for one

year in two thousand what was that 18

yeah 2018. 1800 people wanted me to come

and speak at they church and they wanted

to pay me

the year before I would have done it for


I need to be serious but if you go baby

the Holy Spirit told me in a time of

prayer he said parameters

take two speaking engagements a month

I said I only have four all the last


and I did all of them

y’all be faking I’m real I did every

single could you come speak to our dogs

and cats yes I will

lift your balls like I was


I took every engagement the kennel was a

that was I was a I was a hit at the


my mind is going crazy right now but

but then God says yeah two engagements a


God you know what that means for my

wallet yeah two engagements another

month God do you know what that means

for like your platform he said I gave it

to you

you don’t need to explain expand your


I’ll give you the platform I want you to

be on

two engagements a month I messed up and

told my partners

because I could have been in Prayer by

myself wrote it down in my journal

and then forgot about it

the way many of us do God gives us words

but because we don’t have any actual

Partners in our real life that we tell

those things to and we’re not

accountable to them then when God tries

to remind us of it he’s like I don’t

maybe that was a dream maybe it was Taco

Bell maybe it was like it’s not

but I told my mom and dad and I told

Bree and I told my wife and I told them

and then they started coming in

and I’m talking about all the

conferences and all the places I paid to

go to wanted me to come speak

and the parameters

to a month

and I ended that year obeying God

hear what I just said I ended that year

obeying God I’m just asking you do you

have Partners in your life that will

help you obey God if you do they will be

partners that live by everybody say


write this last thing down because this

is going to encourage you when you live

on principle you may miss good but

you’ll never miss God

I’d never miss God

because I stayed to the principles

lasting powerful partners

have mastered the art of the presence

can I help you

if you’re going to be a good partner a

power partner

you’ve got to show up

you got to show up

and I’m not talking about being there

always physically

but like like being there

like Faith like we live in the easiest

time to show up

because you can literally hit that

little FaceTime button



do do

but thank you

hey you can show up

without even leaving your home

you can show up through a text message

you can show up I recently had a friend

that went through something very hard

and I wanted to show up and I wanted to

be there and I wanted to go and I wasn’t

able to show up

I literally felt horrible

because the part of my relationship with

that person

is no matter what’s going on

you will have mine watch this presence

even if I can’t fix it I’ll be there

even if I can’t change it we gonna sit

in this together

and I believe the church has lost

the art

of presence

there are some of y’all that are

watching online right now that really

what you needed is not the word

you needed a hug

I know you didn’t want to get dressed

and you didn’t want to get your hair

done and your braids getting done this

Thursday and so you didn’t want to come

out and you’re buying it

real all live excuses that we have

but the truth of the matter is this week

you needed somebody to pump you up

you needed to join a b group you needed

encouragement you needed to somebody to

say are you getting smaller and you’re

not but you just wore black and it looks


and that would have given you enough to

go to the gym tomorrow you needed that

but if you’re gonna have power partners

you need their presence this was modeled

by Jesus when he was going to the Garden

of Gethsemane

he had the disciples that was rolling he

even had the 12 that he chose

but for this specific very hard season

he was about to go through

he said I need y’all three

to come with me

I gotta do it

but I just need y’all to just stand and

watch and wait and even though they were

so sorry

that they fell asleep on my man’s

I mean he had to come back a couple

times and be like bro

come on I’m sweating blood back here

just stay up

I was like yeah

but at least he had somebody that was

there with their


in the darkest moments of our life

we need people’s presence okay

because watch this write this down our


reminds them of his presence

if you’re going to have power Partners

they got to master the art of

encouragement pump you up

they got to live by principles

but they also have to be there in their

presence why because when I see an image


when I see somebody who has their own


when I see somebody who’s walked through

infertility or I see somebody who’s been

bankrupt but God’s blessed them again

when I see somebody who made it out of

divorce when I see somebody whose

children is going crazy but God is still

working and when I see it

their presence reminds me of his

presence because sometimes life is dark

sometimes our life the lights are not

bright like this


it just feels like

what happened

I thought this was good turn the LED

screen off

I thought everything was bright

and I can see remnants of what was there

I know somebody’s moving but I I’m not

exactly sure I’m not exactly sure what’s

going on

I I know I know that there’s

I know there’s people here and things

there and

and I know

I know I started college

but when I show up

and they’re thinking about suicide

full ride scholarship but I show up and

I’m I’m there to

pray for them

and just let them know God I thank you

for giving my sister Ali everything she


God I thank you that even though she’s

walking through a hard season and her

boyfriend just broke up with our thank

you Father that you know who she’s

supposed to be with

you know who she’s supposed to be with

other and you know matter of fact you

know who she is

and what you’re doing in her right now

and what I do is

I turn the light on

for somebody

that was in darkness

I’m not the light

I point to the lights

the presence of God is in every

situation but many times it’s dark

and when I show up

because I’m a power partner

I remind them of his presence and I turn

the light on remember God

remember to pray

remember that God is for you a matter of

fact girl them eyebrows

God did his thing on you

when you head to the office

and people are working super hard

I don’t want to hear none of your

Christian stuff

I don’t want to hear all that God is

good I got work to do

no I wasn’t going to tell you God is

good we know that

I was just going to remind you I’ll just

see that you’re under a lot of pressure

I just want to let you know man

everything that you’re going through

I’ve been praying for you

and um

I don’t know this may seem a little

weird but last night when I was praying

for you I just felt led to tell you man


you were built for this

God has a purpose in you

and your future

he don’t have to believe what I believe


turned the light on

so that you could remember the presence

of God

when you’re

starting a fashion company

I’m trying to do it

and make God

known in areas that are dominated by

other spirits

and it gets discouraging sometimes to

keep doing it and it’s not selling like

you thought it was seller doing what you

thought it would do hey bro that Lord

Primo thing you did bro keep doing it

matter of fact imma buy everything you


matter of fact I’m a rocket imma tell

people matter of fact we need to bring

the light down you need to see it real

clear is this one of yo is this one of

your things hey so yeah so the people

you made this by hand this ain’t

something you printed

Lord Primo Oklahoma you actually made

this shirt hold on you fitted in my suit

today you put the represent on the back

of my jacket this is what you do keep

doing what you’re doing God has his hand

on your life there’s more in you there’s

more for you turn on the light for


it can happen in the gym

out here doing squats and

don’t do whatever you’re gonna do

see in this gym when people are doing

physical lifting a lot of times they’re

doing it in the dark

for vain reasons

it’s based off of insecurity but you

could walk into that same spot and say

let me turn the light on

I see God making you strong in the

physical but I see God making you strong

in the spirit too

you’re going to be a man of God a man of

Valor heard you getting married soon

you’re going to be a man that’s faithful

you’re going to be a man that leaves

this household



but I cannot turn the light on if I’m

not in their presence

and every artist knows every creative

knows one of the things that you need

more than anything is the right lighting

some of y’all are coloring

in the dark

and God is telling you

I need you to go into that creative


where they don’t believe like you


and I don’t need you to be the light

I need you to turn on the light and

point to the light

okay let me all right let me give you

give me just a little light in the room

John 1 verse six and eight this is where

we’re going to end because they need our

presence because it reminds them of his

presence there was a man sent from God

who was he sent from

who was he sent from

whose name was John he came as a witness

to testify concerning the light

so that through him all might believe he

himself was not the light

he came only as a witness


Jesus the light

you are not the source of the light

but you turn the light on with your


I need everybody if you’re going to be a

partner that’s going after Kingdom I

just wanted to teach you how to pick it

you need to pick somebody who’s gonna

pump you up they’re going to encourage

you you need to pick somebody who lives

by principles and you need to pick

somebody who is not stingy with their


if you find somebody with those three

they gonna have some other stuff that’s

jacked up

but I’m telling you if they can

encourage you in a storm

if they live by the principles of the

word of God and those people can

actually show up when you’re in need and

apologize when they came

what’s gonna happen is you’re going to

remind them of his presence

and what we’re going to be able to do is

take Dominion wherever God sends us

because it’s not just us alone it’s

somebody with us last thing I’ll say

don’t ever forget you’re a part in this


if you become the whole thing you have

lost the art of partnership it’s never

all about you

it’s never all about you so I’m so

grateful for sabbatical every time I get

to go away I get so much gratitude

because I remember at Transformation

Church even though God’s done so many

great things this ain’t about me

this ain’t about my preaching ability if

I walk away from God God will raise

somebody else up 10 times better than me

no oh Pastor Mike he’s done it every


so if you think you’re the grand that

out and the only of please believe God

will replace you

but when you approach it with gratitude

I’m just a part

of partnering with God

then you remember to play your role

is when you play your role all we do is

point to his power what everybody stand

all over the world

the truth of the matter is you may be

the only partner that can lead somebody

to his power

and I said this earlier but I want to

say it again right now many of you are

looking for what you will not become

Pastor Mike I ain’t got no power partner

that’ll pump me up and do all this stuff

become it

become somebody who encourages become

somebody who lives on principles and

become somebody who shows up with their

presence you will attract what you have

sown seed for

hands lifted all over this place

I feel like relationships are about to

get a revelation and a revolution

I feel like you’re about to go back and

evaluate some things I mean even while I

was speaking the Holy Spirit was

speaking to you he was telling you some

things you need to edit some things that

you need to change some things that you

need to reevaluate and you’re going to

become an ambassador of the kingdom of


as you pump people up you live by the

principles of God and you show up with

your presence father I did the

assignment you gave me today

I thank you Father God for all of these


who have heard your word and now father

have action to put with it

God for the partners that we have been

connected to

that father have not been for our

purpose would you give us wisdom

of how

to create new boundaries

yeah this is the prayer right here

give us the wisdom of how to have the


to create new normals father God where

we let people that we connected to that

were the wrong pick God we’re asking you

to redeem them

could you turn

our ashes into Beauty

could you turn what the enemy meant for

evil into good father God show us how to

be what we have not had

and show us how to live like the light

that you are

today Father God I thank you that you

would give us a new revelation

Partnerships thank you for calling us

your partner God

thank you for thinking enough of me I’m

grateful God

today Father God we’re not just valuing

this Kingdom principle

but today we’re making a decision to go

out of here and live this out

pray for every couple

pray for every Business Partnership

pray for all friendships father God let

there be a renewal of principles

and presence

and encouragement in the pump up

father could the church

maybe not all of them but father could

you let something be revived at this


that we will become the most encouraging

group of people in this city

that we would become not like for a fat

or a fake or a like a piece of time but

father let the spirit of encouragement

override all doubt fear

and discouragement

let transformation Nation go into their

jobs tomorrow into their homes today

Father with their children today and

Speak Life

father let our words not fall to the

ground because you’re holding them up

bless your people

is our prayer today

in Jesus name somebody say we agree

amen if you’re in this room and you’ve

never accepted Jesus

let me encourage you

it’s the greatest thing you could ever


it’s the thing that took me from a liar

a manipulator somebody who was addicted

to pornography and it gave me the

freedom that I was looking for and

before everybody starts leaving because

you might distract somebody from the

moment they need

I need everybody to hear me Wendy’s is

going to be there

but somebody’s battling for their life

right now

and I need I need some people to pump

somebody up in prayer right now could

you start praying if you know what’s

going on right now somebody’s at your

home and you’ve been you don’t even know

why there’s been a war for your life and

somebody’s in this room right now and

you’re saying what I really need is

salvation I need God to be my partner

and he I want to let you know he’s

always been there today we’re just

turning on the light

all we’re letting you know is his

presence is here and available for you

because some of y’all that thing you’re

feeling in your stomach or your chest or

that that that’s the Holy Spirit drawing

you to him

saying come to me

I want to affirm you I want to speak

life over you I want to change your name

it didn’t make me a perfect man but man

it put me on the road of progression and

today I believe that there are many

people under the sound of my voice that

today is gonna Mark a brand new day in

your life I don’t care if you’ve been

with God for a lot of years but that

thing has become stale today is a fresh

and a new season for you to walk with

your God

on account of three if that’s you in the

room and online I just want you to shoot

your hand up loud and proud I want you

to be excited about it because this is

the whole reason our church exists one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life two I encourage you that it

doesn’t matter who’s around you this is

going to change you and your name is

gonna be written in the Lamb’s Book of

Life three shoot your hand up in the air

if you want to accept Jesus I see you my

brother I see you my sister come on

there people I see you Transformation

Church can we give God praise there’s

people online

God bless you Hallelujah

why Church exists


for everybody that maybe didn’t have the

courage at that moment to lift your hair

but you lifted your heart

we’re about to pray a prayer and I don’t

know if you mean it but you do

if you want to invite Jesus into your

heart be your lord and savior

Transformation Church we’re family

nobody prays alone so we’re all about to

pray this prayer together but for some

people this is your day of salvation can

everybody say God

thank you

for sending Jesus

just for me


I give you my life

I make you Lord over my life I believe

you lived

you died and you Rose again

just for me and today

I want to be your partner

change me renew me


I’m yours in Jesus name amen can we give

God a shout of Praise everywhere oh come

on people just gave their life to Jesus

the title of the message is how to pick

a partner you just picked the best one


a transformation church we believe in

the power of Prayer

the team is coming right now we’re about

to dismiss service but if you need

prayer for anything

do you need prayer for a situations


healing in your body whatever it is

we’re going to pray and I’m going to

dismiss everybody but this week I want

you to go in Courage

don’t let the sun go down

without pumping somebody uh

father bless these people

and holy spirit draw people to this

altar that need prayer and even in the


father we thank you for what you did

today and I thank you that you’re

building on it every week we give you

glory we give you honor and we give you

praise in Jesus name we pray amen go out

and live a transformed life thank you so

much for watching this message we pray

that it encouraged you our vision is to

represent God to the lost and found for

transformation in Christ and if you

would like to partner with us in giving

you can text give to

a28282 or visit us on our website also

be sure to like subscribe and check out

our other sermons as well our service

begins every Sunday at 10 45 a.m Central

Standard Time now go out and live a

transformed life