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we’re gonna be in Philippians 4 is where

we’re gonna be after you have your

Bibles or your phone or we’ll have it on

the screens for you but I want to give

you some context to the book of

Philippians Philippians is a letter from

Paul to a church in a place called

Phillipi Philippi Philippians the the

city of Philippi was a place where a lot

of Roman soldiers would retire they

would retire to this place and so what

that meant is there are a lot of people

who were loyal to Caesar in this this

area and the Roman Empire in Rome at

this time ruled a lot of the world and

so Paul gets thrown in jail for

preaching the gospel and he’s in jail

and they the church at Philippi they

send someone to send him money and so

they send him some money and we get this

letter because Paul is taking time to

thank them for the money that he sent to

him and so that’s kind of a context

Paul’s writing from jail and it’s a

thank you letter for money and resources

that was sent to him and so we’re gonna

pick it up in Philippians 4 we’ll start

in verse 10 this is what the Bible says

it says how I praise the Lord that you

are concerned about me again where I

know that you’ve always been concerned

but you didn’t have a chance to help me

not that I was ever in need for I’ve

learned how to be content

everybody say content with whatever I

have I know how to live with almost

nothing and with everything I have

learned the secret of living I learned

the secret of living in every situation

whether a full stomach or empty with

plenty or little and you if you’ve ever

played on a team or been around church

at all you’ve heard this next scripture

Philippians 4:13 for I can do all things

through Christ who strengthens me the

title of my message today if you’re

taking notes and I would encourage you

to take notes it’s kind of like a Fast

Pass at Six Flags when you get to heaven

show him your notes may get you in the

fast line joking I’m just kidding but

the title of my message today is the

secret sauce to life the secret sauce to

life I’m gonna take a moment and pray

and then we’ll jump in lord I thank you

so much your words

that were 2 or 3 are that you’re there

so I thank you Lord right now that

you’re here with us

lord I pray even as we sang earlier that

you would speak to our hearts we don’t

want to talk we don’t want to just come

in a building and sing a few songs we

want to encounter Jesus Lord I thank you

that you’re here and that you’re

speaking to us it is in Jesus name we

pray and everybody said amen


did you guys have a good 4th of July did

anybody have a good 4th of July

yeah yeah anybody shoot off fireworks

any fireworks shoot of crazy people

shooting up we got one person shooting

fireworks all right every year we

celebrate 4th of July and we go over to

my wife’s family’s house we shoot off

fireworks and everybody they start

firing at us does anybody ever have

fireworks shoot off at you anybody it’s

like the most exhilarating thing in the

world but and terrifying but this year

again they shot off and started firing

at us and I didn’t hit me because I was

inside to begin with because I knew it

was sketchy so I looked through the

window like those are nice yes that’s

great and they start firing off and

everybody’s running and screaming I’m

like oh man it stinks to be you guys out

there but the for July it’s a fun time

and we we celebrate we’re celebrating

the independence of America the tyranny

from England and the Queen and a group

of men got in a room and they wrote

something called the Declaration of

Independence and the Declaration of

Independence is kind of stating hey we

don’t like you we’re becoming our own

place and they pinned these words that

we now know as our Declaration of

Independence and I want to use a

statement in there that maybe you’ve

heard or haven’t heard kind of the

groundwork for the talk we’re gonna

we’re gonna talk around today and I want

to share this with you right here this

is what it says in the Declaration of

Independence it says we hold these

truths to be self-evident that all men

are created equally that they are

endowed by the right of their creator

with certain inalienable rights though

though that among these are life liberty

and the pursuit of happiness life

liberty and the pursuit of happiness

I want to focus in on that last phrase

the pursuit of happiness and on

throwback Sunday I started thinking

about what is my pursuit of happiness

looked like like what are things maybe

growing up or that made me happy or have

made maybe happy at one point and I

started thinking about middle school

anybody remember being in middle school

anybody some you have to think way back

you know but in middle school do you

remember the exhilarating feeling when

you walked in and you saw a random

person you had never seen before sitting

behind the teacher’s desk I mean I was

so excited because that meant substitue

we are about to do nothing like when I

walked in and saw Miss Rando behind the

desk I was like yes this is going to be

amazing like I would get so happy

because I was just like this is great

and then Oh to top it off you remember

when you would walk in you see the

random lady so you’re like okay yes kind

of do some whatever gets them in trouble

and then you walk a little bit further

and you saw the most beautiful thing you

ever see in your life the rolling TV

with the strap on the top of it you know

what I’m talking about

glory to God I thought heaven was coming

down at that moment it was like yes this

is the greatest day of my life I would

get so happy when that what happens I

started thinking about that in a little

bit further I remember in high school if

you were to ask me Charles what what

would make you happy in tenth grade I

would have had two answers two answers

to that question one I was playing

football so I’d like I want to do good

and football wins state championship and

the second thing I would have told you

is I want to kiss amber Thomas now some

of you’re like that’s not your wife’s

name I know

chill it was before I met my wife I was

and I was in tenth grade like that was

like the biggest best thing I knew so

there’s this girl amber she was like the

prettiest girl in school and she was

actually two years older than me so I

was a sophomore she was a senior and

amber she had dated I played on the

football team she had dated the

quarterback for the team but he had

graduated and I heard through the

grapevine that she liked caramel ice

cream better than vanilla ice cream if

you know what I’m saying

sounds like look at God so so you won’t

laugh I’m gonna make you laugh but in

this service it’s okay

so I was like okay this is my chance so

I remember one day I saw her and I was

like yo girl how you doing it was

probably like but I remember I go up and

I’m talking to her and I’m like hey

we’re talking it so I get her number

because I’m a G and we start talking and

over time I’m like yo I think we and

amber about to start dating this is

might be crazy she’s literally the

baddest girl in school I’m a sophomore

she’s a senior and we’re doing pretty

well in football like all my dreams are

coming true like this is the greatest

day of my life and so my friends were

like yo have you kissed her yet though

and I was like listen and at this time I

grew up it laughing like that behind

y’all up in Jesus name

I had never kissed a girl now mind you

in pause in first grade I did kiss a

girl in front of the teacher because I’m

a G like that but I never kissed a girl

I was like no I was I was just weird and

kind of goofy and I was like this tall

and so it just didn’t work out anyways

Amber’s like listen we win state

championship and football will kiss

we’ll start dating I was like okay so we

go we’re playing football football’s

going well we go to the state

championship game and we blow them out

and I was like yes thank you Jesus you

have heard my prayers I’m a little after

the game I’m like amber where you at

girl where you at I’m like looking for

they’re holding the trophy up I’m like

amber like come down from the stands so

we come down it guys it was the most

terrible awkward I literally just like

half licked her face I like it was

really really bad really bad tell my

wife I got all the bad kisses out before

we got the

so it’s a lot better now but but I

started thinking about that as funny you

know the other day literally this past

Tuesday I was going through me and my

wife are moving so we were cleaning out

some stuff and at the bottom of this box

I was digging through and look what I


I found this my state championship ring

I put this thing on you know I’m saying

you know what it is you see the bling I

literally I put this on and I was like

aah and I start all those memories

started coming back I was walking

through the hallways with Ambrose like

yeah you know got the ring no big deal

and I walked it into the living room

with my wife I was like babe check it

out I found my state ring from high

school and she just looked at me she

goes you are so dumb

take that off nobody cares nobody cares

at all I was like man you trippin you

don’t know this ring is too small now

but you don’t know how cool that was and

I was a little bit offended but it kind

of like yeah you’re right I mean that’s

pretty stupid like if I’m walking around

where if I was actually wearing this

thing you’ll be like oh let’s really

meet but I started thinking about it and

it’s kind of funny that something that

took up all my energy something that was

such a big deal something that promised

so much happiness something that

actually happened in one season it

promised so much happiness but in

another it collected dust and it it got

me thinking that are there things in our

life that are like that right now like

are some of the things that are taking

up our mental energy some of the things

that were focused on that we’re praying

about that we’re asking God to get us

through that we think is such a big deal

could it be that maybe with some time

and perspective it’ll collect dust I

just we gotta ask this question because

we’re told that we’re supposed to be on

the pursuit of happiness like this this

is journey and it’s the American dream

and we’re keeping up with the Joneses

nobody knows who they are but we’re all

keeping up with him

and I just start to look at it I’m

thinking me and that that that seemed to

make me so happy and that was my pursuit

of happiness at that time but now it’s

just kind of like that’s kind of dumb

like that really I wish I would have

known that that wouldn’t be that big of

a deal

and I want to ask and present the

question to you today that how much has

the pursuit of happiness cost you like

what if you spent trying to find

happiness what if you done who have you

hung out with what things in your life

have you maybe compromised

trying to find happiness in your life

because if you look at America if you

look at our lives if you look at our

culture the pursuit of happiness can get

real expensive real quick I mean a lot

of people have spent their life savings

getting the white picket fence and it’s

all this big thing but there’s still no

peace inside of them a lot of people

have spent their integrity cutting

corners and making business deals under

the table all to get this idea of

happiness but there’s still something

missing maybe some of you in this room

you spent your purity saying you know

what I knew I shouldn’t have done that

but if I was just with that person if I

just had that relationship if I if I

just had fill in the blank then I would

be happy when we think about that and I

think about the pursuit of happiness

it’s sounds great on paper it’s a good

movie but it’s a terrible way to live

your life I mean happiness like

happiness is conditional happiness is

fleeting like some of our alarm clocks

have more control of our happiness than

we do

I mean you wake up late and you’re like

this is the worst day ever

God does not see me I don’t like

happiness some of you your boss has more

control over your day than you do some

of you your spouse has more control over

your day your kids have more control

everybody else has control over how your

day goes why because you’re on the

pursuit of happiness

and happiness is an emotion determined

by outward experience so your life after

a while start to look like a roller

coaster everything’s going good and

you’re up here and praise God and you’re

serving at church and everything’s but

the moment something goes wrong your

happiness is gone and you plumb it

people don’t see you in church you drop

off the map you start posting weird

stuff on Instagram it was like where is

they add like because it’s it’s

happiness and I have to ask the question

is there something better is there

something that is that you just ruin my

message but have this kid is there

something more than happiness and even

as we think about that but your natural

thought would be joy but I want to

present to you today that before joy God

is not concerned with your happiness as

much as he is you being content and I

know nobody likes that word like I don’t

know the last time you use that in a

sentence or tweeted it or you’ve never

seen a t-shirt that says content on the

front of it why because we don’t like

where we are because we’re not there

like you know there there is when I have

that job there is when I get that degree

there is when I’m with that person when

I have this amount of money when I there

is there but the only problem is when

you get there now it’s here there was

there but when I’m here it’s here so now

there is a little bit more that way and

so we keep going and we’re living our

lives dissatisfied because we’re chasing

something that always leaves us empty I

want to tell you today that there’s

something better than happiness and it’s

you being content with where you are and

honestly you don’t want happiness what

you want is joy you you think you want

happiness but you want joy you want

something that’s not from an

outside thing but you want something

that’s fulfilled by Jesus Christ that’s

sustained in the middle of storms that

can go through anything that will give

you strength I want to present to you

that the beginning of finding the joy of

the Lord is finding contentment and the

thing about contentment is great because

it’s not conditional contentment it is

being okay regardless you don’t believe

me look look at the scripture we just

read Paul says it in his Scripture he

says in Philippians 4:11 not that I’m

speaking from need for I’ve learned to

be content regardless of my circumstance

he’s saying I’ve learned something

through life and it’s made me okay

regardless of what’s going on mind you

he’s writing this from jail he’s writing

you use from from being incarcerated

because he’s preaching the gospel from

doing what God called him to do he’s in

jail and he’s saying you know what I

appreciate you guys sending me money

that was really nice

but really I’ve never needed anything

anyways because I’ve learned to be

content regardless of what’s going on

that’s what I want I don’t want I don’t

want happiness I want to be content

regardless of what’s going on regardless

of the economy regardless of who’s in

office regardless of of what other

people say regardless of my current

situation I need something that anchors

me we need contentment and my heart is

that we would be able to look at at

Paul’s life and realize the power of


because contentment is a prerequisite to

your joy think about it

how joyful can you be about a situation

that you’re not content in a lot of time

we want God to just make us happy but

you haven’t become okay with where he’s

placed you at the moment

you we have to learn to be content with

where God has us then he can give us joy

read it in the scripture in Philippians

4 he says I’ve learned to be content

regardless of my situation after he says

I’ve learned to be content then he says

I know how to get along and live humbly

and I also know how to enjoy he learned

how to be content then he learned how to

enjoy listen would you be

contents God gives you joy and the more

joy you have the stronger you will be

the joy of the Lord is our strength

so when I learned to become content with

where I am God can produce joy in my

life when he produces joy in my life

then I can be strong in stand when

normally I would run away or fall down

because I’ve found my contentment listen

the the more you could the more content

you can become in your area the more

content you become and where you are the

stronger you’ll be able to be could it

be that maybe the strong follower of

Jesus that you want to be the leader

that you want to be isn’t gonna be found

in doing more and working harder and

making sure you can quote the whole

Bible forwards and backwards could it be

it’s gonna be found your strength will

be found in your contentment could it be

that your strength and your power and

the thing that makes people look at you

and say wow how are they standing

through that situation how are they

standing in that marriage could it be

that it’ll happen when you learn to

become content with where you are and I

get it we we don’t want to be where we

are but do we trust God or do we not do

you think your current situation

surprised him do you think he didn’t

know that the business wouldn’t work out

or or that the marriage wouldn’t be

going as good as you thought do you

think that surprised God it doesn’t he

has you where you are for a reason if we

can learn to be content

God will produce joy which will give us

the strength we need to stand through

situations so the question has to be

asked how do I become more content how

do I find contentment in all the

craziness that’s going on because it

can’t be anchored on on anyone else I

get your contentment if it’s anchored on

something else then it turns into

happiness and now you’re up and down and

all around how do you find contentment

well believe as we look at this story

and look at Paul’s life that Paul found

contentment in the calling that God had

on his life he found his P

he found his anchor he found something

that would would keep him when

everything else was moving around when

they were threatening his life when they

were throwing and hid him in jail he

found contentment in his calling and I

want you to know that’s true for you too

it’s true for all of us your contentment

is found when you’re in your calling

it’s found when you’re where God has

called you to be I want to read this

scripture to you so why don’t we been

reading it says I know how to get along

and live humbly I also know how to enjoy

abundance and live in prosperity in

every circumstance I’ve learned the

secret well fed or going hungry

whether I have abundance or being in

need verse 13 I can do all things

through Christ who strengthens me now

when you read that scripture that’s like

a preach in Scripture like I could

preach to you Philippians 4:13 you can

do all things through Christ who

strengthens you no matter what’s going

on regardless of what’s going on you

need to realize who’s on your side

because you can do all things through

Christ and I could go we would yell clap

scream and that would be amazing but

could it be that maybe the reason some

of us are in content is because we’re

doing all things I mean just think about

it I know or some of you’re thinking

what do you say just think about it I

can do all things and if you take that

scripture at face value you start

running around doing a bunch of good

things that you’re not graced for let

just just listen you there are good

things you can do that you are not

graced for you can do a lot of good

things it’s very good to go on a

missions trip it’s another thing to be

graced to be a missionary it’s good to

help those in need it’s different to be

graced to set up shop in a need area and

meet needs week in week out there are


things that you can do but you’re not

graced for me and my wife we’ve really

wanted to not right now y’all thinking

who y’all having a kid no but we we

really want to adopt one day the

question we’re asking ourselves we

deliver talking last night like are we

graced for it though cuz it’s good to

say all we adopt did it everybody would

applaud but if you’re not grace for it

then you’re outside of God’s will and

anything you go outside of his will to

get you have to stay outside of it to

sustain your I’m doing this thing right

now y’all hear this this is not me I

don’t know who this is I’m just saying

we gotta find our calling like you gotta

fight in here I’ll prove it to you right

now cuz some are you thinkin what it’s

nice to do good things okay just just

wait says this and if you ample this the

amplified version of the same scripture

we just read so he says I’ve learned the

secret of life whether well fed or

hungry whether having abundance or being

a need I can do all things which she has

called me to do see it’s what you got

you got to read your Bible you got to

dig into the Word of God when you when

you amplify and you look into the

context of that scripture he says I can

do all things which he has called me to

do what does that mean that means God

will only grace you for his calling on

your life

he’s not gonna grace you for someone

else is calling for the good things you

could do when you get to heaven God

won’t ask you what could you do he will

ask you what did I call you to do and I

just your contentment can be found when

you find your specific unique spot in

the body of Christ and maybe you’re in

content right now or you’re not happy

with your situation or it’s hard for you

to experience joy because you’re doing

everything instead of living out your

calling and some of you I promise you

would find more contentment if you would

accept your calling we’ve made the word

calling this word that either you’re on

stage or you’re in Africa saving the

world and that’s the only calling from

God there are people this room were

called to be parents like you’re called

to raise children that transform and


the world someone had to raise Jesus but

we want to downplay certain callings and

act like things are better than others

some of you are called to be in the

business world you’re called to start

businesses to to make it in fun mission

things by making money and being

generous you’re called to that and if

you would get in your calling you would

find your contentment but some of us we

don’t want to accept our calling because

it’s not their calling because people

don’t like it on Instagram because I

can’t I can’t tweet my calling when the

baby throws up nobody wants to hear

about that but if you would just accept

your calling if you’d accept because

what you don’t understand is there’s

something that God wants to do in the

world and you’re the only person he can

do it through but you have a part to

play whether you accept it or not you

you there are people waiting on you to

step into what God has called you to do

and I promise you it’s not going to

always be easy but you will be content

Paul’s life was not easy his journey was

not easy but somehow he could stand in

jail and say I thank you for the money

and the food but I would have been okay

if you never sent me anything because I

found contentment in my calling what

what would that be like if we could just

be content regardless we didn’t have to

have a certain amount of money in our

bank account we didn’t have to be on a

certain stage or accomplish a certain

thing but we could find peace and

contentment in our life now I know some

of you as I’m talking about this you’re

thinking you know what I what what if I

don’t necessarily know my calling or

I’ve thought about my calling or I’ve

went around it or maybe I’ve even

stepped away from it what I encourage

you that as I look at Paul’s life and

how he lived something that was unique

about Paul is Paul sold out to following


like he he didn’t do it halfway and

something I think that motivated Paul is

I think Paul I heard someone say always

remember your BC life before Christ

I think Paul remembered that if you

don’t know Paul was saw and his job was

killing Christians I think there was

something in him that he he realized who

God was and what he had done in his life

and for that reason he sold out to

following Jesus I think there’s

something special that happens when you

sell out to something some of you have

sold out to the Dallas Cowboys and they

necessarily haven’t kept their end of

the deal

but for some reason every year this is

our year we’re gonna be like y’all

haven’t won in 30 years but somehow

every year is your year I love you jesus

loves you sorry her faith is unshaken

but like when you sell out it starts to

shape your perspective it starts to

shape the decisions you make I believe

Paul found strength and found

contentment because he had sold out to

following Jesus I really believe that

you could find the joy the fulfillment

the grace all the things you’re looking

for it would be found when you sell out

to following Jesus Paul wrote four books

of the Bible from jail now this wasn’t

some celebrity jail that was like this

is just a nice little condo with a gate

on the friend he’s in jail back in that

time the sewage systems ran through the

jail so he’s sitting in jail writing the

words that were reading today and

somehow he’s content

somehow the he’s found something that’s

unshakable somehow there’s there’s

something in him that regardless of

what’s going on he’s okay

I believe Paul’s secret was that he has

sold out and when you sell out Jesus

becomes real I think for some of us it’s

just a book we read about or someone we

throw our prayers up to but I think

Jesus was real to Paul and because it

was so real to Paul he realized that

that there was more to life than the

moment that he was just in but just

because he was in jail just because

people didn’t necessarily understand but

just because it was hard it didn’t mean

that he wasn’t following God or that it

wasn’t worth it he realized that if he

was in the calling of God he would find

contentment and he had a joy that’s why

Paul was so strong it wasn’t because he

was some superhero and it’s like what

Paul you know he was a part of the

Avengers so I just can’t do that I’m not

that strong no Paul was content God gave

him joy that’s what made him strong and

your strength will be found in your

contentment in Paul’s life he he lived

it in such a way that it was a

reflection reflection of Jesus he talks

about you know what it’s okay if I if I

have to go through hardships I counted a

joy because I’m know I’m becoming more

like Jesus I carry a joy because people

are hearing I carried a joy because it’s

what I’m called to do and what God calls

you to do he’ll grace you for and Paul

knew that and there’s some of you that

need to be reminded that if God called

you to it he will grace you to do it

that I know it’s hard I know you may

feel like you’re in jail right now

but if God called you to it he will get

you through it and he has graced you for


your grace to be the parent I know the

kids are listening I know it’s going

hard but you are graced for it

you’re graced to start the business I

know the other ten have failed but

you’re graced for it your grace to get

that degree your grace to step out and

be an example of people your grace for

it and if God graced you for it he will

get you through it my question is who do

we put our trust in who do we who do we

lean on in those moments we have to be

anchored in Christ and sell out to


and the thing is when you do that God

gives you something that’s so priceless

contentment it gives you perspective

Paul heads perspective if we could live

that way I would venture to say that

maybe the things that are such a big

deal right now are the things that are

taking your energy that they would

somehow get into alignment with with

God’s Word and it’s calling on your life

that if we could just find contentment

that that joy that God would produce in

us it would it allow us to start saying

things like Paul said Philippians 1 he

starts off that the book that we’re the

story were just reading it and he says

this for I fully expect and hope that I

will never be ashamed but that I will

continue to be bold for Christ as even

in the past and I trust that my life

will bring honor to Christ whether I

live or die

for to me living means living for Christ

but dying is even better but if I live I

can do more fruitful work for Christ so

really I don’t know which is better I’m

torn between two desires I long to go be

with Christ which would be better for me

but for your sake it’s better that I

continue to live Paul’s having one of

the craziest conversations in

Philippians 1 he’s saying it like this

he says so I have this dilemma because I

know I have a calling God has

transformed my life I was I was in a

lifestyle and he changed me completely

and got me out of that and now it’s my

mission to to preach the Word of God but

when I preach the Word of God they throw

me in jail now I’m not worried about

being in jail because why I’ve learned

to be content I’m content whether I’m in

jail when I have a lot of money no money

where I’m hungry or not hungry I’ve

learned to be content so he says one

part of this dilemma is that I’m in my

calling and I know that when I’m in my

calling people are benefiting from it

like there are people getting saved

experiencing Jesus the world is getting

changed it’s so much different and so

great when I’m

my calling but he has so much

contentment and joy in perspective he

said but there’s another side of the

coin you see I’ve been walking for Jesus

for so long and he’s so real to me and

he’s done so much that there’s this one

part of me that when they threatened to

kill me because I’ve been preaching the

gospel I’m not really that scared I I

have this tension because I I know that

if I’m here people benefit but if I die

it’s actually better because I’m with my

Savior it was like Paul Jesus wasn’t

someone that he read about it was

someone that was real to him and it

became so real but he didn’t even fear

death man what would that be like if we

could live that way if our current

situation didn’t stop us from trusting

who God was if our current hardship

didn’t keep us from from stepping out in

faith and I I want to live like that I

want to be a church like that that says

you know what I found contentment with

where I am I trust that the Bible says

that God says I’m the Alpha and the

Omega the one who is who is to come and

has been what is he saying he said I’ve

been in every moment so because God’s

been in every moment if I trust him I

can know that he sees me right here and

I can trust him with my future that he

can establish contentment in my heart

and because I’m content he can produce a

joy and because I have so much joy I’m

strong but on the other side I want to

have a faith that’s like you know what

even if it doesn’t work out though like

even if I’m doing the right thing but

the other person in the relationship

isn’t acting right

even if my kids don’t come back when I

think they should even if it doesn’t

work out I think I’ll be alright because

I have perspective and this life right

here is not all there is there is a

kingdom that is so much greater than

what you see right now


IIIi just want us to get it because I

believe that if we could get some

perspective that the things that are

dominating your thoughts would seem

small compared to God the things that

keep you up at night the things that

steal your peace the things that steal

your joy they would become a lot smaller

if you put God in his rightful place

listen when you when we get content with

where we are we’ll have more joy and the

more joy we’ll have the stronger will be

what’s amazing about Paul’s life is his

strength is affecting us right now

matter of fact his joy is affecting us

right now I believe Paul’s joy was one

of the most powerful things that was in

his ministry he said Charles what do you

mean well there’s a story in the Bible

where Paul’s in jail again and he’s in

jail and he’s singing in jail you know

what running over his feet and he’s

singing now we don’t know that how long

he was singing or what he was singing

but I believe that Paul he was he was in

there is he with one of his friends

Silas it says they were in there and

they just they just started singing a

song and as they’re singing that song no

doubt people start looking at him like

why didn’t the world is wrong with these

two dudes like we’re worrying Chandler

they’re about to kill us but but Paul he

had a joy that that wasn’t conditional

and what happens is is his joy produced

freedom for other people listen that

when he starts singing it says that

something happened in the body says that

the the prison cells all the doors of

the jail opened up listen I’m telling

you that God has a mission for his

church and it’s that our joy would bring

freedom to our city art his joy would

bring freedom to our friends that our

joy would bring freedom to this nation

but it can’t happen when we’re all so

serious and also worried

our own problems we have to allow God to

produce contentment in our life and then

other people will see our joy and I’ll

think maybe there’s freedom for me maybe

I can make it through this situation if

we could just find Joey says in the

scripture that all of the doors open up

and in the guard who was supposed to be

watching him freaks out and he’s about

to kill himself because he knows that I

let all these prisoners go Paul stops

and he says hey listen we’re all here

it’s okay he says his family gets saved

in that moment listen your your joy is

more powerful than you think your

contentment is more powerful than you

think I really believed that if we could

find contentment if we could just become

okay with with where God has us trusting

that he’s seen everything he knows the

beginning from the end he’s been

thinking about you before you’ve been

thinking about you and I just want to

encourage you this morning that if you

would just become content with where you

are if you would accept the calling that

God has on your life and realize that

you have a unique calling you you have

something specific that no one else can

do your call to to love people you’re

called to take care of people something

at church that we do every years our be

groups belong groups it’s a place where

we say hey we want to create community

for people and and in there we have

different leaders who step up they open

their homes they say hey I’m gonna

commit to to help lead this group all

that means is I’m helping talk with

people and encourage them and and I’ll

meet at my house once a week or I’ll

meet with some people at a coffee shop

some of you be surprised what would

happen if you would step into your

calling some of you are called to to

step up and say you know what I should I

should start creating community for

other people coming coming up in August

our groups are gonna start and you’d be

surprised what would happen when you

start to share your story some of you

you’re called to to start serving here

at the church to be that person that

everybody sees when they walk in and you

shake their hand you greet them you make

them feel well

so you’re calling mayor may not be here

in church but I promise you if you get

in your calling you’d be more content

and don’t be so concerned of everything

you could do or everything that everyone

else is doing but ask God what what is

it that you called me to do what what is

my piece in the pie what is my unique

gifting what is the thing that you

you’ve graced me for because you can get

in that moment that he’s graced you for

word man all I’m saying is there’s one

person who did it and we’re reading

about him right now

I really think that if we could get in

our calling we could become more content

Bible talks about we’re supposed to be

living epistles people could look at our

lives and they wouldn’t say we were

perfect they wouldn’t say we always got

it right but they would say things like

man they’re just they seem to be so

strong they don’t seem to be shaken by

the things that shake everybody else

they seem to to have this joy this

excitement that that isn’t dependent on

anything else and and they’ll start to

say things like hey hey you got time to

talk or go to coffee I’ve noticed that

you know I saw that you you said you’re

going through some hard stuff or I’ve

seen that your your marriage isn’t going

that well or I know you’ve got some some

troubled issues but you seem to just

have this joy in and what is that and

man what an opportunity for us to say

you know what I sold out to following

Jesus I wasn’t perfect I didn’t

I didn’t always get it right that’s

really all the reason I stand up here

I’m not the best I’m not the most

talented I do stupid stuff all the time

I miss God I just sold out my

encouragement to use just sellout to

follow Jesus don’t worry about what

people say don’t worry about trying to

be perfect don’t worry about the

destination version of yourself that

doesn’t mess up that has it all figured

out that person doesn’t exist there’s

only one person who was perfect there’s

only one so stop trying to get yourself

a ride and make sure everything’s okay

before you follow the code of call of

God in your life

realize that God he he didn’t even ask

you to sell out first he said before I

even ask you to do anything I’ll do it

he said for the opportunity that you

might sell out to me I’ll send my son

and not just any son I’ll sing my sin my

only son why because I love you and I

care about you and the opportunity the

mere thought that I could have

relationship with you would cause me to

stop everything and sacrifice my only

son for you


so my heart is that transformation

church will be a church that is known

for not necessarily even being the best

or the coolest or anything like that but

could it be that we would be a church

that’s content with where God has that

whether we grow whether we shrink

whether people know our name whether

they don’t we’re content so you know why

we’re here because God’s graces and my

prayer is and really the truth is the

only way that’s gonna happen for

transformation church is if it happens

in us we proved last week the churches

in this building but we were here we’re

the church you’re the church and when

people look at our lives my heart is

that they would see Jesus