In this video, Pastor Bill shares his approach to balancing family life and ministry.

how pastor Villa did you happen to

balance work and family in all these

years of ministry well family always

comes first so even when you have to

even when you have a period of time

where you have to work crazy hours you

have the responsibility to make up for

you know it’s like I like in a family

especially in ministry to like a wheat

farmer who every harvest season has to

work 18-hour days for two weeks

well you can’t maintain that as a

lifestyle and have a healthy family but

you can do it for two weeks

you just have to compensate later you

have to make up for it later and so my

view was my kids have to pay a price for

Who I am I can’t control that

so I’m going to use Who I am to bless

them and to help them and to give them

advantages or or whatever and because my

responsibility my responsibilities to

make sure that they do well and probably

one of the one of the main things in in

life is when you is when you’re the same

in the pulpit you’re the same in

ministry and you’re the same at home if

there’s no discrepancies between the two

then it helps to establish a rubix

standard for the kids to follow and just

having that value system just this helps

the kids to understand when you need to

be gone that there’s a reason and you

make up for it when when you’re home and

everybody gets to benefit from from that

so another part is I just paid attention

to Benny she she would know some you

know there were times she’d call me at

work she said mention one of the kids

there where they need you

so I just cut out early you know not

everybody can do that but when you’re on

the clock 24/7 you you tend to be able

to have those options sometimes others

don’t and if I didn’t have the ability

to just leave the office at that moment

that I’d make sure when I got home that

I spent extra time with that one child

or with the three whatever but she she

could monitor the kind of the pulse of

how the kids were doing on a much more

day-to-day than I could yes and she

would alert me she would tell me she say

you know they need some some dad time so

I would make the adjustments

what did you have set as your primary

goal in your relationship with your

three kids as they were growing up what

was your main goal with them oh goodness

pretty much to be there encouraged or to

be obviously there’s a friendship level

that’s important you’re still dead you

don’t want to lose that you don’t want

to be buddy-buddy in a in a way that

compromises your responsibility but I

want to be a friend you know to this day

that’s my that’s my goal it’s just to

just to be a friend and to be there the

one who champions their cause the one

who hears the voice and and stands in

their corner so to speak and and it

didn’t matter if as Little League games

or you know Christmas musical or the you

know it’s just to be there and to be

involved cheering them on in whatever

they’re interested in you know and they

would be interested in a sport that I

was interested in I was there they’ve

chose the sport I didn’t care for I was

still there you know and so my dad was

the greatest encouragement in my life

and I just want to make sure I was that

that for them and I would just be an

encouragement I could see things in them

that God was doing and I would

constantly speak to their future you

know constantly talk about the grace the

giftings that were in them you know I

remember um our our boys had this

amazing ability to encourage one another

even through their small childhood it

was it was unusual and Eric did

something for Brian I forget what it was

and I said Eric so do you know what that

was and he looked at me like he might be

in trouble but you could tell he didn’t

know why but I said that was a fruit of

the Spirit that was wonderful

and I would take him to the scripture

you know saying that’s gentleness

carrying this be I said that was a fir

the Spirit is beautiful and just

champion you know those things