This message is from our “U R Loved” series about the unconditional, relentless love of God.

and so today I’m going to teach a

message very simply titled the proper

response to love the proper response to

love and I really only have one point

today and then I have four sub points to

just clarify that one point so this is

my point for the entire time that I’m

speaking the proper response to God’s

love is love the proper response to

God’s love for us is that we love him

back now that sounds very generic and

very corny and very like yeah we love


thanks faster Mike so I’m gonna make

this very very clear by these next four

points making it very practical for you

something that you will be able to go

out of here and be able to do because

our only response to what Christ did at

Calvary all the songs that we sing

hallelujah you won the victory he didn’t

won the victor in the victory for us to

live the same way he didn’t win the

victory for us to live in depression for

us to have um things in our body that

need to be healed but we don’t have the

faith to believe God for the healing he

did not live for us to have sin cycles

that every year we come to the same

thing that’s not why he died he lives so

we could have freedom he died so died

ain’t lived so that we could have

freedom he died and live so that we

could know another level of life but we

have to respond properly to the love

that God has shown to us so the proper

response to love is love so I’m going to

break that down and let me tell you this

God does not want fake love he does not

want love that’s generated by fear and

this is the problem with so many people

have been in church for a long time

is that everybody wanted to scare

everybody of hail so that they would

love God so I want to go to hail so I

better love God that crap is for the


nobody wants to be loved because there

is a horrible alternative to this so I

guess you’ll do I guess God I’ll worship

you God says I I don’t want to be loved

because you fear me I want to be loved

because you see how much I sacrifice you

and what I already put up the word says

we don’t love God be

because we loved him first and said he

displayed his love for us by sending he

did it first he put himself out there

he’s the one sitting and proposing and

saying will you please marry me will you

please take the provision I have for me

will you please be the one that I’m

committed to and you’re committed to me

forever and now we have the opportunity

to give a response what’s your response

what’s our response so I’m gonna help

you because a lot of people don’t know

the proper response so that’s why we

come to church that’s why God gives me

with him that’s why he wouldn’t let me

go on to the next series cuz he wanted

to teach us the proper response and I

believe if we hear these things and walk

these things out it’s gonna change the

way that we relate to God forever the

first point the proper response to God’s

love is learning the proper response to

God’s love is learning now Pastor Mike

what do you mean by that

if you’ve ever started to fall in love

with something the first thing you do is

learn everything you can about it just

think about how many of y’all been a

relationship before any type of

relationship even if it was long short

okay what is the first thing you did or

how did most of those relationships

start you would be on the phone cake in

all night come on lissa no you hang up

no you hang up and what are you doing

you’re finding out everything you can

about them what’s their favorite food

where would they like to travel how much

how many kids are in their family do you

like your mom what what do you want to

be when you grow up all of these

different thing we’re just finding out

we are learning about the other person

in the new age we don’t even got to talk

to you we’ll go to your Facebook see

where you’ve been on vacation see what

you like who your friends are all of

those different things why cuz I’m

trying to learn everything I can about

you love starts with learning I want

everybody to hear me say that very

clearly love starts with learning so the

proper response to God’s love is that we

start to learn about God I want

everybody to hear me say that again if

we really want to respond properly to

God we need to learn more about him that

is our proper response see this is

the key um when when we really figure

out that God has been so amazing to us

would be like how did he do that how did

he walk this earth and not slap nobody

even when the disciples was drifting

right behind him how how did he how did

he how did he go and walk his life for

33 years in this manner and do this see

God gives us tools to learn about him

and the number one tool that God gives

us is his word and I want everybody to

see this the Word of God the Bible the

bibl II that’s the book for me that that

one that’s not a book of stories I want

everybody to hear me say this very

clearly it’s a book of learning our God

so that we can love our God and see many

people don’t understand this because

they want to come to church you’re like

I’ll learn about God at church that

means you have a very surface level of

wanting to be with God let me help you

because in this manner God’s saying I

love you and I know all about you the

word says he knows the number of hairs

on our head he knows our thoughts he

knows us but he said I don’t want to

force you but I need you to want to know

me you got to learn about me you got a

desire to go to another level of

knowledge about me and that’s what the

word says in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse

16 turned there real quick the proper

response to God’s love as we must learn

about God number one through his word it

says all Scripture is inspired by God it

is God breathed another translation says

and it is useful to teach us we’re

supposed to learn through the Scriptures

what is true and to make us realize what

is wrong in our lives

it corrects us when we’re wrong and

teaches us to do what is right we don’t

read the Bible to just find out stories

it’s a book about learning so that we

can love that’s why Jesus had to tell

some people who were churchgoers the

pious the ones who know God and can

worship in the right key he told them in

John he say y’all study the Scriptures

because you think in that you’ll find

eternal life he said all these

scriptures appointment

he said I’m trying to give you

scriptures so you can know me that you

can learn me that you can find out more

about me I am in a relationship with a

beautiful woman her name is Natalie

Diane Todd and I will drink her


you hear me and I’m serious but watch

this if I stopped learning about her

when we started dating 15 years ago

how much would our relationship have

progressed if I stopped learning what

she liked if I stopped learning what she

desires if I stop learning how she

thinks our relationship I would be

having a relationship 15 years later

with somebody that was in the past

because the things that she likes now is

not the same things that she liked back

then and many of us are trying to have a

relationship with God based on the same

things that we learned when we first got

in a relationship with him we’re not

trying to progress and God says it was

good when we started that was enough

room you were on the baby food it was

enough when you were coming but I need

you to learn more about me I need you to

learn about my promises I need you to

learn about the things that I’ve

provided for you I need you to go past

this place right here the proper

response for every one of us to the love

that God shown is that we start learning

about God what does that practically

look like Pastor Mike you read your word

every day mmm pastor do you know how

boring the Word of God I mean does

anybody when you open your Bible sleep

just comes over your whole spirit come

on just let’s be honest in here you’re

just like oh my god I just woke up but

he tired again okay why it’s because the

enemy knows that if you start to learn

about God

you’ll fall in love with it see that’s

the difference that’s why everything

comes to distract you from getting in

the Word of God he’ll allow you to

worship praise even come to church the

moment you just oh my god

everybody’s calling you they called you

in six months and as soon as you say I’m

gonna get devoted I’m gonna make that

now the job wants you to work overtime

did it happen to you didn’t it

hear me but there has to be something on

the inside of us that says I don’t care

what happens nothing is gonna tear me

away from the love letter that is gonna

teach me about my god I am NOT going to

settle at the beginning of this

relationship because I know there’s so

much more for me in this relationship

every person in here has to learn about

God through his word this is our prop

everybody say proper response see there

are other responses I don’t want to act

like you can’t love God and ignore him I

don’t want to act like it’s not real

life for us to be in church for 50 years

and never progress past praying for our

food and we act like we’re living the

abundant full life that God created us

to live and we’re still struggling in

areas that God was trying to let you

conquer years ago but he said you just

have to learn about me do you know there

are promises in the Word of God that are

things that you do not have to settle

for in this life because you are saved

and you have you are joint heirs with

Jesus Christ there’s stuff you don’t

have to deal with but you’ll deal with

them until you know that you don’t have

to deal with them but you have not

learned these things let me give you a

practical one when I was young I had a

very lustful tinge and my mom gave me a

scripture that there were many times it

didn’t work every time but there was

many times that this script I hate you

got to be honest it didn’t work every


but there were many times that this

scripture kept me out of doing crazy

stuff Psalms 119 I learned about God he

said how does a young man or a young

woman keep this way pure he hides

himself in the Word of God and that’s

all I had but I learned it and as I

learned it about God it gave me a

promise that kept me I remember being in

the car on the way to somebody’s house

with bad intentions and this scripture

would come out of my spirit how does a

young man you might go keep his way pure

by hiding himself in the word house hmm

well I guess I’ll go get something to

eat but it wasn’t until I learned about

God that those things begin to get

activated in me I want to tell everybody

the proper response to all that God has

done for you is that you learn more

about him now I don’t care how long

you’ve been in church if you’re a

teacher of the word if you know this coz

self-righteous people get all I’ve

learned about the word there’s another


there’s always another level for you God

goes from glory to glory from grace to

grace he takes you up I want you to know

there’s another level somebody say

there’s another level

the other ways that we can learn about

God is through wise counsel walk with

somebody who’s walked this life longer

than you if I’m 30 I should not have to

go through things that somebody 60 is

going through if I’m walking with them

and getting wisdom and counsel I can

learn how God brought them through that

situation I can learn that’s why I love

that this church is multi-generational

you can look down your road and you

don’t see everybody on your road that’s

your same age there is somebody that is

younger or older it’s time for us to get

in community that’s why we do belong to

because that’s a place that we can learn

we can learn how God changed your life

we can learn how you overcame that

addition we can learn but we learn about

God do that and so our proper response

to what God’s done for us is that we

learn about him another way is that you

read books

Church we are the most ignorant

organization in the world and I don’t

say that talking about anybody

specifically I know for me and this is a

message that a pastor has to bring so I

need everybody to hear me today I want

us to grow I don’t want us to stay at

the same place I don’t want us to be

dealing with the same issue six years

from now six months from now six weeks

from now but it takes us having to learn

the proper response and the proper

response to what God has done to us is

that we need to learn about him

you need to read books like Jesus is by

Judas min the blessed life by Robert

Morris you need you need to read books

that will challenge you and change your

perspective I’ve read more books in the

past year than I have in my entire life

but it shaped and changed me because I

know more about God what is the proper

response to the love of God for you it’s

to learn about God number two

the proper response to God’s love is

obedience now this is the one nobody

really likes but Jesus makes it real


everybody just turned with me to John

14:15 and I don’t want you to ever

forget this scripture don’t ever forget

description this one will change the

whole game for you now this is Jesus

talking and he says if you love me obey

my commands it doesn’t get any clearer

than that

if you love me obey me some people don’t

like the word obey so let me help y’all

if you love me do what I’ve asked you to

do and this is where most Christians get

stuck for their entire life entire life

coz pastor you all know man if they push

me too far I’m going off I don’t care

what the word says if they push me too

far you know when you start clapping

your hands when they push me too far

I’m going off well pastor you don’t

really understand we’re really having a

financial challenge right now so that’s

why we have to stop tithing

see if you love me obey my commute ooh

do well Tyson Mike you don’t really

understand I’m a man and if the urge is

too strong

imma find me some will you see how quiet

it is in here oh that was just quiet I’m

I’m gonna find me some I got to have sex

God will understand Jesus walk this


why are you saying this all Pesa Mike

it’s because God is saying to us if you

love me your obey me and see this is the

crazy thing is that the first response

is about learning because you can’t obey

what you haven’t learned that’s why we

have to get in the word because once we

get in the word we learn about God’s

commands David was saying I meditate on

these commands day and night he’s one of

the only people that God says this is a

man after my own heart even though he

messed up he had my word in his heart so

he could turn even when he messed up

what God is saying is I need you to obey

what I’ve already set out for you but

you got to learn it first and then you

got to obey it second and I know this is

not popular but I’m giving you a key to

your future our proper response to what

God has done for us is not to just sit

here and be the same the whole reason

that this sermon got motivated is I

talked to a young man after the second

week of you are loved and he said Pastor

Mike I kidding God loves me man I’m

telling you I’ve accepted it I’ve let go

of my past I know he’s gonna use me now

I’m not disqualified there’s nothing

that can separate me from God’s love

it’s just presented me with another

challenge Pastor Mike and I was like

what’s up he was like I just have this

super urge to just have sex and it’s

hard for me not to because I know God

will still love me

now I just said his scenario but you

might have something of your own okay so

now that I know nothing can separate me

from the love of God I want to fulfill

my sinful desires and then just ask for

forgiveness how many of us have planned

our sin and our forgiveness speech at

the same time come on I’m come sitting

right here and right about later on the

ask for forgiveness hey glory to God is

a good good God see I’m talking about

real stuff today I’m coming into your

house today I want to shout you about to

be quiet and listen to what god this is

not me this is what God wanted to say

I’ve put my love out for you but I want

you to respond properly to it I want you

to learn more about me and I want you to

obey me see this young man he missed the

proper response to the love of God God

doesn’t provide this way of a state for

us to go back into the same filthiness

he he wants us to realize that that is

beneath us and that he has so much more

for us see he makes it so clear that God

is not trying to keep you from something

he’s trying to keep you for something

y’all missed it God’s not trying to keep

you from something he’s trying to keep

you for something he has a plan and a

purpose that is bigger than anything

that you could ever imagine but when you

obey his commands the things that he set

up for you that’s how you reach purpose

quicker that’s how you get to the

destination without all the scars that’s

how you walk in the purpose and you

don’t have all the collateral damage is

that you obey what God has asked us to

do and see this is where people get

messed up and I want you to hear me and

I’m gonna give you equation real quick

this is our proper response it’s to obey

God God’s love

has to do with our value God values you

his love and his value will never change

for you I want everybody to realize that

just write down on your paper

God’s love equals value God’s love

equals value but check this out our

obedience equals God’s support God’s

love equals our value he will never stop

loving you no matter what you do no

matter how you fall no matter where you

go he will never stop loving you

but your obedience when you obey his

command it determines the support he

gives oh let me some of y’all like huh I

don’t get it let me explain this to you

just a little further okay watch this

support means to hold up to pay for so

God does not support things that go

against what he’s already said to do and

many of us are out here so in our Wild

Oats going against the command of God

praying that God wouldn’t let her get

pregnant he can’t support that hear me

when we obey the commands that God give

whatever it is we have to know that he

will support that but when we step

outside of the will of God and think

that he’s gonna support that it didn’t

change his love for you

it didn’t change his value for you it

just said I ain’t paying for that no let

me give you a better example if one of

my kids grew up and they’re really gonna

live a great life and we got beautiful

houses and oh my daughter gets us y’all

see us in houses in the name of Jesus

you don’t hate on my future let me go to

this side they haters over there and and

and when she turns 16 and whatever cause

she wants cuz she’s gonna get good

grades i’ma give it 4 at the moment she

goes against the rules of the house and

starts drinking and driving my value my

love for her did not change I still

value can stay in this house I love you

you can keep the last name

but at the moment you start disobeying

what has been set out I can’t support

that I can’t hold that up so give me

them keys

give me that car and matter of fact give

me the gas money I gave you too

why it’s not because I don’t love you

but I can’t support disobedience help me

Holy Spirit some of y’all are walking in

here saying God has forgotten about you

and he’s standing right there waiting

for you just to obey you out there god I

thought you was with me he said you’ve

been on my wheel for five years you’ve

been being disobedient this entire time

and I love you my value for you never

change but my support I can’t hold that


I can’t keep holding up those things

that go outside that’s why we have to

learn about God’s Word and then we have

to obey because when we learn and then

we start obeying God out of a place of

love we open up a chasm of blessings and

opportunity and favor I mean literally

God there is nothing that God would

withhold from those who you don’t

understand the scripture God wants you

to learn he wants you to obey but he’s

not going to support and hold up our

disobedience when we disobey God’s Word

we handcuff him you put God on lockdown

God why aren’t you doing this for me he

said because you aren’t doing what I

asked you

God don’t play favorites

he just looks for obedience that’s why I

can have two kids in my same house and

if his Abela wants to drink and drive

she will be catching her uber on her

feet everywhere she wants to go but if

MJ obeys me in the same scenario he can

have whatever vehicle he wants

not because I love him more than I love

if the value didn’t change I just want

everybody to understand God’s not

keeping something from you because he

doesn’t love you he just said I need you

to obey me so I can support you so I can

hold that up our obedience that’s why

the scripture says and I hope this has a

new revelation Samuel said it like this

your obedience is better than your

sacrifice see I want you to understand

this because it’s the proper response to

what God’s given his love for us he said

if you obey me that’s how I really know

you love me I know my daughter loves me

is what she does what daddy says not

just saying oh my dad is great my dad is

the best my daddy is a good good father

take out the trash no where’s the

obedience church I’m telling you that if

you get stuck on this point we will

never be able to properly respond to the

love of God we got to start obeying in

man we got to start obeying what he says

and listen this is the beautiful thing

about it is that God knew it would be

hard for us to obey Him in these flesh

suits like he knew what he was putting

us in so look what it says go to the

scripture in John chapter 14 we read

verse 15 if you love me obey my commands

but watch what 16 says I don’t love God

because he’s so faithful it says and

then Jesus will ask the Father and he’ll

give you another advocate a helper

somebody that can help you in this flesh

soon who will never leave you he is the

Holy Spirit who will literally leave you

into all truth God I don’t know how to

obey you I sent you a helper and all you

got to do is ask him and he will leave

you into all truth well I don’t have the

love for those people I’m supposed to

love my enemy that’s one of your

commands God he knew we were in this

flesh shoot so he said ask the Holy

Spirit to help you

and I’ll give you what you need see when

you have a desire to obey God gives you

a supplier to obey when you have a

desire to obey God he’ll give you a

supplier and his name is the Holy Spirit

it says that the Holy Spirit will teach

you all things but many of us are asking

them for anything how do I have peace

that passes all understanding in the

midst of this crazy situation Holy

Spirit I need your help

Holy Spirit I’m trying to obey God and

not slap these people God I’m trying to

turn the other cheek but I’m gonna turn

a couple of dates cheeks gotta need your


does everybody understand what I’m

saying Holy Spirit come into this

situation now I’ve got my finances are

jacked up Holy Spirit I need you to come

into this situation now I need you right


and God said if you just desire to obey

my word I’ll send you the supplier how

do we really express our love to God we

obey Him that’s the proper response

the third thing how do we express or

properly respond to God’s love the

proper response to God’s love is always

verbalized it’s always verbalized I’ve

never loved something that I didn’t tell

somebody I never loved someone that I

didn’t tell them and I never loved

anything and not try to get other people

involved in it how do we properly

respond to what God’s done for us his

love he’s shown us we got to verbalize

it we got to start talking about it the

first way is we talk to him people say

that they love God and they never tell

him what we call that is worship it’s

love expressed this morning when we got

to the end of that song hallelujah you


the victory we were all corporately

expressing our love to God and many of

us don’t do that unless we’re in this

room so what if I told my wife I loved

her in one room at one location at one

time once a week I mean every Saturday

at 6 a.m. I’m gonna tell you I love you

once that wouldn’t describe and depict

how much I really love her if y’all

follow me on Instagram I talk about my

wife all the time

if you around my house you can walk out

smack her butt and I’m just saying and

she find it and I don’t care how it

makes you feel I’m at my house I love

that woman so I talk about it you love

God but you’re silent Church the proper

response to how much God loves us is

that we start verbalizing how much we

love him

you got to express your love that’s why

when we come in here to worship I don’t

care one of our sisters here she got on

social media and started singing and she

told she said I don’t care I know I

ain’t got the best singing voice but I’m

about to express my love to God and I’ll

say you better go girl because so many

people are concerned about people who

are outside of the relationship judging

what you got inside the relationship

that you won’t even express how much he

means you forget you I love God and He

loves me and i’ma tell the entire world

you were not there when God saved me

when I was broken you are not there when

he called me by my name you are not

there when he looked over some other

people save you

you wouldn’t care you don’t know the

sacrifice you don’t know what God’s done

for us so I will declare my love from

the mountaintop

I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio my love

will go on I don’t care what you say

that’s what it is to not be ashamed of

the gospel of Jesus Christ but many of

us got our little candle lit this little

light of mine but it’s hiding under a

bushel I want too many people to know

that might offend somebody you know PDA

just in regular talk it offends people

sometimes like when husbands and wife

like hug and kiss in public I see y’all

know what the hell we had to do to get

here I will kiss hug love everything I

wanna do right here why because it’s not

my love with God is not about you my

love with God is about him so you got to

start verbalizing it how else do you

verbalize it through prayer you talk to

God prayer is the language of the

dependent not that I can’t do it without

you I won’t do it without you

there are movies that I do not go see by

myself not because I can’t because I

want to share the experience with the

one I love and there are movies I still

ain’t seen to this day cuz we couldn’t

go together what are you willing to not

do without God I won’t go through my day

without talking to him I won’t go to

work without talking to him not because

I can’t do some stuff without him

because I’m so weak I should know that

by now I choose to include him an answer

II thing that I do because it’s the

proper response to the love that he’s

shown me I love you that much I ain’t

gonna do it without you boo that’s what

I say to my wife and it’s the same thing

we should say to God I’m not gonna do it

without you God

I’m not gonna live this life I’m not

gonna stay married I’m not gonna work

this job I’m not gonna go use my gifts

I’m not gonna do any of this without you

that’s the proper response to the love

that God shown the last one is what’s

the proper response in this

verbalization that we’ve evangelized we

tell somebody else if you get a good

burger from somewhere and he just let

you know you’ve heard let me just not

say burger but whatever you like to eat

and it blesses your life y’all know that

food that’s like somebody laying hands

on you you understand and it blesses

your life you don’t you don’t just walk

up the next people you see you usually

may have you had get the answer Lana’s

from them and you tell why because what

you loved you now want to share with

somebody else

if all the people who said they loved

God in this place would share their love

with somebody this church would not be

big enough to hold the word says it like

this if no one will tell them how will

they know because I love God I tell

people about God at Walmart at the

basketball game I’m not ashamed of the

God listen you can deny it or not but

I’ve accepted this love and so how do I

respond to the love of God I’ve realize

it I tell people about it

I tell God how much I love them I talked

to him in prayer and include him in

everything I do

and I tell everybody else about it not

cuz I’m a pastor and I want everybody to

hear me say this I don’t do what I do

because I get up here and speak to you

on Sunday mornings I do what I do

because I love God

and I know how much he loves me

the last thing

the proper response to God’s love for

all of us is that we evolve can I say it

to you another way the proper response

to God’s love is that we change that we

transform how we know we’ve really

received God’s love is that we’re not

the same as we were and this is where

many people they say statements like

this this is just how I am I don’t care

what area it is man I’ve been out of

lived a long time this is just this is

just me when you say statements like

that what you’re saying is I will not

allow God to work on that area in my

life I won’t and because God is a

gentleman cuz some of y’all husbands and

wife’s nudging each other you see stop

let God heal him man but our proper

response to God is that we not stay the

same that we would change let me tell

you a true story last week Sunday night

I was watching the MTV Music Awards and

Kanye came on and he gave a whole little

spiel about randomness and then he shows

this video that’s basically pornography

on cable television and as I was sitting

there watching it everything in me never

wanted to see it again not because

Kanye’s bad not because the dancing

wasn’t good not because it was our not

artistic or creative it would it was

because I knew that that was a picture

that was not God’s best for me

and at that moment when I realized that

I said oh shoot I’ve changed I’ve

evolved like something in me is

different in a different season I would

have watched that and while it was still

gone I would have found it on the

internet and watched it 20 more times

and probably went by myself and tried to

do something to to make myself feel good

if you know what I’m saying

and why are you being that real Mike

because that’s what we deal with in our

real life okay in a different season

that’s what I would have done but in

that moment when I was faced with that

thing again

I realize oh shoot I’ve changed it’s

because I started to learn about God I

started to obey what he’s put out for me

I started to verbalize my love for him

through worship through prayer through

telling other people and it ended up

evolving my life and changing me and

transforming me so let me help you

what’s the proper response to love it’s

love to learn about God to obey God to

verbalize our love for God and to evolve

I want everybody to see it very clearly

that what we are supposed to do in

response to God sacrificing His only Son

is that we love him back now this is not

a cereal for you this is not oh I love

God you love God as long as you this is

not that this actually has handles put

that back on the screen I want everybody

to see this what’s the proper response

to God’s love for us it’s that we love

Him we learn about him we’re not gonna

stay ignorant of the scriptures and the

promises and what God has provided we’re

gonna learn about him we’re gonna once

we learn them we’re gonna obey

what he said we’re not gonna be

disobedient asking God to support things

that go against his word we’re gonna

verbalize our love for him through

worship and prayer and evangelism and

we’re gonna evolve we’re gonna change

we’re gonna transform the name of this

church is transformation Church not so

that we can stay here and just change


I’ll stay in this building forever if

everybody who comes in here gets changed

do you hear me we’ll do fifteen services

here if this is really a place of

transformation but it only happens when

we learn about God

when we obey what he’s saying when we

verbalize it when we evolve when we

change Romans 12:1 this is my last

Scripture and we’re out of here it says

and so dear brothers and sisters I plead

with you I beg you give your bodies to

God because of all he has done for you

it didn’t say for us remember this is

about you are loved give your life to

God for all he’s done for you

let them be living sacrifice holy the

kind he will find acceptable this is

truly the way to worship Him and don’t

copy the mundane and lethargic behaviors

and customs of this world but let God

transform you let him change you into a

new person by changing the way you think

then you will learn

that’s that learning again to know God

so you know how to obey Him and his will

for you which is good and pleasing and

perfect God has something so cold for

you you couldn’t even dream it up before

you were formed in your mother’s womb he

knew you he had plans for you to prosper

you not to harm you to give you hope and

a future but you have a part to play in

this Pastor Mike I am loved I am loved I

am loved so now you’re supposed to

respond you’re supposed to give a reply

to the love that God’s giving you

so how do you respond with love God are

making a commitment today to start

learning about you our next series is

called charged up I might help you for

four weeks

get a practical understanding of how to

learn about God we’re talking about

devotion life and staying plugged in I

know you’re busy I know your kids is

crazy I know there’s all kind of things

distracting you I’m gonna help you make

it fit you don’t want to miss one week

because if we don’t learn about God we

can’t obey Him many people are walking

around doing things out of ignorance

just cuz they don’t know so we’re gonna

help you learn so you can obey Him and

once you start obeying and you gonna

just start but you’re gonna start

worshipping like never before God you’re

amazing I love you hey you want to come

to my church I got a seat just for you

right next you’re gonna just start

verbalizing it and then you’re gonna see

your post on Instagram will change by

next year the things that you like the

things that you watch your reaction time

to your husband and your wife will have

changed the things that used to take you

out in three weeks of depression you’re

gonna start confessing to somebody and

y’all gonna pray and what was used to be

three weeks will be three minutes

because you’ll start changing people as

Melton tells like how you get like this

I learned about God I started obeying

his principles I started telling them

about it and it changed me well I want

to do something today start learning

about God I’m proud of you coming to

this church but one meal a week ain’t

gonna cut it

just try you eaten today and don’t eat

till next Sunday tell me how nourished

and how strong and how vibrant you will

be give you charge any prayer like and

that’s what we try to do with our spirit

man we nourish him once a week sometimes

if the games not on God has an amazing

life plan for each one of you you are


but now how do you respond to his love

with love God searching the whole earth

looking for His image will he find it in

you you are loved