Today we started a brand new series entitled, “Upset The World” with our Oversight Pastor Tim Ross! Aside from being the oversight pastor of Transformation Church, he is the lead pastor of the multi-ethnic, multi-generational Embassy City Church in Irving, TX. His dynamic teaching style and uncanny ability to make people understand the gospel message is the reason why he has been such an asset to ministries across cultural and denominational lines. Pastor Tim is happily married to Juliette, and they have two sons.

i am so excited to be here

today i want to greet all of y’all the


church family i am so grateful that you

decided to

be with us this morning and hey i know

something let me just

let me just get the obvious stuff out

the way i’m not michael todd

i hope you can see that i am not michael

todd i am tim ross but i’m not michael


so pete game uh michael and natalie

are getting some much-deserved rest this

is their month off and we’re praying for

them to be refreshed

and restored so when they come back they

come back

stronger than ever uh so

you’re stuck with me for the next two

weeks and you i don’t feel any shame

in saying that you should be hyped that

you have someone that is here

that cares about where you go next

in your relationship with jesus christ

so we’ve had an incredibly fun month

uh but i’m here to upset your world and

so there is something that god is about

to say to you

there is something that god is about to

do through you

that is about to change you not just now

but for the rest of eternity so uh i i

i’m super hyped as you can see

uh the set is already set up for me bars

the set is already set up for me

we started a new series it’s called

upset the world and it’s based on

the book and the revelation that god

gave me by the same

name i hope that you will go out and get

this book because it is going to bless

you go to amazon

barnes nobles wherever books are sold

get the book but i’m going to give you

the messages

that birth this book and we’re starting

this weekend y’all ready

get your bibles i want you to go to the

book of acts chapter number 17 the book

of acts

chapter number 17. i want to read the


nine verses then we’ll pray and see what

the lord would say to us all right acts


17 verses one through nine here’s what

it says

paul and silas then traveled through the

towns of amphipolis

and apollonia and came to thessalonica

where there was a jewish synagogue as

was paul’s custom

he went to the synagogue service and for

three sabbats in a row he used the


to reason with the people he explained

the prophecies

and prove that the messiah must suffer

and rise from the dead he said

this jesus i’m telling you about is the


some of the jews who listened were

persuaded and joined paul and silas

along with many god-fearing greek men

and quite a few prominent women

but some of the jews were jealous

so they gathered some troublemakers from

the marketplace to form a mob

and start a riot they attacked the home

of jason

searching for paul and silas so they

could drag them out to the crowd

not finding them there they dragged out

jason and some of the other believers


and took them before the council paul

and silas have caused trouble

all over the world they shouted which is

why i just shouted

and now they are here disturbing our

city too

and jason has welcomed them into his

home they are all guilty of treason

against caesar for they

profess allegiance to another king named

jesus the people of the city as well as

the city council were thrown into

turmoil by these reports

so the officials forced jason and the

other believers to post bond

and then they release them i want to go

back to verse number six and i just want

to read this

outlandish statement that they make paul

and silas have caused trouble all over

the world

they shouted and now they are here

disturbing our

city too

if you want to know the title of the

sermon spoiler alert

let’s upset the world

and i believe that god wants to upset

your world

in a way that you live your life for


in a way that you’ve never lived it


and i’m telling you it starts for you


weekend bow your heads let’s pray shelby

holy spirit upset us

amen stand in my prayers

i pray quick i want you to think about

uh uh

the the the chapter that i just read

that paul and silas

are on these missionary journeys they

are going from city to city

and they are going from synagogue to

synagogue as jewish men

proclaiming that jesus christ is the

messiah that this

jewish rabbi is actually the prophesied


that has been declared for the last 4


years i just want you to think about

that for a moment that

that god’s first prophecy about christ

was genesis 3 15 when he said the seed

of the woman shall bruise the head of

the serpent

and he shall bruise his heel

four thousand years between the time of

that prophecy given

uh to mary through eve hear me

a prophecy came to mary through

eve eve representing uh the first woman


creation god was literally speaking to

her but through her

down many generations to a person that

wasn’t even

put on the earth yet could it be that

there’s some prophetic words

that you’re about to step into in your

life that were given to your great great


great grandmother and she might have

thought it was never fulfilled but had

no idea

that when god was speaking to her he was

speaking through her to you

it’s upsetting to even think about that

that this promised messiah would die for

our sins

and give us a mandate according to

matthew chapter number 28 that

we are to go make disciples of

all nations translation go upset the


now now when i make this statement some

of y’all might be saying

um we’re already upset culture has us

upset corona has us upset

everything got us upset well i don’t


angry frustration madness

let’s come back to the proper definition

of the word shall we

so by definition uh the word upset means

to overturn

to destroy the power of to overthrow to

defeat to vanquish

i want you to think about that when you

talk about an upset it means simply

to turn over

if you have ever seen something that’s

been by definition

upset it simply means it’s been turned

over i i want to ask you a question

has your life been turned over

have you actually turned your life over

not just to the savior

but to lord i’m gonna take my time right


because we all love to sing the songs

about his saving grace

we all love to sing the songs about his

reckless love

and that there’s he’ll go over every

mountain and he’ll run through every sea

and he will come to me

but are you ready to take that l

feel me are you ready to take that l

not that loss that lord

are you ready to take jesus on

as lord and voluntarily through


let him turn your life up side

down let me give you another definition

for the word upset it means to disturb


completely to disturb or derange

completely put

out of order throw into disorder

upset a system to upset a mechanism to


an apartment a place a person a thing

i love this one to defeat or overthrow

an opponent

that is considered more formidable as in


politics or sports you you’ve seen


in basketball you’ve seen upsets in

football the team that wasn’t supposed

to win

won something got turned over

i i i believe that where you have been


you are about to start winning

because you’re going to allow jesus to

turn your life

upside down so when i say upset the


that can sound daunting all right tim i


hear you i feel you but the world is big

i mean i don’t even have a passport

i’ve never been out of my city i mean

you know we went you know i’m close to a

state line so i’ve been to another state

but i’ve never

traveled anywhere anywhere so when you

say upset the world what do you actually

mean well here’s what i’m telling you

you can upset the world around you

god has put all of us in spaces and

places where we can

upset the world that is literally around


so whether it’s your mom and him or your

cousin’s name or

your friends down the street or the

people at your job or the people at your


each and every single one of us has an


to upset somebody’s world


now you know that i shoot three-pointers

if i was going to be on a spiritual

basketball team it would be the golden

state warriors because i shoot threes

okay i’m steph curry with mine i shoot


okay so i got three points to this

message that i want you to write down

and please take notes because nerves

rule the entire world when you take good

notes you get good quotes

you get to go outside and spit those


so i want to give you three points and i

want you to put this as the header on it


in order to upset the world

in order to upset the world there’s got

to be three things that you do

there’s got to be three things that

you’re a part of there’s got to be three

things that you’re thinking about

so write this down in order to upset the


point number one you must be upset first

you are never going to upset anybody

else’s life

if your life has not been upset

first now now i’m passionate about this

particular point

because i gave my life to jesus christ

january 14th of 1996.

i was 20 years old i was sitting in the

back of the church

and that is the day that my life

literally got turned

upside down i had some regional fame and


in california because uh i was a battle

rapper and i had made a name for myself

i was doing shows all over uh l.a and i

i i had a little clout

i had a little had a little little juice

and i went to the club that night

partied to the morning got home about

five o’clock in the morning

took a little nap woke up around 7 30

and i was going with my parents to


not because i love jesus because i love

my parents and i was living in a house

and i was 20 years old

and i just felt it was a smart thing to

do since i was under the roof that i

probably should go to church with them

to just let them know i’m you listen i i

you know i don’t believe in your god but

i believe in you

and since you’re kind enough to let me

stay in your house i think that uh

it’d be nice if i just showed up to your

church so i showed up to church

uh went through sunday school with

sister beverly walker

then after it was over we had a little

break about 15 minutes

church started i’m sitting in the back

of the church and i’m

there to do what i do every single

weekend at church up until that time

i was gonna write raps then i was gonna

laugh at the people that spoke in


then i was gonna wait for church to be

over then my homies were gonna come pick

me up

then we were gonna go to venice beach

and we were going to chill on venice

beach to about five or six then we were

gonna go to eminem’s

eat some nice food all my people from

cali you feeling me right now

we was gonna go to the islands where we

was gonna go to duelins we’re gonna go

to roscoe’s

and then from about 7 30 8 o’clock to

about two in the morning we was going

cruise crenshaw boulevard

and i was going to get with any girl

that wanted to get with me

that was sundays for me wash rinse


go to church with my parents but then go


me until january 14th of 1996

i’m sitting in the back of this church

and i got my entire

world turned up side

down i want you to think about this um

i’m chilling minding my own business in

the back of the church

and uh the holy spirit says to me while

i’m trying to write raps

and people are trying to worship you’re

a sinner

so literally what he said you’re a


and it wasn’t this like condemning


it was literally a revealing statement

see see a lot of times you think that if

that if somebody points out

a a a a part of your behavior that might

be wrong that they must be condemning


no no you need every single one of us

has blind spots and so you need some

people in your life

that will expose your blind spots and

let you know that there is something i

see that you don’t see

the holy spirit was kind enough to just

say amen

you’re a sinner you are disconnected

from god you are out of fellowship

with the god that created you and i’m

sitting on the back row and i’ve heard

every single sermon i’m a pk kid i heard

every single sermon

every single weekend i heard every

single altar call and i missed all of


but this day with no altar call during

morning worship while i’m sitting in the

back of the church

you’re a sinner and it was like he was

pointing out a mustard stain on my shirt

hey man you got something right there

you got something right there and the

moment he pointed it out and i looked at

it i thought

have you have you ever hit the ugly cry

when the lord speaks to you about

something that you know you shouldn’t

have been doing

and when you finally get it like you’ve

been doing it and you were cool doing it

until you got a real revelation that you

shouldn’t be doing it

and then all of a sudden you’re like


that ugly cry i got hit with the ugly

cry that day

and i’m in the back of the church

back row last row of chairs

sitting there weeping while people are

going through the morning worship had no

idea at the time that my life was being

turned over

that the holy spirit had literally

grabbed my life started turning me over

on the back row

of this church i’m sitting there

and i’m bawling

i can’t i can’t give my life to jesus

right now

it ain’t a good time i got a show next


maybe after i get done with the show and

uh uh uh

i’m i’m i’m really promiscuous right now

and i and i got some

some girls out there and maybe i should

wait until i can explain it to them and

the holy spirit’s like no you

need to do this right now well i have an

addiction to pornography and i got a

stash under my bed

and and let me go clear that out first

and and the holy spirit said no no no

you don’t understand

if you don’t walk out of here with me

today you won’t clear that out first

you don’t get right and then come to me

you come to me and then get right

i’m sitting there sobbing and since i’m

a pk i know how the whole service is

going to go

and i know when the article is going to

happen and that was a long time from

when i

realized that i was disconnected

from god so i stood up during testimony


set up doing testimony service y’all and

here’s what i said i said um

i give up that was my testimony

everybody was looking like give up what

said i need to get saved right

now and yo that day my life got turned

upside down and let me tell you

something it’s been 24 years

since that moment and i’m still not over

it i am

still as upset 24 years later

as i was the day that i gave my life to

jesus christ

all the homies that i had in the hood

was like yo you’re not giving up these


and you’re not giving up this status and

you’re not giving up

these women for jesus and so you’re

probably going through a phase

and they bet me twenty dollars

that i’d be back in six months

that was 24 years ago and since then

i’ve buried some of them since then i’ve

had to write some of them

if you don’t know what that means

they’re in prison and since then i’ve

had to counsel

the rest of them sometimes at two or

three o’clock in the morning

because they’re going yo man is it

really worth me giving this up

is it really worth me turning my life

upside down

for what you’re talking about i’m like

yeah man your life will never

be the same the only reason why i’m able

to do what i do

the way i do it is because i’m upset

i am as upset now as i was 24 years ago

and i’m telling

you when you really get on fire for god

there is nothing and no one

that’s going to stand in the way of you

being who god has called

you to be so good okay

all right so you got to be upset first

point number two please write this down

i’m coming for somebody right here okay

i’m just telling you right now before i

even read it

i’m coming for somebody right here point

number two okay in order for you to


the world uh you have to let go of


in order for you to upset the world you

have to let go

of religion i’m i’m talking to uh uh my

my my uh lifelong church people now i’m

talking to

the people that were born and raised in

church i’m talking about uh the people

that go back three and four generations

like yeah man i love church

church is good but but but is

he good or is it just the religious


that you enjoy here’s what it says in

acts chapter number 9 verses

1 through 22. i’m reading a lot of

scripture you’re going to deal with that


meanwhile saul was uttering threats with

every breath and was eager to kill the

lord’s followers

so he went to the high priest he

requested uh letters

addressed to the synagogues in damascus

asking for the cooperation and the


of any followers of the way he found

there he wanted to bring them both men

and women back

to jerusalem in chains let me just pause

right there and say yo

paul was a very devout religious

leader he was a pharisee he loved

god but even in him loving god he was

missing the fact

that jesus was his lord he couldn’t see


because of his religion you would think

because of his religion

he could see jesus but it was because of

his religion

that he actually couldn’t see him

i think i need to pause right there how

many of us

are are doing a lot of stuff for god

without god

how many of us are endeavoring to go out

and do a bunch of big stuff

for god that he never said he wanted to

do through

you as he was approaching damascus on

the mission

a light of heaven from heaven suddenly

shone down around him he fell to the

ground and heard a voice

saying to him so so

why are you persecuting me

i love this this this question he asked

who are you lord

yo i just want y’all to think about that

real quick

jesus talked to saul directly

and saul’s response was who are you lord

could it be that there’s a lot of people

that that

love the church but don’t know the lord

of the church

could it be that jesus wants to come

into your life and do

something significant in your life while


think you already have a relationship

with him

the real question that you might have on

the inside is i don’t even know you

lord i know about you

but i don’t know you let me take my time

a couple of years back at embassy city i

was preaching a message

and um a man in his seventies came

down to the altar and he gave his life

to jesus christ

and uh we we celebrated the fact that he

had opened up his heart and given his

life to christ but here was the thing

that tripped us all out

we already thought he was saved we

already thought

he had a relationship with jesus christ

not only did we

uh wind up mind blown by it but his son

was mind blown by it as well

and his son said hey dad um i saw you go

down to the altar

uh for for salvation but

but you’re already saved right and he

said no son i’m not

he said um i i thought i gave my life to


in in 1974. but but i didn’t give my

life to christ i gave my life to my


who are you lord my god

oh you might know assembly’s a god but

you might not know

the god of the assembly

you might know baptist but you might not

know the lord of the baptism

you might know church of god in christ

but you might not know

of the christ in god’s church

you might know pentecost assemblies of

the world but you might not know that

the world

was assembled by the pentecost that

happened in acts 2.

who are you lord i i know that i might

be upset in your world right now because

i’m trying to turn you over

so that you step out of the skin that

you were born

and step into the skin you’re supposed

to be born again

in to who are you lord saw ass and the

voice replied

i am jesus the one

you are persecuting now get up

and go into the city and you will be

told what you must do

the men with saul stood pieces for they

heard the sound of someone’s voice but

saw no one

they heard the sound of someone’s voice

but saw no one they heard the sound

of someone’s voice but saw no one they

heard the sound of someone’s voice but

saw no one they

they heard the sound of someone’s voice

but they didn’t see anything could it be

that you’re having a revelation that

your friends ain’t having

could it be that god’s upset in your

world right next to somebody whose world

is not being upset at all

and you’re trying to convince them to

see what you see but they don’t

and it might be god saying it’s time for

you to separate from that relationship

because i’m trying to call you closer to

me and you’re trying to drag them with


well i gotta i gotta slow down on that

i’m trying to call you closer to me

but you’re trying to drag them with you

he couldn’t convince them to see what

they see even though they heard

what he heard

saul picked himself off at the ground

and when he opened his eyes he was blind

oh god it’s so good so his companions

led him

by the hand to damascus he remained

there blind

for three days and did not eat or drink

now there was a believer in damascus

named ananias he spoke

the lord spoke to him in a vision

calling ananias

yes lord he replied the lord said go

over to straight street oh can i just

pause right there

isn’t it isn’t it crazy when you’ve been

living a crooked life that god

in his grace would put you on straight


i i isn’t it amazing when when when

you’ve had

uh all of these rules that you’ve been

bended in your favor that god would

correct you and put you on straight

street go over to straight street to the

to the house of judas when you get there

ask for a man from tarsus named saul he

is praying to me right now

i have shown him in a vision of a man

named ananias coming in and laying hands

on him so he can see again

but lord exclaim ananias i’ve heard many

people talk about the terrible things

this man

has done to the believers in jerusalem

and he is authorized by the leading

priests to arrest

anyone who calls upon your name but the

lord said go

for saul is my chosen instrument to take

my message to the gentiles and to kings

as well as to the people of israel and i

will show him how much he must suffer

for my name’s sake so ananias went and

found saul

he laid hands on him and said brother

saul the lord jesus who appeared to you

on the road has sent me

so that you might regain your sight and

be filled with the holy spirit

instantly this man got his world turned

upside down y’all

instantly something like scales fell

from saul’s eyes and he regained

his sight then he got up

and was baptized afterward he ate some

food regained his strength saul

stayed with the believers in damascus

for a few

days yo i this is this is this is so


i want to stop but let me just finish

this and immediately he began preaching

about jesus in the synagogue saying

he is indeed the son of god let me tell

you something when you get your life

turned upside down you don’t even wait


when your life has been turned upside

down you know it and you don’t need to

go to bible college to proclaim them

you don’t need a masters in divinity to

proclaim them you don’t need a doctrine

in theology to proclaim them

when he turns your life upside down your


is enough we overcome by the blood

of the lamb and the word of our


and when you know that you were blind

but now you can see

when you know that you were down but now

you are up

where you know that you were trapped but

now you’ve been released

something changes

on the inside of you

that testimony changes everything and

you start to speak it

instantaneously because you might not

know all the hebrew

and you might not know all the greek but

you do know i was lost

now i’m found i was old now

i’m new i didn’t used to be convicted

of the stuff i did and now i can sense

god telling me

i shouldn’t be doing that i’ve had my

life turned

upside down all who learned him

all who heard him were amazed isn’t this

the same man who caused such

devastation among jesus’s followers in


can i just say that this is what some

some of y’all gonna go through in the

next few months

after you let this message get on the

inside of you

people gonna say is that the same is

that tasha

cause uh no no tasha used to smoke weed

every day

she always talked about the stuff that

she could see because she used to get so

high but now she’s saying that

that she’s getting revelation but she

ain’t been smoking is that the same girl

that can’t be tony you remember tony was

out there

wildin like tony tony was always hitting

the lick like tony was stealing from


tony stole his mama’s money

and you mean to tell me he is he’s


not tony that can’t be tony

upside down

and he didn’t come here to arrest him

and take them in chains to the leading


saul’s preaching became more and more

powerful and the jews in damascus

couldn’t refute his proofs that jesus

was indeed the messiah peep game

religion is not an issue for god

the absence of god is

let me tell you why god in the old

testament told the children of israel

i hate your religious practices now

remember god’s the one that told him to

do those religious practices

why did he turn around and hate what

they were doing because they were doing

it without

him i have a date night with juliet


friday nights is our date night i love

spending time with my wife we’ve set

aside time religiously

to spend together now if she were to

wake up on a friday morning and be like

baby i’m not feeling that well

and so i don’t think we can go to the

movies tonight and i was like oh no

problem i’ma still go to the movies


because you know we set aside this time

to go to the movies so i’m going

to the movies if i go to the movies


juliette who i set

time aside to spend time with

then what i’m doing no longer benefits

me or her

see see see when you come to church and

you want to be in god’s presence

that’s good religion when you’re willing

to come to church whether god is present

or not

that’s bad religion when you forget who

you’re actually doing it for

it’s bad religion nothing was wrong with

saul being a pharisee it’s just that he

did not have

jesus as his messiah as he was still

trying to fulfill

the torah when he found out that jesus

was the torah

it changed his life which brings me to

point number three

in order for you to upset the world you

got to let go of your independence

in order for you to upset the world you

must let go

of your independence here’s what it says

in luke chapter number 5

verses 1 through 11. one day as jesus

was preaching on the shore

of the sea of galilee great crowds

pressed in on him to listen to the word

of god

he noticed two empty boats at the

water’s edge for the fishermen had left


and were washing their nets stepping

into one of the boats jesus

asked simon its owner to push it out

into the water so he sat

in the boat and taught the crowds from

there when he had finished speaking

he said to simon now go out where it is


and let your nets down to catch

some fish jesus got on a fisherman’s


and told a fisherman how to fish

who does he think he is

master simon replied we worked hard all

last night and didn’t catch a thing

but if you say so i’ll let the nets down

again i gotta stop right here

listen sit oh thank you holy spirit i i

think for some of y’all

the the the first step of you of you

walking into a relationship with god

where you might not trust him yet but

you step out on faith is just by you

merely responding to whatever he tells

you to do by

if you say so like like i don’t even


why i’m out here like this but if you

say so i don’t even know why i’m doing

this but if you say so

i don’t even know why you told me to say

this but if you say so

i don’t even know why i broke up with

him but if you say so

i don’t even know why you told me to

move to tulsa but if you

say so i don’t even know why you told me

to sell that car

but if you say so

if you say so i’ll go

if you say so now now now our business


no disrespect rabbi our business works

at night

you know we we fish and we fish

in the shallow part of the water

at night because when we throw our net

the fish can’t see them

you telling us to go out in broad

daylight in the deep

where the fish can see but if you say so

and this time their nets were so full of

fish they began to tear

a shout for help brought their partners

in the other boat and soon both boats


filled with fish and on the verge of


when peter realized what had happened i

love this

when peter realized what had happened he

fell to his knees before jesus and said

oh lord please leave me i’m such a

sinful man listen i gotta tell this to

somebody right now

you think that god’s got to beat you up

for where he has found you and wants to

come into a relationship with you no no

he will bless you up he don’t have to

beat you up

he will bless you up jesus gets on a

boat of a man

that doesn’t even know if he’s who he

says he is

and he blesses them so good the dude is

reminded of his own sin

see sometimes god ain’t got to beat you


to get you to see that you need to

follow him he’ll bless you up

and the blessing will be so extravagant

the only thing you can say i don’t even

deserve it

i don’t even know why you’re even doing

this for me because you know what i did

last night and the fact that you still

gave me a promotion

i might need to stop this foolishness

god has more than one way to upset your


sometimes he needs to make the scales

pop from your eyes

other times he just blesses you because

it’s with loving kindness

that he draws you oh lord please leave

me i’m such a sinful man

for he was all struck by the number of

fish they had caught

as were the others with him his partners

james and john the sons of zebedee were

also amazed jesus replied to simon don’t

be afraid

jesus is such a boss hey man don’t be


from now on you’ll be fishing for people

it’s just stinky like the way you just

caught this fish

i’m gonna let you do that with people

the way i just bless your business

i’m gonna let you be a blessing to


and as soon as they landed they left

everything and follow jesus now listen

y’all this

point jacks me up you mean to tell me

that a business owner

just had the single greatest day of


the singest greatest the single greatest

day of sales

in the history of the company and their


to that level of blessing

is i quit

their their response to that blessing

was i quit the business wait a minute

you just had the single greatest day in

the history of your business i know

but i would rather have the person that

blessed me

than to stay here with the blessing i

don’t know who i’m talking to

but god wants you to know i want you to

get get in love with me and not just

what i

do for you fall in love with the blesser

and not just the blessing

everybody do this i don’t know where you

are just do it i don’t even know where

you are just

you you you you at your coffee table

you in traffic you shouldn’t be watching

me right now anyway but you are

you know you can listen to the audio you

still want to watch i got to see what he


you in the bed

god is trying to overturn you

god’s trying to literally upset your

world these people

have caused trouble all over the world

and now they’re here disturbing our city


that’s the gospel message for the last

2000 years

it’s going from jerusalem judea samaria

amphipolis apollonia that’s a that’s a

that’s a lanaica that’s it corinth

ephesus dallas tulsa

irving boston nassau

singapore australia korea

china iran

israel iraq it’s going all over the

world and now

he’s here disturbing me too

you coming through my phone jesus

overturned him i was just i didn’t even

know if i was going to tune in for tim’s

whole message it wasn’t mike and i


maybe i’ll turn him off but you

you trying to overturn something in me


you’re trying to you’re trying to turn

me upside down or from heaven’s


we’re trying to turn you right side up

the kingdom is upside down but it’s

actually right side up

the world is what’s going the wrong way

heaven orients us

to go in the right way


listen y’all god wants to upset your


and he wants to do it in a way

that causes you to be permanently


i i’m not just this turned up because

i’m a preacher i’m i’m just turned up

because i’m a believer

my world got upset i’ve spent the

last 24 years

in a partnership with the holy spirit

being sensitive enough to go

lord you want me to upset them do you

want me to buy their groceries you want

me to

want me to give them encouraging word

you want me to give them a smile give

them a hug you want me to pray for them

what you want me to do

i’ve been upset

i’ve had religion that’s void of

god’s presence emptied out of me

i’ve signed over my declaration of


and i am totally dependent on god

y’all he upset my world

will you let him upset yours

listen bow your heads let me pray for

you father god i thank you so much

for this opportunity that you are giving

us all to go on a journey

a journey that finds you

a journey to receive you

and a journey that will literally turn

our lives

up side down

if you’re not saved you might want to

just open up your heart and your mouth

right now and say

and confess that jesus is lord and god

raised him from the dead that you

repent you renounce your sins

you you you turn away from the way you

were thinking about the way you were

living your life

not only do you accept jesus as savior

you now

receive him as lord

father god i thank you for every single

person that has

made that declaration prayed that prayer

and decided to make jesus lord

of your life if you prayed that prayer

just take

text saved to the number below and

and we’re just gonna celebrate in the

kingdom with you

that you have come into this

relationship with christ yo i’m gonna be

back next week y’all

told you you stuck with me i’m gonna be

back next week

for part two your world’s been upset

now i’m gonna teach you how to live like

it i love you guys and i’ll see you next


peace thank you

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