In this Q&A video, Pastor Bill shares how his dad was a major influence in his life. Teaching him to prioritize the presence of God and the concept of the priesthood of the believer.

who has most influenced you and why

it could be one or two or three years

okay it’s probably my dad

my dad would be the the one who’s

influenced the most

it’d be for all the right you know the

logical reasons i mean he

he for us really helped us pioneer this

whole thing of the priority of the

presence and

what it was to minister to god he was

the one who introduced to me the whole

concept of of uh the priesthood of the

believer which basically says it’s not

us and them it’s

yeah you know that approach to life was

huge do you know where did he

who influenced him as far as the

priority of the presence well heyford

was certainly

one yeah one very key individual jack


and church on the way and that whole

movement the foursquare

you know that was a real big part of our

of our uh of our life

so i know there was influence there i

always wondered too like when

because i was raised with hymns a little

bit more and i i i always love it when

we dig up him in our own worship time as

well but

some of the old hymns too really did

talk about the presence of the lord like

he walks with me and talks with me and

he tells me i’m his own exactly the joy

we share is we tarry there

you know remember being a little kid

yeah feel the power on that right now


but the uh it seems like it was built in

but maybe not highlighted as much or so

it was in our it was on our inner some

of our hymns

but maybe not on our experience as much


yeah they’re jack hayford talks about

where he heard about the priesthood of

the believer

first to god to the church to the world

he heard it from an assembly of god

teacher but but while it was

understood it was never lived at the

same level that he took it to

and then suddenly people from

the movement that declared it had to

learn it from someone who actually

heard it and got it you know that’s a

fair example

um so it was it was something that he

he talks about that he heard in this


and it was there as a concept but it

wasn’t really

lived out and i think all of us we we do

that we see a truth and we think we know


yeah and then five years later the lord

brings it back to us and we realize

ah i didn’t know it at all yeah and uh

and that’s that’s what i think is


is uh and there’s probably been

generations that really

understood the value of the presence

more than maybe

uh some of our forefathers i don’t know

i don’t know but i know from certain

individuals did yeah yeah

i know for me you know when my dad began

to make that

move here that was huge you know real

real big deal there’s

several others that had a great

influence on so i said that so be your

dad and obviously jack hayford because

you mentioned in that story

really was the spark plug that really

turned my life around the all-or-nothing

is he he’s a christian he’s your age

right is he yeah a little older than


yeah yeah but he was so he was somebody

you could run with that

yeah he just he just preached an

all-or-nothing gospel i mean there’s

just no compromise there’s no wiggle


he drew a line in his head and uh

and i i listened for quite a while yeah

for months on end i finally said all

right that’s that’s

that’s me i’m willing to take the plunge

and it’s never been

you know never been two minutes of

renegotiation since then it was all or

nothing you know but you say you

listened for quite a while was that was

he speaking at church yeah yeah

was he talking at the youth group no my

dad would bring him up he was speaking


coming from chico and yeah yeah yeah

then yeah

and it was it was wonderful i’d come to

every meeting but i

i was um i was an observer you know

and then then there came the time where

i realized

you’ve observed long enough it’s no

longer an option to watch