In celebration of 25 years as a ministry and 9 years under the guidance of Pastors Mike & Natalie Todd, we reflect on the impact of a single Word from God. From Bishop Gary’s directive to “Reverse the Curse” in North Tulsa, birthing Transformation Church, to Pastor Mike’s revelation that “The Spirit Bank Event Center would be Transformation Church,” guiding our acquisition of our current space, we are reminded of the power of God’s Word in shaping our future when we believe it in faith. As we embrace our 2024 Word of the Year, “FRUIT,” we anticipate it to be the catalyst for an amazing year ahead. Scripture References: Isaiah 40:8 NIV James 2:26 KJV Proverbs 18:21 NIV 00:00 – Intro 12:28 – Sermon title 14:49 – What is a word? 1. Person 15:07 – John chapter 1 verse 1 NKJV 15:50– What is a word? 2. Printed 17:33 – What is a word? 3. Personal 17:58 – Isaiah chapter 40 verse 8 NIV 21:26 – Personal word definition 22:13 – The Word of God can be a catalyst or a container 30:23 – A personal word from God always requires action to be activated 31:34 – What do you do with a word? 1. Receive it 32:31 – You’re worthy of hearing a word from God 33:02 – What do you do with a word? 2. Write it 37:02 – What do you do with a word? 3. Work it 40:04 – James chapter 2 verse 26 KJV 40:21 – What do you do with a word? 4. Speak it 40:42 – Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 NIV 40:51 – What do you do with a word? 5. Refine it 42:14 – What do you do with a word? 6. Rehearse it 44:41 – Word of the year timeline 56:54 – Word of the year acronym Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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what’s going on I am so glad that you

are joining us today for service and

before we get to the message me and

Bella got a special announcement this

week our brand new book is coming out

what is it called cup of love a cup of

Love relationship goals for kids and we

wanted to let you know this book is

going to be a resource for the entire

family so this Tuesday it’s going to be

available everywhere books are so we

want to show you a little bitty promo

and then the next voice you’ll hear is

me preaching the word of the year God

bless hi my name is Michael and this is

my beautiful wife n we’ve been married

13 years because of our love we have

four amazing kids Bella MJ AA Ray and

G needless to say we need time alone so

we do date night every Tuesday night and

we take it very serious we even wrote a

book about it to help people win in

relationships and it went number one New

York time bestseller and kind of went

crazy everybody got the concept accept

my princess Bella every time we would

leave this was her

response until I explained it to her

this is God okay so God then pours into

mommy dadd and daddy okay and then when

Mommy and Daddy spend time together it

overflows and we get to love on each

other and as Daddy pours into mommy then

Mommy and Daddy get to pour into Bella

MJ and AA which one are you which one

are you she finally got it and then she

asked Daddy can I go on Dat night and I

said nope what’s your name how old is

you just kidding Bella thought we should

let all boys and girls know how

important date night is so we wrote a

book and this book is for the whole

family it’s called a couple love

relationship goals for kids this book is

going to help the whole family win in

relationship a couple of available right

now for



well we have been in a

series called Stark sharp has anybody

been blessed by the messages that has

come through this series okay um this is

a little different um pace for me than I

usually do because I usually give y’all

the word of the year right at the top of

the year but this is why it’s good that

you go back and ask God what he wants

you to do because I was about to run the

same play and the Holy Spirit said no

they need to Value what you’re going to

say so you need to teach for a month

about how to start sharp and then today

I’m going to give you the word of the

year now I I need everybody to

understand what this means this is not a

um marketing

campaign come on the word of the year at

Transformation Church is not a um uh a

cool idea to get people engaged in

church at the top of the year yeah come

on um this is a pattern that is

biblical that allows people to

understand and gather around a word that

God speaks most people don’t do this

because they’re trying to protect God’s

reputation come on and he’s never needed

you to protect his

reputation so so so for me to get up

here and stand and say I went and sought

the Lord and he gave me a word I believe

it’s a corporate word for our church and

time will prove if I heard from the

Lord most people don’t want that type of

pressure but I was built for


and we have

proof that every time the Lord has

spoken a word in this house for the last

nine years true when we get to the end

of the year we be like that was

God you I even tell you during the

pandemic we we got up here and I yelled

and screamed at the word is

stronger stronger God’s going to make us

stronger 6 weeks later we were shut

down and I said I know I miss God maybe

the word should have been little


done but the truth of the matter was is

that by the end of the

year from all the pivoting and planning

and changing and transforming and

revisioning we had to do by the end of

the year we were stronger

truth so today I’m going to release this

word to you at the end of the message

you know I can’t tell you right now cuz

your attention span is this can’t tell


yet um but people have traveled from all

over the word to world to be here and I

just want to say I’m

honored that you would come and the

these words that we speak from this

platform are are leading and guiding

your life I am honored I’m humbled I am

am sober to think that God would trust

us to speak with

him and um so today I’ve been carrying

this like a

baby like it’s it’s changed the way I’ve

walked it’s changed the way I’ve planned

I’ve been I’ve been trying to lead y’all

and i’ I’ve almost let it out at least

19 times after I say the word you going

to go back to messages and find me

saying it in other messages and my eyes

going like this by myself

cuz when you’re carrying something that

you know is going to transform people’s

lives you want to get it to

them and so

today we are gathering around this word

because watch this Transformation Church

knows the value of a

word let me tell you a story let me let

let me bring it up cuz some of y’all we

went to deep right now he’s like dang he

G to be deep all day let’s bring it up

this year I was out of town in an

undisclosed City visiting a friend

and um I learned the value and the power

of a

word now some people’s words don’t

matter let’s be honest there are certain

people in your life that can talk it

don’t move

you they can scream they can yell and

even be like that’s just

them but then there’s other people’s

words that they have to use their words


carefully because when they use they

words stuff start just

shifting well I was about to leave this

city and I was with a couple of people

in this room and I got word that a

person who’s done a lot of significant

things in the world that everybody would

know if I called their

name I got word he wanted to meet

me and I said

okay um we about to

leave and then they said the word again

and that changed the plan

see a word from the right

person can change your

plan a word from the right person watch

this it can change your

access on we pulled up to something we

drove by earlier to just look at and we

were escorted into it because of a word

I’m just trying to make sure you know

the value of a word

because of that word that this person

spoke it expanded my

world in 3

hours no no no no y’all don’t understand

what I’m saying it literally changed the

fabric of my brain what I got to see

yeah change my world because of a okay

so I’m sitting with this person in their

home mind

you two hours later I mean 2 hours

earlier I’m on my way to

Chick-fil-A 2 hours later yeah I’m in

the home of this person who has a


word and and that person is very

perceptive so they started um noticing

that I was checking my phone and texting

a lot and all this and and the person

asked what time is your flight cuz we

were in a different city and Natalie

don’t play about when Daddy needs to be


so I was I was checking I was he said

when is your flight I said uh in about


minutes but the words he was speaking

the gems he was dropping was too

valuable good to leave that moment where

he was speaking these

words and so I had made it up in my mind

and the people that were with me is like

if we got to take a train if we got to

get a Grey Hound if we got to catch a

red eye we’re we’re not messing up this

moment and at that

moment out of his almost

annoyance because we were distracted

when he was

speaking he picked up a cellular device

that looks similar to the one I

have except I couldn’t do with my cell

phone what he did with his cell

phone slow with no

hesitation anent

or uh um any type


intimidation he picks up the phone and

says hey

Jack where’s the

airplane yeah yeah oh I’m GL okay I have

some friends here that need to get to

Tulsa this

afternoon yeah yeah yeah fly the jet

here and pick them up all right I’ll

talk to you



y’all did you just call

somebody I mean I’m on the American app

I’m on the Delta app like I’m trying to

find if I can get a

1039 out of

D68 but at his

word great somebody who was sitting at

home had to put on

clothes yeah yeah fuel up a plane that

was in another

city bring it to where we were at come

on to then take us to where we needed to

be based on one man’s word if a man that

lives on this

Earth has power like that in his

words why in the world would I sit here

and act like the god of the universe

don’t have all power in his

word all I need is a word from

God great wow and many of us have a

catalog of words from God and still no


obedience and his word word stars of

still in

place at his word seed open

up at his

word Giants

fall at his word dead people get up out

of grave y’all don’t I said at his

word and you still worried about rent


on great I’m not saying your situation

is in inv valid I’m saying many of the

problems that we deal with are because

we did not obey


his and so now the enemy has you

preoccupied in things that you’re not

supposed to even be worried about cuz

the word he gave you six years ago to

write the book you’ve still disobeyed

because you didn’t graduate from that

class but all I need

is just


today I want to title this message what

happens with the

word go what happens with the cuz this

is the story of my

life all I do is get a word from God and

I don’t let up off of

it Pastor Mike is not special I just

stay with his word

longer good that’s it yeah like the

things that God’s told me they are

crazy but I just choose to believe

it and I will not let up until he tells

me watch this that ain’t the word for

you no more good great you missed it not

until he confirms the word again and

again I grab on to the word if he says

it once sir and he never has to say it

again I’mma keep rocking that word until

he tell me Mike get up off that word you

missed me that wasn’t it for you and

many of us need 19

confirmations 17

proclamations and four prophetic

utterances no no no for real God would

you just confirm it God would you just

confirm it God would you just confirm

it how many more times does he have to

tell you get out of that

relationship you walking around with a

black eye

High still asking God on

now I just stepped onto something I felt

the whole room

go I didn’t know the way of how to

Pastor lead a family lead an organ I

didn’t know I had

a great and I just came to encourage

somebody if God has given you a word you

have all you need everything else you

get when you walk in that

way God is not going to pack you up with

everything you need to fulfill the word

when you’re at the starting

line he’s asking you to walk in the

direction of the word he gave and you

will get everything that you need

everybody say on the way on the

way somebody like Pastor Mike I need you

to philosophically and scripturally

break down what a word is a word is

three fold to me and I’m about to give

you the cheat code okay I’m going unpack

this what is a word first off it’s a

person yes John 1:1 in the beginning was

the word and the Word was with God and

matter of fact the Word was God you need

a word at Salvation you get it great

great I need a word I go to the word

some of y’all running gole and Facebook

and Instagram and Tik Tok for a word oh

let me let me share this with you oh

somebody said something so powerful

somebody said something I’m that’s great

yeah but if you go to the guru instead


God for a word for your life you have me

from the

beginning it was God so what is a word

everybody say a person a person number

two a word is

printed MH you need a word from God read



Bible you see how like everyone’s like

oh that thing that’s holding up my


table the thing I bought for Aesthetics

instead of

anointing oh no I need this white Bible

and I need the okay you got the Bible

but it’s it’s displayed but not

displayed great great w you want a word

yeah it’s printed yeah yeah yeah it’s a

love letter to you it’s instruction to

you it will be here after you and it was

here way before you great great and so

many times I want to just dispel this

because people build manipulative

Ministries off the fact that they

convince you that the only way that you

can get a word is from them okay I know

I just stepped on some people’s

nonprofits but what I want to tell

you is that God does not

need a person to speak to you if you

have the ears to hear what he’s trying

to illuminate to you in the printed word

of I can’t tell you how many times the

people around me did not know what God

was telling me to do yeah yeah yeah on

but I I found myself in the

word and it spoke directly directly

prophetically and

precisely to what I was going through

some of you don’t need another church

service you need time and a

highlighter okay let me let me stop I

love that what is the word it’s a person

everybody say person it’s God what is

the word it’s printed last one and this

is the one I want to camp out on because

this is where I get the philosophy of

having the word of the year for our

church a word of the year is watch this

personal so God is the

word his words are Act in the earth and

I’ll just give you a scripture cuz I

know some of y’all like where’s the

scripture for that Isaiah 48 the grass

withers and the flowers will

fall but the word of our God

endures okay but then sometimes for all

of us that knows that God still

speaks he flexes on us through the Holy

Spirit and he gives us words that are

everybody say personal personal there

have been times where nobody could have

known what I was going through and

nobody could have been able to

articulate what the season up ahead was

going to be and God would send some

random woman some random man some random

person is like oh my God God just showed

me you one of them is here today I have

to honor her my my godmother prophetes

Pam Vanetta sitting right over there in

the green you look beautiful now now now

let me let me tell y’all why this makes

sense because I’m sitting in a prophetic

word she spoke over my life

yeah yeah yeah yeah me and that I told

this story before was out here doing

stuff we Wen supposed to be


came late for church one day came in

holding hands and as soon as we came

into church messing around the night

before acting a fool asking God to wash

us on the way into the door y’all know

how you sin and prepared to prepared

your whole repentance

speech living that double mind lukewarm

life okay can I just be honest about

where I was at it ain’t always been like

this we humble open and transparent and

some of y’all just got comfortable cuz

that’s what you did yesterday welcome

home what I’m telling

you what I’m telling you is I was doing

that we walk in and Prophet Pam is on

the stage in the middle of service

you’re supposed to be preaching woman of

God and we walk in Michael and Aly come


here I know I got ghosted I know my

whole Spirit jumped out of my body I

said we getting exposed

today I knew I was about to get caught

out I I was holding Natalie’s hand she

said get off me like

what she didn’t want me to touch her I

said you was saying that last night I

said what I’m saying to you baby I’m

sorry I I didn’t I didn’t check with you

before I said um bring it up in counsil

on Thursday uh


and this woman of God brings us up to

the front and she says personal word

that’s what I’m talking about yeah she

said wow you’ve known this for a long

time but you’re going to preach the

gospel I see crowds of people I see

you’re not going to be relocated to

youth ministry there’s going to be young

and old and you’re going to use humor

and irony and you’re going to bring

people from all over the world and I’m

thinking this woman lost

huh my at this I’ve never spoken a

message I’m living in

sin but there was a personal word yes

sir so good that did not speak to my

presence come on yeah yeah yeah yeah it

spoke to my

future and I just want to let you know

that there are words that God will give

you in season for years for seasons of

your life that will speak to you

somebody shout at me future future now

watch this write this definition down a

personal word is a personal prophetic

picture of God’s Preferred Future for

you so so I I want to make it clear what

she saw was accurate from God what I did

after I heard the word determine would

it actually happen great great cuz I see

so many people talking about I got a

word from God but your word is stale cuz

you’re never going to

obey and that’s why I want to to draw

attention to a personal prophetic

picture of God’s

Preferred Future for you and what I

found out in my life when God gives a

word like the word of the year I’m about

to tell you in a few

moments the word of God watch this can

be a catalyst or a container

right it can be a what Catalyst or a

am cameraman follow me real

quick I found out that many people treat

the word of God like this

trampoline what y’all why y’all oooing

an eye y’all seen this 40ft trampoline


here I got a


I got a word went to Transformation

Church a day and

boy what a word I’m touching

it thank you Lord for my

word thank you Lord for the word y’all

look at my

word look what God has given

me big old

word an expansive word I’m sitting on my


but the

potential for this word to actually take


higher is based on what I do after I get

it and most people when they get a word

from God it’s not a catalyst to take


higher it’s something that becomes

pressure that they get

under oh you wouldn’t expecting the

example to go

here but most of us God gives us a word

and When God Says jump with it it


us be

everything how many

years will I not reach what the word was

supposed to

do I’m trying to stand up on this word

but for some reason the word is so vast

and I’m thinking about how unequipped I

am and how much team I don’t have and

how many how many people have left me

before and so now I’m under the

word just out here obeying

God trying to trying to get this word

off the

ground trying to get this business

off and what people become is

discouraged and

tired but what would happen if we

crawled up from under

the word that God has given us and we

actually believed it was

true and it no longer was a

container but it

became a

catalyst this is a complete different


experience I will believe what the word

has said and what he said over my life

and some of y’all are scared sced cuz

you’ve never jumped that high

before you would rather me get on a word

of God and sit on

it I know y’all can see me so this is

the word that God’s giv me when God said

if you would put your weight on

it if you would put your faith on it it

could go from something that merely is

something that can hold you

up and this is the thing most people

they get a word from God and they do

this woo look at

that nowhere

sir no

anointing you can do this in your own

strength I could do that on the

ground I I could do this but to I’ve

never been able to dunk in my

life but if you give

me this

trampoline 10 ft 12 feet you could take

that mug up to

14 I

would I would because what’s not

possible for

me without a

word it’s possible when I have a word

from God it’s time for you to stand on

the word word of God and this is the

thing it takes action from

here on why I was telling you last week

to get fit to

finish is cuz I can’t even think about

doing this

example three years

ago I was too fat to finish this

example I said it you can like it’s okay

I said it he like oh my okay um

what I’m saying is God is speaking words


us and we’re okay with just being around

it but it’s time for

you to start not just standing on

it I’mma write the vision I’m I’mma tell

people about it I’m I’mma be known for

it it don’t even have to actually happen

tomorrow but I’m going have faith for it

I’m actually going to build my stamina

I’m actually going to do something with

so you miss but what would happen if

everybody started flipping on the things

that God told them to do what if we

started getting hyped we would be like a

city on the hill Oh we would be able to



seen y’all was scared that I would fall

but all right this man falls seven times

and he gets back y’all better stop y’all

stop and this is why it’s important you

have friends with

faith cuz as high as I could jump by

myself if I called bentam up here and I

called Charles up here and I called

Travis up here and we started jumping

and I want to do it so bad but the

lawyers told me not


how high I jumped

alone would be


increased because of who jumped with

me thank you for being with us for the

last nine years but if you don’t have

faith to stand on God’s word I don’t

need you in this next season I only need

people who going to have faith where are

the people that are going to have faith

to stand on what God has told them

somebody shout just one word

word come on Pastor come on just one

word Miss

twia just one word de Mario yes sir

somebody say just one word just one word

yeah that’s it that’s it

hallelu GL what can a word from God do

change everything yes sir great great

Hallelujah just one word Delo


and this is all I’m asking you to do is

believe what he tells you enough to put

your weight on It come on

man I could have done that whole example

and sat

down and at the end of my life would

have had so much potential but no

purpose actually


my God what are you trying to say a

personal word from God always requires

action to be

activated you don’t believe the word

until you do


something hear what I’m saying God tells

you to

give a certain amount of money to a

person you don’t believe that word until


actually do

it and so many people think that they’re

obeying God at

thought you just missed it I heard you

Lord that’s when my kids hear me and

don’t do what I tell them to do it’s

more frustrating yes yes than when like

I would have rather you not heard me

right but as a church and a society we

have gotten this thing I hear you Lord I

hear you lord lord I you’re it’s clear

it’s clear he says so do

it stand on it talk to them believe for

it and so I’m going just tell you what

we do real quick whenever you get a word

the first thing I need you to do is what


it cuz somebody can give you a word and

you can reject

it and the Bible tells us sometimes you

need to reject it there are some people

that gave me words I said

the Lord is going to have to pick a

different vessel cuz you uh-uh cuz the

spirit says you can test this by the

spirit but there are many things that

God’s saying and you are denying it

because of your

personality wow you’re denying it

because of your type of communication

style you’re denying it because nobody

in your family’s ever done anything like

this he said I can change all those

things but I need you everybody say

receive it receive it and and can I say

it like this this is how I felt to say

it to you you’re worthy of hearing a

word from

God so many people have felt like

they’ve disqualified themselves that

they need to be perfect to hear from God

but when I look at the Bible God speaks

to people who he’s

perfecting not who are

perfect and you deserve to hear from God

and and and and put your weight on it

and see that thing become a catalyst in

your life so the first thing we do with

a word from God is what receive it the

second thing we do write

it I tell people all the time people

come to me with plans now all the time

cuz we generously give to organizations

and churches and stuff and they be

acting like it’s my

money so they come to me Pastor Mike I

got this great idea and da D it’s like

first off I don’t have the money for

that second off it’s an idea not a

vision until it’s on black and white

paper I don’t listen to

ideas cuz I can come up with a thousand

IDE right now I can come up with good

ideas bad ideas indifferent ideas come

on right now if somebody is like what

you want to do after church how many

ideas could we get in this room yeah


yeah but God does not recognize what

what he’s saying to to you in idea form

he recognizes it when it’s written down

that’s hebecca tells us what to write

the vision and make it plain but see

this takes Faith as well because when

you write it and make it plain he’s

telling you why he said because I’m

going to send other people to run with

you that’s it and they need you won’t

have time to explain to

them all of the foundational principles

of why you did what you did so you got

write it down so they can read it while

you’re on the

run so we receive it then we do what


it I I thought about it this the other

day like this jacket right here says

represent on the back of it there’s one

of my favorite jackets that we’ve ever

gotten made and it has the vision and

all the church anniversary stuff on it

but I remember that the vision of this

church to put represent on the back of

the jacket and to put the vision right

here I went to Forever

21 before I did the vision message and I

found a printer and I paid for the first

ever represent jacket wow and I still

have it it’s too big thank

God but I uh I believe so much in this

Vision that I wanted to write it down

not in a conventional way I wanted to

wear it and I have video proof of me on

stages I never qualified to be on from

London to elevation Church to I’ve been

all over the world wearing the same

jacket all the clips you saw and stuff

I’m wearing the same jacket different

colors with the vision on it cuz I

believed in what God Said when nobody

else did so good today I’m telling you

there’s some things that God has given

you a word on that will seem normal in a

different season that seem absurd right


wow for me to put represent on anything

it’s going to sell out yes today with

the with the with the word spelled

wrong on the merch somebody’s going to

be like this is my opportunity I’mma buy

it but when I first did it I couldn’t

pay nobody to wear

it cuz nobody believed in the word

except the one who gave it to

me and I came to encourage somebody

before I give you this word I know God’s

given us I want you to value a word

good and the reason I know that most of

us don’t value a word from God is cuz we

don’t value our word to

ourselves you you you can’t even value

the word of the god you don’t see cuz

you will tell somebody I’ll be there at

600 and won’t get there till

6:45 you don’t believe your

word okay I I got to get up I felt a

fence rising up right there well tell

some somebody to pray for them but you

won’t love your

enemy you don’t believe your own

word but when God gives a word we

receive it say receive it receive it

write it number three work

it it it if you don’t work the

word it will not produce what it was

sent to

produce every cake is just inred


good have you ever had her upside down

oh my God that cake was the same flour

sugar until somebody put their hands on

it and did what


work I’m going to work the word I’m I’m


like what are the things God told you to

do that you have not worked yet yeah

great there are some areas of my life

that God said Michael I’ve spoke to you

on that I’m going to expose myself okay

cuz some of y’all don’t get it until

like I tell you like real life examples

I’ve always been musical always been

Musical that same woman prophesied over

me when I was a day old that I’d be able

to master many instruments and I


one and I got I got I got

complacent I I got enough compliments

cuz I could kill the

drums I I got enough I got enough money

I got enough accolades I got enough it

was like I don’t need anymore and God

said the word was you would Master many

instruments but you stopped at the one

that everybody clapped

for so now you’re valuing their

word over my word okay all right I’m

just trying to I’m just trying to

encourage you and so this year I’ve

already told my wife and said the budget

that I have to go take piano

lessons now now you’re saying yes but

that’s frustrating to

me only because I’m going to start piano

back at

beginner and I’m going to have to be


enough to not be good

anymore there will be nobody clapping

for me when I’m

going oh the finger

and I’m going to want to

win I want I’m going to want to do

that can I be honest I’m going to be I

want to make a track I’mma want to turn

it into a beat and God

said and my daughter is in there talking

about play Mary Had a Little Lamb just

sit down go to

bed but will

you work what God

said somebody shout at me work it work

it receive it receive it write it it

work it work it James 2:26 for for as

the body is without the spirit is dead

so faith without without works is what


deceased but that means Faith with

works is a lie next one speak it

everybody say speak it speak it many of

the Visions God’s given you you got it

all the way down to the work it stage

but you won’t tell

nobody and I found out my help comes

when I tell other people what God’s

doing in my

life okay Proverbs 18:21 the tongue has

power of life and death and those who

love it will eat its fruit that’s going

to be important five refine it

great we receive it write it work it

speak it

ref the version that God gave me may


revisions and if I only hear God one

time and spend time with him one time

and never go back to him I may be off by

the time it’s time to see what he

said this is why I have a pattern


withdrawing and getting with

God so that he can say yeah you heard me


part no no you’re going the right way

but get in this

Lane if you don’t allow God to refine

the vision he’s given you it usually

ends up not what he wanted in the first

place so what do we do with vision

receive it receive what’s the next one

write it

work and the crazy thing is some of

y’all not even writing this

down the crazy thing as a pastor I am

giving you the cheat code right now and

you’re just looking at me and then

you’re going to go home and ask God for


word and you sat here for two and a half

hours receive it write it work it speak

it refine it last one rehearse it

I keep playing it back yeah great the

spirit Bank Event Center will be

Transformation Church sir the spirit

Bank Event Center will be Transformation

Church did y’all know we don’t have a

building yet but the spirit Bank Event

Center will be Transformation Church

when they tried to take me to go see

Kmarts I’m not playing Tammy no they was

like Pastor is not available they told

us it’s under contract but God told me

yeah yeah yeah he gave me a word the

spirit Bank Event Center will be


Church stop bringing me buildings with

Kmarts buildings with Kmart stop

bringing me

Kmarts I rehearsed it I broke into this

building and took a picture yes

sir and I kept it as my screen saver so

every time that I looked at my phone

don’t forget what God said that’s great

man and the crazy thing about it is I’m


I don’t want this for the

church I want this for your

life I don’t I don’t want I don’t want

us to be a part of a church that sees

God do miraculous things and in your

everyday life you do not see it but it

may be because you don’t really

believe a

word all right that’s

it receive it write it work it help me

speak it refine it rehearse it and then

you’ll see

it I am standing

in over and over that process there was

a old Buster rhyme song that blessed

me called touch it now I know we’re

talking about a touch from God okay uh I

don’t know if anybody all y’all ain’t

been saved all your life but I think

this would help you Tony can you um just

play that beat for me real quick could

you just yeah just just


yeah yeah okay we going to say this real

quick some of y’all I’m just going to

help you remember it receive it write it

work it speak it refine it rehearse it

then you’ll see receive it write it work

it speak it refine it rehearse it then

help me receive it write work speak it

and then you’ll see receive it work it

hey 9 years going I’m still alive out

here celebrating 25 walking by faith

yeah it’s kind of scary strong

Foundation Debbie and Gary hey till the

day I die represent everything coming

from God yeah n by my side TC Nation

going crazy all right okay let me stop

let me St let me stop let me stop let me

stop I love people who ain’t been saved

long I love you I love all right go

ahead receive it write it work it speak

it refine it rehearse it then you’ll see



okay I’m giving you the

Playbook somebody say just one word just

one word

2015 God gave us a word when bishop and

Pastor Debbie handed us the Baton yeah

let me tell you what it was it was a

silent word it was a word to me and


survive sometimes the word ain’t

sexy I feel you sometimes sometimes when

God says something he just says all

right we about to go into a season and

all I need you to do is make it out the

other side it don’t matter how hard it

was how how many ever been in a survived

season come on just let’s be

honest that’s not

demonic okay yes a survived season is

not de demonic it usually is

created to take things away from you

that can’t go with you in the next

season so 2015 the prophetic word that

God gave this church was what surv 2016

the prophetic word that he gave us put

it up on the screen

maintain that’s two words of

horriable how much Vision do you get out

of that yeah how are y’all just get

ready I got a word from God

maintain not forward not backwards the

same but sometime God wants to teach you

faithfulness so 2017 God said all right

I’m going to give you a word that got

that got some faith in it for you to

move forward and the word for 2017 was

beyond said I’m going to take you beyond

where you’ve been and Beyond maintaining

was a

blessing and the church grew 400 people

yeah and and I think about $400,000 came

into our income three years in taking

over for another Pastor there’s people

coming and God said go beyond and people

start giving I was on cloud a

thousand cuz I thought God had done what


said I thought that’s what was it if we

would have stayed at Beyond level for

the next 20 years I would have said God

you’ve done so much but in 2018 he he

gave us a prophetic word that looked

countercultural he said I want you to

stride I want you to stop running and I

want you to walk great and in a season

of momentum for you to tell me to walk

to do less to cancel stuff that doesn’t

make sense but what I found out is

everything in the kingdom of God is

reversed when God wants to expand

something he pulls it back

and so that’s 2018 when all y’all found

us yeah yeah yeah oh don’t act like you

knew about Transformation Church before

before the videos start going viral

nobody knew about us we had we had a few

subscribers on

YouTube my mom and her friends was

watching the the the the rebroadcast

nobody was checking for us but God said

because you obeyed my

word I’m going to put you in every place

I want you to be to this day we have

never ever cut up one of those videos

that went viral I didn’t have the team

staff or volunteer base to do it yeah we

just obeyed a

word in 2019 God said this is the year


release and we said oh God we releasing

we releasing everywhere we releasing we

be released into everything and you know

what God did to me he called me off the

road my wife was

struggling as we were

navigating our son having autism and I

had been called to speak at every major

conference and they was going to pay me

to be there and the Holy Spirit told me

in June he said cancel every engagement

from June until

January I said Lord are you are you okay

real quick me and

you are you sure that you know how that

impacts our family he said I’m keenly

aware that’s why I’m telling you cancel

it all and I was talking about

money and he was talking about health

good good good I’m just being hot


everything but it was in the season that

I obeyed God to

cancel that this building came

available I would have been on the road

Jesus preaching for somebody else no


at the moment when at 9:00 they went

into the meeting to close on the

building and at 9:15 they called us and

said do you still want the building and

at that moment me Bri and Tammy got in

the car and came over from North Tulsa

and drove over I would I couldn’t have

told them in two days I’ll be home cuz

two days later they had all the money

they needed

again but because I was where God told

me because I obeyed the word that he

gave me when he wanted to bless bless me

I was in watch this word

position most of us are missing what God

has for us not because we don’t have a

good plan it’s we are out of


position and he said the word of the

year was what release he released this

building to us I thought it was us being

released to the

world 2020 he said stronger and I told

you what happened the world shut down

and he made us stronger 2021 guess what

the word was

anchored and I just was telling

everybody God’s going to Anchor

us it’s going to be just a special just

hold on to his word do you know why he


anchor cuz he knew the spit was about to

hit the

fan see I’m telling y’all these words

are not just

ideas he said anchor to to the vision

anchor to my word anchor to the people

who are called to this cuz I’m about to

send you into a

storm and I’mma send you into a 2year

storm but I’m such a God full of grace

that I gave you a word before I sent you

Into the Storm I told you this was the

year you needed to be

anchored and I said okay Lord we’re

anchored what’s the word for the next

year here is holy my first message to

give Vision was spit hits the fan 7 days

later I announced the word of the year

and it’s almost like the Holy Spirit was

laughing at me he was like I told you

here is Holy you’re right where I want

you to be broken



angry I want you right here cuz I want

you to know what I do from this point

was not

you this wasn’t your planning this is

wasn’t your effort this will only be

your obedience and I don’t want you to

despise the season I want you to call it

what I call it it’s

holy good so every time you about to

respond back and go a hater message and

find somebody and have them knocked

off he said I want you to remember I

gave you a word before it ever


and then

2023 he gave us a word he said this year

is going to be a word that’s going to be

Beyond you this word is about the entire

Kingdom and God gave us action with all

of that last year we gave away over $5.2

million to build churches all I said we

gave away over


million these weren’t back scratching

like oh one day when we needed hit me

back like God said give it away cuz this

is not about Transformation Church it’s

about my

kingdom so when I say that when God

gives a word in this

house what can God do with a word he can


everything so this year I’m going give

you the word of the Year y’all ready oh

y’all didn’t sound ready maybe I need to

preach for 15 more

minutes I went on sabatical

and usually like I’m I’m actually like

praying and seeking hard fasting no no

food no nothing and the Holy Spirit it

was almost like it’s like bro I done put

you through a lot the past two

years I’m going give you a layup on this

one July 3rd 7:13 a.m. the Holy Spirit

wakes me up and he simply says I wrote

it in my phone he said this will be the

year of well just show us



2024 is the year of everybody shout it

with me

fruit standing all over the


building he said Michael this year you

won’t have to talk about it you’ll have


he said and I want every person under

the sound of my voice to understand that

this year is not going to be about what

we can make happen it’s about sewing the

seeds that

produce Matthew 7:16 you will know


them I don’t care if they know us by

marketing I don’t care if they know us

by Instagram clicks I don’t know I don’t

care if they know us by viral moments I

don’t care nothing about about that yeah

yeah I want you to know this church and

this ministry by

what I have so many messages

prepared to make this the most fruitful

year of your

life but hold on stop before we before

you’ve gotten words

before and they were just like that

trampoline are you going to stand on top

of this word and put your weight on it

cuz I know there’s some people like uh

okay fruit that’s underwhelming I

thought it was going to be something


no cuz it’s not my word it’s a word from

God and if you would put your faith

weight on

this I’m telling you by the time we get

here next year this will be the most


fruitful it’s going to be the most

fruitful year of your life great does

anybody believe by faith right




I’m going to tell you the acronym he

gave me and we’re going to go home God

told me he said Michael this is not just

fruit like like I want you to hear what

I’m saying this is going to be your


repeating until it transforms wow he

said I’m going to allow you to keep

doing the same thing SE the same

seeds speaking life into the same people

and one day you going to look up

and it’s going to be so

sweet what God has produced on the

inside of you Transformation Church I’m

telling you there is not enough seats in

this place for the level of fruit we’re

going into the field and we about to get

every person y’all better hear me right

now we about to get God did not give us

this Arena to have it half full he gave

us this Arena so that he can see


fruit shout at me fruit fruit next week

we’re starting a series called fresh

fruit and I don’t we going to be in it

until the Lord tells me not to

be but I promise you you going to Value

what God is going to do in your

life I’m asking you to not use this word

as a

suggestion make it a

catalyst not a container every time you

walk into the grocery store store go by

the fruit

aisle pick up a grape well no never mind

buy the grape buy the grape buy the

great the Lord is still working on us

all I’m just I’m just saying watch how

many places fruit starts to show up in

your life and I want you to take it as a

prophetic sign God speaking to my


Future lift your hands all over this


God I thank you that today I didn’t come

to be

spectacular I came to be

evidence God I pray that people would

see through your

word the word that is you the word that

is printed and the word that has been

personal in my life that they can


you God let them take you at your word

and I thank you God that faith is being

sparked up everywhere around this

world God I thank you that you gave the

word fruit for Transformation Church and

we’re going to see it we’re going to

live it we’re going to give it away and

they will taste and

see that our lord is

good father let this word be a catalyst

for how we live how we give how we share

how we understand what you’re doing in

our lives and I pray father God for

every household represented

that there would be so much fruit that

they could not keep it to themselves God

I’m thanking you that the fruit would

overflow in our lives that we would be

ones to be the blessers and not just

need the

blessing we receive the word somebody

say we receive the word receive the word

and we will work the

word I obeyed you God thank you that

this will be the year of much fruit in

Jesus name if you believe it by faith

will you clap your hands and give God a

shout oh for the fruit you’re going to

see at the end of the year let’s give

God real

quick the fruit of the Harvest today is

that somebody give their life to Jesus

but so before everybody runs out that

parking lot’s going to be there

listen if there’s any person under the

sound of my voice who has never accepted

Jesus Christ today I want to

start by giving you an opportunity to

see more fruit in your life than you’ve

ever seen

before this decision took me from being

a liar a manipulator addicted to

pornography I had a whole bunch of bad

stuff in my heart and it did not make me

a perfect man but it made me a

progressing man a man that now can look

around and see the fruit of me following

Jesus I want to offer that to you if

you’re tired of doing it your own way

and you want to see the fruit of Jesus

coming in your life and making all

things new like we sang earlier

today at the count of three I just want

you to lift your hands I’m not going to

make you come up here and tell us

everything you do and

did religion tries to put that weight on

you I hope that sometime you get in

community and find a small group and

able to share those things cuz that’s

where healing comes but Salvation comes

in your confession and your belief right

here so if you want to accept Jesus

Christ I don’t care who you are who you

came with God has appointed this moment

to give you this word today is the day


salvation and if you want to accept

Jesus just slip your hand in the air one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life I see you my brother two I’m

proud of you but more than that your

name is going to be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life three just shoot it

up I see Transformation Church this is

the fruit of 25 years of ministry I see

you and more than I see you God sees

you hey at Transformation Church nobody

prays alone lift your hands everybody

and say God God thank you thank you for

sending Jesus sending Jesus just for me

just for me today today I give you my

life I give you my life I believe you

lived I believe you live you died you

died and you Rose again you Rose again

just for me just come into my life come

into my life and change me change renew

me Ren me Transform Me transform I’m

yours in Jesus name amen can we


Hallelujah so proud of you I want you to

hit that QR code on the screen and we

want to give you some next steps do not

miss church next

Sunday I’m talking about fresh fruit I’m

going give you the title of my message

my message next week is going to be

never mind I’ll tell y’all next week I’m

not going to tell you this week I’m not

cuz you uhuh I’ll see you next week

until next week go out and live a

transformed life we love you so much

glory to

God thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

here at Transformation Church our vision

is to represent God to the lost and the

found for transformation in Christ and

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