We’re throwing it back to a powerful message from Pastor Steven Furtick that reminds us that our joy is not a byproduct of our circumstances — it is a result of our perspective and priorities. This is an excerpt from “Controlling Your Emotions”. To watch the full message from @elevationchurch , click here:    • We Are We Label | Pastor Steven Furti…   #faith #peace #hope #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch Chapters: 0:00 – The Great Emoti Con (2/8/15) 3:26 – The Hard Work Of Happiness (7/10/22) 6:30 – It’s Mine To Manage (11/25/17) 7:49 – We Are We Label (10/23/22) 10:00 – Backseat DJs (1/13/19) Scripture References: “My job is my job” is more than just a mindset; it is backed up by scripture. So we’ve put together additional scriptures that will challenge you to shift your perspective on joy. In order to guard your heart, you have to own your emotions. Proverbs 4, verse 23: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” There are some decisions you can make in dry places that will lead you into a place of supernatural happiness. Psalm 126: “When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Restore our fortunes, Lord, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” God gave you a promise, but it’s your choice how you respond. Psalm 118, verse 24: “This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” When you want to be more joyful, what do you need to believe to be it? Abraham believed and so became. If you want to be more joyful, maybe you need to believe joy doesn’t come from circumstances. Romans 4, verse 18: “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.’” You cannot choose joy; you can only choose your priorities, and your priorities control your joy. Psalm 16, verse 5: “The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.”

today I want to talk to you about how

God wants to use you in two ways that he

wants to use you in the church in your

family in your

business in life in general these two

areas that I’m going to talk about God

using people you may find

yourself absolutely being used mightily

of God if you’ll be open into what I’m

going to share the first one is in 1

Chronicles 4 and verse 23 and this is

what it says it says there were The

Potters everybody say The

Potters and they were the ones who dwelt

among plants and

hedges there they dwelt with the King

for his

work if you read that verse in its

entirety that I wouldn’t take time to do

but it lists all these important people

these powerful people these Mighty

people things that they were doing that

were so uh incredible and visible and

notable and and and and all struck

struck things that they were able to do

and right toward the end of it I love

that the word of God

notices simply The

Potters and notice they dwelt among

plants they were in the background they

if you wouldn’t even know they were

there you could just see the ball cap

working behind the Shrubbery or they

were they were among the plants and the

hedges kind of hid and then the other

verse that I want to share is in Ezekiel

27 the

Ancients of jabal and the wise men

thereof were in thee thy caers and then

he starts talking about the

ships strange that the Bible’s so

detailed it’s interesting that when you

read the Bible you begin to see that

Israel when they would move forward to

take the promised land there were 12

tribes and the first tribe that was

commanded every time God set an order

and they had to follow the strict order

that when they were moving into new

territory it was the tribe of Judah that

went first and Judah means praise so

when Judah goes first when Judah goes

out first then Victory when judah’s on

the way Victory Is On The Way

and when Judah would go everybody would

see that they’re coming into the

promised land and they’re doing great

things but I’ve often thought about the

second or the third or the fourth tribe

and maybe after a few hours after you

know everybody made a big deal about

Judah and Judah is the praise they’re

the worshippers they’re the singers

They’re the people on the platform

they’re the people that everybody

sees but what about that pitiful 12th

tribe seven s hours later there’s only a

few people still clapping and they’re

showing up and it’s the tribe of

Dan but it’s important that somebody has

to be in the back of the line somebody

has to be back there for the weak and

the feeble and the worn out the

stragglers that are about to give up

somebody has to be at the back of the

line saying you can’t quit you can’t

give up you can’t fail here get up and

keep going you’re going to make it and I

thank God for the people in the back of

the line we need people we need danites

in the church in this church who are

encouragers to people who are about to

fall out of the way encouraging your

family to not give up encouraging people

everybody is important in the Kingdom

not just the preacher not just the

singer you’re important to Revival

you’re important to soul-winning and

every single person is important and God

said I want there to be two kinds of

people always present in families in

homes and in churches I want

Potters Potters Potters who begin to

take the Next

Generation your children your family and

you put your hands on them The Potter’s

job was to find the clay and once he

found the clay he would be to mold that

clay he would take water and he would

begin to smooth out the clay and get the

lumps out and put it on the wheel and he

would begin to work and make that clay

into a vessel that could be used at the

king’s table who are The Potters The

Potters are youth workers in the

church that see young people and man and

their moms and dads who still believe in

their teenagers when they mess up

because they will do dumb things and

they’ll do it over and they’ll do it

over and they’ll do it over and over

again but you just keep putting your

hands on them you’re the Potter in their

life and you keep shaping them and you

keep molding them and you keep pouring

into them you keep believing in them and

you keep encouraging them don’t you give

up on them you keep loving them you keep

telling them you’re special I’m telling

you God’s got his hand on your life

we’re called to be

potters and then he said in Ezekiel he

started talking about beautiful ships I

didn’t have time to read it it said they

were expensive and gorgeous and

beautiful ships with call them

Yachts he said the sales were so

expensive they were made out of material

the best material from

Egypt and the and the boards of the ship

came where the sea cheaters from Lebanon

that been imported and oh these gorgeous

ships and he’s talking about the captain

and he’s talking about the pilot which

is the captain talking about all these

powerful important people and then he

says but he also appointed

caulkers down in the hull of the ship

nobody sees

them they’re not up there with the

wheel doing Instagram pictures they’re

down in the bottom of the ship

and they’re caulkers y’all know what a

cauler is now they told me I don’t I had

never used one of these and I was trying

so hard to get that part off I wanted to

illustrate I was going to shoot it if it

was shoot I didn’t know what it would do

and they said you cannot do that because

if you want if you want to ruin your

outfit I said oh no Sharice will kill me

don’t do

that but this is a

cauler right is that what it’s called a

gun gun a conquer

gun and this is and this is what we’re

supposed to be

too because it doesn’t matter how

beautiful the ship is it doesn’t matter

how beautiful the marriage is it doesn’t

matter how beautiful the home is it

doesn’t matter how beautiful of a life

you have

built you better learn that you have to



because because they understood the ship

is beautiful and it’s what we build is

incredible but it has to be maintained

and so they had people down in the

bottom of the ship and all they did was

look at the Cedars of Lebanon and they

looked at those boards and every once in

a while it would begin to seep with

water and they would caul it seal

it they would seal it up from

leaking they would seal it up

because they

understood that if the ship starts

taking on water it doesn’t matter how

beautiful it looks outwardly if it’s

leaking on the

inside it’s a matter of time before it

goes down the caulkers were men wise men

in the

ship and they said oh no this ship is

going somewhere and so I I need to I

need to stop the

seeping of things from coming in that’s

what happened the Noah God told him to

pitch the Ark on the outside and the

inside in other words I want you to

pitch it I want you to caul it on the

outside to keep some bad stuff from


in but I also want you to caul it on the

inside to keep the good

stuff from going

out and and I we’ve heard a lot about

caulking on the outside so that the bad

stuff can’t get in and I’m all for that

sometimes you need to go through and you

need to C what’s on the internet what’s

coming in what’s on the TV what’s coming

in what kind of music is coming in what

kind of friends are coming in you need

to call that you need to be on top of

that we need some daddies who will be

caulkers we need some mamas who will be

caulkers we need some saints who will be

caulkers that if anybody wants to gossip

and cut down and


what I gotten the Revival is too

precious to let you get around me and

leak it out amen I’m going to C your

mouth we don’t need gossip we need to

quit criticizing people I don’t know

what’s going to happen in the election

but we’re not going to bring the

election in here we’re going to call

that stuff and say we’re gathered under

one name the name of Jesus we don’t want

that in here we’re here for

Jesus come on and give me a big

amen we need some cers don’t you talk

about my

preacher Franklin Jensen is a good


Nehemiah Nehemiah built the walls of

Jerusalem in 52 days Miracle built the

walls back in 52 days

incredible but then he started noticing

there’s a lot of stuff coming into this


this is Jerusalem this is a holy city

man they’re bringing everything they

letting everybody in and then he said

shut the

gates he said I got a new

rule he said don’t open the gates until

the sun gets

hot because I can’t see this foggy

stuff there’s a mist and there’s fog and

we can’t tell what we’re letting in so

we need to be

careful to not just let anything thing

come in I could see one of those

Gatekeepers say well the little little

town down the road they they they let it


in he said well we’re not that little

town we’re

Jerusalem we’re a holy

city and we’re not going to let just

anything come in here I don’t care what

other churches say it can come into the

church now we we we we’re not going to

ordain immorality we’re not going to put

it in the pool pits we’re not going to

be a part of that I’m not ugly not mad

at anybody I’m just telling you we’re

going to stick with the word of God we

we’re going to go with what God says and

I don’t know do you understand what I’m

saying there’s a lot of false doctrines

and things that are trying to come into

the church a rainbow flag does not

belong on a real church that loves Jesus

I I love the people the people can come

in but we’re going to talk that one

we’re not not going to let that Spirit

come in to our

church well I’m going to withhold my

tithe well you wouldn’t be the

first and you won’t be the

last we need some

daddies who will caul the

ship we need some masas who will CAU the


I’ve been serving the lord for over 40

years and I want you to listen to

me I still need to be

careful and that’s why I CAU the ship I

don’t wait till it gets Knee Deep I

don’t wait till it gets waist

deep and you see things seeping into

your life you better cult that ship if

you see it seeping into your children’s

life do everything you can to cult that

ship in that

boat stand

up C the boat these are perilous serious

times I don’t care how beautiful your

family is the enemy would love to kill

steal and destroy but if there’s

somebody that’s careful I guess what I’m

trying to say is you still need to be

careful you still need to to to be at a

place where where you where you where

you just are Discerning right from wrong

and being very conscious of

God we need

caers we’ll wait till we know what is

right getting weak is not the answer and

letting up is not the answer and backing

down is not the answer the boat will not

float if you don’t keep a spirit of

caulking caulk

anger caulk

unforgiveness catch it quick don’t let

it simmer for weeks and months and years


it caul bitterness caul addiction caul

anything that’s taken over your life

seeping in starting to change who you

are you better

it that’s my sermon it’s real

simple but the ship

floats on because there’s cers down

there this boat needs more than a

captain at the wheel I’m the captain and

I’m under the shepherd

Jesus but it needs

Potters who are

daily shaping Little

Lives raising up a new generation and

this church needs

desperately not me with a list of things

a little list of this is going on in the

that’s going on but you with

discernment and the fear and the love of

the Lord stand and anything you see in


life you start caulking that area with

the word of God you sealed it you know

there’s a verse in Ephesians I want to


with it says after you’ve heard the word

of Truth The Gospel of Salvation in whom

you have

believed you are are

sealed you’ve been

caught with the Holy Spirit of

Promise how long has it been since you

let the Holy Spirit touch

you how long’s it been since you let him

caught some things that you’ve gotten


with it’s not a game in times like

these I think about the young couples in


church so many of you are

struggling just like Sharice and I have

struggled in our marriage from time to

time especially in the younger

years especially when our family had uh

something going on it brings stress from

every direction or the church and

everything would seem to hit it once

many times and I can remember not

knowing who to turn to not knowing what

to do

but I can tell you after 36 years of

being with

her that there are there are Potters in


house for your

marriage and there are caulkers in this

house who if you’ll listen to them their

Elders their wives they have the counsel


God and they’ll help you seal up some

areas where Satan keeps coming in at at

his own

will and if you’ll just let the hands of

some of these Believers that have been

through it and let them lay their hands

on you and let them pray for you and let

them counsel you let them shape you let

them mold you into that vessel caul up

any of the The Broken

Pieces I’m so glad he’s not just the

Prince of Peace he’s the prince of the

pieces and he says if you’ve messed up I

can put it all back

together I’ve got a plan for your

life and I felt led just to do something

different this


morning but God can use

you God can seal

you God can take and form you if you’ll

become the clay in The Potter’s hands

and I’m going to ask our

leaders our pastors and I’m going to ask

those that are 40 and above to come and

stand down here in front of the

congregation and face them we’re going

to do something different this

morning if you’re a leader in the church

and alar worker husbands and Wives come

on come on 40 and

above hurry the King’s business takes

haste thank you Lord thank you Lord

thank you Lord thank you Lord thank you

Lord I want

couples come on that’s it come on come

on beautiful beautiful beautiful

beautiful you

see these badges mean we trust these

people we know these people these people

have been schooled in the word of God

and they know how to

pray and if you’re in in this room today

and you’re a young

couple you’re a family going through a

struggle you got children right now

that you saw the Revival maybe even the

Lord touched how powerful would it be

maybe you’re a teenager maybe you’re a


student I believe that there are potters

and I believe that there are

caulkers and I believe that God can use

this ministry through the power of the

Holy Spirit to seal you and what God

seals the enemy can’t steal so I’m going

to ask you to stand all over the

building and I’m going to ask every

person in this room every couple in this

room who needs God to touch you you say

well I’m not going to walk down there

people that think I have a problem no no

everybody’s got a problem every family’s

got a problem so if you have a need I

want you to get out of your seat and I

want you to let these Elders lay their

hands on you and pray for you maybe

you’re seeking the will of God maybe

you’re seeking God’s plan maybe you

don’t know maybe you need that touch

this morning you’re in the right service

at the right time come on come now

they’re coming come on come quickly come

quickly come from the back come from the

front come from the Overflow wherever

you are whoever you are I want everybody

in this rooming to raise your hands and

sing this song with



you take my hands Lord and my

feet touch my

heart it’s beautiful come on they’re

coming they’re coming and and those of

you in the altar pray for people pray

for one couple and then move to another


move to another couple it’s not aone

prayer it’s just the laying on of hands

and ministering to people in their need


on come on that’s it keep coming praise

God praise God praise God praise God

take my hand Lord my touch my heart

touch my heart

speak if you can anything


can everybody pray this prayer say

Jesus I give you my

life I Surrender completely to you

here’s my heart’s my heart here’s my

hands here’s my Feet’s my feet use

me make me a Potter make me a Potter and

make me a coner make me AER teach

me how to help people to teach me how to

keep my own


afloat I receive this I receive this I’m

forgiven for I’m washed I’m cleansed by

the blood of Jesus

Christ the church said

amen before I go I really want to thank

you for supporting this ministry

financially we can’t preach the good

news to over 200 Nations every week

without your support and we can’t create

and produce all the faith-building

materials and the tremendous outreaches

that we are able to seow a lot of

resources all over the world because of

you we have multiple projects even as I

speak going on right now in the nation

of isra Israel we need your help the

latest project is the eshal resilience

center it’s being created to help treat

Jewish victims who are suffering

mentally and going through psychological

trauma due to the attacks the continual

bombardments and Terror that they have

faced it is the number one need that

they said they have right now and I tell

you I thank God that the very City that

I’m talking about we as a Ministry

started investing in over four years ago

not knowing that that would be the most

important and biggest entrance the

terrorist would come through and that’s

why we’ve committed one million dollar

to bless this entire Community this year

with our help and they need it in so

many areas and we’re going to come with

even more than that before the year is

over but our next project the resilience

center it’s desperately needed it’ll be

built with fortified walls and will

serve also I’m sure as a shelter in

times of need but beyond that it’s going

to be a place where trauma is treated

and people he said Comfort my people God

said Comfort my people when you see them

under attack when you see them

terrorized when you see them outnumbered

when you see them surrounded Comfort my

people we pray about what God would have

you do to help us rebuild that City that

the enemy tried to destroy in the Holy

Land I can only tell you when you get

interested in what God loves and what

God says he cares about like projects in

Israel God will pour out his blessings

like you have never seen before I have

seen him do it in this ministry and I

believe he’ll do it for you and for your

family and for your business praise God

this is going to be a blessed year don’t

you we we don’t we don’t read the

newspaper and determine what kind of

year we’re going to have we don’t watch

the news and determine I hear the Lord

saying victory for my people victory for

my people and I need your support so

here’s my

announcer to tell you how you can be a

part of a miracle in


Israel hello hello

over the past 5 years friends and

partners of Jenson Franklin media

Ministries have worked to help build an

amazing Kingdom play school four

fortified bomb shelters and a fire

station for the eso region in southern

Israel near Gaza thankfully we can

report that these shelters and projects

played a vital role in protecting

Israeli families from this terror attack

together we have stood shoulder toosh

shoulder with the brave people of these

communities for years that’s why we’re

partnering with the Jewish National Fund

to help build the Jensen Franklin media

Ministries eshal resilience Center here

Jewish men women and children who suffer

from PTSD anxiety disorders and other

emotional trauma will find

state-of-the-art facilities and

treatments in light of the devastating

circumstances here in ashol on October

7th the need for psychological support

is critical more than ever thank thank

you Pastor Jensen and all your partners

we know that you have our back yesterday

today and in the days to come thank you

let’s Stand United with Israel build

resilience and bring Comfort to those

who need it most call or go online today

to see how you can get






this program has been sponsored in part

by friends and partners of Jensen

Franklin media Ministries your prayers

and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

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