In the third week of our series Paper Chasers, we had the amazing opportunity to hear from Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Dallas/For t Worth, Texas. He brought such a practical example of the importance of Tithing. Today we learned that Tithing is a test, it is biblical and it is personal! If you have struggled with understanding tithing and the importance of it, this message is for you.

all right so i’m happy to be

here i’m happy to be a part of paper


uh i love uh pastor mike he is a son

of mine in the ministry he’s submissive

he’s humble

he’s got great character he loves god he

teaches the bible

eloquently he’s a theologian uh

he just it’s just a great package to put

the word of god in

and so i i just love him as a person as

he said he’ll be in my home

uh in less than two weeks i’m gathering

what i believe the 15

uh uh greatest nation influencers in the

body of christ

of the next generation i they’re coming

to my home and

in less than two weeks and we’re gonna


about some things

boy are we gonna talk so um so i’m very

very honored and i have the utmost


for pastor mike and natalie and so all


so today here’s what i want to talk


um the title of the message came from

something that used to happen to me a

lot in school

so the title of the message is i used to

say this a lot in school

the title of the message is

what test

can anyone relate to that i’d walk in a

room classroom

everybody have their books out and

they’d say

are you ready and i’d say for what

they say the test and i’d say

what test i didn’t do well in school

um i’m proud of myself though i

graduated in the top ten percent of the

lower one-third of my graduating class

so you just have to work the math out

how you say it you know and so

um all right so that’s my so here’s the

reason i’m sharing this is this the

title and this is the theme

because a lot of christians don’t know

that you take a test every time you get


every time you get paid every time you

get paid you take a test

so let me just take a poll and i want

you to do it even at home

living room be careful of in your car

okay but you should be able to do this


so those of you sitting right here and

every everyone everyone

how many of you get paid once a month

can i see your hands some people still

get paid once a month not many okay

i saw one there okay how many get paid


a month okay that’s most people how many

would get paid

every week once a week okay let’s see

one okay how many

never get paid okay i’m sorry hey guys


i’m sorry i’m sorry okay

but every time you get paid you take a


the test is and some of you don’t

realize this the test is

whom are you going to worship

whom are you going to thank

for your resources and the first person

you pay

is whom you worship

do you worship visa


do you worship a mortgage company

do you worship bass pro

or nordstroms i just thought i get the

men and the women

um so whom do you worship

who gets the first portion of your


that’s whom you’re thinking

so i want to show you this test in

scripture so we’re going to start in

malachi 3

verse 6. it says for i am the lord

i do not change now this is

important because god can’t change if he

could change he could get better and he

can’t get better because he’s best


so he can’t change i am lord i do not

change let me tell you something else

about god that does not

change because we’re talking about in

this series his principles

his principles cannot change i am the

lord i do not change now this is kind of

funny to me he says

therefore you are not consumed oh sons

of jacob in other words i haven’t killed

you yet

because i’m nice and i’ll stay nice yet

from the days of your fathers you have

gone away from my

ordinances now i need to say define this

word because we don’t use it a lot

we talk about you might think about a

city ordinance or something

an ordinance is a principle of ordinary


that’s what an ordinance is in other

words if your hoa has

ordinances it’s ordinary it’s ordinary

it’s a principle of ordinary behavior to

mow your yard

that’s what they’re trying to tell you

it’s a principle of ordinary behavior to

not have a refrigerator in your front

yard that’s a that’s an

or that’s ordinary behavior so we’re

going to talk about tithing here

it is here’s what god’s saying this is a


of ordinary behavior for my children

but you’ve gone an a away from ordinary

behavior from my children so you’ve gone

away from my

ordinances and have not kept them return

to me

now watch this and i will return to you

you in other words you walked away from

me i didn’t walk away from you you

walked away from me

now why i’m underlining this and all the

parts here

says the lord of hosts the reason i

understand this is not a preacher

that’s not malachi this is god talking

says the lord of hosts but you said

in what way shall we return

now you’re asking god this right the

children is dressing up

here’s god’s answer verse 8 will a man

rob god

yet you have robbed me

but you say in what way have we robbed


this is god’s answer no pastor made this


in tithes and offerings

you are cursed with a curse

for your robbed me even this whole

nation in other words all of you now let

me just stop again for a moment

um he says he’s not saying i’m cursing


he says you’re bringing yourself under a


you’re living in a cursed world the

world’s cursed because of sin

and i’d like to bring all my people out

from under that curse so they don’t have

to live

under a curse they can live under

blessing but you won’t do it because you

won’t give me the first portion

so i just need to inform you you’re

under a curse and by the way

you know when he says you’ve robbed me

you you know what he’s really saying

so many people miss this passage here’s

what he said you are robbing me

of the blessing of the ability to be

able to bless you

you’re not robbing god in the sense he

owns everything

even if you keep it in your pocket it’s

his oh he owns everything he’s not

saying you’re taking my property

he’s saying you’re robbing me of the of

the ability to be able to bless you

that’s what the whole passage says he

says if you’ll tithe

i’m going to tell you what’ll happen so

you’re robbing me

of an opportunity it’s like if you said

to your your kids if you’ll just do your


i’ll give you ten dollars a week and

then they won’t do it

they’re not robbing you of the ten

dollars you’re saying you’re robbing me

of an opportunity to reward you

okay so you’re robbing me

even this whole nation verse 10. here’s

how you stop robbing god

bring all the tithes

into transformation church

that’s if you go to transformation

that’s where he wants you to come into

the storehouse

and the reason you do it is because the

church stores it up

so they can give it like you just saw

pastor mike tell you about

the church is the storehouse to be able

to meet the needs the government is not

the storehouse

the church is the storehouse

the church should be taking care of the

community but when because god’s people

aren’t tithing

we don’t have the resources we should

we’re the storehouse that’s what god


this is good preaching by the way if you

did okay all right

bring all the tithes in the storehouse

now watch this that there may be

food in my house okay i gotta stop

you eat great food at transformation


you eat great food here

i mean it is fantastic food

somebody’s paying for it

somebody contributes to all the cameras

and the building and all the staff

and all the things that go on some of

you though

come or tune in every week

eat a great meal and skip the check

the reason that there’s great teaching


great churches god

says is because my people bring the

tithe into the storehouse

that there may be food in my house

you think about it the churches that

they don’t really get fed

they also don’t tithe in those churches

the tide does so much more than what we

think it

it causes there to be spiritual food so

that when pastor mike sends him and

opens the word

you think to yourself now i’ve read that

a hundred times i’ve never seen that

but you get fed i ain’t even got through

my first passage yet


that there may be food in my house and


now the old king james says prove and

the esv

says test god’s saying test me now in


says the lord of hosts just want

everybody know that’s not

malachi talking that’s not pastor mike

it’s not pastor robert

this is god talking do not argue with


and test me now in this says the lord of


now here’s the test if you’ll test me


and see if i will not open for you

the windows of heaven

and pour out for you such blessing

that there will not be room enough to

receive it you’ll have to take out

another savings account

there’s not room enough and

and this is like if you call right now

it’s a good deal

and i will rebuke

the devourer for your sakes

so that he will not cause your washing

machine to break down

so he will not destroy the fruit of your


can you imagine instead of standing in a

room yelling at the devil

if you just tithe let god rebuke him for


nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit

for you in the field

says who who

the lord of hosts and

all nations will call you

blessed for you will be the delightful

land says

say it this is god talking

so this in malachi 3

12. uh about 15 more verses you’ve got a

few more verses in malachi 3 and you’ve

got malachi

4 only has six verses the number one

argument against tithing these people

say it’s not new testament

first of all i even had a guy write me

one time and say you know the word

todd’s not even in the new testament i

thought which new testament are you


42 times i mean it takes a very simple


bible program to figure that out come on


he said it’s not it is it’s in the new

judgment but then people say well it’s

not the new testament

so i i’m tell the lord one time i said


this only missed the new testament my

like 15 verses

couldn’t you have just waited a little


to say this couldn’t you say this to

matthew rather than malachi

you know here’s what the lord said to me

son i put it right where i wanted it

because i want people with stubborn

hearts to argue with me about it

because i have to break stubbornness and


to be able to bless them i have to i put

it right where i want it

and this is the reason tithing is a test

it’s a two-way test by the way here’s

the great thing god tests you

but it’s the only place in the bible

where he says

test me

test me i dare you

as we say in texas oklahoma i double dog

dare you

you imagine god saying test me

yeah and yet you won’t test him

you won’t prove him this word test is

actually the word proof

it’s used for gold and it’s the way they

test gold to prove

that it’s pure gold you don’t want to

you want to test god you will prove god

is pure

tithe you’ll see how pure he is

so so i got three points for you here’s

number one

tithing is a test now the word

tithe uh masara in the hebrew

is tiff in other words ten percent

that’s how we know it’s 10 no one made

this up

maybe you’ve never heard the word tithe

legit all it means is

10 i don’t know why god chose 10

but i think i know why he chose an exact

percentage and that is it’s the same for


it doesn’t matter if you make 30 000 or

300 000

it’s one penny on every dime

it’s fair for everyone in the bible

everyone in on earth right

okay so so the the but i think i know

why he chose the

ten because the number 10 represents

testing in the bible

so i want to i want to be able to look

at the camera now is this camera on me

right now is that one wait wait wait

which one told me right now tell me

that one so that’s that’s red

oh i got red and green mixed up

i was thinking green meant go red meant

stop and i’d look at that camera turn

that note i’d look at that camera see

and then and it was green

and then it would turn off me it turned

to red so i’d go to another camera okay


okay the other problem is i’m color


so so you don’t want to be coming up in

a red light with me coming though

okay i think i they’re red you’re right

there right there

i’m talking to you all right because i

want to be able to talk directly to you

some okay

good gosh it’s getting hot in here can i

take off represent represent represent

come on


see if you can do that when you’re 60.

yeah all right all right

i’m not quite 60 by the way but it’s not

far all right so the number 10

represents testing in the bible

and i will give you some instances i’m

going to give you some examples and i’m

going to ask you to answer me

out loud okay so say real especially

because we’re in the studio we hadn’t

been able to come back together man you

guys won’t get back together pretty soon

and let me tell you what you missed the

most about not being able to come

together two things

number one is the presence of god in

corporate worship number two is the

fellowship of the brethren

you miss that i know you do so when we

open back up you guys

get here okay so i’m asking a question

you you give me the answer

here’s number one and loudly okay how

many plagues were there

in egypt that wasn’t loud enough

how many plagues were there in egypt

okay great okay

and another way to say that is how many

times did god test pharaoh’s heart

because he said i’m gonna test pharaoh’s


but i might i better say that you might

not know it was 10 but you know how many


all right how many commandments are


how many times did god you might not

know this but there’s a pattern

how many times did god test israel in

the wilderness

how many times were jacob’s wages


how many days was daniel tested how many

virgins were tested in matthew 25

how many days of testing are mentioned

in revelation chapter 2

how many disciples were there no there

were 12.

i just uh i was just tested

i jus i just tested you so there were

there were 12. okay

so god tests us now

number two thing i hear about tithing

the argument number one is it’s an ill

test so number two

is that was under the law and we’re not

under the law

well we are under grace but does that


that you can live any way you want and

god will still bless you

let me tell you some other things that

were under the law thou shalt not kill

murder under the law thou shalt not

commit adultery that’s under the law

are you telling me as a christian it’s

okay to commit adultery now

see in other words if it was bad under

the law is it good now or is it still


it’s still bad if it was good under the

law because tithing was under the law

by the way it was 2500 years before the


500 years specifically mentioned with

abraham 430 years with jacob before the


before the law ever showed up so but

because it was under the law are you

saying you shouldn’t do it now because

you’re a christian

that’s okay okay so pastor mike would

you give me your wallet

i’m gonna do an illustration here all

right thank you are you safe no you


so i’m going to keep this okay because

thou shalt not steals under the law

and i know i’m not under the law okay

is that foolish so you can’t i’m going

to give it back to you but it’s not even

any money

look look i tell you before the

service i’m going to do an illustration

i want your wallet and you took your

cash out

i just knew you were living a blessed



all right i’m keeping it too because he

he shouldn’t have done that all right so

number one tithing is a test

oh that’s nice that’s good all right

that’s a blessing all right here’s

number two

tithing is biblical

another reason i hear people don’t tithe

well it’s not in the bible oh my


it’s all over the bible but let me show

you a few passages

genesis 14 500 years before the law

verse 18

then melchizedek who represents jesus

christ or is jesus christ

king of salem that means peace jesus is

the king of peace

hebrew says melchizedek is also the king

of righteousness

brought out bread and wine by the way

it’s first mention

of communion in the bible genesis 14

bread and wine he was the priest of god

most high

and he blessed him that’s abram or


and said bless be abram of god most high

possessor of heaven and earth

and blessed be god most high who has

delivered your enemies into your hand

and he abraham gave him melchizedek a


of all genesis 14

genesis 14 genesis 28 and this stone

which i’ve said as a pillar

shall be god’s house this shall be the


start of the church right here and of

all that you give me

i will surely give a tenth to you

this way before the law leviticus 27 30

and all the tithe of the lamb

whether of the seed of the land or the

fruit of the tree

is the lord’s it is

holy or set apart set aside to the lord

deuteronomy 26 verse 1 and it shall be

when you come into the land which the

lord your god is giving you as


and you possess it and dwell in it that

you shall take some

of the first of all the produce of the

ground which you shall bring from the

land that the lord your god has given


and put it in a basket and go to the

place where the lord your god

chooses to make his name abide that’s


and then down in verse 13 same chapter

then you shall say before the lord your


i have removed the holy tie the set

apart 10

from my house and i’ve also given them

to the levite just like what you guys

did today

the stranger the fatherless and the


according to all your command which you

which you have commanded me i have not


transgressed your commandments nor have

i forgotten

uh them watch i have not eaten any of it

when in mourning in other words i didn’t

use it in a difficult time in my

life i didn’t use the tide to pay for


nor have i removed any of it for any

unclean use

think about this some people even use

the tithe

to sin

it’s a whole nother series right there


um nor given any of it for the dead i

have obeyed the voice of the lord my god

and have done according all that you

have commanded me

look down from your holy habitation from

heaven and

bless your people you can’t pray verse


until you do the previous verses you

can’t ask god to bless you until you

remove the holy tithe from your house

now i got a question for you if jesus


said you ought to tithe

would you do it okay thanks patreon i’m

gonna go ask these people because they

they they’re thinking about it

i’m just joking if jesus himself you

only got to answer me now

some of you don’t want to commit just

you just move your mouth like you think

that but no verbal can come out if

you’re thinking about still if jesus no

i know all you all tithe

if jesus himself if jesus

if jesus himself

said you ought to tithe

would you tithe

matthew new testament

in red y’all know what red means because

everybody reads online now everybody

reads on their phone

you know but all right jesus said it

matthew 23

23 woe to you scribes and pharisees

hypocrites for you pay tithe 10

of mint and anise and cumin these are

spices that you put on your food

and the reason i’m telling you that’s

because i didn’t know either and have

neglected the weightier

matters of the law justice and mercy and


these you ought to have done

without leaving the others undone

so jesus said you do this you tithe

but you neglect justice mercy and faith

you pay tithe on all the little things

but you neglect just the emergency faith

then jesus says this you ought to have


you ought to tithe

but don’t leave the others undone one

time i shared that from the pulpit and a

guy came up he was very sweet nice guy

he said pastor robert i think these you

ought to have done

um refer to justice mercy and faith

and i said well okay i’ll go with that

for a minute but let me just tell you

grammatically it doesn’t and in the

greek it doesn’t because i’ve studied

the greek tenses

my greek final was to conjugate the verb


which there are 123 conjugations

the verb mean it means i loose

and it’s like the word be for us and you

you may not remember and you might have

blocked it out because it’s a painful


we all conjugated the verb be and of

course some of you are thinking pastor

robert my wife and i waited till if we

were married to conjugate okay but

that’s not that’s not that’s totally

totally different subject okay all right

i just could not i wouldn’t do that in

anyone else’s pulpit

okay no you you did this in school i

am you are he is we are you are they are

okay okay i am you will be i will be he

will be they will be

i have you have he has been oh okay all

right so that’s how you conjugate the


be so it feels so i had to conjugate

that made a hundred on it

so i know the tense in greek

but i so i said to him very nicely it

was a great conversation i said well

that’s actually not

in the greek that’s not what it’s

referring to but let’s pretend it is

if he said these you ought to have done

and that refers to justice mercy and


what’s the rest of the verse say

without leaving the other undone

i got you either way actually i don’t

have you

he has you either way however you read

that verse jesus said you ought to do it

but don’t leave justice mercy and faith


undone or he’s saying you ought to do

justice versus faith but you also ought

to tithe

come on that was good go ahead just just

say yeah i was good pastor

okay all right

one other new testament verse hebrews 7

verse 8 here

mortal men receive

tithes this is new testament but

there he capital h receives them

of whom it is witness that he

lives here’s what’s great when i tithe

here on earth

mortal men take care of it they put it

around they do they give it to people

they decide all this thing

but every time i tithe jesus himself

receives my tithe that’s what the new

testament just said

all right so it’s a witness to the

resurrection all right here’s the

um and by the way i was thinking about i

just thought i don’t know if i told you

all this so

i had one daughter two sons one daughter

still have all of them i just meant had

one daughter growing up

and uh that’s tough given giving her

away you know

but met this young man a great young man

they’re married they planted a church in


and so we’re they’re standing around

talking one day

uh about tithing and one of the guys

said you know your dad

is so strict on tithing talking to

elaine and ethan’s sitting there

your dad is so strict on tithing i bet

he checks the tithing records

of the guys that date you and elaine


he does and ethan went

uh-oh and she said to him i thought you

told me you died

he said i do but he said i don’t have

internet because he’s a good steward at

that time he said he was

he was just out of college so it’s so

expensive so i go to starbucks

to have internet and so every time i get

paid i go to starbucks and i tied the

day i get paid

but there was one day that i was one day


and one of the guys in the group said oh

pastor robert won’t notice that and lane


he will so i checked his tithing record

i checked all them to try to date my

daughter why would i give my daughter to

a thief


why would i give my daughter to a man

that can’t even handle money he

definitely can’t handle lane because

she’s a handful

so so i so i checked his tithing record

before he they ever had a date you know

and so elaine comes home she’s talking

about this conversation no don’t she

said to me dad

uh did you check ethan’s tithing record

i said i did

and i want to talk to him about it

because there’s one day he was one day


so i i not only do i check the tithing


you need to know the father checks the

titan record

and his daughter his the father’s

daughter is the church

and his jesus is bright he’s more

protective of his daughter than i am of


all right here’s number three tithing is


tithing is personal so

and i’m going to pull this around to why

i’m saying that but

here’s the thing um

we i have i’ve been in ministry now 40


and february 16 1981 so and is when i

started ministry

and so 40 years now i’ve heard two

testimonies over and over again from

thousands of people probably people who


all say the same testament all have the

same testimony people who don’t tithe

all have the same testimony

people who tithe say this i am so


i am so blessed pastor i am so blessed

we are so blessed

we started tithing we’re so blessed they

all say that

people who don’t tie all say the same

thing also

i can’t afford the tithe

now i’m not i’m not putting you down at

all okay there are really good people

that love god that don’t tie so i’m not


but hear me please you will never be

able to afford to tithe

until you type

because tithing is what breaks the curse

tithing is what rebukes the devourer

that every time you start to tie let me

just get right to you okay

every time you start to tie something

else will break

because tithing is what breaks the curse

removes the devourer

and recovers the blessing

okay so

here we go i’m going to give you an

illustration i hope you never forget

so charles and brentum and pastor mike

would you guys come up here

and just line up right there

so um so let’s say that i say to you


i’m going to go away i’ve got to go away

for like six months

i’ve already provided for debbie but i

want to provide some extra

funds for her and but i want to channel

those funds through you guys

so i’m going to give each of you ten

thousand dollars a month

that’s just the illustration okay all


so all i want you to do is give her a


ten percent that’s it you can do

anything you want with other ninety


just give my why ten percent so

i’m talking debbie every day i love you

i miss you and after a few months

i think i wonder how these extra

resources come in

so i say how’s charleston and she’s oh

charles great

on the first day of the month every

month it shows up thousand dollars just

like clockwork just like clockwork

that’s great how’s brentham doing uh


she’s i don’t know why he sends two

thousand a month

you know your mama told me you were the

favorite son by the way

so all right so so he sends two thousand

i say two thousand i only ask for a

thousand why is he sending two thousand

i don’t know

but he sends two thousand a month so i

said well how’s pastor mike doing she

said we need to talk about pastor mike

the first month he sent 700

the second month 400 he hadn’t seen

anything this month

so what do you think i’m going to do

wow i love my wife

i’m giving them the 10 000.

they can keep 9 000 of it i’m only

asking for a thousand ten percent

for my wife all right thanks guys you

say think about this

that my point here is tithing is


would you like to know who takes it


jesus here’s what he said it’s just

basically what i just said

i’m going away for a while

do you say that i’m coming back but

while i’m gone

i want you to do one thing for me i want

you to take care of my bride

all i need is 10 from you you realize

he can give you a raise he gives

faithful stewards raise

faithful stewards raises and promotions

see what am i going to do

i got charles and brentham here taking

doing it but pastor mike wasn’t doing it

what am i going to do i’m going to take

the 10

000 i’m giving from him i’m giving to

him and i’m gonna give it to charles and


because they’re gonna resort they’re

gonna send more to my wife

and you say well jesus would never do

that read matthew 25 the

parable of the talents

he took it from the once here’s what

people say see the rich get richer the

poor get poor had nothing to do with


the good stewards get more and the poor

stewards get less

so i’ll tell you one more uh testimony

about ethan elaine my

son-in-law and daughter um

so my daughter had about two years where

she walked away from the lord

and that mean i didn’t know it she lived

a double life

and um she she

repented then she i believe she really

gave her life to lord that’s what she

believed she walked down the aisle when

she was like eight

but this was at 19 and by the way a lot

of a lot of young people do this

i’m not saying they’re not saved as kids

they walk down now when they get you

know somewhere between 16 and 25

they’ll make a decision whether they’re

going to follow god or not

so she she radically gets saved she’s

now she and her husband pastor gateway

church houston

this week she’ll tape again programs

with uh

better together it’s a tbn show lori

crouch victoria osteen

lisa turkis all these great women of god

priscilla shire you know she

so here she is 30 years old and she’s


preaching to the world you know so so

i’m very proud of her when she after she

comes back to the lord she’s in church

and i use this illustration

i tell the church there’s a man in our

church who gives away 100

bills now let me let you know something

um i’m the man i demand

in other words years ago i started

carrying 100 bills and giving them when

people and i just say

listen i was on drugs uh i was in and

out of jail

a guy told me it’s not enough to just

believe in jesus you got to give him

control of your life

and when i gave him control of my life

my life changed god wanted me to give

you this to remind you he loves you

and will change your life if you’ll give

him control so it takes about 30 seconds

to witness someone

and they listen because you’re holding a

hundred dollar bill in front of their

face see

so so i tell the church though i didn’t

want to say it was me

so i told the church there’s a a guy in

our church gives 100

bills and there’s a lady in our church a

single mom

that wrote me and gave me this testimony

she decided to

tithe start tithing when i was preaching

on tithing

she made a thousand dollars that week so

she was going to sit down to write the

check for 100

and the lord said make it for 120.

just like that she said well lord this

is a stretch he said well

she said i’m giving a hundred dollars he

said no you’re returning

a hundred dollars but i’d like to help


give more so you’re going to give 20 but

you’re returning 100.

so she writes a check for 120. uh we had

offering boxes the back sanctuary she

put it on in the box

she’s walking out in the parking lot and

i said this guy in our church that gives


bills away sees this lady and the lord

says to him go give her

a hundred dollar bill so when he reached

in his wallet

beside the hundred was a 20. and the

lord said

give her 120. and the guy said

um lord lord i don’t give a 120 i give a


you know and the lord said no you obey

that’s what you do you do what i tell

you to

so this guy gives her 120. now she just

wrote a check for 100 the guy

120 the guy gives 100 bills all the way

now again it’s me but i just didn’t want

to say

me when i shared with the church and

here’s a i didn’t i didn’t lie i told

the truth

i am a man in our church and i give 100

bills okay

so i say this guy gives 120. and here’s

what i told the church you’ll never

convince me that that wasn’t god

because he wanted to show her i can take

care of you

the guy that gives a hundred instead

gives 120 she writes check for 120.

so i tell this story in church

that that then we go we have lunch over

at our house

and elaine’s there

and she’s just come back to the lord

and she says daddy can i talk to you and

i said yes

we went my office and she said to me

you’re the man aren’t you

you’re the man that gives 100 bills away

aren’t you

and i said why are you asking me this

she said because when you said that i

had all these flash books

flashbacks from childhood come up

i remembered how you would go over to

the side to our server at the restaurant

and you’d talk to her for a minute and

then you’d hand her something

and i thought it was just a tip and she

said the lord highlighted it to me today

and i could see a 100 bill

she said i remember how there was a a

guy on the side of the road that had a

sign that said we’ll work for food

and i remember how you’d roll your

window down and you’d tell him about

jesus and she said i didn’t listen then

but i remember you giving some money i

thought it’s five or ten dollars and

said the lord highlight it to me today

and i could see it was a hundred dollar


she said i had hundreds of memories dad

when i was just a little girl


and you gave hundreds of dollars away to

people hundreds of

hundred dollar bills and she said you’re

the man

aren’t you that gives 100 bills

i said yes sugar i’m the man and my

daughter who’d been away from god said

to me

i want to be like you daddy


i want to be like you

i’m telling you that there’s a blessing

that comes on your life when you tithe

that goes way beyond getting a raise or

a promotion

it’s a blessed life not just a blessed

checkbook it’s a life

i want to ask you just bow your heads

and close your eyes just for a moment

before i turn it back to pastor mike and

i’m going to allow him to close the

service but i just want to ask you


and that is what is the holy spirit

saying to you today

just just just ask the holy spirit

holy spirit what are you saying to me

through this message and let me tell you

what he’s saying to many of you and that

is put me first


in your finances jesus said where your

treasure is there your heart will be

so when you put him first in your

treasure your finances you’re putting

him first in your heart

so many of us he’s saying to tithe many

of you who tithe he’s telling you well

done good and faithful servants

but there are some of you that here’s

what you need to do

you need to not just give your finances

to god

you need to give to him what he wants

most and that’s your heart


i’m going to let pastor mike come and

share with you for a moment

but would you just give your heart to

jesus i believe pastor mike

will have a way to to minister to you so

would you just keep your heads bowed

and your eyes closed and please give

your life to jesus today

this moment right now is not an accident

this moment right now is purpose for you

and with your with your heart open but


just focusing in on god right now i want

to give you the opportunity to accept

jesus as your personal lord and savior

as pastor robert

shared with us that this is not about

just a blessed wallet it’s about a

blessed life

and the only way that your life is

blessed is when you give your life

completely to jesus today i want to

offer you salvation

yes in the middle of this series if you

want to not be

just a paper chaser but a purpose chaser

you need

jesus in your life it’s the thing that

took me from a liar

a manipulator somebody who was addicted

to pornography i had all kinds

of wrong ideas and thoughts and

perversions in my heart

and god when i gave him my life he

transformed me

i’m not a perfect man but i’m a

progressing man and today

through the message that has just come

forth i believe that even as we talked

about it

it was all just trying to open up your

heart because today god said

more than anything i want from you i

want your heart and i’ll help you change

your habits

and i’ll bring you into a new way of

living if you’re watching this and

you’re listening i believe

that people are about to get saved all

over this world because

you have made a decision that you are

bankrupt on the inside

and it doesn’t matter how much money you

have until you have the one who created

you today is your day of salvation

and right now i want to pray with you if

that’s you and you want to invite

jesus into your life and you want him to

be your personal lord and savior on the

count of three i want you to lift your


now this is not for your neighbor this

is not for everybody who’s with you or

watching with you

this is for you i had to make a decision

that one day i was going to stand before

jesus by myself

not with my clique and my instagram

friends and my facebook family

i it was going to be me and jesus and i

decided to make

christ my lord and savior and today you

have that opportunity

because over 2000 years ago he went to

the cross and he saw

everything in you that was not good

and he said they need a savior so i’m

going to die for them

they can’t pay for the bill that they

racked up so i’ma take care of it

all they have to do is receive it

and today christ is saying would you

please receive the free gift

of salvation one you’re about to make

the greatest decision of your life

two i’m proud of you but more than that

your name

will be written in the lamb’s book of

life three if that’s you and you want to

invite jesus in

shoot your hand up all over the world

right now come on shoot your hands up

there are hundreds

of hands going up right now there are

hundreds of people

two weeks ago over 700 people gave their

life to christ

last week over 500 people gave their

life to christ

today hundreds more oh i’m telling you

heaven is getting excited at this moment

because of what is about to happen so

for transformation church

we pray together we’re a family so today

i want you to pray this prayer

with all of us all around the world

whether you’re watching this live on

rebroadcast the holy spirit

is right there with you in that moment

and we’re going to pray this all

together will you say will you say it

together say god

thank you for sending jesus

just for me today

i need a savior and i choose you

because you chose me i believe you lived

you died and you rose again

just for me and today

i surrender my life change me

renew me transform me

i’m yours in jesus name

amen if you just prayed that prayer

your eternity is secure and now god is

gonna begin to transform

you can we rejoice with heaven right now

oh come on can we rejoice with heaven

the bible tells us that if one person

made that decision

that heaven turns up so we’re going to

turn up here on earth and we want to

help you

we want to walk with you if you just

made that decision for jesus

let us know so we can help you can you

text save to the number on the screen

because what you’re going to do now is

start a journey of faith

we walk by faith and not by sight it’s

going to look the same

in a lot of areas tomorrow but you’re

standing with the god of the universe

backing you on everything

we are going to walk this thing out with

with you and transformation church is

here to help you

we want to send you literature i have a

special message from me and pastor


we want to give you steps go back and

watch the series that we’ve done

watch damaged goods watch relationship

goals watch

marked get a word from god for your life

if you need to forgive somebody go back

and watch

fu forgiveness university get your

spirit filled with things that are going

to help you walk this life out and we’re

going to be here every

week helping you and i just want to say

to our church

today god gave

us the bible to pastor robert morris

and we are forever changed can we thank


for pastor robert we love you thank you

i cannot wait to hear the testimonies

that are about to come from your step of


listen i’ve made a promise to you a long

time ago

that i would never give you what you

want i’ll give you what you need

and today god came through pastor robert

and he gave us what we need mark my


for all of those that are gonna take

this step to start tithing and honoring


through the tenth and giving offering

and obeying what he’s saying

watch where you are a year from now i am


i’m not even playing with you a year

from now market okay

god said test you test me i dare you to

test him

when i made that decision it didn’t just

change my finances

it changed my family it changed my


and it changed my family forever i’m

believing that same thing for your life

we’re so proud of you we honor you

pastor robert we thank god for what god

is doing

and that word you spoke to me before i i

receive it

and i believe it and we’re gonna see god

take these messages to the

entire world transformation church thank

you for being a generous church

thank you for trusting our leadership

and thank you

for transforming your world in

representing where god has for you can i

pray for you hands lifted everywhere

father i declare and i thank you that

this will be the best week we’ve ever


that as we go and actually live the

blessed life by obeying your principles

and your ordinances your ordinary

behavior and tithing

i thank you father god that there is a

breakthrough that is happening in our


and i thank you that you are breaking

the back of generational cycles of


and generational cycles of poverty

father i thank you that this week as we


we know that you have changed us from

the inside out

thank you that we’re blessed going in

and blessed coming out that we

live the blessed life father god and we

won’t be paper chasers

but we will be purpose chasers everybody

who needs healing in their body

thank you for divine healing thank you

for family reconciliation

and more than anything thank you for

jesus god thank you

for everything you’re doing in our lives

and through this church we give you


we give you honor and we give you praise

in jesus name we agree somebody shout


this week go out and live a transformed

life i love you