If you’ve wondered who you should be talking to when you pray — Dr. Stanley offer this biblical response. In Touch Ministries, 2011-13. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to www.intouch.org/watch

the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

of each involved in our prayers Jesus

gives us access to the Father and pleads

on our behalf the Holy Spirit lives

within the believer interceding in

prayer with groanings too deep for words

and God the Father is full of compassion

he listens when we cry out to him

provides for our needs and forgives our

sins which leads us to an interesting

question from one of our viewers it’s

something you’ve probably wondered about

to the email reads which member the

Trinity should I direct my prayers to

the father the son of the Holy Spirit

well that’s a prequel last question so

let’s look at it for a moment

God is one the Father the Son the Holy

Spirit I think about in this light God

the Creator Jesus the Savior and Holy

Spirit the enabler all make up the

Godhead which is one in John 10:30 he

said I and the father are one in John 15

23 he says if you hate me you hate the

father in John 14 9 through 11 he says

if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father

and then remember the prayer that all of

us have been taught so many years ago

listen to what he says pray then our

Father who is in heaven we call that the

Lord’s Prayer Jesus pray to the Father

on the cross you and I can pray to Jesus

there is no reckon in the scripture of

anybody praying to the Holy Spirit so

somebody says well is it wrong to pray

for God to answer prayer speaking to the

Holy Spirit or the one part of the

Trinity or the other no remember this

God the Father God the Son God the Holy

Spirit make up the Trinity while there

are three distinct persons

they’re also ultimately one-one Godhead

and so when we think in terms of our

prayers we can pray Heavenly Father or

we can pray Lord Jesus or I can tell you

how I feel personally about it sometimes

when I’m about to do something for the

Lord and in some area of ministry I will

usually whisper this prayer Holy Spirit

just to not me of fresh in a new for

what you’re calling me to do so does it

make a lot of difference

not really listen the thing that makes a

difference is that you prayed God hears

you he knows what’s going on in your

life the Lord Jesus Christ sitting at

the Father’s right hand making

intercession for us he sent the Holy

Spirit to live inside of us to enable us

I think of him as the enabler so when

you and I pray we can pray father or we

can pray Lord Jesus or we can pray Holy

Spirit he’s going to hear no matter

which one you address well thank you for

joining us today on this broadcast of

InTouch and remember no matter what

trial a challenge you’re facing when you

fight your battles on your knees that is

in prayer you’re going to win every time