This is “The Power of the Precious Preach.” Only when you release what you’re holding onto so dearly, will you see the precious gifts of God poured out. Supernatural miracles, doubtless purpose and unmovable faith await you when you learn with Jentezen Franklin, the Power of the Precious.

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connection and he says the only thing

that releases the wagonloads that is

exceedingly abundantly above all you

could ask the thing is when you release

the precious Psalms 1:26 verse 5 they

that sow in tears shall reap in joy he

that goeth forth weeping bearing

precious seed if you have a pen I want

you to underline precious seed shall

doubtless I want you to underline

doubtless come again with rejoicing

bringing his harvest with him he he

mentions a phrase here two words

precious seed I can’t find anywhere else

where the Bible calls it precious seed

so apparently there’s a difference

between seed and precious seed just as

there is the difference between good

better best and excellent just as

there’s a difference according to

Hebrews the the twelfth chapter it talks

about the good the acceptable and the

perfect will of God good is good but

there’s the acceptable that’s even

better and the perfect will of God is

even greater and you can settle for

either one but there is the perfect will

of God or you can just settle for the

good will of God and so there is the

seed and there is the good and there is

the best and there’s the better and

there’s the excellent but there’s one

word that is reserved for most valuable

and that is the word precious there’s a

difference between seed and precious

seed there is a tremendous power in the

release of the precious seed the reason

that it’s called precious seed is

because it goes forth he that goes forth

or sins it forth it’s not precious as

long as it’s held in your hand it’s not

precious as long as you think about what


do for God or think about what you might

do or daydream about making a difference

but it becomes precious seed when it’s

no longer in your hand but it goes forth

you send it forth you release it you

relinquish it it goes beyond you holding

on to it God wants the precious so you

can enter into the dimension of the

doubtless now this is so important he

that goeth forth sowing precious seed it

he doesn’t hold it he he sends it forth

and it becomes more than seed it becomes

precious seed then notice this part

shall doubtless return again when you

release the precious you enter into the

dimension of the doubtless there’s

something about releasing the precious

that removes the doubt of whether or not

the miracle is going to happen when you

get down to the precious with God you

reach the doubtless stage they will

without doubt be productive God said

there’s no doubt what you’re doing would

be productive when you release to me the

precious but it requires the precious

and until you release the precious you

cannot enter into the dimension of the

doubtless it will require you God wants

the precious so you can enter into the

doubtless does anybody want to have

countless faith to get into the perfect

realm of faith doubtless harvest comes

when you release the precious when God

called me here it required of me to to

sow a precious seed and that was the

denomination that I used to be in all of

my life I had sown and ministered and

been born again and raised up and

preached in that denomination and God

told me to come to free chapel and I had

to release the precious but when I

released the precious it was precious to

my father it was his denomination to my

mother it was their denomination for

generations and God said

Lisa and when we knew we had heard from

God we released the precious and God

introduced us to the supernatural but it

will not come because what happens is

when you release the precious you enter

into the dimension of the doubtless

something happens and we didn’t have a

lot when we came here but we had

supernatural faith we entered into the

dimension of the doubtless that says

without a doubt God is going to do

something we put it all on the line

we’ve obeyed him we did it weeping the

Bible said when you release the precious

sea you weep about it it’s something

that you really feel it’s something that

moves you and because it moves you it

moves God it’s not just a seed it’s a

precious sea and you enter into the

dimension of the doubtless and you don’t

know why but you know you’re gonna win

you know you’re gonna succeed you know

God is with you you can say to the

mountain be thou removed and not doubt

it in your heart and it’ll be cast into

the sea and do exactly what you tell it

to do because you’ve entered into

something called the dimension of faith

there’s a law of the precious this found

in the Word of God notice the things God

calls precious Isaiah spoke of the

precious cornerstone the most precious

jewel is not a diamond but the

cornerstone God didn’t give us the good

the better are the excellent he gave us

the precious Jesus is the cornerstone

God gave you his precious he endured our

death so that we might live his life he

learned about us the hard way so that we

could learn about him the easy way first

Peter 1 and 19 says that Jesus came and

he gave the precious blood of the Lamb

lujah the precious blood God has a right

to ask for your precious because he gave

his sons precious blood a missionary

tells the story of being in India and

I’ve been to places similar to this and

I’ve actually seen people do this

and in many of the places they don’t

have money they’re poor poor poor people

but they want to give something to the

Lord so they’ll bring of their crops

they’ll bring a banana they’ll bring a

apple they’ll bring a handful of grain

or they’ll bring sometimes an egg from

the hen house because that’s there and

they’ll put it in the offering bag

they’ll put it in as as their act of

worship and this missionary said he

noticed that there was one poor woman

and she had nothing to give and

everybody was putting in a fistful of

rice or a handful of grain or an egg or

whatever and she asked for her bag and

she got a bag her own bag and she set it

down in her chair and she said in it as

if to say God I give myself it’s all I

have that I can give you but I give

myself and I submit to you that she gave

more than them all because all God’s

ever wanted is you and if he gets you he

gets everything that you have I want him

I want to give him everything today I

want to give him the precious that’s

precious in the eyes of God it’s not the

amount it’s the fact that she put

everything in because he gave everything

for us all I have to give you know the

story in Exodus one lamb for one house

and put the blood of the lamb on the

doorpost the ground begins to Rumble as

1,000 sheep come to the high priest and

he turns and it’s Solomon now the law

only required one lamb but he brought a

thousand in the Bible said they were

choice lambs they were the precious

Lambs I’m sure someone watching a

businessperson looked on and said he’s

destroying his flocks he’s giving the

choice breeders he’s giving the ones

that will reproduce a perfect flawed

he’s giving the best the choice the


sheep in his fold he’s giving to God

into his house a thousand not one a

thousand he will be devastated

financially for being so generous to

God’s house and that night in first

Kings chapter

three the Bible said God came to Solomon

in a dream and every time God came to

someone in a dream in the Old Testament

he asked them for something and asked

them to do something but this time it

was different he came to Solomon and God

said to Solomon what do you want me to

do for you

I saw you release the precious and when

you release the precious I introduced

you to the supernatural what do you want

me to do for you not what can you do for

me I want to do something for you well

he probably went broke after given a

thousand choice sheep to build the house

no because three years later actually

two years later in first Kings 8 the

Bible said he brought 120 thousand sheep

and 22 thousand oxen god blessed him

even greater because he released the

precious and when you released the

precious God will introduce the

supernatural do you remember when

Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls the

Bible City did something strange that he

asked everyone that would to mix the

mortar and there and there and there was

there was men who made the Apothecary in

other words they were perfume makers can

you see their tender little hands they

squeezed flowers all day to make the

sweet smelling perfume called pointment

an apothecary they didn’t ever have a

callus they were professionals as

squeezing flowers but when it was time

to build the walls they’re out there and

the Bible said they were mixing the

mortar I love that and in 52 days they

built the walls back up they went beyond

their gifting and they entered in to the

precious you see the precious is not the

normal the precious is not what you

usually do the precious is when you go

beyond the normal when you

go beyond the usual when you go beyond

what is required of you and you go

beyond even what your gift things are

and you’re doing something just because

you love Jesus you’re touching the

precious give me the precious seed and

I’ll give you the precious Arvest the

only thing that releases the precious

harvest on your family on your house on

your children is the precious seed first

Peter 1 and 1 refers to precious faith

there is a faith that is precious faith

is the substance of things hoped for the

evidence of things not seen let me tell

you what’s precious to God is when you

believe in it even though you don’t see

it when you believe that the dream is

working even though you don’t see the

evident Lu what’s precious is when you

start praising God and honoring God and

confessing God’s word even when you see

nothing in the natural that looks like

it’s happened God looks down and says

but they believe they believe in the

unseen therefore that’s precious faith

it’s not faith as long as you can see it

and then it you can’t when the I can see

it happening now I see it happening now

No he says I tell you what’s precious

faith it’s when you don’t see it but you

still believe in you carry yourself with

the confidence that the Word of God is

backing you up come on and give God a

shout of praise if you believe it lift

up your voice and say I have precious

faith I don’t have to see it I believe

it because God said it hmm their seed

and there’s precious seed Solomon went

beyond the ordinary the good the

acceptable he that goeth forth bearing

precious seed the woman with the

alabaster box broke it open and the

Bible said it had precious ointment the

equivalent of one year’s wages and she

poured it lavishly upon the body of

Christ the feet of Christ and Judas said

what a waste I thought about the fact

that the world would tell young people

you’re wasting your youth you’re wasting

your youth on all that Jesus stuff

you’re wasting your youth on all that

cross stuff

you’re wasting your youth why don’t you

live it up

why don’t you party why don’t you do

everything everybody’s doing why are you

so different the world calls it waste

but Jesus calls it worship and he says

this precious ointment and if you give

God the precious he wouldn’t introduce

you to the supernatural life’s a victory

and success and favor oh I feel that

somebody give God a shout of praise

right now you remember a little boy the

fire blows and the two fish I can’t

prove it but I think when he went to

give the basket to the disciple he

probably took one piece of bread out and

stuck it in the back of his robe

somewhere back there and and he said

here’s my lunch and the passo looked at

him and said is that all fun he’s it

with conviction no heard here’s the

faithful oh just in case the miracle

didn’t work I was gonna hold on to this

but but God here I go oh by the way take

the crumbs – take all the crusts in that

moment that boy entered into the

precious he let go of the precious and

God introduced him to the supernatural

because he not only fed the 5,000

through that boy’s lunch but he took

home 12 baskets for himself Paul put it

like this he said that when we stand

before the judgment seat of Christ that

there will be things that we did that

will be wood hay and stubble and there

will be things that we did that will be

gold silver and precious stones notice

the difference between the two the

precious is not visible it’s below


it’s the unseen the wood the hay the

stubble is what you can see it’s the

ministry you can see it’s the visible

part of our lives that everybody sees

but the part that is

the silver the gold the precious stone

is the unseen part of our life what I’m

telling you is the thing this precious

to God is not our outward boasts of

religiosity but it’s the unseen part of

our life when we love and we forgive and

we’re kind and we could say something

about one of our enemies but but we

forgive them instead and nobody ever

sees that nobody ever sees your fast

nobody ever sees you pray nobody ever

sees your devotion nobody ever sees your


it’s the unseen part do you have an

unseen part to your Christianity or do

all you have is coming to church on

Sunday and sitting and going through

public praise and worship is there an

unseen part to your Christianity if not

everything you’re doing you’ll make it

to heaven but you have no reward it’ll

be wood hay and stubble do you ever do

things unsane do you ever give to people

do you ever do things that nobody knows

about and you don’t ever brag about or

ever tell anybody about it’s the unseen

that is precious to God we need that

kind of heart that loves people with no

motive that loves people and they can’t

help us back we just do it because

that’s a heart to do it God says I see

that stuff I see that it’s precious it’s

precious Abraham take your son your only

son and he could have taken he had two

sons he didn’t have an only son he had

two sons he had Ishmael and he could

have offered Ishmael but that was not

his precious Isaac was his precious I

want to know I want to know Abraham will

you release the precious

where you going Abraham with Isaac honey

I’ll be back I heard from God he told me

to climb that mountain and build an


and lay our son Isaac on the altar I

don’t understand it but I know God told

me to do it it’s unusual it’s

supernatural I don’t understand what I’m

doing I don’t know why I want to do this

it doesn’t make sense but I know God’s

asking me for the precious he built the

altar and he laid the boy on the altar

dad where’s the sacrifice he ties the

boy to the altar he raises the knife God

if you want my precious I’ll give you my

precious and that though at that moment

he was introduced through the

supernatural when he released the

precious an angel came and said stay

your hand and a voice spoke and God said

I am your Jehovah Jireh I will provide

myself a sacrifice and I’ve seen you and

now I know listen to those words now I

know I can trust you because you


the precious I’ll introduce you to the

supernatural sometimes God will bless

you to see if in blessing you were

released the precious sometimes the

greater test is not always in finding

the precious in adversity but finding

the precious and releasing the precious

in blessing sometimes God will bless you

to see if when he blesses you you were

put it all on the altar and he’ll tell

you to put it all in do something that

is so unusual that it touches your


Jacob had 12 sons one of them was Joseph

and he thought he was dead but he had

gone to Egypt and God had raised him up

and put him over all the food that was

in the world and when Jacob and the rest

of his boys were starving he sent all of

his boys but one boy named Benjamin his

youngest son to go get grain from Egypt

he thought his boy was dead and Joseph

disguised himself and when he saw his

brothers he said how many brothers are

there and they said we’ve got one back


he said take sack this sack of grain and

go back and get your younger brother and

I’ll bless your father they go back and

this old man oh oh and by the way I’m

gonna keep one of the brothers in prison

to make sure you come back so when they

come back the old man says we’re Simeon

he’s in prison and he said if you want

enough food to live through the famine

you’re gonna have to release Benjamin

your youngest son and he cries out these

words he says these powerful words he

says Joseph is dead Simeon is not and

now my son is being taken from me my

only my youngest son is being taken from

me Benjamin

all of these things are against me but

Dad he said that if you would obey Him

and give him your precious that he would

release blessings on you and he did it

he let him go and the box why the Bible

said he that goeth for sowing seed

weeping he’s weeping bye-bye Benjamin I

love you I’ve already grieved over one

son now I’ve got one in prison in Egypt

and now there he goes my precious

Benjamin but the Bible said a few

chapters later that he woke up one day

and when he saw the wagons of provision

coming his spirit was revived if you’ll

give God your precious he’ll turn your

sack into a wagon load I’m telling you

folks I feel this stuff you cannot

outgive your card and you may think the

is really something but I promise you

God’s got wagonloads you’ve never even

thought about and he says the only thing

that releases the wagonloads that is

exceedingly abundantly above all you

could ask for thing is when you release

the precious when you obey me I close

with a story it’s a true story in the

book Grapes of Wrath of John Griffith

he lived in Oklahoma in 1930 during the

Great Depression the Dust Bowl

everything went drying there was no no

farms that could produce and he lost his

farm he moved to Vicksburg Mississippi

and he finally found a job paid meager

earnings his job was to lift the bridge

up so that the mighty ships could go

under as they passed through headed out

to sea through the Mississippi River

he took his five year old son as this

story is told in the book with him to

work one day they were eating lunch

picnic on the grassy hill he heard from

a distance that the sound of the three

o’clock whistle mich on the train coming

he had plenty of time so he sent through

the five-year-old stay here son stay

here I’ll be right back I’ve got to go

let the bridge down he goes up another

time he gets up the train is closer he

still got plenty of time he starts to

pull the lever and when he does he looks

down and sees that five year old son has

left the heel and is now in a dangerous

spot on that bridge right where the

bridge will have to come down and he’s

too far out to go reach him in time and

either his son will die or three hundred

passengers were perished on that train

and john griffith said that he closed

his eyes and he pulled the lever

and his son was killed the train went

across to safety but I want to tell you

about a God who spared not his own son

but freely offered him up he did not

close his eyes and watch him die he he

watched him from heaven he wept from

heaven he that soweth precious seed

weeping he wept as he sowed his seed in

the precious blood of Jesus on the cross

he heard him scream my God my God why

have you forsaken me and the father wept

is he so precious seed and they killed

him but on the third day he entered in

to the supernatural and he rose and he

brought with him the harvest and you and

I two thousand years later are the

harvest it’s what happens when the seed

that is precious is released it becomes

supernatural what we are doing together

at youth for tomorrow is precious in the

eyes of God the book of James says that

pure and undefiled religion is to take

care of the orphan and the widow in this

beautiful home that is now under

construction on the youth for tomorrow

campus is doing just that we have now

sent three checks each check for

$100,000 now we’re going over the

halfway point it’s a six hundred

thousand dollar project and we need your

help every day we see politicians argue

back and forth about whether there is a

border crisis or not but it is a crisis

for these children it’s a crisis in

those centers where they’re in desperate

need of housing for these children red

and yellow black and white they are

precious in God’s sight documented or

undocumented somebody has to feed them

somebody has to clothe them and somebody

has to house them we’ll let the

government do what they need to do for

those in need but whatever Congress

decides to do it’s the body of Christ’s

place to stand up and say we will with

great love and compassion wrap our arms

around these children and tell them that

they matter because we are choosing to

release the power of the precious these

children will hear the gospel of Jesus

Christ they’ll go to chapels be taught

who Jesus is and about the precious

blood of Jesus Christ when they are

released wherever they end up they will

have the truth in them of who Jesus is

we’ll use so your precious seed today we

believe that there are three hundred

people who could sew a one thousand

dollar seed if you can’t do that would

you do your very best when you take your

precious seed and release it God will

introduce you to the miraculous


this year over 700,000 children and

young people entered the United States

with no parents sent to be trafficked or

worse pushed across the borders with

nowhere to turn and nobody to turn to

but we know that our God is a father to

the fatherless and we believe as the

church we have been called to the

frontline to help these children in the

most desperate need that’s why we’re

partnering with youth for tomorrow to

provide residential educational and

outpatient services to these fatherless


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