It’s time to encounter a Savior whose heart beats with compassion for those who are suffering sickness of any kind, and freely receive the miracle you need!

When Jesus was on earth,
when He healed people,

He never imputed their
trespasses to them.

He acted as if He was not
counting their sins against them.

He treated them
as if their sins were not

put to their account.
Can we treat people like that?

Or do we qualify people
before they are healed?

You never see Jesus
saying things like:

“Okay, those of you who
have unforgiveness in your heart,”

“all of you gather together.
I’m going to pray for you later.”

“But you get right first.
Just step aside on this”

“side of the mountain.
I’m going to come to you later on.”

“And those of you
who are married, but you’re”

“not talking to one another,
all of you get right first.”

“Stand here on the left,
on My left here.”

“You get right first.”

“You better set this right
before I pray for you.”

“Or else, the power of God
cannot flow. And also,”

“those of you who have
bad thoughts, unclean thoughts”

“and lustful thoughts,
My power cannot touch you”

“unless you really get right.
Make sure you get“

“right in those areas.
And then I’ll touch you.”


The Bible says:

“As many as touched Him
were made whole.”

I’m sure that as many
that touched Him are

sinners that
have sin in their lives.

And friend, why don’t we
let people receive their healing?

And then the goodness of God
will lead them to repentance.

The Bible says in Acts:

“repentance towards God and
faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Again, the apostle Paul says
it is repentance towards God.

What does that mean?

It means: “I used to think
that God was against me.”

“God was mad at me.
God was not for me.”

“But now, I know the God
who gave His Son to”

“die for my sins.
God is for me.”

Now, that is repentance towards God!
And that is what Paul preached.

“Repentance towards God and
faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ.”

So that’s the gospel, friend.
And when you say “repent”,

it’s not possible for everyone
to repent of every sin

because there are more sins
than they realize. But

they repent of their unbelief.
They repent of the way

they think towards God
as not being for them.

And now they think of God
with good thoughts, instead

of with hard thoughts.
And they believe that God

gave His Son.
They repent and then believe.

And our life becomes
a series of changing our minds

because we are learning
more and more about the

ways of the kingdom of God.
Praise God!

And friend, God wants you well.
God wants you well.

And healing is like a dinner bell
for sinners to come in,

to hear the true gospel.
But even then, for God’s people,

John says: “Beloved, I wish
above all things.”

And John will not wish something
that is not in God’s heart.

And John said to Gaius in 3 John 1:2

“I wish above all things that
you prosper and be in health”

“even as your soul prospers.”

Look at Luke 13 right now.

“Jesus was teaching in
one of the synagogues”

“on the Sabbath,” and notice
it was on the Sabbath.

“And behold, there was a woman
who had a spirit of infirmity”

“for eighteen years.”

This woman had a spirit of
infirmity for eighteen years.

“She was bent over and could
in no way raise herself up.”

This reminds me of people who
cannot raise themselves up

because they are under depression,
under the weight and load of

condemnation and they cannot
seem to lift themselves up.

They try to think positive
and they cannot think positive.

They try to psych themselves
out of it but they cannot

because it is spiritual.
It is a spirit of infirmity and

they could not in any way
raise themselves up.

Notice how long she has
been suffering from this.

Eighteen years.

There’s no insignificant
details in the Bible

and even numbers mean
something in the Bible.

1 always represents unity.
2 is agreement.

3 is resurrection.

4 is the number of the earth,
the four winds— North, South, East, West.

5 is the number of grace.

6 is the number of man.

7 is the number of completion.
A number of perfection as well.

And numbers mean something.

When numbers have double digits,
it also means something.

And when you look at
the number 18,

it’s actually 6 plus 6 plus 6—
the number of the antichrist.

You know that her being
bowed down is not God’s will.

Her being bowed down and
could in no way raise herself up

is not something that

God wants for her.
It is a spirit of the devil

that’s involved in this.
So one thing we learn

from this passage is very clear.
It’s a spirit of infirmity.

So stop saying that when someone
has a disease or a condition,

it means that God is teaching
that person something.

Stop that!
It’s easy to say that to others

until you or your loved one
becomes a victim of that.

Friend, no.
Let’s believe God.

And notice the Bible says
this woman was bowed down

with “a spirit of infirmity
for eighteen years.”

“And could in no way
raise herself up.”

So she could only identify
people by their toes.

“But when Jesus saw her,
He called her to Him”

“and said to her:”

“Woman, you are loosed
from your infirmity.”

“And He laid His hands on her
and immediately she was”

“made straight and glorified God.”

“But the ruler of the synagogue
answered with indignation”

“because Jesus had
healed on the Sabbath.”

“And he said to the crowd:
there are six days on which”

“men ought to work.”

“Therefore come and be healed on them
and not on the Sabbath day.”

Notice he did not dare to talk to
Jesus straight. He said to the crowd.

He says that “men ought to work.”
Notice his mentality was?

“Men ought to work.”
Notice where his “ought” is at.

His “ought” is on working.
Men ought to work.

Look at where Jesus’ “ought” is.
The Lord then answered him

and said, “Hypocrite! Does not
each one of you on the Sabbath”

“loose his ox or donkey from the stall,
and lead it away to water it?”

Keep that in mind.
“Ox or donkey.”

These two animals.
Keep that in mind.

“So ought not this woman,
being a daughter of Abraham,”

“whom Satan has bound—
think of it—for eighteen years,”

“be loosed from this
bond on the Sabbath?”

So Jesus’ “ought” is this.

“Ought not this woman
that Satan has bound”

“be loosed!”

The mentality of the
ruler of the synagogue—

because he had a law mentality
is—“men ought to work.”

Jesus’ “ought” is that
woman ought to be loosed!

When the Lord looks at you,
He says:

“You ought to be loosed!”
“You ought to be freed!”

“You ought to be liberated!”
“You ought to be healed!”

“How can you be
a son of Abraham,”

“a daughter of Abraham
and remain in this bondage?”

He says: “Woman,
you are loosed!”

“Man, you are freed
from your infirmity!”

Thank you, Jesus.

That’s the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This is not religion.

This is reality.
This is a relationship

with the God of heaven.
It’s not man trying to reach

God with his good works.
Man trying to reach God

with his own efforts.
No, it’s God reaching out

to man and God initiating.
And friend, this is the gospel.

For Paul says in Romans 1:17—

“I am not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ.”

The fact that he says
“I am not ashamed” means

there was a reason and cause

that people were trying to
give him to be ashamed.

And usually it is the people that
believe in keeping the law.

But Paul says: “I’m not ashamed of
the gospel of Christ for it is”

“the power of God to salvation.”
“It is the power of God

to salvation.”
And the word “salvation” here—

please don’t think of “salvation”
as just being saved from hell.

It is more than that!
The word “soteria” here,

by the way, is the Greek
form of “Yeshua”.

The word “salvation” is
an all-encompassing word.

The noun is “soteria”.
The verb is “sozo”.

“Sozo” is used in many places.
When Jesus healed someone,

He will say: “Your faith
has ‘sozo’-ed you.”

You will find the word “sozo” there.
In other words, healing is “sozo”.

So the word “soteria” includes
health, healing, your welfare,

your preservation, your protection.
Your family well-being and

your own well-being
It is all in that word “sozo”.

It is complete salvation.
And then in the life

to come—eternal life.
Which means it’s not

just not going to hell, solely.
A lot of people think of salvation.

as just escaping hell.
No, friend.

Salvation is to bring heaven
into your life!

It is to bring the Holy Spirit,
who dwells in heaven,

into you, to dwell in you.
So now you are the walking,

mobile, living, breathing
kingdom of God,

walking on this earth.
You are a temple of God

in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.

God is not just interested
in bringing you to heaven.

He wants to bring heaven into you.
And we will be in heaven one day.

But there’s no hurry.
There’s work to be done here

and God wants His temple,
His mobile temple to be

moving around, becoming
a blessing everywhere they go.

Praise the Lord.