David’s 3-CD set, How to Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit, shares his keys on how to move from theology to friendship with the Holy Spirit. David says the first step is to realize He is waiting for you. The Holy Spirit wants to be known and also to release His power! Includes a bonus guide for meditating on the Holy Spirit through key verses of the Bible.

Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: Hello, Sid Roth here!

Welcome to my world, where it’s
naturally supernatural.

I had the high privilege of
knowing Ms. Kathryn Kuhlman.

As far as I was concerned, there
were two main things I observed.

First, the most awesome high
number of miracles I’d ever seen

in my life!

And the second, her intimacy
with the Holy Spirit.

She had such a friendship I even
to this day, I can hear her

saying, “Don’t grieve the Holy

He’s all that I have!”

Well, my guest has this same
intimacy with Holy Spirit!

And he says he can teach you to
have this same intimacy.

Would you like to have this same

Audience: Yes!

[applause and cheers] [music]
Announcer: Is there a

supernatural dimension?

A world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Are there hidden forces of
darkness trying to block God’s

blessings for your life?

Do Angels exist, providing us
with supernatural protection,

disarming our enemies?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Is God ready to bring a tsunami
wave of healing onto planet

Earth today?

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
“It’s Supernatural!”

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SR: Uh, you know, David, last

night you sent me a text!

You were so excited, and you got
me so excited a great miracle


You were speaking here in

Tell me about that person.

DH: So I was ministering here in
the area, and I like to minister

whenever we visit a town, SR:

DH: and so, we drove out to Wake
Forest, and we were in a

service, where the power of the
Holy Spirit was moving.

I’m telling you, it was like the
weighty Glory.

I thought I was going to begin
to see the manifested cloud,

which we sometimes see.

But the presence of the Holy
Spirit was so tangible, so real,

and people started getting

And so there was this gentleman
in the very back who was

worshipping, and the Lord spoke
to me in my spirit.

He said, “I want to heal that

And I knew, that I knew, that I
knew that this man was going to

be healed, I just didn’t know
what his sickness was!

So I called him up, by the time
he gets to the front, I realize

that there’s something on his
neck, and he’s unable to move

his arm.

He tells me the story that
cancer had eaten away certain

parts of his body to where they
had to remove the muscle that

enabled him to lift his arm.

The whole church could testify
to this because they had been

with him just recently at a

And they said throughout the
entire conference, this man was

worshipping with one arm up, and
the other arm down.

VIDEO: DAVID: I pray, in the
name of Jesus, to make you


DH: And so when I laid hands on
him, as I often do I felt this I

sometimes it’s like electricity,
sometimes it’s like heat, and I

just felt the power, the
tangible power of God, touch

this man, and I knew.

I said, “Something is happening
with this man right now”, and

the man just shot his arm right

And he should be feel SR: Wait.

He had no muscle!

DH: There was no more muscle

SR: But, that’s impossible!

DH: It was not possible.

And in fact, he was
demonstrating it in front of


The whole church just erupted in
praise, and that’s what I was

wondering why, okay, he’s able
to lift his arm, but uh, I began

to inquire, “What really was
wrong with you?”

And when I got the details, and
they began to unravel the

details, it turns out because,
the cancer, had eaten up certain

parts of his body, they had to
remove that muscle, put it into

his neck.

And he’s pointing, he says,
“That’s the muscle that’s

supposed to help me lift my arm!

It’s not possible for me to do

And so I had the pastor verify,
because you know sometimes

people make stuff up.

So I had the pastor verify, I
had the church verify, I’m

talking to this man, and he is
just astonished.

The whole church was astonished
to see this miracle.

And when the people began to
worship the Lord for that,

another wave of healing got
released all across the


It was the power of the Holy

Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: Huh.

David, who and this is important
who is the Holy Spirit?

DH: Wow, there’s a lot to that.

But I like to say that the Holy
Spirit is Jesus without

boundaries and limitations.

Audience: [cheers] DH: The Holy
Spirit is Jesus, on the cloud,

as you would put it in technical
terms, like technology.

The Holy Spirit is the One who
gives us boldness to evangelize.

Think about what He did with
Peter in Acts chapter 2, the

same man who denied Jesus, now
boldly proclaiming the Gospel.

And for every time He denied
Jesus, a thousand people came to

the Lord.

Think about the Holy Spirit, and
how He stirs faith within the

Soul, causing us to believe for
the miraculous in ways that we

would not have otherwise

The Holy Spirit is the One who
helps us to pray, because no man

or woman, no matter how anointed
they are, knows the way into the

presence of God.

Only the Holy Spirit knows the
way into the presence.

And so in prayer, He guides us.

In worship, He reveals Jesus,
and makes Him real, causing our

hearts to be stirred, and burn
with holy fire, to where we

cannot contain that passion,
that overflows with us, as an

adoration of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is the One who
helps us to walk in holiness, so

for those who are bound, and
weighed down by the shame and

the sickness that is, sin; the
Holy Spirit offers freedom.

He is the holiness Spirit the
One who breaks the power and the

chains that that even those
habits that people have had for


He breaks those addictions, He
breaks those bondages.

The Holy Spirit is the One who
delivers the captives from

demonic oppression.

The Holy Spirit is the One who
moves in us, and gives us,

revelation of the Word.

Sometimes when we read the Word,
we’re saying, “I just want to

see Jesus.”

He causes the information of the
Word to go from just

information, to revelation, and
revelation brings


Audience: Yes.

DH: The Holy Spirit is the One
who goes with us, and gives us

the words to speak, when we
don’t know what we should say.

Audience: Amen.

DH: In those moments where we’re
saying, “Holy Spirit, help me”,

“I don’t know how to win this
one to the Lord”, “I don’t know

how to speak”.

The Holy Spirit will stir within
you, words that come straight

from the Father.

Audience: [applause and cheers]
DH: The Holy Spirit is the One

who opens the heart of the
sinner, causing them to go from

stubborn, stonehearted
individuals, to people who bow

before Jesus as Lord!

Audience: [applause and cheers]
DH: The Holy Spirit is the One

who anoints us for ministry, and
appoints us into the call of


He takes [chuckling] ordinary
lives, and makes them lives that

transform the world.

Audience: Amen!

DH: I like to say that a single
moment spent in the presence of

the Holy Spirit can transform
your life, but a life spent in

the presence of the Holy Spirit
can transform the nations!

Audience: [applause and cheers]
DH: The Holy Spirit is that

something more, He’s that deep

What was it, do you think, that
caused the martyrs to lay down

their lives, and say, “Take my
blood, we want to preach the

Gospel”, “Jesus is Lord”?

That’s the Holy Spirit, stirring
the love of God in that heart,

“shedding the love of God abroad
in our hearts”.

Audience: Amen.

DH: The Holy Spirit is the One
who gives us all the Promises of

the Father.

The Holy Spirit is the One who
causes us to walk in the perfect

will of God not by the day, not
by the hour but down to the

millisecond, like Jesus.

SR: You really love the Holy

Audience: [applause and cheers]
DH: I could go on and on and on!

SR: I can tell ya!

But I’m going to tell you
something else!

He’s not just going on and on
and on, this is power, and this

is truth, coming across!

Audience: Amen!

SR: And at a certain point, the
Holy Spirit is going to impress

upon him to pray for miracles.

Be right back.

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Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: Now, David, I’m excited

because you’re a young man, and
you are so filled with the

Spirit of God!

And you came to this revelation,
that’s fine!

That was how did you develop
this relationship, this intimacy

with DH: Well, SR: the Holy

DH: and this is one of my
favorite parts.

I like the how to, because I
would often hear sermons, and I

would go, “That’s awesome, but
tell me how I can do that too!”

Audience: Right.

DH: And so I wanted some very
SR: But there are even books on

o on having a relationship with
the Holy Spirit, but they don’t

tell you how to!

DH: I mean I mean like I’m the
type of person, like you have to

give me something that I can
apply right now, immediately,

that I can I can shut off this
program, put this book down, go

into my room, and start acting
it out.

SR: Right.

Audience: Amen.

DH: So I want to talk about two
things: Silence and stillness.

Audience: [exclaims] DH: You
see, the flesh our carnal side

it can do many things, and it
will not put up a fight.

You can sit in a worship
service, it won’t put up a


You can watch a Christian
broadcast, it won’t put up a


You can read the Word, atheists
read the Word, cult leaders read

the Word, but they don’t see a

But the moment you begin to seek
the Lord, the flesh starts to

put up a fight!


Because it’s in the seeking that
the flesh dies.

It’s in the seeking of the
Spirit, that the flesh dies.

This is why, one of the reasons
why, the Holy Spirit wants to be


And so I had to learn this
somewhat the hard way, and I’ll

just give you the short version,
because I had pressed in to seek

the Holy Spirit.

There was a time in my life
where there was a swift movement

to my spirituality, and then I
felt like I hit this wall, SR:


DH: and I said I can’t go any

And my SR: And by the way, you
know, David, a lot of people

relate to what you’re saying.

They’ve hit a wall, but they’ve
never gone for it further,

they’ve just stayed there!

Uh, it’s sort of they’re stuck
as a 10-year-old.

DH: I’m going to say something
that’s a little harsh, but

there’s some people need to hear

The true proof that you believe
in prayer is that you actually


SR: [laughs] Audience: [laughs]
DH: And the only reason the only

reason Audience: [laughs and
applause] DH: we don’t pray is

because we don’t believe that
it’ll work!

And so, I mean God made us a
Promise, He said, “Seek Me with

all your heart, and you will
find me”, that’s a guarantee!

Audience: Amen!

DH: And if you believe that, you
will seek Him!

If you don’t believe that, you
won’t seek Him.

But the reward is Him?

Audience: That’s right.

DH: He’s my great Reward?

Of course!

So I found myself in that place,
[whacks palm] I hit that wall.

And I’m getting frustrated, but
I move beyond the frustration

with the help of the Holy

I tried everything.

I tried emotion, I tried to make
up for in volume what I lacked

in connection, and I tried to
connect with God with my

emotion, He wouldn’t have it.

I tried to use my intellect, I
tried to use my passion.

I tried to guilt God into a
response, “Lord, don’t You hear


“Can’t You see me?”

But you see, intellect failed,
emotion failed, willpower


“It’s ‘not by power, nor by
might, ‘” Audience: Amen!

DH: “‘but by my spirit’, says
the Lord.”

Audience: Amen!

DH: So Matthew 6:6, Jesus says,
“When you pray,” “go away”,


Private prayer is revealed in
public power, if there’s no

public power, it’s because
there’s no private prayer.

Audience: Amen.

DH: And so, I began to seek the
Lord privately SR: Hey, you know

that’s so good.

You slipped right by there.

Audience: [laughs] SR: I hope
you heard what he said!

Audience: [laughs] DH: [laughs]
And so, then I had to learn the

harder thing, which was

And this is difficult.

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know
that I am God.”

“Be still and know”, stillness
precedes revelation.

Which means SR: I don’t see too
many things in the movies and TV

where people don’t say anything,
I mean we’re taught to fill

empty space!

[chuckles] DH: Right, and we’re
uncomfortable with silence,

because the moment we’re silent,
we start to notice all the chaos


SR: [chuckles] DH: And we say
things like, “Well, I didn’t

feel this way until I began to

It’s not that it came up, and we
say, “Oh, well the enemy

attacked me when I started to
pray”, that’s not the case!

That inner chaos was always
there, you just weren’t ever

quiet enough to recognize it!

Audience: [cheers] DH: No wonder
you’re walking around with

depression and anxiety and
frustration and confusion!

That inner chaos is constantly
going, but when you go to pray,

it’s not it doesn’t show up,
it’s revealed!

Audience: [cheers] DH: And so
that’s why it used to take me 4

hours to get into the presence
of the Lord, to where I sensed

His presence not always physical
manifestation and tangible

power, but always the sense.

We’re always to sense His
presence, 24/7 awareness.

I can tell you, with all
honesty, and I would not say

this if it wasn’t true, I think
you know that about me.

There is hardly 5 minutes that
go by, where I’m not aware of

the Holy Spirit.

Audience: Mm!

DH: Hardly 5 minutes where He
doesn’t cross my mind in some

way, where I don’t sense some

Um, I call it “retreating within
myself, and fellowship with


SR: Uh, you know what, I need
you to explain a little bit

about this silence.

Audience: [applause and cheers]
[music] ANNOUNCER: We will be

right back to “It’s



[music] ANNOUNCER: We now return
to “It’s Supernatural!”

Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: You know, you were talking

before this show, something
that’s so important!

The Holy Spirit wants to be

DH: Right.

SR: Comment on that.

DH: And I think well there’s
several reasons why He wants to

be sought, but one of the ones I
want to focus on is the Holy

Spirit wants to be sought,
because it purifies you.

Audience: Yes.

DH: In the seeking, the flesh
begins to weaken, and the spirit

begins to grow.


Because the flesh doesn’t like
to wait.

And when you go into prayer and
begin to seek the Lord in

silence, which I’m going to talk
about in a moment when you do

that, the flesh has to be still!

Otherwise, you find yourself
squirming, and wanting to get

out of prayer.

But this is this is where the
power is at, because there let

me put it this way: Noise does
not equal power.

There are some people who are
making a lot of noise, but

there’s not a lot of

Audience: Whoo!

DH: And so the power of the Holy
Spirit comes, “when I am weak,

then He is strong”.

Silence is the easy part, all of
this, is real simple, but not

all of it is easy.

Silence is the putting away of
outer distraction.

Stillness is the quieting of the

Audience: Mm!

DH: And that is the difficult
part, because the moment we

begin to pray, we have fears
crossing our mind.

We have our apprehensions
crossing our mind.

We have our responsibilities,
and those things that make us

SR: Um-hm.

DH: feel inadequate, and shame.

All of those things I call inner

And what the Holy Spirit wants
to do, is teach you to trust


You see, the Holy Spirit wants
to take you into the depths of

God, but He waits for you, at
the gate of stillness.

And so at the gate of stillness,
we lay down our burdens.

We give Him all that we carry,
and we say, with full hearts

full of trust, “I am going to
trust You, and I’m going to

follow You into the presence of

We have to learn to subject the
flesh, and place our minds upon

what the Holy Spirit is showing
to us, rather than what the what

is taking place on the outside.

This is living from the inside
out, rather than the outside in!

I’m not letting what’s outside
of me affect what’s inside.

I’m keeping that reservoir, and
I’m tapping that for peace, and

joy, and love, and the way you
do that is by meditation on the


The way you do that is by
meditation on the person of


And if you can capture a
revelation, that the Holy Spirit

has given to you, and you
meditate on that revelation,

that brings about the stillness
of the Soul, which enables the

Holy Spirit to work in you!

SR: Now you said to me that when
you originally started this, it

would take you like 4 hours to
get in the Spirit, but now, it’s

just minutes!

DH: Well I was very fleshly, and
it was the flesh getting in the


And I had to learn to trust; be.

SR: It’s part of being human.

DH: Yeah!

[laughs] SR: [laughs] Audience:
[chuckles] DH: We need to be

delivered from that, right?

SR: [laughs] Audience: [laughs]
DH: And so, I mean I’m there,

and and I remember there were
times where it would take me 3,

4 hours.

And now, I ‘m telling you and
this is not just me that can do


I think it really this is for
every Believer.

I can enter in [snaps] like
that, where I can just go from I

mean talk about average,
everyday things, which I do like

to talk about, you know I ‘m
not, you know, completely gone,

SR: [laughs] Audience: [laughs]
DH: but you know, there are also

there are also but from talking
about average things, I go

[snaps] right into the Spirit,
to where the Holy Spirit can

start speaking to me, I can see
visions, where I can see

sickness on people sometimes.

And you can move right into
that, if you practice stillness.

It’s the first time you do it,
you got to I’ll put it to you

this way: When you’re digging a
well, every shovel is full of

dirt until you hit, water.

And soon you find that that
flesh the dirt moves out of the

way, and there’s less of it each
time you go back.

SR: Okay, give me a couple of
practical things, uh, to the

person that’s going to do
exactly what you originally did.

Uh, y you have a quiet place,
you go there.

What do you do next?

DH: You know, one of the reasons
we close our eyes, it’s not

because God can’t hear us if we
don’t, it’s that it puts out the


Audience: [applause and cheers]
DH: We close our eyes because it

removes more distraction, and
that really is the key!

You remove distractions in the
natural, that allows you to

focus on the internal.

Jesus said, “out of your inner
man shall flow rivers of living


Audience: Amen.

DH: 1 Thessalonians 5:23 tells
us that there is the body, the

soul, and the spirit.

So I put away the body, I
retreat further from away from

my soul, and I retreat into the

The way you do that is by

In other words, so I’ll give
this one nugget so that they can

just go and start.

If they start there and get
this, the other ones will come


You get, capture, a revelation
of Jesus.

If He’s revealed to you as
Deliverer, as Healer I like to

see His Revelation reveals Him
with “eyes of fire”.

And you capture that revelation,
and you meditate on the Word,

not in your imagination and what
you, like that because that

would be constructing an idol,
or an image.

But sort of like what they did
with the Tabernacle.

In Hebrews, it tells us that
this was an image in Heaven, and

they copied that image because
it was given by God!

So because the revelation is
given by God, I can focus on


And so I focus on this
revelation of Jesus, and I quiet

my Soul.

I mean I put everything else

A great man of God told me that
if you have an hour to pray,

worship for 45 minutes.

Audience: Mm!

DH: And you just get in, and you
just begin to worship, and you

just on that revelation.

Jesus, I adore You.

Jesus, You’re so precious, and I
love You.

You’re the Healer, You’re – see,
even as I’m doing that now, I

can sense Him coming in!

Because you capture that
revelation, the Holy Spirit

breathes upon the Word, and
causes creation to take place!

The Word without the Spirit is
information, the spirit without

the Word is, inspiration,
together, they bring about

creation, and that causes
something to transpire in you!

And so the Word starts to take
hold of you!

You begin to become transformed
and changed, and it really is as

simple as meditating on the

SR: Y you know one of the things
that I’m very excited about is

David did research every book of
the Bible the Holy Spirit.

I want you to read a few of
those, and then break into

prayer for us.

DH: Okay, well I was going
through the Scripture, and He

really I did find something
about Him in every book of the


But in Genesis, He’s the Spirit
who “hovered above the face of

the deep”.

And I love the words there, “as
He brooded”, like a bird or like

a dove, He incubated over

In Exodus, He’s the fire in the

I call Him the fire of
evangelism, igniting the heart

of Moses, that caused him to go,
and seek after a people.

In Leviticus, He’s the sovereign
fire that could only be started

by God.

God told the priests, “You are
to keep the fire burning,” but

he never told them to start it,
the fire came from Heaven.

We’re to steward the fire, not
start it.

In Numbers, He is the Spirit
that separated men of faith from

men of fear.

The Scripture calls them “a
different spirit”.

In Deuteronomy, He is “the cloud
by day and the fire by night”,

that guides us in all seasons of
our lives.

In Joshua, He is the Spirit of,

What was it that brought down
the walls?

They released shouts, they blew
the trumpets.

It was the breath of God that
was released, that brought down

those walls.

And it goes on, and on, from all
the way to Revelation.

Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: Pray uh, one minute.

DH: Father, in the name of
Jesus, I ask You, precious Holy

Spirit, that You would begin to
stir in that one watching, a

hunger and a desire for the
deeper things of God.

Father, first of all, let them
sense You.

Even now, some of you are
sensing right now, like a heat,

I feel it.

Some of you feel are sensing
like a heat come over you, some

like electricity.

There are sicknesses being

There are [chuckling] oh my

I am seeing a lot right now, but
Lord, I pray that You would

begin to touch Your people.

I thank You for the anointing
that is present to break every


I thank You.

And Holy Spirit, we welcome You
in our lives, and in our

ministries, and in our homes.

Let Your presence saturate all
that we do.

Father, I pray that we would not
be people who are ashamed of the

work of the Holy Spirit.

That we would not think
ourselves too clever, that we

would deny the One who built the

But Father, that we would say,
in every aspect and with all

that we are, welcome Holy

Come and do as only You can do!

Take over our Churches!

Take over our ministries!

Take over our lives!

Father, let every part of our
being be surrendered to You, and

we pray that You would lift up
the name of Jesus!

[music] Magnify Him, glorify
Him, and make us make Him more

real to us than we ever imagined

In the name of Jesus, we pray,
and we release it, and we agree.

In Jesus’ name!

Audience: [applause] SR: And
real quick, God has just told me

there are people with arthritic

The pain is gone, in Jesus’

Audience: [applause and cheers]