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and when our heart worms with the

conviction that only the holy spirit of

God can give we respond just like Mary

our eyes are open because we realize

that he is who he says he is and that he

can still accomplish exactly what he

says he could through the Redemption of


sins he’s a father that gives good gifts

to his children if he wouldn’t spare his

own son then not only can I expect the

victory in my life but I can expect the

victory at no

expense here’s Priscilla sh John chapter

20 says that it was early in the morning

even while it was still dark that Mary

of magdala made her way to the Garden

tomb picture her arriving at the Tomb of

the one whom had changed her entire life

Jesus had met Mary at a time when her

life was in complete disrepair not Not

only was she oppressed but she was

marginalized in a socioeconomic time

period where women were not valued at

all but she lacked Joy she lacked peace

she lacked Freedom she lacked fullness

until Jesus came and then everything

changed she had followed him ever since

with a new light in her eyes and New

Hope in her future and not only did she

follow him closely but she supported him

his ministry in every single way that

she possibly could and she had been

there there by his side during the

trials she had been there while they had

whipped him to the point where he could

not even be recognized she had been

there to witness his crucifixion and now

she is there a lone figure in the

darkness wandering into the garden so

that she can come and pay respects to

him at the tomb and while she cannot see

much because the light of the sun has

yet to arrive on this morning what she

can see is that the gargantuan stone

that had been used to seal up the tomb

that it has been rolled away and her

mind in the moment that could only mean

one thing that robbers have come and

they have stolen the body of her Lord

she races away so that she can tell the

disciples and two of them immediately

run as fast as they can along with her

back to the tomb those two go in and

corroborate that indeed Jesus’s body is

not there and long after they have gone

home John chapter 20 says that Mary

remains of course she does her heart

longing again to see her Lord she is

weeping a River of Tears when she looks

inside and realizes that there are two

angels that have come one is positioned

at the head and the other at the foot of

the slab where Jesus’s body has once

been laid and as she looks in and sees

them and they see her they ask

Heroman why are you

weeping she says I’ve come looking for

Jesus and I cannot not find him where is

his body and before they can even

respond something Garners her attention

whether it’s a rustle in the foliage

behind or whether it’s just the sense of

a presence the scripture says she turns

around and she sees someone standing

there who she supposes to be the

gardener and she’s still weeping and

she’s still crying because even though

now she has seen two angels and now she

has seen someone that she believes to be

the gardener none of the presence of

these human beings or Angelic beings can

take the place of Jesus and for any of

us who have come to know Jesus Christ as

Lord we can tell you the same thing that

it doesn’t matter who we come in contact

with no matter the success they’ve

achieved no matter how high they have

climbed up the the ladder of success no

matter how notable they are even Angelic

beings cannot take the place of the one

who has changed our Lives who has

revolutionized our future and so she

looks at this one who she supposes to be

the gardener and whether she can’t tell

that it’s Jesus because she’s crying so

many tears that those tears have stung

her eyes to the point where her vision

is blurred or whether it is because

supernaturally Jesus has veiled himself

so that she can’t quite make him out

clearly whatever the reason she doesn’t

know that it’s him and again this person

poses the question woman woman why are

you crying and she says in so many

words just give me

Jesus and

then he says her

name he



Mary her name only rolled off of the

lips with that kind of love and grace

and kindness of one other person she’s

only known one person to speak her name

with that much Purity and that much

affinity and in that moment the gospel

becomes not just powerful it becomes

personal and when she hears her name her

eyes are open and she recognizes that

this isn’t the gardener after all this

right here this is Jesus Christ and I

can tell you because I’m a witness to it

that Jesus is still calling people’s

names one by one he calls our names and

our hearts warm not just because the

gospel is powerful but because it’s

personal he knows me he knows you he

knows where we’ve been he knows what

we’ve done he knows our weaknesses he

knows our strengths he knows the places

in our lives where we need his Mercy or

Grace and like Mary he doesn’t discard

us he doesn’t treat us the way others

have he doesn’t marginalize us he comes

to the disenfranchised and the people

that are lonely and the people like me

that are in need of a savior and he

speaks our name and when our heart worms

with the conviction that only the holy

spirit of God can give we respond just

like Mary our eyes are open because we

realize that he is who he says he is and

that he can still accomplish exactly

what he says he could through the

Redemption of our sins Mary man her

whole Destiny changes at this point

because she races away becoming the very

first evangelist telling everybody that

she came of what her eyes have seen

Jesus has been raised from the dead

she’s our eyewitness and you know how it

is when you have an eyewitness think

about it when you’re watching the news

and the reporter is giving you

information it’s one thing to hear the

information but once that reporter takes

the microphone and puts it in front of a

person who was there a person who saw it

for themselves a person who’s not just

talking because they heard about it but

because they were in the room they

experienced it all of a sudden that

story that you just had information

about well now it’s got cement it’s got

flesh now you can believe because you’ve

heard from somebody who saw it Mary is

our eyewitness she saw with her own eyes

and she heard his voice with her own

ears she communicates to us that Jesus

raised from the grave raised from the

tomb and he is still alive today and she

is why we can say with all confidence

for any of us who have placed faith in

Jesus Christ we can say it along with

the ancient hm

writer Because He

Lives I Can Face tomorrow whenever I

think of

Resurrection I think back to the very

first time which now was nearly 20 years

ago that I had the opportunity with my

parents to go to Israel

and gosh the impact of walking into the

garden tomb area where it is believed

that Jesus body was laid and at the time

they had something on the door there

when you walk up to the Garden tomb

there’s a little doorway that’s open so

you can see inside of the Tomb there’s a

sign on the door that says he is not

here we could have had a whole Holy

Ghost Church moment right there because

the fact that he is not there I’ve never

been so glad in all my life to not see

nothing there was nothing to see there’s

no no um body laying there there’s

nothing mummified there’s no Museum it’s

an empty tomb and the resurrection is

our receipt that he is who he said he is

and that he has accomplished for us what

he said that he has accomplished and so

the scriptures say that it is through

his death that we’ve been Justified and

reconciled to God but even more by his

life we are saved we are graced we are

empowered to be able to walk in Victory

so I want to talk about the hope of the

Resurrection because on this Good Friday

we can look forward to Sunday already in

our hearts and experience the hope that

comes from knowing that he got up out of

the grave and the same power that

conquered the grave is the exact same

power not like a lesser dumb down

version of that power but the same power

that was capable and able to get Jesus

up out of that grave is the same power

we’re supposed to be walking by the

spirit that power every single day of

Our Lives so when you look forward

toward what Sunday means on an Easter

weekend like this what kind of hope that

that does that give you to live through

and press on in the trials of life and

the details of what you have going on in

your own

experiences so good you know I think

about um Friday and it’s horrible Jesus

his disciples they’re they’re his

friends his mother is watching him die

unbelievable it’s horrible yeah it’s

horrible and how uh you know on

Resurrection morning um the women were

at the tomb um but not the


like there’s shock you know when the

women are telling them and Peter

discovers and he’s running to tell

everybody there’s this shock that he

actually isn’t there and I often think

what does it feel like to go from Friday

to Sunday with

expectation and what does it look like

to go from Friday to Sunday and

disappointment and

despair and what I’m wanting to do in my

life is live as if Sunday is coming yeah

because I get to choose how I go from

Friday to Sunday like you knowes it

doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt doesn’t

mean it’s not traumatic it doesn’t mean

that I’m not thinking oh I wish this

wouldn’t have happened this way but it

certainly changes my Outlook and my

excitement one of the worst things that

can happen is that you lose hope oh I

mean it’s it’s life is hard enough but

to hold on to hope that that things get

better that Sunday is coming that God

does reign in Victory that Jesus is

coming U Back from the dead to to be

able to hold on to Hope keeps you going

when you live without a hope that is

just an awful feeling but I have to tell

you that there are many times in my life

where sinking into despair is my first

reaction yeah you know and and I’m not

looking you know I’m not looking with an

expectant hope and so that’s as I think

about that I’m I’m thinking about that

reality in my life what does it look

like for me when life is hard and I’m

living through Friday to live with

expectancy about Sunday um because it

changes how you talk it changes whether

or not you’re smiling or not it changes

how you engage with other people and

honestly it changes whether or not you

actually live on Saturday like if I

don’t think Jesus is coming back then

every Saturday of my life I’m going to I

don’t want to stay in the bed I don’t

want to engage with anybody I want to

hide away if I believe that he’s coming

back on Sunday then I live on Saturday

it changes everything do I believe that

Jesus who got up from the dead that as

I’m praying over this child or as I’m

praying over this marriage or if I’m

praying over my passions and my the

personal Pursuits of my life as I’m

praying over my finances do I believe

that that same power can change the

trajectory of my child can change the

trajectory of my marriage can change the

trajectory of what I even think I should

do with my life can change do I believe

that that’s real because if I

do it changes how I operate it it

totally changes how I operate so it’s I

mean being positive is great but being

totally convinced of the power of God

that results in Resurrection is so much

better yeah we’re going to need that

kind of Hope through there have been so

many layered difficulties that

corporately all of us the glob

Collective trauma I mean and not just

one pandemic it’s been like layers of

pandemic whether it’s racial pandemic or

political pandemic medical pandemic I

mean it’s been there have been so many

things War there have been so many

things to disrupt our peace to to really

take us out of this sense of being able

to face another day because on top of

all of the global things that we have

all faced there have been so many

personal griefs and losses and um life

has been sort of up turned upside down

down and so many hard things I do not

know how anybody could make it from day

to day without anchoring ourselves in

something else other than Earth stuff

right because this stuff is so uncertain

and disappointing lets you down well if

we all think that we need to play God if

we’re Godless I mean I can’t imagine

what people without God are doing right

now with without a source of a higher

being that loves us takes care of us and

knows what we need you know and think

that we need to play God that’s right is

just crazy but when you live in the

power of the cross I love talking about

the power of the Cross and what Jesus

did for us first of all it Vindicated

who he said he was right and then he

destroyed he said I’ve come to seeking

to save the L I have come to destroy the

works of the devil and then he said it

is finished now you go you do what

you’re called to do and I’m going with

you so if we didn’t know that God was

going with us to empower Us in the Holy

Spirit but if we believed that truly

every person believed yeah that we had

the power of the Holy Spirit to go and

do that’s what Jesus has done for us

yeah he has given that to us it’s a free

gift and he has done it he he he has all

power and he’s done if we all truly

believe that think of what would happen

right I love the fact that when I think

about the cross and I think about what

Jesus Jesus did is that he took two

things that were separated and brought

them together he gave us access to him

you know what we don’t need anyone to go

in for us we have access to the father

through Jesus and I think that’s the

most Miracle of all miracles is we Being

Human we literally can have access to

God because of what he did on the cross

and the same power that raised him has

empowered us yeah so it’s not

that we are weak here it’s not that we

are defenseless but we have the power of

the holy spirit in us and so I think

that’s what’s so embolden to say there

is hope yeah I am I have hope because I

have God in Me you know and that’s what

gives us the hope that’s what anchors us

uh is the fact that yeah when the whole

world seems like it’s turned upside down

we know there’s still a God that’s

empowered us to to to rise above it all

to live as a light in the world and so

that’s that’s the beautiful thing is

that we’re not separated those the

division the anger the Wrath everything

it’s been done away with we have peace

with God yeah and that’s just a

beautiful thing to think we can

literally go to God you know face to

face we can come boldly what does the

Bible say to the throne of grace to

obtain mercy and find help in our time

of need and that’s what I think so so

wonderful because there’s nothing like

you know like they had to go to the

priests you know they had to wait for

the priest to come out they had to wait

for someone to prophesy over they had to

do so much stuff but we get access to

God personally which is is pretty

incredible uh yeah because he didn’t

have to do it he didn’t have to make a

way for us to have a relationship with

him and to have direct access so the

fact that he just was merciful enough

and gracious enough just loved us loved

us enough with all of our faults and

weaknesses and deficiencies to just make

a way and that was so costly for him his

son we said to my youngest son the other

day we were talking about just having a

conversation about some things that we

had read in the Bible and um as we were

discussing the crucifixion and the

resurrection specifically Jerry my

husband looked at Jude and said you know

if I had to sacrifice you on behalf of

anybody else in the world those people

would be in trouble there is no way in

the world I would sacrifice my son for

that and so he said as a father Jude you

will never know the beauty of and the

power of what God did until you have a

son till you have a daughter and then

you will look at that child and realize

what the father must have gone through

and how much he must have loved you if

he was willing to give up his son for

you unbelievable love especially Sinners

especially for Sinners don’t even we

weren’t even good people they like him

we didn’t know him we didn’t love him we

had no earthly idea Isaiah 65 says I

allowed myself to be found by those who

weren’t even seeking for me yeah I

allowed myself to be discovered by those

who weren’t even looking for me they

didn’t even care and still he made a way

for us to have relationship with him

it’s breathtaking yeah thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus isn’t it cool too that

we get to sit on the other side of the

story yeah like we’re not sitting on the

Saturday going I think he said he was

going to rise from the dead like we’re

standing and I’ve heard you share this

in a message I’ve read it in commentary

like we get to stand and fight from the

victory like every day our Saturdays

that come our Fridays of disappointment

that come we get to look back and go

wait I already know the end of the story

like the victory has already been one

and so I don’t have to worry about my

life I don’t have to worry about where

I’m going to be if I’ve put my faith in

Jesus if I put my trust in Jesus then I

know I’m secure in him and I don’t have

to worry about that and I just I think

it’s very exciting to know the end of

the story and not you know you don’t

have to sit in the movie and go I think

the superhero is going to save the day

you know he already saved the day like

the day has been saved and now you get

to stand in that hope and be in the

restoration of it and have the personal

relationship it’s not this fake

relationship it’s a one-on-one

conversation and a personal relationship

with the Lord and he did that all for

you the great love of a father

absolutely and it’s just incredible to

me be like man that’s a really sweet

father I love what you said about seeing

the end of the story it made me think

about you know maybe me think about

going to the movies you know I never

think if I go to a Marvel movie you know

I got a house full of boys right now

they’re dragg me to all these movies I

don’t want to see it’s like can we do a

comedic romance or something you know

biography something um so I’m watching

all these movies and and no one ever

goes in expecting anything other right

than the movie for the hero to come out

on top yeah so you go in with

expectancy you know you enjoy your soda

your popcorn you know you get your snack

it drags you through all these other and

you’re there for the ride you know and

um you know as you’re talking about that

I just think the expectancy Factor you

know what are we looking for God to do

and if he would not spare his own son

you know he’s a father that gives good

gifts to his children if he wouldn’t

spare his own son then not only can I

expect the victory in my life but I can

expect the victory at no expense yeah I

mean like that’s just like he’s going to

ensure we can know that he can do

exceedingly abundantly above and beyond

anything that we can even ask or think

so normally when we’re approaching our

lives and we can’t figure out how God’s

going to show us the victory in a

certain area it the natural my natural

tendency is to have like trepidation of

like I I hope this is going to turn out

I don’t know how this is going to you

know I mean that’s my first way to

approach it but if I approached his

exceedingly above and beyond his at no

expense Victory the same way I

approached a good movie which is let me

see how he’s going to work this out I

mean not only does it change my Approach

and how I live but it also I think

changes my witness what does it look

like for people who believe on Jesus

Christ not only for their salvation but

believing that he’s going to come again

how does that impact what we look like

you know just the expectancy stuff with

no fear with no fear exactly

you know you know and even if we feel it

cuz you in the movie you’re like oh this

is you it doesn’t change the fact that

you’re there with expectancy that you

don’t operate based on the fear you know

and so I think and you don’t walk out

with that fear and you don’t walk out

with that fear you know already taken

care of it was just and that’s that’s

what I want to see in my life I want to

see that in my life more is just not the

knowledge of Victory but the walk

because of the expectancy of Victory you

know cuz it does change how you move

through your life

hopefulness changes your life

hopefulness changes your life

hopelessness is what is destroying

people yes it’s destroying I mean

literally to the point of suicidal right

yeah hopefulness can destroy someone’s

entire existence in life and in the same


hopefulness is so powerful to keep your

chin up when it should be down to have

um you anchored by a piece that as a

scriptures say passes understanding like

fure out why you’re that peaceful given

what they know about what going in your

circumstances and yet somehow they still

able to have a sense of security and

stability and Sanity in the midst of

circumstances that should be driving

them insane that’s proof of the

hopefulness that comes to us when we

believe that God is who he says he is

and he’s going to accomplish the victory

for us he already has and is give going

to give us the experience of that in our

existence no matter what happens you

know it’s it’s this idea that I am not

powerful enough to mess up whatever God

right has done but I have to tell you

that you know there have been seasons in

my life where I

didn’t believe that Sunday was possible

and I didn’t act like Sunday was

possible because all I could see was

what I could see and I really did need

um other people to speak encouragement

into my life I mean that’s why um I’m

glad we live in a day and an age where

it’s not just television it’s the

Internet it’s your phone it’s podcast

you can be surrounded by God’s word

everywhere you turn books are everywhere

um but the encouragement that people

need you know in order to to believe

what they cannot see um it’s like you

know talking to a young mother and you

know I mean it just drive me crazy you

know you be in the store and some more

mature woman would come by and she’d be

smiling and then she’d lean over and say

enjoy these days they go so fast and

you’re just like H um but her

perspective is different her perspective

is different and so um I you know the EB

and the flow of many many things just

throughout my uh 20s and 30s I remember

my mother would say you know with that

nod of

knowing I know it’s hard but this too

shall pass I don’t I don’t want to hear

that you know what I mean like just fix

it I want Jesus to fix it but what I can

say is that those voices of

encouragement you know when and and

that’s you know what we have to be

intentional about doing I have to be

intentional about doing is even as a

Believer is surrounding myself with

voices of encouragement that remind me

about Sunday yeah you know um that I

have to remind myself that’s why you

have to stay in the word about Sunday

that I need people who are stronger in

the faith that are further along in the

faith than me to to say I I know it’s

hard but you know it is no secret what

God can do what he’s done for others

he’ll do for you you you know I mean

these are the things that this is why

Community is so important that just like

the disciples were huddled

together in dismay and even waiting to

see if God is going to come they were

together you know and so I I have to

remind myself when I start feeling the

pull of Saturday and I know that Victory

belongs to Jesus and I know that um he’s

coming back one day but we have to walk

through life and we have to walk through

the hardship and we have to we find

ourselves asking the questions it’s to

Avail myself of encouragement anywhere

and everywhere I can um and to allow

other people who are more mature in the

faith to listen to them and put myself

in the spaces where they are and then to

believe that despite what I see and

despite what I feel that God is capable

um he’s not a man that he should lie

that he will finish what he started and

I can believe that well the Gospel of

John Chronicles this moment when a woman

comes to the tomb and finds it empty and

she is balling tears as she kneels there

in the garden realizing that her savior

is not where she’s supposed he would be

and she feels someone come up behind her

and she supposes he is the gardener

because who else would it be and through

the blur of her tears she has no way of

being able to really clearly see that

that guy standing behind her is not the

gardener it’s the Risen Lord and it’s

not until he says her name when he says

her name the way her name rolls off of

off of his lips there’s something about

that her name being spoken by this guy

that lets her know this is the one who

freed me who delivered me who changed my

life and so my prayer is that through

the course of us just talking about Hope

and the resurrection and the empty tomb

that the Holy Spirit has whispered

somebody’s name and their tears their

despair their disappointment that maybe

has blurred them to Jesus and a

relationship with him up until this

point that today they’ll hear their name

and they’ll be restored in their hope

and that they’ll come into relationship

with him so let’s pray about that Lord I

Thank you that you call our names I

thank you Father that you know our

stories I thank you that you’ve given us

opportunity to have a personal

relationship with you I thank you for

the hope that you have given us because

of the Resurrection father I thank you

that your story uh did not stop with

your son dying on Friday and continuing

Lord to be buried and to remain um in

death but father he is resurrected to

life and because he was so are we so I

thank you Father for the hope that you

have given to each and every one of us

and to anyone who does not feel that

sense of hope who is wallowing father

because of their circumstances in a

sense of hopelessness and despair we

pray right now in jesus’ name that you

would by the power of your Holy Spirit

call their Nam so loudly and so clearly

that they would have no choice but to

run to you and that you would restore

the hope of their salvation in Jesus

name we pray