Bill Johnson teaches on revival and how to overcome resistance through persistence in prayer and step into breakthrough. This message was shared just before the 110 year anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival of the early 1900s. Prayer plays a key part in the outcomes of the situations you face. There are times that God will do what He has planned to do regardless of your participation, but most of the time He is wanting to co-labor with you through prayer so that your partnership with Him has an impact on the course of history. Teaching from Daniel 9 and 10, Bill Johnson shares how God answered Daniel’s prayer the moment he started praying, but it took persistence in prayer for Daniel to actually receive that answer. If you don’t get an answer to prayer, it’s not the time to give up, but to lean in and persist in prayer until the breakthrough comes. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Daniel 9 Daniel 10 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on January 24, 2016. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Prayer #Breakthrough #Revival

sometimes we are Arms Reach away from

the Breakthrough we’ve been praying for

but because we fail to persist in prayer

we don’t fuel the heavenlies with the

reinforcement that are needed to bring

the solution and answer that was

actually released to us the moment we


praying oh good morning morning nice to


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I think it funny why don’t you open your

Bibles to Daniel chapter

9 I

uh I’ve got an enormous amount of

material to cover in a short time so I’m

going to kind of go quickly and Skip

around and we’ll just need you to follow

fast so are you ready to listen fast and

follow fast you ready to do that good I

if not I I don’t know what to tell you

it’s just it’s going to be a quick one

we’ve had a good morning full morning

but I I do have a very very very

specific word to

share um just hold uh your the paper or

something in uh Daniel 9 we’ll get to it

in just a moment 196 on April 9th the

isua Street Revival began with a small

handful of

people a oneeyed uh black uh Pastor

visiting from Houston came out and uh he

lost he lost eyesight one eye um due to

small pox he was the son of a

slave and he was passionate

for U Pentecostal

experience um at various places around

the world there were simultaneous

outpourings of the spirit all happened

really close to the same period of time

it happened in Norway happened in Korea

happened around the United States

happened actually in 1900 or 1900 want I

forget right now in Topeka Kansas my

mom’s parents my uh my grandfather was

baptized in the Holy Spirit

19001 and my grandmother in

193 and uh this outpouring of the spirit

that started in isusa Street went on for

about nine years and became the largest

Evangelistic um movement to impact the

Harvest of Souls of any movement in

olive church history uh experts tell us

there’s about 600 million Pentecostal

Believers around the world today and it

started with really a small Handful in

Pasadena California and

isua uh so many years

ago after that explosion took place of

that outpouring of the spirit um by the

way they were heavily criticized by

church leaders of their day heavily

critized ized by uh the Los Angeles

Times uh they mock them pretty regularly

it’s it’s interesting that uh probably

most everybody in the room knows the

name John Wesley Jonathan Edwards Smith

Wigglesworth uh Amy simple mcferson

William Seymour all these Heroes of the

faith but they all were outnumbered in

critics but you probably couldn’t tell

me any of their names because history

doesn’t remember the names of the

opponents to Revival you have to

research to find

it and

um yeah that’s worth thinking about


there from that movement another

explosive outpouring started in 1948

many call it the healing Revival I had

the privilege of sharing a meal with

Judson Cornwall who was a personal hero

of mine back in the uh I guess it would

have been in the 70s

and uh he’s home with the Lord now but

uh I whenever I had a chance to meet

with some of these Heroes I I didn’t

have many questions but I had one good

one and it just basically had to do with

Revival talk to me about Revival talk to

me about Revival and uh Judson told me

that uh back in the 50s and the early

50s there were these gospel tents you

know where they’d have these Revival

meetings there was over 350 of them at

one time moving around the United States

and these great Gatherings would take

place and miracles such as the world had

never seen certainly since the time of

Jesus extraordinary things were taking

place massive Harvest of of converts

people coming to Christ and uh but you

know it just got soiled people began to

compete the Evangelist some of them

began to compromise in personal areas of

the life not all of them but some of

some of them did and the Lord just

literally just lifted the anointing off

of that movement because it was so

compromised the purpose for which they

were given the anointing and that was

the Harvest of Souls and transformation

of a country and uh that which started

to bring transformation failed to reach

that place of impact a revivals have to

touch those in Upper echelons of society

that shaped the thoughts and the value

system of a country to really experience

an Awakening and it failed to do that

and it did so because the Lord lifted

the anointing after compromise and sin

it was a great outpouring uh

extraordinary Ary Miracles took place

during that period of time following

that the Jesus people movement which was

an amazing it was a strangest season in

the world fact we have George and Winnie

Ben off here they’re going to be here

tonight it’s going to be a party again

so glad you guys are here uh converts of

that Jesus people movement uh Georgian

got saved because they fed him and

that’s that’s his testimony so he takes

food everywhere to feed people for they

fed him for two months and he got saved

you know it

was uh it was an amazing season because

you could almost walk up to someone and

say peanut butter and they would want to

get saved you know it was just there was

such an anointing in the air for

bringing people to Christ and uh but

then that of course uh soiled a bit as

well charismatic renewal was glorious

1994 the Toronto outpouring began and

the longest protracted meetings took

place there in Toronto in all of church

history the longest protracted meetings

for years took place it’s never been

duplicated no one’s ever come close to

it in history it’s interesting to me

that there can be Sparks of Revival but

it needs a place to happen isua street

is a great example because there was

Topeka Kansas there was very places

around the country where the spirit of

God would fall upon people but it needed

a house it needed a place where it could

be ho where the Holy Spirit could be

hosted they say that they could get off

the train station in in Pasadena and

they would have head towards the isua

street place the building and and they

could see the glory from a great

distance they would they would ask for

directions and somebody would say well

just you know just keep walking you’ll

see it you’ll know when you see it you

know there would be just this

manifestation of the presence of the

Lord and um some of the things that took

place in these revivals over the last

100 years were just beyond description

William Seymour the pastor that really

helped to ignite and host that by the

way began to preach the outpouring of

the spirit before he experienced it and

is actually what caused him some

problems he started in one Church in one

Sunday and they padlocked the doors so

he couldn’t get in the next week because

he was preaching something that he

hadn’t experienced yet but he just knew

it was true takes a bit of courage to

speak something that you haven’t

experienced yet but you know it’s true

and often times we’re with our preaching

we’re trying to we’re trying to strike

oil you know we’re trying to find

something that the Lord will highlight

for us and so um he prophesied in uh in

that era in that period of time that in

a hundred years there was going to be

another outpouring that would by far

Eclipse that outpouring and if you can

imagine 600 million Souls since then

saved what would possibly Eclipse that

well Bob Jones back in I think he got

this word back in the 80s I I don’t hold

me to the date but for a number of years

he was G bringing us words here from the

late 90s on about the becoming one

billion Soul Harvest of Youth not

counting adults a billion Soul Harvest


Youth um Paul Kain has had Paul kan’s a

a real uniquely gifted Prophet who uh

has this seing gift Chris has had this

experience a number of times that I get

really jealous for but we’ll leave that

to the side at the moment and that’s

where uh they actually see with their

natural eyes things that are in the

spirit as though they were in the in the

physical and Paul Cain has had over 100

of these experiences seeing the same

thing over and over again and uh I don’t

know if he labeled it or others have but

they it’s been called Stadium

Christianity and it’s where the stadiums

that are around the world are filled

with people 24 hours a day for multiple

days on end there’s no key speaker

there’s no key anything except that God

is there and the an will say another one

has been raised from the dead and they

will describe you know the Miracles that

are taking place in this Stadium because

it’s not an anointing that rests on an

individual it’s an anointing that rests

upon the people of God which is what the

Lord has been targeting for years and

Randy Clark is such a champion in that

message and model it for us again this

week and but this word has gone forth

about stadiums being filled in fact he’s

actually uh Paul Kan has seen uh in the

spirit has seen news Clips on TV uh

where the broadcasters would would get

on the air and say we don’t have any bad

news to share with you tonight and then

they would show clips from these

stadiums Lou Engel is a dear friend of

of ours here we have championed uh his

Prayer Ministry uh unparalleled really

uh in fact I I call uh Lou Engel and

Mike ble the two most important alive

people alive because of their Covenant

to pray and they of course have raised

up an army with the exact same Covenant

so it’s it’s spread through thousands

and probably Millions but um with Lou

engel’s Covenant to pray and Gathering

millions of Believers together around

the world to pray to fast and to pray

and to seek God for the healing of our

Nations it’s uh it’s an unprecedented

movement that Lou has headed up um this

last summer Lou was trying to track me

down and I we were trying to meet and

our schedules are so crazy we ended up

missing each other in Amsterdam by about

I think it’s about 6 hours or 4 hours or

something I was taking I was Landing as

he was taking off and uh and only Divine

Providence could arrange this we we

ended up in London like a week or two

later at the exact same time I happen to

have a a break in an afternoon which is

extremely rare uh on these trips and uh

and Lou found out I was there and he

rushed over to the hotel we sat down in

a coffee shop and he shared with me

something that the Lord had been speak

speaking to him through a number of

Dreams prophecies we don’t have time to

go into detail but I honestly I sat

there Arrested realizing that I and we

had just been summoned by God for a

specific task and that’s really what it

felt like and uh I was uh he told me

about an event that uh he felt that we

were supposed to do on April 9th 110th

anniversary uh rent out the coliseum in

Pasadena seats 110,000 people and he put

his house up on the market to to uh pay

for the thing and um he uh uh just with

this passion uh didn’t want to do it

unless we were involved as well and

because he because his heart was um is

that we were we were to seek for a

double portion of what happened in the

50s and that we were to contend for that

sort of a breakthrough in this Coliseum

that could quite possibly ignite the

stadium Christianity thing that Paul Kan

has been prophesying about for for

decades and uh so as L Engel talked with

me I I looked at my schedule on April

9th I was supposed to be in South Africa

I’m going to be in Nigeria a few days

previous and was going to fly down to

South Africa and I realized South Africa

sorry we’ll have to make it up later and

so I I rescheduled I said Lou I’m there

I’m there we’ll we’ll be there I shared

with Chris and of course Luke came we we

have missions trips every year for our

students and we send you know a couple

thousand 1800 2,000 of them to 70 80

different locations around the world

it’s an incredible undertaking and the

the Miracles that take place through

these teams that go to these various

places around the world really are book

of Acts type Miracles it’s extraordinary

what takes place you just it’s just

mindboggling when you hear of how many

blind and deaf and lame

are healed and even the dead have been

raised and just extraordinary

demonstrations of God’s love and power

and um so we were I talked to Chris I

said man I’d love for all the students

to be able to after the mission trip

join us in Pasadena so their team

started working on it trying to figure

out how to make that happen and finally

it just became obvious that like trying

to hammer a round peg into a square hole

it just it we were having to force it

and so Chris made a call that I did not

expect and didn’t ask for but I really

felt it was the word of the Lord after

he told me is that we’re cancelling all

the trips this year and we’re taking the

entire weight of the school and bethl

church and we are aiming towards this

one window of opportunity this one

thing and

uh let’s read and then I’ll get back to

it all right Daniel

9 UM again I’m going to have I will

explain after we’ve read it but I I just

want you to see it in the word verse two

in the first year of his Reign I Daniel

understood by the books the number of

years specified by the word of the Lord

through Jeremiah the prophet that he

would accomplished 70 years in the

desolations of Jerusalem then I set my

face toward the lord God to make

requests by prayer supplication with

fasting sackcloth and Ashes and I prayed

to the Lord my God and made confession

just stop there I want you to move over

to chapter

10 chapter 10

verse 2 in those days I Daniel was

mourning three full weeks and this is

that fast I ate no Pleasant

food no meat or wine Pleasant food must

be dessert it’s the

only it’s the only thing I can figure it

it couldn’t be

carrots no for all of you vegetarians

God bless you I have upped the vegetable

intake in my life significantly when I

got married I liked all vegetables if it


corn and now I eat all kinds of things a

couple are still off limits but uh I

have grown I’ve just

grown but all you vegetarians I need to

tell you my food eats your


food and you still come back week after

week even though I torment and torture

bless your hearts all right I’m I’m

sorry I’m trying to have fun but a very

serious subject so I have to laugh now

and then so I don’t cry whole bunch like

my brother you

know verse three I ate no Pleasant food

nor meat or wine came into my mouth nor

did I anoint myself at all till three

whole weeks were fulfilled now jump over

to verse 10 suddenly a hand touched me

which made me tremble on my knees and

the palms of my hands and he said to me

oh Daniel man greatly beloved understand

the words that I speak to you and stand

upright for I have now been sent to you

while he was speaking this word to me I

stood trembling then he said to Meo not

fear Daniel for from the first day that

you set your heart to understand to

humble yourself before God your words

were heard and I came I have come

because of those words but the prince of

the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21

days and behold Michael one of the Chief

princes came to help me for I had been

left alone there with the kings of

Persia let’s stop right there and let me

just kind of give you a brief Overlook

and then I want to get back into the

application here

today Daniel set himself to fast and

this particular case is what’s been

called a Daniel Fast a vegetable only

fast uh turning away from sweets and

wine and meat and those sort of things

and he set himself to Fast And Seek the

Lord because he had been reading in the

book of Jeremiah

and he read where God was going to where

Israel was going to be captive Jerusalem

was going to be held captive in the

Babylonian system for 70 years at the

end of 70 years it’ be released so

Daniel’s reading this and he goes 70

years and he starts adding it up and he

realizes he is in the 70th year he is

living in the moment when it’s supposed

to happen he doesn’t Retreat and say

well it’s going to happen we’ll just

kind of get ready and get happy he

realized that the people of God had not

yet deeply repented for what was the

reason for their captivity in the first

place they hadn’t take care of the issue

they hadn’t taken care of the issues of

the heart and so he began to cry out to

God and fast and pray I love this story

because he he didn’t become careless so

many people become careless regarding

promises just assuming that everything

is going to happen as the Lord said

without their involvement it is true

there are occasional words that the Lord

speaks and releases that he will manage

completely it’s like you couldn’t mess

it up if you wanted to this is a done

deal but at least for me in my life I

have noticed that the majority by far

the majority I would say at least 70 or

80% if not 90% of the words spoken over

my life actually involve actually

require my involvement for their

fulfillment Larry Randolph told us years

ago the Lord will fulfill every word he

said over you but he’s not obligated to

fulfill your

potential some of the words are

contingent Upon Us reaching touching our

potential that place of assignment that

God has opened to us and so here’s this

profound story where Daniel prays for

three weeks and then he gives us the

only place in Scripture that I can think

of where he gives us a detailed picture

of the Unseen World while he’s

praying the messenger Angel which I can

assume is Gabriel although it doesn’t

say he’s usually the angel that brings

the messages messages from the Lord

he is sent to Daniel on the day that he

started fasting and praying so in other

words God

answered Daniel’s prayer the first day


prayed but the messenger Angel was held

up in Conflict by the Prince of Persia

the term Prince here is used of

principalities and then uh the messenger

Angel says um then the prince uh excuse

me then Michael came and delivered me

from The Prince of Persia and so I was

able to bring you the

answer Michael is one of the three

archangels it was Michael Gabriel and

Lucifer Lucifer of course was kicked out

of heaven a thir of the angels with him

so there’s two remaining there’s Michael

and there’s Gabriel so assuming it’s

Gabriel Michael comes because he’s the

Waring Angel and he delivers Gabriel

from this

conflict sometimes we are Arms Reach

away from the bre that we’ve been

praying for but because we fail to

persist in prayer we don’t fuel the

heavenlies with a reinforcement that are

needed to bring the solution and answer

that was actually released to us the

moment we started praying and this

picture gives us uh insight into an

unseen realm that if you don’t see that

you can Tire you can become weary of

well-doing and miss out on the

Breakthrough that God actually promised

and intended for us in the first place

profound Story one thing I do want you

to see before I I wrap it up I’ve got

just a short video to show you is I want

you to look at verse uh three the one I


earlier of chapter 10 I ate no Pleasant

food which just seems to imply

everything other than

meat I’m sorry I I just can’t leave it

alone can I

night I was I was sitting in a

restaurant the pastor couple he was a

meat eater his wife was a vegetarian I

just couldn’t lay

off we’re in this beautiful Steakhouse

and you can just smell the steaks you

know these prime prime beef I said I

turned to her I said you don’t smell

vegetables and she still likes me it’s

amazing all

right I ate no Pleasant food no meat

wine came into my mouth stop right there

the word Pleasant there is is the word

desirable in Hebrews the word

Shuda look at

verse um

11 and he said to me oh Daniel man


Beloved the phrase for man greatly


is the word

Shuda Daniel denied his right to

desirable things

here and became desirable

there he already loves us there’s no

question but there’s something added to

the favor Realm by saying I know I have

a right to this but for this season I’m

going to say no I’m going to say no

because I’m going to push into something

that is

greater can you play that video for me

now uh Lou and I were just together we

were just together in Korea and he

shared that dream dream with me just a

couple weeks ago I was in Korea and

Japan and Thailand and Singapore and uh

he was there he shared the dream with me

so I asked him if I put it on video so I

could show you because any word that’s

given to me is given to you please

notice he said Beth he just didn’t say

bill so uh whenever I pledge money it’s

always our money not mine so just

understand that it’s

it’s I speak as one you


um the word uh is very specifically it’s

it’s a few things it’s prayer and

fasting there’s a small window of

opportunity we emphasize and I think

rightly so that God is the god of Second

Chances in fact all of us are alive

because of most of us anyway have second

third fourth fifth

chances um but in this there’s also this

reality in scripture it’s ATT tension

really this chyos moment Concept in

Scripture that some things you only get

one chance at and I I I believe that the

Lord is calling upon us as is a church

body a church family I know many of you

have moved here from all over the world

just to be a part of what’s Happening

here and we are so indebted to you for

your courage and Faith to come and I

feel like just standing in front of the

whole family say you know what right now

is the time where we just buy into this

thing and say you know what we will

settle for nothing short of a double

portion anointing of what God did so

many years ago in uh Southern California

and places all over the world through

that healing Revival and we have right

now have another opportunity we have

that opportunity for prayer for fasting

I think we have about 75 days or so

between now and April 9th 9th uh we are

taking the entire school down I I guess

there are hundreds 5 six 700 maybe 800

from the church family that are going

down they’re going to be going down sum

are going down days ahead of time just

to start having smaller meetings and

breakthrough meetings um I am aiming at

the event but to be honest with you the

event isn’t my concern it’s what happens

after the event it’s it’s what it will

spark and I feel like the Lord has

summoned us I feel like he’s called us

to uh to respond to an opportunity given

to us to see something so profound rest

upon this time not healing evangelists

that become the heroes but this time

upon the body of Christ that take this

thing into the houses the highways the

byways the shopping malls and various

places of Commerce around the earth that

this is a moment where we get to just

say yes Lord yes Lord and uh I just I

want to encourage you we’ll be talking

about it occasionally between here now

and and the 9th of April but I feel like

we just have this Divine moment to say

yes we’ll stop will not stop short of

anything but double portion anointing of

what happened once we want to see again

but this time not just through key

people but through in entire church

families why don’t you stand with

me I I

uh I I love prayer I don’t love

fasting it’s better for me just to go no

food at all than to just do

vegetables actually I

I I I I’ve got to stop

that I’ve done both but but I I feel

like the Lord is actually giving us a

gift a gift for prayer a gift for

fasting a Grace for a season to pursue

breakthrough and so I want to ask you

just put your hands in front of you and

pray real briefly we’ll have uh our Tom

come on up here and get ready to wrap it

up but I just want to pray over how many

of you can just say you’re in you’re in

you’re in all right let’s put your hands

in front of you father I ask that you

would uh once again release a gift of

Grace for this season you’d wake us in

the night with the dreams the encounters

the prophetic words the things that help

to fuel our hearts God we we trust in

the prophets and succeed we are so

thankful that you are so generous with

how you talk to us but I ask now that

you would impart something for this

season that we would in fact see a

breakthrough that would spread light

their greatest Wildfire of all time

through the cities and nations of this

nation the cities the nations of the

world we pray this for the honor of the

name Jesus everybody

said amen amen all right just hold your

places if you would except a Ministry

team if we could get you down to the

front that would help us out a lot but

just hold your places listen to Tom