Troy Brewer reveals the truth about the total solar eclipse coming on April 8, 2024. ▶▶Order your copy of Looking Up by Troy Brewer [Digital Download]:

Before the mid-20th century, the celestial sphere was Earth’s most captivating spectacle. Ancient civilizations identified the same star patterns we recognize but held a deeper understanding of these cosmic symbols—a wisdom that seemed forgotten but has been rediscovered. Troy Brewer draws an intriguing parallel between the celestial narratives and the Biblical saga from humanity’s fall to salvation through Christ. What divine secrets does the nocturnal canvas disclose about God’s grand design? In what ways do the constellations communicate the Creator’s words? The revelations are as breathtaking as they are significant, uncovering the celestial story’s relevance in these critical times. As the clock winds down, it’s essential to gaze upward. ▶▶Order your copy of Looking Up by Troy Brewer [Digital Download]:

the eclipse of

2017 was a significant warning but my

guest says the April 8th 2024 Eclipse

even more urgent it’s good that it’s got

everybody’s attention

but you are seeing things in the word of

God that few people are seeing what is a

Ring of Fire the Ring of Fire is the way

that this thing actually looks and so

not every eclipse is a ring of fire the

enemies of Israel that surr rounded

Israel beginning October the 7th they

call themselves The Ring of Fire the

current signs in the heavens communicate

the imminent return of Messiah God is

saying I’m not playing I need you to be

on this side of the line we need to

declare our allegiance to him something

is going on know there’s a word that’s

going from the Lord that’s coming out to

everybody and a lot of people don’t know

how to discern that word I’m not

dreading anything the sky is not falling

the kingdom is coming oh welcome holy

Spirit Troy Brewer I want you to tell us

what we must do right now one of the

things that I see said is that I mean

people are really fearful about this

event and I see the National Guard is

being leted out schools are being closed

I mean here locally all the schools are

being closed because of this eclipse and

like people are really concerned and

people are paying attention to this it’s

good that it’s got everybody’s attention

but you need to know that there is a

specific word that is in this and it’s

this Jesus is coming back soon and you

have no other hope you need to be

looking unto Jesus we need to be looking

for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ

we need to declare our allegiance to him

which which is what the fear of the Lord

is all about the fear of the Lord is

when we love what God loves we hate what

God hates and we get with God’s program

this is an American word this is for the

United States this is specifically this

eclipse is a United States word the

first one only touched the United States

that was the first time that that that

has ever happened since

1776 since the birth of our nation now

the eclipse of

2017 was a significant warning but what

makes the April 8th 20204 Eclipse even

more urgent well the April 8th um

Eclipse that has taking place is the

second part of a two-part message the

first part was in 2017 the Great

American eclipse and then this second

part finishes up what the first one said

so if I can just unpack that a little

bit brother because we have to know this

um number one if you’re not sure that

this second sign is God Almighty

speaking you need to look no further

than the dates on the Gregorian calendar

it happens on April the 8th and if you

look at those numbers said 48 Exodus 4:8

is when God tells Moses if they do not

believe you because of the first sign

they will believe you because of the

second sign and again brother that is

April the 8th or Exodus 48 so even the

numbers line up with the word of God so

the significance of the second one has

to do with the understanding of the

first one and if I can unpack that if

it’s okay sir I’ll be happy to do that

um the first one happened on the 1 of

elu which was 7 years ago and it was a 1

hour and 33 minute event um the totality

of the eclipse was only 70 Mi wide

smaller than this one by the way which

has the largest the widest totality of

any Eclipse that has ever hit the United

States before which is a a very

scientific phenomenon which is also a

huge prophetic sign but the first one

entered in through Salem Oregon and as

it crossed over the United States of

America it went over Seven Cities called

Salem it just the totality which was

only 70 mil wide brother Sid it went

over Seven Cities called Salem and what

did that speak of

it spoke up seven years a peace and this

was this was 7 years ago on April the

8th we have the Next Great American

eclipse and it enters into a place

called Eagle Pass Texas and then it

crosses over the United States and as it

does this one my friend it makes a kind

of an X which of course is the Tav in

the ancient Hebrew when that means a

prophetic sign if you look at the two of

them together it looks like an ex across

our nation so the the significance of

all of these things uh tells me that

Jesus is coming back soon and it’s a lot

sooner than than than what you think so

that should also get our attention and

that we understand that this is a huge

prophetic sign so when it went across

these Seven Cities that was called Salem

it ended the last place it left

Charlotte and I believe you know

something about Charlotte I know all

about Charlotte that’s where where

originate from so you you you guys will

remember that on the day that that

actually took place the last place that

it went out brother was Fort Sumpter and

Fort Sumpter is where the Civil War

began it was the first shot of the Civil

War of the United States happened at for

Sumter it was where the Civil War began

so that was we’re going to call that

seven years ago on April the 8th we have

the Next Great American Eclipse it

enters in at Eagle Pass Texas Eagle Pass

Texas is where the last confederate

soldier actually buried the last

Confederate flag that’s and his name is

Shelby and that happens at Shelby Park

Shelby Park is in all of our headlines

today where Invaders are invading our

nation at Shelby Park and it’s like what

is that it’s General Shelby the last

Confederate person the last person that

that that stood for slavery the last

person that stood against America and so

the first one ended where the Civil War

began the second one begins where the

Civil War ended and God Almighty says

this be unified or see your nation

divided why should we know about

supernatural signs in the heaven well

mostly because it’s the heart of King

Jesus and it’s the voice of the Lord my

friend and we as a people of God have a

tremendous responsibility to hear God

speak and to heed his word and one of

the ways that God speaks is through the

heavens you know going all the way back

to uh all the way back to the Book of

Genesis when the Lord created the sun

and the moon and the stars on the fourth

day this is Genesis 1:14 he said he said

well you know I created this and placed

them within the firmament as signs

Seasons days and years so the first

reason why God Almighty created the sun

and moon and stars was actually for

signs and then we know that Jesus

himself declared there will be signs in

the Sun and in the moon and in the stars

and he was speaking in present future

tense and so that means that he was

actually talking to our generation as

well and he know we we know that

whenever we see the convergence of God

speaking so many um through so many

things and then the heaven being shaken

like what does it mean for the Heavens

to be shaken uh Joel 3:16 Says It means

that God is speaking through the heavens

it means the voice of God is within the

Heavenly realm when you begin to see

these things not only is it not only is

it our responsibility to know that God

is speaking but it’s also our great

responsibility to understand what God is

speaking and if we don’t take these

things seriously we could very much miss

our day of visitation and so no we have

to Be watchful now for those that aren’t

that knowledgeable in the Bible explain

what happened at Nineveh and why you say

that well I’m so happy to because this

is so important because the prophet you

know whenever Jesus was talking to the

scribes and the Pharisees they were

saying we need an additional sign and

he’s like i’ I’ve given you so many

signs and they’re like yes but we

require an additional sign and Jesus

said There Will me there will be no

additional sign given to you but then he

stops he says except for that of Jonah

the prophet now we as Western Christians

we tend to look at that meaning okay

that means that the sign will be that

he’ll be in in the belly of hell for 3

Days the way that Jonah was in the belly

of the fish but that was not how they

understood what the sign of Jonah the

prophet was Jon the sign of Jonah the

prophet was understood in the days of

Jonah as a solar eclipse and the reason

why um that that was the sign of Jonah

the prophet is because in

763 BC on the first of elu is exactly

the day down to the actual 24 hours that

that brother Jonah stepped into Nineveh

and said you have 40 days you have 40

days and that’s it to to repent well if

you look the reason why we know that it

was June the 15th of 763 BC is because

the great Assyrian eclipse happened on

that day so whenever Jonah walked into

Nineveh and said you’ve got 40 days

there was also an eclipse that happened

and it got it brought great fear upon

the nation and they actually repented so

it was known at the time of King Jesus

that the sign of Jonah the prophet is

that the sun would go dark and indeed it

did when he was on the cross they saw

that happen we know that this is the

sign of Jonah the prophet and what does

it speak of it speaks of this repent and

God Almighty is speaking and saying this

it’s not too late you can turn and it’s

up to the body of Jesus I love what you

know brother Mario Millo I heard him say

this years ago he said he said the

church can live without America but

America cannot live without the church

and that is so true for this time our

life will go out without the church

there be no light there will be no light

and and brother you’re so right I mean

America depends upon the body of Jesus

being the body of Jesus and this is a

word not only to the church but it’s

also a word actually specifically to our

nation Brother s whenever God speaks

through the platform of the sun he’s

always speaking to the Nations when God

speaks through the platform of the Moon

he’s always speaking to his Covenant

people so it’s like what is that it’s

it’s either Israel or it’s the body of

Jesus or or or it’s the church the sun

is always seen prophetically as

masculine and the Moon is always seen

prophetically as feminine the moon has a

28-day cycle exactly the way that a

woman has a 28 day cycle and so we in

the Western World we use a sun calendar

and those of course as you know in the

Hebrew or Israeli World they use a moon

calendar so when God is speaking through

the Sun he’s talking to the Nations and

that’s why God Almighty brought the

great Assyrian eclipse in 763 BC on the

day that Jonah moved into the Assyrian

nation and spoke a word and said I’m

serious you got 40 days to repent that’s

the kind of word that has taken place

with this great event and the heavens

are declaring the glory of God you are

seeing things in the world in the word

of God that few people are seeing uh but

you’ve been studying these heaven ly

signs for many years perhaps you can

give us one or two hints or Revelations

for us to understand the Heavenly

language a little bit better yeah I I

sure can and I love this I love this

whole conversation because because we

think we think that um understanding

that God Almighty speaks through the

heavens is a demonic thing and sadly uh

the whole demonic world has stolen those

things and the Bible says in Romans 1 20

through 124 it actually says that when

they knew God they glorified him not as

God neither were they thankful but they

became vain in their imaginations and

professing themselves to be wise they

became fools and so we cannot do that we

have to be looking for Jesus but the

understanding of this is that everything

that is in the Bible those stories were

written in the heavens for our benefit

before we ever had a Bible so whenever

God got ready to show Abraham the

seriousness of his Covenant and what was

going to happen with his seed he took

him outside and he showed him the Stars

right because the Plan of Redemption is

in the constellations the plan of the

The Plan of Redemption is in the names

of the stars the Bible says that God

names the Stars he says he says I have

named them twice and then it also says

that he numbered them so it’s like okay

they’re numbered they’re named and if

you look up the ancient Hebrew names of

all those Stars they all declare amazing

things there are 88 constellations in

the heavens that God that God actually

put in our firmament and so our

firmament means our field of view and so

the the eclipse is another example of

God strategically placing these things

within our firmament and that when the

Sun and the Moon come together from our

perspective only from our perspective

they both look the same size even though

the sun is 400 times bigger than the

moon it’s also 400 times further away

than the moon is from us so that when

they come together they look exactly the

same but of course they’re not but

that’s him placing it within our

firmament the Bible says in Psalms 19

again the heavens declare the glory of

God and the firmament shows his

handiwork day and a day it utter speech

and night un night it reveals knowledge

so that there is no language where their

voice is not heard so what you find is

when you when you look at these

constellations would say it’s Virgo well

what is that it is the promise of the

seed of of a woman and the star that

represents her belly button is called

the branch and it’s like that’s one of

the Messianic one of the great Messianic

names of the Messiah is this behold I

send my servant the branch so here is a

virgin woman that has a seed within her

belly and that is impossible except for

in Genesis God Almighty tells Eve he

says Eve I’m going to put a great war

between your seed and the Serpent’s Seed

and it’s the promise the first of all

Messianic promises is the seed of of the

woman well the first of all those

constellations is Virgo so it’s exactly

as the Bible and then it also ends with

Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah

coming back in full Vengeance to rule

and Reign forever and ever and ever well

why did they say the same things because

the author of the heavens and the Bible

is the same person it’s Jesus himself

what I need you to do you said that

these two eclipses that you’ve been

talking about are a two-part message yes

sir spell out clearly what is that

two-part message the two-part message is

this Jesus is coming back soon and he’s

when I say he’s coming back soon he’s

coming back soon soon soon and the

Rapture of the church is a present

reality that we need to Be watchful for

he says in the first Eclipse which

happened seven years ago it this is an

this is a 1 hour and 33 minute event to

the second he says Psalms 133 oh how

good and how pleasant it is for Brethren

to dwell together in unity right he’s

saiding the body of Jesus needs to be

unified in looking for the return of

King Jesus himself and he promises us

seven years of Peace the second one

happens it enters in at Eagle Pass Texas

Eagle Pass Texas is where the last

confederate soldier actually buried the

last Confederate flag God Almighty does

not want our nation divided he wants the

people of God to actually repent he

wants the church to be the church where

they cross is in Illinois what is that

it’s the Land of Lincoln that’s what

that is like wow okay so I need to pay

attention to that right there where it

crosses is one town and you know what

that town is it’s called Rapture Rapture

Indiana the promise of King Jesus is

this I’m coming back well where will we

gather where the Eagles gather that’s

what Jesus said where the Eagles gather

what is the place where this next one

enters in at it is called Eagle Pass

Texas it speaks of the promise of the

rapture of the church and that we as the

body of Jesus need to look into King

Jesus for all things we are the only

nation in the world that advertises we

are one nation under God the threat that

is coming against us is to be a divided

nation if we do not repent and put Jesus

first our hope is in the return of King

Jesus and we as the people of God must

stand for the values of the word of God

and be looking unto Jesus the author and

the finisher of our faith I tell you

this brother on April the 8th we we are

having a baptism service we are calling

we we are calling our entire tribe

together to say we as the people of God

unite and we declare that God Almighty

is our God that Yahweh God is God that

Yeshua hamashiach is the Messiah and we

are we are his people and we stand in

this nation the way that Jonah stood in

the nation of Nineveh on that day when

the sun went dark and he said you got 40

days God Almighty is declaring the clock

is ticking we cannot live like it’s 1950

or 1960 the days are short and the world

clock only has this much left so what

should the people of God do we should be

the people of God we should love what

God loves and we should hate what God

hates one of the words you said I want

you to explain it we must be unified yes

what do you mean by that well there s

sadly there’s been such a Tribal Spirit

within the American Body of Jesus it’s

been a worldwide thing as well but and

so he’s calling us into unity and unity

for us means Christ is the head so if we

are the body and if we are unified as

the body we can only be unified if

Christ is the head we are the one nation

brother that that says we are one nation

under God that God is our head friends

we have no other plan B we have no other

plan C but to put all of our game into

the trust of the Lord Jesus Christ as

God’s m mouthpiece and this is a deal we

cannot be attacking each other and

standing against each other joining the

media mob and and critical worthless

things in fighting each other we have to

unite together as one body with Christ

as the head and love each other and lay

down our lives for each other as Jesus

has commanded us to do my producer is

saying the ring of fire I’m not even

sure what that is well you know the ring

of fire is is the way that this thing

actually looks and so it has a ring of

fire around it and so not every eclipse

is a ring of fire and what is amazing is

I think a ring of fire mean to you

prophetically well it means two things

number one for the people of God it

means that God will be a wall of fire

around them and he will be the glory in

the midst of them but it also means this

too the enemies of Israel that

surrounded Israel beginning October the

7th they call themselves The Ring of

Fire and God is saying judgement is

coming against his enemies and the

enemies of Israel do not join them and

you know what’s sad what’s sad is many

of us behind pul pits in America are so

afraid that people are going to disagree

with us politically or we’ll be accused

of being political or whatever if we

stand with Israel and our voices are not

being heard and I want to tell you the

Lord is tired of that and he’s shaking

things up right now choose you this day

whom you will serve are you going to be

on God’s team or are you going to be on

another team as for me in my house house

we will serve the Lord and this April

8th event means you’d better take it

very seriously as to which team you are

on as for me in my house we’re going to

serve the Lord I’m standing with Israel

and that is a big part of this prophetic

message that is in the heavens today are

you standing with Israel Are you

standing with the god of

Israel I have to I True Confession time

uh our ministry puts puts out a

medallion it happens to be symbol of

Israel it’s the

manora uh and I’ve actually had the

thought don’t wear it because they’re

really coming against Jewish people and

as you know Troy I’m a Jewish believer

in Jesus and I thought no God’s going to

protect me and I I boldly I’ll even open

my shirt so people can see

it you know I’m not even Jewish and I

just I actually just got back from South

Africa yesterday I was in I was in Qatar

uh about 16 hours ago and Qatar does not

stand with Israel I’m talking and

there’s other nations that don’t I have

a friend of mine that was there and I

saw him and he is a Jewish believer and

he and he told me he said Troy I’ve been

convicted because I was not wearing my

keepa and I wear it everywhere I go and

I took it off here because I’m afraid

for this and I told him I said let me

wear it we’ll both wear it together we

walk through this thing you’re talking

about provoking the Jew to jealousy

TR well of course you wear a yamaai I

see you’re wearing it right there

now Yas the had the uh the thing that we

Jews put over our head U to protect us

and a lot of Jews have a yamaka under

their baseball cap yes sir yes sir so no

it’s it’s just very important man that

you know I’m telling Jewish people every

time I run into them I was with a whole

I ran into a bunch of Jewish people that

was in Uganda was in Uganda last week

and I ran what are Jews doing in Uganda

and you know what they are doing amazing

things they’re doing amazing things I

was so impressed with them and we were

out we were out in the community doing

our thing and there was some Jewish

people there that was actually they’re

like well while we’re here if if you

know we hear that people do outreaches

here and whatnot we’d like to feed some

people we’d like to help some people and

so they were they were not believing

they were not Messianic believers they

were just Jewish people and so they

joined with us and they helped us do

outreaches they helped us feed people

and uh I told them I said you need to

know this not everybody in the world

hates you there are Christians that are

standing with you all over the world and

we live in Texas and we stand with you

and brother we love you and we

appreciate you and the the guy’s wife

just started crying and she’s like thank

you for saying that and I’m like man if

the body of Jesus is not going to stand

there’s nobody else coming when did you

find this out when did it Dawn on you

that all these little signs like the

eclipse or uh things that are strange in

the weather have have significance

behind it wouldn’t that Dawn on you well

it’s a it’s a strange thing for us

because we’re just now getting caught up

to it but as I begin to read well to

answer your question it was in the late

80s to tell you the truth I begin to

read the word of God and I got saved in

May of 86 and I was already a part of

the astronomy club i i in high school

I’d been a big part of the astronomy

club and I love the heavens and then

when I opened up the Bible I saw that

God was always speaking through the

heavens and I was like uh I don’t think

that I don’t think that we have actually

caught up with that but that was over 40

years ago and since that time the body

of Jesus has been catching up with it

people are starting to heed because you

can’t ignore it you can’t deny it and

it’s happening we literally have a front

row seat for in time signs Miracles and

wonders as the word of God says the

heavens declare the glory of God and the

firmament show his handiwork and day

andto day it reveals knowledge and night

and a night um it speaks and there is no

language where their voice is not heard

and so uh this has always been a part of

my walk brother said it’s it’s it’s

always been right here in the word and

I’ve always been interested in it I want

you to pray for us to fulfill our

complete Destiny written in our book of

life you have a book of life I have a

book of life the viewers have a book of

life pray that we do this why want I

want to fulfill my full Destiny in my

book of life I know you want to and I

know you want to would you pray I will

my friend Father God sir I pray in the

name of King Jesus that we would fulfill

everything God that you have prophesied

over our life every hope and every G

every hope and every dream that you have

ever had for us as your people King

Jesus we have a yes in our spirit and

father God sir we repent for trying to

go any other way God we repent for

trying to make anything else happen

father God so you are our God and we are

your people and we are totally dependent

upon you we say during this Resurrection

time hosana we say blessed is he who

comes in the name of the Lord King Jesus

we stand with you as one people God we

stand with the nation of Israel for your

promised return God we will not turn our

back upon you we will not turn our back

upon Israel father God sir we recogn you

as the Lord of hosts and we recognize

King Jesus that you are coming again

soon soon you are coming again and I

love you Lord and I praise you and I

thank you sir in Jesus name amen there’s

a prayer may your name be inscribed in

The Book of Life is your name

inscribed in the book of life I know the

answer I know the answer is yes if you

mean to the best of of your ability and

repeat this prayer out loud after me

Troy if you would repeat it after me and

you say it when Troy says

it say out loud dear God dear God I’ve

made many mistakes in my life I’ve made

many mistakes in my life and I’m so

sorry I’m so sorry I believe the blood

of Jesus I believe the blood of Jesus

washes away every one of those mistakes

washes away every one of those mistakes

and I’m clean and I’m clean it’s so good

to be clean it’s so good to be clean and

now that I’m clean and now that I’m

clean I boldly say I boldly say Jesus is

my Messiah and Lord and Savior Jesus

myiah and my Messiah and my

Lord and my savior and my


live inside of me live inside of

me never leave me never leave me give me

a greater love for you give me a greater

love for you and a greater love for my


Believers and a greater love for my

fellow Believers