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that’s awesome so ladies this is one of

my favorite part of the weekend getting

to know our special guests so I have the

honor of presenting today miss Priscilla

Shire you beautiful ladies don’t see you

so good to see you

so Priscilla what we’re gonna do is

we’re gonna put 60 seconds on the clock

and we’re gonna try to get through all

16 of the push I’m very nervous

you should be oh all right so are you

ready all right here we go 60 seconds on

the clock

of course one’s pretty easy how long

have you been married 14 years Wizard of

Oz Wow congratulations Wizard of Oz or

Sound of Music

Sound of Music the lentils are wedges

stiletto but wedges wedges because

they’re more comfortable yeah

okay Michael Jackson or Kirk Franklin oh

I mean okay Kirk planful is a member of

my church so Kirk oh okay your favorite

place in the world to travel I love

Chicago I really like you okay Priscilla

if you were stranded on a desert island

what three things would you have to have

I really have to have my Bible yes

I really had to have my man and I really

have to have some Mexican food I love

that okay chocolate or pedicures how are

you gonna have chocolate while I’m

having a pedicure

okay what are you a homebody or do you

paint the town red homebody okay show us

the mama look at you three boys to let

them know you ain’t playing I need to

see my mama like yeah

that’s all it takes I’m sure man is

awesome when we got through quite a few

of these questions and you are awesome

you are phenomenal I love it and so are

you ladies what a good time come on

let’s give it up