Enjoy the latest interview with Jerry Shirer and Priscilla Shirer on the Overcomer Movie red carpet in Atlanta GA with Pivotal Rachael Sales. It was a blast! Hats off to the team at Camy Arnett Production Studios for another great shoot!

okay I’m here on the red carpet I got

one shot at this the Holy Spirit helped

me I’m here with Jerry Shire and

Priscilla Shire

you know the power couple listen what

about identity and family moves you the

most because I watch y’all’s

relationship and you hold it down but

when you with this man it’s all about

him and I love watching that about you I

noticed that I noticed that and you are

not a joke because you were clearly on

security watch it down that’s okay

all right so talk to me about what it’s

been like identity and the family as

husband and wife I did in the families

and you know we’re traditional family

very basic and you know everything is

really revolved around our family and

our boys because we have one opportunity

to do this right so after 20 years of

marriage you know we’ve had our ups and

downs and our challenges like anybody

else but because we know who’s we are

that’s what it helps us kind of get

through all the different challenges in

life you know and it’s not about us and

and actually one of the biggest things

for me and Priscilla under knows this is

that even at day one of our marriage my

goal has always been to out serve her so

if I can do that it’s been a good day I

don’t always succeed but I try I love it

okay yeah you know I I just echo that

that we we realize the importance that

God places on family on marriage so we

want to try to value that we want to try

to be intentional about it and like

Jerry said after 20 years it’s up and

it’s down sometimes but you have to keep

forging ahead remembering that that it

matters that there are some things that

have eternal value and spending time and

placing our priorities where they need

to be will honor God and what we want us

to honor god I love it here’s what’s

important the Creator who created us who

defines us the family unit and then

societal impact so thank you so much for

your time showers thank you so much for

tuning in you heard it here first we

putting things in priority you see the

glitz and glam at the end of the day we

got to go home and keep a family


so we’re grateful as a mother of 12 and

a wife of one we are grateful that this

thing is being kept together through the

path I did

I did did you just say you I did I did

it as a you messed me up though so as a

mother twelve wife of one we’re holding

this thing together to the power of the

Holy Spirit it’s not about this red

carpet it’s about winning souls for

Christ it’s about raising families that

make impact thank you so much for tuning

in it’s pivotal look forward to seeing

more of you on the red carpet