Priscilla will be our special guest for the next two weeks to talk about the “Resolution for Women”series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of “The Resolution for Women” and she’s a Bible Teacher –Going Beyond Ministries. For your best ministry gift – suggested amount is $25.00 (or $50 for the pair), but any donation is gratefully accepted. For your copy visit

and we will be talking about fulfilling

my husband but a reminder again that

this truly is a book to enrich your

character and your journey with the Lord

whether you are married or single which

one of these challenge do the most work

on I threw all this wrestling could tell

you’re very easily it was the one that I

decided needed to go at the very

beginning of the book it is a resolution

to be content to not hurry through or

circumvent any person any portion of my

journey but to fully resolve to submit

to the season of life that I am in at

that moment that can be hard for women

in every season of life when we’re

single we want to be married when we’re

married without small children we can’t

wait till we have small children then

when we do have the small children we’re

changing dirty diapers every day we

can’t wait until they graduate and get

out of the get out of the nest so that

we can be on our own again I mean we’re

always waiting for the next thing and in

doing so we never fully engage and enjoy

in the thing we’re currently in so and

God has us in that season difficulties

and all he has us there because there’s

something about his character that will

be best revealed against the backdrop of

that particular season of our life

there’s something about us that will be

built perseverance and faith and

character that we will have that will

serve as the bedrock and foundation for

the future if we’ll just fully lean into

it and learn the lessons God wants us to

learn right now we will find that it

makes us and molds us into the women

that can handle what he has for us in

the future

it sounds simplistic but oh it’s if we

turn God and actually do it his way yeah

it works it really does and you’ve

you’ve brought to endorsement with you

today in the person of your fulfilled

husband Jerry come on cameras get ready

I hope it what’s the height on this

wonderful man here oh he’s about 6 3 are

you 6 or basis whoa all right yeah he’s

a good man welcome he was missing you

already just those few yards away and I

got to tell you what’s what’s been such

a blessing for us with this book is that

you know my husband comes from a legacy

honestly of men in his in his family

that did not walk in a way the

you would say would be responsible to

their families or the Lord they really

were not responsible and so he is really

starting with the three sons that the

Lord has miraculously given us you the

new godly generation Terry yeah a new

generation starting a new job where did

you meet this one wild woman well she

actually came to when she was working

for Zig Ziglar she came to give a

motivational speech at an hour for

executive team and she motivated me a

little bit more than others so I must

happen how are you enjoying daddy hood

you’re right in the trenches yeah boy it

is it is it’s good it’s hard as

challenging black person just learning

how to enjoy this season of life because

we do want to rush through it because

there are times where challenging in his

heart but I tell you what I’ve never

laughed so hard or love so much in my


hmm made a big decision I’m not sure

what career you left but you felt the

definite call to really manage the

ministry yeah I did it was it was a you

know it was a decision that I felt not

necessary just to manage the the

ministry but to invest in my children

because it came really after our first

son was born I realized that I was gone

before he woke up in the morning and he

was sleep when I came home at night hmm

and I’m like well this is not going to

work even though I grew up without a

father in the house my son was growing

without a father in the house Wow and so

I’m like this is not going to work and

so if I really wanted to have my

fingerprints on my son’s life I needed

to be there and so that really was the

motivating factor I’m sure you were

impressed and moved by the movie because

that very reality is represented dad

who’s there present actually but not

present for the child yes in one of the

scenarios yes it speaks to just about

every issue of fatherhood doesn’t it it

does it does and one of the joys I have

pretty much and you know Priscilla our

nationís but pretty much the joy I had


waking up in the morning driving my boys

to school dropping them off and before

they got a car always asking one

question I said who loves you they go

dad we know you love us I’m like all

right I just want to make sure you know

and then I Drive home back home to the

office and and get that but I enjoy that

and of course then at in the evening I

pick them up and we drive back home and

talk about their day how it went and of


boom mom has a snack form waiting at the

house and the mom takes over and gets

into the homework and all that so it’s

good we’re very much partners in raising

the boys and I’m so glad because they

are wild

yeah boys are there boys that’s right

well it’s clear you both have a passion

for a revolution resolution revolution

yeah uh how do you see it happening well

my prayer is that women will be

galvanized to want to become who God has

called them to be and that through this

tool the resolution for women book but

also the courageous movie that has done

such a good job of setting the stage for

us all to be inspired my hope is that

women from all different walks of life

and from all places geographically I

mean I love that we’re here in Canada

and in our book club and our revolution

resolution project is what we’ve called

it we’ve got women from Australia and

London and the United States of America

and they’re all connecting we’ve got pen

pals going all over the place where

women are encouraging each other across

the Great Divide of geography and it’s

been great to see women come together

that look different and talk different

act different and yet we’re all kind of

bonded together around resolutions that

are going to change and transform our


oh boy and we are not done with this

next week and the following Priscilla

will be with us the Kendrick brothers

wrote the foreword by the way in this

book with a warning this book will

encourage inspire and even provoke and

irritate you Bob but I loved every

single word and I look forward to

highlighting these resolutions in the

coming days we have special programming

coming up I would love to see this book

in your hand

ASAP if you don’t already have it here

is we’re not going to show the

information we’ll do it later because

right now I’m going to throw to Jim