Sunday, May 10, 2020, (Mother’s Day Service)














well hello happy mother’s day

well this is a day that the lord has

made and we are

glad we are extremely glad

because it’s an opportunity to not only

worship god

but to celebrate his creation in


mothers mothers for every one of you out

there watching we want you to know

that we thank god for you and you bring

so much value

to everything we do and listen

while we are celebrating you if there’s

a mother that you would like to


you can just share the link with them or

maybe you want to

share the link with a family member a


a co-worker just take a minute and go on

and share that link and we can all

worship and praise god together

and now we have a special guest who’s

going to lead us in praise and worship

leon timbo

good morning first baptist church of


listen i am grateful to be here with you

this morning

we have the privilege of hosting the

presence of god in our homes

i’m in my home and i know you’re in

yours so let’s just worship the lord


all of our heart yes lord

yes lord

from the bottom of my heart

to the depths of my soul

yes lord


and it says i love you i love you

i love you

from the bottom of my heart

to the depths of my soul

i love you

i really do

my soul said yes

my soul says yes

my hope is built on nothing less

than jesus blood

and righteousness


i dare not trust the sweetest friends

holy trust in jesus name

christ alone





through the stall

he is lord


when darkness sings when

darkness seems to hide


i rest on his unchanging grace


my anchor holds



though the storm keeps on raging

in my life


and sometimes it’s hard to tell

the night from day

still that hope that lies within

is reassured

i just keep my eyes upon

the distant shore i know

he’ll bring me safely to

that perfect place he has prepared


but if the storm does

just in case the wind keeps on blowing

in my life

my soul has been

ain’t got



and he’ll be found in him be found

dressed in his righteousness

before the throne

all before the throne singing of christ


he is


he’s never gonna leave you

nor forsake you because he’s a lot of


he’s never gonna leave us or

forsake us cause he’s lord of

all he’s never gonna leave

us nor forsake us cause he’s lord of


thank you leon i so appreciate the

gifting in you

you really blessed us especially me

i love you so much well ladies

and gentlemen today again we are


mothers and all of us who are mothers


that it takes a village you need a


of support mothers we do so much

and it’s wonderful that there is a day

that we just celebrate

us and i have some mothers here in my

village with me this morning and i want

to introduce them to you

as we share from a mother’s point of






there’s nothing like a mother’s dog


like a mother’s love

who do we have here hi um

dignity vah haley here first baptist and

i have four daughters

um from the ages of 39 to 14

four girls so pray my strength i also

have three grandchildren and a great


and a great grandson mother for sure

yes ma’am over there on the end my name

is india leonard i’m the senior project

manager here at first baptist

and i have a 13 year old son and a

seven-year-old daughter

who keep me very busy they keep you very


and and and yvette you work here too


right i’m one of the counselors here in

the spiritual cares department i am a

licensed clinical professional counselor

and i love being here working at first

baptist and happy mother’s day ladies

yes happy happy mother’s day what are

you going to do to celebrate today are

you all doing something

i don’t know but i hope someone is

cooking for me and i don’t have to cook

today how about that i just want to


if i can get a snack just the greatest

gift to me today

as mothers we are always so tired and

sometimes you know you can just be so

exhausted but

if you think about a scripture or or

something to anchor you for that moment

what would you have a scripture you can

share with us

actually this is one of my favorite

passages of scripture it’s proverbs 31

verses 26 through 27.

it says she opens her mouth with wisdom

and on her tongue is the law of kindness

she watches over the ways of her

household and does not eat the bread of


something i’m certainly working on but

it’s one of those anchor scriptures i


that you use yeah yeah and you do open

your mouth with wisdom and the more time

you spend with god

more wisdom comes out and i’m so glad

that’s why i’m glad you’re all in my

village cause y’all help me with my

mother’s point of view

yvette could you pray for us this

morning i’d be glad to thank you

oh gracious father lord we love you so

much we give you thanks and praise and

honor and glory

god just for this beautiful day the lord

that you have made

we thank you for the gift of motherhood

lord in all facets

that that is lord god from mothers


aunties special aunties single mothers

lord god we just say thank you lord for

all that you have done and how you

watched over us

lord we pray that you’ll just dwell with

us today give us your wisdom

from on high bless every mom and

everyone that is operating in that


in jesus name amen amen now

today we’re going to just dive right

into a

conversation from a mother’s point of


we asked women mothers to send us

questions that they had

about motherhood one of the questions we

actually got a few questions about this

if you were watching last week pastor

jenkins talked about

a developmental stage that stage between

8 and 11

that’s so important when you’re raising


and they wanted to know why and if you

could explain

if we you know a little more about that

there are

several um developmental psychologists

that have different varying views on

that from psja to ericsson

to kohlberg but i just look at it from a

cumulative standpoint

and from that standpoint in that age

range that young children are developing

who they are

a sense of who they are a sense of what

they like and don’t like

i remember being an agent and i remember

i love chocolate

i still like chocolate to this day right

but if you’re not

encouraged to explore what you like

right and then

children can get stuck and they don’t

know and they start just trying to

follow their peers but it’s not even

something that they really like to do

and so in that developmental age psja

calls it a concrete operational stage

and in that stage of development what is

happening our children are

learning right and wrong and really

understanding right and wrong

learning about trust and trustworthiness

and they want to be trusted they want

people to believe in them

and in that stage they’re just really

coming to a place of

their own you know we told them you know

don’t touch the stove because it’s hot

it’ll burn your hand off well they’re

learning in that stage that it doesn’t

really burn your hand off like it’s not

all the way off

but but they do know that it burns and

so then they’re learning how to trust us

more and how to come into some concrete

thinking on their own

so it’s like that concrete thinking

they’re learning

right and wrong and we’re sort of it’s

important that we’re there to guide them

through that yes

every last single aspect of that because

things that happen in that

time frame really cement who they are i

mean i mentioned chocolate and that was

a small thing

but i mean i still do love chocolate

today and nobody can sway me from liking

that right

uh well if there’s something traumatic

that has happened during that time it

can kind of anchor you

as well and so children develop this um

there’s a um in erickson he says

industry versus inferiority so if they

don’t they’re not doing as well as their

peers and classes and stuff like that

then they can start feeling like i’m

inferior all together versus okay i

don’t do so well in this class

but i may be great over here so for

parents we have to help

them to explore more in that state

that’s good

that’s good and that’s right where you

are in your

developmental stages with your children

because you have a

grade school and right after that period


a right after that period so how do you

keep them motivated

how do you help yeah i think

i’m in like two different seasons of

parenting all at one time but i think

um for a my preteen or actually he’s not

a pre-teens a teenager

i think one of the questions was how do

we keep them engaged and family

and for me i’ve learned to just be

interested in what they’re interested in

and i think that’s key i think a lot of

times we’re trying to lay out a set

of a path for our kids like hey if you

follow these steps

i’ll be satisfied as a parent but it’s

like learning to take interest in what

they are interested in like my son is

super interested in basketball

i really could care less about watching


but i engage and i sit and i watch the

games with him and i found that he

it builds some level of trust because he

knows that i’m not just trying to steer

him on the path i want for him

but i’m interested in what he’s

interested in and then another thing for

me is like

my kids are strong-willed and a lot of

us are raising strong-willed kids and so

learning the value and trying to bend

his will and not break it

absolutely and so i find that when he

sees that i’m lovingly correcting him we


uh there’s rules in my house it’s not a


but i think when he sees that i’m

invested in who he is

and the individuality that he brings to

our family

i think he wants to engage with me and

he shares more of his world with me so

yeah that’s good

so you get enter into their world

absolutely that’s great so

see moms just because your kids are

going into the teenage years there’s


get interested in what they get

interested in that will help you

y’all here’s another question we got and

and this is

i i just this resonates with me it’s a

from a lady

whose name is christina but look just

what she says does anyone ever feel like

they aren’t

enough as a mother she says i do so much

with my girls

but i still struggle in feeling

that i’m not enough have you all you


felt like that right right you know what

i mean

like like am i enough am i making the

right decisions for them am i helping

am i doing enough well i have a good


out there in chicago let’s see what she

has to say about this

hi this is jamelle mix from chicago


i’m the first lady of the salem baptist

church of chicago where my husband james


meeks is the pastor hi to all of you

ladies and i’m so excited to be here

with you

thank you to my girlfriend hey miss

trina jenkins love you darling

and i’m here to answer a question the

question is

i do a lot with my daughters but

sometimes i feel like it’s not enough

boy do i remember feeling that

i think every mother feels that at some


during her life and raising her children

one thing that i learned that helped me

so much

early on was that the children really

want you to be present

more than they want you to be perfect we

want to be perfect

but they just want us to be present so

be in your daughter’s lives continue to

give them the love and the attention

you’re giving them

make sure you keep them rooted and

grounded in christ keep your hand in

god’s hand

and everything will work out fine god

bless you happy mother’s day to all the


and i pray that everyone is having a

great day today

thanks jamil y’all that’s why she’s in

my village

she’s amazing i love her so much thank

you again jamil

okay this is for those of us with

older children still living in our house

y’all listen to this question

how do you maintain healthy relationship

and boundaries with adult children who

live in

your house i don’t know anything about

you just tell them to leave you say real

work my house

my room your house your rules yeah

i bet you meredith shepard could tell us

something about that

hey meredith let’s call on her

hi my name is meredith shepherd and i’m

the first lady

of destiny christian fellowship in

fremont california

my husband paul shepherd is the pastor

there and we

are the very proud parents of two adult


and we will be grandparents in just

about two weeks or so

i was given the question how do you

maintain a healthy relationship

and boundaries with adult children

under your roof that is a great question

first of all i’d like to say that we

have lived with our kids

saying you cannot accuse someone of


if you have failed to point out your


it’s very important that we clearly

communicate with one another

what the boundaries are and that way

people have an idea

of what’s expected of them and what they

want from you

so we’ve tried to live that way with our

kids probably since they were pre-teens

making sure that they knew what the

boundaries are

um secondly i am quick to apologize

parents i think that’s so important that

your kids can see you humble yourselves


when you’re wrong apologize when


so that’s a big one because as far

as the pointing out your boundaries and

not accusing one another of trespassing

sometimes we will trespass someone’s

boundary and when you do

apologize own it ask for forgiveness

so i think that’s also important then i

was taught

as a young mother make sure that your

kids feel like they have space within

your space you don’t want to live it’s

my way or the highway

my rules if you don’t like it get out

hit the road

you may feel that way but things aren’t

going to go good

if that’s really not an option or you’re

trying to get along together

so it’s very important that they have a


of having space sacred space

within your space that it’s not just

your house that you’re going to respect

their their room

their property whatever you want to live

with very

good manners and lastly i grew up in a

house where there was a plaque that says

christ is the head of this house the

unseen guest

at every meal and the silent listener

to every conversation living

with a very real active awareness

of christ being the head of the house

keeps you from that place of

now look this is my house you can get


no we want to live realizing this is the

lord’s house i want to be a very good

steward over how i live in this house

and how i live with others in this house

so if we make sure we are honoring

and cultivating a healthy relationship

with the lord

and that we are living to please

him chances are you are going to have

a better relationship with your adult


and that you’re going to have healthy

boundaries because you’re living

with a very real awareness that this is

the lord’s house

and we’re seeking to get along in

christian love

and unity and we want to please god with

all that we do

i hope this has helped you and i pray

that these words will be a blessing as

you put them into practice

now back to you lady trina love you

great answer of course it’s coming from

meredith shepherd what did we expect

thank you meredith we love you so much

and appreciate you

thank you thank you all right let’s

wrap it up with this question how do you

remain relentless

in christ as a mom especially during

this time it’s all this craziness

how do you maintain

being relentless and i think when we

think about relentless it really is

about how to maintain

how to uh stay focused how to keep on

keeping on even when it’s difficult

how to not give up how to not give up no

matter what

sticking in there by any means necessary

i think it just starts with the decision

i don’t know about you absolutely you

know absolutely a decision

a decision you have to make a decision

that you are going to stand firm

in christ you’re going to believe his

word is true

you’re going to have what we call

patient trust and that means

even though it doesn’t look the way you

want it to look you are going to

patiently wait you’re going to persevere

and trust that god’s going to make a way


god’s gonna work it out in your favor

absolutely you feel that i think it’s

also important to have boundaries you

know for me

i don’t tune into cnn all day long and i

don’t want people calling me

did you hear you know more people have

died i think for me to be able to stay

rooted and anchored in christ i gotta

have some boundaries around

around what i allowed myself to be

exposed to

and so also my time i have to have my

quiet time

because my kids are in the house 24

hours a day

seven days a week i need protected time

with christ

so that i can be filled up and just a

couple other things like i choose joy

and i choose peace in this season it’s

like i’m not going to be running and

chasing around the marble bush with all

the facts and fiction around the season

it’s like i need my anchor firmly

planted so that i can be a good mother

to my kids in this season

that’s right that’s relentless what’s

your reason i say be cautiously


good and this time in this season we

have to be cautious cautiously


they’re starting to do so many things

opening back up so many things and


i don’t know if i’m ready for all that

to be opened back up

and i told the kids no we’re still

wearing the mask we’re still wearing the

gloves you won’t come in this door

without it

so yes i’m optimistic but i’m being

cautious and being planted and rooted

i’m not moving until god says

good good good there you have it a

woman’s point of view

i just want to thank the ladies that

have joined me this morning

on a mother’s point of view and their

special guest first lady meeks first

lady shepard

we are the better because of what you

poured into us

because it does take a village well

in just a moment you’ll hear from

another mother you’ll hear

her perspective of being a mother and i

know you’re really going to be blessed

but before we hear from her let’s hear

from our

fbcg news my mama says just because she

gives me the best clothes and she would

give up her life just to save mine

when i am scared of something she’s

right by my side to face it when i want

to try something new she encouraged me

to try she never gives up on me

when i am mad or sad she always cheers

me up

but even when i try to push her away she

always comes back

my mom is always on my side even when i

get into trouble

my mom has a purist heart and we have a

bond that no one can break

god has a path for us all and i am so

thankful that he made her mine

my mother is special because she takes

good care of me my mom who makes my

dinner wash my clothes my mommy keeps me

safe from the coronavirus

and my mommy comes home after work


and then takes me to karate

my mommy does fun stuff with me

she teaches me to read the bible

and pray my mother does all the cooking

and cleaning in this house

my mom is also very sweet and kind but

she could get upset when we do my mom

comforts me when i have bad dreams

nightmares or something she would do

anything just to make me happy also she

keeps my brother and i

my mom is an extraordinary person she’s

the person that likes to laugh

and that’s why i love her happy mother’s


happy mother’s day mommy i love you this


happy mother’s day everybody

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as we prepare for the word we have a

special guest today

priscilla shire is a wife and mom first

put a bible in her hand and a message in

her heart and you’ll see why

thousands flock to her conferences and

dive into her bible study series and

books each year

her ministry going beyond ministries

hosts awaken

an outreach event in her hometown

designed to encourage and mobilize women


she is the author of several books and

has starred in various faith-based films

priscilla has been married to jerry for

20 years

between studying and writing she spends

most of her time with her three growing


let’s open our hearts and get ready to

receive a word from priscilla shire

hey there it is incredible to have an

opportunity to be a part of your virtual

online service first baptist church of

glenard you know we consider you to be

family you are our family and i got to

tell you it feels incredibly special to

be able to share

this day with you during your church

services because this is

as many of you know this is our first

mother’s day my first mother’s day

without my mom she just passed away on

december 30th

so we’re still recovering emotionally

from that but

being able to do that on mother’s day to

be in ministry

on the day that honors our moms feels

incredibly special and it feels like a

blessing to me to be able to do it with


feels especially like a blessing so i

want to thank pastor john

and sister trina for inviting us to be a

part of your services today

we love you all very very much and i’m

thrilled to see what it is that god’s

word is gonna say to us

um as we dive into a what i think is a

very simple portion of scripture

at your bible teaching church and with

the pastor you have i know that it’s a

passage of scripture

that you have heard before that you’ve

dived into before

but what i’m going to ask god to do is

that that he would use this time

in this portion of scripture to

encourage you a fresh and anew

all of us whether you’re male or female

whether you’re a teenager or you’re

well into your upper stages of life no

matter where you

are in your life but especially mothers

i’m gonna ask that god would use this

portion of scripture to really encourage


and really um give you a little bit of

fuel and fire

in your tank for this next season of

your journey

so from all of us here in dallas before

i pray let me just say

happy happy mother’s day when my mom was

in her last weeks of life one of the

things that she said to us

was ministry cannot stop

she said what the enemy would like for

all of this through all of this

is to so discourage your father and the


of you her children that you will no

longer minister or that you’ll be so

discouraged that it will quiet

or quell your voice um so i know

that if my mom weren’t here today she

would be so thrilled

to know that ministry goes on and it

goes on

with you let’s pray together lord jesus

i thank you for this privilege and this


to be in your word together lord i thank

you that what this

scattered church has done for us has

allowed us the opportunity

to be together in ways that we might not

otherwise have the opportunity

i thank you that your spirit is not

contained by brick and mortar

but that we ourselves are the house of

god and that you through your spirit

can help us to hear your voice clearly

so i am praying father that through this

little simple passage of scripture and

these few simple principles

you would do what only you can take this


and divide it up however many thousands

of ways you need to

and take it straight to the other side

of this camera

screen lord to the person that is

listening to it so that they will know

beyond the shadow of a doubt on this

mother’s day

that they heard the voice of god speak


we’re your servants and we’re listening

in jesus mighty name i pray amen

if you have your bible with you which

i’m sure you do go ahead and get it


in the gospel of john chapter two if you

use your iphone or ipad or any manner of

eye nests feel free to use that as well

but just go ahead and make your way to

john chapter two as you do

i will tell you that my husband and

children and i we have three sons

we used to live in a fairly rural part

of the dallas fort worth area

and we lived there on purpose we liked

it that way it was close enough to the

city where we could get there

fairly quickly and fairly easily like

you know the starbucks was around the

corner because you know i

had to get to starbucks and and super

target was around the corner and the

barns and no well those sorts of things

so i could get there quickly and easily

like between seven to ten minutes but

once i hit that little two-lane road

that sort of took me back in the back

woods behind

all of that stuff then we found this

little street

lazy sleepy road and we moved there

lived there for about 10 years actually

the 10 most

formative years probably of our son’s

lives when they were just coming up

through those elementary stages

and the reason why we wanted to live out

there is really kind of plain and simple

it’s because

there was a huge yard house was pretty


but the yard was huge there were things

there that boys

need in their lives like you know bugs


mud and there was a dry creek back there

and you know all the things

and those of you that have heard me talk

about my children before then

you know that i’m a believer in them

boys going outside to play

anytime they have ever still to this day

if they ever come to me and say mom i’m

bored i said boy no you’re not

you see that tree out the backyard go

out there and play with the tree i don’t

care what you do with the tree you can

play tag with the tree

you can eat the tree i don’t care what

you do just go enjoy yourself outside

and living out there sort of in the

woods in the country it gave us an

opportunity to really capitalize on them

enjoying being outside hopefully that

sort of what their appetite for that

well i remember that people used to come

visit me when i was out there or

friends that were being dropped off to

play with the boys and i remember that

when i was giving directions for how

folks could get

back there in the woods to the back

country where we were so that they could

visit us

it was fairly simple to do when it was

daytime but the problem was that if

somebody was going to come visit me at


because you know country dark is

different than regular dark

and so i knew that if they were coming

to visit me at night i was really going

to have to give them some

extra details because you know sometimes

street signs out in the country

might be covered up by some overgrown

brush there might be some

reason why they’re not able to see the

little details so i would give them some

signs some landmarks along the way

i would tell them that when they made a

certain curve there was a big

sort of reddish brown boulder that was

on the side of the road that happened to

be there

and that when they saw that landmark

they should take that as their sign that

they’re headed in the right direction

then i would tell them they would pass

an entire neighborhood

that they would see a huge bricked wall

in front of the neighborhood

and that when they saw that brick walled

off neighborhood they would know

that that was another sign they were

still headed in the right

direction because they would begin to

doubt it trust me

after they had gone on for about six or

seven minutes

down this long winding road that was

becoming more

and more narrow they would begin to

doubt they were going in the right


so i kept giving them signs and of all

the signs that i gave them

the first one that i told them about was

the most important

the reason why is because the first sign

was the one that would actually

mark for them they were in the right

neck of the woods

it would make them feel assured that

they were in the right place and that

they should keep on going

that’s what i think of when i think of

our passion passage of scripture that

we’re going to dive into today

and the reason why i think of it is

because the book of john is

filled with signs john the author under

the inspiration of the holy spirit

says explicitly that the reason why he

is writing

the way he writes and why he’s including

the kinds of

encounters that jesus had that he

decides to include in this text

is because he wants them to be clear


signs that that assure us we are headed

in the right direction when our eyes

are focused on jesus now you don’t have

to turn there but let me just read to


what he writes at the end of the book so

you and i are going to focus on the

beginning of the book john chapter 2

but i’ve got to read for you what he

writes at the end of the book in john

chapter 20

verse 30 and 31 listen to this he says

many other signs

jesus also performed in the presence of

the disciples

but those are written in this here book


these the ones i have included they’re

the ones that i have written

because these are the signs that are

designed to make you believe that jesus

is the christ the son of god and that by


you may have life in his name did you

hear that john was clear

he says when he gets to the end of the

book i’m telling you there are so many

other things i could have included

there are so many other encounters jesus


so many other miracles i saw him do so

many other messages i heard him give

out of out of his mouth so many other

conversations i heard him have

with other people john says i could have

included a whole lot of other things

but these are the ones chosen by the

holy spirit’s inspiration these are the

ones chosen for me to include in this


because these are the ones that i think

are the signs

that are gonna point you straight to

jesus he says these signs are gonna make

a believer out of you

they’re going to make sure that you

believe jesus is who he says he is

and that he can accomplish exactly what

he says he has come to accomplish

so i’m thinking about this that john has

been so specific

and intentional and deliberate about the

signs that he chose for his book

and it made me think about those signs

that i point out to folks that are

trying to find me in the dark

remember how i told you that the first


is always the most important it’s

supposed to be the most

memorable one that seals in their minds

they are even in the right vicinity

so i thought to myself i wonder what


first sign was the one that he deemed

was most

critical the one that he thought was

most important

the one that he thought above all of the

others would be the ones that would most

clearly point us to jesus now before we

read the first sign

i want you to remember that signs are

always designed to point us to someone

or something

signs are not supposed to be so

impressive that you stop

and look at the sign and study the sign

and appreciate the sign

and celebrate the sign and have a party

around the sign if the sign

doesn’t point attention away from itself

diverting attention away from itself at

some point

the sign might be cute but the sign

hasn’t done its job

so john has chosen signs not to be

impressive in and of themselves what a

waste that would be

the signs are designed to point us to


and this first sign is kind of like the


chapters of a book you might read like a

juicy novel

or the first bars of a musical rendition

that a pianist plays

the design of those initial inaugural


are supposed to what your appetite so


they’re supposed to heighten you such a

sense of anticipation

that you can’t help but lean in and want

to take in

everything that comes after it because

the beginning

has been so phenomenal john says

here’s the first sign that i want to


john chapter 2 verse 1 through 11.

and on the third day there was a wedding

in cana of galilee

and the mother of jesus was there jesus

also was invited verse two says and his

disciples came to the wedding

and when the wine gave out the mother of

jesus said to him

they have no more wine verse five

his mother said to the servants

whatever he says to you do it

now there were six stone water pots set

there for jewish custom of purification

containing 20 or 30 gallons each

so jesus seeing those containers there

said to the servants

fill up all of those containers those

water pots with water

so they filled them up to the brim and

then he said to them now

take some out and take them to the head

waiter so they took it to him

now i don’t know exactly how it happened

but i do know that sometime between

verse eight and nine that water became

something totally different

because by the time they made it to the

headwaiter in verse 9

the headwaiter tasted the water which

had already become wine

he didn’t know where it came from but

the servants who had drawn the water

they knew

and the headwaiter called the bridegroom

over and he said to him

every man serves the good wine first and

when men have drunk freely

then he serves that which is poor i mean

it makes

sense because you know after everybody

has got the good stuff they’re too drunk

to know that the poor stuff is now


but you the headwaiter says to the


you’ve saved the best stuff for now

verse 11. this was the beginning of

jesus signs

he did it in cana of galilee he

manifested his glory through this first


and look at the last line of verse 11


his disciples believed in him

his disciples believed in him

for me that’s completely curious to hear

something like that

because it implies that it is possible

to be a disciple

who does not yet believe it means that

you can have a friendship with jesus

that you can walk with jesus and talk

with jesus and learn from jesus

that you can see jesus do miracles in

the lives of other people you can even

experience them yourself

it means that you can hear jesus

speaking the holy spirit speaking to us

you can be in relationship with jesus

and yet still not be a real true

believer meaning

someone who lives a life in complete

dependence on him

someone who when crisis hits like the

personal crisis that many of us

were already facing well before this

global crisis ever took

shape when crisis hits being a believer


we run to the throne of grace in prayer

not as some secondary caveat to our

lives but as a priority because we


where our help comes from sometimes it

is possible that people are disciples

but they’re not really believers

i mean where we no longer lean to our

own understanding

but where in all our ways we acknowledge

him because we know

the only way this path is going to get

made straight is if jesus

himself does it on our behalf i don’t

want to just be a disciple

i want to be a believer i want to live a

surrendered life

that is submitted to jesus and is so

much so dependent on him

that he is the first place that i look

in every

season of my life every day of my life

and through every crisis of my life

the disciples are just becoming


and it happens at the end of a miracle

where someone has given the best they

have to offer

and their best isn’t good enough don’t

miss this

the inaugural sign that john writes down

as the primary way that we’re going to

begin to get pointed

in the direction of a real faith-filled

believing relationship with jesus christ

is a situation where someone has given

the best they have to offer

and they best ain’t good enough and it’s

into that situation of emptiness

that jesus when he’s invited steps in

and fills it up not only to overflowing

but makes it better than it was when

they had

their own resources that were initially

at their disposal

i love this because john basically

communicates to us

two things the bad news is first

that your best will probably never be

good enough

do you feel like that ever do you feel

like you’re constantly in a situation

where you keep giving the best you have

and the best you have ain’t good enough

like the best

emotional investment that you have in

that marriage and it just doesn’t seem

to be good enough

the best emotional investment you have

in your kids mom

and you keep giving your best single

mother you’re doing everything that you


to train them to build character to

build integrity

and it seems like there’s no fruit for

what it is that you’re pouring into the


of your kid that you love so much maybe

it’s a financial investment that you’re


or maybe it is an investment of your

creative ideas and

your gifts and your talents your

patience you’ve been

investing the best you have to give

and it seems like your best isn’t good

enough the bad news is

we will constantly in life be in

situations where our best

is never good enough but the good news

is that jesus

gives us his best to supplement and even

to overcome our own and his best is

anything than we could ever produce on

our own anyway

he keeps on giving us himself

it’s like the apostle paul that says i

boast in my weakness

i’ve stopped hiding the fact that my

best ain’t good enough i go ahead and

celebrate the fact that my best isn’t

good enough

because i recognize now that every time

my best

is not suited to the knee that is at

hand in front of me

every time that shows up in my life

whether it’s a business endeavor a

ministry endeavor

a family relationship every time i’m in

that situation where i am totally


because my wine doesn’t run out what i

need to do is

invite jesus to my party and let him

know that i’m totally willing to do

whatever he requires

so that he can turn this little water

i’ve got left into

wine that will blow people’s minds that

will show them

that his best is astounding and do you

know what happens when jesus shows up at

parties like this

do you know what jesus what happens when

jesus shows up at weddings

like this and circumstances in our life

where we’ve given our best

and our best even good enough what

happens is that he makes a believer out

of the people

around you he makes a believer out of


not just a disciple he makes them


i got to tell you i’m counting on this

because i am right now in the throes of


teenage boys three of them

let me tell you something i feel like i

keep on giving my best

and my best really ain’t good enough i

feel like a fish out of water in this

particular stage

of their development as i’m watching

them become

men and the pressures that they are

facing that we didn’t face

you know i i came out of high school in

93 so i came up through the 80s and the

90s of course

we had our own pressures and of course

we had our own difficulties that we had

to face and peer pressure

that we had to stave off all of those

things and i certainly didn’t do that


but when i look at what my kids are

traversing right now

the pressure that is around them morally

the consuming of information

that is at their endless disposal in

their hands through their devices or on


television screens the things that would

never be allowed

are now common on the in the movies and

the television shows and everything that

they’re watching

it’s inundating them and i sit there

realizing that the best i have to give

in trying to instill

character and trying to instill

integrity and praying towards them and


that their spiritual fervor is um

cultivated in their life that can only

be a work of the holy spirit

and so i keep on giving my best and it

just feels like every night when i go to

bed that my best just hadn’t been good

enough for that day

did i engage them enough did i

participate enough did i discipline

correctly did i feed them enough that’s

one of the major questions at my house

i don’t know if what i’m giving at this


is the best that will take care of all

of the needs that they have and then i


john through this sign reminding me that

my best will likely in the scenarios

that matter most to me in my life and

in yours our best will probably not be

good enough

but every time that happens we shouldn’t

be disappointed to the

to the extension that we are discouraged

we shouldn’t be disappointed

so much that we can’t continue onward

instead every time we are

outmatched every time we are the

underdog we should actually sit forward

with our chin and our hands and our eyes

peeled because that means jesus is on

the way and

if we’ll let him in he will turn water

into wine i want to encourage all of you


every phase of life and every season of

life but particularly on this mother’s


if you’re a mom and you feel like you’re

giving your best and through this

toddler stage or teenage

age or with the young adults or

grandmother the

the grandchildren that you’re trying to

help parent through their lives

if you feel like the best you have to

offer doesn’t seem to be enough

john says that’s the primary sign

that’s the main way that god introduces


not just to you but to the people around

you in your sphere of influence

and i want to be introduced to him


i know about him y’all know i grew up in

a bible

teaching church that is still my church

my daddy is still my pastor

and y’all know he preaches that good

word right where you’re sitting there

salivating because of what he’s sharing

i’ve heard that as long as i can


so i know the stuff i know about how god

made the walls of jericho basically

implode on themselves

i know about how he divided the red sea

i know about how he divided the jordan

and then

told the people to turn around and put

in stones of remembrance

i know about the details not just in the

old testament but i can tell you about

the new testament of how

lazarus was raised from the dead i can

tell you about what is what god has done

because i know it in my head but i don’t

want to just know it anymore

i want to see it for myself i want to

see him

show up and take my little bit and make

it a lot

i want to see him take five loaves and

two fish and so multiply it in such an

astounding way

that i know he has shown up and shown me


experientially his miraculous working


john says this is a sign that you’re

headed in the right direction

when you’re in a situation where your

best is not good enough it

points out to you who jesus is

and it makes a believer out of you

but doesn’t just happen for you happens

for the people in your sphere of


and that’s what i’m counting on with my

own sons that’s what mothers

we have to count on that it’s not going

to be because we were perfect

because none of us are it’s not going to

be because we had all our stuff together

it’s not because we never had any lapses

that we were never weak that we never

showed that we

maybe were sorry for some lapses in our

judgment or things we would have done

differently if we could go back and

parent them in a certain stage over it’s

not because we never admit that stuff

because the reality is let me tell you

something i have already told my boys

i’m sorry in advance like for all the

stuff you’re going to need therapy for

when you’re in your 20s and your 30s

just know i’m apologizing right now for

all that stuff

because i already know i’m not doing

everything the way that i probably will

in hindsight when you look back and see

but i’m doing the best that i can with

what i know right now

and so what that means is is that i am

counting on my

transparency i’m counting on the fact


i’m being vulnerable and honest with

them sometimes i’ve said to them

on many occasions boys we’ve actually

never parented teenagers before you

gotta give me and your dad a break

we’re doing just the best we can with

what we know

and i’m counting on the fact that in

this stage

when i show them that it is possible

john chapter 2

for someone to give their best and their

best not be good enough

but that’s when jesus steps in and he

actually turns it into something


and staggering i am praying that just

like these disciples in verse 11 of

chapter two

just like it made believers out of them

it’ll make believers out of my voice

and i’m telling you it’ll make believers

out of yours your sons your daughters

your nieces and nephews your

grandparents your grandsons and


they’re not going to become to become

believers in jesus they might be


but they won’t become believers unless

they see a woman

who is dependent herself upon the lord

a woman who herself knows she makes

mistakes and is having to learn

to live in the rhythms of the grace and

the mercy

and the goodness of god it’s not because

we’re perfect

that we’re going to make believers out

of them disciples maybe because we can

teach them how to know the book and

quote the book and memorize the book go

to church because they’re supposed to

but believers that’s a different thing

they’re going to have to see someone who


jesus intervene in their life

i want to be that kind of woman and i

want to encourage you

particularly moms but all of us that if

you find yourself in this situation just


that according to john that’s the

primary sign that’s going to point you

and the people you love to an explosive

relationship with jesus christ

i want to tell you one thing in closing

because just

in case you think that john maybe wasn’t

as deliberate and

intentional as i tend to think he was

when i read this text

i want to point out to you just a couple

little clues a couple things he left

hidden within these 11 verses

in fact they’re all tucked within the

very first verse and he tucked them in


i think as little intentional clues for

us to make sure that we understood

that he didn’t do this as a mishap it

wasn’t a mistake

it was clearly intentional because he

wanted to point us to jesus

i was thinking about this because my


at the time he’s 15 now but at the time

he was three years old he forgot to give


offering in church one sunday and i told

him don’t worry about it there’s a

little box that sits in the foyer and i

told him after church when everything

cleared out

i’d walk him out to the foyer so he

could drop his offering in i loved that

he wanted to give it and the whole way

i was walking out of church with my

three-year-old i was telling him

this is what we give to the lord this is

what we give to the lord

tithe is something we never skip it’s

got to be a habit in your life to give

to the lord

as soon as we walked out into the lobby

our very gregarious worship leader who

my son

saw on the platform every single sunday

leading worship

he just happened to be coming down the

staircase from his offices

into the lobby so my son three years old

walks in to give his offering to the


sees the worship leader who he sees

every sunday on stage and he said

is that the lord and i had to

tell my son jc no he’s not the lord and

in fact no human

is the way that we begin to remember


no human deserves the worship that

should only be devoted to our god

is when we are reminded that it is he

and he alone that works miracles like


it’s when we’ve run to every single

resource that we know to run to

humanly speaking and they can’t come

through but jesus does we are reminded

that even the people that serve us even

those who are leaders over us and help

us to rightly divide the word of truth

and that teach us we’re grateful for


but they are not the lord and so these

kinds of instances in our life what they

do is they

they retrain us they refocus us they

make believers out of us

john says i want to make sure you know

that i was specific about including the


verse one he says did you notice the

clues he says

this happened on the third day clue

number one

he says it happened at a wedding clue

number two

and then he says mary the mother of

jesus was there

mary is only found here and in one other

place in his gospel

and that’s at the cross at the


john wanted to build a sturdy bridge

between the

insufficiency of a human invert in

chapter 2

and the sufficiency of christ at the

crucifixion he wanted to basically

communicate to you that all your

insufficiencies and mine have been


because of the redemption that came to

us at the cross and then he says

on the third day is when this wedding

took place he didn’t just want to point

to a crucifixion

he wanted to point to the third day when

there was a resurrection

he wants to tell you today that the same

power that conquered the grave

is the exact same power that is alive

and at work on the inside of you

to sustain you every single day of your


and then he says finally third clue this

was not just old

any regular party this was a wedding

you know there’s another wedding coming

to town

probably sooner than we think because

one day the sky is going to

the trump is going to sound and the

bridegroom is going to appear

and he’s coming for his bride and there

is a wedding that will take place

a union and a marriage that we have been

waiting on as the bride

of christ and in that day he will rescue

us from our weaknesses

taking us with him once and for all into

the heavenly

places and we will have glorified bodies

never to

experience those insufficiencies again

but until then john

says be encouraged and know that he’s

got you from the cross

he will sustain you through your life

and he will take you to heaven

eternity is real heaven is real

our god is on his way brothers and


be encouraged on this sunday and know

that your god has got

your back happy mother’s day

and god bless you


you’re more real than

the wind in my lungs


you are you are


the crown i’m standing on

your thoughts define me


you’re inside of me and

you are


cause i don’t walk by what i see

no daddy because you’re walking with me

let’s sing it together to him


i belong to you

you had the first word over me you’re

gonna have the last word over me


i belong to you

can we sing that part again let’s sing

that you’re more real then sing it out

you’re more real than the wind in my


wind in my lungs

you’re more real than you you’re more




come on family say you’re more real than


and you’re more real than the skin on my


the skin on my bones yeah

doesn’t matter what the doctor said

and you’re more real

you’re more real than the song of my


the song on my tongue

the next part says your thoughts define


you’re inside of me singing with me your

thoughts define

me you’re inside of

me you are my reality you

are my



you are my reality


i belong to you


you know what you’re doing with me

i’ll burn


i belong to


your word is a lamp until my feet


your word is a light unto


oh i’m blind without your word oh god


you prepare a table for me

in the presence of my enemies

even my inner me god


just to show me how much you love me

cause i don’t walk by what i see


one more time


thank you priscilla for that inspiring

word from god and

thank you leon thank you so much for


you all have been incredible and helped

our mother’s day

to be as special as it is and when you

think about a mother you think about


and you think about nurturing someone

who really cares for you

and we have a heavenly father who cares

for us

and if you perhaps are tuning in

and you’re listening and you’re thinking

i really

need to connect with god and i want to


closer to god and i want to know him

more in a different way we want to hear

from you

you can just press that button that says


and we have people that are waiting just

to talk to you

to share a way for you to get to know

heavenly father

in a whole different way or you may just

want prayer you can call that number

at the bottom of your screen or email us

we are waiting to hear from you so

again everyone have a wonderful mother’s


and please make all the mothers you know

feel special god bless you see you next