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listen if you try and I’m trying to

change ourselves we will be tired I mean

straight up exhausted y’all I’m telling

you there is nothing you or I could do

to change ourselves from listen we’re

beautiful enough to him

we’re his masterpiece we are his

workmanship it is his goal as the artist

to hang with us long enough till we look

just like Jesus it is his work enough

his best work his finest work is you

it’s you his patience his long-suffering

nature indoors with us forever you

cannot wear God have you ever wondered

how popcorn pops somebody say yes I’m so

glad you want to know so when you have a

kernel of a popcorn that hard little

shelled kernel of corn inside every

kernel there is a microscopic drop of

water and so when you put a bag of

microwave popcorn into the microwave

what the heat in the microwave is doing

is not actually heating up the shell

it’s heating up that microscopic dock of

water that is inside the shell so that

microscopic dot of water begins to

create steam and the steam begins to

press against the shell and as it

continues to heat up it presses more and

more powerfully until finally it just it

pops so the outside looks completely

different from the inside not because

the outside was heated up but because

what was in the inside was either

so this is what happens the Holy Spirit

is on the inside of you and if you try

to heat yourself up from the outside in

you’re working against the dynamic of

what the Holy Spirit was designed to do

but as you cooperate with the Holy

Spirit on the inside of you by renewing

your mind with the word of God’s fellows

shipping with believers in Christ being

oviedo obedient to the conviction of the

Holy Spirit remaining filled by his

spirit every single day as you do that

you heat up the power of the Holy Spirit

on the inside of you and he begins to

press and press against the shell of

your body so much so tell me eventually

you just you pop and you look completely

different than you used to look

so then you come home from the

conference and your family goes who’s

that who’s that

who is it but not only do you look

completely different but I don’t know

but y’all movie popcorn is my favorite

snack of all time

put some butter and some salt on that

I’m just happy I’m just happy thank you


put a coke with it oh girl so when you

come home not only do you look different

but then we are fed to a lost and dying

world that needs to see our God is good