As you watch the details of your life unfold, it might appear as though things are moving in a particularly bad direction. If that continues, many of us might see our circumstances as irreversible. That’s where God comes in; He has the capacity to take the irreversible circumstances of our lives and reverse them on a dime.

welcome to an epic event as the curtain

rises over the slave girl caught in a

set of circumstances out of her control

you’re going to discover how the

invisible hand of God intervenes in her

life and the life of her relative and in

the life of her people to save all of

them from certainly this is the story

that would blow your mind

but it is also a story that will

transform lovey and give you a much



we are looking at the book of Esther the

only book in the Bible that never

mentions God by name and yet his

fingerprints are all over it as we’ve

already seen Esther has discovered that

she’s been placed in her position for a

spiritual reason not merely for personal


mordecai or cousin has said you’ve been

called to the kingdom for such a time as


that god’s whole plan and making you

pretty god’s whole plan are you being

chosen out of all the possible females

in the kingdom god’s whole plan was that

you would be here at this time for this

moment for his kingdom purpose and she

after thinking about it for a moment

said okay i’m going to go to the king

you tell him about havens plan to

destroy all the Jews and if I perish I

perish she now prepares dinner for the

king and invites Haman the architect of

genocide because she’s ready to tell the

King and spill the beans on him at the

dinner banquet the King says to her as

we saw last time Esther chapter five

verse six what do you have to tell me

Esther says my petition and my request


and she stops she doesn’t get it out she

can’t say it she backs off she says my

request is for you to have dinner again

with me tomorrow

something happened that caused her to

pause and her request for deliverance

the question is why did she stop why

didn’t you just come out and say it me

she began the whole sentence my petition

is and then she backed up if Esther

would have finished the sentence at that

time those things in the planning of God

would not have occurred in the sequence

God wanted them to occur and therefore

although she was going to do the right

thing it was the wrong time because you

see as we looked at chapter 6 last time

Haman is gonna leave her presence he’s

gonna run across water Carr morning I

will not bow that’s gonna take him in

off Haman’s gonna go ticked off to his

wife his wife is gonna say you don’t

have to take that you don’t have to take

that he comes in and he says I

everything is going good for me but this

you got he won’t bother me well you

don’t have to take that why don’t you

put him on the gallows tomorrow

Haman said that’s really great I’m gonna

put him on the gallows tomorrow get rid

of this guy solve it once and for all

the King goes to bed the King can’t

sleep the king is tossing and turning

when the king is tossing and turning and

he tells us serving go get a boring book

for me to read so that when I read the

boring book I will go to sleep so they

bring him the boring book and look they

just happen to turn to the page that

dealt with Mordecai Mordecai had saved

the King’s life earlier the king wants

to know how what did we do for the guy

who saved my life

oh no we didn’t do anything for the guy

saved my life as chance would have it

Haman comes in right when the King is

talking to the servant about Mordecai

who had saved his life

and the King asked well what should i do

Haman with somebody who saves the King’s

life but he doesn’t mention the name or

the kind because he does not mention the

name water

Haman thinks he’s talking about him so

Heyman says well what you ought to do

with the guy who saves your life it’s

making number two in the kingdom

so he’s the heir apparent to the rule

well I like that idea why don’t you go

and go ahead and get Mordecai so I can

put him in that position and why don’t

you lead his horse throughout the land

and proclaim him as second-in-command it

just so happened that during the pause

which produce the delay which produce

the movement which produce Mordecai’s

rejection which produce Haman’s angry

wife which produced water car Haman

wanting to put the gallows together

which produced a sleepless life which

produced a boring book which produced

the name mordecai which produced not

mentioning his name which produced and

being elevated which produced havens

having to take them across to the street

which produced guard the puppet master

pulling things together to bring about

his timing he goes home at the end of

chapter six after lead Mordecai through

the street and he depressed this is the

Prozac moment this is this is he’s

depressed cuz he’s leading the Future

King and he was supposed to be the

future king and so he goes home and he

just cries out morning with his head

covered verse 12 his wife says him in

verse 13 boy are you in trouble now

though you leave Mordecai through here

and he’s the Jew don’t look good for you

Oh verse 14 why somebody say while

that’s a time word that’s the time word

while while his wife telling me don’t

look good while he’s crying with his

head covered cuz it don’t look good

while they were still talking with him

the king’s eunuchs arrived and hastily

brought him into the banquet which

Esther had prepared now this is the

second banquet has to prepare the second

banquet coz God blocked her from doing

the first banquet while his wife was

telling me that doesn’t look good and

he’s warning the unit comes in and says

come on you gotta hurry up it’s time for

the banquet why is that important that

that happened wild because that didn’t

give him time to come up with a plan it

didn’t give him time to run and flee it

didn’t give him time to escape

God had that thing clicking so that one

thing happens right after another so

that there could be no interjection to

change the program of God he tells a

eunuch don’t get him now because God’s

got a plan to keep in a program to

execute so he goes to the dinner so the

king says okay Esther I mean you’ve been

saying for the last 24 hours you got to

tell me something what is it

so she tells him Oh King it’s chapter 7

there Oh King at the end of verse 3 if

it pleases the King let my life be given

to me in my petition and my petition and

my people that’s my request saved my

life King saved the life of my people

for we have been sold I end my people to

be destroyed killed and annihilated if

they were going to sell me his slaves I

would have lived with that but no they

want to kill me so the King asks the

Queen who is he

they want to kill my wife and kill my

wife’s people who you talking about

and not only who is he verse 5 but where

is it well who is it and where is it

guess who’s coming to dinner who is he

where is he

who would presume to do this who are you

talking about oh it is verse 6 chapter

7s the saying a foe and an enemy is this

wicked Haman then Haman became terrified

before the king and queen that’ll shake

you up

she says this man who I invited to

dinner wants to kill me your wife kill

my people ok rewind if she would have

told them the first time when he wasn’t

mad at him and when he wasn’t mad at

Mordecai when he built the gallows for

Mordecai with Monika have not been

elevated to be the second in command in

the future the King would have had a

totally different mood about the

situation because now Mordecai’s

relationship to the king has changed

Mordecai’s relationship to Esther and

the Kings has changed everything has

been reconvened and redone to fulfil the

timing purposes of God and he’s not

finished yet

he says she says Haman that’s who wants

to get rid of me oh the king is hot

verse 7 he’s ticked off says with anger

he went into the palace garden now watch

this verse 8 says Haman was falling on

the couch where Esther was

he’s falling on the couch verse seven

says begging for his life so the king is

hot King walks our King didn’t know what

to say named so mad that Haman planned

to do this Esther is laying on the couch

reclining on the couch ain’t you proud

to beg you remember that he plead for

his life he goes over Esther and follow

Warner’s they pleased as the please

don’t let him kill me don’t let him kill

me it says now when the King returned

from the garden oh you get the picture

into the place where they were drinking

wine Haman was falling on the couch

where Esther was then the king said he

already hot then the king said will you

even assault the Queen with me in the

house oh you got to be kidding me

women you already told me you want to

kill my wife now you all up on her no oh

oh no no you know you get int you’re

gonna assault my wife with me in the

house now that’s not what he was doing

he was begging for his life the

scripture says okay

God is so particular he will create

impressions God is so God is so nuanced

that he will make something look like

it’s not really that in order to

accomplish his purpose because the King

comes in just in time

oh but he not finished yet cuz after the

King comes in and says sees what he’s

doing then verse 9 then is a time word

you got while you got now you got then


happy nah one of the eunuchs who was

before the king said behold indeed the

Gallo standing at Haman’s house fifty

cubits high which Haman made for

Mordecai who spoke good on behalf of the

king and the King said hang him on it

all right

so guess what God delayed Esther from

telling the King to give Haman time to

get mad so that he would build a gallows

for Mordecai in order that he might dig

his own grave

God will let unbelievers express their

anger against believers and used that

very thing to destroy the unbeliever

from destroying the believer and it’s

all got to do with time it’s all got to

do with God nuancing time it says so

they hanged him on the gallows now won’t

you notice something else about time

verse 8 when the King comes in and see

him what he thinks his assaulting his

wife the nuance really what happened

look that way as the word went out of

the king’s mouth by insulting my wife

they covered Heyman’s face while the

words were coming out of the king’s

mouth they come see you got a we got to

read every word of the Bible rather word

was coming out of the Kings mouth they

covered his face they didn’t give him a

chance to explain because this was a

time of judgment and so you not even

gonna be given the chance to say you

were begging soon as he finished the

last work who covered up take it out

because when God moves suddenly against

your enemies when God moves suddenly on

your behalf because you how sensitive to

his will and

he can move with lightning speed so they

hang them on the gallows that was

prepared for Mordecai and the Kings

anger subsided the problem is as a law

out there that says all the Jews are to

be exterminated the laws of the Medes

and the Persians meant it was a law you

could not change it was a fixed law in

the Society of lido Persian Empire God

is a God of reversals he can reverse

things on a dime that appear to be

irreversible let me show you some of the

reversals in chapter a reversal number

one on that day verse one King Ahasuerus

gave the house of Haman the enemy of the

Jews – Queen Esther okay that’s I’ll

call that economic reversal all that

Haman owned now belonged to Esther you

know the scripture says the inheritance

of the wicked is laid up for the

righteous when God gets ready to move

and to make a statement in the economic

order of things he can flip that thing

for you – you through you by you on a

dime all that Haman old now Elster it’s

yours we didn’t switched because he was

a rich man he put up all that money to

kill the Jews okay

first to the King took off his signet

ring which he had taken away from Haman

and gave it to Mordecai we’ll call that

political reversal you see the signet

ring was the ring of authority it was

the ring in chapter 3 verse 10 then the

King took his signet ring from his hand

and gave it to him the signet ring was

the ring of authority where you could

represent the king

officially he said give that ring to

Mordecai we made more the cop was a dead

man walking nay he’s second in command

with the King’s ring that means he

courage clout that means he carried

juice that mean

he carried some Authority with him so

God can change things on the docks you

think your boss has the final say

you think the powers that be have the

final say

you fake those unscrupulous co-workers

who a party against you have the final


you think because they have the name

have the money have the position they

have the final say they don’t have a

thing unless God gives it to it

and the God who gives it can take it

away the point is simply that it’s I

keep telling y’all

you only have one source if you help me

get that in your head if it ever burns

into your skull that nobody I don’t care

who they are has the final say-so over a

Christian living by the spirit in the

will of God nobody which means you never

live a threatened life then no things

can be threatening but you never live a

threatened life as though they have a

final say because they do not so there

was a political shift then coming off of

that was a legal shift she said if it

please the king if I found favor in your

sight verse 7 it seems proper let it be

written to revoke the letters devised by

Haman Haman I will let it kill all the


she said King do something about this

letter revoke it

the problem is the laws of the Medes the

Persians were irrevocable so what’s the

king to do

how can I endure the calamity famous

there but we still got the problem which

will befall my people how can I endure

seeing the destruction of my people why

because God’s kingdom program is always

bigger than you and so what are we going

to do about all this he says well I’ve

given the authority to Mordecai so

here’s what I want you to do verse 8 I

want you to write to the Jews as you see

fit in the King’s name and seal it with

the Kings Cygnet so I want you to write

so the Kings scribe were called and they

begin to write what do they write

because we got an unchangeable law verse

11 in them the King granted the Jews who

were in each and every city the right to

assemble and to defend their lives to

destroy to kill to annihilate to an

entire army of any people or province

which might attack them including

children and women and to plunder best

oil okay follow this Haman law every Jew

got to be killed the law can’t be

changed so the King tells Esther y’all

come up with something put my seal on it

they come up with the law the law says

signed by the king while I can’t change

the law that you got to be killed I

can’t make another law i’ma write an

executive order since that’s big these

days I’m a I’m a write an executive

order and on this executive order all

Jews have the right to defend themselves

against anybody would try to kill them

and if they try to kill you you not only

can defend yourself you can kill their

wives and children now if I’m one of the

Persians operating on a long number one

where the Jews could not defend

themselves and now I hear there is

another law that doesn’t cancel that I

can kill them but give their permission

to kill me back

not only do they have permissions you

kill me back they have the wishes

permission to go after my wife my

chillings they got permission to destroy

my household now I’m rethinking law

number one because I got to deal with

law number two see God has an override

button that can take what Satan has

planned against you people he’s raised

up against you circumstances that look

not in your favor and when he pushes

override it may not stop their evil from

being evil but God gives you something

when the enemy comes in like a flood the

scripture says he will raise up a

standard against them he will push an

override button so there was a legal

reversal oh but it’s not all there was

an emotional reversal you see because in

chapter 4 verse 3 it says there was

great mourning among the Jews weeping

and wailing that’s when the first law

was passed but when the second law was

passed and the carriers send a message

out that the Jews could take care of

themselves it says in verse 16 for the

Jews there was light and gladness and

joy and oh wait man you’re crying one

day and you’re laughing the next oh the

Bible says sorrow man do it for the

night but joy cometh in the morning you

may be crying in the day but don’t think

that’s how it’s gonna be when you wake

up tomorrow not when God has jumped into

the situation God can wipe tears away he

can turn pain into pleasure he can turn

sadness into joy when we are operating

with his reversal principles operating

with his timing operating submitting to

his will and listening to his voice oh

but it’s not over yet cuz there’s one

other thing the last verse of chapter 8

says at the end of the verse

and many among the peoples of the land

became Jews huh and the dread of the

Jews had fallen on them oh I like this I

like this I like this

that’s like saying many sinners got

saved I admitted many non-christmas

macaca in other words when they saw what

God was doing for his people they said

we want some of that so to become a Jew

you had to come under the Jewish

covenant to come under the Jewish

government you had to accept the Jewish

God so they said we won’t summon that

God may put you in a bad situation so

that he gives you a supernatural

deliverance so that other folk want to

attach to the God who delivered you cuz

they won’t some of this they want to see

God do for them what he’s done for you

there was a spiritual reversal when

people saw what God can do I wish I

could be I wish I could be apprecia who

told you come on come to God and

there’ll be no enemies come to God

there’ll be no bad days come to God

there’ll be no lean years come to God

there’ll be no disappointments come to

God there won’t be any bad employees I

wish I could tell you that but I’d be

lying to you it’s all through Scripture

but I can tell you this whatever it is

doesn’t have the last exploring dirt at

you reversible he was in the Birmingham

jail but you go to Washington DC you’ll

see a monument Nelson Mandela had a

reversal he was put in jail but then it

became head of South Africa because God

is the god of reversal oh but that’s one

reversal bigger than all of that

cuz Satan thought he had Jesus on the


Winnie hung him high and stretched him


look like save that one but early Sunday

morning just a little while before day

God raised Jesus up and he said all

power is in my hands God is a God of

reversal so you hang on to him

even though Satan is throwing dirt at

you nothing reveals the power of God

more visibly than when he reverses a

situation in your life in mind and it

looks like it’s going downhill and he

takes it in a whole nother direction

that’s God being God I think of a lady

in our church was being misused and

abused by her employer she came to me

for prayer that God would intervene she

went back a few days later to work only

to discover that her boss who was

abusing her had gotten a review the

review went badly he was fired and she

was promoted to his position see God

doesn’t take a long time when he’s ready

to move oh yes we have to wait till he’s

ready but when he moves

you discover that it is worth waiting a


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