“The Mustache Chronicles – Part III” Priscilla shares her thoughts on facial hair.

okay so spur-of-the-moment question you

don’t know what I’m going to ask you

right so I just want to ask you how do

you take care of your facial hair

whether that is whether that is mustache

if you even have to do that you know

some people don’t have to or maybe it’s

your eyebrows as we were saying how do

you take care of your facial hair beard


how do you what do you what are your


there’s this long thing with a razor on

the end of that $0.99 thing tisha was

talking yes it’s the best so you

just kind of raise her right I just stay

along with the flow of my eyebrows

anytime the little hair starts growing

in I just stay along but you don’t fool

with the waxing no no you don’t thread

no I don’t do anything I have a friend

who has she’s very hairy she’s an Indian

beautiful Indian girl she has a lot of

hair she threads and her eyebrows look

amazing so I thought about it but I

don’t like pain so how do you know what

your eyebrows are supposed to you know

cuz something cuz their eyebrows up

tisha did them for me as a professional

and now I can see where the lot I can

see when the little hairs start growing

in and I just there’s a trend on your

like the second third person who said

that just get a good shape it’ll give

the shape up that’s what you do I think

there’s a spiritual lesson in that

oh girl is that gonna be in your next

going beyond the beyond

it might okay last question what do you

recommend for me for my mustache and for

my eyebrows and then I have some things

that grow too much into but I think I’d

well just pluck those yeah just pluck do

what now

just pluck that but I think that you I

think you know you’re such a lighter

skinned person I feel like you should

wax this because you can see it I think

you could start to see mine my son said

the other day that I have a little

message and on the ends you can see it

right here can you see that I think I

focus too no that was a good focus I

don’t know but we’ll examine it when I

put it on you so yeah so I think you

need to wax yours for sure I think it’s

time to go with your brand new body you

might as well just wax all that off wow

it’s all of it and I think I think yeah

you might as well are dry brows just

have tea should do it for you once and

then you just take that little cheap

razor and you just keep it up

you just keep it and if I don’t keep it

up I’m no worse off than where I started

that’s exactly right and I think that

you should do something about your legs