Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually.

far too many men

are waiting on god when god is waiting


us far too many men are sitting on the


rather than playing in the game

you have god’s permission to assume

greatness far too many men do not fully

realize that god has already given you

the equipment

to be the man he has created to be


he doesn’t want any excuses he really

wants us to leave


no excuses he wants us to give it

all we’ve got trusting him to take the

tools he’s given

to give us the victory

we gotta go get it

your love is loaded

like a ring of solid gold




beyond the horizon

with mercy for today

faithful you have been

and faithful you will be

you pledge yourself





your grace will be


and your strengths become

bringing beauty from ashes

and that’s why




you will be praised







your prayers with me


ever be on my left forever

your praise will be


we’re excited to worship with you so i

want you to sing along if you don’t know

this you’ll know it in about a minute so

let’s go let’s go

we live in the shadow of the almighty

almighty god

safe in the shelter of his love

his perfect love

there’s nothing to fear our faith is our


your mercy surrounds us yeah

we’ll follow your heart even into the


we stand on your promise a thousand


i’ll keep standing in the storm wages



though everything changed





we trust in the god of our salvation

we put all of our confidence in him



his word is




joy it changes






though everything shuts down

i know your word won’t change












you will remain


let’s go

god we thank you for your promises that

you never leave us you never forsake us

in our hard times that you are working

all things

together for our good

we love you we give you honor i ask we

ask that you would meet us here

today for every man watching

i pray that you will remind him remind

me remind us

of our potential which you’ve called us

to you’ve called us to rise and that’s

what we’re here to do

we are grateful for you we are grateful

for you if you believe that

there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus by his blood

i have been made free

there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus

by his blood


if you believe this i want to hear you

sing it out





i don’t have to live with shame


because it is redemption no more

condemnation there’s no cause


there’s no more condemnation



there’s no way

made a way for me

there’s no death there’s no height

that can separate

christ to die praise







one more time if you believe it come on

for me







in christ jesus blood


we’ve been


yeah welcome welcome welcome to no more


our men’s conference for 2021 kingdom

men rising i am

so excited to be here with my dad

and my brother jonathan evans and tony

evans well i’m excited to be here with

my sons

anthony evans jr jonathan evans and most


all the men who have gathered from all

around the country to be part

of our no more excuses men’s conference

this conference

was birthed out of our church oakland

bible fellowship in dallas

and now coming out of the pandemic we

wanted to reach as many men as possible


our church has partnered with our

national ministry the urban alternative

to bring you a challenge like none

other we are excited about the influence

and impact

that we believe god is going to make in

your life so thank you for taking the

time out

to be part of our conference this year

as we

challenge you me and us

to be kingdom men rising listen this

is going to be a great day it is

i can’t tell you how excited i am about

today because you’re going to have a

great word like he talked about you


the worship we’re going to have

giveaways we got things that we want to

send straight to your house

that are going gonna bless you for the

weeks months

and years to come so we’re just getting


well you know um these conferences do


i mean they’re quite expensive but we

haven’t charged anybody because we

wanted to reach as many

men as many males as possible so it’s


but it’s free to you but it’s costly to

us to do it in an

excellent way so as much as you can do

to support

undergird and uh help us defray the cost

of this

we would appreciate it it’s not a

requirement we just want to reach

men for good and for god but thank you

in advance for helping us to do it

in an effective way through your


and all throughout today’s conference

we’ll give you um exact ways to give and

support the ministry

and we’re gonna have again like my

brother said we’re gonna have an amazing

time listen we have

dr tony evans is here i mean he’s he’s

right here yo

and and as his kids we can tell you that

the man you’ve heard for years on the


or books you’ve read or who you’re

hearing for the first time today he is

that same guy and has been at home they

our parents

have made sure that there’s nothing

different going on up here than there is

at home and that’s why we’re proud to

stand beside you that

and and support you we support you

uh today so later on we’re gonna hear

like a tony evans moment

but can you just give us like a little

something to start off with like

like a little something just a little

just one of your things bring them to

the table

well you know um every football team

has a huddle before each play they have

a huddle where they

express the plan in order to make the


now the hull is private it’s not for

public consumption

but the goal of the huddle is not the

huddle the goal of the huddle is to play

and the play is to make a difference on

the field well our conference

is like a huddle it’s where we’re

gathering privately as men

for god to call the plays that he wants

us to execute

on the field of life our personal lives

our families our churches

and within the culture because our

culture needs to see some touchdowns

for the kingdom of god so let’s hollow

together let’s hear god call the play

so that when we give the benediction and

we say hud hut

we’re ready to go public and make a

difference for the glory of god the

kingdom god

of god and the good of others

there you go tony evans speaking of

huddles and football and scoring and

touchdowns i feel like that’s the

perfect segue into

one of our speakers so i mean don’t you

think we should just

bring it back i first speak up nfl

great tight end he loves god

he loves his family has seven kids he’s

known for his prowess

on the field

super bowl championship absolutely he’s

a winner okay

but not only is he great on the field

he’s great as a man

off the field challenging families


men challenging fatherhood taking a

strong stand for

life none other than ben watson

i love this brother he’s a clearly overt

christian but he’s real practical at the

same time

so help me welcome as our first speaker

in this year’s conference ben watson


dr evans jonathan thank you so much for

the intro look it is an

honor to be here with you for the no

more excuses conference

i’m excited i know you all are uh and

before i go any further i must say

a sincere thank you to the evans family

dr evans i’ve told you this before

um it’s no secret but outside of my

father uh your voice has been one that

has spoken the most into my life i


being a child in norfolk virginia

riding around norfolk virginia virginia

beach virginia with my father

sitting in the back seat and hearing

your voice over the airways on the urban


and so now fast forward 20 actually 30

something years later

um it is exciting for me anytime i get

to connect with

any of the family members in the evans

family i truly do

uh pray for you all my family and i my

wife and i because

we so appreciate not only the the true

example that you set

and the way you follow the lord but also

we’ve seen in our lives

the legacy that you are leaving and it

encourages me as a father

as a man as a kingdom man to do the same


for my family a kingdom men rising

this is an exciting topic this is an

exciting time for us as men

really to lean in and to carry the baton

no one’s going to do it for us the movie

talks about a few good men

we are looking for more than a few good

men we’re looking for men that are going

to inspire

other men to be king domin one of my

favorite movies uh my father

ken watson he’s a kind of a history buff

and so i remember being a kid

and i’m the oldest of six kids and there

was one summer where we traveled around

the country

to civil war battlefields like daddy why

we gotta go to the civil war

battlefields he’s like look we

i want you to understand the history of

our country and also the history of our


and so we traveled to places like

gettysburg where hundreds of thousands


union and confederate soldiers passed

away we traveled to

places in northern virginia and other

battlefields around the country

and and i realized right there just how

important it is to understand history

well from those conversations a movie in

1989 came out

called glory if you remember the movie

glory it was

an epic movie about a civil war battle

more particularly a civil war regiment

of the 54th massachusetts the 54

massachusetts was

the second all-black union regiment that


in the civil war there’s a point in the

movie toward the very end of the movie


where the 54 of the massachusetts and

the rest of the union army was

trying to breach fort wagner fort wagner

was down in south carolina it was a very

important place

for the confederates a stronghold of

theirs and nobody had been able to

breach this fort before

and if you remember in the movie they

said who’s going to go first

because whatever regiment decided to go


they were going to sustain substantial

casualties many of them may not come


they said the 54th will go first and so

that night

you remember they were sitting there

they were having almost a church service

reminiscing thinking about their

families thinking about what they were

about to do the next morning in the wee

hours of the morning they got up

they got ready and they started marching


fort wagner as they marched through the

other white regiments

it was silent and then at some point

somebody yelled out go get them 54th

and everybody started cheering and raha

arrived so they keep marching out in

pride going toward fort wagner going


what was most likely certain death so

they keep going they’re on the beach

exposed the confederates see them coming

they start firing shells and the men

start running harder and harder toward

the fort toward battle towards certain


and at one point in the movie

the commander the colonel robert shaw he

gets shot

they’re right at the precipice they’re

right about to go into the fort

and the confederates lower their cannons

and they lower their guns and they shoot

right at the men who are totally exposed

and he falls and there’s silence in the


and if you know what i’m talking about

you’re gonna remember a young

a young girl denzel washington looking

back and forth and morgan freeman is

there and all these other great actors

that we know and there’s complete

silence and denzel washington looks and

he looks

and he goes and he picks up the american


he turns back to the men and he gives

out a yell

and all of the sudden all the men who

were terrified all the men who were

afraid that day all the men who were

doubting at that point

because their leader had been killed

they got up and they

charged the fourth they made it into the

fort they made it pretty far but they

didn’t take the fourth that day

the fort didn’t wasn’t taken until over

60 days later i believe

on that day the 54th massachusetts lost

about 40 percent

of their men 120 men or so died or

presumed dead

125 wounded but they were remembered

for their prowess in fighting and most


they’re remembered for their courage

i say that story and i tell that story

because right now when it comes to

manhood we need men

like denzel washington was in that movie

so many of us

are afraid of tomorrow we’re afraid of

failure we’re afraid of how we’re going

to lead our families we’re afraid of

a pandemic we’re afraid of economic

upheaval were afraid

to fail all these things we’re afraid of

and we’re looking for kingdom men to

rise like denzel did and pick up the


and say i’m going to move forward

because when men

step forward and when men rise other men

follow them

play 16 years in the nfl what you look

for in the nfl locker room

is not just talent a lot of people got


a lot of people can run a lot of people

can throw the ball wish i could throw

the ball wish i was the quarterback i

was the guy

that would catch the ball and get hit if

i could do it all over again

i’d be the guy that’s protected and just

throws the ball and get the big contract

but i digress

what you look for in an nfl locker room

are men who know how to lead you’re

looking for men who stand out

men who have character men who have a


to take chances men who are honest

about their failures men who were will


other people to do the same thing that

they’re trying to do

we are dealing with a chasm or a void or

a vacuum

in manhood and so right now at the no

more excuses conference right now as we

talk about kingdom men rising

you are the men that can change the


nobody else is going to do it you’re the

man that can do it

but it’s important to number one have a

plan it’s important to understand what

it looks like

it’s important to understand the

identifying characteristics

of a kingdom man rising so what are

those characteristics briefly i want to

go through some things

so that you can understand what it looks


for a kingdom man to rise

david in psalms was dealing with uh

much of what we’re dealing with right

now as far as what the landscape looks

like there’s nothing new under the sun

many times we say oh now the culture is

doing this but our culture

been bad since adam and eve got here in

the garden like there’s been issues

there’s been manhood problems if we look

in the garden

we see the beginning of our problem with

manhood when adam stood there

and didn’t do his job when he stood


and watched eve bdc that he partook

and didn’t protect her we as men have

inherited much of that so

this has been going on for some time but

god always provides the power through

his spirit for men to overcome if we

engage in it what does it look like

when a kingdom man rises there are three

things that i want to point out number


his character is renewed his community

is restored

and his culture is reclaimed number one

his character is renewed

inside of him something starts to happen

that can be identified on the outside

number two his

community is restored meaning his


in his home in the neighborhood at his

workplace those things are restored and


and the culture is reclaimed when that

happens meaning

mass movements happen when individual

men rise

to the occasion i mentioned david and

the fact that manhood

has stereotypes if we’re being honest we

all have different stereotypes of

manhood they change over time you know

whether you were a teenager or whether

you were your 20s 30s or 40s or 50s or

60s or 70s or 80s

that the stereotypes change but they’re

basically three things number one it’s


man who’s defined by the number of women

or the type of woman

or how she looks or your conquest

sex defines manhood a lot of times if

you watch films if you watch

movies or tv shows or listen to music or


maybe even in print how do we sell so

much stuff by a dude

with a bunch of women like on tv even if

it’s even if it’s

meta medicine it’s going to be sold by a


with some woman half his age because sex


and manhood is tied directly to sex

ladies men

ladies man being a conquester strength

number two sports again

i was involved with sports for so long

manhood is defined by how well

you play a particular sport if you can

shoot a basketball or not you know the

guy who could shoot the

the the hoops always got the girls

physical acts of strength

number three success

how much money do you have in your bank

account as it’s always been said i’ve

never seen a u-haul behind a hearse but


as men we focus on sex strength

and success during david’s day it was

the same way

he dealt with these things and in psalm

15 he gives us kind of a sneak

peek into what being a kingdom man

rising is

he kind of shows us some characteristics

of that man i want to read psalm 15 very


psalm 15. verse 1 oh lord who may abide

in your tent he says who may dwell on

your holy hill

he goes on to say he who walks with


and works righteousness and speaks truth

in his heart

he does not slander with his tongue nor

does evil to his neighbor

nor does he take up a reproach against

his friend

and whose eyes a reprobate is despised

but who

honors those who fear the lord

this man swears to his own hurt

and does not change he does not put out

his money at interest

nor does he take a bribe against the

innocent he who does

these things will never be shaken

that’s a kingdom man rising that’s a man

who identifies his character his

character is renewed

his community is restored his culture is


let’s break it down but the first thing

he talks about is who may dwell in your

holy tent who may abide in your holy

tent and dwell on your holy mountain

what david doesn’t want is simply an


he’s not looking just to be around god

and just to get something from him

he says who may abide who may dwell

what he’s saying is who may live in

god’s presence

lord who may live who who will you

receive what what is

what does it look like for a man to come

into god’s presence

and be accepted to find refuge in his in

his wings to

to to be able to worship at his feet

what does that man look like

he says who may live in your house and


you who may dwell in your presence as i

said before our life should be about

encampment not about experiences

our lives should be about encampment


much like the 54th of massachusetts when

they camped and they stayed there

we should be men who want to stay in

god’s presence i don’t know what your

personal life looks like

i don’t know if you’re reading your

bible every single day i don’t know if

you’re going to church

i don’t know if you’re worshiping i

don’t know if you’re praying but i do

know this

god will honor and he will grow you as a


when you spend time with him when you

dwell with him

not when you show up for a couple of

seconds here and there

so many of us men have memberships to

the gym

and we like to talk about the fact that

we have memberships to the gym

got to remember gender plant plant and

fitness la fitness

whatever it is you name the fitness

place we have memberships to those


sometimes you look at guys and say you

got a membership but i don’t see no


of your membership well it’s because

they got a membership and the closest

they get to the bench press is when they

drive past the planet fitness on their


to the subway or to the dunkin donuts

that’s the closest that they get to

using their membership

another person has the membership and he

starts to see gains and he starts to

grow and those sorts of things

because he is camping out

in the gym he’s going there four days a


three days a week or five days a week

he’s not missing those workouts

two men same opportunity one of them is

camping out the other one just wants a

simple experience

and just wants to say he did it david


who may abide and dwell in your tent he

wants to abide and be where god is

experience over encampment he goes on to

talk about integrity

and i love this word about integrity he

who walks with integrity and works


and speaks the truth in their heart i

had a coach

a university of georgia named coach

johnson and i remember

sitting in the meetings before we would

go to practice

and we all had these wooden desks in

front of us where we would write down

our notes and those sorts of things and

mine was a beautiful brown wood and one

day he tried to teach us

a a lesson he said man do you think


desks are real wood now i had no idea

what was wood and wasn’t what i said of

course coach these are real

why would they give us fake wood he said

i want you to

peel back a little bit that outer layer

so we all sat there and we’re digging

away you know

college kids digging away on the desk we

peel back and be

underneath it there was this kind of

cork board

that was not genuine wood and he says


i don’t want you to be like those desks

i don’t want you to live lives of

duplicity i don’t want you to be

two-faced i don’t want you to be a

charlatan i don’t want what you see on

the outside not to be what’s on the


and david says who is going to dwell in

the tent it is the man

who has integrity it is a man who

works his righteousness it’s the man who

speaks the truth

in his heart are we being men of

integrity your walk

your work and your words

should look different than the world

your walk

your words your work should all look

different than the world

i shouldn’t be able to confuse the one

who’s not

saved the one who’s not looking after

god with you

there should be a line of distinction

growing up i used to go over to my

grandmother’s house

my uncle lived there for some time as

well we would walk around the corner to

my grandmother’s house and she would

make pork chops fried chicken collard


i’m getting lost i’m getting lost but

she would make all those things but my

uncle was there and we were going to the


and my uncle had stuff like carrot juice

um salad he would have

grape juice prune juice he’d have a

little bag that was

fresh with cashews or pecans or

almonds some other nut he ate totally

different and we always thought that

that was weird

as i got older i started to realize why

he looked and seemed different

i used to watch uncle elbert walk around

he walked differently than i did in

other people and i was trying to figure

out what was going on

well my uncle was a professional dancer

for alvin ailey

my uncle had set apart a line of


between what he was going to put in his

body and what i was gonna put in my body

at that point not that it was bad

because i love the pork chops and the

fried chicken don’t get me wrong

but my point is that he wanted to

eat different and not only that because

of how he took care of his body and the

things that he did with his body

he even walked differently

my daughter’s a ballerina i look at her


walks differently i notice something

different about her because of the

muscles that she uses as opposed to

other kids her

age we as kingdom men need to look

differently than the culture

secondly and i’m moving on his community

is restored

his family his friendships his neighbors

is restored because he does not slander

others with his tongue

we are in a twitter universe now

we are in a quick sound bite universe


we insult people with our tongue with

our looks with our action

and we don’t apologize because it is

what it is and you got to deal with it

david in psalm 15 would say no for your

community to be restored

for your relationships between husband

and wife and father and child to be

restored and it can be

there has to be repentance and there has

to be forgiveness

when kingdom men rise their communities

are restored

right now as we speak one in three some

people say one in four

men are not in their home and they have


we are living what many would say is a

fatherless generation now many of these

fathers are still in touch but many of

them are not in the home and they’re not


their kids and that is having an impact

on the next generation are you one of

those men when you rise you go back

you restore relationships that you have

destroyed you restore relationships that

you have

neglected over time you do things that

maybe you weren’t taught as a kid

maybe you had a poor example

maybe you don’t know what it looks like

but it’s time

for you to go back a gallup poll showed


20 to 25 of adults up from 17 percent in

2009 would consider themselves to be

what we call nuns not

nun and o-n-e-s if i spelled it


nuns they have no religion

that is a ramification that’s a


of men not doing our job

lastly when a kingdom mayor rises his


is reclaimed and i really love this one


our culture will reflect

its leadership our culture will reflect

leadership at the top at the bottom in

the home

our culture will reflect whatever is

going on or whatever is not going on

at the present i say something all the

time sometimes i say truth is greater

than trend

truth is greater than trend we live in a

world of trends there always has been

there’s but one truth if our anchor is

not in the truth

we will be swept back and forth by every

single trend that comes along there’s

nothing new men

there’s nothing new there is but one


and david would say are we anchored in

it he goes on in psalms

15 where he talks about this man does


put out his money at interest

he doesn’t take a bribe against the


he swears to his own hurt so he he’s

he’s a promise keeper

he honors those who fear the lord what

that’s saying to me and what’s that

saying to us is

he he cares about justice

justice is thrown around a lot there’s

environmental justice there’s racial

justice there’s social justice there’s

all these types of justices but justice

is simply

giving people their just due whether

that be protection

or whether that be punishment god is the

god of justice

and so what a kingdom man does is he

says you know what i care about treating


right proverbs 31 9 he talks about

speaking up for those who cannot speak

for themselves speaking for the


that’s that’s directed at men

are you a man of justice

finally in psalm 15 it says this man

will never be

moved he will never be shaken

and what david is saying from the very

beginning saying lord what does it look

like for a man to be in your presence

what are his identifying characteristics

how can i not be

moved away from your presence how can i


continue to worship you and abide in you

and dwell with you

he says the man that does these things

will never be shaken now you may be

sitting there like i was when i read

psalm 15 and said wow that’s a lot of


this dude is a man of integrity this guy

doesn’t take advantage of people

this dude doesn’t back bite and talk bad

about folks

he doesn’t lend his money at interest to

those within the family of god he


you know attack the innocent or take a

bribe man this dude is like perfect

how am i gonna do that

it’s not in your own power we must be

empowered by the spirit

ezekiel 37 10 talks about this which is

the verse for this conference it says

so i prophesied and he commanded me and

the breath came into them

and they came to life and stood on their

feet an exceedingly

great army the word and the spirit

bring about this revival so if you’re

feeling pressure right now like man i

want to rise

i want to be a king to man i want to do

all these things

no it’s not in your own power it’s not

in your own power

you can’t do it in your own power the

word and the spirit being about revival

the word and the spirit are what give

kingdom men

the power to rise

i’m reminded of a story as we wrap up

that was told to me some time ago about

a very very wealthy man

this man had a huge estate billionaire

100 millionaire whatever it was a huge

estate couldn’t even count it

he passed away and his family decided

through the will to do an estate sale so

they were going to sell off some of his

most prized possessions

his possessions that were invaluable and

a lot of people just came just to see

what this guy had because you know

people be nosy

so everybody came and showed up at this

estate sale

and they were sitting there waiting for

it to start at one o’clock at 12 59

the man comes out who was the

administrator over the estate and he

said we’re going to start

selling off or auctioning off these


so they start the auction and

everybody’s waiting for the first item

to come out because they didn’t know

what it was gonna be if it was gonna be


you know one of his old school cars or

if it was gonna be

some sort of artifact that he got on an

excursion somewhere they didn’t know

what was going to be an article of


the first item that the auctioneer said

we were going to start with was

a portrait you see the man

had had a son and there was a portrait

that was drawn of his son

and they were getting rid of all these

things and so the first

item was the portrait now most of the

people looking

at the portrait said i don’t really care

about the sun

i want to get to the good stuff let me

get to the gold bars

or whatever else he’s got back there in

the shed and so the auctioneer

started asking he set a price nobody

claimed it he set another price nobody

claimed it going once going twice three

times nobody claimed it

and then a servant came out someone who


working over the estate throughout the

life of the master

and of the estate and and also knew the

son very well had a great relationship

with that son

and he said sir i don’t have any money

but if possible can i have the

the portrait if nobody else wants it he

says sure take the portrait now we can

get on to the good stuff that

everybody’s looking forward to

the administrator over the estate at

that point

took out the will one more time and

reading through it he read to everybody


that it was the man’s wishes that


took the portrait of his son

could have the rest of the estate

the billions dollars the billions of

dollars whatever was in the estate

said he could have whoever took the

portrait of my son shocked everybody was

clearly upset because now this poor man

who was a servant of the estate and a

caretaker over the estate now he was a

billionaire because he took the portrait


the son he got all the father’s riches

because he took the portrait of the son

man you don’t have to do this

on your own the bible says that we have

all we need

to live this life of godliness we

already have it in the sun

through the sun we have access to

everything we need to be a kingdom man

rising we have access to be everything

we need

to this list in psalm 15 of a citizen of

zion or a heavenly citizen who sits at

god’s feet and worships him and


his community his character his culture

we have everything that we need but now

the question is will you rise

through the power of the son

let’s pray god we thank you for this day

lord i thank you for every single man

lord that is

watching every single man that is a part

of this this conference

lord i pray for myself lord where i fall


but i ask forgiveness for those times so

what i

i know god that you are calling men to

yourself and calling us to lead

to our character but we’ll be renewed

god so that our communities

lord will be restored god so that our

culture will be

ultimately reclaim lord for you

so right now through this conference i

thank you

for the power that you have in your holy

spirit to bring these things to pass

in jesus name we pray everybody say amen

god bless

listen i can’t tell you how excited i am

coming off the heels of that message not

just because it was coming

from a super bowl champion but that’s a

super bowl message because when you

recognize like he said at the end when

you have the son you have all of the

riches of the father

not just in having the gospel believing

but also

receiving the gospel and how we live our

life with grace and mercy and

righteousness and justice and so i want

to thank ben for the opportunity that we

have to listen to the message that god

gave him and we got to work it out we’ve

got to learn grow and achieve based on

it listen

anytime we have a conference whether

it’s here in person and now obviously


we give away resources we give away

resources we want you to have resources

so that you can have the opportunity to

learn grow and achieve at a whole nother


day by day week by week month by month

and year by year

and we’re doing it the same way this

year and we’re going to do it for a gift

of any amount

for a gift of any amount you can walk

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men rising the book

the new book that my dad has just come

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and so you want to walk away with that

book so that you can rise like the book

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also for a gift of any amount you can

get your time is now

that’s my new book my first solo book

i’m excited about it just came out

but it’s going to help you go through

the nuances of understanding how you can

position yourself for the purposes


of god also for a gift of any amount

you can get my brother’s cd altered

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so that you can have the opportunity to

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for a gift

of any amount but listen if you give 75

or more today not only will you get the

things that i just mentioned

but we’re also going to include the

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going to get so much more

by a gift of 75 or more to the ministry

the ministry continues to need your

support as we continue

to support you with the gospel of jesus

christ you know this is the 40th year

of my dad working alongside and building

up the body of christ with the urban


and so the urban alternative has done so

much for the community and not just the

community but the entire world

with his radio broadcast and television


and so any gift that you give not only

will you be getting a resource

but you’ll be giving to the ministry so

that we can continue to resource the


with the gospel of jesus christ and so

we’re grateful to be able to work


today as we encourage each other to be


men rising but we’re going to keep

giving stuff away these are the moments

that i love because i love the giveaways

and we got

signed footballs from ben watson

that’s a super bowl champion by the way

we got signed footballs

that we’re going to give away and we’re

going to give them away right now so go

ahead and throw it to me

go ahead let me see it oh yeah

oh yeah you already know what time it is

you know i got hands and here we go

the ben watson signed football and we

got four of them that we’re going to

give away

we’ve already pre-selected winners who

registered at a certain time we were we

were looking at those registrations

and we got four names right here that

i’m going to read and give

these balls away so i want you to listen

to see if your name gets called

i want to i want you to see if your name

gets called okay first we have

jeffrey perkitt jeffrey perkitt i don’t

know where you are

but this ball is about to come find you

i wish i could throw it to you

but we’re virtual so we’re gonna send

you this ball

and i’m just glad that you registered

when you did uh

randall good randall good

you’re getting one of these championship

football sir i hope you’re excited

jumping around in your house right now

but if you have a son with you go ahead

and give it to him be nice to him and

then we have

terrance hitchens terence hutchins i’m

sorry i messed up your name

terrence hutchins that’s all right

listen you’re getting assigned football

benjamin watson okay who else do we have

maurice watson maurice watson my

guy i don’t really know who you are but

that’s all right you still my guy

because we’re in the kingdom men rising

conference and you’re getting this


football we appreciate you registering

appreciate you being a part

of what we have going on here locally

but also nationally as we continue to

grow together so for you

four men congratulations on getting this

giveaway it’s a big one for us and thank

you ben watson

for signing it listen when i wrote the

book your time is now

i was thinking about how important it is

for all men to realize

that your time is right now in ezekiel

22 verse 30 it talks about god looking

for a man but he could find none

and our time is now as men to be the men

that god has created us to be

to no longer sit soaking sour to no

longer just

sit behind our problems and our

obstacles but to move forward in the

call of god on our lives

so that our families can be better so

that our marriages can be better so that

our community can be better

so that our churches can be better

because it was the passivity of adam

in genesis chapter 3 that allowed the

whole world to fall apart

many people just talk about eve holding

the fruit and passing it to adam

but genesis chapter 3 talks about adam

being with her

and he allowed it to happen and there’s

so many things in our culture and in our

personal lives and in our families

that we are allowing to happen when god

is calling us to go forward to the

purposes and promises

and destiny that he has for our life we

should no longer allow

certain things to happen it’s time for

us to step up and step

out to be the men that god has called us

to be i remember

reading joshua chapter one when you turn

the page from deuteronomy

34 to joshua chapter 1 the first word is


now means right now now means not later

now means imminent now means it’s time

to get going

they experienced the death of moses in

deuteronomy 34

and then you turn the page from

deuteronomy to joshua one and the first

word is now

i know you’re hurting joshua i know

you’re hurting because

they’ve been mourning for 30 days over

the death of moses and the things

that they lost that has brought them so

far i know it’s tough

that’s why in the book of joshua chapter


god tells joshua four times be strong

and courageous

be strong and courageous be strong and

courageous be strong and courageous why

did he have to tell joshua

four times in one chapter to be strong

and courageous

simple because he wasn’t because when he

got that call

after experience that big loss his knees

were weak and his palms were sweaty

he didn’t know how he was going to be

able to move forward after experiencing

so much pain but god made a promise to

him he said everywhere your foot treads

i have already given it to you

that even though you’re experiencing the

pain oh best believe i have a purpose

and i need you to reach out and grab it


now understand i know a lot of you are


i know a lot of you are struggling

whether it’s your marriage whether it’s

your finances whether it’s career

whether it’s purpose whether it’s


uh whether you just feel like the people

of israel and you’re just stuck in the

wilderness i know

there are those things that you’re

mourning about right now like the people

of israel were mourning

but it’s time for us today as we are

kingdom men rising

to turn the page and when we turn the

page we see that god is saying

right now right now i’m calling you i

know what you’re going through

but even in what you’re going through

i’m still calling you

so it’s time for us men to go to the

next level

he says that he wants us to rise in

chapter one verse two

rise to the next level so it’s time for

us to rise

out of our anxiety and our depression

time for us to rise

out of our loss it’s time for us to rise

to the next level

through the pain and through the morning

that we have experienced

it’s time for us to realize that the


is now to go back

to life let’s go


confusion i breathe in

your truth i

breathe out

all my fear i breathe in

your peace


confusion i


your truth i

breathe out

all my fear















depression and all anxiety

they have no power over

me addictions

strongholds and every







no depression










because it is








it’s is you jesus

it’s only you jesus


bring your shadows

every shackle yeah

and lay them all down lay them all

down at the end


break your stresses

with every question




watch what he will

he do the grave then there’s nothing

to create what he

will do


and lay them all


that’s what he will do

watch what he will do


cause it’s coming it’s coming

for you








we will do

get ready






if the grave

there’s nothing too great watch what he

will do oh

watch what he will do


we’re watching jesus


no more excuses kingdom men

rising i’m honored to be once again with

the general

one of my heroes dr tony evans

coming out of his coven 19 pandemic here

we are

no more excuses kingdom men

rising for such a time as this this is

the clarion call for each

and every one of us here’s a story that

compels me

i actually lived out a similar portion

of the story

in this past year it stems from ii

chronicles chapter 20

verse 21 this is what they sang

give thanks to the lord his faithful


endures forever what if i tell you that

love answers a man’s desperate cry

when a man has a prayer of desperation

a cry of despair what is heaven’s

response love answers

a man’s desperate cry we don’t know what

to do

but we’re looking for you for help

that’s second chronicles

chapter 20 verse 12. let me explain

the bible is full of powerful prayers

that exhibit

unbridled faith for the purpose of

bringing down

heaven to earth as it pertains to


determination and divine designations

let me give you some prayers moses

prayed show me your glory

caleb prayed give me my mountain

jabez prayed bless me indeed enlarge my


king hezekiah prayed add years to my


jesus prayed thine kingdom come

thy will be done yet not every prayer in

scripture comes from a person

a man that stands filled with perfect


or pristine clarity as it pertains to

what to do next the matter of fact i’m

here to tell you

one of the most powerful prayers you can

ever make

is the prayer of desperation a desperate


indeed have you ever been desperate have

you ever been in a place in your life

where you had no idea what to do next

if so this message is for you if we are

really to rise up

as men of god’s kingdom with no more


it behooves us to understand there is a


that god has committed himself according

to the psalmist

to forevermore respond to it is that

prayer of desperation

we don’t know what to do next but we’re


to you for help once upon a time the

people of judah had a king his name was


the people of god stood surrounded by

the enemies the mucho malo hombres

vastly outnumbered with no possible

human way

of avoiding annihilation the king


made that prayer can you believe that

the king

of god’s people made that prayer i have

no idea what to do next

but you do have you ever been there can

you relate

have you ever been in a place in your

life where you had no idea

what will take place next but only god

could take you out and help you out

july 2020 i lived this moment

in the midst of this kobe 19 pandemic in

the state of california

my entire family was stricken with covet

i was primarily

asymptomatic about 97 98

we contact traced the the variant that

came in it actually came from a friend

of ours

that came in from texas i’m telling you

texans hey

thank you for messing up california

different story for another day

but here we are my family was stricken

with covet and

i was asymptomatic as i just referenced

my son nathan was 100 asymptomatic

my daughter just gave birth to my first

granddaughter mila

her white blood cell count was very low

she ended up in icu barely being able to


inching closer and closer to the other


i found myself just like jehoshaphat god

i have no idea what to do next i’m


on douglas folsom boulevard in granite

bay california i’m a pastor i’m a


the tomatoes is not entertainment it’s

not hype it’s not rhetoric i have lived


i know god his grace to such an extent

that i can’t doubt him

i know he’s real his vicarious atoning

work i’ve experienced it

but man i was driving my jeep wrangler

and i was broken i was broken i couldn’t

line this up and i cried out just like

jehoshaphat god

i have no idea what to do next and to be

very forthright

i wept i wept

i wept i wept

but you see there’s something the bible

clearly lays out regarding

weeping the bible talks about weeping

weeping may tarry for the night

but joy comes with the mourning

psalm 30 verse 5. in other words

men put a smile on your face because

nothing can stop the sun from rising

all of a sudden the spiritual antibodies

kicked in

and god’s promises filled my mouth

some men trust in chariots others trust

in horses

but i trust in the name of the lord our


psalm chapter 20 verse 7 i was young but

now i’m old but this i know for certain

i will never ever see the righteous

forsaken no there’s seed begging for


psalm 37 verse 25 and of course romans 8


doug quintessential promise god makes

all things work together for the good

of those who love him and are called

according to his purpose

here’s what i discovered as i made the

jehoshaphat prayer

that prayer that prompted love to


love to speak into me to shine upon me

here’s what i discovered the god that

masters the outcome is the same god that

manages the process

let me repeat that the god of the

outcome is the same god of the process

you have to trust him through the

process as well as

believing him for the outcome either on

this side of eternity

or on the next side of eternity i


that when your hunger is greater than

your fear

nothing can stop you when your integrity

is more important in your influence

nothing can stop you when your praise

speaks louder than

your pain nothing can stop you

and what’s behind you when what’s behind

you is under the blood of jesus

what’s in front of you cannot be stopped

i discovered

that we make it this far i made it this

far we’ve made it this far

not because we perfectly held on to god

but because

god perfectly held on to us we’ve made

it this far

even coming out of this cobin 19

pandemic and all the

the social political racial angst

everything we’ve seen in the past 14 15

months how did we make it

we made it this far not because our

faith is so efficient

but rather because his grace is always


we made it this far because god does

great things of broken pieces

we made it this far because we’ve

learned that when life throws us rocks

we build an altar first corinthians 15


by the grace of god i am what i am

i don’t know what to do next jehoshaphat


that desperate clarion called that

desperate prayer

coming from a man who is in leadership i

don’t know what to do next

but you do one of the most beautiful

prayers you could ever make

is a confessional declaration disrupting

every notion of self-dependency

opens the portal for divine

interruption let me repeat that

i don’t know what to do may arguably be

the most beautiful prayer we can ever

make a confessional

declaration disrupting every notion of


opening the portal for divine

interruption love not only answers a

desperate prayer

a desperate cry but number two love

always sends the holy spirit let me read


he made this prayer second chronicles 20

verse 12

verse 13 says all the men of judah stood

before the lord

and the spirit of the lord came upon

one of the men standing there one of the


who stood there impacted with the spirit

of the living god

love answers a desperate man’s prayer

and love will always send the holy


the spirit of the lord came the spirit

of the lord came

the spirit of the lord came let us be

clear and i must

be clear about this to clear up some of

the ambiguity and

and confusion out there the holy spirit

is not a denomination

the holy spirit is not a network the

holy spirit is not an emotion

the holy spirit is way beyond an

experience the holy spirit is not a


the holy spirit is not a service a

conference an ideology

a philosophy or an app the holy spirit

is the active presence of god

here on earth the holy spirit is the

third person

of the trinity in charge of the church


the holy spirit is the greatest


with the greatest amount of followers on

the planet today

the holy spirit who is the spirit of

christ the same spirit that raised

jesus from the dead romans 8 11 if

you’re born again

and jesus is lord of your life that same

identical holy spirit lives inside of


that’s what the apostle paul wrote about

the holy spirit romans 8 11

the same identical not a clone not a


not some sort of similar spirit the same

identical spirit

that raised jesus from the dead lives

inside of you which means what

if via the conduit of that spirit jesus

came out of the tomb

you can come out of everything did you

hear that

if you have the same spirit that took

jesus out

you can come out of everything you can

come out of fear

anxiety depression sin shame

condemnation consternation whatever it

may be

the spirit of god has the power to take

you out of it

the holy spirit the holy spirit is in


the holy spirit is in oklahoma and

believe it or not i come from california

this may be difficult for some of y’all

to believe but the holy spirit is moving

in california

my friends jokingly make fun of me when

i say god is moving in california i want

i want to be clear about this listen to

me carefully there’s not

an executive order a supreme court


a legislative initiative a law or a

social media campaign

that has the power to stop the holy

spirit from moving upon the face of the


nothing can stop god’s spirit let me

repeat that

there’s not an executive order a supreme

court decision

a legislative initiative a law or a

social media campaign

that has the power to stop the holy


from moving upon the face of the earth


can stop god’s spirit you can’t cancel

the holy spirit

you can’t boycott the holy spirit and

you can’t de-platform

the holy spirit just like jehoshaphat


god’s people stand surrounded we stand


by moral ideological cultural and

spiritual enemies

of truth love faith and grace but let

not your heart be troubled

john 3 16 god so loved first

john 4 16 god is love and when we are


by god who is love he sends the holy


he does a man makes

a desperate cry out for help

god who is love responds

and he sends whom the holy spirit

so what do i believe is next not

speaking out of the womb of emotional


but committed to biblical orthodoxy the

centrality of christ

and the advancement of the kingdom of

heaven here on earth

as dr tony evans has instructed us for

so many years

what do i believe i wholeheartedly

believe and it’s not being optimistic


it’s just being biblical about it i


that the next thing to fill the earth

will not be covered 20 21

or 22. the next thing to fill the earth

will be an awakening

that will make the jesus movement look

like an opening act

i believe we’re about to see god’s

spirit move upon the face of the earth

like never before and you man of god

are an integral part of this next


so don’t drink the kool-aid don’t drink

the kool-aid of

abc nbc cbs cnn msnbc and we don’t

discriminate here

univisioni telemundo don’t drink the


what do you mean don’t drink don’t

believe the hype what does that mean

i believe what acts 2 17 says not what

any news source may say

regarding what’s next and what’s next in

the last days god says

i will pour out my spirit

upon all people your sons and daughters

will prophesy

your young men will see visions and your

old men will dream dreams

get ready get ready and i do believe get


turn your porch light on your prodigal

sons and daughters are coming back home

love love answers a desperate

man’s cry for help love sends

to men who are rising up with no more


his precious holy spirit and love

fights for you love fights for you

he said listen all you people of judah

and jerusalem

listen king jehoshaphat this is what the

lord says

do not be afraid do not be discouraged

by this mighty army for the battle is

not yours

but god’s second chronicles 2015

but god but god

but god conjunction junction

what’s your function that’s but right


but god don’t be afraid don’t be


the battle is not yours it belongs to


god is with you god is in you god is for

you the battle belongs to god i want you

to hear me

the battle belongs to god whatever


battling right now whatever you’re

confronting right now whatever it may be

internal external financial emotional


it may be in your relationship in your

marriage with your children

regarding your career whatever it may be

the battle belongs to god

the battle between your mind and your


belongs to god the battle between your

flesh and your spirit

belongs to god the battle between your

past and your future

belongs to god the battle between the


and the pathetic belongs to god

the battle between generational bondage

and supernatural freedom

belongs to god the battle between your


and your destiny belongs to god

please please stop saying it’s yours

stop texting is yours stop posting is


stop thinking is yours it’s not yours

it belongs to god let me tell you what

does belong to you

to the vicarious atoning work of jesus

through his crucifixion and his

resurrection when you receive him

when you confess with your mouth and

believe in your heart let me tell you

what is yours

his righteousness second corinthians 5


his peace according to philippians

chapter 1 verse 2

his joy john 15 11

eternal life that only christ can give

john 3 16

new life second corinthians 5 17


life john 10 10. so what’s yours

let me tell you what’s mine what is mine

is a destiny

that cannot be stopped a dream that

cannot be quenched

and a designation that cannot be undone

saved by grace love

love love answers a man’s desperate cry

love sends the holy spirit love

fights for you and love wins the war

you heard me correctly love wins the war

verse 21

after consulting the people the king

appointed singers to walk ahead of the


singing to the lord and praising him for

his holy splendor and this is what they


give thanks to the lord his faithful


endures forever his faithful love

endures forever throughout the myriad

expressions of love in all of human


there exists only one perfect

unadulterated unbridled

unprecedented expression of love friends

men of god listen carefully this love

that i’ve been preaching about

for the past minutes for the past 15

plus minutes this love this radical

transformative beautiful truth-telling

grace-filled redemptive sanctifying

righteous love this love

cannot be defined by culture this love

cannot be legislated by politicians

this love cannot be captivated by

ideologies or societal trends

this love is not a variable this love

is a constant this love is more than a

construct an emotion an idea or a


this love is a being this love is a


the love that i’m talking about is the

love that said let there be light

this love clothed adam and eve after the


this love stood by moses in the desert

as he saw the others proceed to the


this love empowered samson in the midst

of a coliseum

redeeming his failure this love took

gideon out of the threshing floor and

restored for david

the joy of his salvation this love

was born in a manger baptized in the


this love changed water into wine

fishermen into fisher of men

and sinners into saints this love walked

on water turned tables and broke

bread this love told zacchaeus to come


lazarus to come forth and to the woman

of the well this love said go

and sin no more this love died on the


and on the third day on the third day

on the third day this love

resurrected this love ascended

this love sent the holy spirit and get

ready for this

this love is coming back again

for you and when we embrace this love

the love of god the love that is god we

are driven compelled required

and commanded to love one another

that’s what we’re going to do no more

excuses with this love

the love that answers your desperate

prayer your desperate cry

the love that sends the holy spirit the

love that fights for you and the love

that wins the war

with that love we will love one another

with that love whoo we will

we will see the coming together of what

the lamb died for on the cross

when we love one another we bless those

that curse us we forgive those that

condemn us

and we lift up those that attempt to

break us down

it’s crazy love it’s time for you and i

to rise up with no more excuses with


love that answers a desperate man’s

prayer and cry

let’s do this let’s bring good news to

the poor

let’s fulfill the great commission make

disciples equip the saints

and worship god in spirit and in truth

with this

love we can literally change the world

love changes everything on the fourth

day they gathered in the valley of


which god has named that day because the

people praised and

thanked the lord there it is still

called the valley of blessing today

so god shows up love shows up and fights

for this man of god who made and issued

a call a cry of desperation once again

love answers a man’s desperate cry for


love sends the holy spirit love fights

for you

love wins the war and the final point

the five stones here

love changes everything what do you mean

the valley that was meant to be the

valley of defeat

had a new name acquired a new name when

god showed up

it’s now called the valley of blessing

are you ready for this

get ready men of god get ready as we

come out of this cobin 19 pandemic i am


i’m telling you get ready we’re about to

see the flipping of the proverbial


what does that mean instead of riot’s


instead of lockdowns open heavens

instead of strife

unity instead of hatred love instead of


truth instead of confrontations


instead of political affiliations

prophetic designations

and instead of storming the capital

we’re about to storm the gates of hell

in the name of jesus love

changes everything this love

demands that we reconcile our

eschatology with our missiology

which means what we do believe jesus is


but he’s not coming back for a broken

church a whining church

a depressed church a fearful church a

politically correct church

a comfortable church or a dying church

he’s coming back for a triumphant

holy victorious thriving church

let’s do this with the love of god

let’s change the world around us i made

that cry

driving my jeep wrangler i made that cry

just like jehoshaphat

and god by his grace for his namesake

intervened and he flipped the script

in my family with great empathy for

those who did not have a similar outcome

on this side of eternity

but i understood this even regardless

with great due difference of the outcome

i understood that god will always

answer a man’s desperate cry for help

i don’t know what to do next but you do

love love answers your prayers

so today i am believing that driven by


with no more excuses men of god’s

kingdom will rise up

and we will change the world around us

and if we do this according to the word

of god

our children will not inherit our sins

our children will inherit our blessings

our children will not inherit our

mistakes our children will inherit

our mantles i believe that so get ready

with this love let’s do something


in jesus name for the glory of god

are you ready men let’s go change the



listen you can’t tell me that that word

didn’t bless you the way that it blessed

me love

wins the war if we learn to love like

christ loved us

if we learn to demonstrate that love

that even while someone’s a center

against us the bible says love your


that’s how we win so i want to thank

sammy rodriguez right now

for that blessed word that he just gave

us i’m so excited about that word and

how we can use it

i’m also excited right now because as we


there are some giveaways that i have for

you there are some giveaways that i have

and the giveaway

is the kingdom men rising book we got

signed copies

that we’re about to give away right now

to four

blessed men who are watching this right

now and so i’m going to call your name

out go ahead and get the drum roll on

your kitchen table

because it’s about to come to you let’s

go winner number one is chris

sledge chris congratulations from

wherever you

are this book is about to come to your

house we’re gonna put it in the mail for


winner number two kenneth guyton kenneth

my guy you just won this book is on its


to your house signed copy winner number


david collins david it’s coming to you


winner number four and the final winner

drum roll please kitchen tables

matthew white matthew this book

is coming to you signed copy of kingdom


rising it’s time to rise up and as we

talk about

rising up which we’ve been talking about

this whole conference

this is where we go to another

level i can’t wait for this moment right


because this is what i’ve been taught my

whole life by this man

to go to another level to rise up

to go to the next level that god is

calling me in my life as a son

and i know my siblings would say the

same thing and i know my mom

if she was here would be saying the

exact same thing because every night

around the kitchen table he would open

up his word

and he would teach us how to rise up and

i’m talking about not just

as a preacher but as a father the legacy

that he is leaving behind in the legacy

that he continues

to carry with over 51 years of preaching

over 45 years of local ministry 40 years

of national ministry he’s been doing


telling men and women alike to rise up

and today he’s going to do just that but

i want you to know

before we go to my dad dr tony evans i

want you to know

that this is not just something that he

preaches coming from a son

who sat in this front row all my life

i’m letting you know that when i went

home what he preaches

is exactly what he lived men

it’s time to rise

wake up men you’re more than a job title

you’re greater than the balance in the

bank status fades

but character and courage leave a legacy

that lasts

don’t let your yesterdays define your

tomorrow you were made for much more

look ahead not behind you eyes forward

all god has for you is there for you

right now

but you’ve got to go and get it focus

and faith are what’s needed right now

well i hope you’ve enjoyed and been

blessed by the conference so far

we appreciate my good friends ben watson

sammy rodriguez and of course my two

sons jonathan evans anthony evans for

putting together this special special

time for men

it is our goal in the no more excuses

men’s conference to challenge men

to the next level of biblical manhood

to become kingdom men and in this year’s


kingdom men rising i’m excited about the

new book i’m excited about the

uh the the impact it’s going to make in

challenging men

to not only become kingdom men but to


influencers as kingdom men in the lives

of other young boys and young men

who desperately need to know what it

looks like

to be a real man god’s kind of man a man

of life and a man of impact

and a man of cultural transformation so

thanks for joining us so far and we

we we’re not quite finished yet we’re

going to believe god to

close us out and to take us further in

understanding what it means

to follow christ as a man

now you know uh we are living in a time

when we are the visiting team

christians are the visiting team

christian men

we’re the visiting team there used to be

a time

when christian men were the home team

that’s because

the crowd was on our side they shared

christian values

they shared a judeo-christian ethic

they shared a respect for god jesus and

the bible

and a christian worldview would be

applauded and appreciated

and even people who didn’t embrace it

would at least

respect it but we’ve become the visiting


in this post-modern culture

that has rejected the values of god’s


we’re no longer being applauded and


we’re often being booed and rejected

if you are a christian man today and you

are serious

about your faith you’re the visiting


the crowd is no longer on your side or


uh the acceptance that you used to know

enjoy and appreciate

uh just won’t be there at least it won’t

be there to the same degree you’re used

to it

we are the visiting team but you know


in a football game the visiting team

is still expected to score in fact

the visiting team is still expected to

win just because

the crowd is booing you and the refs

aren’t supporting you

and there’s another team against you

doesn’t mean you walk off the field

throw in the towel and decide not to

play the game

no you’ve got to up the game because

you’re still

expected to win away from home

and that means that what we need is

kingdom men

rising rising to the occasion

of representing god in a culture that no

longer embraces him

embraces his word yeah they may

reference him but he’s no longer the


by which decisions are made it’s time

for kingdom men to rise

if i was to pick one verse one verse in

all of the bible that defined

and summarized kingdom

men what it means to be a kingdom man

and what it means to be kingdom men


that verse would be ezra chapter 10

verse 4. let me read it to you

it says arise for this matter is your


but we will be with you be courageous

and act let me read it again arise

for this matter is your responsibility

but we will be with you be courageous

and act let’s review what a kingdom man

is a kingdom man is a male

who is consistently operating

under the lordship of jesus christ it’s

a male who has made the decision

to be responsible underneath the rule

of god where god rules him overrules him

guides him and directs him and where he

submits to that divine authority

in and over his life

in this verse in ezra chapter 10 verse 4

what we are finding is there’s a problem

in the culture

there’s a problem in the culture and

that is that the men

have compromised when you read chapter


for example he says that the men

have been unfaithful to god in verse 2.

they’ve married foreign women from the

peoples of the land

he says you’ve compromised as men you’ve

compromised in your morals you’ve

compromised in your relationship

and you’ve compromised by buying into

the secular culture

one of the reasons why we are the

visiting team

is that we are now operating in the

secular culture

when operating in the secular society we

have adopted

the values of this world order to define

our maleness and our manhood

and that compromise has brought

devastating results

in every category of life

in the areas of our personal lives in

the areas of

family breakdown divorce abandonment

single parents

generation of women with no one to marry

it’s demonstrated itself in churches

that have to overly depend on

the women because the men are missing in

action and it most certainly has


itself in the culture with the

redefinition of gender it’s

demonstrated itself with crime and


and all manner of vitriol and

and hatred and racial strife cultural


class strife political strife one

pandemic on top of

another pandemic and that boils down

to one overarching fact

and that is god can’t find enough men

to get the job done as we regularly

quote for me

ezekiel chapter 22 verse 30 god says i

look for a man

so that i would not have to curse the

land but i could find none

so the land got cursed because the men

were missing in

action well here we find the men of


they’ve decided that they’re going to be


everybody else they’re not going to rise

to the occasion of what it means

to follow god in spite of what everybody

else decides to do

and so ezra chapter 10 verse 4 says

arise in other words get up

in other words no more sleep no more


no more passivity no more

uh just playing church

and playing christianity he says get up

now it’s interesting why he’s saying get


because in chapter 9

the previous chapter ezra the priest

has been kneeling

it says in verse five i fell on my knees

and stretched out my hands to the lord

my god

he says our situation is bad if you read

the whole prayer

in chapter nine he says we’re desperate


families in disarray stuff is crazy

men have compromised he says and i’m


god we need help so he’s now

on his knees that’s that’s where you

start if you’re going to be a kingdom

man rising you’ve got to start by being

a kingdom man kneeling

going before god and he confesses his

sins he confesses the sins of the people

he confesses the sins of himself he

confesses the fact we

have failed you because god will not

allow you to rise if he can’t get you to


that is to surrender to the lordship of


he surrenders to the rule of god when

god called the men in exodus 34 to meet

with him

he was calling them to surrender to his


so anything else you want to do if you

are not surrendered to god

then don’t be surprised that you won’t

be able to get up and get anything done

he says i’m on my knees first

but now in verse 4 of chapter 10 he says

get up

it’s time to go to work start on your

knees but don’t stay on your knees

don’t skip your knees but don’t reside


get up it’s time to get going

because the culture is declining

families are disintegrating children are


direction and destiny he says arise

it’s time to get the job done now why

does he tell him to arise

well he says in verse 4 because it’s

your responsibility

if you follow me on anything related to

being a kingdom man it boils down to


the bible says that adam was responsible

now eve got it started because he

listened to the serpent

obeyed the serpent and tempted adam

but when god came looking for who he was

going to blame

he says in genesis 3 adam where are you

when the bible looks at the human race

in romans chapter 5 it says in adam

all die when it refers to jesus christ

it refers to him as the last

adam you see it all falls on adam

you must accept an overriding principle

if you’re going to be

a kingdom man rising and that

responsibility simply is

it’s your responsibility ezra 10 4 says

it is your responsibility i’m not saying

it’s all your fault

don’t misunderstand me i’m saying it’s

your responsibility

it’s your responsibility to lead your


it’s your responsibility to raise your

children it’s your responsibility to be

the spiritual head of your home

and to guide your wife spiritually it’s

your responsibility

to have an influence in the culture not

because it’s all your fault

but it is your responsibility and our

tragedy today

is that we’re not getting enough men to


to the responsibility to fix

what’s broken even if you didn’t break


you’re responsible to get it fixed so if

your wife’s not

being all that she should be it may be

her fault it’s your responsibility

if your children are in rebellion it may

be their fault

but it’s your responsibility if the

church is not working right it may not

be your fault

it’s just your responsibility and if the

culture has gone crazy and lost its mind

it may not be your fault but it is

your responsibility because god is

looking for men to

own it not to come up with excuses

for why it’s not getting done

he says it is your responsibility which

means you got to get up

you can’t be staying in bed you can’t be

just uh

uh uh faking it till you make it no

you’ve got to own it

because that’s what kingdom men do when

they rise to the occasion

it’s your responsibility it reminds me


a husband who was failing to take

responsibility he was blaming the white

blaming the kids

blaming everybody else blaming the

culture blaming what’s wrong in the

world he’s just blaming everybody

so his wife looked at him one day and

said look look

you better put on your big boy pants

and if you’re not willing to put on your

big boy pants i’ll give you

a pair of mine for you to wear because

that’s what a lot of men are facing

right now they refuse

to pull up their pants and their wives

their women

have got to take their role and take

their responsibility

because they refuse to own it and rise

to the occasion it’s your responsibility

we have too many men who’ve been


too many men who who haven’t owned their

manhood i’m not talking about meanness

i’m not talking about domination no

i’m talking about responsibility too

many men who’ve been

spiritually castrated who haven’t owned


manhood in terms of their responsibility

too many men who’ve been domesticated

they have not

owned their responsibility underneath

god and so if you’re going to be a

kingdom man rising

then you’re going to have to rise to the

responsibility of manhood as

god defines it not as the culture

defines it not as your posse defines it

not as your friends define it not as the

media defines it

but as god defines it he says it’s your

responsibility he goes on to say in

verse 4

of uh ezra 10 he says you’re gonna have

to be courageous

you’re gonna have to get some guts and

you’re gonna have to you

have to decide that that you’re gonna be


i like the words of first corinthians

chapter 16 verse 13

it says act like a man in other words

stop acting like a punk

stop acting like a chump okay act like a


and what does he mean by that his next

phrase says be strong

stop being a weakling stop

throwing in the towel walking off the

field at half time

talking about the other team is hitting

me too hard tackling me too hard

uh they won’t they won’t let me run the

ball and they won’t let me score uh-uh

that’s that’s the that’s the statement

of a chump that’s somebody

who doesn’t believe that they are

winners he says no act like a man in

first corinthians

16 verse 13. today we have too many

passive men

and i’m not telling my personality i’m

talking about not owning up

to the strength required to be a kingdom


rising what got adam in trouble was his


when satan talked to eve and eve brought

him the fruit

instead of him standing up based on what

god said

he chomped down punked out

based on what was being said around him

by the devil by his wife and it

overruled god

when god gave instruction to adam eve

had not even been created yet

why because god expected adam to be

biblically spiritually responsible and

this is more than saying grace before

you eat

this is tenaciously holding in love

in kindness to god’s word as

the standard of how you operate and if

that word doesn’t have any authority

over you

then that means you’re not a kingdom man

you’re a cultural man

you may be a popular man but you’re not

a biblical man you’re not

and you can’t rise to the occasion of

what you’re being called on

which is why there’s so much chaos in

the world today he says

be courageous let me tell you something

about jellyfish

jellyfish have no backbone okay you ever

been in the ocean and

been stung by jellyfish you know


don’t have backbones so what do they do


jellyfish float they just kind of wander


because they don’t have any backbone

they don’t have anything to hold them


and hold them strong okay but now they

will hurt you

if jellyfish will sting you it will hurt


so we’ve got a generation of men who

will hurt you

but that doesn’t mean they’ve got

backbone they’ll sting you

because they’re floating they have no

standard they have no governance they

have no guidance

they have no direction but they’ll hurt


they’ll steal from you they’ll they’ll

they’ll jump you

they’ll terrorize you but

they’re floating because they’re jelly


they’re not kingdom men rising and so

we want to challenge you to go against

the culture

and ezra he’s saying the men had had had

done what everybody else was doing

thinking like everybody else was


they weren’t kingdom men risings they

were cultural men declining you remember

jesse owens right

jesse owens had the whole crowd against

him hitler was against him

germany was against him the crowd was

against him here is a

here is a man who was called by by

hitler monkey

because uh of his uh uh african-american

said and so they they they they ignored


but he decided he was gonna rise to the


he wasn’t gonna let everything happening

around him or what people were saying

about him

determine what he did so he got out on

that track and he

blew stuff away why because he wasn’t

listening to all those voices

he knew who he was and he functioned


even when being fully rejected by the


in germany where he found himself so it

is we need kingdom men who rise

in spite of what the culture says a man

is in spite of

how you’re being put down rejected in

spite of

how people are are relating to you you

know you you

you’re operating on a different standard

you’re running a different race

and you’re running to win he says i want

you to be

courageous not a passive man he says

act he says be courageous

and act don’t be courageous and talk

don’t be courageous and woof

don’t be courageous and mutter he says

be courageous and let’s get something


let’s let’s get going here in other

words what you gonna do

act like a man because anybody say i’m

the king of my castle

i’m the man okay all that’s noise

okay i want to see what your feet are


god wants to see what your feet are

doing are you

acting in fulfillment of god’s word are

you acting in fulfillment of leading

your family

are you leading in devotions are you

guiding your family to church or do they

have to wake you up and ask you are you

going today

are you active in the ministry of your


are you at the pta meetings uh yes the

woman can help but they shouldn’t be

replacing you

he says i need you to act

i need you to take responsibility

if you want to see god move

then you must move you must act

we must act we we’ve got to show a


not verbalize one we need sight and

sound not just sound

people can your wife can your children

can your posse

can your church look at you and say look

at what that man is doing

look at his action look at that kingdom

man rising

to the occasion that is desperately

calling for

men to step out publicly and step

forwardly yes

in humility yes in love

yes in caring but also in clarity

in other words there shouldn’t be a an

uncertain sound that is if you’re going

to be

a kingdom man he says act

he said something else in this verse i

love this he says

and we will be with you

he says and we will be with you in other

words you don’t do this by yourself

we’re gonna have a company of men who

gonna hang out with you

in other words this is not being a lone

ranger christian yes there is personal

responsibility but you need to be part

of a group of men

who will own that responsibility with


to whom you can be accountable whom you

can be responsible

for them to encourage you for for for

you to encourage

them men who you are mentoring men who

are mentoring you

a court of three the bible says it’s not

easily easily broken

so that at least at a minimum should be

two other men

to whom you relate your manhood to

so that we can hold each other up as we

try to

overcome all the pressures that we are


he says we will be with you

it reminds me of the story of the pygmy

who was standing over the rhinoceros

the pygmy is standing over the

rhinoceros the rhinoceros has been


and he’s standing over him and a hunter

came and saw this little pygmy

standing over this huge rhinoceros he


to the pygmy did you kill this


he said i sure did he says you killed

this rhinoceros he said

yeah he said well how did you kill this

huge beast

how did you kill this rhinoceros he says

well i killed this rhinoceros with my


you killed a rhinoceros with a club

he said i need to see this how big is

your club

oh he said i got 100 dudes in my club

how many are in your club cause we’re

dealing with a rhinoceros situation

in the culture everywhere the schools

are falling apart

you see the politics are in chaos that’s

because we don’t have kingdom in rising

we got

we got kingdom men floating and we got

we got well we got men floating

who have not yet become kingdom men

because they’re not rising

to god’s definition of manhood and god’s

definition of manhood is a male

who has accepted the responsibility to

operate under divine rule

in every area of his life he doesn’t

pick and choose

god rules over all god corrects him

guides him

impacts him inspires him challenges him

so it’s time now

for kingdom in the rise and for kingdom

men to take

their stand and you can’t do that as a

lone ranger you can impact

your personal environment but we’ve got

bigger than

just your personal environment now we

are now dealing with

national and cultural collapse

we are dealing with the devolution of a


you’re watching your nation destroyed

in front of your eyes you’re watching


so you either gonna step back and say


what will be will be or

i’m going to meet my responsibility and

me and my posse

you know because we will be with you you

know we got too many lone ranger

christians every

it reminds me of you know the story of


muhammad ali is on the plane true story

i’m told

and he’s sitting on the plane and the

student comes by and says mr ali

will you will you buckle your seatbelt

she came back a few minutes later they

wanted to take off she said mr ali you

haven’t buckled your teeth seat belt

would you please buckle your seatbelt

she came back a minute later

he still hadn’t buckled his seatbelt mr

ali please we need to take off you need

to buckle your seatbelt

it’s reported that ali said

superman don’t need no seat belt to

which the stewardess said

well superman don’t need no plane so

buckle your seatbelt all right

see you have to understand you got


and you can’t do everything on your own

there are certain things you must do to

fulfill your personal responsibility

but then there are collective things we

must do because

no man is an island in himself he says

we will be with you which is why

every man needs to be a functioning part

of a local church

a functioning part of a men’s ministry a

functioning part of a local connection

every man must own that

with other men your pastor shouldn’t be

just looking for

uh uh uh ladies to do what men

should do the children’s ministry the

boys in the children ministry

shouldn’t only see ladies they should

see some men going through there and

men in the youth ministry and and

college ministry

uh so so so that they see what a real

man looks like

and knows who they ought to be emulating

he says that we will be with you

so what does this mean well

the statement is made in ezra chapter 10

verse 3 so now let us make a covenant

with our god let us make a covenant

now if you’ve heard me talk about

kingdom then you’ve heard me talk about


a covenant is a divinely created

relational bond

a divinely created relational bond

covenants are official they’re not

casual which is why you can’t be


all right you can’t be just shacking

with somebody okay

because that means you’re not covenanted

all right you get married

because it’s legal it has accountability

tied to it

now the reason why you covenant

is that god operates his kingdom

with his covenant and the reason that

you want to covenant

is because it is through the covenant

that god expresses his dominion

let me say that again because far too

many men don’t get it don’t get it don’t

get it don’t get did you hear me don’t

get it

a covenant is a divinely created

relational bond

through which god expresses his kingdom

authority and dominion

for example uh when when you look at the


and you see what god has to say in for

example in exodus chapter

uh 34 verse 10 let me read that real

quick because i want you to see

what god has to say he says in exodus

chapter 34

uh verse verse 10 god said behold i am


to make a covenant before all your

people i will perform

miracles which have not been produced in

all the earth nor among all the nations

and all the people

among whom you live will see the working

of the lord

for it is a fearful thing that i’m going

to perform

with you he says if you do my covenant

then you’ll see my miracles

why more men sing miracles with their

wives changing

miracles with their children coming back

home miracles and their jobs

miracles and their impact in society

because they refuse the covenant now

they’ll go to church that’s not a


that’s a visit a covenant is an official


coming under divine authority if you

don’t come under divine authority

you’re not officially coveted and if

you’re not officially covenanted

then you are missing out on the

supernatural involvement

impact and expression of god working

in through and for your life it is time

for men to covenant that is to

officially place yourself

under divine authority and under divine


that’s how david was able to kill

goliath in first seventeen

he says who’s this uncircumcised


that’s taunted the armies of the living

god why did he say

uncircumcised because that was the sign

of the covenant

among the jews your way you covenanted

was to circumcise your son

bringing him under divine rule

so he was able to kill big goliath

and exercise dominion over this


in his life because he was under the

covenant and goliath

was not who is this uncircumcised


and david was able to do something even

the king couldn’t do so

because he didn’t understand how

powerful the covenant

is isn’t that what football teams do

when they go on the field

they get on the field and what do they

say they get in that little circle

before the game

and they say this is our house dominate

okay dominic you hear them saying

dominate why in other words we’re going

to rule this environment

well guess what god wants to give

righteous rule

just rule you’re worried about the

racial problem social problem cultural


but we need some kingdom men to arise so

that god can express

his rule through those men who are


to covenanting with him through coming

under his divine

authority so that we can see god’s rule

exercise in their lives he says and we

will be with you

now some of some of you are saying well

things are really bad yeah you’re right

things don’t look good yeah yeah you’re


my wife my wife is she won’t submit

yeah you’re right you know my children

they won’t obey

you show you right yeah we

we uh we you know the job not working


i got you i heard that okay

now that you didn’t give me all the

excuses now that you

told me why everything is wrong and you

can add to that whatever you want to add

to it

okay now let’s arise okay let’s arise

let’s get some guts let’s put on our


have some carriage act like men

be strong and let’s get going he says

and here’s why as bad as it was

as difficult as things

looked he goes on to say in ezra chapter


these words verse two we’ve been

unfaithful to god married foreign women

from the peoples of the land in other

words we would

we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t compromise


in our relationships and then he says

this at the end of verse 2.

yet now there is

hope for israel in spite of this

oh did you hear that no you didn’t hear

let me read it again

yet there is hope for israel

in spite of this we then messed up we

toe ups from the flow

up and there’s still hope

i know things don’t look good when you

look at the news

i know things don’t look good when you

when you when you

see what’s happening in society when you


all the collapse i know they don’t look


they may not look good for you

personally it doesn’t look like that

marriage can be saved

it doesn’t look like you can heal the

wounds of your sins

from the past because these folks had

sinned they had sinned

it doesn’t look good i got you but yet

verse 2 says but there’s still hope

and what’s going to be the hope he says

the hope

is going to be in the men now unless you

think i’m making that up

that it’s all about the men all about

the men it’s only about the man

you keep getting on the mend i’m hey i’m

just reading what the bible says folks

he says in verse 9 of chapter 10 so all

the men

of judah and benjamin assembled there

verse 16

ezra the priest selected men

verse 17. they finish investigating

all the men hello

i don’t see them about women here except

the women that they’re married

which means he’s talking about the men

again it’s the men the men the men the

men the men the men the men

not because the women aren’t important

not because women don’t have


but because you are responsible


before god so it’s time for kingdom men

to rise

to rise to the biblical definition of


to do it responsibly lovingly caringly

humbly but clearly time for kingdom men


you know uh if you go to walmart and you

buy some checkers

you’ll see a crown on top of each


because each checker was created to be

crowned as a king

you know that right each checker was


to get to the other side of the board

and be crowned

as a king

but there’s a problem most of the

checkers won’t make it to the other side

of the board

because they’re going to be jumped

they’re going to be jumped

and they’ll never get their crown

you know what determines whether you

jumped or not

whose hand is guiding you because see

there’s a hand guide on this side has a

handguard on that side

and depending upon whose hand is over


and who you’re underneath as a checker

determines whether you get to the other

side and when you get to the other side

what do they do crown me

kind of king me and guess what happens

when they put that crown on you

oh you now dominate you can go up and

down the board you can jump all over the


you you control what’s happening in the

environment of the board other folk got

to think twice before they move

because they got to move thinking about

you because your impact and influence

will now dominate the environment

because you have been crowned

we got too many men today have been

jumped that’s because they won’t place

themselves on the god’s hand

so that he can move them and and keep

them from being jumped by the devil jump

by the culture

jump by other men jump by situations and


but there’s still hope there’s still


because if you decide to be covenanted

unto god

to officially come under his authority

then it’s time to get up rise up

because the world is waiting for kingdom


rising let’s pray

father thank you for this conference

thank you for all the men who are

watching listening observing thinking


i repent and i repent with other men who


for allowing the culture to contaminate


to cause us to quit when we should be

getting stronger to throw in the towel

when we should be getting back into the


to walk off the field when we ought to

be scoring

crown me crown us so that we dominate

the environment

in a biblical way and bring glory

to the king of kings and lord of lords

raise up kingdom men who rise

thank you for allowing us to be together

as men

to hold one another accountable to rise

to the high calling of what it means

to be a kingdom man in jesus name


well i hope you were blessed encouraged

empowered and challenged by this year’s

no more excuses men’s conference

and that you will be a kingdom man on

the rise

making a difference for his glory and in

the lives of other

men and boys who desperately need

god’s way to look at life so on behalf

of my sons anthony evans jr and jonathan


thank you for being part of this day

yeah and before we go

don’t forget you can support the

ministry of tony evans kingdom and

rising the

global ministry at tonyevins.org and

uh what else are we forgetting about

anything else yeah promise keepers

oh oh absolutely because i am speaking

at promise keepers 2021

july 16th and 17th it’s another


for you your sons your fathers your

uncles your brothers

to be a part of the promise keepers big

comeback at texas stadium

they’re going to be at texas stadium but

they’re going to be streaming all over

the world so take advantage of that

opportunity as well that’s wild in and

of itself because we grew up going to

promise keepers that was our special

trip but we got to go we were young and

so to

see you speak on the same stage he did

it’s a it’s an amazing thing listen we

are glad that you are here

with us for this year’s no more excuses

conference and we will see you

next year at no more excuses 22.

you guys be safe god bless you thank you

be good

come on hey you want to sing it with us

daddy no

just give us one

we’ll see you guys next time