Priscilla Shirer shares a powerful message about hearing the voice of God and growing more intimately with Him. When we place faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit takes up residence in us, all the power, all the glory, all the grandeur of who He is lives inside of us. When we open our spiritual ears and yield to Him, we will find that His voice grows louder as He outworks His gifts in our lives. #priscillashirer #hearinggod #hearingthevoiceofgod SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:… RESOURCES:

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Welcome to the Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer YouTube channel! Our ministry is focused on the expository teaching of Scripture. Our desire is not only to see people understand His written Word but for all to experience His Power! Priscilla Shirer has equipped believers through her Bible studies, films and books including Discerning the Voice of God, God is Able, and two New York Times Bestsellers – The Resolution for Women and Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer. Her movies include War Room (2015), I Can Only Imagine (2017), Overcomer (2019), and The Forge (2024). These theatrical releases are tools designed to inspire audiences to walk with Jesus.

I have uh three siblings I have an older

sister her name is Crystal and then I

have two younger brothers Anthony and

Jonathan I’m I’m I’m second in line I’m

sort of right in the middle and um we’re

all very very good friends my my sister

my older sister Crystal and I are are

extremely good friends we actually were

next door neighbors for a large portion

of our life five or six years we live

right next door she has five children

but her three boys she has two older

daughters but her three boys are pretty

much the exact same age as my three boys

it’s like we planned it or something we

just kept having these boys and we Liv

next door to each other homeschooled our

children really together so she did all

the hard stuff I did recess and lunch

that’s what they came to my house for

and it was just a zoo basically all day

long six boys just running back and

forth so we have spent a lot of our

adult years really being very close

friends um but of course in our younger

years we were were sisters growing up

together so we bued heads quite a bit

Crystal and I uh probably had a rivalry

that started very very very early in our

lives because my sister Crystal was the

very first child obviously in my family

but the first grandchild for either side

of the family so paternal grandparents

maternal grandparents she was the first

grandchild her name was crystal because

she was the light of everyone’s


so my grandparents were so thrilled that

they finally had this grandbaby and of

course I know there’s something about

that first grandbaby um that you just

are so thrilled and excited about I’ve

heard that from lots of grandparents and

my grandmother in particular on my

father’s side she was so excited about

this first grandbaby girl so for

Christmas every year from the moment

Crystal was born she would send this box

of stuff for her for Christmas inside of

this box there would be things that

little girls used to wear not this you

know sort of casual skinny jeans stuff

uh-uh I’m talking about the hoop skirts

you know with the Ruffles on the bottom

you remember when little girls used to

wear those little fold over socks that

had the lace around the trim yeah those

big hoop skirts and stuff where in

church on a Sunday they’d be spinning

around because they’d want to see how

high their skirt could get she’d send

little patent leather shoes little white

and black patent leather shoes and just

lots of sweet things she would send them

the box would come with Crystal’s name

on it and I know what my grandmother was

thinking she was thinking that she was

going to send things in Crystal size and

then all of us could just grow into all

of the handmd downs and all of the the

stuff that she would soon grow out of

and I remember being so excited every

year when the box came the box would

come Crystal’s name on it we would stand

together and we would open up this box

and I would be so excited as we took out

every little skirt and every little pair

of socks and every little pair of shoes

because I remember thinking that soon

sister girl you going to grow out of all

this stuff and it will all be

mine but I remember there was one

particular year I don’t know it must

have just been because I was a little

bit older that year maybe nine or 10

years old that I’m opening up this box

with my sister and I remember that year

not being excited about this situation

anymore I remember opening up the box I

remember pulling out the stuff and I

remember feeling a little bit

disconcerted about the fact that this

stuff had not been specifically chosen

for me this stuff had been chosen for

her and I’d been okay with hand me-

Downs with secondhand clothes all of

these years but all of a sudden I wanted

my own stuff I wanted something to come

with my name on it that had specifically

been chosen for me there ought to come a

time in your relationship with the Lord

where hand me down Revelation just

doesn’t do it for you anymore there

ought to come a little bit of

disconcerting a little bit of maturity

in your walk with God where you become a

little bit unsettled to only be spoonfed

the word of God from someone else to you

now we thank God for our pastors and our

teachers and our leaders that help us to

rightly divide the word of truth but

there ought to come a time in your life

where you’ve decided you know what I

want fresh Revelation with my name on it

that has come straight from God’s spirit

for my

life because you know we can be

handicapped as Christians we can live

our whole lives leaning on Revelation

that that is spoonfed to us from other

people instead of knowing that the exact

same holy spirit of God that lives in

that person whose faith we might

rightfully admire that the same holy

spirit of God that lives in them also

lives in you to teach you you all things

and on the the end of this conference

what we want for you is so much of what

Ally said a few moments ago when she

stood on this platform that really this

is not the end this is the beginning

that when you leave this place it not it

ought not be a period on the end of a

sentence it really ought to be just the

opening up of a brand new fervent

vibrant relationship with Jesus that

what you’ve had in this room you cannot

wait to get home and to just um just

coddle a little bit and encourage a

little bit and be in the word of God and

in prayer and in worship not because

there’s a crowd gathered but because the

same God who is permeating this room is

the same God who will be with you in

your home in your room on your job in

your life in your marriage in the

details of your daily

circumstances you can hear the voice of

God I’m so glad glad that you have come

to this conference but if the only time

that you expect to hear God speak to you

is once a year at the conference you

going to be in trouble if you’re waiting

on Breath of God next year to actually

experience the Breath of God the oxygen

of God to your life you going to be in

trouble listen I hope you go to church

on Sunday I hope you go if you do not go

to this church that you go to a vibrant

Spirit-filled Bible teaching church

somewhere you need to be planted in the

house of God so I pray that you

recognize that this conference did not

take the place of Sunday morning

tomorrow at your

church come on somebody ought to say

Amen to

that your pastor ought to be so thrilled

that you came to this conference because

you bring tomorrow morning into the

house of God a fire and a fervency to

serve the people of God and to be in the

setting of the presence of God so I pray

you go to church on Sunday but if the

only time you are hearing the word of

God is once a week on a Sunday you’re

going to be in trouble on I pray that

you’re in Bible study I know many of you

are that once a week or twice a month

you may meet up with a group of girls

over a Bible study so that you can go

deeper into the word of God I I pray

that you do that but if the only time

you are ever hearing God is when you are

gathered with other people you are

handicapped in your relationship with

God yes we ought to we ought to desire

you ought to hunger even if you’re not

quite sure how yet you ought to hunger

for it to just be you and God over his

love letter asking him to speak to you

and to give fresh wind and Fresh Fire

for the details of your life you can

hear the voice of

God there is a portion of scripture that

speaks to this more clearly than any

other I think it’s been encouraging to

me in my own life because I have a

tendency to to uh sometimes become a a

little bit handicapped in this way that

I enjoy so much listening to other

people teach and listening to the

Revelation that is the holy spirit has

given them to share with us to edify me

I I I become I can become a little bit

handicapped in that I have to be

encouraged myself to remember that I too

can have my own personal relationship

with Jesus where my spiritual ears are

open to hear what it is that he wants to

say to me for my life as a woman for my

peace of mind and peace of heart from my

life as a mother to the three sons that

the Lord has given me to the husband

that the Lord has given me to be married

to for nearly 20 years now that he’s got

a word that is a signed just for me I’ve

got to remind myself that I have the

privilege to hear the voice of God as

well and this portion of scripture has

helped me with that it is in the Book of

John John chapter 10 I’m going to read

to you verse

1-5 and then I’m going to hop over to

verse 27 and we’re just is going to camp

out there for just a few minutes on this

final evening of this incredible

conference that we’ve shared together

John 10: 1-5 says this truly truly I say

to you he who does not enter by the door

into the fold of the sheep but climbs up

some other way he is a thief and a

robber but he who enters by the door is

The Shepherd of the sheep to him the

doorkeeper will open the door the Sheep

will hear his voice he calls his own

Sheep by their name and then he leads

them out freedom is in the voice of God

when he puts forth all of his own he

goes before them and the Sheep follow

him because they know his voice verse 5

says and a stranger they simply will not

follow they will flee from him because

they do not know the voice of a

stranger verse

27 my

sheep hear my

voice I know them and they follow me

listen to that one liner again there’s a

whole lot packed into that one liner if

you underline in your brick and mortar

Bible like I do this is one of those

verses that deserves to be

underlined John 10:27 says my sheep this

is what they do they hear my voice he

says I know my sheep and they follow me

a lot of times the details of what Jesus

wanted to get across the truths that he

wanted to communicate to us sometimes

they are lost amidst the shuffle of some

terminology and some some uh cultural

nuances that we miss CU we don’t know

the details of stuff like wheat and soil

and grapes and those sorts of things

often times he will speak about things

that unless we understand some cultural

significance we’ll miss out on the

richness of what there is so let’s just

go back in time just a little bit to the

Middle Eastern Sheepfold in Jesus’s day

so that we can wrap some flesh around

this and see how we as Daughters of God

can expect to hear the voice of God

there are four details in this one line

where we’re going to settle in for just

a few moments tonight there are four

details that are going to help us to

understand how we can make sure we leave

this conference fully anticipating that

we can keep this love affair going all

year long until we meet again say Time

same place next year he says my sheep

are the ones who hear my voice the very

first thing Jesus points out in this one

liner John 10:27 is that my sheep are

the ones who hear my voice he points out


relationship in the Middle Eastern

Sheepfold in Jesus’s day a Shepherd

would have upwards of 100 sheep that

might be in the flock that he’d be

leading all day long throughout the day

as the day wore on and everyone became

tired and it was time for the Sheep to

sleep that one Shepherd would take his

all of his 100 sheep to a fold for the

night in fact there might be upwards of

10 Shepherds that would bring their 100

sheep to one fold to stay for the night

Shepherd number one and number two and

number three and number four all the way

up to number 10 they would all come to

the same fold the fold was uh barded off

are fenced off by by um stones that had

been gathered up into waste high fence

lining all the way around and there

would be one entrance one opening there

was no gate there there was no door

there just an opening into the stone

lined fold and so all 10 of the shepherd

would bring their 100 sheep there might

be upwards of 1,000 sheep in the

Sheepfold to spend the night nine of the

10 Shepherds would turn around and go

back into the nearest city to sleep for

the evening there would be one Shepherd

that would stay behind he would lay his

body in the opening of the Sheepfold and

he would become the doorway to the

Sheepfold he would actually use his body

as the barrier he would make sure to

watch over the 1,000 sheep that were

inside the fold that night and use his

own body as the gate as the doorway to

the Sheep to make sure that there was no

predator or no stranger that tried to

take advantage of the 1,000 sheep that

were on the inside in the morning when a

Shepherd would return from the city to

retrieve his flock the porter that’s the

shepherd the name of the Shepherd that

had stayed behind was called the porter

the porter would lift his body up from

where he was laying all night long he

would see a Shepherd coming from afar

and he would take time to evaluate

whether he recognized this Shepherd he

would want to determine whether or not

not this Shepherd was a true Shepherd of

one of the flocks that was inside if he

recognized that it was a true Shepherd

he would remove his body from the

opening of the Sheepfold the shepherd

would walk into the

Sheepfold that had 10 different flocks

and that Shepherd would call his

sheep with one call the 100 that were in

relationship with that Shepherd would

detect the call of their Shepherd and

only those 100 would rise up out of the

flocks that were gathered that night and

follow their Shepherd out What mattered

as to whether or not they understood

that call was not whether they were

black sheep or white sheep it didn’t

matter whether or not they congregated

with a whole lot of sheep or a little

bit of sheep it didn’t matter whether

they were the cool sheep or the cheaply

discarded runs the only thing that

mattered was whether or not they were in

relationship with the shepherd I’ve got

a question for you today are you in

relationship with Jesus Christ have you

placed faith in Jesus Christ because the

only way that you’ll be able that I’ll

be able after this day is over to

clearly hear the voice of God when we’re

not necessarily in the company of many

others the only way to have an ongoing

fervent fiery relationship with Jesus

Christ is to make sure that you actually

have a relationship with him and here’s

what you need to know our God doesn’t


grandkids wow just because your mama

placed faith in Jesus Christ does not

mean that that trickled down into your

life you got to make your own decision

to have a relationship with Jesus and it

doesn’t matter whether or not you

congregate with a lot of sheep or a

little sheep whether or not you’ve done

a whole lot of good deeds over the

course of your life whether or not

you’ve been singing in the choir or on

the praise team or taking meals to a

friend doing good things things Bravo to

all of those things the question Still

Remains have you decided to place faith

in Jesus Christ as the only way the

truth and the life I know it’s not

politically correct to say it but I’m

going to tell you that there still is

only one way to have a relationship with

God and that is through Jesus

Christ many people often ask how could a

God who is supposedly so good only give

7 billion plus people on the planet from

different cultures and different

continents and different languages and

different backgrounds How could a God

who is supposedly so good only give all

of those diverse people one way to have

a relationship with him if he’s so kind

and so good how could there only be one

way while that’s a good question it’s

not the right question the question is

not how could a God who is so good give

us one way the question is how could a

God who is so holy give us such Unholy

beings anyway to have a relationship


him when you place faith in Jesus Christ

you have an opportunity to have an

ongoing conversational relationship with

Jesus with him with God for him to speak

to you for your spiritual ears to be

heightened and quickened so that you

have the opportunity to hear the voice

of God you become a part of the family

you have relationship I remember when

I’d be sitting in church I was I was

kind of born and raised in the church I

go to the church that my father started

when I was one year old he and my

parents he and my mother still pastored

the exact same church um that they

started when I was one so I know nothing

other than being in a great healthy

Church um where my own dad preaches the

word of God and I’ve been sitting on the

first or second row of church as long as

I can remember I still sit right there

behind my parents with my in all my

siblings and all of our kids we all sit

together in church um and we are taught

the word of God and I remember when I

was young I used to be in the children’s

choir and I would be up there in the

children’s choir stand and I’d be

sitting there and after we sang our one

song for that particular service I

remember you know we’d get a little

fidgety because we were kids and now

there was this long sermon and they had

announcements and all the other stuff

that went along with church and you’re

sitting there and you’re still sitting

on the choir in the choir loft at the

time that’s what we had you know these

risers with chairs and you kind of sit

there through the whole service we’d get

fidgety we’d start chewing a little gum

we’d start writing notes and passing it

to each other we start chuckling and

nudging each other and acting up sitting

right there up on the choir loft and I

remember looking down to that first or

second row where my mother was sitting

and she might not see me for a while but

after a few minutes i’ look down and

catch her

eye and she’d give me me that Mama

stare anybody know what I’m talking

about when I say the mama stare she

didn’t have to actually come up on the

platform and say anything to me with

that one stare a whole r a whole um

conversation unraveled in my mind the

consequence unraveled in my mind I got

straightened up because I knew the

expression of my mother why because

we’re part of the same

family in fact there has been a time in

your life I know where you and your

girlfriend had this funny experience

that happened to you and maybe you’re

trying to communicate the experience to

somebody else who wants to know what’s

so funny what are you laughing at and

you’re trying to to get them in on the

joke for them to actually understand

what is so hysterical about this and the

more you talk the more perplexed that

person looks because they don’t they

don’t understand what’s so funny about

what you’re talking about no matter how

much you try to communicate it they just

don’t get it because they’re not a part

of that connection when you place faith

in Jesus you become a part of the family

of God you have access to certain

Expressions you have access to certain

Insight that you would not normally have

access to listen to Ephesians chap 2: 19

in the Amplified Bible I love it so much

it says therefore you are no longer

Outsiders Exiles migrants aliens

excluded from the rights of citizens but

you now share citizenship with the

Saints God’s Own people consecrated and

set apart for himself you belong to

God’s Own household you are part of the

family of God is’t that

great the first chapter of the book of

Romans is is compelling for many reasons

but one of them is that it says that

General Revelation is available for all


humanity in other words the psalmist

says the fool says in his heart there is

no no God because if you just look up to

the heavens if you look around at the

mountains if you see the oceans and try

to figure out how in the world all of

that water stays separate from the land

if you don’t recognize the hand of God

staying the oceans from the land if you

look at the mountains and don’t realize

looking at the stars and the Suns and

the moons and the galaxies that there

has got to be a god somewhere the

psalmist says you’re a fool because

General revelation

tells us there is a

God I’m grateful for General Revelation

I’m grateful for the things I learn

about God just by looking at him we

learn about the creativity of God the

character of God just by looking at what

he has created that’s General Revelation

and if you’re like me you appreciate

General General Revelation but if you’re

also like me then I know you don’t just

want General Revelation you want some

specifics you want some details you want

to know whether God’s will for you is

that you would take this job or whether

he’d prefer that you take this job you’d

like to know whether or not you should

live in this neighborhood or whether or

not you should live in this neighborhood

you’d like to know if that that unction

you’re feeling a full-time Ministry is

for you or whether it’s to be a minister

on the corporate job that the Lord has

settled you and you’d like to know

single woman whether you should marry

this guy or this guy don’t we wish that

was the problem whether to marry this

guy or this

guy Lisa Harper

we want Clarity we want specifics and

details for our lives 1 Corinthians 2:14

says that people that are not Believers

that do not have a relationship with

Jesus Christ they can’t understand the

specific truths that are given to God’s

spirit it’ll all sound like given to

God’s spirit for us it’ll sound like

foolishness to those who do not do not

have a personal relationship with Jesus

Christ and here’s

why when I was growing up my parents

were uh pretty strict about several

things one of them was that we didn’t

watch a lot of TV during the week there

that wasn’t really for religious reasons

it’s just we’re busy there were four

kids lots of different after school

activities we were busy homework to do

dinner dishes to get done we didn’t have

time for television so we really could

only watch television on the weekends

and we didn’t have cable we didn’t have

satellite we didn’t have any of that it

was just regular basic channels I

remember that after I moved out getting

ready to get married and I got this

apartment I was setting it up for Jerry

and I for after we got married when he

would be joining me in that apartment

one of the very first things I did was

call the cable

man I was so excited the cable guy came

over I’ll never forget it my television

was an actual box back then and it was

sitting in a in an armoir and he moved

it out from from uh in front of the wall

and he hooked up all of these cords and

cables in the back he put it back in

place he came around to the front he

handed me a remote control and he said

hit the guide button

I remember hitting the guide button and

watching all the options the menu of

options flash across the screen I was so

amazed at all the and I was angry that

my parents had deprived

me my entire life of all of those

options all of those television channels

did not magically create the moment that

the cable guy showed up those channels

had always been available I had just now

received the right hookup so that I

could gain access to those channels

listen God is speaking God wants you to

hear his voice but you need the hookup

so that you can detect the channels that

will allow you to have access to God

speaking personally and intimately to

you and the hookup is the holy spirit

yeah yeah at the moment you get Sav you

receive the greatest gift you will ever

receive this side of Eternity and that

is the Holy Spirit of God listen to me

the holy spirit is not a ghost or a wind

or a fire or a dove he’s often

symbolized by those things in the

scripture but y’all that ain’t who he is

the holy spirit is the third person of

the Trinity not third because he is

least in value just third because he is

the last to be revealed to us in the

pages of scripture but all of the Power

all of the glory all of the authority

all of the Grandeur of God the father is

in the person of the Holy Spirit which

means when you place faith in Jesus

Christ and the Holy Spirit takes up

residence in you that means that all of

the Power all of the glory all of the

Grandeur all of the greatness of God the

father now lives on the inside of you

the holy spirit is your hookup so that

now you can detect the spiritual

channels that will allow you to hear the

voice of God and so then you’ll feel the

red light of conviction and that red

light will mean

stop sometimes you will feel the yellow

light of of disease and a lack of peace

and that yellow light will mean slow

down sometimes you will feel the green

light of Peace over a Circumstance the

green light the wind of God’s favor

pressing you forward and that green

light means go the conviction of God’s

spirit begins to well up in your heart

and in your life because when you’re in

relationship with Jesus the spirit of

God begins to govern your your

circumstances and or your your uh

convictions and as you yield to him as

you walk in obedience to him you will

find that his voice grows louder and

louder and louder in helping to govern

your your decisions and your choices

surrendering to the Holy Spirit The

Filling of God’s spirit as he outworks

his fruit and his gifts in your life the

holy spirit is your hookup

listen this is

why some times you sit in that

movie the exact same kind of movie you

would have watched before you became a

believer in Jesus and you sit there

seeing the same images you’ve seen

hearing the same jokes you’ve always

seen listening to the same language you

have always seen but on this day you’re

sitting there with your girlfriends and

you’re just a little bit uneasy about

what’s up there on that screen and you

can’t figure out why in the world you

feel so uneasy when this is what you’ve

always done that’s the Holy Spirit

convicting and challenging and tweaking

and turning and molding you into the

image of Jesus Christ it’s called

sanctification somebody say

sanctification sanctification

sanctification is the process by which

you become molded into the image of

Jesus where you begin to think like

Jesus and talk like Jesus and walk like

Jesus and want to honor Jesus in your

actions it’s when you’re doing the same

things you’ve always done but there’s

something about it now that just doesn’t

sit right with you don’t fight fight

that that is the spirit of God speaking


youen so for many of us we have felt

this little conviction about a

relationship that we’re in single woman

the relationship that you’re in there’s

something about it that just doesn’t

feel right to you and you’ve been

fighting to hang on to this relationship

when the Holy Spirit has been trying to

sever it trying to show you there’s

something better for you that there’s

something a different direction that he

wants to take you don’t ignore that

prompting on the inside that’s how the

Holy Spirit

speaks and once you have that connection

the Holy Spirit living on the inside of

you you should expect to hear the voice

of God in fact that’s the second thing

that Jesus says In this passage he says

my sheep there’s the relationship he

says what they do is hear my voice

that’s the result of the relationship he

says the result of the relationship is

that you you will hear my voice it’s

what you should expect you should

anticipate that what you’ll do as a

daughter of God is hear the voice of God

you should expect that when you have

your quiet time that God is going to

speak a fresh word over your life you

should anticipate and know that while

every time you sit over the pages of

scripture it won’t seem like it is

specifically for you that there will

always be something that God is trying

to declare about himself over your life

because I want you to know that

sometimes you look at people on this

platform maybe like me or like Lisa or

like Pastor K or like Lee or Becky you

might look at someone like your pastor

and you must think that every single

time we sit over the pages of scripture

it’s just fresh and fervent and fiery

and we’re hearing God and it’s all

amazing every time but sometimes y’all

sometimes the quiet time is just about

the jebusites and the Hittites and

they’re fighting the amorites and then

those ites ate the other IES and we

don’t know

what anybody know what I’m talking about


you know what this has to do with my


life but because I expect to hear God

because I go into it anticipating that

there’s something in here for me then at

least I always pray and say but Lord

what does this teach me about your

character that you want me to know what

does this at least show me about your

personality or what you would say or

wouldn’t say I want to know you as much

as I possibly can through the scriptures

even when sometimes it is dry

I expect to hear the word of God you

should come to church this way

anticipating that there is a word for

you not just a general word for

everybody but there’s a specific word

for you your heart ought to be

heightened your spiritual ears ought to

be open detecting a word that might come

from the platform for you from your

pastor for you but also when you’re

standing in line waiting for the

bathroom at the Women’s Conference you

ought to be eased dropping on

conversations that are happen happening

around you because God can use anyone at

any time to speak a word that echoes in

the hollows of your

heart God speaks and he says would you

please have your spiritual ears open and

expect that you child of God have the

privilege to hear from your

daddy expect to hear the word of God aw

toer great Theologian says that only

those who expect to hear God actually

will yeah yeah because if you don’t

expect to hear him then every time God

speaks you will say it was just a

coincidence every time God speaks you

will say oh that was my own idea every

time God speaks you will discount it as

anything and everything except what it

is but Deuteronomy 30 God told the

people my word is not so hard that you

have to send a prophet into the heavens

to get it for you or someone to the

other side of the sea to get it for you

he says my word is in your own heart and

it’s in your own

mind God speaks to regular girls like

you and me Mothers and and wives and

single women and working women and

retired women and grandmothers and aunts

and high school students and University

students you don’t have to have a

seminary degree to hear the voice of God

you’re his daughter and that

relationship that family makes it so

that you should sit on the edge of your

seat in anticipation that you can hear

the voice of God it means that when

there are Divine intersections that

other people call coincidence you can

see the Fingerprints of God on that it

means you look back over your history

and now in hindsight you can see the

footprints of God that guided you every

step along the way you because you are a

daughter of God what other people call

luck you call Providence because your

God is

Sovereign that you don’t trust in the

Stars to bring you luck uh-uh you trust

in the creator of those stars who is

aligning your step and govering your

governing your path expect to hear the

voice of God it is your Birthright

because you are part of the family Jesus

says there’s a

relationship my sheep he says there’s a

result they hear my voice and then he

says there is a

reason relationship a result and a

reason he says here’s the

reason I know my

sheep that’s the reason why you should

expect to hear him he says cuz girl I


you I called up a friend of mine who um

this is many years ago now but I called

up a guy I knew that worked with sheep

and cattle to ask him a few questions

about this passage because I don’t know

if you can tell by looking at me or not

but I’m not really a sheep and cattle

kind of girl so I called up someone who

is and I asked him a question about this

whole knowing the Sheep business

business I wanted to know about this he

said well it’s interesting Priscilla

actually that is a Nuance back in the

Middle Eastern Sheepfold in the first

century in Jesus’s day that’s a Nuance

that is very unique and specific to that

time period The Knowing of the shepherd

and the Sheep he said that Shepherd

would spend hours upon hours upon hours

a day just spending time with his 100 in

that flock they would sleep together

they would eat together they would play

together they would work together they

would be an intimate relationship with

each other so that they’re sent so that

they knew the scent of the shepherd so

that they knew the voice of the shepherd

the tone of the shepherd He said in fact

they knew each other so intimately that

the shepherd could of course call all

100 but the shepherd could also change

the tone of his call just a little bit

and call one out of his 100 that’s how

intimately they knew the shepherd He

said Priscilla with the advances of

modern technology we don’t know the sh

our sheep anymore he said we use

helicopters and sheep dogs and we’ve got

them fenced in and we brand them or we

put an electronic device on them so that

we just don’t even have to have a

relationship he said the other day I

walked into the gate where my sheep were

and they scattered because they don’t

know me I’m not in relationship with

them I’m like a stranger to them because

modern technology has made

it to where the sheep and the shepherd

don’t have to have intimacy anymore wow

wow I want to tell you how much I like

you appreciate the advances in modern

technology but in the next breath I want

to tell you how the more advanced it

becomes the more options that are

available to us every single time I

think the enemy sits more on the edge of

his seat in Applause because there’s yet

another thing to distract us from

knowing our savior and having intimacy

with him y’all our children don’t know

what it’s like to just sit in the

presence of God and potentially hear the

word of God the Holy Spirit beckoning

them because all throughout the church

service they’re busy playing another

game of Candy Crush cuz we haven’t

taught them how to just sit still apart

from modern technology and the reason we

haven’t taught them is because we

haven’t taught ourselves right there’s

no boundary there’s no margin it has

overrun our lives and with the advances

of modern technology we have walked away

from the beautiful stepping one step

after the other the Walk of relationship

with Jesus

Christ there’s a man named Henry

blackaby she whiz this

man has such a um faithful long diligent

relationship with Jesus where he is a

scholar for sure but what the nuances of

his books and devotionals give you is

not just the nuances of study it’s a man

who now in his 80s I believe has walked


Jesus he happened to be in my church

once and I cornered him that’s what I do

with people who I admire their

relationship with Jesus I just Corner

them I get all up in their

business and I said how do you know when

God is speaking to you how can we hear

the voice of God y’all I had a spiral

notebook and a pen out I was ready for a

seminary class I was waiting for him to

give me details I had bullet points

listed down so that I’d be prepared to

write everything down that he was going

to say that man looked back at me and he

said here’s the secret to hearing

God the more you know God the more

clearly you can hear

him the more intimate your relationship

with Jesus the more quickly you will be

able to determine when it’s the voice of

a stranger you’ll be able to detect when

it’s your ego talking and not God God

you’ll be able to determine when it’s

fear talking and not God you’ll be able

to tell when it’s the enemy you do know

you have an enemy y’all you know you

have an enemy and the enemy doesn’t come

to you dressed in a red jumpsuit and a

pitchfork and say hey it’s

me 2 Corinthians 11:14 says he disguises

himself like an angel of Light he wants

to look and sound as close to the will

of God for your life as he possibly can

that’s why spur wrote this he said that

we must not only pray that God will help

us to discern between good and evil

between right and wrong but we got to

pray that God will help us to discern

between right and almost right right

very and the way to do that is to have

intimate relationship with him because

the more you know him the more you’ll be

able to detect when what you are hearing

or sensing is not from God the more you

know what his love Love Letter says the

more you’ll be able to recognize when

there is something that is spoken to you

or said to you or bubbling up in your

heart that is contrary to the word of

God you’ll know that is not my God

because he would never speak in

contradiction to his own word the more

you know God the more clearly you can

hear God my brother’s name is Anthony uh

the one that comes right after me he’s

Anthony Jr um Anthony has my father’s

name they’re both Tony Evans uh Tony

Evans senior and Tony Evans Jr he’s got

my my dad’s name he talks a little bit

like my dad he’s got the same mannerisms

as my dad he has the same build as my

dad he’s very very much like my father

they look very similar my mother has a

picture of my father when he was 18

years old graduating from high school he

had a sport coat on and a bow tie his

head was tilted just like this and he

had a little side grin and at 18 years

old my brother took a picture with a

sport coat on as he was graduating from

high school with a bow tie he had a

little side smile with his head tilted

she put them in a frame next to each

other they look almost

identical I have seen my brother use

this to his

Advantage I’ve been there at times when

someone has called the house for my

father and he’s picked up the phone but

because he sounded so much like my dad

the person didn’t know they weren’t

talking to my father so Anthony hung in

hung on the phone for a little while and

got all the juicy details before he

handed the phone over to my

father I’ve seen him use it to his

Advantage but I will tell you that there

is one person that even though he’s been

able to trick a lot of people through

the years there is one person he’s not

able to trick and that’s

me and the reason is because I’ve spent

my whole life getting to know the two

Anthony so when one of them calls me in

the first few seconds of the phone call

before they’ve even said much of

anything I am able to detect which one

of the anthonies I’m talking to why

because I’ve spent my life getting to

know them

the more you just get to know Jesus the

more you hang out with him the more in

prayer you talk to him and then ask him

to open up your spiritual eyes to see

and detect his answers in your life as

he allows coincidences as he allows

paths to cross as he allows you to be in

settings like this where he is speaking

a general word that then becomes

specific to you when you feel like

you’re the only person sitting in the

room and the word is illumined and made

specific to you the more you learn his

personality and the tone of his voice

and the way he treated Moses and Joshua

and Esther and Ruth the way he handled

Saul of Tarsus and how Saul became Paul

and the the disciples and those people

that were here in the New Testament the

more you realize how he related to to

them you will discern and determine that

these people actually aren’t exceptions

to the rule they’re examples to me of

how God wants to also relate to

me and the more you know him him the

more clearly when the enemy comes into

your path you’ll be able to determine

right away uh-uh that’s not my God cuz I

know my God and my God wouldn’t say

anything like that my sheep there’s the

relationship they hear my voice there’s

the result I know them that’s the reason

I know them we’ve got intimacy with each

other and then here’s the

response Jesus

says my

sheep follow me

that’s how they

respond they don’t negotiate with me

they don’t ignore me they don’t try to

circumvent what I’ve told them they

don’t try to pass it off to someone else

my sheep follow me in Jesus’s day when

the shepherd would call his 100 flocks

to leave one pasture on a journey toward

another even if there was still green

grass all around the Sheep the Sheep

would follow the shepherd away from what

appears to be a plush

a plush place where they could still

Feast where there might still be clear

beautiful water fresh water for them to

drink they might not understand why the

shepherd is leading them away from this

plush place but they would still follow

if the shepherd called and the reason

why they would still follow is because

they believed they had a good

shepherd they believed that if he was

calling them there must be greener

pastures there must be Stiller more

fresh vibrant Waters that he’s leading

them to they trusted the shepherd enough

to just go when he said

go the Lord has spoken some things over

your life over the past 48 hours or so

that you and I have been together he has

he said to someone go home and forgive

he said realign your priorities he has

told someone to go home and and

celebrate that spiritual discipline of

Celebration you need some rejoicing back

in your life he has spoken to somebody

in this room and he’s told you to give

him your little bit so that he can

multiply it to pull those Treasures out

of the drawer so that he can get busy

multiplying those things in your life he

has told you to turn around leper and be

grateful to respond to him in gratitude

to not forget to come back and be

grateful eucharistia he has giv you

Specific Instructions now the question

becomes will we be a host of women who

are hearers of the word and not doers

or will we be those that have heard what

God’s spirit have said to us and we go

home and respond in