Bill Johnson teaches how the Holy Spirit empowers us to walk in the fullness of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Jesus told His disciples that it was better that He went away, so that He could send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been entrusted to us by God, to transform us into the image of Jesus and build His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is available here and now, but if we are not aware of what we have legal access to as sons and daughters of God, we will not lean in to partner with Him to see His plans and purposes fulfilled in the earth. Bill’s message follows a time of prayer for healing. 0:32 Jokes 2:30 Words of Knowledge and Prayer for Healing 13:26 Sermon: How the Holy Spirit Empowers You to Build God’s Kingdom Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Ephesians 1 1 Corinthians 3: 21 Luke 12: 48 John 7: 37-39 John 14: 17 1 John 4: 17 Revelation 1 Isaiah 62: 7 Matthew 5: 16 Acts 5: 13 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on October 15, 2017. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #HolySpirit #KingdomOfGod

the holy spirit in US is actually

conforming us into the image of this one

who is raised from the dead ascended to

the right hand of the father and is

glorified that glorified Christ is the

image that the artist is painting in

your life that you would be a right now

living representative of that

reality yeah bless him

Jud bless I’m good all

right a clean house is the sign of a



computer spell check has got to be my


enema I tried to follow my dreams now I

have multiple restraining


there are three kinds of people in this

world those who are good at math and

those who


aren’t arguing with a woman is like

getting arrested everything you say can

and will be used against



I I didn’t write these I’m just sharing

the news with

you I have so many and they’re all so

edifying when I get old I’m going to

move in with my kids hog the computer

pay no bills eat all the food trash the

house and when asked to

clean pict you fit like it’s killing

me I love this one when I die I want my

last words to be I left a million

dollars under



the that’s

fun anyone with arthritis stand

up there’s quite a few here with uh knee

joint pain some specifically have damage

and or or missing cartilage in the knees

stand up but if you just have uh knee

issues ongoing issues of pain stand up

uh in your

knees how many of you are actually in

pain tonight put your hand

up all right um let’s see is there

anyone anyone here that has a parasite

or you fear you have a

parasite you

do okay you got over uh parasite causes

food intolerance I believe Jesus will

heal that tonight so all right anybody

here with with a parasite I heard that


this evening parasite yeah okay all

right anybody want a

parasite bad joke bad joke bad

joke all right we’re going to we’re

going to pray for these um Also let’s uh

let’s do the food allergy thing uh again

uh if you have if you have issues with

food allergy stand


um my favorite one of


uh happened a while ago where on a

Sunday morning I just asked people with

food allergies to stand up and a young

mom stood up right over

here and uh and I found out later she

had uh she was standing in for her son

who was allergic to Dairy and to wheat

and he was

autistic and she stood in place for him

receed prayer and then uh when the

meeting was over she took her son to go

get pizza

wheat and

dairy and he was not only healed of uh

of the food allergy he was no longer

autistic who was

here that’s

amazing such a great

story such a great story so we’re going

to pray for these uh that are standing

hold on just Rebecca here was healed of

food allergies wave your hands several

several years

ago over two years ago almost three

almost three years ago right back over

there I remember about the third row in

yep boom so uh the Bible says that all

foods were made for us to

enjoy and uh and so that’s uh that’s his

will so anything outside of that isn’t

his will so we’re we’re able to pray

with authority because we are embracing

his mission his

mission is is to to correct things here

that aren’t consistent with his design

his plan and so that’s what we’re going

to do so all of you that are standing

put a hand up all of you that are

sitting your Born Again believer join

with us please find out uh what’s wrong

and uh and lay hand on if it’s a proper

place to put your hand Lay Your Hands on



okay you can put your hand down once

somebody has come to

you if no one has come to you yet wave

your hand at me and we’ll get somebody I

need somebody right here in

the right here yep thank

you there’s still another one back


I’ve got two to my right I need I need

two folks to go over here about halfway

back thank

you find out what’s wrong you don’t need

a big story just give them a Target

those of you that are praying you’re

praying the will of God so rebuke the

Affliction speak to the disorder command

it to

come into


in Jesus

name now those of you that are receiving

prayer you don’t need to

pray I just want you to be aware of the

Holy Spirit touching your


there is damage to the left ankle that

the Lord is healing right now it’s it’s

I can feel it all along the the side all

around that left ankle so I don’t know

if it was a sprain if it was a break

didn’t heal correctly whatever it is if

that’s you uh just lay your hand on your

own ankle it should uh should come into

order even right now we declare Jesus uh

the healing Grace of Jesus over people’s

bod bodies right

now the healing Grace of Jesus

Affliction trauma we rebuke you in the

name of the Lord Jesus there’s somebody

here whose knees were injured in a very

traumatic way who is that your knees

were actually injured in a very

traumatic way is that right here all

right just rebuke the spirit of trauma

yeah those of you praying for the the

ones with the the dramatic injury to the

knees literally rebuke the spirit of

trauma we declare in Jesus name be free

from that Spirit of trauma that would


you amen you got about 15

seconds 15 seconds just so to

pray thank you Lord

yeah okay you did good stay with the

person stay with them but everyone that

received prayer look up up at me sh

everyone that receive prayer just look


way all right the next moment is as

important as was the prayer and that’s

where you put faith into an action I

don’t want anyone to do something stupid

to try to prove you have faith all I

want you to do is test your own body

through movement through you know if

there was a tumor see if it’s still

there that sort of thing um to see what

the Lord has done and if you’re at least

80% better then I want you to wave both

hands for like 20 seconds or so but just

check yourself out real good check

yourself out move around try to move in

a way you couldn’t move yeah wave the

hands if you’ve been healed yeah

beautiful all right turn I want you to

turn and pray again would you turn and

pray again we’ll pray one more



thank you Lord increase the Breakthrough

for anointing here God the Breakthrough

for healing the

anointing for

healing increase increase that

more increase that Lord you got about



thank you

Lord okay all right go ahead all of you

that receive prayer if he your knes

start checking them out if he need

stairs to walk on we got stairs here

just do something to uh examine

yourself and if you’ve been healed wave

your hands over your head as a testimony

of What the Lord Has Done let people

around you know that we we give you



beautiful all

right all right hug a neck or two and be


open Ephesians 1 we’re going to read

several verses here as we get started

anyone have a birthday

today have a birthday today

come to today anyone have a birthday

today today right here days today yeah

come here here’s uh the passion

translation the whole new testament

Merry Christmas bless you you’re

welcome the uh whole New Testament

psalms Proverbs song of songs and uh and

if you are waiting for the real leather

Edition that comes in December but it’s

like four times as much is it your

birthday today no it’s not your birthday

today is anybody’s birthday anybody

else’s birthday

is it is it anybody’s anniversary today

anniversary anniversary today come here

come here another anniversary over here

all right

anniversary anniversary anniversary

shees wonderful Tom would you go get two

more and give them to the an yeah happy

anniversary give them um Tom go over by

the TV Camera the people are right over

there and uh yeah two more two more


beautiful how many of you have an

anniversary sometime this year how many

of you have a birthday sometime this

year right well that qualifies you to



one yeah we’re we’re pretty enthused

with this uh this Edition all right

here’s what here’s what I want to do we

we’ll just see how long it it takes me I

I I’m wanting to get to two passages one

in John one in 1 John but I kind of want

to set the stage a little

bit let me ask you this

question what if you hadn’t had a real

meal in several

days your phone was turned off you just

got an eviction

notice uh because you just haven’t been

able to pay your

rent um

you’ve got all this kind of stuff going

on and then there’s a knock on your

door and a lawyer is standing there and

he says we’ve been looking for you for a

number of

months um you are uh you’ve just

inherited a Great

Estate and you have $10 million in your


account plus the land and other things

that you’ve just

inherited even though you’ve not eaten a

real meal yet you’re you’re still

sitting there in your present

condition how how many of you think your

attitude would change just ever so

slightly about yeah even though you’re

still in the the clothes you’d rather

not have to wear yet you walk out of


apartment to the lawyer’s office to

fulfill whatever you need to do you walk

out with a different mindset you walk

out with a different awareness

of not only who you are but what you

have access

to and what the enemy works hard to do

is to make us conscious of problems

challenges failures difficulties those

kinds of things because then he it’s

almost like um a dislocated joint I

don’t know how many of you have ever had

that horrible experience but I’ve had it

with my my left knee quite a few times

and it’s it’s there it’s connected it’s

a alive you have a measure of movement

but you do not have full use and what

the enemy Works to do is to dislodge us

from our awareness of who God made us to

be not in eternity I mean that counts

obviously but actually it’s a right now

deal it’s a right now accomplishment

that that he he did when Jesus confessed

it is finished he actually meant it he

actually meant his work is done his work


done he he accomplished everything in a

moment on

Calvary that sets us

up to thrive in him for all of eternity

amen 100 billion years from now you’ll

still be drawing upon what Jesus

accomplished on that

cross everything that will ever be

needed from a word of encouragement to

um you know the provision that we need

for homes and whatever fill in the

blanks everything that we ever need in

this life and anything and everything

we’ll ever need throughout eternity was

actually purchased when Jesus shed his

blood not only as the Redeemer the

Redeemer is one who buys something back

but he was also the Redemption

price he bought us back but he bought us

back with

himself so he was both the Redeemer and

the redemp Redemption

price and when he did that he actually

set us up to step fully into who he

is I don’t know you know I I like

reading the stories of of the Saints of

old um I like reading the stories of the

Saints of new whatever that is people

who are alive today that have discovered

things in God because I love hearing the

stories I love seeing what God actually

accomplished in the lives of uh of

people and of all the heroes of the

faith that I have and I have quite a few

that I just admire so much uh some who

are alive today and some have gone on to

be with the

Lord um I don’t know that there’s ever

been anyone that has fully realized what

Jesus has accomplished for us right


Jesus came as the king of kings

and one of the reasons he came as a king

is he had to re-calibrate our

understanding of what a king is because

in our conversion he made us to be Kings


Priests but when we live with a common

understanding of what a king is we think

it’s a position of

prestige and power over people when in

fact it’s an unusual Supernatural divine

enablement to serve people effectively


efficiently it’s a divine grace to serve

people and Empower them to their

Destinies that’s what Kings do that’s

what this King does and he recalibrate

he reset redefined what it looks like to

be a king because he knew in the

Redemption he would be calling us to

himself as Kings and

Priests Ro royal priesthood Peter calls

it a priesthood that has the privilege

of representing people before God

ministering to God and people that

represent God to

people a royal priesthood and so the

Lord is giving us Insight he’s giving us

um he’s changing our

mindsets he’s enabling us to see what

he’s already accomplished so that we can

live in that

reality ignorance actually keeps us from

breakthroughs breakthroughs that are at

hand breakthroughs that are within reach

let me give you one uh simple

illustration how many of you have uh

you’ve been born again for a good part

of your life you you’ve been a Believer


right I grew up in church I grew up

hearing wonderful stories testimonies

are I think our favorite the ones that

moved us the most is my parents would

have uh Teen Challenge Ministry come to

town and and all these folks that had

been delivered from drugs and

prostitution and all that stuff would

come in and share their testim was

always so impacting so impressive and of

course we would cheer we would give

thanks to the Lord but I I don’t ever

remember a testimony being duplicated in


moment in in other words somebody share

a testimony of deliverance from drugs

and have somebody listening suddenly are

completely set free from drugs I don’t

remember ever ever remember that

happening a number of years ago we

discovered a concept in the

scripture that the testimony of Jesus is

the spirit of Prophecy a testimony

carries a prophetic

anointing prophetic either foretells the

future or changes the present so if you

think this of of it in these terms

whenever a testimony is given it changes

the present reality it actually makes

something possible that wasn’t possible

a moment earlier a

testimony a

testimony the word testimony in the Old

Testament comes from a word that means


again so in the very nature of sharing

testimony God was committed to duplicate

whatever was talked

about it was so important that he

instructed Israel keep the Commandments

we know what that is we know that’s just

do what he says keep the statutes that’s

the values that God has that’s the the

attitude of heart the values that make

it possible for us to walk in pure

obedience but then there’s a third thing

he said keep the Commandments or excuse

me keep the testimony and keeping the

testimony seems so awkward how do you

keep a

testimony to me it means you hold it so

close to you that you see all present


through Humanity’s history with God this

is what he is capable of doing he’s the

same yesterday today forever and he’s no

respective person so that means if he

did it yesterday or 500 years

ago he is the same today and is capable

and Desiring to do it again I I’m not

teaching on that but I guess I just

did so I was I had a group of our

students on the the coast

uh over a Fortuna area a number of years

ago prayed for a little boy who had club

feet the students did and they came

running over to me to announce to me

that he’d just been healed I went over

to him I I talked to them he’s just a

little little guy about this big and

he’s he’s bending over touching the

scabs on the top of his feet they were

on the bottom because he would drag them

but now they’re on top and he’s he’s

touching his own scabs he’s got a little

friend that comes up to him and says run

Chris run’ he takes off running in this

circle he comes running back he’s got

the you know like the largest smile ever

recorded on the face of a child you know

as he comes running back and he comes

running back and he says I can run I can

run oh goodness just mess you up so of

course when I got home I shared with the

church family and there was a woman

visiting here from Montana she had a

little girl in the nursery that uh was

almost two years old her feet turned in

so severe that when she ran she would

trip over her own feet and when she

heard the testimony of this little boy

being healed and she heard the concept

because I shared the concept testimony

of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy as

soon as she realized that a testimony

announced to her what God wanted to do

in her own child she said in her heart

I’ll take that for my child when she got

to the nursery her little girl’s feet

were already


I’ll give One More Story there are the

the number of stories are are crazy but

let me just share one more I was sharing

uh that story the little boy and uh and

the little girl in with mahash and Bon

shabda and I was sharing in their in a

conference I was at with them and our

driver was from Brazil and he would

drive us Benny and me to the uh hotel

from the meeting and then back to the

meeting the next day and so after the

meeting’s over we spend a little time

with mahash and bond they have a little

home there where we have something to

eat together and we got back into the

car and they took he took us to the

hotel and he said he said Bill he said I

just got a phone call from my I think it

was his

sister-in-law she has a little girl

beautiful young lady about 10 or 11

years old as I recall and but her feet

are deformed beautiful young girl but

people just stare at the feet and um

she was watching the service tonight

online and she heard the concept of the

testimony of Jesus being the spirit of

Prophecy and she heard the the children

being healed from club feet and turned

in feet so here she’s watching on her

computer and she calls out to her

daughter who’s in the back of the house

calls her name the little girl comes

into the hallway so she can see her

mother she says yes Mommy and the mother

says take off your shoes so she takes

off her shoes she said come here as she

walked towards her mother her feet were



now those stories go on and on and on

but it’s enough to illustrate my point

the point is we’ve heard

testimonies for our entire life never

seeing somebody healed or delivered as a

result of the

testimony but when you discover oh

that’s how God works that shifting in

value that shifting in awareness of

God’s heart and his plan you suddenly

realize that when a testimony is

given that’s his currency being released

into our economy that’s his currency

he’s he’s releasing resource that anyone

in the room can take at any time and so

I we’ve experimented with this for a

number of years and whenever we share

the concept and people become aware of


available then

they uh they move out of ignorance into

faith in God’s plan and then Miracles


released I’m hoping for the same tonight

in a different

subject and it has to do with identity

it has to

do uh I I’m I’m not talking tonight so

much about um you know let’s deal with

the guilt and the shame and all that

stuff that that’s that’s a no-brainer

that’s stuff we have to deal with the

way the Lord describes us the way the

scripture describes us is so far beyond

anything we’ve ever seen or

heard that we’ll never be able to

comprehend what he’s

saying let me rephrase it you can’t wrap

your head around it but you can wrap

your heart around

it you can receive here what he says

when it when it’s beyond your grasp here

and it’s important that we do that it’s

important that when we hear what he has

said that from our heart of hearts we

say Amen we sang tonight a number of

times amen amen it’s coming into

agreement with God so we’re going to

read um oh I don’t know maybe just this

one then we’ll get to the Gospel of John

let’s see how this works here all right

uh Paul verse one of chapter one of

Ephesians are you still there did you

get tired and close your Bibles yeah all

right excuse

me Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by

the will of God to the Saints who are in

Ephesus and faithful in Christ I have in

my Bible I wrote down those are two two

addresses in Ephesus and in

Christ where is

Jesus it’s not a trick question

where he’s sitting down

where the right hand of the father and

you are in Christ at the right hand of

the Father Paul describes us as being

seated in Heavenly places in

Christ verse three is the one I want

blessed be the God and father of our

Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us

with every spiritual blessing in the

Heavenly places in Christ okay I want

you to look at it


1:3 blessed be the God and father of our

Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us

with every spiritual

blessing in Heavenly places in

Christ you know I’d like to be able to

give you an

assignment find the things that hurt


brain find the Concepts the truths the

promises that are so large that we

honestly read over them with very little

consideration I don’t know if you

realize what we just read but it says

every spiritual blessing that would ever

be needed throughout all of eternity has

already been purchased put in your

account and it’s in Christ it’s already

been given to

you what the life of faith is is it’s

the life of learning learning how to

make withdrawals on what’s in our

account it’s true it’s all in our

account but it’s not all in our

possession why don’t you look at 1



actually 1 Corinthians

3 how many of you have heard the phrase

Kingdom now but not

yet I love that I love that phrase it

helped me uh you know 30 years ago when

I was starting to learn about this this

that we teach teach and

practice but the frustration of that

phrase for me right now Kingdom now but

not yet not yet is now emphasized to

tell me what I can’t

have and I want to encourage you don’t

let the not yet be the hiding place of

unbelief amen bill that was a good point


don’t don’t hide don’t hide

there and become

satisfied there’s a very fine line

between eternity and time you might be

amazed at what you can taste of

Now 1 Corinthians 3:

21 therefore let no one boast in men for

all things are

yours say this with me all things are

mine say it again all things are mine

what I’m not trying to do is heighten an

awareness of personal significance that

ends up in arrogance and Independence

what I’m trying to do is when the elder

child in a home in Jewish uh culture the

eldest was given a double portion of the

inheritance over the rest of the

children but it wasn’t because they were

preferred it was because they were

responsible and with the double portion

they were now position to take care of

the rest of the

family when the Lord reveals to you

what’s in your account it’s only to

increase awareness of responsibility

because to whom much is given much is

required the Lord wants to increase our

our awareness of what is in our account

but he W doesn’t want to take us beyond

what we’re willing to

obey are you alive like are you

breathing is there actually oxygen

passing into those lungs and

everything’s good all right all right

sorry for the offensive question I was


wondering therefore let no one boast in

men for all things are yours whether

Paul or Apollo or those are the gifts of

Christ or the world there’s a minor

inheritance the world’s

yours life and death that’s realities

they belong to

you things

present things to come they’re all yours

how can you own now what is not

yet I don’t have an answer it’s just in

the book

I’m just

saying in the same way that the

testimony of Jesus is the spirit of

Prophecy opened people up to link into

God’s resource economy that Miracles

took place at the mention of a story in

the same way we’ve just been given

insight as to what God has put into our

account he didn’t mention it to


us he didn’t mention just to somehow

make us more wowed by you know Kingdom

theology why would God give

everything to his

children because he’s not a foolish

father we see in present day where very

wealthy people will leave large amounts

of money to their children and watches

it it just gets it just messes up the

their lives they lose it all they spend

it carelessly and in no time at all

lottery winners are famous for this

getting a large amount of money and

within three years it’s gone so God’s

not a foolish father that gives us more

than we can handle so what does he do he

announces to us the entire thing is

yours here’s what I’m going to allow you

to work with what you work with will

give you access to the more why would he

give us everything it’s because of the

size of our assign

because he’s not

wasteful we have to come to the

conclusion that everything will be

needed to complete our

assignment whether Paul or paollo sephus

or the world or life or death or things

present or things to come all are yours

and you are Christ in Christ


God’s now let’s go to my passage that I

wanted these were just

warm-ups John chapter

7 verse

7 on the last day that day that great

day of the feast Jesus stood and cried

out saying if anyone thirsts let him

come to me and drink he who believes in

me as the scripture has said out of his

heart will flow rivers of Living Water

okay stop right there this is a really


picture because here the Lord

says come to me anyone who’s thirsty

come to me and

drink and out of his innermost being

will come

Rivers a drink becomes a

river a

drink receiving of him creates a river

see when light touches you you become

light not the origin of light Jesus is

the origin of light he is the light of

the world but before he left he said

you’re the light of the world when light

touches you it changes your capacity to

function it changes not only the

resource that you have access to it

changes your very nature from a child of

Darkness to now you’re a Child of Light

why because light touched you you took a

drink of Living Water and you now have a

river flowing from you it changes our

capacity everything all experiences in

God rewrite our

DNA they change our capacity to

function that’s why no experience is to

be taken lightly whether it’s the Quiet

Moments at the end of

worship or it’s just that that moment

maybe somebody’s sharing a concept about

an offering

and you get this thought that inspired

thought from the Lord treasure those

moments because he’s talking and he’s

he’s he’s depositing things in us every

time he talks he deposits he takes from

his account and puts into ours so it’s

here’s this picture of God putting

deposit in us into our our repertoire

into our

resource and so here we have this

passage he says come to me and drink he

who believes in me as the scripture has

said out of his heart will flow rivers

of Living Water but this he spoke

concerning the

spirit out of your heart will flow

Rivers but this he spoke concerning the

spirit out of your heart will flow


but this he spoke of concerning the

spirit who now dwells in you so the

river is the

spirit this he spoke of concerning the

spirit whom those believing in him would

receive so he’s talking about in the

future from this present

moment John 14 Jesus spoke to his own

disciples and he said the spirit who is

with you will be in

you so you understand the SP Holy Spirit

was present but he was not resident in

them he was not a river in them

yet he was present because he was Upon

Jesus right

this he spoke verse 39 concerning the

spirit whom those believing in him would

receive for the Holy Spirit was not yet

given because Jesus was not yet

glorified wow this is a very important

verse very important concept here I

don’t know about you I I know in reading

the gospels especially in younger years

I would look at the disciples and how

often they messed it up often they got

it wrong and I I would I would think

often boy they sure sure could have used

the Holy Spirit living in them because

they wouldn’t have blown it near as

often you it doesn’t prevent them from

missing it but you know when you have

the spirit of God living in you there’s

just that internal witness of right of

wrong of Direction and they just didn’t

have that they didn’t have access to the

baptism in the Holy Spirit and I I

thought a number of times man they just

really could have us use that it’s too

bad they didn’t get it till after Jesus

left so picture this now Jesus

says says the uh he spoke concerning the

spirit whom those believing in him would

would receive for the Holy Spirit was

not yet given because Jesus was not yet

glorified right now we’ve got to we’ve

got to

uh emphasize something here let’s say

that I’m an artist let’s say that I am

um I’m an artist and I am making a

sculpture of this water bot and so I’ll

let’s do painting since painting would

be a little more challenging for

me so I’m I’m I’ve got this bottle here

and I’m picking the right make sure I

have the right color of green and I’m

I’m constantly checking what I have here

with that

and making sure I’ve got the label right

the right colors there is blue there’s

some kind of a pinkish red there so I’ve

get all my colors laid out and I began

to paint this water bottle

because I want to get it

exact the holy spirit’s primary job is

to make us like

Jesus he directs us he leads us he

empowers us he does all of that but

really the bottom line all of it is to

make us like

Jesus and this scripture says the Holy

Spirit was not yet given because Jesus

was not yet

glorified here’s the deal

the Holy Spirit wasn’t given before

Jesus was glorified because then the

Holy Spirit would have had to made us

like the Jesus headed to the cross and

not the Jesus resurrected ascended and

glorified when Jesus said it is to your

advantage that I go he actually meant

that this is to your advantage God

because if I send him to you now his

work will be to conform you like me on

my way to the cross and that’s not who


are in 1

John 4:17 in fact Tom quoted this

tonight earlier 1


4:17 says love has been perfected Among

Us in this that we may have boldness in

a day of judgment that’s a statement


there and here’s the last part of the

verse because as he is so are we in this

world as he is now think about

this this was written by

John John is the the guy sitting next to

Jesus at the Last

Supper he’s got his head on Jesus’s

chest he was there for the

crucifixion he saw him in in this time

of morning where he is about to be

betrayed where he led the guys in this

meal he sees him in the garden sweating

drops of

blood he walks through this whole thing

he sees him on the cross he has seen him

in his moments of great Triumph and

victory the Miracles the walking on

water he has seen him when the food has

been multiplied he’s experienced all of

these things and then we go to

Revelation chapter 1 where he sees Jesus

again but this time he sees Jesus

completely different than he remembered

him last see he remembered him last at

the last Last Supper he remembered him

last hanging on that cross he remembered

him last in those very brutal brutal uh

situations and yet when he writes of

Jesus the next time he sees

him or in the revelation of his

glorified body

he says this of

him I was in the spirit on the Lord’s

day I heard a voice behind me a loud

voice as of a

trumpet interesting that trumpets are

often associated with voices in the

scripture I heard heard a loud voice

like the sound of a trumpet but it was

talking saying I am the alpha the Omega

the first the last what you see right in

a book send it to the seven churches or

in Asia to Ephesus Smyrna pergamus thyro

Sardis Philadelphia Le to seea then I

turn to see the

voice don’t skip over this stuff I

turned to see a


Jesus is the word of

God this is Jesus imprint don’t tell me

you love Jesus and you don’t love Jesus



print I turned to see the voice that

spoke with me and having turned I saw

seven golden lampstands in the midst of

the seven lampstands one like the son of

man clothed with a garment down to the

feet girded about the chest with a

golden band his head his hair were white

like wool white as snow his eyes like a

flame of fire his feet were like fine

brass as if refined in a furnace and his

voice is the sound of many

Waters he had in his right hand Seven

Stars out of his mouth went a sharp

two-edged sword and his countenance was

like the sun shining in strength John

who saw that wrote as he

is so are we in this

world you might swe I’m just trying to

believe God for rent for next

month I’ve got this ingrown toenail that

boy I wish God would heal you know we’ve

we’ve got this stuff going on and here

what what is he doing he’s talking he’s


otherworldly in a way that’s not about

eternity it’s about

now do you know the scripture says that

his people will be appraise in the

earth Jesus himself said let your light

shine before men in such a way that they

see your good works and glorify your

father which is in

heaven imagine the daily lifestyle of

every person in this room causing others

to turn their attention towards God and

giving him thanks they’re not even born

again yet but they engage in worship

because they’ve seen how you do

life that people would

come come to discover Eric mentioned one

of my favorite verses this morning how

people held them in high esteem but none

would dare join them

carelessly I’m not talking

about you know becoming people

that you know somehow people you know

just worship or glorify or not talking

about that I’m just talking about living

in such a way

the people’s hearts are directed to the

father they see you and they think oh

this is amazing I can’t miss out on this

I know that if he did it for that guy or

for that girl he would do that for

me and it’s changing our

awareness of who we are and what God has

resourced us with it’s

shifting Consciousness from from all the

things that that haven’t worked that

we’ve tried so hard on and we shift our

awareness to the fact that the holy

spirit in us has actually is actually

conforming us into the image of this one

who is raised from the dead ascended to

the right hand of the father and is

glorified that glorified Christ is the

image that the artist is painting in

your life that you would would be a

right now living representative of that

reality that’s the purpose and plan of

God whenever we worry and become anxious

we’re being drawn into a faith in the

inferior the enemy is trying to lessen

our awareness of significance again I’m

not talking about self- worship or

anything that nonsense I’m just talking

about you know you get the knock on the

door from that lawyer and you find out

you now own this Great Estate and you

have $10 million in the bank even though

you have not yet eaten a meal from your

new newly discovered resources you walk

out of that apartment with a different

attitude you’re conscious of something

you had no awareness of moments earlier

and yet it’s been in that account for

you for months they’ve been looking and

looking and looking for you you’ve had

their resources all this time but lived

completely unaware of it when you live

aware of the significance of the moment

you’re in the significance of the

investment of God putting the holy

spirit in you what did Jesus say you can

blaspheme the father you can blaspheme

the Sun but don’t blashe the Holy Spirit

what is he what is he doing he’s

describing to us the the tenderness The

Fragile nature I’m probably not saying

any of that right but you get the point

of the Holy Spirit and and that’s the

one God TR trusts us with he’s so

confident of his work in us that he put

the holy spirit in

US you can tell how much somebody trusts

you by what they entrust to

you and so when the Holy Spirit is given

to us to make us into the image of this

one who is glorified at the right hand

of the father there is a purpose in the

assignment and it’s more than singing

songs on a Sunday night it’s more than

going to work tomorrow and just making a

wage and paying your rent and eating

it’s more than that it’s the it’s the

effect that your awareness of his

assignment over you it’s the effect that

has on how you carry

yourself it’s again it’s not a self-

serving it’s not trying to attract

people to somehow worship or glorify or

do that nonsense I don’t like that at

all but it does say AR rise and shine

get up in other words stop sitting there

waiting for something else to happen you

don’t need five more prophetic words to

act on what God’s already said get up

shine he didn’t say he didn’t say arise


reflect he said shine because light is

within you well I don’t know what that

means well then figure it

out figure it out don’t sit there

ignorant when he’s given us a resource

manual that instructs us on how to do

life I can tell you number one righteous

acts of the Saints is the righteous

clothing and it is the radiance of God

himself that shines into the lives of

humanity so it’s shifting from a

self-serving lifestyle into a

servanthood lifestyle where we live

aware we have all the resources needed

to be effective in our serving of

humanity of people around


God’s the one who takes the simple Act

of the cash that you give to the guy on

the outside of

Safeway who hasn’t

eaten he takes that act he takes the

visit that you do to your neighbor who’s


sick he takes those simple acts the

phone call of a friend that you haven’t

seen for years and they keep coming to

mind and you just step out of what’s

convenient and you make that call a

friendship we often times think in terms

of having unlimited Financial Resources

in our possession so that we can do

great things for

God when he’s the one who breathes on

the simple things that we’re capable of

doing and makes them supernaturally

effective fear anxiety

and busyness deadens our awareness to

who he says we

are I’m not opposed at all to a busy

lifestyle I live one but what I don’t

like is when I I


um things robbing me of my

peace in fact Let me let me put it in

two different ways I’m going to call

this two sides of the same coin the

peace but also it’s my adoration for

him the Adoration my my adoration my my

times of really not saying a whole lot

in prayer but being in those moments

engaged in deep Adoration of

him that’s that’s the strength of my

prayer life that is the

anchor it

is I I believe in prayer I believe in

contending I believe in all all the

stuff and I do it and I love to spend

the time but you know the Adoration It’s

the affection for him that does more to

change my awareness of of of his

presence of his purpose of who he’s made

me to be everything shifts in that in

that tender place of adoration it’s that

deep place of affection for him and I

whenever I I seem to lose my peace it’s

because I’ve lost my


I I’m I’m no longer

AED what happens in fear we see a

problem and we become

OD you can’t awe two Gods at the same

time only

one can be in the position to affect how

I think what I value how I

reason how I anticipate

my awareness of purpose all those things

are defined by where my affection Is

Anchored in those moments where I lose


peace I have to find out where I left

it for me I I’ll I’ll stop and think man

I feel so anxious what what happened to

my piece where did I leave it cuz I I

left it somewhere it is mine it’s my

possession so it’s like my phone I can

lay it down if I want

to said where did I leave it where is

that where is that piece of

mine I oh I remember it was when I got

that phone

call instead of moving into trust I

moved into fear and when I did I

received fear and I exchanged it for my

peace so you don’t go and just pick it

up you actually repent your way back to


it God I I actually feared something


you I wasn’t aware of it I just I just


stupid forgive me for becoming anxious

actually exalting a problem over my

awareness of your

promise and in those moments you become

re-engaged Eng with peace the atmosphere

of Heaven

itself in those moments the affection of

your heart becomes ignited for the one

who you will never be able to exhaust

the resource of adoration in your

soul because every

time every time you turn your heart

towards him he just

he just moves ever so slightly and you

see something brand new about him and

you’re locked into that place of

adoration again I’ve heard people say I

heard uh one Bible teacher I’ve have

great respect for he said in

uh in the Book of Revelation it talks

about the the Beast or the the angels

that are around the throne that say holy

holy holy

247 they never leave that

place this Bible teacher said nobody

makes them

stay it’s just the Eternal one all he

has to do is just turn ever so slightly

and they see see a whole new wave of

holy holy holy holy and it’s an

eternal increasing the glimpse into who

he is and a whole new round of holy holy


there’s more possible In Our Lifetime

than we’ve ever

imagined and you’ll we’ll never be able

to equal God’s purpose and plan with our

imagination he doesn’t expect us to but

he does expect us to lean in the right

direction he does expect us to

anticipate and lean into what he says

about us what does he say about you he

says as he

is so are you in this

world that’s what he says he says it’s

all yours the world today tomorrow Life

Death it’s all in your

account that story I told you about the

lawyer knocking on your

door telling you about your inheritance

the estate the Money in the Bank that’s

what just happened tonight I’m the

lawyer why don’t you stand

up out of his heart will flow rivers of


Water this he spoke concerning the


whom those believing in him would

receive for the Holy Spirit was not yet

given because Jesus was not yet

glorified but now he’s

glorified and the Holy Spirit lives

inside you inside me for this purpose

that the glorified resurrected Christ

would be discovered realized and

witnessed all through the Earth that’s

who you

are all right you

ready very confident

response filled with

faith we’re going to pray for each other

in just a moment the best thing that

could happen right now is that anybody

in the room who has no personal

relationship with Jesus you don’t know

what it is to be born again you’ve never

asked him to forgive you believed in him

to forgive you of all

sin make you different from the inside

adopt you bring in you into his

family it’s never happened to you but

yet you found yourself here with us

tonight and the greatest thing in the

world would be for you to realize why

God brought you here and to say I really

really really want to give my life

entirely to

Jesus and if that’s you I just want you

to put a hand up right where you are

just put a hand up real high and I’ll

just make agreement with you that Jesus

was Jesus would so fill your life with

his peace his forgiveness his order

church let me tell you in these

moments and we’re going to be we’re

going to be hitting this week after week

after week as soon as you see that any

one of us are going to talk to bring

people into the kingdom start praying

start praying because it is the heart of

God God that everybody in this room know

what it is to know

Jesus we had one of our teams down in

San Francisco some time ago and one of

our little 14-year-old girls was

witnessing on the streets and there was

an elderly man literally sitting on the

curb of a street corner she sat down

next to him shared the love of God with

him and he received Jesus right there

right on the corner in San


he was so overjoyed and so thrilled with

this this that God had done for him she

went on was in other parts of that City

and she heard an

ambulance there she ran to see what had

happened and that man that she had just

led to Christ just passed

away sounds like something you’d put

into a book but it actually happened and

he in eternity because a 14-year-old


took a moment to

share there’s anyone here that needs to

get right with God you just say Bill I

don’t want to leave till I know I’m

right with God put a hand

on okay I’m going to assume you’re all

in put a hand on the shoulder of

somebody next to


I want you to pray for them several

things I want you to pray that they

would discover new ways to walk in

peace that they the affection of their

heart would burn for him that there

would be a connection to the presence of

God that is

new pray that for them then I’ll give

you another Direction in a moment just

pray those two things

fill them with peace God the Shalom of

Heaven fill them with


now I’m going to have you pray for a big

one I want you to pray that God would

give them re Revelation Insight

perspective on the glorified


wonderful wonderful

Jesus open our eyes just just pray

Earnest earnestly that the Lord would

allow them to

see the glorified

Christ because as we see him we become



put your hand on your own heart pray the

same prayer God open my eyes to

see open my eyes to see I want to see

God I want to see more than I’ve ever

seen come to him right now with a heart

of absolute

surrender you actually have to say yes

before he gives the


open my eyes to see Lord open my eyes to

see now I just pray one more thing I

want you to

pray that the

church not institutions not buildings

the people the church would be a praise

in the

earth that something about our lives

would cause people to become just

connected to the father they would see

our good works but glorify the father

who’s in heaven just lift your voices

pray for that right now just contend for

that it’s got to happen it has to

happen thank you

God thank you

God father I ask that you would stir up

deep deep deep affection in US

for you it’s only normal it’s normal

that we see you we desire we long for

you we adore you we stand in awe of you

we are in awe we’re just absolute wonder


you so I I pray that you’d restore Us in

every way to

normal that throughout the day we’d be

captivated by your Wonder we’d be

captivated over and over

again restored to all

and let our

countenance reflect you as we live in

awe let there be a city come under the

influence of your glorious presence the

glorified Christ as we live in all of

you I ask this in Jesus name

amen amen